AULD LANG SYNE! — Happy New Year to all our Readers!

You are welcome to post your poems and philosophical musings here, but please keep any poems you wish to share with us as short as possible (20 lines or less) and in keeping with the nostalgic music of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, i.e., please avoid any attempt at hearty facetiousness. (Admin Toby)

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26 thoughts to “AULD LANG SYNE! — Happy New Year to all our Readers!”

  1. As Janus supposedly had two faces let’s follow Roman paganism , get drunk with the promise of starting anew, tomorrow, then wake up and blame the jews.

  2. Please keep any poems you wish to share with us as short as possible (20 lines or less) and in keeping with the nostalgic music of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, i.e., please avoid any attempt at hearty facetiousness. (Admin Toby)

    OK Toby, you asked for it! The poem below is only 12 lines long and I don’t think anyone here would accuse me of “hearty facetiousness”. I am a dead serious person, dedicated to poesy big time, and you won’t catch me out trying to be silly and facetious. No way!

    Here is Madame Butterfly, her dark and decadent soul laid bare:


    And so bewitched again, the devil’s
    Plaything. Convulsed with lust and hate
    For the fruit of the toxic tree!
    No resisting those luscious apples
    Of Sodom! So, so, no way out
    Of the sweet slime pit. There is! Come with me!

    No, no! for this disease no cure,
    For there’s never an end to craving—
    For the kisses that cannot be!
    Peace! I am the drug you long for!—
    The mystery stranger, burning, burning
    For you, my love, the way you burn for me!

  3. That’s not bad, Butterfly. But this is hardly in keeping with Toby’s request to offer something “in keeping with the nostalgic music of Auld Lang Syne.” This is pretty depraved stuff and shows a very corrupt soul, if I may say so. Good heavens! my mind reels when I am confronted by such images as “the toxic tree” and “those luscious apples of Sodom”.

    I’m not quite sure what you mean by the “luscious apples of Sodom”.
    They don’t sound very healthy to me! 🙂

    Anyway, good try! You get a B+ for that.

    1. Admin,

      Please delete the above poem of mine.
      I am ashamed I ever wrote it. It’s truly sickening.
      Allow me to submit another in its place.


        You have not remembered me
        in all your whoredoms. Sprinkle
        the waters of Zemzem on
        my graveclothes. And when you reach
        Lagyap La, look for the last time
        at the gonged towers of Gangtok.

        Why do you worship the goddess
        Paldem Lahma as she is borne
        through the streets of Lhasa?
        As the cat plays with the mouse
        and the dolphin with the flying
        fish, you play with me. You grind

        my fickle flesh, my brittle bones.
        There’s evil in everything.
        Fall into the pit you dig
        for me! I lie becalmed in
        Traitor’s Bay, two sunless miles
        from Tahu-Ubu. Let there be

        no peace for you under these
        swooning moons. Balaam the son
        of Zippor curse you! Be
        a blot in the Book of Dreams
        by Ibn-Sháheem. Where nightmares
        ferment, be the foam on my lips.

      2. Madame Butterfly :

        Forget about submitting another poem, you’re better off submitting yourself to your nearest local mental hospital. The doctors and nurses there will make sure you take your much needed meds every day. Do yourself — and everyone else — a favor for the New Year and submit yourself to be committed. I say this out of love, tough love, but tough love is what you need desperately, so consider my advice to you as a holiday gift, 💝.

      3. Right. You’ve asked for it, buster! Prepare for a visit from three men in black suits with Sicilian accents. You’re toast!

      4. @ Madame Butterfly

        Re your poem “MALEDICTION”, posted above, what is it all about?

        A probing question: if I told you I admired the poem and was deeply impressed and moved by the poetic talents you exhibit here, would you pleased?

        Answer honestly.

        1. @ Sardonicus

          Re your poem “MALEDICTION”, posted above, what is it all about?

          Nothing. The poem is garbage. Intentional gibberish. The poem has no meaning. It is a “trash poem”.

          A probing question: if I told you I admired the poem and was deeply impressed and moved by the poetic talents you exhibit here, would you pleased?

          No, I wouldn’t. I’d feel very sorry for you that you’d been taken in by this pretentious crap. The poem was originally written for PSEUD’S CORNER in Private Eye magazine, where contestants were asked to submit the most poetical garbage they could. The poem had to mass muster aa a serious poem, but the poem was actually a con trick that would impress no genuine lover of poetry — only intellectual pseuds and other low-IQ “literary” types who were incapable of distinguishing between a good poem and a bad poem. In other words, Sardonicus, my poem is an intentionally bad poem that only an intellectual pseud would like.

          Answer honestly.

          I have done so. Satisfied?

  4. From my devoted wife of 45 years who passed away in June last year:

    Now that I’ve come to the end of the road
    And the sun has set for me
    I want no tears in a gloom-filled room
    Why cry for a soul set free?

    Miss me a little but not for too long
    and not with your head bowed low
    Remember the love that once we shared
    Miss me but let me go.

    When you are weary and sick of heart
    Say a prayer for relief from your woe
    Then bury your sorrow in doing good deeds;
    Miss me, but let me go.

    1. @ Sabreache

      Bravo! This is exceptionally good and could have been written by someone like Christina Rossetti. I have corrected one typo: “I want to tears in a gloom-filled room.” (‘to’ has been changed to ‘no’).

  5. Don’t listen to what they say, ignore the idle talk
    For me, You will always be truthful, distinguished is your mark

    O large-hearted one! Lo and behold
    Your poems adorn our heads as a crown of gold

    I expressed my gratitude to God for your presence amongst us
    However, my abundant thanks remained inadequate thus

    Your dedication stretches far and wide
    And may that within us long abide

    You are sincere in expression, unequivocal, frank
    Dissimulation is alien to someone of your rank

    It is you who have brought the great ones to this place
    Your character is capable of folk-gathering with such grace

    If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have returned here , even for an hour
    And our absence would have been long, bitter and sour

    Behold! This is Lasha, the original, the noble giver
    Yea! Lasha’s likeness is scarce, now and ever

    — Happy new year to all!

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    Happy New Year TO EVERYONE! May it be a good year, a happy year, for ADMIN and for all Darkmoon readers …

  7. How gracious an invitation!


    Traffic wormed its way through the warm summer day,
    Toward over there, points else than here, far below
    Daunting heights of the Village of Nowhere.
    Grandfather named our newly purchased plot Nowheresville,
    His long-ago lingo lost to us, save for a vague memory or two.
    With finality, Father declared we had but bought a lot of work.
    Our elders departed, celebrating escape while wishing us well.

    In spite, we now deemed this, our place on earth, a workstead,
    Nestled here in the Village of Nowhere.
    I pondered passing traffic worms for some minutes, then turned,
    Leaving to squirrels and feral birds views from our hillock’s high.
    I had seeds to plant, plants deemed weeds by wife to pull,
    Chickens and emus to feed, early harvest grain to dry.
    Then I recalled a festering issue I had with a neighbor
    Living In the Village of Nowhere.
    This year passed by more quickly than any before it, I opined,
    Packing fence-mending tools to take to my neighbor’s place.

    acd 31Dec2018

  8. Alan Donelson —

    An exceptional poem in every way! Truly beautiful. Such accomplished verse is rarely written nowadays and exhibits not only a rare verbal skill but the writer’s “poetic sensitivity” and empathy for the natural world around him. He is part of the landscape, a kind of latter day Thoreau.

  9. To Lisa.

    Your letters smelled of sage
    when burned
    and bottle rockets.
    The kind that go
    almost to heaven.

  10. No hearty facetiousness? This is a serious challenge but I did once write a sad poem because I was living in Swindon…


    Slip quiet out of life,
    out of sight;
    fade in the heartless day.

    Seek alone at night
    the cold embrace.

    Life stretches, thins,
    until unseen.


  11. Amazing, this truly hits the spot. I have been sitting here on my own for nearly an hour reminiscing over lost friends who have passed. Miss them every day but one day we will meet again.
    No surrender
    Fe Godwn Ni Eto

  12. Flopot’s a dark horse. He has kept his poetic talents hidden all this time. Like a light under a bushel. He says more in 6 lines than other poets can say in 60. I’d describe his poem as “lean and mean” (compliment), disciplined, understated. Existentially bleak. Like in “We are the hollow men / We are the stuffed men…”

    Next stop Swindon! 🙂

    1. Existentially bleak is like so sophisticated and urbane, hip and with-it, man, Existentially bleak is like soooooooooooooooooooooo intellectual.

    2. Maybe it truly is all about context and environment. Swindon, that navel of England where the sky has more variety than the earth, pushes out creativity as if you’re in a vacuum: the spiritless city turns you inside out. I was more creative in that dreary place than years in London and Belfast. Ah, a Wiltshire sky in mid-Winter is like gazing up at a broken ice-field from a gloomy seabed.

      Happy New Year!

      1. Thanks, Flopot. Interesting what you should say about Swindon. I’ve never been to Wiltshire myself, though my younger brother attended a good boarding school there long ago, called Cricklade Manor Prep School. Don’t suppose you’ve ever heard of it? It’s not too far from Swindon in the sleepy little Cotswold town of Cricklade.

  13. There was a young man from Japan,
    who could never make limericks scan.

    When asked why it was,
    he said “It’s because
    I always like to get as many words in the last line as I possibly can”

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