Angela Merkel will escape ‘firing squad’ by retreating ignominiously into lucrative retirement

[LD] This article from the Daily Mail admits that Angela Merkel’s reign of “dreadful hubris and political irresponsibility” is over. However, it makes the mistake of portraying Germany’s Iron Chancellor as a charismatic heroine carried away by her own altruism who has let millions of Third World immigrants into Europe out of sheer compassion and kindness. Above all, we are told, she has done this in an attempt to make amends for the crimes of the Holocaust. The idea that this sick, mentally deranged woman could be a Zionist stooge, working hand in glove with international Jewry and the likes of George Soros to bring about the systematic  genocide of the European people by miscegenation and mongrelization — i.e. White genocide — just does not occur to the politically correct Mr Sandbrook. [LD]   

By Dominic Sandbrook
The Daily Mail

(“Mother is a goner”)

Angela Merkel is affectionately known by many Germans as “Mutti” (mother).
The word is synonymous with “Mommy” or “Mom”.

There can be no doubt that Angela Merkel is into the end game now. Only hours after regional election results in Hesse, central Germany, showed her party haemorrhaging a tenth of its support, the Iron Chancellor announced that she will not stand for re-election as chairman of the Christian Democratic Party this autumn, and will step down as Chancellor in 2021.

She still intends to stay on for at least two more years, mind you. But given that she has now acknowledged her own political mortality and set a time limit on her departure, yesterday’s announcement represents a sensational admission of weakness.

The truth is that this has been coming for years. Mrs Merkel has led her country since 2005 and her party since 2000. For a generation, she has been by far Europe’s leading political figure.

For the last three years, however, her political authority has been steadily ebbing. And although electoral fatigue and the rise of smaller parties have played their part, the plain fact is that her troubles really started the moment in 2015 that she threw open Germany’s borders to an estimated one million Middle Eastern migrants.

At the time, Mrs Merkel insisted that given its unhappy history, Germany had a special responsibility to look after those in trouble. And when people had the temerity to wonder whether the influx of so many newcomers might cause social problems of its own, she said simply: ‘Wir schaffen das’ – ‘We can do this.’

Mrs Merkel’s decision may have reflected well on her sense of social duty, but in hindsight it looks a moment of dreadful hubris and political irresponsibility.

The most obvious political result has been the shocking surge of the far-Right AfD, which won 13 per cent of the vote in last year’s federal elections and picked up another 12 per cent in Hesse at the weekend.

The AfD are clearly not going away. And the problem now for Mrs Merkel is that whenever her she and her centre-Right allies try to lure back the AfD’s voters, they end up driving away moderates to parties like the Greens, who won almost 20 per cent in Hesse.

In effect, she is being squeezed from both Right and Left. To make matters worse, her coalition partners, the centre-Left Social Democrats, did even worse and may pull out of her governing coalition.

Mrs Merkel may talk of continuing until 2021, but whether her party will allow her to last that long is another matter. The fact is that her regime has the smell of death about it. And the irony is she will leave behind a body politic poisoned by rows about immigration, with the far-Right buoyant for the first time since the 1930s.

Historians will surely look back on her final years in office as a case study in utopian over-reach. The truth is that however fine your motives, however righteous your rhetoric, you can only push your people so far.

It is telling, I think, that her latest humiliation came on the very day that Jair Bolsonaro was sweeping to victory in distant Brazil. With his blood-curdling rhetoric about criminals and immigrants, as well his attacks on feminists and homosexuals, Brazil’s new president represents everything that Mrs Merkel abhors.

But he is also the latest face of a political trend that is sweeping the industrialised world, from Victor Orban in Hungary to Matteo Salvini in Italy. All these figures are tapping voters’ anxieties about crime, economic insecurity, multiculturalism and mass migration – anxieties fuelled, in part, by the policies pursued by Mrs Merkel and her admirers.

Revealingly, the AfD were quick to send their congratulations, praising Mr Bolsonaro as part of a worldwide ‘conservative revolution’, and as someone who ‘like the AfD … has been attacked from all sides because he, as an outsider, has challenged the system’.

Germany’s tragedy is that now, more than at any time since the fall of Nazism, the chances of a Teutonic version of the Brazilian strongman are greater than ever. And that, I fear, will be Mrs Merkel’s most enduring legacy.

“I bear responsibility for everything —
for our successes as well as our failures.”

Well done, Angela! — You have escaped the firing squad!


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  1. Merkel has kept alive memories of the Holocaust. She has made it a criminal act to deny German atrocities in the big war. Merkel made sure White Supremacy will not arise by mongrelizing Germany. She has allowed millions of Brown and Black skinned immigrants to enter the nation. Merkel is now retiring, her work is done.

    1. Do you think there might be “brown” supremacy, fool?? Any black or brown “supremacy” is a misnomer. It is, rather, a DISASTER for all involved!

      1. Whites are needed in Germany to help the new black and brown immigrants assimilate. Most of the new arrivals are young men without women. Sex workers paid by the government could cool of the lonely arrivals and keep them out of trouble. Whites can make life easier for the new arrivals by opening their bathroom and showers doors to them. Racists that hate the new arrivals and want them to return to the country of origin will have to see a psychiatrist and be medicated.

    2. Melvin,
      Why should any Darkmooner take seriously the postings of someone who cant afford to buy a shirt? Even my other Jewish brother TROJ, after being hosed down, is provided with clean, dry and warm clothes. Your shallow, silly comments only strive to provoke reactions from other posters but contribute nothing to the topic. Anyway…..time for more tequila as my mistress is in the shower.

    3. White supremacy is not the problem and it does not accurately describe the world’s history. Up thru WW II, Europeans considered themselves the most cultured and advanced peoples in the world for good reason. They dominated the world for centuries, at the very least. The only competition they had was against each other and when they destroyed themselves in WW II, two newcomers led the world, which were still people of European stock.

      The Jewish supremacists, the “chosen people”, have always been the problem. Europeans are much more open to outsiders than Jews. Jews form a cohesive group antagonistic to the majority wherever they settle. Let a few into any organization (CNN, Harvard, you name it) and they will soon dominate that organization because of their bigotry towards others. They only reason Jews work so hard to allow millions of Muslims into white countries is because Jews hate whites and want to weaken them, and it makes them feel safer when whites have been genocided in their own countries. Other than that, Jews are the biggest murderers of Muslims around the world, and they’ve done this since the 1940’s. Jews hate Muslims, but welcome them as friends because Jews hate whites even more.

  2. Merkel has recognized the complaints of Namibia for the massacre of 100,000 natives in the colonial era. Germany will contribute its expertise for the development of a cross country railway. Merkel was given praise by the Namibia counsel for her compassion.

    1. Just another lie by the Jews. For almost 100 years people talked of King Leopold of Belgium and the Congo genocide. Then a discredited Jew named Daniel Goldhagen wrote another book defaming the Germans after his first book about the so called holocaust was trashed by fellow Jews.

    2. The Herero massacre is a myth propagated by two Germans with East-German connections. As far as I am aware off, there is no single critical analysis available in the English language. There are, however, critical German investigations. But they have disappeared from the web. Including some very to the point readers letters from the Allgemeine Zeitung of Namibia from old South West African German residents and time witnesses of the Herero uprisings.

      Since the UN Resolution 435 Namibia (the new name by the UN, before it used to be South West Africa, SWA) is governed by the marxist SWAPO regime, so no wonder. They always need money. SWAPO and its military wing PLAN was one of the primary enemy combatants of the SADF (South African Defense Force). I was a combatant in the Namibian war arena back then. Merkel was deeply involved in the East-German influence sphere and it shows until today. East Germany was politically and militarily involved in Namibia and Angola.

      The Washington/Transatlantic Bridge aligned mr. Merz has made himself available as Merkels successor. This bodes not well for Germany.

      President Jair Bolsonaro intends to move the Israel embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Must one read in this that he wants to keep his back free in order to implement reforms in Brazil?

      1. Soldiers and their leaders that took part in the HEREO MASSACRE are long dead. There is no way that the truth can be uncovered. Stories of thousands slaughtered is alive among the Namibian natives.

      2. @Mekvin – Idiot. There are many myths alive among people all over Europe too. Propaganda continues thru the generations and people that weren’t even born talk like they were there. Like the discredited Jewish lies about Jews being made into soap and lampshades. Most people aren’t aware that even mainstream historians say these things never happened, hard as it must have been for those second raters to admit it.

      3. Here I discovered a link to an alternative view of the Herero “massacre”. Readers letters from Namibian papers point in the same direction (the links unfortunately don’t work anymore, but I have copied the contents plus link back then):

  3. mr. Sandbrook is a jew what can we expect from a jew? the jew acts as a good jew is supposed to do, according his tribe. Everything the jew does, is for the benefit of the jew world order, jewish dictatorship, we are living in. We goyim should just sit down and admire these wonderful children of jahweh, our beloved masters.

    1. @ Alice

      mr. Sandbrook is a jew … what can we expect from a jew?

      What makes you say Mr Sandbrook is a Jew?
      Do you have any proof for this statement?

      1. Why do you ask these questions? These questions should be asked by a jew. Who’s side are you on? Are you yourself a jew posing as a non-jew? Do you have a split personality? Or are you jewish and having a split personality considering your contradictory comments which I read. Unfortunetaly too many jewish posters on this site wearing masks as the jews always do.

      2. @ Alice

        Sardonicus is the oldest poster on this site and everyone who has been here long enough knows he is not a Jew. He asks searching questions and is the epitome of common sense, rationality and moderation. He asked you a simple question. Do you have any proof that Dominic Sandbrook is Jewish? If not, why do you say he is Jewish without any proof? Please offer proof that Mr Sandbrook is Jewish. If you can’t, SHUT UP! 🙂

      1. Why is Merkel a “Jew” just because one person writes an article about her being Jewish?
        Would YOU be happy to be called a Jew on some conspiracy theory site?

        1. Merkel doesn’t need to be Jewish to hate her. She’s bad enough as she is, no worse than Tony Blair. And yet no one has called Tony Blair a “Jew” for flooding Britain with Third World immigrants.

    1. Without Merkel hate speech will dominate Germany and pictures of Hitler will soon be displayed on every billboard. Nazi sympathizers have made a comeback and after Merkel is gone no company will have its brand sold in a nation of haters. Goebbels and Julius Streicher have left their mark on the German mind. Open border immigrants will chase the haters out of Germany.

    2. Why don´t you post this short link?

      From a site run formerly called ´Jewesses with attitude´ now ´jewish women, amplified´.

      ´Judith Rosenbaum (a jew) is Executive Director of the Jewish Women’s Archive, a pioneering national organization that documents Jewish women’s stories, elevates their voices, and inspires them to be agents of change.´

      ` Welcome home, Jewish feminists! Jewish Women, Amplified is the blog of the Jewish Women’s Archive. Formerly known as Jewesses with Attitude´

      ´The oldest poster on this site´ S. according to ´Madame Butterfly´ answers to Alice who suspects S. to be a jew.

      MB: ´and everyone who has been here long enough knows he is not a Jew.´ and tells A. to shut up.

      S. adresses me personally : ´Would YOU be happy to be called a Jew on some conspiracy theory site?´

      Opposite question: Is this a conpiracy site instead of a forum of/for objective researchers?

      1. @ Julien Romanovsky

        The sites you quote in support of your argument that Merkel is a Jew are worthless and untrustworthy. Come back with better links. You do this respectable website no favors by citing such disreputable sources.

  4. Dominic Sandbrook fears a “Teutonic version” of Brazil’s new el Presidente… Good! Germany is, rightfully, a Teutonic nation (just as America was conceived and founded by White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, “for we and OUR posterity…”).

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      Adolf Hitler, called by Eustace Mullins in a indirect way the founding father of Israel, had a great admiration for the way the ´Euro´Americans dealt with the Native Americans.

      Hitler has devoured all the books of Karl May.

      His Lebensraum politics – a Greater Germany, his Plan Ost, with the ultimate objective the conquering of Ukrain as the breadbasket for this project- was based on the stealing of the lands of the Native Americans.

      Go West & kill them (the American Natives) off! Actually a very talmudic policy by the white invading Euro´s

      The Slavic inhabitants in his Plan Ost should have faced the same fate as the American Natives.

      All this criticism of white Americans (now- perhaps already from 1776- under the yoke of the jews) of what has become now Israel is the pot blaming the kettle game.

      I advise you to read: Hitler´s American Model by James Whitman

      Here is quite a large (not the whole book) pdf version:


      Last not least: many todays black Americans are directly dna descendants of the Native Americans that C. and other European explorers saw in the Americas. And they are in the process of awakening to their Native American roots.

      Unfortunately for you, they have not all been wiped out. And the majority of them don´t live in the few waste land reservations of what has become in the present era the USA. The majority live in the inner cities.

      Advise II: Read the works of Constantine Rafinesque.

      ´The only good Indian is a dead Indian?´ – karma is a boomerang, whether you have guns or not – will make people with mindsets like you land up behind the FEMA fence, don´t worry, not for long : the polyesther coffins are welcoming you wholeheartedly.

  5. “Merkel has kept alive memories of the Holocaust.”
    not exactly…
    “She has made it a criminal act to deny German atrocities in the big war.”
    no – it’s a criminal act to QUESTION the official narrative on the HOLOHOAX… it can’t be discussed because if it is the big lie will unravel… the truth doesn’t fear discussion… pretty soon anyway the jews are going to be the only ones left repeating the bullshit…
    ms – those three on the top look like some of charlie manson’s chicks…
    jr – merkel a jew??? NOOOOOO, IT CAN’T BE ! ! ! ! !
    angela merkel will have come and gone on the scene in germany and halfway wrecked the whole country while she’s been there, and now she’ll fade away without anybody of significance catching on that she’s of the hitler bloodline, even though she’s practically the spitting image of the creepy sob… it just goes to show how far in the dark the public remains under the jew media… she didn’t damage the place quite as bad as he did, but i’m sure he’d still be kinder proud…
    at least the right reaction is now manifesting in germany against merkel’s globalist sabotage, finally…
    hopefully, the afd will take total control, put together a strong nationalist movement, save germany and kick out all the immigrants the frumpy frau let into the place…
    let’s hope her and hillary wind up in the same junkyard, never to be seen or heard from again…

    1. I thing The afd to be a Zionist manipulation project, It’s focus is on condemning Islam, this is what the Zionist wants, as it makes it easier for them to slaughter Islamic people’s in the middle east, (without the peoples of the West condemnation) in pursuit of a greater “Israel”.
      Merkel is a Zionist stooge, she sold her soul to the Zionist (satanic) cult in a bid for power, letting in the immigrants created by Zionist wars, was her payback to the Zionist.

      1. She has done a good job helping Germany maintain its position as one of the leading industrial powers. But Merkel cannot keep many German citizens happy. They are angry about the one million immigrants that have recently entered Germany. Whites have little to worry about—-they will keep the better jobs. Merkel has not damaged her nations way of life.

  6. One billion well fed whites will have a difficult job keeping away six billion hungry non-whites. Sharing some of the goodies with those that desire the good life will work for a while but not for long. The hungry want a seat at the main dining table. Fighting for the best of the goodies has always been the human condition.

    1. Melvin, maybe the “whites” should take a leaf out of the Zionist entities hand book, and stop letting ” non whites ” in and deporting those already there.
      That is what the Zionist entity does, is it not?.
      What say you Melvin, is that what the ” whites ” should do?.

      1. China and Japan keep their race intact. But the US has a racial problem, whites cannot hope to keep their race intact. Nobody wants a civil war, all races in the US must get along. But a racial balance must be kept by closing the border to unwanted immigrants. Flooding the US with non-whites is not fair to the whites that lived here for centuries. Maintaining the present racial balance in the US is common sense.

      2. Deporting non-whites from the US is a plan that has come too late. Most Americans are now non-white. Those that suffer the most from these new demographics is the white male. He has no territory that he can call his own. His white gals are dating Hispanics and having out of wedlock births. Call it the American Tragedy.

    2. A comment without using Jew, Jews, Jewish or any other depraved concept, thought, or word!

      Welcome to the real, better, and meaningful world, Mr. Pollutenick.

  7. Merkel majored in physics and mathematics when in college. She is a brilliant woman who spoke Russian fluently. Her Twelve years as a political leader made Germany one of the worlds top industrial powers. She was called the most influential person in the world. Born a Catholic whose family converted to Lutheran, her enemies claimed she was a Jew. Merkel is soon retiring and leaves Germany in a better condition than when she first started.

      1. Well, it took some time for the moderator to publish these two comments but good that they see the light of the day.

        @ Hopkins

        Why are you so sure that she is not a jewess? You, show me your source(s). Of course the JWA Machiatto article is no proof of itself, but at least very peculiar that a site run by jew women only, pictures her that way: Angela Merkel a jewess with attitude. And , even worse, it looks like that you don´t you want her to be a jew? This raises questions.

        Another point:

        Why is she furious about the circumcision of jews and muslims in Germany alike?

        To my knowledge imams don´t suck baby penises after the circumcision is done, rabbis do. The baby penises sucking should be forbidden in a civilised society. There is proof that baby boys are infected with herpes.

        A tora-talmud minded, vielleicht a jew (?) German Chancelor that has the blood of baby boy penises on her hand?

      2. @ Julien Romanovsky


        Why are you so sure that she [Merkel] is not a jewess? You, show me your source(s).

        Your logic is back to front. I don’t need to “prove” that Merkel is NOT a Jewess since it is almost universally accepted that she is not a Jewess. The onus is on YOU to prove that she IS a Jewess, given that you are a dissenter from the almost universally accepted viewpoint. Your only sources, it seems, are weirdo internet conspiracy theory sites. Not good enough! Disreputable sources!

        In the same way, I don’t need to explain why the earth is round and not a flat disc. Understand? If you happen to be a Flat Earth theorist, it’s up to YOU to prove that the earth is flat! 🙂

      3. @ Hopkins,

        Well said, sir! No need for you to prove that Merkel is not a Jewess. Anyone who disagrees with this needs to offer proof that she is a Jewess.

        In the same way, Mr Romanovsky, there’s no need to prove that crows are black. It’s up to YOU to prove that crows are white (or non-black) if you happen to disagree with the common perception that crows are black.

        I hope you can grasp this simple logic. 🙂

    1. Germany always was a top industrial nation. A minute country, compared to the United States, it once ran shoulder on shoulder with the Unites States. After WWII, even Eastern Germany quickly advanced to one of the most advanced economies within the Soviet Block.

      Germany has slipped from its number one position over the years. The reunification of the two Germanies has hit it hard, but it has regained lost grounds since then. Lots of highly qualified Germans have left Germany under Merkel into the neighbouring countries, that part of the population known as the “smart fraction” (which is why South Africa is struggling – their smart fraction has left to a great extend). The employed labour forces and low unemployement is being replaced with a German low wage sector which will go on pension with the basic state welfare pension. They will then find themselves in the unfortunate position of the white unemployed everywhere in the world – tent cities in Los Angeles, dying Brit elderlies and white squatters in South Africa.

      The term of endearment “Mutti Merkel” and “most powerful woman of Europe” is a media hype, just like the media build a personality cult around the terrorist Mandela, a man of pretty average intelligence. If she would not have danced to the whims of the forces behind Germany’s curtain, she would have been portrayed like Dr. Verwoerd was portrayed in the media back then. I have the eye for this, coming out of South Africa. For the observant citizen from Africa south of the equator, South Africa and Rhodesia was a political training ground par excellence.

      Her retirement left Germany in a better position – for the culture destroyers and vultures of this world. Just as South Africa, Rhodesia and the rest of erstwhile colonial Africa was left in a better position after the supposed independence.

      1. “Soldiers and their leaders that took part in the HEREO MASSACRE are long dead.”

        Not that long dead (I even know of a Stalingrad soldier still alive about four years ago). Namibia has a small and thightly knit European population, who know about each other and their experiences. When I was younger, there were still some Boer War veterans alive. Their stories are also archived. And also with them, some Brits claim they are long dead and there are no witnesses anymore, and the many Boers that died in Kitcheners concentration camps died due to them living dirty (as if they were not Europeans too, with all the medical know-how of Europeans back then). Not quite true. Some of them reached a high age in the healthy African climate. Their stories have been documented, but little has reached the outside world. The originals are in Namibian and German archives.

        The Herero now claiming reparation – they are gready and lying. Some of them fought for South Africa, others for SWAPO. Merkels government is leftwing and will pander to their whims. Merkel in her Eastern Germany days when part of the Youth League collected funds for our enemies, including them.

        The Herero days are still part of the collective memories of that nation, and some of the non-SWAPO aligned chiefs will tell you that lies are told about the role of the Germans back then, but they will get no voice in the international platform.

        This link exists but will not lead you to the article. Is there someone who day and night is covering up all tracks on the web on what really happend? The suspicion is there.

      2. Actually, while the US was very advanced in manufacturing Germany had more Nobel Prizes than Great Britain and the USA’s totals combined before WW II. In 1945 Germany was far ahead of every other nation in every scientific field, except that Europeans (many were Jews) emigrated to the USA and built the atomic bomb for the Americans. And after the war the Americans got the Germans to build the USA’s new air force, since the Germans invented the jet and they created the USA’s space program that put the Americans into space. The Americans were far behind the Germans until WW II ended. The British were ahead of the Americans too, but the USA benefitted from Europeans that left Europe.

  8. @ madame butterfly, even so called jew-wise types can change their heart voluntary or unvolontary by jewish pressure. Even Sardonicus the old school jew wiser. The jews have more advantage/interest e to get these types like Sardonicus( if he is/was for real) on their jewish ship than the non jew wise persons. Everything is possible when you deal with the jews.

  9. +972 magazine.
    “new Al Jazeera film uncovers rotting foundation of US Israeli lobby”.

    I will now take, sorry, give you all a break from me, I intend to still read other folks comments,

  10. Of course she will not face a firing squad – treasonous filth must be hung by the neck until IT is dead.

  11. Aika paskaa koko sivu antakaa olla vapaamuurarit tulee hävittää teidät!!! Ottakaa rahat ja juoskaa tämän maan kansa on liian vituillaa :). Katsokaa näitä narttuja ei voi muuta sanoaku ei jumalauta vaikka ruotsi on romahtamassa ja tälläinen sopimus on tulossa:

    Ja nämä postaa perseestään kuvia 🙂 Kertoo kaiken kuinka vituilla tämä maa on!!

    1. From Finland:

      (Some excerpts in English)

      The GCM agreement brings millions of Muslim men to Finland to live in social benefits.
      Berat Yilmaz October 25, 2018

      Juha Sipilä, Petteri Orpo and Sauli Niinistö openly support the GCM agreement and sign it on December 10, 2018, which brings millions of Muslim men to Finland with social benefits throughout their lives. These three professional liars and the public are openly in favor of Islamic Islam and the destruction of the population.

      The three parties that advocate Islamicism in Finland are the most congenial, center and blue.

      Nobody will ever vote for these parties anymore!

      The GCM Agreement summarized. After the signing of the agreement, no foreigner who has come to Finland can be removed from the country. All foreigners who come to Finland must be taken and borders can never be closed.

      The agreement envisages 62 million foreigners living in Finland within 50 years.

      Anyone who criticizes the agreement or refugees, asylum seekers or immigrants will be sentenced to unconditional imprisonment for two to five years. Anyone who understates or submits a GCM contract in good standing is lying consciously.

      The GCM is the end of Finland, and every sundry party and the sovereign peoples will always appeal to this agreement why the whole world can come to Finland’s life with social benefits throughout their lives.

  12. pat – my translator did the job on the page about the gcm, but it got it a little mixed up…
    what is gcm? it’s a multi national corporation, right?
    i think white finland is worth saving… it’ one of the best societies in the world… i’m sure we can all guess what it will be like with 65,000,000 muslims living there…

    1. GCM is a ‘people-mover’ CONTRACT, expected to be signed by Finland in Dec 2018. The World Bank likes it:

      The Global Compact on Migration (GCM) – a global agreement being negotiated by over 200 countries –can promote safe, orderly and regular migration, but first it will need to address a number of challenges to non-migrants. These include maintaining national identity in the face of large immigration flows, perceived (and actual) job competition impacting native workers in host countries, and the difficulties faced by family members of migrants who are left behind in the country of origin. These are critical missing components, for which there are no simple answers, and which will be even more challenging in the coming decades.

      While the final GCM agreement is expected to be signed at the end of 2018, there is much work to be done, and the draft could benefit from several improvements.

      —Objectives of the GCM—

      Building on the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, and extensive consultations with all stakeholders, the zero draft of the GCM lists 22 objectives for the achievement of safe, orderly and regular migration along the migration cycle. These objectives are comprehensive in their coverage of the range of issues: a focus on migrants’ well-being; achieving migration-related Sustainable Development Goals (e.g., reducing remittance costs and recruitment costs); improving impacts of migration; shaping policies and public perceptions based on analysis of data; and environmental change-induced migration, especially displacement due to natural disasters.

  13. Were not Adam and Eve the very first ‘Jews”. I know this because it says so in my not so very Old testament. That’s means we are all Jews then. So, lets all claim our very own Jewishness and all move to Israel. I have my very own little wee willy to prove it.

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