Are Putin and Netanyahu in cahoots to control Syria between them?

Fact, Wishful Thinking Or Propaganda?

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“In Syria, Putin and Netanyahu Were on the Same Side All Along.
Putin is ready to ditch Iran to keep Israel happy and save Assad’s victory.”

Big buddies . . . shaking hands over a good deal?


May 31, 2018. As Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman meets his Russian counterpart Thursday in Moscow to discuss the arrangements for keeping Iran and its proxies away from Israel’s border with Syria, they will be merely formalizing an understanding between the two countries that has long been in the making.

It should have been clear from the beginning of the Russian involvement in Syria nearly three years ago that, when forced to choose between Israel and Iran, Vladimir Putin would come out on Israel’s side.

This has little if anything to do with Putin’s own special brand of philo-semitism. The Russian president is not the sentimental type. He favors Israel because it is currently the only regional power capable of ruining his plans. Putin, who wanted to ensure that the Bashar Assad regime survived in Syria, had a shared interest with Iran, which sees Syria as part of its axis of influence in the region. Iran supplied the ground forces to prop up the Assad regime, which in mid-2015 was very close to collapse. Not so much its own troops, but its proxy Lebanese militia Hezbollah and tens of thousands of Afghan refugees, who were paid or press-ganged into joining the Fatemiyoun brigades, that Iran financed, armed and sent to Syria.

Putin, for political reasons, did not want to risk too many Russian soldiers in Syria. Coffins coming home would have eroded his popularity. Moscow supplied the air-power and the combination of Russian Sukhoi fighter jets bombing rebel enclaves from thousands of feet, and Iranian-paid Shi’ite fighters mopping up the survivors, saved Bashar Assad. Now that the war in Syria has been decided in Assad’s favor, the Russians have less need for Tehran’s boots on the ground.

Russia of course has no plans to leave Syria. It is its client state and thanks to the Assad regime, Russia has its coveted warm-water ports on the Mediterranean. Iran wants to remain as well, but Israel sees the Iranian long-term presence as a strategic threat and since Russia has little need for Iran either, the choice is clear.

Throughout Russia’s presence in Syria, Israel didn’t attack the Iranian-backed ground forces – just the convoys and depots of advanced missiles that could be used in the future by Hezbollah or Iranian officers to strike Israel. Jerusalem’s circumspection in not targeting the elements that Russia needed to prop up Assad, along with Israel’s assurances to Moscow that it has no intention in intervening in the battle for power in Damascus, ensured that the two countries were never on opposite sides of the war.

Now that Assad is back in control of most of Syria and rolling back the few remaining pockets of rebels, Putin is keenly aware that the only regional force that can seriously ruin his plans, should it choose to do so, is Israel. Iran can’t and won’t jeopardize Assad. In addition, Iran can’t turn against Russia since it needs its commercial ties with Moscow more than ever, now that the Trump administration has pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal and re-imposed sanctions on Tehran.

The week after the first Russian aircraft landed at Syria’s Khmeimim airbase in September 2015, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Moscow, agreeing on ground-rules with Putin.

Ever since, Israel has continued carrying out its periodic airstrikes on Iranian and Hezbollah assets in Syria, with barely an occasional bland diplomatic protest from the Kremlin. Effectively Israel was allowed free rein to attack targets that were ostensibly under Russia’s air-defense umbrella. The understanding was clear – Israel would not do anything that could hamper Russia’s campaign to save Assad. Everything else was fair game.

Netanyahu was the first to understand that as soon as former U.S. President Barack Obama had broken his own commitment and decided not to respond to Assad’s use of chemical weapons against Syrian citizens, the United States had ceased to become a serious player in the region. Putin inserted himself into the vacuum created by Obama and Netanyahu moved quickly to establish his own arrangement with the Russian leader. As the Sukhois landed in Syria, many Israeli security officials and experts fretted that Israel’s freedom of operation over Syria was over. But one of their colleagues in Moscow said: “You’ll see. Putin respects Israel’s military force. And Putin and Netanyahu understand each other. They will find a way to get along.”

This article was originally published by “Haaretz” 

“Putin and Netanyahu understand each other.

They will find a way to get along.”

Alternatively . . . in a parallel universe . . . of wishful thinkers :


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29 thoughts to “Are Putin and Netanyahu in cahoots to control Syria between them?”

  1. They are both jews, Putin hides being jewish to fool his orthodox christian Goyim. And they believe this jew.
    Even the jewish media in Russia uses the jewish tricks of the jewish media of the west. It is a jewish scam west and east both ruled by jews over a Goyim population.

    1. NTP,
      Putin isn’t Jew. End of story. So what if he was? The importance is role play. A goy plays Jew. A Jew plays goy. At the “fin del dia”…….the end of the day……what matters are actions.

      1. Are you jewish yourselve or very close to them. You protect them too much. You do it clever, telling jokes and anecdotes to distract the fact you are defending them.

      2. Señor Colina :

        You don’t need to pepper your posts with Spanish words and expressions anymore. We know already you’re Spanish. We know you’re Spanish and we get it. Good for you, you’re Spanish, like we get it, you’re Spanish, we get it.

      3. Don –
        NTP –

        This book may help reveal things unknown to you:

        “The Formative Years 1952-1990” (early years of ‘Put-On’)

        From page 13:

        “Putin grew up among neighbors who were practicing Jews and befriended them. Their prayers in Hebrew could often be heard on the Sabbath. A Jew, Mina Moiseyevna Yuditskaya, played a decisive role in Putin’s life as his German teacher. Years later, during an official visit to Israel to meet with emigre Jewish veterans of World War II, President Putin contacted Yuditskaya, who had left the USSR for Israel in 1973.”

        Great pics rarely seen throughout the writings.

      1. NTP –

        YES!! East v West = jew scam for $$$ = control.

        Thanks for the link.


        Putin’s maternal grandfather was a Jew involved in the bolshevik revolution, his paternal grandfather worked all his life as the chef of Lenin and Stalin. His paternal grandfather, Spiridon Ivanovich Putin (1879–1965), was employed at Vladimir Lenin‘s dacha at Gorki as a cook, and after Lenin’s death in 1924, he continued to work for Lenin’s wife, Nadezhda Krupskaya. He would later cook for Joseph Stalinwhen the Soviet leader visited one of his dachas in the Moscow region. Spiridon later was employed at a dacha belonging to the Moscow City Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, at which the young Putin would visit him.

        Pics of ‘Put-On’ and his jewish momma – Maria Putina Shelomova:

        His other grandfather was a jew from a Ukranian village and a bolshevik activist.


        When even Russian policemen had to pass security checks to enter the Sochi Winter Olympics, Rabbi Berel Lazar was waved in without ever showing his ID.

        But Lazar and Putin’s relationship seems to go deeper than political expediency. In 2012, Lazar led the Russian leader on a tour of Jerusalem’s Western Wall. And last year Putin made Lazar a member of Russia’s prestigious Merit to the Fatherland order, the country’s highest civilian decoration and one that is rarely conferred on people who were not born in Russia. (Lazar became a Russian citizen in 2000.)


        Putin remembers 6 MILLION in Holocaust:

        Nat Rothschild is a fellow RUSAL investor, and best friend of Roman Abramovich. Nat is also close friends, and RUSAL business partners with with Oleg Deripaska.

      2. TROJ,
        Nice to hear from you. We live in a complex World . And a complex World lives in us. Troj…..we are both Jews and you know it. Let’s move forward.

  2. Putin is keenly aware that the only regional force that can seriously ruin his plans, should it choose to do so, is Israel.

    Lol. Yes; all those years terrorizing Palestinian civilians have hardened the IDF into an army of entitled, self-righteous and sadistic bigots. Hezbollah defeated the mighty IDF in 2006, although most Westerners would not be aware of that fact jew do…oops…due to the Zionist control of the global media.

    So that simple fact alone (that the IDF are pathetic anti-Semitic terrorizers of civilians) totally undermines the view that Putin is daunted by some “Levantine Leviathan”! The fact is that Israel has lost its proxy war in Syria — yes, all those nasty little armies with brandings like “ISIS” or “Al Sha-Waddy-Waddy” were and are Zionist mercenaries handled by the usual ZOGs.

    At least that is what I hope is the case 😉 One thing I am certain of is that Israel does not have 1 nuke — so you can dismiss that nonsense straight off. My fear is that Syria will be partitioned along the Euphrates; if that turns out to be the case then Russia will show itself as just another ZOG in the wheel. Hopefully, it aint so…please say it aint so!

    1. FLOPOT said ‘One thing I am certain of is that Israel does not have 1 nuke ‘ …………I agree with that, in fact I don’t think ANY country has ‘nukes’ it was a Jewish hoax from Day 1, no way did we have nukes in 1945. Hiroshima and Nakasaki were firebombed like many other cities in Japan and Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin etc in Germany. One might think the situation has changed in the meantime but I doubt it. It was always a hoaxy story and usually these are not made right over time. This is not to say there are not some very nasty electro-magnetic type weapons which sort of bleed into ‘nukes’ but not the hydrogen nuclear fusion bombs we are sold on ……….no!

      1. I agree. We can file the nuke fear porn alongside “man made global warming” and other such hoaxes.

  3. finally finally one realistic article that filters all stupid “oh thats our dear mother russia youre talking about” “oh anyone who is against the u.s. is a nice guy” “oh just because they meet doesnt mean they are in cahoots against arabs and muslims” believes!…
    arabs and muslims and people in the west who consider themselves “truthers” and who seriously understand that all humans must unite in order to prevent this malefic new world order from turning us into bored slaves!
    lets break it down:
    how many muslims have putin killed:
    First Chechen war : 100.000 civilians killed 500.000 displaced
    Second chechen war: 200.000 civilians killed one million displaced
    afghan war
    known as the 3 30s were both the u.s. and the soviets killed 30 million civilians in 30 years of a war where they spent 30 billion dollars!
    afghan war: ready? 2.000.000 civilians killed in the initial attacks by the soviet army 5.000.000 civilians displaced to iran and pakistan…
    and now syria
    syria glows in the dark thanks to russia! seven cities destroyed!
    Russia has killed more muslims than the u.s. and israel conbined!
    so …
    where is the love?

    1. Avatar,
      All your stats are neatly rounded off ending in 3 zeros. Simple math for simple readers. Makes things easy. Anyway….another topic…..the math. Muslims aren’t choir boys either. Ask the Armenians about the Turks. Google it Darkmooners. Lasha knows very well the atrocities committed by Muslim Turks against Christians. Young women gang raped and, nude, nailed to wooden crosses to die a languishing death from thirst. Donaldo doesn’t cry a river for Jews, Muslims or Christians. There are good and bad in each group.

      1. When people are not bad maybe the reason for that is that their brethren do the bad so the ‘ good’ don’t have to be bad. The ‘ good’ profit from their bad brehren. The ‘ good’ are and behave as the watercarriers and spies, sayanim, for the bad. They are and work always together. You underesrimate the usual suspects and are very naive.

      2. Then why usrael has ATTA TURKS STATUE…IN HER UNIVERSITY…





  4. From the article:
    “Putin, for political reasons, did not want to risk too many Russian soldiers in Syria. Coffins coming home would have eroded his popularity. ”

    That might be the case. SO….. using the Blackwater template from US…. his Vagner… ‘Put-On’ DID send Russian Private Military Contractors in by the thousands.

    There is a ‘JOINT’ Israel-US-Russian plan in the Mideast.

    “With Russia’s determined return to the Middle East”… and ‘Put-On’ building a port in Syria and with equipment supplied by the US from its “YUGE” air force base in Adana, Turkey….. Incirlik…. the CHOSEN Bankers’ plans are unfolding “BIGGLY” in Syria.

    ’Put-On’ uses Russia’s PRIVATE military companies – PMCs – which TRAIN IN US… can help build new infrastructures.

    Bulldozers and wrecking balls operated by US and Russian civilian ‘contractors’ will clean up places like this in Syria… and put the ‘21st century compliant’ banks and stock trading centers in place of the rubble, with satellite dishes galore to reach Google Clouds:

    Sadly…. Big business – WAR – is STILL good for ALL “CHOSEN” BANKERS..!!


    The December 9, 2016 Kremlin celebration of the Fatherland Heroes’ Day brought attention to one of obscure components of Russian clandestine paramilitary capabilities, when a photo featuring President Vladimir Putin and the leadership of the so-called Vagner Private Military Company surfaced on social media.

    ‘Put-On’ and chief of Vagner private military company (PMC):

    Vagner is the pseudonym of Dmitriy Utkin.
    Utkin is a retired member of the Russian Armed Forces who at the time of his discharge commanded the 700th Special Operations Detachment of the 2nd Separate Special Operations Brigade of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense. He has gained experience in PMC operations while employed by the Moran Security Group where he participated in Somalia counter-pirate operations. Vagner’s deputy commander is also a Russian military veteran, Vadim Troshev.

    Vagner represents Russia’s most ambitious experiment with the PMC concept. Elsewhere in the world, PMCs such as the Executive Outcomes and Erik Prince’s original Blackwater, which began as corporate security outfits, have evolved into de-facto extensions of national military power, occupying the niche between covert action and the deployment of regular special operations and elite forces.

    The Syria experience is the largest and most overt demonstration of the Russian PMCs to date, even though PMCs have been employed in achieving Russian state objectives for over a decade. Their usefulness has been demonstrated in Crimea and the Donbass, where a high number of quasi-PMCs were incorporated into the general concept of operation in order to fulfill missions that could not be performed by the Novorossia militias or regular Russian military forces for military or political reasons.

    Ironically, Russian PMCs owe a lot to the United States or other Western powers which used Russian “privateers” in a variety of operations, including in Iraq.

    It is only in the last few years that the Russian Ministry of Defense decided to weave PMCs into the broader array of forces at its disposal, and Vagner’s effectiveness has provided an additional stimulus toward formally institutionalizing the relationship between PMCs and the Russian MOD.

    1. Donaldo only cries at those times he walks into the Stumble Inn honeymoon suite, maybe got off of work earlier than he usually does, fips wasn’t expecting him home so soon, Donaldo finds fips in the arms of another man, Donaldo cries his corazón out. I don’t speak Spanish but I think “corazón” means “heart” in Spanish, right Señor? You cry your heart out every time you catch >lol “your” lol< fips in the arms of another man, right Donaldo? So you DO have a heart after all, 🙂 .

      1. TROJ,
        Nice to hear from you. We live in a complex World . And a complex World lives in us. Troj…..we are both Jews and you know it. Let’s move forward.
        Bye the way , don’t insult me again. I wish for a better future.

  5. I will say I enjoyed this article, it is at least thought provoking, thanks darkmoon, thanks Pfeffer.
    The Islamic republic of Iran will not live with a Zionist controlled nation in the region, so either the Islamic republic would need to be removed, or the Zionist will be removed.
    Putin knows this and plays a duplicitous game, no doubt telling the Zionist one thing, the RESISTANCE something else, it’s called diplomacy.
    It may take some time, maybe even the 20 years predicted by the supreme leader of the 12,ers, but where I a betting man, I would put my money on the Resistance to prevail.

  6. All these dog and pony shows by centralized governments are a sham. Look at all western Europe and the commonwealths and how their centralized governments are destroying the native populations along with their homelands. Clearly Jews are running the show in all these governments. Yet we are to believe that the big governments like Russia run a different agenda?

    Look to the money provided by central banks and there you will find the answers to how much autonomy a country actually has. What all this makes clear is that the Jews’ bailiwick of centralization is the bane of all mankind. Therefore the destruction of all centralized governments and their agencies are required before any relief will be found from the Jew’s global influence.

    Decentralization is precisely the hope political anarchy holds for the planet. No government, no leaders to be bought off threatened or cajoled into submission to the Jew’s centralized planning.

    1. Good one, Arch. The board of directors in the B.I.S. heartily concur

      Interesting coincidence. The B.I.S. headquarters is located in a country about as European central as it gets – Switzerland, with their alleged neutrality. But there’s nothing neutral about the steering of wars to their desired outcome that increases the overall centralization.

      Shame on the Swiss for harboring this menace. Equal time for the equally complicit

  7. With the source of the article being Haaretz, I can put no stock in anything the article says. Jews are experts a lying about everything.

    As a simple example from the article, “…Putin is keenly aware that the only regional force that can seriously ruin his plans, should it choose to do so, is Israel.” Jews never tire of exaggerating their fake importance.

  8. “putin is playing his game wait and watch he will fry away israal and bibi”
    typical reply from putinophiles…,
    every conspiracy theory agenda forum i see it…

    all are controled agents live their life happy…

    only you fools fight among your self….

    dont expect genie to come out of bottle and help you proclaiming as messaiah…the savior.

    ther is no saviour there is no messiah….

  9. Assad is poised to liberate the South, could this act of removing Iranians from the area, simply be an objective measure at denying Israel its excuse for bombing.

  10. Deception – Lies – smoke and mirrors

    Interdimensional negative forces control the world through fake competing Globalist v Nationalist factions … Australia-America etc are occupied states
    if the negatives prevail – real America is overcome – Communism will re-emerge from Russian shadows –
    all useful idiots-traitors will be eliminated ala Stalin!

    But Beloved God has a surprise !

  11. BULLSHIT .. The Article is from an ISRAELIAN MEDIA .. like we say in Denmark ..”Talking Sweet to Your Sick Auntie” ..the Article is nothing but ..DIPLOMACY attempting to convince PUTIN of the necessity of being Moderate to ISRAEL ..One of the biggest LIES in the Article is that Israel never tried to get rid of ASSAD.. they have not done nothing else since start and way back in time.. Another blatant LIE.. which is promulgated in the same Breath that ASSAD used chemical weapons against his own Population.. HE DID NOT ! ..I must say I am surprised YOU : DARKMOON have published this kind of JEWISH PROPAGANDA .. are YOU .. DARKMOON falling into Line ? Like many do at moment where the JEWS ..suddenly become PATRIOTS defending EUROPE after having promoted Immigrant Invasion for several decades …just like during the Cold War when they had lost their GRIP on Sovjet due too many KILLINGS and had to FLEE .. suddenly ..and unknown to most .. MORPHED 180 Degree .. from being MARXISTS into NEO CONS … DARKMOON .. I thought different about YOUR INTELLIGENCE !

  12. I don’t believe Putin is believable. He says a lot of the right things, true things, but I believe he’s a zionist and helping Israel and crime in general. That Kiril man the figurehead of the Russian orthodox church is from organized crime. I hope people who believe in God around the world will be able to truly distance themselves from these fraudsters.

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