87-year-old German grandma shocks world by doubting Holocaust

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From Russian Insider
(May 9, 2018)

Questioning the Holocaust can get you in serious trouble in Germany, a country which takes great pride in its democracy.

The German government cares so much about democracy, that it unstintingly supports all of America’s and Israel’s democracy-spreading regime-change wars in the Middle East, often gladly selling the weapons for the butchery to both sides. When millions of refugees flood Europe as a result of those wars, the government then forces its obedient, long-suffering tax-payers to take them in at great expense and considerable danger to their womenfolk.

Meet Ursula Haverbeck, a numerically challenged octogenarian who goes around telling people she thinks the 6 million Holocaust number is bullticky.

Watch her break German law, right here on YouTube, as she calmly explains her reasoning in her sweet grandmotherly way that has endeared her to millions. (Turn on English captions).

Grandma Haverbeck is a rather astute self-promoter. Knowing she would be tossed in the slammer for questioning the holiest of holies, she welcomed the fact, knowing it would draw more attention to her arguments. German prisons are really quite comfy, compared to Mexican or Turkish ones.

Then, she pulled a next level PR move, she went on the lam, knowing it would generate yet more headlines. Then, still 2 steps ahead of her foes, once a nation-wide Gestapo-like manhunt was launched, she returned to her living room and cuckoo clocks and calmly awaited the arrival of the Polizei, slyly generating yet more media kerfuffle.

Come on German democracy spreaders and 6 million true-believers!, you are being trounced by this little 89 year old! If you’re not careful she’ll become a new Rosa Parks.

German Holocaust denial laws are doing a great job spreading …  Holocaust denial! – with a little help from Granny Haverbeck.

Full English Transcript of Video 

URSULA HAVERBECK:  My dear fellow Germans, do you know the answer? Where did the murder by gassing of six million (or at least, millions) of Jews take place? For five years now I have been asking this question — and waiting, in vain, for an answer.

Perhaps you will think that it is rather remarkable that I should even pose this question. Why do I do it? The Holocaust is self-evident, after all: everyone knows that six million Jews were gassed, above all in Auschwitz. And yet, precisely in the past twenty to twenty-five years this claim has become ever more questionable. First, through the reduction of the number of victims in Auschwitz itself.

It was there — and this in the public news programming of ZDF TV — on the eighth of October, 1993, in the open view of all citizens, that the old memorial tablet with its “Four Million Murdered” was taken down and replaced with a new tablet with only “About One and a Half Million.”

And in a debate afterwards, Jews, Poles and Gypsies quarreled over who had the biggest share among these victims. An explanation or even an apology to the German people for having, for decades, accused them with a false number was nowhere to be heard.

Secondly, through an article published by Der Spiegel editor Fritjof Meyer in a respected scholarly journal, namely “Osteuropa” [Eastern Europe], in May 2002, in which, taking note of new discoveries resulting from the emergence of previously unknown documents, etc., he comes to the conclusion that in Auschwitz itself no one at all was gassed.

And it’s certainly not one and a half million either but at the most — Mr. Meyer is very careful — in a subcamp of Auschwitz, in Birkenau, and even there, outside the camp itself, in a farmhouse (the foundations of which, curiously, have only recently been discovered) around (“presumably,” he says) 365,000 Jews were gassed. That too, thus, is an open question.

And amazingly Mr. Meyer has never been prosecuted or indicted or denounced to the police for “trivialization” of the Holocaust.

And thirdly — and this really is new for all of us, though it was published back in 2000 — the book “Garrison and Commandant Orders” from the Institute for Contemporary History, a collection of material which had been stored away in Moscow ever since Auschwitz was overrun by the Russians, by the Red Army, and which now was made available to the Institute for Contemporary History. And already by the year 2000 the Institute for Contemporary History had deemed it necessary to publish it.

This is quite a thick book, mind you, and it costs the tidy little sum, today in Euros, of €124. But you can order it, and you can ask for it in the library too and study it there. From these “Commandant orders” in which the instructions from the administration at Auschwitz to the guard staff were laid down complete with dates, numbers and so on, all very precise as is usual with German officialdom, telling the guards what they are to do, it emerges clearly and undeniably, plain to see, that Auschwitz was NOT an extermination camp but rather a work camp in which people were to be kept as fit for work as possible in order for them to work in the munitions industries which were necessary for the war effort.

Naturally, with the continuous worsening of transportation conditions and the like, and of course the events of the war itself, it became ever more difficult to care for a large number of people in such a camp but it was, and remained, a work camp and not an extermination camp. And that’s precisely what, from the beginning, those who served there have always insisted.

Now finally, one might think, there would have to be a public explanation and a reconsideration, as well, of all the trials in which Germans have been condemned because they doubted that Auschwitz was an extermination camp: here now we have the confirmation that they were right. But once more nothing happened. To this day some of these people are still in prison.

All that should cause any thinking person to ask the question: If people are still being imprisoned because the murder of the six million Jews is “self-evident” well then, where were they murdered? You need to tell us that.


And that led me to write with this question, repeatedly, to the Central Council of Jews in Germany, to whom I have written three times in succession in the last five years and asked this question; then to the German Association of Judges; to the Chief Justices of the Regional and Higher Regional Courts; to the Prosecutor General’s Offices of the sixteen German States; and now also to the Ministry of Justice. So far I have received from these other institutions — and these are all public, official institutions — no answer to this question.

Quite plainly, none of the people written to and questioned knows where six million Jews were gassed, or even simply murdered. That leaves, for a thinking person, only one conclusion: they have no answer, there is no answer, and why? Because there was no Holocaust.

—   §   —

Since this murder is supposed to be “self-evident” — as the courts to this day never tire of emphasizing and holding up to us over and over — one cannot now go on about some kind of “order to maintain secrecy” [i.e., preventing us from knowing more] and a retreat back to a drastically reduced number of victims is also impossible for then the singularity, the uniqueness, the unforgivable scope of the greatest crime of all time would be called into question.

We need merely think of the victims of the Rhine Meadows Camps, of Dresden, Hiroshima . . . and the huge number of victims, more than 2,500,000, during the expulsion of the Germans from the East.

No valid confession can be extracted by torture and no one claimed that in this concentration camp there was ever a gas chamber in which people were gassed except for [former Auschwitz commandant Rudolf] Höss, who was tortured so terribly that he afterwards said, “I would have signed anything.”

Indeed Fritjof Meyer himself noted that it is “not to be taken into account” in any reasonably fair trial when someone, after being tortured so terribly, says, “Yes, it was three million, or however many million, whatever you like, that were gassed by us.”

I think it’s now becoming clear and comprehensible for us, this question which we’ve always wondered about: Why indeed must there be this Paragraph 130 of the German Criminal Code?  In order to keep these things from being looked into too closely. And it also becomes comprehensible that the innumerable motions to present evidence which the accused have put forward have been completely struck down and ignored. These could only serve as evidence of something if that something happened; clearly they could serve as evidence of “nothing” — and so they had to disappear.

If we now look at world politics after 1945 it becomes clear that the Holocaust is the greatest and most enduring lie in history.

It was needed in order to finally complete the centuries-long struggle for world domination by the chosen people — that world domination was once promised to them by their god Yahweh and they believed in that promise firmly, it was their conviction.

Whether we call them Zionists, Khazars, oligarchs or globalizers, it is always the same.

World Wars I and II themselves were merely a preliminary stage for this achievement — in their view, understandably, but why, why in the view of the French, the Swiss, the Germans?

Why have German judges, whose independence is constitutionally guaranteed, gone along with that?

Why have state prosecutors, who should represent the federal government, indeed the German state, represented the interests of Israel instead? For that is what they have done in these trials.

And why have all the historians in our universities not unanimously refused to renounce their freedom of research, which likewise is guaranteed to them constitutionally?

And this poor, miseducated, lie-fed German people . . . will it now turn, indignant, against those who want to relieve it of this deeply implanted belief?

Might Germans not be ready, and able, to rethink their beliefs? The ancient Greeks used to lay such weighty questions at the feet the gods.

I do the same.

Before concluding, I would like to present a much needed — even if it has been done before — definition of the question work camp / extermination camp / concentration camp. I want to do this in order to prevent misunderstandings, and to emphasize once more that no revisionist has ever denied there were concentration camps.

Their existence is never questioned by the so-called “neo-Nazis,” as they’re called today, or “right-extremists” when these want to be taken seriously.

Moreover, concentration camps were no invention of the National Socialists but were already around during the Boer War in 1900, and indeed were established by the English and they’re still being set up to this day by the Americans, as for example at Guantanamo Bay.

According to the Hague Conventions on War on Land, members of an enemy nation may be interned in order to prevent espionage and the multiple, repeated Jewish declarations of war against the Third Reich since 1933 led to a situation in which, as for example Professor Ernst Nolte has established, the Third Reich was justified in treating German Jews as prisoners of war for these declarations of war had clearly demonstrated that Jewry considered itself at war with the Third Reich. Ernst Nolte says this in his book “The Passing of the Past” [Das Vergehen der Vergangenheit] where anyone can read it on page 171 and earlier as well on page 21.

So there were German concentration camps — no revisionist has ever disputed that. Nor is it disputed that the majority of the Jews were interned in them. This occurred in particular following the failure of Hitler’s many offers of peace to England.

(See in this connection English historian Martin Allen in his book “The Hitler/Hess Deception” which you can get at any bookstore.)

These concentration camps were, in Germany, in the Third Reich, work camps — during the war. The word “concentration camp,” however, is often used to evoke the idea of extermination — or emotionally provoke it.

With the increasing ferocity of the war, and above all with the increasing bombardment of all transport facilities — practically the entire infrastructure in Germany —through Allied bombing raids, living conditions in the concentration camps obviously became ever more difficult and not just for the German people.

And likewise it has not been disputed by anyone that in German concentration camps there were incidents of cruelty and mistreatment and even of murder. Why otherwise would four — some even say five — camp commandants have been brought before an SS tribunal with two of them even being sentenced to death? The taking up and exposure and publication of these events has come about entirely through the efforts of the revisionists, they have never been mentioned in court. And I ask myself if in any other state — any of the states that stood against us then in open hostility — such drastic punishments existed for the mistreatment of prisoners.

If historians meanwhile have arrived at fundamentally lower numbers of victims (for the concentration camps) that indeed does not mean that a correction was thereby made in public as well.

The saying “History is written by the victors” in no way implies that this history must correspond with the truth.

We must therefore demand, now that in verifiable form, and now that these official reports and contemporary statements from the time of the Third Reich, as for example the Commandant Orders, have been made public, that at the very least there should now follow a public explanation and — I would say — an apology too from those who have spread these lies.

And finally, of necessity there must also follow a reconsideration of all these convictions based on a false claim.

In conclusion, I would like to read a quotation from Germar Rudolf, who as a young chemist made a thorough study of the chemical properties of Zyklon-B — on professional grounds — including on location in Auschwitz, something for which he had to spend three-and-a-half years in prison because his research conclusions, as a chemist, were different from so-called politically correct opinion.

I would like to read this quotation from him in conclusion, Germar Rudolf writes:

“One of the important characteristics of evil is that it forbids questioning and it taboos or punishes the candid search for answers.” (I might add, punishes BY LAW.)

By prohibiting a person to ask questions and to search for answers. it is denying that which makes us human.

For the capacity to doubt and to search for answers to pressing problems is one of the most important attributes that distinguishes humans from animals.”

(This one can read in his “Lectures on the Holocaust,” page 12.)

It is therefore urgently necessary that an official, public clarification, unencumbered by any taboo or law, be provided to the German people and to the entire world  that explains what really happened in the German concentration camps.

Thank you.


VIDEO  :  19.03 mins
(German with English subtitles)

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  1. Has anyone actually gone and looked at what the story is covering for? What needs such a universal false identity and witness relocation programme?



      Humanity has been forced to hear ceaseless whining about a Jewish holocaust which, for any willing to think for themselves and acknowledge facts rather than cower before rabid fiction imposed by psychopaths, Did Not Happen. Yet the horror imposed upon West German citizens at the end of World War 2, 1944 through 1948 and upon East Germans well into 1951, involving ceaseless torture, starvation, rape, abuse and slaughter of millions by Jewish led Russian and Allied troops has virtually disappeared down the memory hole crafted by this satanic tribe and their secret society accomplices. – http://www.germanvictims.com/2013/05/16/holocaust-for-german-pows/ .
      “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.” – Winston Churchill, 1940, as quoted in Emrys Hughes book, Winston Churchill, His Career in War and Peace.
      “In the German race there is nothing but evil. Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill!” – Ilya Ehrenberg, Jewish propagandist for the Stalin regime.
      “Estimates of rape victims from Berlin’s two main hospitals ranged from 95,000 to 130,000. One doctor calculated that out of approximately 100,000 women raped in Berlin, roughly 10,000 died as a result. Mostly from suicide. The death rate was thought to have been much higher among the 1.4 million estimated victims in East Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia. ‘Altogether at least two million German women are thought to have been raped,’ Beevor concludes, ‘and a substantial minority, if not a majority, appear to have suffered multiple rape.’ Note that we are talking about 2 million different women being raped, not about two million rapes. Given that women were often raped several times a day—sometimes 60-70 times according to one authority—the total number of rapes could well have numbered over 20 million.”
      “The girls, women and nuns were raped incessantly for hours on end, the soldiers standing in queues, the officers at the head of the queues, in front of their victims.
      During the first night many of the nuns and women were raped as many as fifty times. The Russians knocked them down, kicked them, beat them on the head and in the face with the butt-end of their revolvers and rifles.
      The same dreadful scenes were enacted in the hospitals, homes for the aged, and other such institutions. Even nuns who were seventy and eighty years old and were ill and bedridden were raped and ill-treated by these barbarians.” -https://www.darkmoon.me/2014/devils-cauldron/ and related film “Hellstorm”, available at http://www.hellstormdocumentary.com online.
      The horrendous photos of emaciated corpses stacked like cordwood the world has been endlessly forced to see are NOT Jewish victims of a Nazi holocaust, they are rather the starved, tortured bodies of over five million German soldiers abused by Jewish directed Allied and Russian troops in POW camps and 8 million German citizens including millions of women and children slaughtered AFTER THE SECOND WORLD WAR HAD ENDED! -http://www.germanvictims.com/2013/05/16/holocaust-for-german-pows/ .
      Jewish lies of a holocaust did not begin to emerge until well into 1947, following the ludicrous, Jew led Nuremburg “trials”, when hideous photos of murdered German citizens, combined with retro-fitted detention centers with attendant lies and props were positioned to falsely support their massive psyop with which Jewry first brainwashed remaining, traumatized German citizens, and with which it has now brainwashed the world, a lie of such magnitude and importance to world Jewry that questioning it results in jail time or death. – http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/holohoax.htm .
      “In Churchill’s “Second World War” [there is] not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war. Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War total 4,448 pages; and de Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages. In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages, published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”-Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus, University of Ulster, international expert on IQ, in written testimony, 2005.
      Let us allow a Jewish woman to have the last word: “Believe me, I came into Auschwitz in a much worse condition than I actually left it.”— Kitty Hart-Moxon, Jewish Holocaust Survivor. June 1998 testimony, University of Southern California Shoah Foundation, Visual History Archive.
      What of the psychopathically insane, brainwashing mythology which has been taught to a gullible global population as factual “history” regarding the Second World War? It is the polar antithesis of the Truth! The Truth is that the Allied forces were duped, and were themselves conditioned and brainwashed to serve a Satanic, Jew led horror. Adolph Hitler, villified in the worldwide, Jew controlled media and educational system was not at all the murderous megalomaniac we have forcefully, ceaselessly been trained to hate. In fact, “Hitler feels himself responsible for the future of the white race. He sincerely wishes friendship with England. He wishes peace to be restored…” – British historian David Irving, in his book Hitler’s War, quoted renowned explorer Sven Hedin, who knew Hitler, from The Myth of German Villainy, pg. 368.
      Hitler and the Third Reich wanted only to reunite the German peoples and their homeland of centuries, which had been torn asunder via the Jew led, wholly absurd treaty of Versailles, which crudely ended the First World War. Under Hitler’s brilliant leadership, Germany returned from being the desolate, debauched, bankrupt Jew oppressed Weimar Republic of 1933, the inevitable, well planned outcome of the directives of the Treaty of Versailles, to being a vibrant, proud, productive, unified Germany a mere six years later. International Jewry would not, could not stand for this! In 1933 Worldwide Judea declared war on Germany, and made headlines internationally for doing so. As Hitler and the Third Reich reunited German territory torn from it via the Treaty of Versailles, by 1940 Germany had essentially won the war: “While the main French army was trapped between the two German armies, the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) was pushed to the coast near the French port of Dunkirk. Over 200,000 British and 140,000 French, 340,000 in all, were trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk, sitting ducks for the German forces pressing in on them.” ibid., pg. 366.
      “The real Story is that Adolph Hitler halted the German panzers just at the point where they could have swept down and either destroyed or captured what amounted to the bulk of the entire British army as they were stranded indefensibly on the beaches of Dunkirk. If they had done so, Britain would have been defenseless against a German invasion and World War Two would have been over in the West. ibid. pg. 367. [Hitler and The Reich were also battling the Jew led, Bolshevic, communist Soviet Union. Hitler was attempting to save the western nations and the Christian white race from destruction, in a fate similar to what I’ve described earlier regarding Bolshevic Russia, a plight which continues to face the world and particularly the white race today. This is why Mussolini in Italy and Franco in Spain were allied with Hitler … but Jewish brainwashing has led us to believe these two national heroes were also maniacal dictators. Nothing could be further from the Truth!] Hitler declared,”The blood of every single Englishman is too valuable to shed. Our two peoples belong together racially and traditionally. That is and always has been my aim…” “Hitler felt he had repeatedly extended the hand of peace and friendship to the British, and each time they had blacked his eye in reply.” ibid, 368.
      [Sadly] “…Britain and the United States chose to ally themselves with Jewish controlled, Communist Russia against their own brethren—Christian Germany. … Jews … surrounded and controlled both Roosevelt and Churchill, and … controlled the news and information media, and therefore public opinion … [and] pushed both countries in that direction [to battle against Hitler and the German nation, which had wakened to the Jewish plague!!!] in total contravention of the interests and well being of the British and American people. The Jews had very cleverly manipulated their great rival, Western Christian Civilization, into a destructive war against itself, which, in the end, benefitted only World Jewry.” ibid., pg 383.
      Hitler was in fact a hero on the side of Truth. There were NOT concentration camps, but instead detention centers and work camps. There is ample detail regarding the Truth of what occurred, but this has been and continues to be suppressed by a Jewish controlled media, publishing and educational industry. In countless instances authors who have exposed the reality of the Second World War have been murdered. To understand the Truth regarding this critical time in recent history I recommend The Myth of German Villainy by Benton Bradberry and David Irving’s Hitler’s War, a masterful work in which the author presents vital details, much via the unearthing of myriad original sources. “The Nuremburg trials were conducted after the war in which the National socialist leaders were found guilty of war crimes and executed or given long war sentences. … The so-called Holocaust was invented at the Nuremburg trials to the absolute astonishment of the accused, who claimed to a man that they never heard of any such thing until the trials began. {Any supposed “admission” of a “holocaust” came because 137 of the 139 German officers and officials had their testicles crushed beyond recognition!}… The word “genocide” is used against the Germans, but the bombing of Germany was the true genocide. It was also a culturecide. The bombing campaign was carried out to destroy Germany completely, and to kill as many Germans as possible.” – ibid., pg 408 .
      “The only sin that’s still left is NAZI SIN. That’s the new religion, and Hitler is the Devil. The Six Million are the Redeemer, which means that the Jewish people are God. That’s the religion of today, and that’s deadly, absolutely deadly. It’s got nothing to do with the Catholic faith except that it’s a clever imitation of the Catholic faith because you get Auschwitz instead of Golgatha and the Gas Chamber instead of the Cross. That’s deadly.
      But ask yourselves: What is the real religion of people today? What’s the real religion of the state today? Can I blaspheme our Lord Jesus Christ? Is anybody worried? No problem! Blaspheme as much as you like. Can I blaspheme against the Holocaust by saying that there were no gas chambers? Horror! Horror! Horror! Burn him at the stake! He’s a heretic. There you can see what is the real religion of the government today, of politics today and of the mass of people today.” – Bishop Williamson, English traditionalist Catholic bishop who opposes the changes in the Catholic Church brought about by the Second Vatican Council

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        This happened to John Kirby too. Very mysterious!

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      2. Read all that and more years ago. You are part of the problem. I will make it Spaceage simple for you and the fellow traveller who also got lost in spam.

        What were the contracted R&D corporate jews actually doing in the conzentrationslager complex?

        And for whom?

      1. Hi JK and Harry, do you really think that Talpiot is uniquely a western phenomenon of the decades leading to 2017?

        Do you really think there was any strategy, real strategy, in UKplc’s western war making? In the west we were supposed to sit back and watch it all happen and bask in Imperial glory forever whilst the USofA bled out for decades in the Pacific and then let Peking administrate the continent’s flows out of Hong Kong. UKplc hates USofAcorpAbos.

        The main weapon system developed and never deployed in 1943-45 was a combined radiation/bio weapon.

        Ever wondered why USAAC/RAF bombers were rubbish militarily?

        Give the western military a technological wonder and they will behave like lunatics handed a gatling gun and a china shop. Give western military a mission and they will always run out of ammunition. Look at UK’s ludicrous Anthrax experiment, military incompetence planning disguising terrorist instincts. The nobel peace prize winning warcriminal was not wrong in his description of the military.

        So when the first reported fission of atoms was realised by chemists the local FredAstarie network got to work. Why do you think Soros was knee deep in Nazi trafficking jews out of R&D networks in Hungary and has been well rewarded ever since. Who do you think the ratlines were activated for?

        Finally so as not to leave things too opaque, who do you think was to be wiped of the face of the earth when the binary weapon system was deployed? A little shadow of the real planned outcome is the pathetically primitive attempt to poison water systems after 1945 by jewish terrorists.

        So don’t be getting too worked up when a granny gets deployed, or in UK’s place a chansseur gets banged up. What did you expect? Go get to protest in CCTV quiet light and don’t bother researching the real things buried under layers of lying sedimentation. If it gets out that all EuroAbos were to be flyblown by 1943 then the blood on the street would make the average horrorfest look like watch with mother.

        BTW lads, name any, I mean any time, in history when the worlds strongest military power paid tribute to their vassals? I mean which bit of OPECmindphukk pisstake engineered by the white supremacists’ heroes in our legislatures don’t you get?

        We UKabos were all supposed to be dead decades ago. The NHS is only here because the Zioclowns made such a mess of their war. When the NHS is gone the UK will be as it was supposed to be in 1943 at last.

        Just as everyone looks at the Rothboys and forgets the Rothbreedingmares, everyoen looks at the popstarfreek Thomas Dolby physicists and neglects the chemists.

        Go look.

      2. Stoker –

        Western Military’s main job is to SPEND $$$$!

        So…. Kim Jung Un can relax now. Congress is gong to pass the $717 Billion Military Spending Bill.

        It was…351-66 vote in the House of Representatives.

        He did the job he was paid to do, which helps the Fed Res stay afloat!! 🙂

    2. “Institutional diseases” would break out in Victorian workhouses and prisons, causing mass deaths. Wherever people are crowded and confined in bad sanitory conditions there are likely to be many deaths due to disease. The causes are usually typhus, dysentery or TB. During the American Civil War:-

      About 56,000 soldiers died in prisons during the war, accounting for almost 10% of all Civil War fatalities. During a period of 14 months in Camp Sumter, located near Andersonville, Georgia, 13,000 (28%) of the 45,000 Union soldiers confined there died.

  2. Thank you for making the transcript of the video by Ursula Haverbeck so accessible to such as myself. All my life I have remained unilingual, thus both hobbled and constrained. Ursula Haverbeck’s clarity of thought and directness of argument warrant our considering immediately with whom to share fruits of her on-going labors.

    I have a short list indeed. Most of my correspondents have long since asked that I do not bring this subject, this array of disturbing data, to their attention again. Brings to mind a pithy if depressing observation, here paraphrased: It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled. Woe unto thee who peeks behind the curtain — or beneath magicians’ well clothed tables. (My, my, I spy a rabbit hole!)

    Thus, I shall assume the role of messenger (“Don’t shoot!”) and deliver this news. Ursula Haverbeck leads by example. Following that example seems the least I can do.


    Thies Christophersen had been in charge of an agricultural research enterprise in the Auschwitz region in 1944. He visited the Birkenau camp several times to requisition personnel there and never noticed the horrors usually described. On the witness stand he repeated point by point what he had written about the camp, starting in 1973 with a 19-page report (Kritik, Nr. 23, pp. 14-32). The Austrian-born Canadian Maria Van Herwaarden was interned at Birkenau starting in 1942. She saw nothing, either close up or from a distance, that resembled mass murder, although she confirmed that many of the inmates had died of typhus. The Zündel Trials (1985 and 1988) by ROBERT FAURISSON

    In 1946 Burg attended the Nuremberg trials at times when matters involving Jews were being raised. During one of these attendances he met Ilya Ehrenburg and a Jewish publisher who had been in Auschwitz for several years. Burg asked the publisher whether he had seen any gassing institutions for human beings and he said no. Ehrenburg, who had been the head of propaganda for the Red Army during the war, told Burg he had been to Auschwitz but he too had not seen anything of gassings. Burg had discussed this information with Zündel in general. (25-6857, 6858) Burg could not understand the emphasis on gassings. (26-6904) [Joseph G. Burg] The ‘False News’ Trial of Ernst Zündel — 1988

    Survivor Testimony

    Former inmates have confirmed that they saw no evidence of extermination at Auschwitz.
    An Austrian woman, Maria Vanherwaarden, testified about her camp experiences in a Toronto District Court in March 1988. [16] She was interned in Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1942 for having sexual relations with a Polish forced laborer. On the train journey to the camp, a Gypsy woman told her and the others that they would all be gassed at Auschwitz. Upon arrival, Maria and the other women were ordered to undress and go into a large concrete room without windows to take a shower. The terrified women were sure that they were about to die. But then, instead of gas, water came out of the shower heads.
    Auschwitz was no vacation resort, Maria confirmed. She witnessed the deaths of many fellow inmates by disease, particularly typhus. She saw some take their own lives. But she saw no evidence at all of mass killings, gassings, or of any extermination program.

    A Jewish woman named Marika Frank arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau from Hungary in July 1944, when 25,000 Jews were supposedly gassed and cremated daily. She likewise testified after the war that she heard and saw nothing of gas chambers during the time she was interned there. She heard the gassing stories only later. [17]

    Inmates Released

    More than 200,000 prisoners were transferred from Auschwitz to other camps, and about 8,000 were in the camp when it was liberated by Soviet forces. In addition, about 1,500 prisoners who had served their sentences were released, and returned to their home countries. [18] If Auschwitz had actually been a top secret extermination center, it is difficult to believe that the German authorities would have released inmates who “knew” what was happening there.
    One prominent Holocaust historian, Gerald Reitlinger, estimated that perhaps 700,000 Jews perished at Auschwitz. [3] French Holocaust historian Jean-Claude Pressac estimated in 1993 that the number of those who perished there was about 800,000 – of whom 630,000 were Jewish. [4]

    Fritjof Meyer, a respected foreign policy analyst, author of several books, and managing editor of Germany’s foremost weekly news magazine, presented a still lower figure in 2002. Writing in the scholarly German journal Osteuropa, he estimated that altogether 500,000 or 510,000 persons — Jews and non-Jews — perished in Auschwitz. [5]

    It is known that the International Tracing Service (an arm of the Red Cross) has copies of all the registration particulars from Auschwitz. This probably includes the daily roll-call documents, which contain registration details and daily death totals. In any case, it has had in its possession enough information to (unofficially) provide the following approximate statistics regarding deaths (from all causes, including, old age) at Auschwitz (this was long before the Soviet records were released):

    Deaths at Auschwitz
    Year Red Cross Certificates
    1940/1941 19,500
    1942 48,500 37,195
    1943 37,000 28,727
    1944 30,000
    1945 500
    Total 135,500

  4. All this holocaust story is just the makeup that cover as victims, to those criminals that now kills with complete impunity the Palestinian people. Wash the makeup and you can look at them not as the perpetual victims they pretend to be, but as the murderers’ they really are. That’s why they hate so much the truth.

  5. World Wars I and II themselves were merely a preliminary stage for this achievement — in their view, understandably, but why, why in the view of the French, the Swiss, the Germans?

    Perhaps many of those supposed “German” and “French” administrators, lawmakers and magistrates are actually crypto-Jews.

  6. My 1970 World Book Encyclopedia makes no mention of the Holocaust or any mass killing of Jews.

    1. @Robert Browning 5-23-2018: Just wondering. Check the publisher of the 1970 WBE. Then, check the chain of ownership and|or publisher of WBE, perhaps delving into “contributors” of comparable entries. We could have a “thread pool”: In what year did the WBE “catch up”? Under whose direction? I’ll take a look.

    2. What follows is the proverbial tip o’ ye olde iceberg. Let us begin.
      The 1917 edition was published by the Hanson-Roach-Fowler Company, but within two years, World Book became the property of W.F. Quarrie & Company. In 1945, the World Book became the property of Field Enterprises. In 1978, World Book was purchased by Scott Fetzer Company, which in turn has been a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway since 1985.
      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Fetzer_Company — worth perusing.

  7. I hope to live long enough to see the worm turn, to see the real 20th century history of the Jews revealed, to see them back off in shame before they can start WW3.

    1. Why jump into the lions den and lose ones freedom for denying the Shoah? I was not around to bear witness to the events of the era. To me the Holocaust is a “non-event.” I have absolutely no control over what did or didnt happen. If some elderly Shoah survivors blow a tire on the highway Donaldo will gladly park his rig and help them change it to ease their suffering. Thats the best I can do. If Jews want to stay submerged in their false, delusional past, let them. What a boring and stale existance! Donaldo will live in the present and enjoy the small pleasures in life……..namely tequila and mistresses. 🙂

      1. Because it was used to get massive amounts of money from Germans and they continue to receive money and free submarines, etc., it’s been used to keep Germans down and to instill a guilt complex, allowing Jews and others to push for massive immigration to Germany and eradicate the German people, it’s been used to enact policies that will ensure a low German birthrate, it’s been used to ensure Germans will honor supposed Jewish victims with massive monuments to them and ensure the many millions of German victims in the war are not remembered by Germany, the Holocaust has been used to maintain the lie why the war was fought to begin with and it was used to justify the theft of Palestine and the brutality of Israelis towards Palestinians that continues until today and will happen tomorrow and thereafter. It’s been used to justify the theft of almost 1/3 of Germany and the expulsion of over 14 million Germans that had lived in their cities for centuries and it’s been used to keep this monumental event barely talked about.

        In short, it’s been used to empower Jews to be the world’s rulers, to keep the Germans down, and keep all other Europeans and whites down also.

      2. We now risk imprisonment for stating facts about the camps.

        Truly, Orwell’s 1984

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