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  1. We have all been fed a false history. I just hope historians in the future will put the record straight.

  2. Removing a few million Jewish civilians from their homes and transporting them for prison labor or killing them is a crime without equal. Poland and the rest of Europe were equally guilty. The excuse for this atrocity was that Jews were politically wrong. Armies led by Hitler fought Russia and were defeated. Prisoners of war were abused and many were starved to death. Jewish media had no compassion for those that fought a war which supported the arrest of a few million Jewish men, women, and children.

    1. Hi Melvin,
      You must have been thoroughly brainwashed. I am sure that you (Like most decent Jews) really believe what you write, but that comment is the exact opposite of the truth. May I suggest you read Gerard Menuhin’s book, “Tell the truth and shame the devil”.

      1. I’m sure he’s ordering the book right now, John. I don’t know why anyone keeps responding to his comments. I stand by my previous comment that he’s a paid troll.

      2. Much of 20th century European history was a Jewish public relations campaign; hysterical, paranoid, exaggerated, self-absorbed, and full of hate for anybody who dares issue a word of criticism of Jews. Now with Israel dominating the USA has anything changed?

    2. The reason Jews were arrested and quarantined and others were not, was not because they didn’t believe in Jesus, as Jews claim. That would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculously stupid. Jews proclaimed themselves to be Germany’s number one enemy by their words and their deeds. That is why Jews were arrested. Far more than anyone else, they made sure the German-Polish dispute would turn into a war and then turned that three week war with a country that didn’t exist 20 years earlier (Poland) into WW II. Whatever Jews got, they brought it on themselves. The millions of German women and children that were murdered in bombing raids or when a German city was overrun were the victims of Jews more than anyone else. And in the eastern European countries, the brutal Soviet Secret Service was dominated by Jews and the local population of Jews always welcomed the communists, when everyone else was against them, making the Jews stick out as traitors. There is so much more, including the Jews leading role in partisan warfare.

      Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. Reviews: Final Solution: The Fate of the Jews, 1933–49

      “When the levee finally broke, Jewish thoughts were consumed with ambitions for revenge. Cesarani tells the story of one Polish Jew who confided in his diary in the early days of the German invasion “Jews won’t let Hitler get away with it. Our revenge will be terrible.” And, of course, in many places across Poland it was. In retaliation, the death squads formed under Operation Tannenberg undertook the task of grim but militarily necessary reprisals.”

      “Cesarani notes that many Jews who had believed foreign propaganda experienced a reality check, and that despite ongoing anti-German propaganda, there was a “steep decline in the number of Jews leaving the country, and a rising number of those returning.” Despite the movement of Jews into National Socialist Germany, there was no easing of the international Jewish agitation against the new government. A phantom “refugee” craze was hyped by the media, with President Franklin Roosevelt even proposing that the US relax visa controls on Jews in order to admit “the desperate.””

      “James McDonald began winding up the League of Nations” High Commission for Refugees, writing to a colleague that “within Germany the Jews were better off” than if they decided to go elsewhere as “refugees.” And the Jews knew it. The German authorities remarked in October that Polish Jews were sneaking into the country looking for work. Many residents of towns targeted by migrants and, in the words of one police chief, suffering “the aggressive behavior of the Jews,” struggled to understand why the regime continuously failed to react to domestic and international Jewish provocation.”

      “As I closed my introduction to this review, I noted that the only genuine mystery attached to the Jewish fate during World War II was that there should ever have been anything mysterious attributed to it at all.”

      ” You see, in more ways than one, “the Holocaust” as a cultural concept has performed one of the greatest vanishing acts in history — the disappearance of the Jews as active participants in a war that certainly took place between 1939 and 1945, but which began long before and continues until the present. Examining the thousands upon thousands of histories of World War II, one would get the impression that there was not only one war, but also only one aggressor. Quite how and why “the Jews” leave the historical stage as belligerents in 1939, when the preceding six years had witnessed them engaging in international propaganda wars, political manoeuvring, and targeted assassinations in several European countries, has been surprisingly overlooked.”

      “one chronicler reported that in certain quarters of the ghetto “fashion is in full swing again. … Smartly dressed women promenade up and down.” Others dined with “caviar, smoked salmon and brandy.” One Warsaw diarist wrote that “a number of caviar shops have been set up.” Another, Mary Berg, recorded that “new cafes and expensive grocery stores have appeared, where everything can be had. On Sienna Street and Leszno Street, women are seen in elegant coats and dresses fashioned by the best dressmakers.” In some of the bars one could get “fine wines and deliciously prepared cotelettes de volaille or boeuf Stroganoff.” As impoverished Jews died outside such establishments, the German authorities watched this startling inversion of parasitism, eventually bringing in film crews to document it for wider audiences.

      Even the invasion of the Soviet Union brought no great change in the Jewish policies of the Third Reich. Cesarani remarks that German Judenpolitikremained in a “holding pattern” and that “Operation Barbarossa did not produce any specific initiatives regarding the Jews.” However, the realities of the war soon took its toll on this approach. For a start, the question of Jewish loyalties came irresistibly to the fore. It wasn’t just that Jews were anti-German — it was that they were pro-Bolshevik to a man. While Poles looked to the East with horror, one Jewish contemporary recalled that in every village Jews “welcomed the Red Army with joy.”

      ” However, even faced with gangs of Jewish assassins and whole communities seething with revenge fantasies, the German “death” squads could be remarkably lenient. In Lithuania and Latvia, even when local Nationalists arrested Jews as Communist sympathizers, German officers frequently released Jews from incensed locals.”

  3. My German father was 13 when the war ended and he told me of Germany’s soldiers being held in vast fields without water or food where many died. I don’t believe he was an eyewitness, but news had a way of spreading. I have read more than one account by soldiers that spoke of this, including an excellent book by the Englishman Gordon Williamson called Loyalty is My Honor in which he interviewed many Waffen SS soldiers. I have not read James Bacque’s book but David Irving endorsed it. Apparently, until Mr. Bacque wrote his book he had a successful career as an author, but when he wrote his book he was attacked to the degree his career was ruined, just like they did to David Irving, one of the best known historians of WW II until he started talking about the so called holocaust.

  4. Napalm bombing of civilians during the Vietnam war was forgiven as over 500 American POWS were returned unharmed. But German POWs were not forgiven as many starved to death. Those that maim or take the life of even one innocent Jew can never be forgiven. German, Poles, Lithuanians, and other Jew-haters who participated in the maiming or killing of millions of Jews can never be forgiven. Even in peacetime Jews suffer pain. Young Jews are terrorized by bullies and the pain can never be forgiven. Jews of all ages experience widespread harassment and sometimes violence. Innocent Jews are affected by hurt more than any other race and that is why they are last to forgive.

    1. yes it’s awful,
      all those poor young jewish girls being raped and pimped off by the Pakistani rape gangs in the UK.

  5. i don’t think melvin’s quite got the spirit of things here…
    this is a free-thought hall… it’s about a process of awakening, becoming conscious…
    and we’re operating largely on the idea that uncovering heretofore repressed history, while also exposing lots of big lies, will wise us up to an evolutionary level…
    we should all keep our minds open to the others’ statements, looking for insight, listening carefully and trying to discover new perspectives, determining for ourselves where each of us is at in the mud and what info we appreciate…..
    those who do nothing but react defensively, like soldiers defending a fort, never expressing one original thought, not only make no contribution, they also never learn anything…
    try not to stereotype yourself… be honest.. tell us how you really feel.. not what’s your dogma puke… start telling the truth right now and don’t stop… be really real… admit your indoctrination… open your eyes…

    1. An honest jew you say. Ha, ha, ha. Nice joke.
      As Diogenes used to say I am looking for an honest jew.

  6. Mel can rejoice…. World’s Youngest Leader Closes Mosques, Deports Imams From Austria

    Austria’s popular Chancellor is fulfilling his election promises.

    Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the youngest world leader, has ordered the closing of seven mosques and has begun deporting “radical” imams back to their homelands due to violations of a recent Austrian law that bans “political Islam”.

    “Parallel societies, politicized Islam or radical tendencies have no place in our country,” Mr. Kurz said at a press conference announcing the measures in Vienna, while railing against the disastrous results of multiculturalism in Western Europe.


  7. I had a long comment on this article that I posted this morning or yesterday (I forgot exactly when I posted it), it was available for viewing for hours, and now it appears to have disappeared.

    1. @ Peter

      If the long comment you refer to begins with these words: “The reason Jews were arrested and quarantined and others were not, was not because they didn’t believe in Jesus, as Jews claim. That would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculously stupid. . . etc. etc.” you will find it posted above. (At 5.44am, 25 December).

      This is the only long comment you submitted today, as far as I can see. (Toby)

  8. Monika Schaefer is out of prison and was interviewed by Dr. Patrick Slattery. She discusses her imprisonment, Germany, her brother (who is still in prison) and reveals her own relatives reported her to the police, which led to her arrest. She is not angry at them but feels sorry for them. Also on the program is Patrick Little who ran unsuccessfully for office recently and is very “woken” to the Jewish question.


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