Zionist Puppet’s Decision to Relocate US Embassy to Jerusalem Creates Mass Hysteria

“Thousands of protesters in Istanbul burned US and Israeli flags to protest [the Zionist Puppet’s] Wednesday declaration on Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. This declaration, which saw major protests breaking out on Friday, has expanded to yet more countries over the weekend…”

“Now, protests are being seen from Morocco, in the Atlantic coast of Africa, to Indonesia in the Pacific Ocean, and virtually all sites in between. Even many cities i Europe saw protests outside of US embassies and consulates related to the decision.

In many of the countries, the protests seemed to grow throughout the weekend, so while Indonesia was reported as seeing just a few hundred in any given place, some 10,000 were in Jakarta at the US Embassy by late Sunday.

And while European nations weren’t entirely comfortable with such protests, German officials in particular condemning the protests as “anti-Semitic,” in the Muslim world the governments are a lot more publicly aligned with the protesters, and in many cases, government officials were participating in protests and addressing the crowds.

Given the near unanimity in most of these states against [the Zionist Puppet’s] move, this is a particularly viable thing for politicians in democratic states to do, as positioning themselves as anti-Trump and pro-Palestine is definitely a winning issue.”


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by Ran HaCohen


11 DECEMBER, 2017.  In 1980 Israel legally – or, as the entire international community finds, illegally – declared the entire united Jerusalem to be its capital. Consequently, about a dozen foreign embassies left Jerusalem and moved to Tel Aviv. Yes, Mr. Trump: your future embassy will not be the first one! You’re a loser on that. Many embassies preceded you, but they all left as soon as the Apartheid in the city was turned into a law.

One might think that Israel would then turn its “eternal capital” into a symbol of welfare and prosperity, a model of nondiscriminatory coexistence. The very opposite is true.

In East Jerusalem, two-thirds of the population live under the poverty level. This poverty is intended. To push Palestinians out.

Israel grants them no construction permits. It has cut East Jerusalem from its West Bank hinterland and has turned East Jerusalem into a South African township.

Impoverished, strangulated, polluted and overpopulated.

The infrastructures – electricity, water, sewage, education, health, roads, pavements, you name it – are either nonexistent, or intentionally lagging ages behind those in the Jewish neighborhood, both those in West Jerusalem and the Jewish settlements within East Jerusalem itself, continuously placed there in order to break the Palestinian community altogether and push their original inhabitants out of the city.

Since the previous decade, the Apartheid Wall (newspeak’s “separation fence”) runs through East Jerusalem, annexing the better parts of it while practically leaving other parts outside the city.

The Palestinian National Authority is not allowed to operate in these neighborhoods, because “Jerusalem is all ours”; the Jerusalem municipality is not willing to give them any services either. These surrounded ghettos, home to tens of thousands, have become a safe haven for criminal gangs, where even the garbage has to be burned on the street since no authority bothers to collect it.

Entering Jerusalem proper for whatever reason – work, visit, hospital – is performed through heavily armed checkpoints, and depends on the good will of the Israelis, or rather the lack of it.

Private property, this holy capitalistic right, is a privilege reserved exclusively to the Jews, as Jerusalem demonstrates in a rotten nutshell.

Aided by law and police, Israeli settlers regularly throw Palestinians in East Jerusalem out of their homes and take them, claiming the properties belonged to Jews in the distant past.

Jewish property is eternal, no matter how many hands and sovereignties it changed.

Obviously, there are also numerous properties that belonged to Palestinians in that very same distant past; however, under Israeli law these properties cannot be claimed by their original owners, who allegedly “abandoned” them when fleeing from them in the 1948 war.

Jewish property left on the Palestinian side is never considered “abandoned”, and its previous owners, or their heirs, or some settlers’ gang, can successfully claim them and throw out their Palestinian residents.

Today’s Jerusalem is the most blatant incarnation of the Israeli Apartheid. 40 percent  of its residents are held as non-citizens in their own city.  They are discriminated against by the law, pushed into poverty, harassed and terrorized by the Israeli police and settlers.

It’s like a huge South African township, marked for eviction and takeover by Israeli Jews.

Realities in the West Bank are basically much the same, but Jerusalem is the quintessence of this injustice.

President Trump will go into history as the leader who gave his blessing to this moral crime, earning himself a distinguished place in the hall of shame.


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  1. With full acknowledgements to Carnaptious
    for sending us the links to the two articles featured above.

  2. When will they apply a boycot and sanctions against IsraHell? What are the muslims waiting for? What is the EUSSR waiting for? I can give You the answer. They will not be applied as the EUSSR (jewish invention) is ruled by the jews (Schulz, Macron etc.) who pretend to serve the EU interests. The muslims will also not do anything as the even the muslims are ruled by jews at the top. We are living in a jew world order.

    1. We are living in a jew world order.

      Really? This is news to me.

      Thanks for the tip-off. 🙂

      1. Sard –

        You know this site inside and out. You should know that Alexa reported over 35% of the readers get here from search engines. NEW readers.

        The NEW readers need to know what Lisa wrote.

      2. The NEW readers need to know what Lisa wrote.

        No worries, Pat.

        If Lisa doesn’t tell ’em the bad “news”, you will! 🙂

    2. International Jew Finance won WW2 , and has been on a rapid march since . As Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy said to Dewest Hooker ,” I fought them ( Jews ) on Wall Street ,Banking , Hollywood, Foreign Policy ,War ,and the Rothschild’s won “. Founders of the Left / Right Matrix , they own the poliical infrastructure,media ,and finance the governments of most nation’s with their PRIVATE capital . Trump was supposed to be different , but the warning signs apparent early in. Kushner the ultra Orthodox son in-law ,and devote of the Jew cult leader Rabbi Sneerson. His choice of a Zio Running Mate Pence , and cabinet choices . Bannon of Breitbart ( later an Orthodox Dead Jew ,died of drug abuse) , is a former Goldman Sachs executive. ” He went to Israel and fell in love “. He ignited ” Nationalism” , with a Kosher Seal ,and the International Jews ( Globalist) , suddenly become ” Patriots “. Trump beats the Neoconservative/ Fundamentalist GOP ,and Globalist Clinton. Jews know how to ,” By deception thou shall do war ” . They are at permanent war ,by divine right . Trump is a tool of Kushner. The methods old as the Old Testament. Put an agent next to a leader. ( See Jude Suss,You Tube ) ….Obama the ” Liberal ” continued ” Conservative Bush 2 s agenda and ” the Left “shut up . Trump had NO intention of implementing his . Ask his new buddies Mc Cain ,and Flimsy Grahem ? But he will keep his promises to the Jews. That’s ALL that counts . Being a ” Chosen People ” to an insane tribal war ” God “, does have benefits.

      1. The Trump – Kushner Administration reversed the New Covenant of Christ ,by recognizing the promise of the Old Testament Diety Yahweh . But Trump is desperate. Like the hated failure Churchill prior to WW2 , he has run to the Jews to give him sponser . Like WW2 ,where only International Jewry emerged victorious , the Jerusalem recognition is another phase in Jewish hegemony. ” Let the blood of this man ,be on us ,and our children forever ” , The Jews screamed ,when Pilot offered His release. ” Your HOUSE shall be be made desolate ” ,Christ replied. ” Oh daughters of Jerusalem don’t weep for me ,but for yourselves , because there will come a time when you will say mountains hide me ,and hills cover me , for if you do this in the green wood ,what will you do in the dry “…. Kushner ,a follower of the late Jew cult leader ,and buyer of 666 Hexogram Star of David 5 th Avenue for 1.8 billion in cash knows the inner esoteric meaning of this spiritually evil move .

  3. Trump is a scam and a Zionist Trojan horse who has a background that has him compromised to the Zionist dual citizen neocons that control the U.S. GOV and to top it all off , Jared Kushner is in the mossad.

    1. So many poliical ” aides ” , and commentators are openly Israel agents ,or in the IDF reserves . Rahem Immanual ,on the Democratic Side ,and Jonah Goldberg on ” the Right “. Kushner is a sneak, and dangerous ultra Orthodox Jew . Formally Mossad or not ,he puts International Jewry ,and International Jewish Finance first.

  4. Trump pushes international big businesses into Jerusalem and business is also good… for tracking people in Gaza.

    Second Palestinian mobile provider enters Gaza Strip
    23 October 2017

    Wataniya Mobile says launch of its network a ‘real success for the Palestinian economy and the Gaza economy in particular’.

    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Palestinian company Wataniya Mobile said it will launch telecommunications services in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, offering customers a choice of providers.

    Wataniya, which operates in the West Bank and whose largest shareholder is Qatar’s Ooredoo telecoms with 48.45 percent, will become only the second mobile provider to serve Hamas-run Gaza.

    A company official told AFP that a reconciliation deal signed earlier this month – (October) – between rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah had encouraged Wataniya to launch services in Gaza.

    3G services are still unavailable in Gaza and the West Bank, where some users subscribe with Israeli firms.



    Trump knows…

    They are ALL hooked together at the TOP..!!!

    1. It helps to own banks in Rothchild’s favored controlled venues, London and Qatar…. and to be “Hooked Together At THE TOP” like Trump.

      Trump went to a puny little military academy and Sheikh Abdullah beat that…. by attending US Army War College..!! 🙂

      Chairman of Ooredoo GROUP – Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Thani:

      Alma mater – Command and General Staff College (Egypt) and United States Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

      He is a Member of the Supreme Council for Economic Affairs and Investment, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ooredoo Group. He also serves on the boards of QNB Bank, Harrods(LONDON) and the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds(Rothschild bankers).

      Harrods is a luxury department store located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, London. It is now owned by the state of Qatar. The Harrods brand also applies to other enterprises undertaken by the Harrods group of companies including Harrods Bank, Harrods Estates, Harrods Aviation and Air Harrods, and to Harrods Buenos Aires.

      The store occupies a 5-acre (20,000 m2) site and has 330 departments covering one million square feet (90,000 m2) of retail space.

      Harrod Subsidiaries:

      Harrods Bank
      Harrods Estates
      Harrods Aviation
      Air Harrods
      Harrods Buenos Aires

      Sheikh Abdullah’s main focus, as the chairman of the board of directors for Ooredoo GROUP, is the restructuring and regional expansion of Ooredoo. Since the launch of Ooredoo’s expansion strategy in 2005, Sheikh Abdullah has steered the growth of Ooredoo from being a single nation telecom operator to a group with a global presence in 17 countries, spanning from North Africa, Middle East to South East Asia

      According to Ooredoo’s most recent disclosures, “68% owned of the company is owned by Qatar Government Related Entities, 10% owned by ADIA (UAE) and remaining 22% is Free Float (Qatar, USA, UK, and other countries).”


      Bottom line….
      Phones in GAZA will be tracked by Rothschild’s agents..!!

  5. Thanks for the acknowledgement, above, but I just posted the links. It’s Antiwar dot com that deserves the credit for serving up those articles this morning.

    RT – that sly agent of a foreign government 😉 – has some interesting stuff up today. On Sunday, Turkish President Erdogan “lashed out against Israel, calling it a ‘terrorist state’ that ‘kills children.’ Erdogan promised to fight to the bitter end against Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state.”

    In the Jewish State, Israel’s smirking PM Bozo Netanyahu “cite(d the) Bible to justify Trump’s Jerusalem move, (and) urge(d) EU to follow suit” Christian Zionist leader John Hagee agreed it was ‘Biblical Timing of Absolute Precision’ as he also praised Trump’s Jerusalem decision.

      1. Lobro along with Mark Glenn [on the Ugly Truth site] is right now busy trying to figure out how to SPIN Trump’s embassy move to make it seem Trump is actually ANTI-JEW and ANTI-ZIONIST!!! 🙂

        I hope Knowbro doesn’t fall into any kind of deep despair over Trump’s embassy move and goes out and gets TOO drunk and wasted with his takfiri Jews-pretending-to-be-Muslims drinking pals.

        Maybe Knobro went out and got so drunk with his drinking pals that he passed out in some alleyway in some small Balkan mountaintop village where there’s mosques on every corner, and everywhere one looks and at every turn and bend in the road, mosques! mosques! mosques!

        HEAVEN! How disgruntled a lapsed “Catholic” can get!

    1. The “Biblical timing” is correct – EXCEPT Hagee is dead-wrong about “jubilee”. The incremental countdown leads to DESTRUCTION (the end of an age), and the “abomination of desolation” will preside in “the holy place”. Trump is, likely, the “king of the West” who will instigate the “king of the north” to sweep down with great fury. (See Book of Daniel, Chapters 7-11)

      1. Oops – I should have said it “seems” like correct timing. (Hell, none of us can be certain!) 😁

    2. I remember having read that Erdogan the ‘ muslim’ has jewish roots which he hides for the real Turkish people. A turkish journalist/dissident wrote about this and is still in a turkish prison. Erdogan works for the jews!

      1. Have been looking for the book, it’s called translated, ‘ the children of moses ‘ of the turkish writer Ergun Poyraz

      2. @ Lisa

        So why is it true that Erdogan is a “Jew” just because some jailbird in a Turkish prison says so? Maybe he’s in prison for lying about Erdogan, for stirring up trouble. Dissident journalists get sent to prison for high treason and defamation of character. Understand?

        You can’t accuse Henry VIII of being a fat bastard who chopped off the heads of his wives. If you do that, you have your own head chopped off! You can’t accuse Stalin of having an ugly mustache and halitosis. If you do that, you are sent off to the salt mines in Siberia or get tortured to death slowly.

        Learn how the world works, Lisa. 🙂

      3. When referencing the religion classifier Jew, one should clarify whether one is referring to the tiny remnant descendants of Abraham or the fifteen million East Europeans who converted to Judaism,

  6. I can’t wait to see what Teflon-Don-the-con-man apologist Paul Craig Roberts will say about Teflon Don’s latest jew-inspired crime.

    Will Roberts blame it all on the “military/security complex” as usual? Or will he just ignore (or try to ignore) the whole thing?

    Let’s say for the sake of argument that the omnipotent “military/security complex” IS responsible for moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Then why didn’t they do it when Obama was president? Or Bush? Or Clinton? Why did the “military/security complex” wait 22 years to do it? Just so they could make it look like it’s all the fault of our hapless snow-white-squeaky-clean-babe-in-the-woods-America-first-Teflon-Don-the-con-man?

    Imagine Roberts’ vituperation if it was Obama that was doing the things that Teflon-Don-the-con-man is doing; we’d never hear the end of it.

    1. Hi Harold,
      I just read PCR’s latest on ICH. He is, indeed, still in Trump’s corner, but does make some interesting points contra to the prevailing narrative on the embassy move. Believe him or not, Trump-apologist PCR is still worth reading for a different perspective. I’d like to hear again from Lobro for his unique take on recent events.
      BTW, no hard feelings on my part for our dust-up a few days ago. I hope you feel the same. No doubt we will joust again.

  7. Two recent developments since this article was published:

    1) There was a bomb blast at the Manhattan bus terminal early this morning. No word yet of any fatalities from the msm. Retaliation for Trump’s disastrous embassy move?

    2) Later today, Trump’s many #MeToo female accusers are getting together, for the first time, at a press conference. Will this be Trump’s Waterloo? Stay tuned.

    1. Of course, we can’t discount the possibility that the underground bus terminal bombing was a false flag. With world condemnation growing against Trump, the timing may be right for a CIA/FBI operation to wag the dog.

      1. @ Folly Of War

        Yep. That has become the norm. Find some one really stupid, set them up, arrest them and claim victory, or let them go on to show how stupid they are. A real terrorist would know how to make a bomb that goes bang really well.

    2. It’s a little off topic, perhaps, so I’ll keep it brief. Events are picking up pace since Trump declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. The CIA apparently attempted to put forth a big lie that fell flat on its face. Justin Raimondo wrote an excellent article about it: “The Enemy Within – It’s called the “intelligence community”” Glenn Greenwald also weighed in on the subject of major media outlets putting out fake news: “The U.S. Media Suffered Its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages”. CNN, MSNBC and CBS all helped the CIA to spread the BS, in keeping with the CIA’s mission statement:

      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – Former CIA Director William Casey (1981).

      It’s becoming increasingly difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to news, but if it appears in US zio-news media, the best “rule of thumb” seems to be that it’s fake news.

      The irony of both Greenwald and Raimondo being Jewish doesn’t escape me! 🙂

      1. Raimondo has his merits as “anti-war” protagonist, but he is part gate-keeper. He still espouses the official 9/11 theory and didn’t expose the so-called “killing of Bin Laden” as the PSY-OP that it was.

      2. True enough, Raimondo has some blind spots. One of them is the Holohoax which he simply refuses to even discuss. JR did write a column that questioned “official” 9/11 “truth” (circa 2004-5), and shortly after it was published he had a heart attack. Since that happened, he has, for whatever reason(s), not been willing to question, or even mention, the “official” story. AW.C readers drum him soundly every time the subject comes up or, more often, doesn’t come up when it should. JR voted for Trump, and now takes regular verbal / written beatings from AW.c commentariat for not renouncing that vote, and Trump. Reader reaction to the column linked above is a good example.

        I think, because all humans have some preferences and prejudices, every person who writes and / or participates in editorial / publishing / programming decisions is, to some extent, part gatekeeper.

        Speaking of gatekeepers, Google owners and executives continue to break new ground in deciding what people should and should not read, and whose “Truth” gets seen. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/12/11/neo-is-googles-search-engine-a-marked-deck/

    3. Folly –

      You wrote:
      “2) Later today, Trump’s many #MeToo female accusers are getting together, for the first time, at a press conference.”

      WHEW.!!! 🙂

      Trump is ‘off the hook’ for Healthcare and Tax Reform and Arresting Hillary and Russia election kerfuffle and Jerusalem Capitol of Israel and N Korea…..etc, as long as the fake bimbos wrestle away the headlines.. Especially on Megyn Kelly’s NBC shows..!!

      I wonder how much he has paid them for the help.. 🙂

    4. Speaking of a bomb blast in Manhattan: When congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act 22 years ago or so, I distinctly remember that there was some kind of an incident resulting from it – I think also in Manhattan – and as I recall it was either a bomb blast or someone was caught with a bomb or planning a bombing or something like that.

      I seem to remember that the incident didn’t get much media attention. And now that I’m older and (hopefully) wiser, I think I know why it didn’t get the media attention I felt it deserved: It clearly demonstrated the fact that “they hate us for what we do to them” (e.g., interference in their affairs), not because of our “freedom” or some such self-serving statist drivel.

    5. Jerusalem decision by an exceptional President of the worlds exceptional nation and the unfolding exceptional consequences that will inevitably lead to exceptional loss of life.

  8. Apparently certain “leaders” in our movement support Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel because the declaration either will expose Jewish power (David Duke) or will cause the Muslim majority countries to unite against Israel! (Mark Glenn)

    David Duke:
    “By simply recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, President Trump has struck a mighty blow against the criminal Jewish supremacist State of Israel and exposed the ruthless, vicious Jewish power revving up to destroy Trump and his presidency. . . . But making this essentially meaningless gesture has actually incredibly damaged the state of Israel and its plans for hegemony over the entire Middle East and exposed their power as the move will be seen by all as an attempt by Trump to placate Jewish power, but in the end it may be a brilliant move to expose Jewish power.” See https://dailystormer.red/the-david-duke-show-oy-vey-the-goy-president-knows/.

    Mark Glenn:
    “Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem might very well be the medicine the Muslims need to break the spell which has kept them “scurrying around like drugged cockroaches in a bottle”. Will the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem wake them up from their slumber? Will it be the electroshock which could very well trigger the beginning of real liberation revolutions all over the Middle East, revolutions which will not end until all Zionist entities are destroyed, starting with Arabia?

    If there was any time for Arab nations to unite against Israel this is it. If the Muslims in general and the Arabs in particular do not wake up NOW, then we can only expect the worst.” See https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2017/12/09/on-jerusalem-trump-delivers-a-kick-in-the-butt-but-to-whom/#more-183836

    Do any Darkmooners agree?

    1. @ Mark

      The fundamental issue here is the “motive”, IMO.

      IIRC Justin Raimondo @ antiwar(dot)com expressed a similar viewpoint. And these ideas would probably also comport with Lobro’s “4D chess” theory of the Teflon Don administration.

      But in my opinion these viewpoints are just flimsy post hoc rationalizations; just because Teflon Don’s action of moving the embassy to Jerusalem will probably damage the jew agenda doesn’t mean that Teflon Don intended to damage the jew agenda.

      As I understand it, the fanatical Zionists Adelson, Netanyahu, Kushner, etc., wanted the embassy moved, so I would assume that Teflon Don is just following orders like the obedient little puppet that he is. But I’m not aware of anyone claiming that Adelson et al. are playing 4D chess against the jewish agenda. So I have to assume that what we’re seeing is 4D chess being played by God, not by the imbecilic Orange Clown and his masters. IOW what we’re witnessing is evil destroying itself in real time.

      One other argument is this: Let’s say Orange Clown is brilliant, gutsy, patriotic and selfless enough to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Let’s say he knows full well that he will be heavily criticized, but he does it anyway because he believes that it will ultimately work against the jew agenda, which will thereby ultimately save the world. But if he’s so brilliant, patriotic, selfless etc., then what the hell is he still doing in Syria…coming closer by the day to direct military confrontation with Russia, for example? IOW if Orange Clown’s brilliant and gutsy enough to formulate and carry out such an ingenious scheme in the first place, then he’s also brilliant, patriotic and gutsy enough to avoid needlessly risking WW3 while his plan comes to fruition.

      1. @ Harold Smith

        IIRC Justin Raimondo @ antiwar(dot)com expressed a similar viewpoint. And these ideas would probably also comport with Lobro’s “4D chess” theory of the Teflon Don administration.

        But in my opinion these viewpoints are just flimsy post hoc rationalizations; just because Teflon Don’s action of moving the embassy to Jerusalem will probably damage the jew agenda doesn’t mean that Teflon Don intended to damage the jew agenda.

        As I understand it, the fanatical Zionists Adelson, Netanyahu, Kushner, etc., wanted the embassy moved, so I would assume that Teflon Don is just following orders like the obedient little puppet that he is. But I’m not aware of anyone claiming that Adelson et al. are playing 4D chess against the jewish agenda.

        So I have to assume that what we’re seeing is 4D chess being played by God, not by the imbecilic Orange Clown and his masters.

        Your logic is impeccable. Lobro and Mark Glenn are a bunch of idiots ruled by wishful thinking and the need to keep face. Logic means nothing to them. If it did, they would feel obliged to answer the following question:

        QUESTION: Okay, we’ll assume that Trump is a wily and devious Jew-hating supergenius (LOL) who DELIBERATEY moved the US embassy to Jerusalem because he knew that the move would DEEPLY HARM THE JEWS AND THEIR AGENDA. Let’s grant that for argument’s sake.

        So you do you explain, dear Lobro, why Netanyahu is absolutely delighted at the move? How do you explain Jared Kushner’s delight? And Adelson’s delight? The only way Lobro can explain this discrepancy is to argue that Netanyahu, Adelson and Kushner are all too STUPID to understand that the embassy move is going to hurt the Jews and damage Israel in the long run.

        Yep, Trump is the genius who knows that the embassy move will damage and destroy the Jews, but Netanyahu, Adelson and Kushner are too stupid to have figured that out! 🙂

        Lobro’s answer to these objections? A deafening silence! Which explains why the cowardly skunk has slunk off to Mark Glenn’s website wth his tail between his legs, because no other site will have him now! 🙂

        Good riddance, I say!

      2. @Sardonicus

        Lobro’s answer to these objections? A deafening silence! Which explains why the cowardly skunk has slunk off to Mark Glenn’s website wth his tail between his legs, because no other site will have him now! 🙂

        Good riddance, I say!

        Correct me if I’m wrong, Sard, but I think that you’ve been crafty, wily, artful, guileful, devious, sly, and scheming here … in a word, you have been cunning.

        You know what “cunning” means, Sard, don’t you? It means: having or showing skill in achieving one’s ends by deceit or evasion.

        And what are your ends which you are trying to achieve desperately by baiting, i.e. by deceit? You want Lobro to come back and answer your questions; you want it badly, but he is not coming back, he is not answering your questions, and … oh, heavens! … he is ignoring you totally, and that hurts your ego. Isn’t that true, Sardonicus? Let’s see how honest you are.

        One more thing: your logic in regard to Donald Trump, Harold Smith, and Lobro is deeply flawed. Harold Smith’s logic, which you have praised so highly, is also totally flawed (the Bible-thumping hypocrite Harold cannot help but feel it). But that does not mean at all that Lobro’s theory of Donald Trump playing 4D chess to bring down the Jews and thus save the white race is correct.

        How could that be? I will explain all that next.

      3. @ Circassian

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t Sardonicus now been banned from this website because of his outrageously bad behavior, especially in regard to his crazy attacks on Lobro?

        The more I read the output of Sardonicus, the more I feel that this individual is an extraordinarily clever Mossad agent who has managed to infiltrate this site. Either that or he is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

      4. @ Admin


        I advise you to have nothing more to do with this evil entity Sardonicus who is without doubt one of the most cunning operators on the internet.

        This sonofabitch once had the nerve to criticize one my posts and say it was “substandard” and that the information I provided was “inaccurate and false”. All I was doing was praising the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. This wicked fiend told me that the Protocols document, however brilliant in its denunciation of the Jews, was nevertheless a “forgery”, a “plagiarism” and a “literary spoof”. He was taking exactly the same evil line as the egregious Franklin Ryckaert once did in a long debate on this subject with Lobro.

        Ryckaert and Harold Smith are also probably Mossad agents, as is the poster known as Pat (real name “Patricia”) who has done immense damage to this website by being the chief purveyor of bizarre conspiracy theories here, e.g. the “no nukes” theory and the “fake moon landings” theory. Pat is almost as dangerous as Sardonicus, though for sheer malignity and satanic wickedness no one can equal Sardonicus.

        Admin, you have allowed this dangerous maniac Sardonicus to become the Darkmoon site’s Svengali. Such a shame!
        Anyway, it’s never too late to take remedial steps. It’s good to know through the grapevine that Sardonicus now finds himself a permanent resident of Spamblinka.

        In conclusion, I believe that Sardonicus is a drug addict and that his mind, however brilliant, is also deeply deranged.

      5. @ Circassian

        “[…] One more thing: your logic in regard to Donald Trump, Harold Smith, and Lobro is deeply flawed. Harold Smith’s logic, which you have praised so highly, is also totally flawed (the Bible-thumping hypocrite Harold cannot help but feel it). […]”

        LOL! Well, look who’s talkin’! Coming from the queen of inanity herself, that’s a great compliment. Thanks!

        “I will explain all that next.”

        I can’t wait. Perhaps you you could begin with an explanation as to why you’re here in the first place? I don’t go to any forums where I find myself in general disagreement with 85% of the commentary so why do you? And why do you spend so much time here studying all my comments in particular, for example, if I’m such an ass?

      6. Ruth: “Ryckaert and Harold Smith are also probably Mossad agents, as is the poster known as Pat (real name “Patricia”) who has done immense damage to this website by being the chief purveyor of bizarre conspiracy theories here, e.g. the “no nukes” theory and the “fake moon landings” theory.”

        Yep. But did you know that “Slick Johnson” was the first black man to land on the moon?

        Here’s the proof spoof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoZcbH41Pmc

      7. Ruth doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
        BTW, her second name is “Bernstein”. 🙂

      8. @Pat
        “From Nazareth he came, With a rag tag band To bring… A revolution.”
        Enjoyed that song, nice one!

      9. @Ruth

        Pat is almost as dangerous as Sardonicus, though for sheer malignity and satanic wickedness no one can equal Sardonicus.

        My good friends Pat and Sard are almost as dangerous as this guy:


        Ruth, the problem I have with the likes of Pat, Sard, Lobro, Mr Smith, etc. is not that they are dangerous. The bone I’ve got to pick with these fellows is that their morality stinks so to speak.

        Pat and Sard have no notion of morality whatsoever, Lobro has no qualms about going behind the scenes and backstabbing, Smith is a bible-thumping hypocrite. As far as I can tell, you also belong to this list, Ruth.

        The lack of morality, dignity and honor – that’s the problem with almost all of you.

        I have said it many times, and I’ll say it again: very few people on this site have moral qualities. What is fascinating about it all is that it does not even occur to these poor souls that they have no such qualities – they think they are good and just people. Truly fascinating!

        I’ll tell you more, Ruth. The Western civilization, as a whole, is completely devoid of true spirituality and morality. The West has fucked itself up, Ruth, if you excuse my language. That’s the problem.

        The lesser “crime” of these blockheads is that they exhibit extremely weak reasoning skills.

        1. Good try, (((Circassian))). You write well and certainly have a sense of humor.

          Tell me though, if someone applied the epithet “dangerous” to you, what would your reaction be? Would you be angry and outraged? Totally amazed? Or secretly flattered?

      10. (((Circ))) –

        You are an all wet Caucasus Hillbilly… right on topic 🙂 as usual.

        You still hold that you have (North) American(sic) Citizenship – possibly South American… 🙂 …. when you have written that you went through the process of US Citizenship. They dumbed you down even further than you were before you studied for the tests…. to escape the Russian and Slav paradises… as Saker has done.

      11. @Toby

        Good try, (((Circassian))). You write well and certainly have a sense of humor.

        This is true, Toby, but perhaps you shouldn’t have said it for there are some little men out there who will be very upset about this: they will interpret it not as giving credit where credit is due, but rather as bending all over to please Circassian … unless you couldn’t care less what little men think of you, of course.

        Anyhow, I have to reveal a little secret to you, Toby: my sense of humor amounts simply to saying the truth. In this I follow a Russian play writer Aleksey Arbuzov who once quipped: If you wish to pass for a witty person – just say the truth.

        Tell me though, if someone applied the epithet “dangerous” to you, what would your reaction be? Would you be angry and outraged? Totally amazed? Or secretly flattered?

        You are putting me in a very difficult situation, Toby. On one hand, you are pushing me to violate your own rules and go off-topic answering these personal questions. On the other hand, it would be impolite to ignore questions coming from Admin.

        So here it goes. I would reply to the interlocutor: A doctor telling the ugly truth to his patient about his health condition may look quite frightening occasionally, but if the doctor believes that it is good for the patient to know the truth doctor must tell truth.

        I am here to heal you – not to kill you.

        1. I am here to heal you – not to kill you.

          Well, do it gently.

          Lasha once wrote a poem called “Kill me gently”,
          but I forget what happened to it.

    2. @ Mark

      You give two quotes justifying Trump’s moving the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The first is by David Duke stating how brilliant the move is. The second is by Mark Glenn more or less echoing David Duke. You ask: “Do any Darkmooners agree?”

      Not me! I disagree totally. Both Duke and Mark Glenn have obviously lost it.

      This is more than just “wishful thinking” of a high order. It’s pure face-saving narcissism. Both David Duke and Mark Glenn have invested a lot of time and energy in plugging the so-called “Lobro thesis” : that whatever Trump does is incredibly Machiavellian and is designed to damage and destroy the Jews eventually, though on the surface it looks like he’s helping the Jews and advancing the Zionist agenda. It’s all 4D chess.

      Anyone who can advance this sort of poppycock needs a new set of brains frankly. Lobro is not an “original” by any means. Everything he says is derivative. Stolen from Mark Glenn, at whose feet he sits like a disciple at the feet of his guru. He’s even posting comments on Mark Glenn’s site now, parroting the Master’s views.

      The point I’m making is this: all these Trump supporters have ended up with egg on their face and they can’t bear to admit it. They can’t say, “Sorry, I was wrong.” They just haven’t got it in them to admit they’ve been chumps. Their egocentricity and sense of grandiose self-importance prevents them from admitting they were wrong about Trump.

      On the other hand, you have a guy like Harold Smith who voted for Trump and then became disillusioned. Harold was honest enough to admit he was bamboozled and taken in by the Orange Clown. That’s intellectual integrity for you. Humility. The ability to say: “Yep, I was a goddamn idiot for voting for this Orange Clown.”

      Guys like David Duke, Mark Glenn, and their camp follower Lobro don’t have this intellectual integrity or humility. Every time Trump does something more outrageous, showing his obvious allegiance to the Jews, these Three Chumps find new excuses for him. They move the goal posts. They don’t play by the rules of chess, these guys. Logic means nothing to them. All that matters to these extreme narcissists is KEEPING FACE.

      It’s sad, really sad.

      1. If they always agreed with YOUR way of thinking, Sardonicus, you’d have nothing to say to keep our interest! ☺
        Until I began visiting this site, my “Jew wisdom” was very limited. Likewise, rather encountering roses than thorns, I, like many others, choose to seek the best of a bad situation. It does not, necessarily, make me (or anyone else) a goddam “chump”. Quit brow-beating honest efforts. You belittle yourself.

      2. May be it is not so much lack of humility for admitting that they were wrong, as the difficulty to give up an illusion. Many people – me included – saw in Trump a kind of savior. To accept reality for some people is simply too much. They keep on hoping, hence inventing all kinds of far fetched rationalizations. For how long they will continue in this way, I don’t know.

      3. @ Gilbert Huntly

        I never called you a “chump”, Gilbert. I wouldn’t dream of it! Not just for being a Trump supporter. Heck, my own sister voted for Trump and I really do admire her and respect her intelligence. (As I respect the talent and intelligence I cannot help seeing in the Gilbert Huntly poems on this site).

        Nope, you’ve misunderstood me, Gilbert. Voting for Trump is not a crime, nor does it make you a ‘chump’. What makes you quite different from the “Three Chumps” I mentioned in my comment above is your character. Unlike them, you are not a self-important narcissist but a modest and reasonable guy who is ready to concede a point, to admit you are wrong when you are wrong, to bow with the wind and show flexibility. These are qualities the “Three Chumps” mentioned above lack. They are totally inflexible. All that matters to them is “keeping face”.

        Anyone can see you’re a reasonable guy and can have a civilized discussion with someone without insisting you are AWAYS right. You don’t sneer at other people who disagree with you and suggest they have lower intelligence. You don’t get angry with your critics and try to silence them by accusing them of “demonic possession”.

        All this I’ve had to put up with from one person on this site: LOBRO! And now he’s slunk off like a coward after giving me Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). If I knew where he was, I’d sue the son-of-a-gun!

        Anyway Gilbert, if I said anything to offend you, please accept my sincerest apologies.

      4. Great, Sard! I like and respect your genteel manner toward me – even though I AM somewhat an ignoramus compared to many, here. I learn a great deal from comments, here (even though some are quite haughty and angry). It’s colorful and entertaining. ☺

      5. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Yes, I think you could be right. Maybe it’s not so much lack of humility but the inability to give up one’s illusions. And yet, Franklin, don’t we grow wiser by undergoing the painful process of disillusionment? Consider, every divorce is based on disillusionment. You meet someone. You fall in love. You get to know that person. The scales fall from your eyes gradually. The rosy picture changes, as you realize you married a monster.

        Not admitting you married a monster, and sticking with the monster in the mistaken belief that the monster is an angel, could there be any greater folly?

        This happened to Stalin’s second wife, by the way. After years of living with Stalin, it suddenly dawned on her she had marred a monster. She either committed suicide or was strangled to death by Stalin, though the official story was that she had died a natural death. There are all sorts of different stories about this mysterious event and I guess we’ll never know the truth of the matter.

      6. @ Gilbert Huntly

        “I AM somewhat an ignoramus compared to many, here. I learn a great deal from comments…”

        Well, that makes two of us. I’d rather sit down to dinner and break bread with a pleasant ignoramus than be shouted at by an omniscient bully who tells me I am “demonically possessed” if I don’t agree with him! 🙂


        Alright, Sardonicus, I really didn’t want to do this but you can’t leave well enough alone, can you, when all I want is to just go my way and forget about all of you.
        You asked for it and I will serve it to you, however partially, due to respect for the privacy of others, I will only deal with what is already in public domain.
        After what you jabbered today in your sub-medicated state, I expected the site management to step in and put a stop to it, if for no other reason, in the spirit of being ON-TOPIC.
        But I guess, there are rules for some that don’t apply to others – it is their site and the rules can be made and broken on the fly, so be it.
        I will not discuss the merits of my views regarding Trump with your likes because we simply aren’t playing in the same league, as I intend to prove using your own words. But that is the subject of my next post, this one is a preamble.

        First, a little background on Lasha, Lucy and myself, for those unaware and a refresher for those who know, e.g., Homer (HP).

        Roughly 8-9 years ago, Darkmoon.me got its start in the aftermath of unfortunate events at an otherwise excellent site called Xymphora, where Lasha was known as Xanadu, Lucy as Lalara and Lobro as Lobro … Lobro has always been Lobro and will always remain Lobro.
        The young sisters came under severe fire from a bunch of stiff necked, stentorian, unbending misogynist posters, as well informed as they were intolerant of the girls’ playful antics, including switching various identities and such theatrics.
        And I, Lobro, defended them staunchly … got that, Sardonicus?
        Got that, sisters?
        Eventually, they were run off the site under never ending persecution, tarred and feathered and even I quit in protest and when DM was unveiled, run by Lasha and Lucy, I switched over, oh, in maybe 2010 or earlier.
        And … and?
        Look at it now, 7 years older and prematurely aged (in matters of ideology and dogma), the sisters have become just like their former tormentors, harsh, ossified, regimented, inflexible, … whereas I remained pretty much the same throughout … until driven over the edge by unrelenting savaging by the pack of hyenas, led by you, Sardonicus … of that, in the next post, if the administration lets it through.

        Ironic, isn’t it.
        Now the former victims, finding themselves in power, have become the persecutors and I, their former defender, a victim!
        Their victim.

        Well girls, you write whatever you want, I will read whatever I want, and no one, least of all you, Sardonicus can dictate to me which site to frequent.
        Not after you and half a dozen of your baying, frothing stablemates have shrieked at me to leave, Uncle Toby in particular “invited” me to beat it and post elsewhere, since the site picked up so many extraordinarily talented new contributors, he on at least one occasion was perfectly ready to give me the boot.

        When Lasha is able to close this ugly circle (now is at 180 degree perihelion) and become Xanadu again, I will still be Lobro and welcome her as such.
        Ask me if I am holding my breath.

      8. Sardonicus,
        Maybe Harold will agree with you, but, IMHO, “he was NOT a goddamn idiot for voting for the Orange Clown,” not when the alternative was SO much worse. I’m also disgusted with Trump, but would never take my vote back. If nothing else he is helping to expose the vile corruption upon which this increasingly sick society his built. For those who have seen “Network,” Trump is a present day Howard Beale – “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

        1. @ Folly

          I didn’t mean to suggest that Harold, whom I respect, “was a goddamn idiot for voting for Trump”. I expressed myself badly. What I meant to say was that Harold himself, with hindsight, would now think himself a “goddamn idiot” for trusting Trump in the first place. I wasn’t in any way being disrespectful to Harold. I was thinking that Harold would be saying something like this to himself: “Why the hell did I vote for that psychopath in the White House? I must have been a goddamn idiot even to consider it.”

          Yes, I know Trump was considered the lesser of two evils. But maybe Harold, if he had another chance, would now abstain from voting. I am myself a conscientious non-voter. Not out of apathy, but because by voting we make the mistake of legitimizing whoever gets elected.

          It’s a mistake to vote if the choice is between two equally evil psychopaths.

      9. @Folly,

        I think a lot of people voted for Trump as the “lesser” of two evils. It is a very sad fact that the “lesser evil” vs “greater evil” match-up has been typical in US elections for as long as I’ve been able to vote, and probably much longer. Either way, it’s still EVIL!

        Here are a few reminders about why Clinton lost, from social media poster AMC:

        I’m still trying to figure out how Hillary lost the election…

        Was it the Russian Uranium Deal?
        Was it Wikileaks?
        Was it Podesta?
        Was it Comey?
        Was it having a sexual predator as a husband?
        Was it Huma Abedin’s sexual predator husband Anthony Weiner?
        Was it because the Clinton Foundation ripped off Haiti?
        Was it subpoena violations?
        Was it the congressional testimony lies?
        Was it the corrupt Clinton Foundation?
        Was it the Benghazi butchering?
        Was it pay for play?
        Was it being recorded laughing because she got a child rapist off when she was an attorney?
        Was it the Travel Gate scandal?
        Was it the Whitewater scandal?
        Was it the Cattle Gate scandal?
        Was it the Trooper-Gate scandal?
        Was it the $15 million for Chelsea’s apartment bought with foundation money?
        Was it her husband’s interference with Loretta Lynch & the investigation? Was it her having debate questions stolen & given to her?
        Was it her own secret server in her house?
        Was it the deleting 30,000 emails?
        Was it having cell phones destroyed with hammers?
        Was it the Vince Foster murder?
        Was it the Gennifer Flowers assault & settlement?
        Was it the $800,000 Paula Jones settlement?
        Was it calling half the United States deplorable?
        Was it the underhanded treatment of Bernie Sanders?
        Was it the Seth Rich murder?
        Was it the Uranium One deal?
        Was it Bill’s impeachment?
        Was it Scalia?
        Was it the extensive body count?
        Was it the lie about being under sniper fire in Bosnia?
        Was it the $10 million she took for the pardon of Marc Rich?
        Was it the $6 BILLION she “lost” when in charge of the State Dept.?
        Or was it because she is a hateful, lying, power-hungry, overly ambitious, greedy, nasty person?
        Gee I just can’t seem to put my finger on it


      10. Both David Duke and Mark Glenn are wrong about the 6 D chess play of Drumpf. Maybe they have changed side and work for the jews. It’s not impossible.

    3. @ Mark

      One thing is certain, regardless of where the American embassy is located in Israel, nothing is going to change for the Palestinians, the ones suffering the most at the hands of the Israel.

      Another certain thing is that the Mid-East is not the same as it was before Trump. Alliances are changing.

      What Duke and Glenn are saying should not be completely ignored because they could very well be ingredients in the pie. Only time will tell how the pie turns out.

    4. To assume that Trumps Jerusalem “decision” was made without it being in total compliance with Zionist wishes is an act of abject naievity. Trumps unpredictable seemingly reckless executive “decisions” are a consequence of instant non questioning response to the orders of his Zionist puppet masters. Think on lad.

  9. By focusing everyone’s mind on the “money lenders” and their gold and silver and shiny coins, the (((arrangers of reality))) have taken people’s awareness away from a giant slice of the truth of why Jesus whipped and cursed them. A very inconvenient slice..

    Srila Prabhuda: “I have read one book, Lord Jesus Christ, when he was a young boy he was very much shocked when he saw that animal-killing is going on in the synagogue. Therefore he differentiated from the Jews and he started his own religion, Christian religion. Is it not a fact? Am I right? Why… He was also a Jew. Why he deviated? Why he deviated from the Jews? Because when he saw in his young age that animals are being killed in the synagogue, he differed, “No, no, this is horrible. This should be stopped.” Therefore, his first commandment is “Thou shall not kill.” Am I wrong or right? Eh? That was his first impression, that people should stop killing. So who is Christian? Everyone is violating this first commandment, what to speak of other commandments. Everyone. So it is very difficult to find a real Christian.”

    “So Lord Buddha’s philosophy is like that. The atheistic people, they are against God. “Yes, there is no God. But you take this philosophy, ahiṁsā. [non violence] Don’t kill animals.” That means if they stop animal-killing, then one day they will be able to understand what is God. Some day. Because so long one is accustomed to kill animals, he will never be able to understand what is God. That is Buddha philosophy.”

      1. Nature is a continuous struggle of all-against-all. Killing and death is an integral part of it.

      2. “Nature is a continuous struggle of all-against-all. Killing and death is an integral part of it.”

        So in your view “might makes right”, thus there’s nothing inherently wrong with the jews’ genocidal ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, for example?

      3. I said “nature” not “history”. The former refers to animals, the latter to humans. But humans fight and kill too, in fact most of human history is a story of wars. Humans can however try to transcend aggression, animals can’t.

      4. “I said ‘nature’ not ‘history’. The former refers to animals, the latter to humans.”

        But you were responding to HP and/or Brownhawk, neither of which tried to make such a distinction.

        Anyway, so in your view humans are not part of “nature”?

        (Merriam-Webster) Definition of history:
        plural histories
        1 : tale, story
        2 a : a chronological record of significant events (such as those affecting a nation or institution) often including an explanation of their causes

      5. True Franklin. But what does that say about the integrity of “nature”?

        Perhaps that it HAS no integrity?

        More on this later

    1. “That means if they stop animal-killing, then one day they will be able to understand what is God. Some day. Because so long one is accustomed to kill animals, he will never be able to understand what is God. That is Buddha philosophy.”

      I agree with this 100%. (And this seems to comport with the views of Leo Tolstoy).

      1. If animal killing is stopped must we all become vegetarians? If not for human carnivores eating animals; pigs, cows, and chickens would run wild, have no economic value, and would have to be slaughtered en masse with their carcasses burned in huge pits, for who would be left to feed them. The remaining few could be put in zoos as curiosity items so parents could tell their children of how barbaric their ancestors were. This does not, of course, apply to barbaric kosher slaughter, which vegetarian Hitler, an animal lover himself, banned when Germany had men with balls.
        While on the subject, another disgusting Jew ritual, which they have tricked US Christians into accepting with gusto, is male genital mutilation. But that’s a story for another time. Hitler also banned that, with Jews given an exemption.

      2. “If animal killing is stopped must we all become vegetarians?”

        Well there are lots of us already; especially in India.


        “If not for human carnivores eating animals; pigs, cows, and chickens would run wild, have no economic value, and would have to be slaughtered en masse with their carcasses burned in huge pits, for who would be left to feed them.”

        And if we were to stop all the militarism, wars and imperial interventions all over the world, what would we do with all the people who work on the assembly line making bombs and missiles at Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, etc.? How would they survive? And what would we do with all the people in the U.S. military? They’d all have to slaughtered en masse with their carcasses burned in huge pits, for who would be there to give them the jobs they need?

        Okay I’m being facetious…but in both cases I would say, no; we’d find a solution. In the first place a mass conversion to vegetarianism/veganism would likely not happen all at once. But for the sake of argument let’s say it did. Such a mass conversion would presumably be the result of a mass “spiritual awakening”, and a part of that awakening would also involve a mass repudiation of materialism, so there would also theoretically be an increased availability of donor funding to support the creation of new animal sanctuaries and the expansion of existing sanctuaries (there is one in my neck of the woods that I support financially when I can).

        In my experience, being vegetarian/vegan is not all that hard once you get used to it. As an extra benefit, I believe that if it’s done properly it will generally increase a person’s healthy life span.

    2. @ HP

      Just for the record, the Commandments according to Jesus concerned mankind’s relations with God and his fellowman, not animals.

      The First Commandment according to Jesus is, Mark 12:30 -“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.”

      The Second Commandment according to Jesus is, Mark 12:31 “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

      The Fourth Commandment, concerning killing, according to Jesus is, Matthew 5:21-22 & 19:18 – “Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment: But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.”

      There is no Commandment according to Jesus concerning animals.

      1. “Just for the record, the Commandments according to Jesus concerned mankind’s relations with God and his fellowman, not animals.

        The First Commandment according to Jesus is, Mark 12:30 -‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.'”

        But what is “God”? Among other things, “God” is “goodness”; “God” is “love”; “God” is “truth”, etc. To love God means to seek all these things. It’s not a matter to be taken lightly; It’s not a matter of going through motions, e.g., going to church; it’s not mouthing words; it’s not pedantry; it’s not a prudent person trying to cover all the bases just in case there’s some kind of an “afterlife”. Rather, it’s something you do “WITH ALL [YOUR] HEART”; in other words, it’s a generally life-changing spiritual quest for which there is no satisfactory “worldly” explanation.

        Of course this is just my opinion. And while I’m at it, it’s my further opinion that once a person reaches a higher spiritual plane (for many if not most people at least) a love and appreciation of animals comes naturally. It’s all part of the same package deal.

        “The Second Commandment according to Jesus is, Mark 12:31 ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.'”

        I see the animals in my backyard as my neighbors. Animals are sentient creatures created by God; they feel pain; they have needs; they show affection; they grieve; they have families; etc.

        Whence comes my superior right to exist? If I can convince myself that I have a superior right to exist, then I can exploit and kill animals. If the jews convince themselves that they have a superior right to exist, then they can exploit, torture and kill any other creature, especially the lowly goyim.

        I think Leo Tolstoy must have thinking along these lines when he said: “As long as there are slaughter houses there will always be battlefields.”

        Finally don’t forget Proverbs 12:10:

        “A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”

        This is an implicit acknowledgement of animal sentience, IMO; in other words, animals are not just “things” to be ruthlessly exploited.

      2. Well said, Harold. I can more easily understand why some people are cruel to each other than those who are cruel to animals.

      3. I too am with hp, Harold, and Tolstoy. And to further this general mindset, allow me to offer a perception of things that “trumps” (pardon the pun) all of our thinking because it is based on our saturated familiarity with this world as it is presently constituted.

        Most people are unaware of how their rationalizations mislead them by attributing certain experiences to that which is responsible for our very existence when they AREN’T.

        I can hear it now, “but Brownhawk, only the body dies, the soul lives on.”

        Brownhawk” I agree. But why do we have the kind of bodies that die in the FIRST place?”

        Other: ….crickets…..shrugs

        Brownhawk: “Could it be that this indicates the intention of ‘that which is responsible for Existence’ was waylayed, and this resulted in a mortal state?”

        Other: “How can God be ‘waylayed’, Brownhawk?”

        Brownhawk: “What is this ‘God’ you speak of?”

        Other:” The one God, of course.”

        Brownhawk: “Oh, the one they call Yahweh?”

        Other: “He goes by many names. ‘God’ will suffice.”

        Brownhawk: “You mean ‘god’, lower case ‘g’, an imposter.

        Other: “I do?”

        Brownhawk: “You do”

        Yahweh: “Brownhawk is right. Through my agents your souls were snatched, and then cloaked (encapsulated) in mortal bodies with all the ramifications of that. Namely – the giant combine called the “cycle of life and death”, perpetuated by a system of reincarnation that I lord over. Call me ‘the great harvester’. How’s that grab ya?….pardon the pun.”

    3. HP,
      How are we going to stop killing? We must eat. Even most Buddhists eat meat. Chinese Buddhists love pork and chicken though beef isnt popular. Elsewere in the Buddhist World, any meat will do. While living in Thai Buddhist temples in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I even enjoyed rat, bat and snake……all very delicioso.

      1. Donaldo, it’s certainly not for everyone, this I know.
        I could go into a big spiritual spiel with links included, but I just don’t feel up to it.
        I’ll only say, If a billion people are doing it, it can’t be that difficult, exceptions aside.

        Not to mention all the many doomsday scenarios extant these days. Promoted even. So when the going gets tough, the tough get lunch!

      2. There are supposedly about 500 million vegetarians in India, so that proves it’s possible to survive without meat.


        I think in this day and age it should be easier than ever to be vegetarian, because lots of grocery stores are now carrying all kinds of tofu-based products, microwaveable Asian noodle dishes, Indian meals (e.g., Channa Masala, Punjab Eggplant, etc.).


  10. Does anyone know which companies have been building Israel? All I have found is that the Rothschilds have built the Knesset and few other official buildings, and just some guessing that Adelson and rich Chabad followers are involved.

    1. Snez –

      Almost every company in the US and many from other countries have been building there in this century and the previous one. But before that….

      Russia has been building in Israel and Jerusalem since the 19th century.

      The Russian Compound is one of the oldest districts in central Jerusalem, featuring a large Russian Orthodox church and several former pilgrim hostels, some of which are used as Israeli government buildings and for the Museum of Underground Prisoners.

      The compound was built between 1860 and 1890, with the addition in 1903 of the Nikolai Pilgrims Hospice. That hospice was one of the first structures to be built outside the Old City of Jerusalem, the others being Kerem Avraham, the Schneller Orphanage, Bishop Gobat school and the Mishkenot Sha’ananim.

      The Russian Compound covers 68 dunams – 68,000 m² or roughly 17 acres – between Jaffa Road, Shivtei Israel Street, and the Street of the Prophets. It is a freely accessible central-town district.

      In October 2008 the Israeli government agreed to transfer ownership to the Russian government Sergei’s Courtyard

  11. It’s possible I read it here, but I think I found a comment on a youtube video that was very interesting regarding this move by Trump. The idea expressed was this was the first move directed by Bibi that Trump must do in order for the U.S. and Israel to abandon the U.N. Once this is done those pesky resolutions against Israel will really have zero weight. Not that they are acknowledged in any ways currently. Or maybe the U.S. stays, but Israel finds reason to leave crying that the U.N. will not allow for their own self-determination.

    1. The US leave the UN and lose cover for its exceptional. Worldwide humanitarian military actions. Yeah.

  12. It seems that at least 60 companies, mainly American and British, are involved in taking over Palestine, and they call it “peace initiative” – so, Trump has just repeated what those companies say. Companies supporting the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Land:
    ‘…LOCKHEED MARTIN (NYSE:LMT) is the single biggest overseas supplier for the Israeli armaments industry…’

    Mifram is the main Israeli construction company.
    ‘Mifram has a history of successful collaboration and cooperation with some of the largest Israeli and multi-national companies in the world. Companies such as KBR, Bechtel, Durr, Motorola, Raphael, IAI, IMA, Amadics, Pepsico, Nestle, Elbit, Tnuva, McDonalds, major Israeli banks and more. Mifram has also worked for many governmental and military agencies both in Israel and abroad including the IDF and Israel’s Ministry of Defense, the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corp, the State department, French Customs and Excise, the Japanese Army, the United Nations and many national intelligence agencies.’


    1. The “startup nation”:
      Why U.S. Companies Are Drooling Over Israel’s Amazing Startup Scene
      JULIE BORT APR 26, 2013, 12:57 AM
      ‘There are at least two dozen accelerator programs in the Tel Aviv area, including some run by Microsoft and Google. It seems like every U.S. VC has at least one Israeli startup in its portfolio. Some even have full offices here, like Battery Ventures, Benchmark, Bessemer, Sequoia, according to the Mapped In Israel startup map. With 4,800 startups in the country today, Israel is known as the “startup nation.” That’s more startups per capita than any other country, and No. 2 in actual numbers after the United States (not counting those who claim the tax shelter Cayman Islands as their home).’

      Companies in Israel:

    2. Snez –

      100% ON POINT..!!

      Here is why they build there…. NO TARIFFS… 🙂

      Since the Reagan Administration, loaded with Pharisee-Jew Bankers, Israeli goods enter the commerce of the United States duty free.

      Israel Free Trade Agreement (ILFTA):
      [-U.S. Customs and Border Protection-]

      The Israel Free Trade Area Agreement (ILFTA) went into effect on September 1, 1985 and has included Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZs) since 1996. The QIZs, although originally limited to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, were subsequently expanded to include parts of Egypt and Jordan.



      Israel FTA

      Tariffs and regulations

      Tariffs and duty rates are constantly revised and are subject to change without notice. Austrade strongly recommends you reconfirm these prior to selling to Israel. For further information, visit the Israeli Department of Customs and VAT.

      Tariffs and non-tariff barriers

      Israel uses the customs valuation principles of the World Trade Organization code. In most cases, the basis for valuation is the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) price. Import tariffs are based on the Harmonised System, with separate listings for countries with Free Trade Agreements with Israel and for the general rate of other countries. The general rate is applied to imports from Australia which does not have an FTA with Israel.

      In addition to its general agreement on tariffs and trade (GATT) multilateral trade commitments, Israel has free trade agreements with many countries and trade blocks including:
      European Union
      European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries
      United States
      MERCOSUR block
      Panama (under negotiations).

      There are also special economic zone agreements with Jordan and Egypt.
      Import tariff information is available online at Israeli Department of Customs and VAT.

  13. @ Sardonicus, i consider your reaction strange. Did you read the book? Did you
    Investigate the turkish writer? What’s your interest for considering Erdogan not jewish? Erdogan is just talk, traded oil with Isis, has many trade interests with israhell etc.

    1. I’ve nothing against you or your excellent comments, Lisa. Consider yourself my friend. I just don’t think we should believe everything we read in a book, especially if that book is considered defamatory.

      How would you like it if some Turkish journalist wrote a book about you and said, “Lisa is a Jew! And she is a dangerous assassin working for Mossad!”

      You wouldn’t like that, would you? You’d want that guy put in prison, right? For lying about you and making you look bad.

      So cut Erdogan some slack, will ya? Maybe that Turkish journalist hurt his feelings by telling wicked lies about him. What we need is more EVIDENCE, Lisa. Like a birth certificate. Like many witnesses coming forward and substantiating the story that Erdogan is a Jew.

      Lots of people have been called “Jews” who are NOT Jews, so we need to be very careful before we start making wild accusations. For example, Stalin and Angela Merkel have both been called “Jews”.
      But neither of them were Jews.

      These are false reports only believed by internet ignoramuses.

    2. Lisa,
      Who cares if Erdogan is Jewish or not? Whats relevant is his criminality not his ethnic identity. Despite his sponsoring terrorism against the Syrian gov. ,hes still a free man and above the law. It doesnt matter if he stuffs his ugly face with Halal meat kebob or kosher dill pickles. Hes an arch-criminal. Thats the issue.

  14. Some remarks :

    1) I don’t think Trump is playing a 4D chess game with this move. He is far too stupid for that. See how he blundered with his retweeting videos of dubious origin. The man is not super intelligent, he is stupid. In this case he followed orders from Netanyahu, whispered in his ear by son-in-law Jared Kushner.

    2) As for mass demonstrations all over the world, the Jews simply don’t care about world opinion. They attacked Gaza several times and committed atrocious crimes (white phosphorus !), the whole world protested but they didn’t care.

    3) Moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to West Jerusalem is a move from Israel to Israel and not a move from Israel to Palestine, thus acknowledging the annexation of a part of it. The whole world’s hysteria is therefore about nothing.

    1. 1) I would not exclude the paradox that the stupidity may help bring this stupid jewish state to an end. And as my old teacher said: If it’s stupid and works, it ain’t stupid.
      2) It seems to create an uproar, yes. So Trump has activated the anti jewish sentiments around the world as no one has done in a long time?
      3) Agreed. As most world’s hysteria is.
      A lot of his actions seems to be double sworded. He is a hard president to read.
      But appreciate your comments.

      1. “A lot of his actions seems to be double sworded. He is a hard president to read.”

        Is Trump the biblical figure Cyrus? There seems to be a lot of bible prophecy types claiming this. A year and a half ago people were talking about Trump’s recent interventions in Jerusalem, as reborn King Cyrus. Is this a ploy to win over the fundies in the US?
        Starts .24secs

  15. So what was wrong with the old embassy in Tel Aviv? Leaky roof? Bad plumbing?

    The timing of the move seems like an attempt to divert attention from the prosecution of Mr. Netanyahu for corruption. Thousands of Israelis have taken to the streets regarding this issue in recent weeks.

    Many people don’t understand or don’t wish to understand the spiritual symbolic aspects of the move. Jerusalem was established as an International city by the United Nations which Israel agreed to – no symbolism here, but a basic starting point; Israel has clearly violated their obligation. The spiritual significance is harder to understand for some Westerners. Scofield Bible believers (believers of Scofield that is) think this will somehow usher in the second coming, not bothering to examine many aspects, the timing and Mr. Netanyahu’s legal jeopardy first and foremost.

    Westerners don’t see from other perspectives. Western leaders are comfortably fed, housed, educated (somewhat) and most don’t attempt very much in the way of spiritual discovery. In short, they don’t like to rock the boat. Hindus and Muslims have a vastly different perspective – their leaders can’t escape the reality of the over populated squalor, the disease, the grimmer aspects of life which drive many to seek help from spiritual traditions, and if they are lucky, from living Saints. They know assistance from government is scarce indeed, even from the better elements, the means are relatively scarce. In this respect, symbols can mean a great deal.

    Spirituality is thus a driving force, wrongly characterized in a broad sense as “Hysteria”. However, in practical terms, what does the “Mission Creep” of wholesale murder, corruption, and theft by the Israeli government portend? A better future for over a million Arab citizens of Israel? Peaceful relations for the Jewish citizens with their neighbors?

    It is plainly evident that the answer is no. That the embassy move legitimizes a corrupt leader and the continuing wholesale theft. If you examine Israeli leadership, underneath the chutzpah you might notice that most have less self esteem than a pimp from Marseille. They constantly need to perform acts of hostility to prove themselves, and externalize and impose their own ugly internal problems on something or someone external.

    Macron of France has shown that France, after the USA, is the primary diseased career criminal after by the reception given to Mr. Netanyahu. Mr. Abbas has not resigned, and has been summoned to Arabia for probable hostile discussions over the rapprochement between Hamas and Fatah. Arabia is the dirty festering arch traitor of Islam of the Arab world, though all that can change by renouncing Zionism and ceasing to fund destabilization of Arab and Islamic countries.

    Other leaders will reveal their true colors by how they deal with this crisis. In a real sense, this is where the line is drawn. The Zionist variety should join the late Mr. Saleh of Yemen.

    Donald Trump, who is said to watch 8 hours of television daily, has proven that the Zionists hijacked and perverted the Populist movement in the USA, and was chosen for this task – to make Israel great again.

    1. If even as president Trump watches TV 8 (eight !) hours a day, that is a sure sign that he is a moron. For entertainment TV offers only degeneration, and for news only fake news (thanks to our “chosen” comrades). If he would spend only 2 hours a day on good alternative websites like this one, he would be better informed than all his “advisers” (also of the “chosen” persuasion) combined.

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        That conjures up quite a picture, Franklin! What a hoot. Trump spending a couple of hours a day on the Darkmoon site trying to get clued up how to run America! 🙂

        And guess what? He decides the best poster on the site is TROJ, so he invites TROJ over to the White House to be his Senior Adviser. TROJ accepts the job at once and the rest is, um, history. 🙂

        1. I would like to think I would make a pretty good presidential advisor. I know at least Madame Butterfly would think I make a great presidential advisor, for my first bit of advice to Trump would be to use the legal power of his office to force by any and ALL means, FORCE Big Pharma to compensate Madame Butterfly for her lost Hollywood career as a glamour girl due to her being totally victimized by Big Pharma’s opioid war against the American public.

          Ever since Big Pharma turned her into an opioid victim, she lost any chance she had of being a sTaR, resulting in a great loss of potential tens and tens of millions of dollars, Madame being TOO stoned to be of any use to the entertainment industry.

          The LAST thing Hollywood needs is yet another Valley of the Dolls girl. The whole “Valley of the Dolls” thing, that’s played-out, wouldn’t you say?

          1. Normally, I would advise Trump to deport Señor Colina, but today being the Catholic Feast day of Our Lady of Gaudalupe, Our Lady of Mexico, Blessed Holy Mother of Mexico, I take Mercy on the wetback and I pray that Colina sees the Light and changes his ways.

            This Mexican has opinions about EVERYTHING! Everything EXCEPT the Cristeros War against Mexico’s Catholics.

            All-of-a-sudden, The Mexican is as quiet as a mouse and NO longer has a BIG mouth but is as quiet as a little mouse. Here at “Catholic inspired” Darkmoon, Raging TORO turns into a little quiet mouse when it comes to issues in Mexico concerning Wars in Mexico AGAINST the sincere and devout Mexican Catholics — Silencio es igual a consentimiento, that’s what I say.

      2. Franklin and Sister Monica

        Quotations for the Day (from Donald J. Trump, with G. W. Bush bonus)

        “There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey where you have a large Arab population, they were cheering as the World Trade Center came down.” – Donald J. Trump

        “In life you have to rely on the past, and that’s called history.” -Donald Trump on “Celebrity Apprentice”

        “I glance at the headlines just to get a flavor for what’s moving. I rarely read the stories, and get briefed by people who probably read the news themselves.” -George W. Bush, Washington D.C., September 21, 2003

        We really need Civil Service Exams at all levels of Government, along with meticulous ethics vetting. But I’d settle for an hour of Darkmoon, hopefully it wouldn’t interfere with the TV schedule.

        “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and people, and neither do we.” -George W. Bush, Washington D.C., August 5, 2004

        1. @ Winston
          @ Et al

          “We really need Civil Service Exams at all levels of Government, along with meticulous ethics vetting. But I’d settle for an hour of Darkmoon, hopefully it wouldn’t interfere with the TV schedule.”

          I am deeply impressed at the intellectual caliber of the comments on this site and wish to thank all posters for their high-quality input. I can honestly say I have learned more from some of the comments here than I have from the articles. What surprised me in particular was Franklin Ryckaert’s recent revelation that Trump spent at least eight hours a day watching television. No wonder we’re in such a mess!

          I myself make a point of avoiding TV altogether if I can, except when I am forced to watch it as a guest in someone else’s house. Though I have to admit some documentaries are splendid exceptions — like David Attenborough’s nature programs (e.g. “Blue Planet”, which is about undersea life in the deepest oceans).

          George W. Bush’s comment, quoted above by Winston, is of great interest and tells us something about the mindscape of our leaders: “I glance at the headlines just to get a flavor for what’s moving. I rarely read the stories, and get briefed by people who probably [ !!! ] read the news themselves.”

          A fascinating insight into how things are run, when most of the whisperers in the king’s ear happen to be Jewish. It seems Kushner whispers in Trump’s ear, and Netanyahu whispers in Kushner’s ear. So tell me, who whispers in Netanyahu’s ear? A subject for endless discussion! 🙂

  16. @ franklin, the jewish chameleon, I received your childish and vindictive comment (jewish atavistic behaviour), just more proof that you must be a jew even if you pretend to be on this site being “factual, reasonable, bla, bla bla “. Greetings to Tel Aviv or maybe jerusalem, the stolen city.

    1. On second thoughts dear Lisa, I now think you can’t be Jewish because you can’t even recognize a little joke as such (“Lisa is a Jewish name. How suspicious !”) for which you must have a slightly higher-than-average IQ.

      But seriously, it is not the first time I am accused of being a Jew. That is because for me truth and reality is more important than partisanship. Thus if something is positive for Jews and negative for enemies of the Jews, I will still say it even if that arouses suspicion of the usual crowd.

      That is what is called an “independent thinker” !

      1. All beautiful words, ‘ indipendent thinker’, but for me you are just a hidden jewish chameleon just confusing/meddling the situation with ‘ facts and being reasonable, bla, bla, bla’. That ‘s my opinion about FR and it renains that way.

      2. Yeah I have been accused of having ancestral acquaintance with the river Volga for simply mentioning tha the current illegal incumbents of Palestine enjoy the worlds highest “national” average IQ of 111 ( curiosity invoking number that )

    2. Sister Monica,
      Let Donald invite “the other” Donald”o” into the Casa Blanca as his senior advisor and the Palestinian problem wont exist in 2 years. Lets push pussy-boy Kushner out of the picture. Hes got no teeth. I cant understand why the Israeli gov. has been puss-footing for 69 years. This business should have been finished decades ago. Supposedly international Zionism is so powerful , but evidently not. Whats the problem? I dont know. But I suppose theres a larger much deeper agenda at play. Its more profound than “Israel” or the “Jewish” people. After all, the “Jew” is just a pawn in the game just like the “Goy.” Lucifer knows no love and is more than ready to sacrifice his own “children” as well as the rest of humanity.

  17. ADMIN, nice flashbacks.
    I clicked only one link (demonic-jews) and that was all it took!
    Especially enjoyed Melvin and Joe chatting.
    Who says learning isn’t fun! (lol)

  18. @ Hp

    Melvin admits to being a Jew here. (“Of the Ashkenazi tribe”). And as for Joe, he has always been Melvin’s most devoted follower on this site, repeatedly scolding us for banning Melvin because of his constant salaciousness and anecdotal obscenities. Which is what makes me suspect that Joe could be of being a Jew himself.

    Joe is a retired guy who lives in Florida, and we all know Florida is a great big colony for retired Jews, especially around Miami. I wouldn’t be surprised t learn that Joe is an out-patient in some mental institution here in sunny Florida. Don’t judge him on his published posts. It’s his unpublished posts that tell the REAL story! 🙂

  19. I guess uncle doesn’t like it when we have fun while learning, he sent Mel off to prison camp, and uncle sent me to prison camp. Don’t have fun while learning please, WE’RE “Jew-Wise” and “Anti-Jew” and WE are serious!

    I miss chatting with Mel. We’re in the same prison camp, but we are both in solitary confinement, so we don’t get a chance to chat and to have fun learning from one another. uncle is like a puritan. Puritans didn’t have any fun and they didn’t want anyone else to have any fun either. Everyone is to be humorless and morose, otherwise uncle gets jealous somebody is having fun and he’s not. It’s Mel’s fault and it’s my fault uncle doesn’t have a sense of humor.

  20. The readers can’t judge me by my unpublished posts, uncle, because they’re NOT featured, because you CENSOR so many of my posts, so nobody can judge me by my posts they NEVER get a chance to read, dummy.

    1. What madhouse are you living in, Joe? You want me to feature your longwinded OFF-TOPIC “poems” on a serious political website? Do our readers come here to read badly written free verse pornographic “poems” featuring dildos being thrust up “sweaty twats” and stallions having it off with women in stables in the dead of night? Whew, you take the biscuit! What have they diagnosed you with? Is it schizophrenia? What medication are you on? Trust me, I’ll keep it confidential.

      1. I don’t know what medication Joe is on, but from time to time he makes a very astute comment. Such as lately that the US is in Afghanistan not only for “pipelines and opium”, but also as a means to encircle Iran (for the sake of Israel). I hadn’t figured that out myself, but I think he is right. I think at such moments Joe has just had his medicine which allows him to think clearly. As the day progresses and his medicine loses effect, he writes his usual messed-up comments or “poems”.

      1. The biggest single financial and military commitment of America is Afghanistan. The Zionists would never allow this level of resource expenditure unless it was in their interests . Think on lad.

      2. The opium business was started by the Dutch and British royalties, then Zionists joined in, and now all western governments, even the Vatican, are in it too.

  21. Great pic with Jesus, whip in hand, driving the Jewish moneychangers and the puppet president out of the temple. Jesus is demonstrating what should be done to all filthy Jews and their Goyim lackeys.
    I thought we weren’t supposed to enter commenters’ names! But everything over the last week has been names galore.
    It is sad that Joe lives in a mental institution. But he must be encouraged to keep on his medications.
    Never read anything from this lunatic Mel fellow, but he sounds like he is a fellow patient and a mate of Joes.
    Such heavily handicapped people can have great moments of lucidity, but we must remember that, when all is said and done, they are quite insane.
    Satanic Jews are also insane and many have lived in mental institutions.
    Instead of electric shock treatment and partial lobotomies, I would encourage more whipping.
    Joe could be soIidly whipped and given remedial sex lessons.

    1. Max –

      TROJ is the recipient of regular hose-downs at Chattahoochee. These sessions are quite enough to “re-adjust” his attitude and disposition. (I surmise that you, too, have been hosed-down…for “adjustment”…)
      (It IS AMAZING how a little brutality can make a great improvement!) 😉

  22. Eric Margolis provides some insight into possible reasons for Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel in this article at Unz.

    Here are the concluding paragraphs of the article, which is short enough to read in two or three minutes.

    America’s Christian far right, which comprises half of Republican voters, earnestly believes in Biblical prophesy that the Messiah cannot come until ancient Israel is reconstituted, the world’s Jews are ingathered to Greater Israel, the Messiah returns and non-believers perish in the final destruction of earth.

    These folk are ardent ‘Christian Zionists’ who applaud Trump’s policies. Most of their information about the outside comes from Christian evangelical publications and TV stations or, in the case of Trump, from Fox TV, another dedicated supporter of Greater Israel.

    The Christian evangelists are the core of Trump’s support in rural and suburban America. In fact, as Kevin Phillips wrote in his brilliant book “American Theocracy,” the Republicans have mostly become a rightwing religious party representing the less enlightened parts of America. These fundamentalists must be very pleased that their good president Trump is speeding the arrival of the Messiah.

    I should make it clear that sharing the link doesn’t necessarily mean that I share or endorse all the views in this article. However, the article does represent a not uncommon point of view.

    1. Here are a couple more articles with which I do not necessarily fully agree, but are interesting nonetheless. They are both from PCR. The first concerns a threat from Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp Brigadier General Haj Qassem Soleimani, who “sent a verbal letter, via Russia, to the head of the US forces commander in Syria, advising him to pull out all US forces to the last soldier ‘or the doors of hell will open up.’”: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/12/11/syria-isis-defeated-u-s-next-line/

      The second is a longer article about changes in Western culture, which PCR leads into with a report on a recent social media post in which police in the UK advised party goers to get consent before kissing under the mistletoe, or risk accusations / charges of RAPE! https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/12/11/triumph-feminism-police-say-mistletoe-kiss-without-consent-rape/

      I would guess that most US based DM readers grew up in environments not so different from that which PCR fondly remembers, as do I. But modern Western culture is very different indeed, and people now risk going to jail for doing things that almost all parents and children did forty or fifty years ago.

      Yep, it’s a “Brave New World” out there, but is it the future we and our (your, I never had kids) children really want?

      1. Carn –

        “people now risk going to jail for doing things that almost all parents and children did forty or fifty years ago.”

        Yep…. Here is what parents and children did:

        Parents slapped children for talking back…. and parents yanked a knot in their kid’s arm for being less than obedient in public.

        Today they send them off to be tattooed… 🙂

      2. Yep, Pat, today’s parents will hand their kids the money to get tattooed, and pierced for a nose ring (or other unmentionable locations). A “short, sharp shock” did many of us a world of good, as I recall. Now we get sassed by six year olds, while the parents look on with a beaming smile.

      3. Hi Carn,
        Hi Pat,

        OTOH, there is a happy median somewhere re: raising children. I hope you old fogeys aren’t believers in “spare the rod and spoil the child.” Personally, I agree with the non-aggression principle. You don’t go around hitting adults if you want to stay out of jail. Likewise, you should also not go around hitting your children (I did have two and didn’t hit them). As Dr. Karl Menninger said: “What we do to our children they will do to society.” Traumatized children may one day become serial killers – and if they join the military they can volunteer for combat and do it legally.
        BTW, Carn, thanks for posting those three terrific articles.

      4. @FoW,

        LOL, yes, I guess I’d qualify as an “old fogey”. I don’t believe in “spare the rod…”, but I do think that with young children (3-7 or so), one slap (open hand) to the butt gets a level of attention that an hour of well reasoned argument(s) can’t. My parents never hit me, hair pulling was more their style, but when I was sent off to boarding school in England my Dad made sure to tell the Headmaster(s) that “six of the best” would meet with his approval. I was caned, slippered and shoed for disporting myself while at school, but I’m against war, and generally against the use of force or violence except in response to force / violence.

      5. LOL, those rare moments when the little kids sass me, I just tell them the truth —
        “Kid, when we were your age, Pat and I were smoking Camel cigarettes”
        It normally stops them right in their tracks. The older kids already know better. (lol)

  23. Jordan’s King is at a crossroads , he Will be forced to take a side, he has Alsaud Israel US interest’s pushing Jordan to except the Zionist plan for Palestine, IE , an enlarged Gaza ( taking in part of Sinai ) and small pockets of the west bank , bordering Jordan, with Jerusalem completely absorbed by the Zionist entity, these interest’s currently hold sway,
    However, his people are close to revolution over Jerusalem, and Turkey Qatar and Iran are offering the king a choice, stand up to the Zionist, or , the Resistance shall assist the people of Jordan to choose a leadership that Respect’s Their views.

  24. Trump is a genius. He embraces Israhell for the moment and by moving the embassy to Jerusalem provokes the Arabs to solve his big problems with Israhell. It’s a strategic game my friends. Stop being shortsighted.

    1. I believe that that is possible, Don. But that would mean that Bibi the Big Bully is stupid for demanding it. Bibi is surely evil, but he’s not stupid, or he couldn’t have stayed in power all these years.

      1. Folly –

        I was told the other day that “Bibi” is a graduate of MIT, and has an IQ of 170.

    2. @ DonQuijotte

      How do you know that the jews aren’t desperate, and that Trump isn’t their puppet president of last resort? How do know that Trump isn’t trying to start a war to rescue the stalled jewish agenda in the Mideast? How do you know that Trump isn’t trying to create such a chaotic atmosphere as to make a false-flag attack somewhere seem “legitimate”? How do you know that Trump isn’t trying to provoke the Palestinians into doing something that will give the jews an excuse to escalate their genocidal ethnic cleansing?

      But let’s say for the sake of argument that Trump really is a genius, calculatingly working against the jews right under their very (hook) noses. Then what about Obama? After all, it was on Obama’s watch that the U.S. government started involving itself in the hopeless adventure in Syria. It was on Obama’s watch that Russia, Iran and Hezbollah came to the aid of Syria and turned the tide of the war against the terrorist mercenaries. By claiming to be fighting ISIS, Obama brilliantly gave Putin an excuse to call the bluff and intervene. In retrospect, it was a masterstroke of geopolitical genius by Obama. And now look what happened: Assad is more firmly in power and more popular than ever before; the Syrian Army is battle hardened and much tougher than before; Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are now in Syria; Russia got to test out its new weapon systems in combat; the U.S. lost face; and the jew agenda in Syria is trashed. So in a sense the wily Obama was an even more brilliant anti-jew strategist than Trump, right?

      1. Well, to his credit, Obama hated Bibi. I’ve read that he could not stand to be in the same room with him. On the negative side, Barack also hated Putin – for outsmarting him regarding that false flag chemical attack near Damascus, then gently rubbing his nose in it. To his credit, Trump has not shown the same hatred toward Vlad – in fact, they seem to be getting along quite well. If only the Deep State had given Trump a chance to make friends. Sigh!

      2. “Well, to his credit, Obama hated Bibi. I’ve read that he could not stand to be in the same room with him.”

        I agree. Moreover, the Obama administration also failed to veto a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction (for which Obama was criticized by Trump and Netanyahu), yet I don’t hear anyone claiming that Obama was working for “us” and not the jews because of it.

        “To his credit, Trump has not shown the same hatred toward Vlad – in fact, they seem to be getting along quite well. If only the Deep State had given Trump a chance to make friends. Sigh!”

        Here’s where we disagree. I believe that Trump actually despises Vladimir Putin as much or even more than Obama. If that were not the case, Trump would not be going out of his way to seize Russian diplomatic property, force Russian media to register as “foreign agents”, harass Russian aircraft in Syria, etc., etc., etc.

        I believe that Trump is a psychopathic con man and his outwardly “friendly” or at least polite treatment of Putin et al. is just an act which skillfully masks the contempt he has for Putin (or anyone else who stands in the way of his masters’ agenda).

      3. Obama hated the hook noses also. For that he made an agreement with Iran about the nucleair program. At the last moment he voted against Israhell at the UN. Everybody hates the Jews. They are sort of aliens.

  25. “I’m the best thing that could happen to Israel,” Donald Trump.

    Yes he is, indeed he is, I agree completely.
    Israeli warlords are on a high like never before.
    Confident that they cannot be stopped by anyone, they will relentlessly push forward.
    The Pentagon plan for the Middle East was war with 7 countries in 5 years.
    On that list, written in invisible ink, were also Egypt, Turkey, what is going to stop them now ?
    With US money & an obliging US Defense Force they will take over even Russia.
    Such is their madness.

    1. Well, R David, it’s been 16 years since 9/11, and the USG has only taken out 2 of the 7 (Iraq & Libya). The project is hardly going along as planned. Interestingly, of the 7 countries identified by Wesley Clark, Afghanistan (the longest war in US history) was not one of them. Syria, thanks to Russia, was a loss. Taking out Lebanon and Iran remain on the back burner, while the US is bombing Somalia (to what end?), and who knows what they are doing in Sudan.

      You give the US military far too much credit if you think they are able to “take out” Egypt and Turkey (both allies), much less Russia. No doubt there is “madness” at the top, but not that much madness.

  26. Jerusalem has been the capital of the ‘start-up nation’ since it was recognized. Obviously, the goal is to make it the capital of the US military boot which will then turn it into the global command center.

  27. <How do you know that the jews aren’t desperate


    “It is impossible for the moment to determine if Israël is engaged in a programme for the exploitation of Antarctica, or if it is building a rear base in case of defeat in Palestine.”


    Looks like they are hedging in a massive way.


    after some time spent on this follow-on, i decided to toss out a lot of stuff that has personal meaning for me but weighs the post down, so let’s try and keep it manageable.

    harold, no hard feelings, i read your credo re. slaughter of animals for fun and gastro-porn and i see that you are a man of high principles, regardless of whether bible supports you or not.
    I respect that, can only say that in my honest view, your geopolitical ducks are not lined up in a row.
    Moreover, from my own experience as you will see below, the mob praise means nothing, your stand is just a stake to which you tie yourself and the same same mob that sycophantically praises you today will run with lit torches to kindle the fire under your feet if things go south.

    first, i want people to realize that i’ve been running a wicked gauntlet since June 18 beset by a dozen phariseically minded persecutors, falling over one another in rush to cast the first stone of righteousness, e.g. (just down from this linked comment) and the worst part was that they almost invariably did it in a name of a third party, a party that maintained studious silence for 6 months:

    Long, rambling comments that even in one case made a cowardly personal attack on Lasha Darkmoon, suggesting she was a crypto-Jew for daring to author an anti-Trump article.

    If i were to say that i suffered through 100 such insults, i’d be grossly underestimating.
    Well, be that as it may, here i just want to answer Sardonicus as succintly as possible.
    And the best way is to let the vomitous bile that spewed out of his mouth be the noose that now sits around his neck.
    says Sardonicus, just now:

    Lobro is not an “original” by any means. Everything he says is derivative. Stolen from Mark Glenn, at whose feet he sits like a disciple at the feet of his guru. He’s even posting comments on Mark Glenn’s site now, parroting the Master’s views.
    Guys like David Duke, Mark Glenn, and their camp follower Lobro don’t have this intellectual integrity or humility.
    Every time Trump does something more outrageous, showing his obvious allegiance to the Jews, these Three Chumps find new excuses for him. They move the goal posts. They don’t play by the rules of chess, these guys. Logic means nothing to them. All that matters to these extreme narcissists is KEEPING FACE.

    Notwithstanding that I’ve been saying the EXACT same thing since a year ago, never a scintilla of waver, I challenge anybody to provide evidence to the contrary, moreover having been the very first to theorize that in order to collapse JEW power, the American Empire (yeah, triple parentheses) must be collapsed before American people can breathe free, moreover drew a parallel between the hoped for action by Trump and the jew-besmirched Stalin who purged them all out of the USSR in his day so that now the westworld is saddled by them, gone from 7 million to less than 200,000 today – and yet the Conchita Analyst Club are apopoletictic about this most popular figure in Russian history (right, Yggdrasil PhD, fixture at TOO?), here comes My Good Friend, Really, A True One, No Kidding with this (see what i mean, Harold? what a great,wonderful friend he was on the July 14, those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end (song titled, Never Believe Bullshit))

    Thanks for responding at such length, Lobro. This is a brilliant comment and proves you have given this matter a great deal of thought. Let me say that most of us here, including myself, would dearly love it if Trump turned out to be one of the good guys. SO IN A SENSE WE ARE HOPING THAT YOU WILL BE VINDICATED, IN WHICH CASE I WILL BE THE FIRST TO STEP FORWARD AND HUMBLY CONFESS THAT I WAS WRONG. As for Lasha coming out in opposition to Trump and appearing to join the Trump bashers, I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Lasha is a weathervane and, like me, can be blown this way and that with each passing wind.

    Sooo … let’s see, which one is the real Sardonicus, if there is such a thing as real Sardonicus.
    Is it 2 Sardonicuses or just 1 but with 2 faces, 2 mouths or 1 mouth that can speak ventriloquistically out of both sides, simultaneously?
    Are they both trustful and trustworthy, equally devoted to nothing but the truth, so help him Boddhisatva under whose tree he contemplates peacefully the unfolding of his excellent karma?

    i leave you to ponder these weighty issues and move on to the issue of damages.
    You see, i gave Sardonicus a PTSD, so he says and who am I to question that.
    No matter that he was the first to open up at me, out of the blue on the July 14, notice the trademarked use of “attention seeking narcissistic thug“, repeated dozens of times by him and his stablemates, some of whom as follows:
    Madame Butterfly, Lucy, Uncle Toby, Gombrich, Bradley Arnold, Sister Monica, Silent Reader, Dr. Parker, Yggdrasil, Grammar Fiend, Nicholas and other worthies whose names escape me now but whose sadistic gauntlet I had to run for over 6 months.
    i am sure they are all equally struck by the dread pee-tee-ess-dee and are seeking damages, step right up while my lawyer is signing the checks (cheques in Can), how would you like to be paid, in yen?
    100,000 yen for my good friends Sardonicus and operatic diva Madam Butterfly out in Japan:
    “Once I trilled like canary, now I croak like vulture,
    vocal chords cut by Lobro spitting in Lasha’s face, tra-lal-la”

    which one is better, maybe this:
    “Conchita is my nemesis,
    under my nose s/he stole my role,
    need the PTSD to stay off the dole …”

    And guess what, I do not claim PTSD for myself, how remarkable.
    Guess i can’t afford it, maybe i pick one up cheap on the Boxing Day sale, St. Stephen’s nameday, you know the 1st martyr, the guy whom the mob stoned to death because he preached the words of Christ shortly after Crucifixion, you know, love thy neighbor, do unto him as you would want done unto yourself … and all that useless jazz.

    (Sard, “demonic possession” was not my invention but Lasha’s when she tried to explain these weird outbursts of inexplicable, uncontrollable hatred topped by icing of PTSD, i am telling you this so you don’t later go accusing me of plagiarism)
    ((double parentheses, let’s not go to the next level … don’t yank my chain anymore, Sard, do yourself a favor and leave me alone))

    Thanks Duke, Glenn for being my ghostwriters, the next round is on me.

    1. @Lobro
      With what I understand and for what it’s worth, I agree with you and your above observations. Sardonicus is duplicitous and basically a tit.

      What’s with all the personal attacks? Are you bored with monastery life? Is it not for you? From reading your comments you appear to be better suited to a gay hairdresser’s parlour where you could bitch-ass all day and night long.
      Your MO is to make critiques of a personal nature against a commenter, then say that you deeply respect them with a fawning over their intellect and work, followed by a flawed act of contrition, then a kiss and make-up. Nah, it don’t cut it. You call Lobro a narcissist but it’s you who spams the comments with boring pseudo psychological emotional victimhood clap trap.

      “and their camp follower Lobro”, the only ‘camp’ person on here is you Sard.
      Get a grip ffs – there are serious matters to attend to…

      1. Jimbo –

        Sard’s wife is living with another man back home. He is a mental wreck….. and may have to be as confined as TROJ one day.. He may already need a good hosing down to keep alert.. 🙂

        1. Sardonicus is saddened to be attacked by such highly intelligent and well-loved posters as Pat and Jimbo. Sardonicus has obviously erred in some serious way, it seems, to have merited the stern disapproval of these two exceptionally nice commenters. With tears in his eyes, Sardonicus therefore apologizes and gives thanks to his critics for helping him to see and acknowledge his many faults.

          To Lobro, too, much praise for his kind words of forgiveness and understanding. This man I have attacked so brutally is my brother in the darkness of Spamblinka. Here I now rub shoulders with the immortal TROJ. This is truly the Battle of the Shadows.

          The person who has attacked me most has been Ruth. She has said I am a Mossad agent, that I am Satanic, and that she would like to kill me by boiling me alive in a vat of excrement. Reflect, dear Lobro, I never used such colorful language toward you, did I? Methinks I attacked you right royally with my feather duster. I attempted to kill you simply by tickling you to death. ‘Twas all a game with me and ever was, a Zen game you wot not of, aye, and a merry jest in the making.

          To the Mistress of Vision who spins her spider webs of intrigue in the caverns of night, I say this: Lady, take care lest you go mad, since thy behavior hath of late been passing strange, as in days of yore, my gentle Damsel of the Delicious Smile. 🙂

          Lobro is the only one who understands me, the Genius of the Watery Waste, being the only wise mariner here on a storm tossed sea.

          Sleepe after toyle, port after stormie seas,
          Ease after warre, death after life does greatly please.

      2. Jimbo,
        i wanted my friend felix to post this on my behalf.

        (ADMIN: Sorry, this will not be allowed. If you post at all, you must post in your OWN name. The same rules that apply to others must apply to you. No exceptions will be made.)

        let this stand by way of brief explanation.
        there are precious few left here who want to see me continue and i do not see myself as a malignant parasite.
        Though sardonicus seems to charge me with some grand betrayal b/c now i post with some frequency and vehemence at the ugly truth, the reson is simple: no one there hoses me down with daily bucketful of scorn, no one interferes with my thinking patterns to drag them down to soap opera level.
        End of story.

        for all i know, my detractors may be right objectively and not only subjectively and if it is a statistical truth that my presence is a lightning rod for all kinds of negativity, then it is the administration’s duty to yank me off the site – i would do exactly the same in their place – and by doing it on my own, i am in partnership with them, a proxy admin.

        That said, i do appreciate your view and support, Jimbo, let a simple THANKS! suffice and that goes for all spoken and unspoken sympathies.
        Moreover, let me go on record that


        I think i understand some of his psychological makeup and i fancy myself to be a good spotter of what lies beneath surface of things (one my christian names, dating back to ancient armenia, alludes to “vision“).
        And i ask people to lay off sard, no bad dude he, just tormented beyond limits, a wrong guy in a wrong place or maybe the providence is testing him sorely for a reason – fingers crossed for sard (out in the east, they call it “figs”, thumbs stuck thru index and middle fingers in a fist).

        So, if you hear no more from me, no big deal, i can tell you confidentially that the universe will continue to bounce around (newton’s 2nd law, whereby disappearance of lobro in one place simply means lobro popping up somewhere else).

        (parting shot: looking at what is happening today in the world, directly caused by the “embassy” uproar, do any of the x1xx0s who screeched and writhed in mortal agony and loathing after trump’s announcement wish things to revert to the status quo ante, that he should like all the other POTUSHABBOs have just signed off on another 6 month delay? Hmm?
        Remember: every single thing that i surmised early on, since a year ago – everything stands and is more solid by the day. I am not backing off a single prediction i made because of … whatever … call it lucky guess if it suits youze.
        This prez is not into status quo.)

        Felix: if you see this, no need for your input on my behalf, thanks, mate: A-CHA!

      3. sard: go easy on our ruthie, it is her quirky sense of humor, can you not see the satire in her posts?
        me, i need sunglasses, it is so blindingly obvious.

        of course, ruth and i always had that camaraderie going, umm, maybe one time she did break a chair over my head – whacked me hard enough that i instantly forgot.

      4. @Lobro
        Thanks for the reply Lobro, appreciated, Happy Christmas, health and happiness in the New Year.
        Best Wishes to all the Darkmooners 🙂

    1. @HP Is this a reference to my name? If so, why? Please explain because I’m not in the know on everything and everyone that goes on and reacts on this fantastic blog.

      1. But the Japanese Generals weren’t fooled– not even for 1 minute. They didn’t believe “atomic bombs” or nukes had been dropped on Japan. On the night of August 14–15, 1945, there was a failed coup d’état that is still little-known today, even though there is a long article about it at the kosher Wikipedia.

        But once you become aware of this coup to overthrow the Emperor, you become aware that the official narrative of Japan’s “unconditional surrender” due to it being nuked is bullshit. I only recently discovered this shocking news myself and posted a comment about this failed coup which Wikipedia names as the “Kyūjō incident”.

        Here’s the no-brainer clue that the fix was in from the get-go: Hirohito was never dethroned despite his “unconditional surrender”!?

        Not only was he not dethroned; on the contrary, in his old age he was fêted by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, no less. Can you imagine the Jews allowing Hitler to live to a ripe old age and being fêted by (((British Royalty)))?

        Here’s a photo of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Emperor Hirohito of Japan in a carriage on the way to Buckingham Palace during the Emperor’s state visit, October 6, 1971 — just one of many state visits, I might add.


        If the above link is (((defective))) just do a BING search for “Photos of Hirohito in London” and you will be surprised at what you find. The young Emperor’s first visit to London was in March, 1921!

        Here in this photo Emperor Hirohito inspects a Guard of Honour in the City of London, May 1921. Hirohito was a Rothschild puppet from the get-go!

  29. Here’s one for Lobro and Felix, who are both living in Thailand, I think.

    US NGO’s are creating “space” in Thailand, for destabilization, apparently.

    Here’s a short sample from a recent NEO article by Joseph Thomas, chief editor of Thailand-based geopolitical journal, The New Atlas.

    In late November, the US, Canadian and British embassies along with several other European partners as well as the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Amnesty International, organised what they called the “Isaan Human Rights Festival” in northeast Thailand.

    The unfortunate reality for Thailand and nations like it is the prevailing geopolitical maxim of “might makes right.” Thailand lacks the ability to move against overt foreign-funded subversion conducted directly on its own soil by still powerful and influential nations like the US and the UK. Barring the event, arresting its attendees, expelling diplomats or cutting ties with those nations sponsoring such activities are not realistic options for Thailand.

    1. Carnaptious,
      I am indeed a full time resident of Thailand. Lobro is like a swallow, sojourns here during the winter months and spends most of the summer in Sarajevo, with quick jaunts to Canada. When in Thailand he spends most of his time in Nong Khai on the banks of the Mekong.
      Regarding your post re Thailand, yes I’m a big follower of that site. Cambodia under Hun Sen have had the sense to expel those pernicious NGOs. However, many Thais are fully aware of what the US has planned for their country. They’ll be polite to the Americans and EU, but will maintain their independence and will move closer to China, in spite of the fact that the US through their Turkish proxies carried out the heinous bombing of the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, a couple of years ago.
      It really is time for the US to withdraw from their 1,000 plus bases all over the world. Yankees, please go home! Spend the money wasted by your military on reducing the poverty, homelessness, improving your mickey mouse education system and crumbling infrastructure of your own country. AND STOP POURING MONEY INTO THE MAW OF THAT SHITTY LITTLE COUNTRY, THE ZIONIST ENTITY.
      I await the usual barrage of insults from the usual suspects with eager anticipation!

      1. Felix –

        Lobro wrote he also sojourns in Merida, Mexico… on the Yucatan…. Bay of Campeche area.

        That took a place in my memory because I have been to Merida and Ciudad Del Carmen numerous times, myself when I bought and sold “YUGE” IQF white shrimp from there into Miami…. “six-count” and larger. Some were five to the pound.!!

      2. Pat.
        Lobro doesn’t go to Mexico very often now!
        Talking about seafood! If you ever make it to Thailand, look me up and I’ll take you to Samut Sakhon, a fishing port just outside Bangkok. They make delicious oyster & clam omelettes, fried squid, steamed Barramundi in lemon, chili and garlic sauce, prawns, lobsters and so on!
        I also like Mexican food and l like Mexicans. A joke, so any Mexicans please don’t take offence.
        How does a Mexican know he is hungry?
        Answer: His ass stops itching.
        You could say the same about the Thais, they also love their chilis!

      3. Felix –
        Thanks for the invite…
        I would really like to have a seafood platter or three with you. And a few ‘brew-skees’ as well.. 🙂

        One of my favorites seafood dishes in Mexico is ceviche – with shrimp (“seh-BEE-chay” or “suh-VEE-chey) is a hugely popular dish in Mexico and South America. The basic ingredient is raw fish – or shrimp – cut into bite-size pieces and marinated in the juice of an acidic fruit (usually lime), salt and seasonings – usually chili peppers, lots of them for me. I like those little-bitty bad-ass ones… and habaneros and onions.

        The citric acid in the juice changes the texture of the fish without changing its “raw” taste. Ceviche has deep roots in South America, dating back to the earliest inhabitants.


      4. @ Felix,
        I should have known you’d be aware of the goings on in your neighborhood. Glad to hear the NGOs won’t easily work their subversion on Thailand.

        As noted in my post just below, it appears that forces are gathering to stick it to the “greedy” poor, so the “oppressed” wealthy can spend more on wars for Israel. There are times that words fail me… Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the words I have to say would be unprintable on a family accessible site.

  30. Gearing up for war, and more war, the Washington DC warmongers are coming after Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, and more. A big tax cut for corporations and the wealthiest Americans means the greedy poor will have to pony up so corporations can continue to make Wall Street proud, and wealthier.

    A presstitute at The Washington Post, the CIA sponsored fake news outlet, opines:

    “The Pentagon and the welfare state have been locked in brutal combat for decades, and the Pentagon has gotten clobbered.”

    “Protecting the country was once the first obligation of government. No more. Welfare programs – Social Security, Medicare, food stamps and other benefits – dwarf defense spending. As a result, we have become more vulnerable.”

    How about that! So it wasn’t the insane policies of mostly Jewish Neoconservative “Make the world safe for Greater Israel” warmongers creating chaos out of order, and “creatively destroying” nation after nation that have brought the world an endless “War of Terror” and record breaking levels of debt. Nope, it’s old age pensioners, food stamp recipients, and people taking advantage of their medical insurance that are really to blame for the sad state of the USA.

    I’m not a big fan of Stephen Lendman. His staccato writing style gets old PDQ, but he often makes excellent points, even if it’s done in an annoying way. Here’s more on greedy taxpayers fleecing the “poor wealthy people” of America: http://stephenlendman.org/2017/12/wapo-urges-increased-us-spending-militarism-warmaking/

    1. Carn –

      You wrote:
      “Gearing up for war, and more war, the Washington DC warmongers are coming after Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, and more. A big tax cut for corporations and the wealthiest Americans means the greedy poor will have to pony up so corporations can continue to make Wall Street proud, and wealthier.”

      I agree…

      Trump needs the “YUGE” ‘bimbo-claims’ as a distraction to “BIGGLY” keep hidden those things you mentioned.

      No telling how many $$$Millions he has paid for their help to keep the important issues out of the headlines. 🙂

  31. israel could now be in serious trouble. I would guess that moslem governments will now supply Hezbollah and Hamas with something more powerful than AK47s. I would not be surprised to see chemical, biological and even nukes arrive on the scene.

  32. “Trump is seen as an instrument of God – Like Cyrus 2,500 years ago”
    “And the plan: to build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount – where the Al-Aqsa Mosque currently stands.” Most of the rest of the article is behind a pay wall, but the headlines are… intriguing, although not enough to make me shell out any shekels to see the article.

    Rex Tillerson has announced that the US embassy move to Jerusalem probably won’t happen during Trump’s first term. Is it some bizarre strategy to solicit Jewish support for a second term, or another indicator that the left and right hands of Trump’s team can’t seem to agree on WTF they are supposed to be doing? This may be repudiated by next week. As pointed out by “Mar Zell, the chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel, (who) said he was disappointed, by Tillerson’s news and suggested that moving the embassy could have been as simple as changing the sign in front of the U.S. Consulate buildings in Jerusalem.”

    A short but pertinent article from James Zogby (not the pollster, John Z): “Trump’s Jerusalem Decision Rubber Stamps 70 Years of Israeli Violations”.

      “Like Cyrus 2,500 years ago”
      Yep, I gave a link to this a couple of days ago, further up this comment section, where the speaker references the relevant bible passages. It may give more info than the jewy haaretz paywall censor. Quite a few Christian groups are talking about this.

      1. @Jimbo,

        You’re right that a lot of religious groups have been and are making the Trump / Cyrus comparison. I thought the Haaretz article was interesting because Haaretz usually publishes what passes for “moderate” news in Israel, and this particular article was notable for explicitly stating the plan is to replace Al-Aqsa Mosque with a Third Temple.

  33. The image above summed it all up. However, Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) never resorted to violence.
    Trump’s reckless move of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem will endanger the lives of not only Palestinians but also Israelis and American as well. That led me to my third point:
    Why are many Americans scared of people from the Middle East yet worship someone from the Middle East? Inquiring mind wants to know!

    1. Mahmoud El-Yousseph –

      “Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) never resorted to violence.”

      You should read the bible more closely…. because….
      Matthew, Mark, Luke and John would disagree… they told of the ass-kicking given by Jesus on the temple grounds.

      BTW –
      Jesus even coveted a horse and ordered two disciples to steal it… and RICO would apply today. He would be arrested as the mastermind of the gang. Grand theft.

      Luke 19:
      29As he approached Bethphage and Bethany at the hill called the Mount of Olives, he sent two of his disciples, saying to them,
      30“Go to the village ahead of you, and as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here.

      31If anyone asks you, ‘Why are you untying it?’ say, ‘The Lord needs it.’ ” 🙂

      32Those who were sent ahead went and found it just as he had told them.
      33As they were untying the colt, its owners asked them, “Why are you untying the colt?”
      34They replied, “The Lord needs it.” 🙂
      35They brought it to Jesus, threw their cloaks on the colt and put Jesus on it.
      36As he went along, people spread their cloaks on the road.

      1. Hey Patricia, according to (LK 22:49-51), Jesus (PBUH) stopped his disciples from using the swords and even heals the one who was struck. This really does confirm that the disciples mistook what Jesus was saying. By his own words and deeds, we see here that he was not advocating violence. In fact, he chastises the chief priests for coming after him in a violent manner–with swords and clubs like he was some common criminal.

        I would not describe the man who said, “whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other also to him,” as a violent person. On the contrary, he was a man of peace.

      2. @Pat
        “The Lord needs it” suggests that those to whom the horse belonged knew who “the Lord” was, respected him as a “Lord” and understood that the horse would be borrowed only temporarily. So no theft at all.

      3. FR –

        Which one? YOU pick yours. Be sure you are in base 10.

        The examples you gave are mathematics… Jesus did not give the disciples a math test.. before they stole the horse.

        Math examples are not pertinent at all when considering the allegories, rumors and myths surrounding the new testament. They did not even have analog wrist watches…. nor digital ones either.

        Thanks for the following up with me… 🙂

  34. The artwork that accompanies this article reminds me of a 1970’s album that just about everybody had in their collections – Jesus Christ Superstar. I first heard the album in the Methodist chapel at the boarding school I attended, which had great acoustics. One of the students hooked up his turntable through two Marshall guitar amplifiers. The result was amazing! Ian Gillan, lead singer for the band Deep Purple, sang the part of Jesus on that album, including the part in which Jesus whipped the moneylenders out of the Temple. I’ve had that part of the album in my head all morning. Ian Gillan had a powerful voice:

    My Temple should be
    A House of Prayer
    but you have made it
    A Den of Thieves
    GET OUT!
    Get out…

      1. Thanks for that blast from the past, Jimbo. The album and the movie were both quite remarkable, full of memorable moments (and a few forgettable ones, too). I’m somewhat surprised they got made, given (((who))) usually controls such things. For any DM readers too young to remember this, interested in learning more:
        The original album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZD9b-NRfN8
        The movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkEqYxe5MW4 (short preview, movie behind a $2.99 paywall)

        When the movie came out, I was disappointed that Ian Gillan wasn’t in it, but the movie was also excellent.

  35. E.din-burgh, Scotland currently sits on the site of ancient (Old Testament-era) JERUSALEM. Read THE GREAT DECEPTION: SYRIA, BRITAIN AND THE ROMAN CONSPIRACY by Comyns Beaumont. (Also, for confirmation, read CAESAR’S MESSIAH, by Joseph Atwill).

    It’s truly AMAZING the depth of the deception of Roman Emperor Constantine I, that has lasted now, for well over 1,600 years. FAKE “Jews”-and-FAKE Rothschild-“Israel”-established-1948-AD-for-the-VERY-FIRST-TIME-EVER-IN-HISTORY!-with-it’s-equally-FAKE-Capitol-FAKE-“Jerusalem”.

    Also, read THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE, by Arthur Koestler.

    Question: What does YIDDISH have to do with the ancient Hebrew language?

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