An American Jew denounces the persecution suffered by Alison Chabloz and Monika Schaefer

Sourced from Alison Chabloz’ site,
July 24, 2018

On January 16 of this year Henry Herskovitz spoke out against the persecution by Jewish organisations of the Briton Alison Chabloz and the Canadian Monika Schaefer (the latter has now been imprisoned in Germany for nearly 200 days). Both women had expressed, particularly in videos posted on the internet, their revisionist convictions.

ALISON CHABLOZ (far left), MONIKA SCHAEFER (far right). The distinguished lady in the middle, another persecuted Holocaust revisionist, is Frau Ursula Haverbeck who is mentioned below.

H. Herskovitz is a retired engineer living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He was a friend of the late Ernst Zündel. He is Jewish, a revisionist and has long been active against both the policies of the State of Israel and international Zionism; he defends the Palestinian cause.

Six months ago he was able to read aloud the text of his statement in support of the two brave female revisionists (pictured above) before Ann Arbor city council (see the video linked below running 3 mins. 47 seconds.)

Today the names of the Englishwoman Michèle Renouf, the grand German lady Ursula Haverbeck, the Frenchwoman Maria Poumier and several other representatives of the allegedly “weaker” sex are associated with theirs.

another Revisionist stalwart whose name will be remembered
long after the rest of us lesser mortals are dead.

Click here to view original article which includes video footage (3.47 mins) of Mr Herskovitz’ speech.

39 thoughts to “An American Jew denounces the persecution suffered by Alison Chabloz and Monika Schaefer”

  1. Sorry to say – that’s not SPEAKING OUT – not really.
    SPEAKING THE TRUTH means naming the real culprits.
    Talking about the “GERMAN government” – when THERE IS NONE – an insult
    paints a completely false picture right from the start
    and quoting Niemöller makes it no better (distorted context)
    It’s half-heartedly (‘lau’ – lukewarm) – appears hypocritical even.
    Better than nothing? Not quite – Half-truths are lies, too.
    And lies are of no help. Definitely not.
    (a Jew with a conscience? – Sorry, I’m getting impatient. It’s way too little)

    1. Nothing improper about his presentation, Freya. Remember, he was speaking to an audience who was probably completely unfamiliar with the circumstance – and his paraphrase struck a note of familiarity, and urgency. Methinks he did well!

    2. The media have ignored these women. No wonder most of the public now don’t believe the news

  2. PAT et al
    # re video – Putin’s Poodle – SPEAKING THE TRUTH
    . . . can’t agree with the proposed “solution” of throwing a nuclear bomb on Moscow “to defeat the communist demons”

    for the simple reason: It’s NEVER the real culprits but only the innocent people who get hit and killed by such an onslaught. There has already been GENOCIDE in Russia (by the Jewish Bolshevic revolutionaries who slaughtered 66+ million Russians), in Germany (by the all lies firebombing of the German cities, by starvation and desease), in Japan (by dropping TWO nuclear bombs on them AFTER they had already surrendered)

    You can’t make peace by waging war.
    We don’t need more of the same.
    We need something completely different.

    A spiritual way of fighting would be TALKING TRUTH FREELY AND OPENLY . . .
    that’s the endeavour we have to engage in . . .
    and that takes much more than the average guy is prepared to give . . .
    Less would be too cheap . . .
    and not successful.

    “. . . those Russians MUST have known the (((origins))) of their tormentors. It makes sense! The vitriole spewed by these scum leftists against cordiality between Trump and Putin has an explanation: FEAR OF EXPOSURE. “ (Gilbert Huntly)

    Of course they did know, as did the Germans of the time.
    However – Putin (actually a crypto Jew posing as “Christian orthodox”) DOES NOT EXPOSE ((( THEIR ))) LIES – he PROTECTS them

    PAT (Video translation NEEDS VERIFICATION):
    In 2012, Putin arrived in Israel to take part in the inauguration of the Victory Monument in the city of Netanya, commemorating THE SACRIFICES OF THE RED ARMY ON BEHALF OF JEWS during World War II. Putin said on that occasion:

    “I am very excited to be here today…. The JEWISH Holocaust was THE MOST shameful and dark event in human history, and the Soviet Army was the one who crushed the head of the NAZI MONSTER… This amazing monument strengthens the respect I feel towards the Jewish people and the State of Israel.”

    Did Putin REALLY talk about “crushing the head of the Nazi monster“ ? (I did not hear that in the video) COMPLETELY IGNORING what the JEWISH BOLSHEVICS did to Tsarist Russia (GENOCIDE) and the fact that those “evil Nazis“ didn’t have any problems with the Russian people but fought against JEWISH COMMUNISM/BOLSHEWISM the Red Army was forced to fight for . . . THE WORST THREAT to Germany and the whole of western Europe
    Europe was NOT LIBERATED by the Red Army! Putin knows that all too well; he’s telling lies.
    If Putin is not interested in HISTORIC TRUTH, he can’t be a Christian either.
    The only conclusion left: He is another LIAR, DECEIVER and IMPOSTER.
    . . . and that’s VERY BAD.

    “. . . how far from fdr’s partnership with the bolsheviks is trump and putin’s deal now?“
    Trump and Putin are both Jews. Both have Jewish mothers? And this Putin is a double too. That’s obvious. The real one held his speech in the German Bundestag in fluent German. After that he disappeared and another one emerged. Somebody got plastic surgery to look similar to the original one. This one has a good understanding of the German language but he has lost his fluency in speaking (and he turns out to be a figure not to be trusted – another actor – FAKE)

    Is it a RE-RUN of Roosevelt (Jew Rosenfeld) and “Uncle Joe“ Stalin?
    (Jew Djugashvili – In the Georgian language “shvili” means son of, or son, as in Johnson. “Djuga” means Jew. Therefore Djugashvili means Jewison. So Joe Stalin’s real name, before he changed it, was Joe Jewison. His name was Joseph David Djugashvili, a typical Jewish name. During his revolutionary days he changed his name to “Kochba”, the leader of the Jews during one of the anti-Roman uprisings of the Jews. Russians don’t change their names)

    ((( They ))) have all sides under their control. THEY NEVER LOST CONTROL of Russia.
    The Talmudic Satanic Chabad Lubavitcher rabbis are in charge.
    Satan – “Lucifer” – the DECEIVER – reigns.

    . . . which leaves us in BIG BIG TROUBLE

    (ADMIN: Second posting – for it should not be missed)

    1. @ Freija, I like your germanic name and your comments. Putin and Trump are both jews that’s correct. But remember there are not a few posters on this site who are plain jewish hiding in disguise. Always spying and posing as “christians”. I say it once as I said it before, it’s the christians who protect/defend the jews. There are so many christian jews you would be surprised. Of course pretending being “christians”. And that’s why there is a jewish problem. I love the German history.

      1. There is no evidence whatsoever that Trump is Jewish from either side of his family and his Germanic looks (blonde hair) were standard in WW II films for those portraying a German. This was before Germany became multicultural. Trump behaves like a politician under the powerful influence of Jews, maybe with additional influence from all his Jewish relatives. That doesn’t make him a Jew. I wonder what his German grandparents would make of his family. In their day, Jews converted to Lutheranism.

        In Germany Jews stood out often with their dark hair and possibly a Jewish nose. Not always, because they had mixed with Europeans over the centuries, but Trump looks German, perhaps Scottish, not typically Jewish.

        German children:×594

        Jewish children:

    2. The Presidents mother, Mary Anne McLeod, daughter of fisherman Malcolm McLeod, was born on Stornaway in the outer hebrides. Jews on Stornaway in the 1920s? unlikely.

      1. Rather, John, HIGHLY likely. Read the book “When Scotland was Jewish.” Through the pogroms over the centuries, Scotland ALWAYS welcomed the Jews. If I remember correctly this book indicated that easily one in four current Scots have Jewish DNA.

    3. Freya –

      ONLY “another LIAR, DECEIVER and IMPOSTER….”, a veritable ‘Put-On’… 🙂 would be ‘put in’ office there as a winner of the FAKE elections in Russia.

    4. Freya, that quote about “throwing a nuclear bomb on Moscow” to defeat the communist demons is from the 70’s, referencing the atheistic communist USSR.
      Atheistic communists are demons, no doubt.
      This might offer a little context as the former USSR and today’s Russia are two different bears.

      1. The former USSR was ruled by jews and Putin’s “Russia” is till today ruled by the jews. Of course the jews want you to believe otherwise. As the West is Jew-West, the East is Jew-east. Our rulers ares jewish pretending to be christians and ruling over christian masses/plebs. Because as you should know the jews sind das Herrenvolk, more equal than others.

      2. “. . . as the former USSR and today’s Russia are two different bears.”

        THAT’s the question.
        IF Chabad Lubavitcher Talmudists are in power now – there is no real difference to atheists in respect to lawlessness – The Satanic belief is: “DO AS THOU WILT, SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW!” (Alistair Crowley, freemason, satanist, Cabbala “magician”) – and undoubtedly – the Bolshevics did what they wanted – genociding millions of Russians (Christians) without any scruples. No morals, no conscience at all. Anything goes. That’s the open secret of their “Jewish superiority”, “superior intelligence”, “smartness”, “Every Jew a god, every Christian a slave”
        (there are better words to describe what they really are)

        “. . . Laws are in the works all throughout the US to shut down criticism of Zionists and jews.. .” (Pat)
        Obviously, they want to pull it off again. A multi-million genocide.
        “Anti-semitism” laws for starters

        We should introduce “Anti-gentilism” laws – laws to protect an endangered species: the white race, the most accomplished one on earth, very rare and precious . . .

        What kind of uproar might such a proposal cause?
        LET’S DO IT.

  3. KNOW that the sneaky bastard jews ALWAYS LIE to Christians. They are REQUIRED by ‘jew-law’ – the Talmud – to do so!!

    Anyone who has been dealing with the criminal jew critters for decades will easily recognize the phony attempt at publicly denouncing the persecution of those critical of jews as a warning to others who might speak out. Laws are in the works all throughout the US to shut down criticism of Zionists and jews.

    Anti-jew speech is on the rise in Michigan. Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan.

    I see them grasping at any straw that might work in he jews’ favor. Paying their jew buddies to speak out at city council meetings, such as Ann Arbor, would fit in nicely with their skillful routines. THEN… the ordinances and regulations will come! Precedents will be set!

    Even the ACLU is being attacked by jews, as reported in the Detroit News late last year:

    Anti-Zionism is the new anti-Semitism
    Jacob Millner Published 10:57 p.m. ET Nov. 21, 2017

    From the floor of the U.S. Senate, New York Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer and Senate minority leader said, “Anti-Semitism is a word that has been used throughout history when Jewish people are judged and measured by one standard and the rest by another. So it is with anti-Zionism; the idea that all other peoples can seek and defend their right to self-determination, but Jews cannot.”

    The complete and utter failure of the ACLU to recognize anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism is unacceptable. That failure loans credence to those who say the ACLU has become a political tool of the alt-left. Given the storied history of this organization, that’s a genuine tragedy.

    1. It is not rare to find that the ones, who get “free publicity by the press “, who pretend to protect the freedom of speech by “attacking/naming the jews” have a more sinister agenda. The agenda IS actually to block every possible criticism over and about the jews. Using the guided “outrage of common people “and the reflex of outcrying the word “antisemitism” will provide the jews the tool and argument of shutting down the freedom of speech. It’s played on the Hegelian way, create a problem- watch/wait the reaction- present a solution. What I have found is that the most of these “advocates of free speech”are of jewish descent! So we must be very cautious lauding these so called “advocates of free speech”. An investigation of their background, allegiance and motive is absolutely essential to consider them for real.

      1. NTP –

        Correct! Problem – Reaction – Solution…. always.

        THEN… the ordinances and regulations will come!

        Precedents will be set!

        The cry in a few decades….. “It’s been that way for years!”

  4. @ Pat

    I thank God I am not as cynical as you!

    The Jewish man, Herskovitz, is genuine, in my opinion. The ideal of Liberty is valid for all humans, and are Jews not human?

    Back in the 70s a stunt man was going to fly over the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle. When the time came for him to do this he backed down. Apparently he valued his life more than his honor

    I submit that negating the First Amendment with hate speech laws is analogous to flying over the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle.

    1. You really ‘blew it’ that time, Kendra.. 🙂
      When you have studied, lectured and written about the talmudic jews for 6 decades…. you will never call anyone cynical for showing the MO of the “good”(sic) jews.

      The Grand Canyon jumps are less dangerous than the jews.

      1. @ Pat

        First, remember C. P. Snow’s book “Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution”? Yours truly came from the Science side of the equation. My dad was an atomic physicist who worked at Oak Ridge and Argonne national labs. I grew up among scientists. Many of whom were Jews.

        The retired engineer in question who is a Jew opposed to the jailing of Holocaust revisionists is a person I can “place” from people I have known in life.

        I think the man is probably genuine. Of course, it is possible that he is acting in the interest of the Jewish nation, for Jewish identity runs deep. But I think he is probably genuine.

        Secondly, yours truly has written a book in which the expulsion of all Jews from the United States was advocated. And I have not changed my mind.

      2. Kendra –

        “I think the man is probably genuine.”

        As an astute author… you should KNOW….

        “think” = guess
        “probably” = guess.

        Speaking and writing about and praising “good jews”(sic) is the exact reason they get back into countries from which they were kicked out.

        Hundreds of asked why they were let back in, after being banished.
        **NOW… you can tell them why. “Good jews”(sic) were let back in.

  5. WHEN have ((( JEWS ))) and ((( ISRAEL ))) EVER been a BLESSING to the world?

    Are ((( THEY ))) the “light of the world“? – INVERTED REALITY.

    WHILE LYING about “Peace – Justice – and Truth“ . . . “Liberation and Diversity“, they use more WEAPONIZED WORDS “Racism – Anti-Semitism – Naziism“ and wage a PSYCHOLOGICAL WAR against the white race. JEWISH SUBVERSIVES and REVOLUTIONARIES are the DESTROYERS and MASS MURDERERS of hundreds of millions of people – They are killing off nations and peoples by MULTIPLE GENOCIDES over decades and centuries by pitting us against each other – Now happily bragging about their leading role in WHITE GENOCIDE – Never making any amendments for THEIR HORRIFIC CRIMES against humanity scapegoating the white race. They are an ALIEN DESTRUCTIVE FORCE in any human society. Their “religion“ is SATANISM. False pseudo-Christian preachers are their lackeys. By supporting Israel they are supporting “JEW WORLD ORDER“-SATANISM. Their “God“ is SATAN/LUCIFER – MOLECH (or whatever names their “MYSTERY BABYLON“ demon gods have)

    It’s NOT the same God Jesus was preaching about.

    Seeking peaceful relationships to Russia, North Korea and Iran is not treason, but putting Jewish Zionist interests (“GREATER ISRAEL”) ABOVE those of the American people IS HIGH TREASON . . .

  6. @ Kendra, interesting, what is the name of the book you have written? I would like to read it.

    1. @ Notalmudplease

      “Why Is Marijuana Illegal?” is the book’s title. It is the slightly fictionalized true story of how I became an anti-Semite. It has a lot to say about the Holocaust and 9-11. At present I am distributing it as a free book in PDF and epub formats. In 2016 I tried to self-publish it, but that didn’t work out and I lost some money.

      When I get finished with the book I am presently working on (“Alone Witk Kant in San Francisco”) I hope to set up a web site where my writings can be accessed. Until then I can only pass on the book by email, and I don’t want to give my email address here, because people who are opposed to us are snooping.

      1. Kendra –

        Set up a free WordPress site in 5 minutes and post some previews there. is the platform for Darkmoon.

  7. “H. Herskovitz is a retired engineer living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He was a friend of the late Ernst Zündel.”

    Friend? Or just obeying the mafia-type advice to keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

  8. @ Pat

    Thanks for the advice regarding WordPress. At present I am working very hard developing a theory of race-soul based on Kant’s metaphysics, as part of my new book. I have no time for anything else.

    You have connections with Kaminski, right? I think he has a copy of my “marijuana” book and will forward it to you, if you want to read it.

    1. @ Ton Nuiten

      Spencer and Johnson, and the alt-right generally, I think, want to include Jews in the White Nationalism movement. I am against that. I think we should regard Jews as enemies. There may be some good people among them, but they are enemies.

      1. @ Ton Nuiten

        The Jews did 9-11 in order to circumvent the Fourth Amendment and spy on White Americans. The evidence for this is very strong, and the deed was an act of war.

    2. @ Ton Nuiten

      Spencer and Johnson, and the alt-right generally, I think, want to include Jews in the White Nationalism movement. I am against that. I think we should regard Jews as enemies. There may be some good people among them, but they are enemies.

      1. I do remember Charlottesville organized by the ‘ whites’ of jewish origin. What a joke when the ‘ whites’ need the jews to
        propagate their case. It’s like a slave who depends of his owner to defend his rights of freedom. ‘ the whites’ are so stupid and brainwashed and honestly hopeless. Ask yourself the question are there atill whites is in the jewsa. No! Watch your neighboorhood, watch tv, it’s already a melting pot a minestrone. They even call some mexicans ‘ white’. But there is hope Goyim. There is the blond white askenazi jew, but doubt not he is a christian as you all want to believe.

  9. Thousands of Jews want to be certified as white by joining nationalistic groups. The spirit of whiteness should include participating Jews.

    1. ADMIN: Kendra, your comment went into Spam for technical reasons. So I clicked on “NOT SPAM”, thereby approving your comment. Apologies for the delay in posting.

      @ Melvin Polatnick

      Hello Hasbara?

      I have said that Jews should be regarded as enemies by White Americans. On what grounds? Jewish authorship of 9-11 is the best argument. There have been many bad things besides 9-11 that the Jews have done to White Americans, such as involvement in the World Wars, the murder of President Kennedy, the flood of colored immigrants, and the Holocaust psychological operation (which does damage to the self-esteem of all White people, not just Germans), but 9-11 is special in that the evidence is amazingly good. 9-11 was done by the Israeli Mossad with help from American Jews, and a mistake was made in that the use of nano-thermite left _evidence_. State military intelligence organizations, such as the Mossad or the CIA, almost never make such bad mistakes as happened in 9-11. (Please go to to see the magnitude of this mistake.) Only once in 100 years does a state military intelligence organization make such a bad mistake. Thus we White Americans got lucky, even so lucky that we should consider it providential. Now then, 9-11 produced two results: (1) American military involvement in the Near East, and (2) surveillance on White Americans that circumvented Fourth Amendment protection. Both are bad results for White Americans, but (2) is the worse of the two bad developments because it involves an effective negation of a Constitutional right. It is a large step in the direction of a police state that will replace the traditional free country. Whoever did 9-11 was therefore an enemy of the free country of American tradition. I have said that the Israeli Mossad with help from American Jews authored 9-11. What is my argument? First the use of nano-thermite proves that a state military intelligence of one stripe or another was behind the event because in 2001 nano-thermite was only made in state military labs like Laurence Livermore, and was not available to people without a security clearance, and tons, even hundreds of tons of the stuff was used in the WTC buildings. Thus, a state military intelligence of one stripe or another authored the event. But which one was it? Mossad, CIA, or some other? It is known of state military intelligence organizations that they are very thorough in their planning. When they do a big event like 9-11 they plan it for years in advance, and they also plan the cover-up very thoroughly. Well, in 1987 the security contract for the WTC complex of large buildings (the contract for the private police who guard the grounds) was secured by an Israeli Mossad created company named Atwell Security, whose headman was a former Shin Bet chief named Bendor. Now it can be predicted that any state military intelligence organization that intended to blow up the WTC towers would want to secure the WTC security contract since this would enable them to wire the buildings with explosives without detection. Okay, the WTC complex of large buildings was then controlled by the Port Authority of New Jersey. The Port Authority soon learned that Bendor, the former Shin Bet chief who headed Atwell, the Mossad controlled Israeli company, had been relieved of his position at Shin Bet due to a scandal (he had ordered the deaths of some captured young Palestinian bus hijackers without any trial, and had ordered that they be killed by means of stones impacting their heads!) and, upon learning of this scandal, they, the Port Authority, cancelled the contract. Okay, that by itself , i.e., the fact that the security contract for the WTC buildings had been briefly held by a Mossad operation, is very strong evidence that the state military intelligence operation that authored 9-11 was Israeli. But there is more. The 1993 bombing of one of the WTC towers (which was authored by the Mossad, according to Michael Collins Piper) prompted the Port Authority to upgrade their WTC security, and a new contract for this was put up for bidding, and the new contract went to Kroll Associates, and Kroll, the owner was a Zionist with Mossad connections. Thus, the contract for WTC security again fell into the hands of the Mossad. Thus, the Mossad had acquired control of the WTC security contract, which they would need in order to wire the Towers with explosives without public detection, by means of a prolonged effort. Thus, at this point the evidence that Israel was the culprit in the 9-11 event has become extremely strong. Yet there is more. It can be predicted from knowledge of state military intelligence operations that the planning for such a big event as 9-11 would involve the cover-up, as well as the execution of the event. And evidence of explosives and thermite would be found on the steel support beams that would survive the event and be left in the rubble. And these steel beams that contained such evidence would therefore need to be destroyed as part of the planned cover-up. And because such destruction of evidence would be illegal, someone would need to be put in a position of authority by which this illegal act could be authorized. Well, guess what? Michael Chertoff, a Jew born in Israel, whose mother had been a Mossad agent, had been positioned as the number two man in the Justice Dept., who had control over the FBI, at the time of the 9-11 event. And the evidence-bearing steel support beams in the Ground Zero rubble heap of the destroyed WTC towers were all hastily gathered up and shipped to China to be melted down as scrap metal, and the Jew Chertoff must have given permission for this illegal destruction of evidence at a crime scene.

      In case it is objected that this evidence only pertains to Zionist Jews, I submit that when Jews became citizens in White nations they assumed a responsibility to control their nationalistic elements and ensure that such things as 9-11 would not happen. And if such things as 9-11 did happen, all Jews would be responsible, not just Zionists.

      I conclude, therefore, that White Americans should regard all Jews as enemies, based on evidence from the 9-11 event.

      And, as I’ve said, 9-11 is not the only bad thing Jews have done to White Americans, nor is it the worst of these bad things. It just happens to be a bad thing done by the Jews to White Americans where the evidence is unusually good.

  10. simple test – do the jews you know openly denounce zionism and the apartheid state of israel?
    if not, get em outta here…

    1. simple test – the whole truth or only half truths? certain aspects left out completely?

      “apartheid” is just another one of these weaponized terms . . . used by Joos exclusively against whites (exempting themselves and their strictly ethnocentric Jewish state of Israel)

      The point is: It’s NOT about “apartheid” – living among ones own is the natural thing!
      Whites prefer living among Whites; Blacks among Blacks, Asians among Asians
      There ARE different races, different communities – and that’s the way it has ALWAYS been over centuries

      For example: South Africa
      White settlers migrating from Europe – from the Netherlands, Germany and France – fleeing religious persecution – founded there THEIR communities, THEIR nation state/s, THEIR specific white European Christian culture – naturally APART and SEPARATE from the black villages somewhere farther away. To expect anything different would have been INSANE . . .

      And here again: It was Jews who used the British establishment (greed) and military to fight the Boers (Bauern = farmers).They put women and children into concentration camps, where lot of them died. The men fought bravely but lost in the end. Already weakened by that onslaught the Whites were easy prey for the events to come: “The Black Revolutionary Movement” (guess what – under Jewish leadership – terrorist Mandela their “super hero” frontman) – and as time goes by – the South African Boers have lost their independence to a majority of Blacks (flooding in) who now claim ownership to EVERYTHING the whites have built and rightfully own. EXPROPRIATION & WHITE GENOCIDE is the reality of their “End of Apartheid” and the establishment of a multi-racial “Rainbow Nation” – obviously turning into a hellhole by now . . .

      The point is: The solution NEVER lies in the extremes.

      Societies may be racially, culturally mixed – but there must be a majority who takes the lead. If the European Christian nations had ever been strict “apartheid” states, Jews would never have found refuge there. The problem has always been that Jews turn against their host countries in a subversive, destructive way. Their loyalty is only to their own tribe.

      So – separation (“apartheid” – living apart) would be the best solution (for protection)


    The German “blond, blue-eyed version” of The Donald: Alice Weidel (AfD)
    the new Merkel 2.0?

    (Jewish Zionist, former GoldmanSUCKS employee, liberal careerist, feminist, privately living together with her lesbian mate, in Switzerland; with adopted child); the FDP party (The Liberals) would be a better choice for her – but she joined the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland – the first opposition party for long – all the other parties act like Zionist lobby organizations not as representatives to their voters)

    I have my reasons not to trust her (and I’ve told her so) – actions count not “sweet” words

  12. Freya – most effective to use the zionists’ own terms against them… good point though. Americans have no choice but to call Israel what it is now, and when you can paint somebody brown with his own brush, he’s then at a loss without a doubt… and the zionists are way past due to be called on their hipocrisy.
    In fact, it is in the reduction of hipocrisy that we find evidence of accountability and the increase in awareness, progress, humanity doing what’s right by logic. No matter who some people say they are….
    Having said all that – every country should take the necessary steps to preserve it’s racial, ethnic heritage. Trade sovereignty, Secure borders, controlled immigration.
    And each individual nation should have an equal seat at the world body, so that democracy might function there. .
    But when the whole world is miscegenated under one central omniscient authority, diversity and diverse opinion will be less…
    Of course the Jews are well aware this reactionary nationalistic trend, with
    Their recent declaration of Israel for Jews only, i guess them now dropping the pretense of them being the only democracy in the middle east. as usual those who have all the power are way out in front of the wave they made.

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