Why Trump Triumphed: The Awesome Story of an American Hillbilly

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 J. D. Vance (pictured), is a former U.S. Marine who served in Iraq, studied at Yale Law School and now works for a big Silicon Valley investment firm. This article is a review of his book Hillbilly Elegy in which Vance reveals the grinding poverty of his early years in small town America. It helps to  explain why America’s underclass voted en masse for Donald Trump.

We are barely four weeks into the presidency of Donald Trump yet already it has led to enough dramatic incidents to last a full term.

Perhaps never in American history, and certainly not in living memory, has a new presidency opened amid such controversy, with protesting crowds on the streets of cities across the world.

Yet tempting as it is to join the chorus of execration, it is surely a much better idea to try to understand how on earth America — and by extension, the Western world — got here in the first place.

There is, after all, another America beyond the great cities of New York and Los Angeles that most liberal commentators and foreign visitors completely miss. This is an America where more people back Mr Trump’s immigration ban than oppose it, and where car workers, shop assistants and small businessmen will go out of their way to tell you how much they approve of him.

Many of us may be appalled by the man they chose as their President. But the plain fact is that these are not bad people. Indeed, many are not so different from the millions in Britain who have deserted the mainstream political parties and voted for Brexit last June.

Why did so many Americans turn to a man with so little political experience? Why were they prepared to overlook his manifest failings? And why, despite all the controversies, do millions of Americans still see him as the only man who will speak for them?

The answer, I think, lies not in anything Mr Trump has said or done, but in a book that does not even mention him. And it offers some intriguing clues, not just to how Mr Trump was elected, but to why his presidency is doomed to failure.

Hillbilly Elegy is the story of J. D. Vance, a former U.S. Marine who served in Iraq, studied at Yale Law School and now works for a big Silicon Valley investment firm.

To describe him this way, however, is to miss the bigger picture.

Vance was born and raised at the very bottom of American society, in the depths of the underclass.

He grew up in the dying town of Middletown, Ohio, the Rust Belt of the American Midwest, with violent, alcoholic grandparents, a heroin addicted mother and an absent father.

His family were originally hillbillies from the poor and remote Appalachian Mountains that run from Pennsylvania to Alabama. Like most Appalachians, they came from what Americans call Scotch-Irish stock.

They were warm, working people, but they were also violent, self-destructive and intensely conservative.

As Vance writes of his grandmother, Mamaw, she ‘came from a family that would shoot at you rather than argue with you’.

In the years after World War II, when the American economy was booming, Vance’s grandparents moved to Middletown, then a thriving steel-producing centre.

Today, this is blue-collar Trump territory; Middletown backed him in the presidential election by two to one.

Back then, cities such as Middletown were Democratic heartlands. People such as Vance and his family looked to the government for aid and support.

Their values were hardly liberal — ‘the Christian faith stood at the centre of our lives,’ writes Vance — but they saw the Democrats as the party of the common man.

By the time Vance was born in 1984, the American Dream was turning sour. Jobs were disappearing overseas, steelworks were closing across the Midwest and Middletown was in terminal decline.

Vance as a boy

It was against this background he grew up, and his description of his childhood makes for horrifically memorable reading.

His ancestors — share croppers, coal miners, steelworkers — had always been poor; poverty was a ‘family tradition’.

But this was worse. His mother, who had at least five husbands and countless boyfriends, was addicted to prescription drugs.

His grandparents effectively raised him. His grandfather, Papaw, was a violent drunk who carried a gun, while Mamaw was given to blinding rages.

Once, when Vance was a child, she served her drunken husband a dinner made up of rubbish from the bin — leftover food fished out of the trash can. On another occasion, she doused him with gasoline after he got back from a drinking session, lit a match and dropped it on his chest. He survived, Vance notes laconically, ‘with only minor burns’.

But their violence was not confined to home.

Before Vance was born, they took his uncle Jimmy to a mall. When Jimmy was thrown out of a shop for playing with a toy, they stormed in and began ransacking the place, throwing toys on the floor and stamping on them.

‘Kick his f***ing ass! Kick his f***ing ass!’ Mamaw shouted at her husband. In response, Papaw leaned towards the terrified assistant and said: ‘If you say another word to my son, I will break your f***ing neck.’

Most of us, I suspect, would regard them as utterly unsuitable people to bring up a child. Indeed, to many liberal Americans they would appear quintessential ‘white trash’: drunken, violent, boorish and irresponsible.

But though she may have seemed an unlikely saviour, Mamaw was the key to Vance’s escape.

Vance with his grandparents, ‘Papaw’, a violent drunk,  and ‘Mamaw’, a firebrand given to violent rages.

A fierce believer in family values, Mamaw despised the chaos, self-pity and self-destruction of her daughter’s life.

She was appalled by its effect on Vance, who was starting to go the same way, skipping school and getting into fights.

Taking charge, she put a roof over his head during his teenage years and laid down a terrifying brand of discipline.

On discovering some of his friends were smoking drugs, she told him if she saw him hanging around with them, she would run them down in her car. Her regime was one of self-respect and self-reliance. ‘Quit your whining,’ she would tell him.

And there were three strict rules: ‘Get good grades, get a job and get off your ass and help me.’

Her influence changed everything. For the first time, Vance learned what could be achieved by hard work — at home, at school and in his part-time job.

And with her encouragement, he was able to see how welfare dependency had reduced his community to hopelessness, inertia and despair.

Their broken lives were part of a broader trend. In Middletown in the Eighties and Nineties, as Vance notes, the rates of family breakdown, drug abuse, alcoholism and unemployment were heading through the roof.

But he sees the plight of the underclass as the result not just of globalisation and economic change, but of a wider and more pernicious culture of debt and dependency.

As he puts it, speaking for his fellow hillbillies, ‘we purchase homes we don’t need, refinance them for more spending money, and declare bankruptcy, often leaving them full of garbage in our wake. Thrift is inimical to our being.’ Perhaps above all, he thinks the welfare programmes designed by liberal administrations since the Sixties have trapped the white working class in a terrible cycle of dependency, allowing millions to live off the dole while blaming the government for their disappointments in life.

In one memorable passage, the teenage Vance, working in a grocery store, watches in mute anger as welfare recipients use their food stamps to buy gigantic crates of fizzy drink before selling them on for a profit.

His drug-addled neighbours spend their welfare money on T-bone steaks, while his own family, relying on his hard-earned wages, struggle to get by.

‘They’d regularly go through the checkout queue speaking on their cell phones,’ he writes.

‘I could never understand why our lives felt like a struggle while those living off government largesse enjoyed trinkets I only dreamed about.’

For political observers trying to understand why so many blue-collar Americans were attracted to Donald Trump’s aggressively anti-welfare message, those words ought to be required reading.

But as Vance explains, there is another side to hillbilly culture that played even more clearly into Mr Trump’s hands.

Apart from their Christian faith, he writes, there was only one thing his family believed in: their country. ‘Mamaw always had two gods: Jesus Christ and the United States of America. I was no different, and neither was anyone else I knew.’

As a young man, Vance would start crying during patriotic hymns, and he would always go out of his way to shake military veterans’ hands.

It was little wonder, then, that after he left high school — propelled in part by the iron will of his frankly terrifying grandmother — he joined the Marine Corps.

The military was the making of him, teaching him duty and discipline, and later paying for him to go to Ohio State university.

Yet when Vance went to college, he was shocked by the attitudes of his fellow students.

In a class on foreign policy, he listened in horror as a ‘19-year-old classmate with a hideous beard spouted off about the Iraq War’. His classmate, who had never been to the Middle East, thought the Marines were red-neck idiots who enjoyed butchering Iraqis.

Yet Vance knew that many of his Marine comrades had been decent, liberal-minded people, trying to do their best in an appalling situation.

He thought of his friends who had been injured or killed — ‘and here was this dips*** in a spotty beard telling our class that we murdered people for sport’.

Nothing, I think, better captures the gulf between two different kinds of America.

On the one hand, Vance’s America: conservative, religious and intensely patriotic, devoted to family, faith and flag.

On the other, the America of his classmates at Ohio State and Yale Law School: the liberal, metropolitan, hand-wringing world of Edward Snowden (the former National Security Agency employee who leaked top-secret government information), the Left-wing activist group Black Lives Matter and transgender toilets. Against this background, is it really so shocking so many blue-collar Americans turned their backs on Hillary Clinton and the Washington elite?

Is it surprising so many of Vance’s community, trapped in welfare dependency, drug addiction and family breakdown, cast their vote for the aggressive, boorish but hyper-patriotic Donald Trump?

It is telling that Vance did not. Instead, he voted for independent conservative Mormon Evan McMullin, who has worked for the CIA and Goldman Sachs, and won just 0.5 per cent of the national vote.

And given the lessons of his book, I am not surprised.

Hillbilly Elegy describes a social, cultural and economic disaster that can’t be fixed by a single politician, no matter how loudly he boasts about his greatness.

Indeed, Vance repeatedly argues that family is more important than the state. Too many white working-class Americans, he believes, look to Washington for help when they should be trying to change their lives themselves — as he did.

After all, had it not been for the strength and willpower of his grandmother, he might never have fought his way out of the despair that had engulfed so many others in his home town.

The tragedy, however, is that millions of Mr Trump’s voters have projected their hopes and anxieties onto a man who, in terms of his temperament, experience and political style, is, I think, utterly unfit to address them.

After all, although J. D. Vance may be a walking advertisement for the conservative values of hard work, self-discipline and self-improvement, the same could never be said of Donald Trump, who inherited his fortune from his father and has conducted himself with staggering moral irresponsibility.

I think Mr Trump’s supporters are deluding themselves if they believe he can change things with the flourish of pen. As Vance puts it: ‘Public policy can help, but there is no government that can fix these problems for us.’ That sounds fair enough to me.

Indeed, whenever Mr Trump tells his audiences he is going to bring jobs to places such as Middletown and turn the clock back to the boom years of the Fifties, my heart sinks, because I can foresee the scale of disappointment to come.

But do I blame the people of Middletown for putting faith in a man who will let them down?

Not really. How many of us can honestly say that if we had been raised in such an environment, deprived of family, community, prosperity and hope, we would have been able to see through a political conman such as Donald Trump?

My fear is that when Mr Trump fails to bring the kind of miraculous economic revival for which his hillbilly supporters are hoping, he will double his aggressive, demagogic and often xenophobic rhetoric, which has already done so much to poison U.S. politics.

That would be a betrayal not just of the optimism and openness that have always been such attractive American qualities, but of blue-collar Americans themselves. As J. D. Vance’s book shows, they have suffered enough already.

What a tragedy, then, that they now find themselves with a leader who will surely let them down.

‘Donald, don’t let me down!’


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34 thoughts to “Why Trump Triumphed: The Awesome Story of an American Hillbilly”

  1. Would this be the same Dominic Sandbrook with that special way of staring down at interesting specimens among deplorables through those all-seeing nostrils?
    “Der Trumpf brings Sturm Und Drang to Ozarks inbreds” … lisps the thoroughbred stalking horse.

    but we only need to pay attention to the following news, everything else is a rehash:
    headlines from 700BC: “Judea Declares War On Humans”

  2. Yes, Lobro. Sandbrook is a special type of supercilious, patronising British journalist. An evil product of Fleet Street, yammerers and shysters proffering their instant, Jewish and patent solutions to all the world’s problems. John Simpson of the BBC is yet another creature deserving of the old Arab malediction. “May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his posterior orifice.”

    1. I agree with both of you. I do not believe this article explains at all why Trump triumphed. Sandbrook writes “Many of us may be appalled by the man they chose as their President. But the plain fact is that these are not bad people.” As a Trump supporter, this illustrates the problem right here. I would be appalled if we had the mass murderer and liar Hillary Clinton as president, or any of the other candidates and I do believe Sandbrook and those that would not have chosen Trump are bad people. Very bad. I think there is a chance we’ll avoid war and have a more peaceful world in 4 or 8 years and with Clinton I think there was a real danger of a major war.

  3. Ok, Mr. Sandbrook is a Moron. But the vision of a divided country, with many people living in poverty and addictions, separated by race and believes, can explain in part what’s going on in the USA. The Jewish lobby is behind the color revolution we’re witnessing and is planning a civil war, and this divided nation will provide the fuel.

  4. This was a very interesting and compelling article. Sandbrook’s views reflect an election where the vote of the people were actually counted. I do not share that view at all. Computer fraud is too easy today. So are the $$Billions to buy the results wanted.

    To me…. THIS was Sandbrook’s most valid statement:
    “There is, after all, another America beyond the great cities of New York and Los Angeles that most liberal commentators and foreign visitors completely miss. This is an America where more people back Mr Trump’s immigration ban than oppose it, and where car workers, shop assistants and small businessmen will go out of their way to tell you how much they approve of him.”

    This was a great FIRST COMMENT from the DAILY MAIL article:
    (Squeaky Wheel, United States and, United Kingdom, 1 day ago)
    “Why does every writer of every article here feel the need to give their opinion, instead of just reporting the facts? I don’t care (and neither do they, if you want to know) if you think the US blue-collar workers will be disappointed with Trump. Just tell us about the damn book.”

    That one was on target..!! 🙂

    Vance’s writing DID show the difference in Democrats across America. The difference was extremely evident in the 60s with Democrat, George Wallace…. and Democrat, Lyndon Johnson. But, the Wallace Democrats are very few today. Johnson types prevail.

    I completely related to this:
    Many hard-working self-sufficient Democrats in the South and Heartland in years past would definitely have been more inclined “to shoot rather than argue.”

    What was amusing, yet sad, was Vance’s voting choice:
    Vance, the US Marine, did NOT vote for Trump nor did he vote vote for Hillary. But he voted for a Mormon… a Freemasons’ programmed agent..!!

    Vance voted for “..independent conservative Mormon Evan McMullin, who has worked for the CIA and Goldman Sachs…”..!!!! HA!!! 🙂


    1. Pat,

      Representative democracy is so complicated, who is McMullin, and since nobody wants to be Royalist, the only genuine Right, let’s simplify it. ATM, one could divide US politicians in two, populist/ pro US and elitist/ pro UK, never mind libtard or libcunt affiliation.

      As the great Christopher Lasch wrote:
      “The left no longer stands for common sense, as it did in the days of Tom Paine.”

      Paine was a leftist. He wasn’t a commie at least, didn’t vote for the death of Louis, almost cost him his head in return. I read your post about MLK on the other thread where you accused poor Doctor King of being a communist. I protest. I wasn’t there, but I was schooled in MLK collegium during four years in France, a decent public school next to the German High School, so I am allowed to talk in his memory on this White forum, even if I prefer Malcolm X, way more radical and less corruptible, too bad those two didn’t meet.

      Here is what Lasch wrote about populism and the civil right movement. He claimed that USA is suffering from secular phariseeism, I guess it goes along Pharisees London based Bankers. Phariseeism doesn’t exist on pharisee Gates Word.

      “Conventional wisdom, common to left and right, wants us to live in an interdependent society, in which the virtue of autonomy and self-confidence has become as anachronistic as handicraft production. The populist tradition as I understand it at least, was based on this philosophy. The populist password was independence not interdependence.”

      “To my own notions about it, populism unequivocally supports the principle of respect.
      This is one of the reasons we should prefer populism to communitarianism, too quick to a compromise with the welfare State and to adhere to its ideology of compassion. Populism has always rejected a policy based on deference as well as pity. It is attached to simple manners with simple and direct speech. Titles and other symbols of prominent social standard don’t impress it, no more than claims of moral superiority formulated in the name of the oppressed. Populism is the authentic voice of Democracy. It postulates that individuals have the right for respect as long as they are not found unworthy of it, but they have to assume the responsibility of themselves and their actions. It is reticent to make exceptions, or suspend its judgment, on the ground that it is society’s fault. Populism is prone to moral judgments, pejorative term in our modern day world, but sufficient mark of the weakening of our capacity to judge in a discriminatory way with the moral climate of humanitarian concern.”

      “What the Populists criticized about mass production and political centralization were the weakening of self-reliance/ autonomy and self-confidence, dissuading people to take responsibility for their actions. The cult of victimhood, and its predominance in the recent campaigns for social reforms, suggests that those critics are more convincing than ever. By contrast, the strength of the civil right movement, which we can recognize as part of the populist tradition, is precisely so that it always refused to claim a higher moral stance for the victims of oppression. MLK was a liberal in his theology of social gospel but he was a populist when he stated that Black people should assume responsibility for their lives and when he extolled the petty bourgeois virtues: Work hard, stay sober and seek for internal improvement. If the civil right movement was such a triumph for democracy, it’s because under the leadership of King, a People belittled has metamorphosed in active citizens, proud of themselves, who, while defending their constitutional rights, have reached a new dignity.”

      Sorry for the translation but I am watching a soccer game. MLK wasn’t a communist, just a populist leftist.
      No wonder why he was shot if you add his speech against Vietnam, the bankers will always prefer ethnic and religious conflicts instead of social populist conflicts, especially when LBJ was about to send all the blue-collar jobs abroad so that the banking communist yuppies could make a buck.

      JFK the populist shot by a Communist shot by a Jew, MLK the populist shot by a Segregationist, RFK the populist shot by a Palestinian, that’s funny.

      By the way, Jefferson the leftist also cheated in countless elections with the three-fifths representation of slaves, the Negro president of Herrenvolk Liberal Democracy, private properties can’t vote according to the Constitution.

      Would you at least have voted for Bobby? He seemed like a nice Democrat, the populist type.
      Is pussy grabbing Trump the new King? He could be if he had the balls to speak his mind.
      When you say MLK was a communist, do you mean a Russian spy?

      5-3 for Emirati City against Russian Monaco, great game and great return in perspective at Louis II.

      1. Phil –

        Thanks for the reply.

        I never saw MLK Jr flash his ‘commie card’ in public.. 🙂

        This will help you in your search for facts about MLK Jr’s Commie ties…. After the soccer game, of course…. And possibly sober… HA!!

        FBI counter-spy for 22 years, Karl Prussion, charged that King was a member of SIXTY Communist Front Organizations.

        King was supported and promoted by the Kennedy-Krime-Klan. The very worst K-K-K..!!

        In 1957 King was photographed in Communist Training Class in Tennessee.

        He was in attendance with:

        –Abner W. Berry – Central Committee Member of Communist Party

        –Aubrey Williams – Southern Conference Education Fund, Inc. – a Communist Party Fund

        –Myles Horton – Director of Highlander Folk School for Communist Training

        This was printed in the Augusta Courier – July 8, 1963:

        The Tennessee Legislature later abolished the school because of its subversive activities.

        BOBBY..??!!?? 🙂 🙂 WHEW..!!!

        I hated anyone who was for GOVERNMENT forced integration and busing blacks to white schools. (Just like I hate the ones for EU forced immigration.) In the 60s that included Bobby Kennedy and Teddy…. ALL of the whole bunch of damned sold-out white “K-K-K” bastards…!!

      2. @ Phil

        “JFK the populist shot by a Communist shot by a Jew, MLK the populist shot by a Segregationist, …”

        Actually, JFK was eliminated primarily by the CIA with help from the mob. The shaped charge in the back of the front seat of the limo that blasted the back of JFK’s head off was definitely CIA. Oswald was the fall guy. MLK was shot by the the government. Through the efforts of the King family, a trial proved it. Ray was the fall guy.

      3. Ungenius,

        I should have written according to official non-conspirationist version.

        “by the CIA with help from the mob.” That’s the Ellroy version, the Cold Six Million Thousand, operation White and Black rabbit. It might work for MLK but I find it incomplete for JFK, the guy made so many enemies worldwide with so few words. I think he forgot the part played by the Kosher Zionist mob which worked very hard against him.
        “If the American people knew the truth about Dallas, there would be blood in the streets.” RFK, 1966. I think they just don’t care.

      4. Pat,

        I was sober when I wrote this, a couple of european domestic beers don’t count, out of respect for Christopher Lasch and MLK. He was once a member of the Communist party, i don’t hold that against him. So was my grandfather, he was selling Humanité in front of the Church on Sunday to piss off my Grandmother. After WWII, French communists were against women right to vote because because the party claimed they voted like the clergyman.
        I also attended student Communist reunions when younger. My grandmother has voted for Sarkozy twice, i forgive her.

        The political spectrum is different in Europe. In the sixties, European communists were against mass migration, wars and European construction, a tool for US/NATO imperialism as they said. Then, you have all the false flag in Europe by NATO stay behind armies blaming the communists while they were done by Alt-right groups and the Mob. It wasn’t only in Italy, Belgium, Germany, France… Here is a good link about the Cold War in Europe. Aldo Moro the populist wasn’t killed by the Red Brigades.
        “JC: It’s incredible, isn’t it? You mentioned MI6. Is it right that these stay-behind armies – right from the beginning – were an Anglo-American set-up?
        DG: Yes.
        JC: Is it right that the British Special Operations Executive and the Office of Strategic Services (the forerunner to the CIA) were hand-in-hand organizing this?
        DG: That is correct, because during WWII (1939 – 1945) the Special Operations Executive (the British branch of this secret effort) was operating behind enemy lines and trying to fight the Germans with unorthodox warfare, while the Office of Strategic Services (the OSS, the American branch) was pretty much doing the same thing. For instance, in Italy they were co-operating with the communists because they wanted them to grow stronger so as to defeat Mussolini (the WWII Italian dictator). But as the war came to an end, the OSS realized that if they continued to support the Italian communist resistance, then Italian communists would end up in power at the end of the war, and they didn’t want that at all.
        So they had to do two things. First, the SOE and OSS stopped arming and co-operating with this resistance network. Second, the CIA rigged the 1948 Italian elections. (That was the very first thing the CIA did. Today we talk about CIA torture and other issues, but people forget about the past.) Their job was to make sure that no communist gained a dominant position in the Italian Parliament; otherwise Italy could not have become a member of NATO in 1949. So, first there was the vote, and then it was rigged, manipulated. And it worked! In ’49, Italy was brought into NATO, but the CIA and MI6 made sure that through this network of stay-behind soldiers they maintained secret control of all NATO countries….”

        “JC: So, in this case, you have an extreme right-winger, Vinciguerra, a member of Ordine Nuovo, carrying out a false-flag attack; that’s one strategy. But wasn’t there also another strategy of infiltrating left-wing groups and getting them to commit acts of terror?
        DG: That’s true; that’s another idea. Simply infiltrate a left-wing group that you think is not sufficiently violent, and push it to do something violent, such as to kill somebody. Then you have created a so-called domestic emergency that you can exploit by saying: “We need more money for the military and NATO, and more power for the Secret Service to guarantee your freedom and liberty. We have proof that these communists are evil and dreadful.” In 2000, the Italian Senate (one branch of the Italian Parliament) investigated the spate of terrorist attacks in Italy, and published their conclusions in a report. Let me quote this one sentence. The Italian Parliament writes:

        Those massacres, those bombs, those military actions had been organized or promoted or supported by men inside Italian State Institutions and, as has been discovered more recently, by men linked to the structures of the United States Intelligence.

        That is a very revealing quote. (And just to be clear, the terrorist attacks in Italy – Straggia, as they’re called in Italy – such as Bologna, Piazza Fontana and Peteano, are undisputed and well-established facts of the Cold War.) So, here we have the Italian Senate admitting, some fifteen years ago, that men inside Italian State institutions – such as the Italian Defence Ministry and Military Intelligence units (the secret services) – were linked to these attacks. Furthermore, people from the American secret services – such as the CIA, and possibly the DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) – were also linked to these acts of terrorism. It is very saddening to realise that your taxes (which are already hard enough to pay) are being used so that your country’s own defence department and its secret services can attack, kill and maim their own citizens. When I discuss this with people, they react with disbelief: “Oh no, that’s impossible”, and I reply: “No, it is possible; look at the data.” I’ve another quote for you, if I may?
        JC: Please do, yes.
        DG: Vincente Vinciguerra, the perpetrator of the 1972 Peteano terrorist attack, who later confessed and was found guilty of terrorist attacks in Europe, explained it like this:
        “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game.”
        So, basically, you just kill anybody, say, in a railway station.
        The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security. This is the political logic that lies behind all the massacres and the bombings which remain unpunished, because the state cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened….”

        Cold War, War on terrors same strategy of tension, the target for Anglo-Americans is Europe, Russia and Middle East. This game is still on except the new enemy is Islam.

        I hated anyone who was for GOVERNMENT forced integration and busing blacks to white schools.
        Forced integration was stupid but good social engineering. Is the racial barrier insurmountable in USA according to you? That’s a serious question.

      5. Phil –

        I would doubt that your grandfather would have bused black Africans 20 miles from their homes in Ansi, France to all white schools in other cities. MLK Jr wanted that in the US… AND GOT IT..!!

        (I have a niece in Ansi. She and her husband work in banks in Geneva.)

        “Is the racial barrier insurmountable in USA according to you?”

        No. Just a few holding out, but dying off. Whites are being diluted at fantastic rates. The MLK-Kennedy Plan is working well.

        Their plan = elites well educated – average Joe not educated… and not white. Whites are mostly too independent. Non-whites follow easier..

        Caps and punctuation disappearing. Cursive not being taught in schools. In 100 years… the people will not be able to read or write cursive…!!

        Good plan… eh?? Thanks to JFK and K-K-K…. and their communist-oriented ilk.

      6. Pat,

        The way I see it, MLK wanted Blacks to act like middle class Whites with work ethics. Now most Blacks act like Angela Davis, peace love unity and having fun. But this bus story is dumb, that’s the problem with democracy, you have to make untenable promises to seduce your electorate. Hamon the socialist candidate wants a 800 euros universal income with mass immigration and open borders……
        Frankly, I don’t know what my grandfather would have thought about that, he died when I was young and the race issue is something very new in France, unlike USA where race issues are adressed in the constitution. But I am sure he was against the mass immigration of the 70’s organized by the Capitalists to destroy the class struggle after the massive union strike of 68. In twenty years, communist suburbs with educated people have been turned into multiethnic ultra-liberal ghettos à l’américaine with wahabi islam.

        The socialists tried to do the bus in the eighties, and are still trying; I know they did in my Collegium, MLK obliged. As a result, thirty years later, private schools are booming, especially the Catholics since all students are welcome for an affordable fee, even Jews, although they are often wealthy enough and have enough subsidized Jewish private schools not to suffer this humiliation.

        The white working class families living in the suburbs of big cities who can’t afford it are stuck with multi-ethnic ultra-violent public schools where the level has dramatically dropped in thirty years, but mass immigration is never mentioned. And the intellectual media wonder why the working class who used to vote communist in the 60’ 70’s is now voting for the populist intolerant Front National, or for Trump in USA.

        Have a nice day Pat. It’s freezing outta here, sure you allright.

  5. BiasedBC TG trail a joke. When was the last time their (((execs))) were native straight men? More like perma-angry stuck pigs, uber pc fishbuckets a la bindle.

    Should be exec (((Perkins))) asking:
    Google? Yes ma’am.
    Skittle? Yes ma’am.
    Skype? Yes ma’am.
    You have the jobs!

  6. Now, we here can yammer all day long, pontificating on which direction the universe should evolve in.
    yes, we are very important, our opinions matter, trump – good, Trump – bad, the world is watching.

    but let’s turn that around and watch the world a bit for change.
    in particular, America, because trump is POTUS not POTUN.
    Couple of Rasmussen stats that point to a highly interesting conclusion:
    46% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

    Forty-six percent (46%) of Likely U.S. Voters think the country is heading in the right direction, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey for the week ending February 16.

    That’s up a point from the previous week. This is the fourth week in a row that this finding has been in the mid-40s after running in the mid- to upper 20s for much of 2016.


    (so, in 4 weeks, done better than Obama in 8 years, despite the all out witch hunts and lynch mobs organized by the history’s most powerful political and propaganda machinery – people are paying attention, although i am saddened to see so many doubting thomases here, supposedly the enlightened segment)

    and the second item that kind of closes the loop
    Most See Russia as Likely Influence on Trump !!!

    Most voters think Russia is a likely influence on President Trump’s foreign policy but also tend to think critics of fallen National Security Adviser Michael Flynn are more interested in scoring political points than in U.S. national security.

    it does seem that the American public is waking up and coming to their senses.
    Putin influenced Trump – so what? It is a good thing.
    Russians are perceived as better friends than the US elites and the double-dealing entrenched apparatus, DHS, CIA, NSA, the Jew think tanks, all the traitors, self serving sellouts, shabbos, pedophile captives to blackmail, the international Judas swarm, israel-firsters and multiple passport holders, Wall street, MSM, pussy-hatted retards on Soros’ remote control, academic pointy heads, which exactly reflects the truth, the facts on ground.

    Trump is OK and he will do just fine as long as he can dodge that bullet or some evil cancer-dealing death ray that brought down Hugo Chavez and all those South american leaders.

    1. Lobro –

      “Forty-six percent (46%) of Likely U.S. Voters think the country is heading in the right direction, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey for the week ending February 16.”

      Glad to see you use this so very reliable quote.

      Now that Trump has won…
      I can resume using Rasmussen Pharisee-Jews’ national survey reports without your scorn. 🙂

    2. Pat, glad to see you skipped the meat of the articles, it tells me I am on the right track.
      Likely” is a pollster term, meaning “those who would be likely to vote in future“.
      what would be the use of polling somebody Unlikely to vote in future, like running your survey at a cemetery.

      here comes another proof that Trump is indeed Russian trained agent: he knows his chess moves and the real Russians are able to second guess him, unlike the homegrown checkers talent.
      General H.R. McMaster named as President Trump’s National Security Adviser
      Unlike some posters here who see the sky crashing down, nuclear war imminent, Russians think it is a reasonable choice.

      President Trump has continued his practice of picking senior military officers to the senior posts in his administration by naming General H.R. McMaster to the post of National Security Adviser following the recent forced resignation of General Michael Flynn.
      Hayward’s refusal to accept the post has led to speculation that he did not want to be associated with a “dysfunctional” White House. It seems that the real reason was that he insisted on bringing his own team with him to the National Security Council and filling all the top posts there. That was unacceptable to the President, which in turn led to Hayward turning the post down.

      In choosing McMaster President Trump has once again resisted calls – notably from Senator Ted Cruz – to appoint a civilian neocon, in this case John Bolton, as his National Security Adviser.
      As is the President’s way, he interviewed Bolton for the post, and in turning him down showered with praise, but in the end decided to go for McMaster.

      here is the perceptive bit

      This too follows a pattern the President has followed in his foreign and defence appointments. Various neocon veterans of the foreign policy and defence bureaucracy – John Bolton, David Petraeus and Elliott Abrams – appear to be considered for top posts.
      They are then invariably passed over
      🙂 , with the President instead bringing in new people – Tillerson, Mattis, Flynn, Kellogg and now McMaster – who would never have been in the running for such posts before.

      This reflects the President’s obvious mistrust of the neocon dominated foreign policy and defence bureaucracy and his belief – which may however turn out to be misplaced – that the new people he is bringing in are more amenable to his way of thinking.

      One point about the various military officers the President has appointed to top posts is that none of them – Mattis, Flynn, McMaster or Kellogg – has held senior command positions within NATO or is associated with the NATO bureaucracy. All of them have instead made reputations fighting the US’s wars in the Middle East, far away from Europe and the confrontation there with Russia.

      This reflects the President’s priorities, which involve a downgrading of NATO and detente with Russia as the President seeks to refocus on defeating Jihadi [read: Jew] terrorism in the Middle East.

      None of these points are likely to be understood at the home front, however – only the flyballs count.

      Another thought, a bit out in the left field, i admit.
      By picking military men for his inner circle of advisers, he is building not just protection from the intel/drug cartels but also gets the chance to call in that martial law that i am suggesting as the best way out of the jew swamp.

      1. Lobro –

        As I have replied before… You missed the meat yourself biggun…

        Presidents do not make decisions about wars….

        …. Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London do..!! 🙂

    3. another thought struck me … man, that’s a second one today, intellectual Perseid shower!

      the post-election significance of Unlikelys:
      their size of is a good indicator of the elites’ opposition, rough estimate, split Likelys down the middle and divide by the rest (pros+unlikelys).
      Thus, in the current petri dish, the opposition is no more than 25% and the elites feel safe to proceed with civil war.
      Slaves, prisoners and corpses don’t vote, and the pussy herds only think they vote.

      abstaining from voting is not a vote of rebel conscience but appeasement.
      best is to figure out whom the farizees want and then pick someone they fearhate the most, because contrary to pop wisdom, apathy is by no means enemy of jews.

      1. Lobro –

        You should have “showered” a bit longer….

        Registering to vote places you further under jurisdiction of the government corporation through the ‘effective connection’ principles.

        The constitution is written for the government corporation…. AND so are the amendments. Voting amendments apply only to “VOTERS.” When you register…. you VOLUNTARILY become a “voter.”

        It actually changes you status, legal standing and citizenship.. 🙂

        Also remember, Executive Orders are for the government corporation to obey … NOT the private people, or private corporations.

        That’s why they cannot arrest employers of illegals… it is not illegal to hire them. And they cannot make a federal law to do so. That’s also why they had to repeal the amendment on alcohol PROHIBITION.. after 7 years. The amendment had no standing… BUT it was long enough to get engines off of alcohol and onto gasoline…. as Rockefeller and the cabal wanted.

        If it weren’t for Prohibition, we would all be burning alcohol in our cars made in our stills at home. The yearly limit is 5 gallons. 🙂

  7. “What a tragedy, then, that they now find themselves with a leader who will surely let them down.”
    Well, all of the candidates would. Clinton for sure.
    With Trump there is a tiny hope. Not much, but surely enough to vote on.

  8. I need somebody to explain to me what this rambling article about a hillbilly ex-marine baby-killer in Iraq and now Silicon Valley investment bankster has anything to do with Donald Duck especially as he did NOT vote for the Liar-in-Chef!?!

    THIS guy is the poster child for the GOOD USA?!? I fear to know what the EVIL USA example would be . . .

  9. Why did so many Americans turn to a man with so little political experience? Why were they prepared to overlook his manifest failings?”

    Yeah, that was my question for the last four idiots in the white house. The Jews’ golden, Golem Negro, pushed through Havad law school and a twenty minute primer on American politics to become the dark-horse, presidential whirlwind that, until that point, had no more political experience or validity with American voters than his ghetto brethren in “Chitown.” Then there was Dubya Bush. Where did he accumulate his political acumen? The only money he ever made was either from his family or a gubment paycheck.

    What about backwoods Billy Clidiot whose political ability was derived from his service as drug lord and cocaine-in chief for the “hillbilly” state of Arkansas; a political scum that could hardly uncross his eyes enough to snort the next line off the governor’s table. Who would dare argue with his background as top-level, political qualification for president?

    The Clidiot was the very first president in memory who brought the thought to my mind: “You know, I could do a better job in the white house than this stupid, scum-sucking, coke-snorting, dilettante.” A thought that has occurred with increasing frequency since that backwoods bag of dung and his witch-wife first aw-shucked their way into the white house.

    With all the skirt chasing and golf games, one wonders where these short-term, presidential, political wonders ever found time to administrate the affairs of state. Gee, do you think Hitler ever spent his time on the links or chasing skirts around the Reichstag? Maybe without clever Jews to run things for him, he found it necessary to actually serve in his elected capacity – ya think?

    Most of the politicians of the twentieth century and all the 21st century have been either total idiots that served as someone’s sockpuppet, e.g. Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, et al. Or the worst kind of amoral, political scum that people used to take out and hang to keep their rotten influence from having the obvious deleterious effect on their country, e.g. snort-nosing, Billy “scumbag” Clinton, George Bush senior, JFK, Lyndon Johnson.

    Show me the lack of political experience attributed to Trump and I can show you that very same, or worse, omission in the last three presidents, all of whom served two terms. One of the big differences with the current president is that Trump was not booted into politics by family influence or money. Nor did he hitch up to to the government’s largess bandwagon early on to beocme a political hack, depending on his Treasury paycheck to survive. Trump is the first self-made, (if you want to call it that) wealthy, white president since the founding fathers formed America’s landed gentry.

    At least Trump has proven he can run a business. What did that clown Obama ever run but his flappy mouth? He was just another Negro clown like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, only this political Bozo was dressed in the presidential monkey suit. Hell, Obama never even wrote a legal brief, yet this golden Negro was “qualified” to run America?

    Perhaps it was in truth Jews that groomed him from birth to be the first Negro American president, to serve as a multicultural, front-man figurehead for America’s two dimensional, leadership role. Most assuredly, pusillanimous pundits can continue repeating how Jews did not have their hand up the Negro’s ass to better run his mouth, but they will have a damn difficult time providing any proof for the claim.

    Of course the American sheeple never stop to consider what actual political qualifications might be required to run a country the size of America, but then the president was never to have such expansive, executive administrative powers in the first place. The sheeple’s idea of a viable political candidate is someone that knows their place in the political structure; someone familiar with the political “ropes,” meaning what one can and cannot say to those with whom they schmooze those they should avoid like Pharaoh’s plagues so as not to become entrapped by a defamation and disinformation campaign that will result in them hanging upon the media gallows by their political neck.

    America is a land of the idiot goyim herds programmed to ignore the root of virtually all their problems, i.e. the eight-hundred pound pig with a Star of David prominently plastered proudly on its ass, taking its daily shit in the middle of their living room.

    A flock of sheeple too stupid to dare entertain the idea there might be something beyond the obvious surface levels addressed by the media. Perish the thought someone might actually suggest America is actually run by clever, conniving, psychopathic Jews who use the sham political structure to administrate their own political agenda from behind the scenes; an intent clearly stated in the Jew’s Protocols of Zion. One does not have to look far behind the lead politicians placed in front of their noses to find intense levels of Jewish administration behind every aspect of the government, as called for by their protocols.

    Perish the thought because, after all, Jews were tragic victims of their sacred Hallowedhoax invention. A typical Jewish historical myth that, for the last half century, provided murderous, psychopathic Jews with not only a country stolen from its rightful owners, but a free pass as well for every criminal act they commit.

    If anyone should have a celebration on Hitler’s birthday it should be Jews. Perhaps they could bake little stuffed pastries in the shape of the Hakenkreuz, you know, like “Hamantaschen,” those wonderfully satisfying pastries shaped like the ear of one of their hated enemies named Haman. They would no doubt call this new, delightful delicacy “Hackentaschen.”

    After Hitler’s birthday, the next major Jewish holiday might fall on 16 October, the joyful date of Purim festival 1946. That was the date Jews strangled Julius Streicher to death for saying really mean things about them in his newspaper Der Sturmer. Just think of all the fun holidays that await Jews. A full panoply of historical non-events stand in the shadows of other joyful celebrations of the wanton slaughter of hated enemies. One must wonder why Jews have neglected the inclusion of these potential celebrations from their hootenanny of historical, holiday horrors.

    American hillbilly indeed. One would do well to rethink the mentality of people making such statement.

    1. “Show me the lack of political experience attributed to Trump and I can show you that very same, or worse, omission in the last three presidents.”

      Absolutely good point, Arch – certainly shredding the inuendoes of the author of this article. While I understand the distaste for Hillary among people who might have normally voted the Democrat ticket, I cannot condone how Mr. Sandbrook has explained it. The ‘country folk’ (of whom I am one) I know are neither poor nor stupid – they just flat-out FELT an apprehension against a follow-up of Obama. Regardless of whatever his faults might be, Mr. Trump is a preferable resident of our White House, compared to the other prospects. He is someone with whom we can identify! 🙂

    2. @Arch Stanton

      “…At least Trump has proven he can run a business…”

      “…In 1991, Trump’s Taj Mahal located in Atlantic City was in debt for billions of dollars. As a result, Trump’s corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy court allowed Trump to reorganize his corporate debts and allowed the casino to keep operating. Trump did surrender half of his ownership interests in the Taj Mahal. He chose to sell his yacht and airplane to help make loan payments.

      In 1992, Trump filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on his Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City. At this time, Trump owed $550 million on the Trump Plaza Hotel. As part of the restructuring, Trump gave Citibank a 49% interest in the hotel. He was given a lenient repayment plan. Trump was able to stay on as CEO but he had to give up his salary.

      Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts filed for bankruptcy in 2004. The corporation had $1.8 billion dollars of debt. Trump reduced his share in the company to 25% thereby surrendering his control of the corporation. The corporation received lower interest rates and another loan to upgrade the properties.

      In 2009, Trump Entertainment Resorts filed bankruptcy after missing a large bond interest payment. Trump was not able to agree with his board of directors on a repayment plan so he resigned as chairman of the board and retained only a 10% ownership interest in the corporation…”

      Source : How is Donald Trump Able to File for Bankruptcy So Many Times ?


      1. FR –


        I have claimed financial abuses by Trump when he attempted to run for president in 2012 and had to drop out of contention due to FEC regulation abuses with accepting illegal money… through Michael Cohen in 2011 at http://www.ShouldTrumpRun.com

        FEC ruling>

        I have claimed f years that Trump is a very good businessman for the Pharisee-Jew Bankers who get his poorly managed businesses at bargain prices. They luvvitt..!! 🙂

        A corporation is a separate legal entity from its shareholders, other owners, board of directors, and CEO. Since it is a separate entity, the corporation files bankruptcy under its own name.

        In Chapter 11 bankruptcies, the owners’ personal assets are not at risk. The owners’ credit history remains intact.

        Trump is a FRAUD who was made by Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London. 🙂

      2. “Source : How is Donald Trump Able to File for Bankruptcy So Many Times?”

        Law dictionary? Would that be Talmudic or American law – or both? Sure is hard to tell the difference when religious criminals run the legal system.

        I would surmise that Trump danced the bankruptcy tango the same way everyone else has in the past. Of course it helps greatly if one is a Jew or Jew sycophant deemed to be a “useful idiot” to their agenda. No doubt one might then feel confident in the outcome of the court proceedings, especially with a Jew judge presiding over the case.

        I have worked with some very wealthy people (we’re talking jet “fleets” here) and have found it not uncommon for such people to have declared bankruptcy multiple times. The trick they say is once you have made a million, you know how to do it again. Then there are those connections made along the way. In a world of Jew schmoozing “networks,” contacts can take one a long way beyond what might otherwise be normally attainable.

        How do you think those snot-nose Jewish billionaires made their wealth? By shining shoes in front of the Chrysler building? (Try wrapping your mind around Sholmo the shoeshine boy changing his name to “Ragged Dick” and rising on his boot-black pay to buy the Chrysler building. Then again – “In spite of the series’ success, Alger was on financially uncertain ground and tutored the five sons of the international banker Joseph Seligman. He wrote serials for Young Israel and lived in the Seligman home until 1876.” Oops! Once again we find a Jew in the wormy, wood pile of success) Undoubtedly, it was the generous Jewish financial network that was fundamental to enabling dot-com Jews to finance their start up.

        Bankruptcy does not necessarily indicate a lack of business skill or ability as it does over extension of one’s resources and there are numerous reasons for this to occur. Bankruptcy has traditionally served as a means of protecting one’s assets, although I am unsure how that works now after the massive restructuring of the bankruptcy laws.

        Bankruptcy law, like trust funds, were never intended for use by the hoi polloi who typically don’t have any money; like Obama who never had any wealth to play the bankruptcy game – at least until he was pushed into the White House.

        Thus, such laws are structured to serve the wealthy. This Trump bankruptcy scare is just more Jewish dung flung upon the masses with no wider knowledge of these things than what Jews tell them in their media. This latest Trump dung heap is reminiscent of the one Nixon stepped in that resulted in his forced resignation through threat of impeachment. The Watergate “scandal” was a Jewish tempest in a teapot whipped into a storm of frenzy by their slimy media pigs. After all, spying on one’s political opponents? Gosh-O-golly just how unAmerican can a politician be?

        Get real! What politician hasn’t done this and in any manner imaginable? Nixon was persecuted for what has always been standard practice within the world of political intrigue. Joe McCarthy was another politician hung on the Jew’s political cross for the thinnest excuse.

        Then one might consider the case of snort-nose Billy of Arkansas. His outrageous criminal activity was totally ignored, despite reliable eyewitness testimony of his stealing military weapons from the Arkansas National Guard Armory.

        However, that wasn’t enough. Cousin BilldeBob from the backwoods then had the serial numbers ground off the weapons so they could be traded to the Colombian drug cartel for cocaine! So where’s the crime in that? None! At least none that any Jewish media slime could find. Well at least he didn’t tape record his political opponent’s conversations, that might have actually had a worse outcome than blue-dressed cigars.

        I have said it many times before; the goyim are so gullible, within three days Jews could program the stupid masses to run around like chickens pecking at the ground. Of course this is nothing new for the masses.

        “The Emperor’s New Clothes” was first published with “The Little Mermaid” in Copenhagen, by C. A. Reitzel, on 7 April 1837.

        “In the great city where he lived, life was always gay. Every day many strangers came to town, and among them one day came two swindlers. They let it be known they were weavers, and they said they could weave the most magnificent fabrics imaginable. Not only were their colors and patterns uncommonly fine, but clothes made of this cloth had a wonderful way of becoming invisible to anyone who was unfit for his office, or who was unusually stupid.

        “Those would be just the clothes for me,” thought the Emperor. “If I wore them I would be able to discover which men in my empire are unfit for their posts. And I could tell the wise men from the fools. Yes, I certainly must get some of the stuff woven for me right away.” He paid the two swindlers a large sum of money to start work at once.

        “They set up two looms and pretended to weave, though there was nothing on the looms. All the finest silk and the purest gold thread which they demanded went into their traveling bags, while they worked the empty looms far into the night.”

        Let’s see now, life was always gay, like America eh? Swindlers posing as tailors? What tribe might likely fit that description? Then the swindlers create a believed fantasy out of thin air? Hmmm, what people might do such things? And they convince the emperor to use their fabric-ated fantasy to influence the emperor’s politics? Wait a minute I know who this sounds like . . . nah, couldn’t be, could it? This story needs an upgrade however, today the new title might read The Emperor’s New Holocaust!

  10. Yeah, well, I’ve got some issues with this article…”Why did so many Americans turn to a man with so little political experience? Why were they prepared to overlook his manifest failings? And why, despite all the controversies, do millions of Americans still see him as the only man who will speak for them?…sounds as much like Obama as Trump and I’ve laughed at cucks that voted for Donald because, wait for it…”We need a bidness man in there.” What the fuck is a “bidness man” going to do? Second, this smells just a little bit because that female in the photograph is not; I will say it again, not that kid’s Mamaw. Maybe his sister. Then how do I know the other photo is “Vance as a boy?” Mamaw was “given to blind rages” yet she was the key to Vance getting out of this culture? Folks, I’m calling bullshit on this article. Go ahead an ban me if you want, I’m calling it like I see it. I’m calling your Scots-Irish and raising you an Irishman.

    1. Go ahead and ban me if you want, I’m calling it like I see it.

      Why should we ban you for disliking this article and saying the pictures are fakes? Like all new posters to this site, you assume falsely that we are promoting and plugging the ideas of every article we publish. This is not so. We are NOT morally responsible for very article we publish, nor are we to blame for every erroneous fact or false opinion perpetrated by the hundreds of writers who are out there. Read our disclaimer:

      DISCLAIMER. All articles published on this website reflect the views of their original authors and do not necessarily mirror the outlook of anyone associated with this website.

  11. I am the opposite of Hillbilly in every way, and I could write a book on how the Left let me down. I cannot imagine a worse tragedy for our country than to have Hillary Clinton as President with John Podesta as chief of staff. John Podesta was hoping to get out to the American public the situation with the aliens–who know the grey guys that some people see when they take psychedelic drugs or have psychotic breaks. He and his brother Tony are (or were) the most powerful lobbyists in Washington D.C. You can be sure that no voice of, by, and for the people would have penetrated those thick walls where money does all the talking. You can be sure that young legislators would get invited to the right parties where underage girls lured them into compromising positions… isn’t that what has been going on in D.C., that is, pedophilia and blackmail? They talk about Donald Trump being deranged, which I don’t think he is. What about Hillary Clinton? Didn’t she just announce that she was going to run for the Presidency again in 2020, and didn’t Chesea just get booed out of a Democratic Party gathering when she said she was going to run for office in New York. Hillary Clinton was apparently too drunk and off her rocker to give her adoring supporters a speech on election night. Hmmm when someone runs for office, isn’t there always the possibility of losing? Why would a politician be so friggin lame that she can’t DEAL with losing an election. So… I always thought they are in the hotel room or wherever and they just turn off the TV and go out and meet their supporters with some comforting words. She couldn’t do that. And people think Donald is the worse of the worst. No Hillary was the worst of the worst and thank God we have Trump.

    1. @ Kapoore

      No argument from me for sure.

      However, you asked a question, “… isn’t that what has been going on in D.C., that is, pedophilia and blackmail?”

      The answer is much worst. It is not only pedophilia, sex with children, it is child torture and murder along with cannibalism, eating their victims, combined with satanic rituals. The true bottom of the evil pit.

      Based on what I’ve been reading over the past few months, the thousands of citizen investigators have not found any links between Trump and these activities. This is just another indication that Trump was not an establishment/Deep State pick for President.

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