Before Hitler Came: How the Germans Went Crazy for Sex

The 22-minute video featured below is based on Lasha Darkmoon’s September 2013 article The Sexual Decadence of Weimar Germany.  



¶ . . .  NO account of the Jewish Question in Germany can be complete without some mention of the tidal wave of sexual immorality that was to engulf the country during the period of the Weimar Republic (1919-1933) following World War One. This also happened to be the apogee of Jewish power in Germany. Every single sphere of major influence had now fallen under Jewish control.

Dr Karl Wiehe, in his Germany and the Jewish Question, is painstaking in the details he provides:

“Well before 1933 the Jews had taken possession of the film industry even more thoroughly than of the theater. That was understandable, because the earnings in the film industry overshadow the earnings of any other artistic activity.

The biggest step in the direction of the decline of the German cultural life [however] was taken in the field of the light entertainment genre. Here—in the genre of musical comedy and above all in revue and burlesque—frivolity and lasciviousness were to rear their ugly heads. So much so that during these years Berlin was quite correctly considered the most immoral city in the world.

It was Jews who introduced this pornographic “art form” to Germany, a debased genre completely unknown before the Great War, and so it is the Jews who can be held responsible for the general decline in morals.

The Jewish sexologists Ivan Bloch and Magnus Hirschfeld became the representatives of “sex research” camouflaged as science—a bogus science that was merely an excuse for pornography and propaganda designed to destroy the institute of marriage and the sanctity of the family.”

Wiehe provides the following useful facts and statistics:

In 1931, over 60 percent of German films were produced by Jews and 82 percent of the film scripts were written by Jewish writers, though Jews made up less than 1 percent of the German population (0.90%). A quick look at the names of directors, producers, stage managers, actors, script writers and critics, “revealed everywhere an overwhelming preponderance of Jews.”

A cursory survey of the film titles, Wiehe tells us, shows us that the Jews had only one thing on the brain: sex. Here are some typical titles: “Moral und Sinnlichkeit” (Morals and Sensuality); “Was kostet Liebe?” (What is the Price of Love); “Wenn ein Weib den Weg verliert” (When a Woman loses her Way); “Prostitution” (Prostitution); “Sündige Mutter” (Sinful Mama); “Das Buch des Lasters” (The Book of Vices).

“The sensational titles correspond to the sleazy contents,” Wiehe complains. “All wallow in filth and display with cynical frankness the vilest scenes of sexual perversion.”

Light entertainment (revue/burlesque) was a Jewish innovation. The revue theaters, all concentrated within great cities such as Berlin, were owned and run almost exclusively by Jews. Shows consisted of little more than excuses for sexual titillation involving the display of the female form in lascivious dances that were to degenerate later into striptease and scenes of public masturbation. “In these revues,” Wiehe notes indignantly, “the uninhibited sex drive surrendered itself to disgusting orgies. All life was reduced to a common denominator of lust and its satisfaction. Chastity and self-discipline were mocked as old-fashioned prejudices.”

The Jews had managed, in the space of a mere fourteen years, to bring about a major “transvaluation of values”  in Weimar Germany. The vices of the past were now its virtues. The only vice that remained was chastity.

—  §  —

¶ . . . Wiehe points out that masturbation, hitherto a hole-in-corner vice, began to be shamelessly promoted for the first time in Weimar Germany by Jewish-run organizations. He mentions Dr Max Hodan, Jewish medical officer for Berlin, and ticks him off for circulating a booklet recommending regular masturbation for the working classes.

It is worth noting that one of the world’s worst serial killers, Peter Kürten, committed all his crimes in Germany during the 1925-1930 period.

This was of course the  heyday of the Weimar Republic when the German people lay completely under Jewish domination and when the first dress rehearsal for the later Sexual Revolution of the 1960s was arguably being run.

Significantly, when asked what his primary motive for murder was, Kürten replied: “to strike back at an oppressive society.”

This was a society in which the serial killer was to become a popular icon, enough to create a whole genre of sensational sex crime literature.

—  §  —

¶ . . . British historian Sir Arthur Bryant describes throngs of child prostitutes outside the doors of the great Berlin hotels and restaurants. He adds: “Most of them—the night clubs and vice resorts—were owned and managed by Jews. And it was the Jews among the promoters of this trade who were remembered in after years.”

Arriving in Berlin during the hyperinflation crisis (1923), Klaus Mann—son of the great German novelist Thomas Mann—remembered walking past a group of dominatrices:

Some of them looked like fierce Amazons, strutting in high boots made of green, glossy leather. One of them brandished a supple cane and leered at me as I passed by. ‘Good evening, madam,’ I said. She whispered in my ear, ‘Want to be my slave? Costs only six billions and a cigarette.’

10-year-old children turned tricks in the railway stations. A group of 14-year-old Russian girls, refugees from the Red Terror in Stalin’s Communist slaughter house, managed to make a lucrative living in Berlin as dominatrices. Little girls were freely available for sex not only in child brothels and pharmacies but could be ordered by telephone and delivered to clients by taxi, like takeaway meals. Particularly bizarre were mother-and-daughter teams offering their services to the same client simultaneously. Mel Gordon writes: “One French journalist, Jean Galtier-Boissière, described, in sickly pornographic detail, the creeping horror of feeling a nine-year-old girl’s tiny, but proficient, fingers stroking his upper thigh while the broken-toothed mother covered his face with hot sucking kisses.”

—   §   —

¶ . . .  Luigi Barzini, in his social memoir The Europeans, describes the saturnalian scene in the Tingel-Tangels or sleazy bordellos of sex-crazed Berlin in the 1920s, the Golden Age of the Jews:

“I saw pimps offering anything to anybody: little boys, little girls, robust young men, libidinous women, animals. The story went the rounds that a male goose whose neck you cut at just the right ecstatic  moment would give you the most delicious frisson of all—as it allowed you to enjoy sodomy, bestiality, homosexuality, necrophilia and sadism at one stroke. Gastronomy too, as one could eat the goose afterwards.”

In October 1923, when one US dollar could buy 4.2 billion marks and six wheelbarrows of banknotes could barely buy a loaf of bread, it was said that “the most exquisite blow job to be had in Berlin never cost an American tourist more than 30 cents.”

—  §  —

¶ . . . German author Erich Kästner, writing of Weimar Berlin, was to reflect on the topography of the soul sickness that had now taken possession of the once proud city: “In the east there is crime; in the center the con men hold sway; in the north resides misery, in the west lechery; and everywhere—the decline.”

German Jewish author Stephan Zweig has much to say about homosexuality, pointing out that even in Ancient Rome—where fourteen of the first fifteen Roman emperors were homosexual—the degree of drunken depravity and public shamelessness was far less shocking than in Weimar Berlin:

Bars, amusement parks, honky-tonks sprang up like mushrooms. Along the entire Kurfürstendamm powdered and rouged men sauntered and they were not all professionals; every high school boy wanted to earn some money and in the dimly lit bars one might see government officials and men of the world of finance tenderly courting drunken sailors without any shame. Even the Rome of Suetonius had never known such orgies as the pervert balls of Berlin, where hundreds of men costumed as women and hundreds of women as men danced under the benevolent eyes of the police. In the collapse of all values a kind of madness gained hold. Young girls bragged proudly of their perversion; to be sixteen and still under suspicion of virginity would have been a disgrace.” 

¶ . . . My own impression, though I could well be mistaken here, is that Weimar Germany can be seen as a trial run or dress rehearsal for the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, a revolution in attitudes and behavior that was to convulse America and then spread like a moral virus to Europe and the rest of the world.

Recollect that it was in Germany during the Weimar period—in 1923 to be exact—that the Institut für Sozialforschung was set up at the University of Frankfurt. Financed by the Argentian Jew Felix Weil, this was later to become the infamous Frankfurt School.

It is my own hypothesis that the Germans were to be the initial guinea pigs of these Cultural Marxists, all of them initially Jewish apart from Habermas. These were revolutionaries intent on complete social control by the imposition of their Marxist worldview on the rest of society. It is self-evident that there is no other way to get control of a society with strong moral values than to weaken those values. The formula is simple: destroy the belief system on which that society is founded, especially its religion and its traditional codes of honor and decency. Promote godlessness and a philosophy of despair. To put it in even plainer language: reduce men to beasts if you wish to control them.

It was George Lukács, one of the founding fathers of the Frankfurt School, who had called for “a culture of pessimism and a world abandoned by God.” And it was one of their most fanatical ideologues, Willi Munzenberg, who had said he wanted to turn the world upside down and make life a hell on earth. His exact words:

We must organize the intellectuals and use them TO MAKE WESTERN CIVILIZATION STINK! Only then, after they have CORRUPTED ALL ITS VALUES AND MADE LIFE IMPOSSIBLE, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat. 

With Jewish intellectuals like this at the helm, doing their utmost to promote moral anarchy and create an Orwellian dystopia, is it any wonder that the Germans went helter-skelter down the slippery slope and ended up where they did?

VIDEO : 22 mins

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. The 22-minute video featured in this article was produced without Lasha Darkmoon’s knowledge or permission and she has received not a single penny for it. The people who made the video didn’t even bother to get in touch with Lasha informing her that the video had been made. She discovered it only by chance several months after it had been produced.

    I asked Lasha if she minded her work being utilized like this without her knowledge or consent.

    She laughed. “Not in the least, darling!” she said. “ The people who made this video are geniuses in their own right. Each has a rare talent and they have done me an honour by making use of my work. So I praise them and say, “God bless them!”

    1. I can’t praise this video enough. Nor the article on which it is based. There have been many articles on Weimar Germany, including quite a few on the sexual decadence of that period. But this article is unique in the closely documented details it gives about the Jewish role in organizing and promoting all that sexual depravity on an almost unimaginable scale.

      The original article provides far more in the way of specific detail, especially in regard to the bewildering variety of brothels, prostitutes, and sexual perversions that made Berlin between the two great wars a shocking replay of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    2. Lasha did, at least, get credit at the end of the video. It does seem strange she wasn’t contacted at some point prior to release of the video. Some folks interpret “fair use” very broadly.

      The computer generated narrator’s voice was annoying,IMO, but seems to be almost standard in these days of increasing censorship, and jail time for thought and speech “crimes”. Other than that, the video is very well done, though I still prefer to read LD’s work, so hope videos remain a rare treat.

      1. @ Carnaptious

        Lasha did, at least, get credit at the end of the video. It does seem strange she wasn’t contacted at some point prior to release of the video. Some folks interpret “fair use” very broadly.

        Actually, Lasha did receive credit in the video picture introducing the video. See small print here, bottom right:

      2. Lasha tells me she had 2-3 of her poems deleted by YouTube. These were recited by Patrick Willis, aka “The Snordster”. They were deleted on the spurious grounds of “copyright infringement”.

        Lasha says she has infringed no one’s copyright. She wrote the poems herself and they belong to her, no one else. Nor has YouTube bothered to explain to her whose copyright she is supposed to have infringed.

        I have suggested to her that the “copyright infringement” comes from Patrick Willis’s side. I think he may have used unauthorized pictures to illustrate one or two poems. A British artist may have objected to the use of her paintings to illustrate one of LD’s poems which Patrick Willis made into splendid video.
        I remember seeing that, but it has now been deleted on the grounds of “copyright infringement”. (A poem called “Demon Worlds”)

      3. Right you are about the opening credit, Sard, I missed that.

        I was thinking about Patrick Willis / Snordster when that wretched computer generated voice started up. Haven’t heard anything by him in a long time. Turns out his house burned down, along with his studio and equipment, and the rest of the town he lived in!

        Since then, he has made some new videos –
        Check ’em out, and leave him a few $ if you can. He does excellent work.

      4. @LD,

        From the video about the town burning down.
        “My Paypal account can be accessed with my email addy, which is [email protected] Nedbank Knysna, code: 108914, No: 2581069112″

        So e-mail sent to [email protected] should get to him. If not, Paypal allows donors to make comments up to 50 words. He lost everything in the fire, could probably use a few $ even now, 8 months later.

  2. I can imagine a good number of jews reading this and grinding their teeth. I’d like to add a few words to your very true and revealing ones when you say: “These were revolutionaries intent on complete social control by the imposition of their Marxist worldview on the rest of society. It is self-evident that there is no other way to get control of a society with strong moral values than to weaken those values. The formula is simple: destroy the belief system on which that society is founded, especially its religion and its traditional codes of [morals,] honor and decency. Promote godlessness, [abortion, contraception and sterilization, pornography, homosexuality and same sex “marriage” and all sexual license and perversions, promote conflict between non-jews and promote and profit by wars, thus weakening all but themselves, and [thus promote] a philosophy of despair. To put it in even plainer language: reduce men to beasts [through effective mind control] if you wish [as faithful agents of Satan] to [debase, fleece, and] control them [as your slaves].”

    1. The 22-minute YouTube video featured above could be banned by YouTube at any moment. So watch it while you can if you haven’t watched it already. In the last few months, the censors at YouTube and Facebook have been working overtime to delete all accounts critical of Israel or Jews in general. So the above video is obviously a possible candidate for censorship.

      Holocaust revisionist videos have recently landed two White Nationalist patriots in serious trouble. Alison Chabloz has found herself dragged before a British court only a couple of weeka ago for her satirical song (((Survivors))) and could soon be spending time in a British prison or facing a stiff fine. Meanwhile, Canadian citizen Monika Schaefer has now spent over 18 weeks in a German prison after being kidnapped by the German authorities while visiting Germany as a tourist. Her crime? Producing a video called “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust.”

      Neither video has as yet been banned from YouTube, but the axe could fall at any moment if either of these two ladies is convicted of a crime.

      A brilliant 50-minute YouTube video illustrating Franklin Ryckaert’s exceptionally well-written article, “White Genocide by Design: The Role of the Mass Media in the Destruction of the European People” has been deleted. Why? Because the Usual Suspects objected to it. It was too sensitive and went too near the bone to be allowed. So it had to be deleted.

      1. Even as I write the above, I learn that the White Nationalist British group, the London Forum, for which both Kevin MacDonald and Alison Chabloz have given presentations, has had its YouTube account terminated within the last few days.

        Just this morning, I read that the same Jewish organization responsible for the persecution of Alison Chabloz and the persecution of Jez Turner of the London Forum group — i.e. the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) led by British Jew Gideon Falter — now has its deadly fangs sunk into the neck of Gilad Atzmon. This Jewish group is busy trying to silence Gilad and reduce him to bankruptcy, and Gilad is desperate for donations to fight his case in the British courts. He could lose his house and soon find himself homeless as a result of this Jewish persecution.

        It’s amazing how the oppressors can go on passing themselves off as victims.

        Yes, the wild dogs are certainly moving in for the kill.

      2. We gentiles are not supposed to notice things like this:

        – Sweden’s main governing party proposes a ban on all religious schools
        – It follows reports of gender segregation in some Muslim free schools
        – Jewish schools will be exempt from the new ban, politicians said

        I retweeted this Daily Mail article on Twitter, and Twitter gave it a “sensitive material” warning! 🤡🌍

        There are alternatives to YouTube and Twitter. Vimeo and Gab, and too many others to list. Even some of the loonie left are beginning to notice the crackdown on free speech – when they get censored.

      3. @Montechristo

        Re: Gilad Atzmon article at Truthseeker.
        CAA “knows” antisemitism is on the rise because they – and other “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War” types – sponsor a roomful of sayanim to make bomb threats against synagogues, push over the gravestones of Jewish people, and paint swastikas or “white power” graffiti on Jewish properties.

        As one might imagine, it’s not easy to find information on this unless it’s of this kind:

        Why would an Israeli Jew so brazenly seek to intimidate members of his own community? Israeli media has speculated that the boy suffers from a brain tumor that has affected his behavior; earlier this week, the boy’s father publicly apologized “to all the Jews in America,” blaming his son’s tumor.

        Always the victim…

  3. It’s all reoccurring today – on steroids. There is only one solution to this existential threat to mankind. Look to your own body and observe what it does when a lethal pathogen infects it.

    1. @Joe. A healthy enough body (by the way, are there any left, anywhere, anymore?) will repel virtually any pathogen. Time to stop blaming the pathogens (viruses/bacteria); the physically degenerate body instinctively invites them in as a clean-up crew – Nature’s way, God’s way, of keeping the species robust. However, now we have strong medicines to kill the clean-up crew so we can feel at least good enough to keep reproducing our degenerate selves. LOL.

      Mind you, if I had parasites – which are a unique form of pathogen – I’d still take medicine but at the same time clean up my act so that they don’t feel so welcome in my body.

  4. Who decides which forms of consensual sexuality are immoral? I may consider much of this sexuality ostentatious, over-the-top, or even revolting (as a personal viewpoint), but I leave it up to people to determine for themselves what is immoral. * As long as no one is coerced or unwillingly harmed in participating in sexual activities *, then who are the people behind this video to set themselves up as arbiters of morality for others?

    1. @ Kim Peterson

      So you think the Jews had the right to deprave and corrupt the German people and that it was up to the German people to resist that tidal wave of Jewish filth if they wished?

      And you think that those Germans who decided to give way to all this filth and indulge in unlimited debauchery, even wanking over child porn, were just indulging in “consensual sex”. 🙂

      An interesting comment that reveals more about yourself than about the sex-crazed Germans.

    2. Morality is more than only consent, it is also about degradation. Even if people degrade themselves voluntarily, those who provide the means of degradation are morally responsible. It is the same with drugs. People use drugs voluntarily, but those who provide the drugs are morally responsible for exploiting their weakness.

    3. @Kim Peterson.

      “…a male goose whose neck you cut at just the right ecstatic moment would give you the most delicious frisson of all—as it allowed you to enjoy sodomy, bestiality, homosexuality, necrophilia and sadism at one stroke. Gastronomy too, as one could eat the goose afterwards.”

      Well, what about male geese, as described in the above story? I mean, you’re going to kill and eat them anway, right, so why would you need to get their consent? Might even be better than your standard slaughterhouse death.

    4. * As long as no one is coerced or unwillingly harmed in participating in sexual activities *
      The line, the crux of the morality, innit?

      “Immorality: the morality of those who are having a better time” (H. L. Mencken)

    5. kp
      so you agree to an intentional program of cultural destruction
      weimar yid yesterday
      weinswinewood yid today
      try to deprogram your self

      where’s my smart club?

      nice darkmoon back

  5. The Jews consider themselves always innocent of any wrongdoing, therefore anti-Semitism must be wholly “irrational” and inexplicable.

    There are however some Jews who seriously try to explain the “mystery”. Here is a short video in which Abe Foxman (former director of the Anti-Defamation League) thinks he has found the answer :
    Jews are hated because they are so successful and that provokes jealousy.

    Another Jew thinks he has found an even better answer. Rabbi Ken Spiro thinks that Gentiles hate Jews because it is the unique mission of the Jews to elevate the world morally and spiritually and the world is in total revolt against those values. That is also the reason why Hitler wanted to destroy the Jews, because they embody those values.

    How strange that neither Abe Foxman nor rabbi Spiro ever protested against the Jewish involvement in the promotion of degeneracy instead of moral and spiritual values. Am I missing something ?

    1. Yes. You are missing the fact Jews are the lowest form of scum sucking, morally degenerate, pathologically lying, psychopathic mass murderers who elevate the lowest, most degenerate, debauched human natures to paragons of cultural virtuosity. These are the so-called “values” Jews embrace. The Jew’s primary mission is to slaughter everyone they hate and that is everyone.

      However, your oversight is not unusual, as Jews never notice this either. Why? because Jews believe their own lies!

  6. @ Lasha Darkmoon

    Gosh, you are a Victorian prude, dear lady! Don’t you know that sex is fun and it’s the only thing we have that makes life worth living?

    Yep, it’s sex that makes the world go round. So I’m always willing to be at your service, dear lady, since I’m told you are quite a looker!

    Alternative title for your article:


    “Before Hitler Came: How the Germans Went Crazy for Sex.”


    “Before Hitler Came: How the Germans Came Too.” 🙂

    1. If you like sex so much, then I wonder why you are such a low population. I think you have much to learn from the schwartzes regarding sex. It is such a pity that you forward them to Europe instead of keeping them at home.

  7. The Jew cannot succeed with the imposition of cultural marxism without the consent of non-jews. “People”, in general, are easily seduced by their own weaknesses. There is plenty blame to spread around!

  8. Lot of comments, apparently Darkmooners go crazy for posts containing sex, well ((they)) say it sells.
    Rough ,and probably disputable figures put the number of Jews in pre ww2 Germany at between 500 and 600 thousand, after the war below 50 thousand, I won’t dispute the involvement of the pre war Jews in the depravity of the time, however post war Germany has continued to be a sexual cesspit, with Beastie brothels being the latest craze.
    Are non jew German peoples ( of whom I MAY be descended ) pre programmed perverts,
    Or has the infection the post suggests was created by the Jews, passed down through the generations.
    If its the latter, then we are in trouble, if the German people twisted by ten years of Jew mind control continued to behave as if under control 80 years after the removal of the (scourge)* what chance the west ,with its 50 years of control.
    * yes we known the scourge was not completely removed, but 500,000 to 50,000.

    Maybe this is a Question better covered in the Darwin post.

    1. “…Germany has continued to be a sexual cesspit…”

      It is not as bad as during the Weimar period, and the present day sexual degeneration is not confined to Germany. It is the outcome of an international popular culture, and who controls that international culture again ?

    2. Harry:
      “If its the latter, then we are in trouble, if the German people twisted by ten years of Jew mind control continued to behave as if under control 80 years after the removal of the (scourge)* ”
      How do you manage to make only ten years out of it? Germany had 12 yrs without jewish control from 1933 to 1945. The rest they have been completely dominated by this group, mainly through proxies like the US, who are complete suckers for the same group. The reason the German people is hit with particular harshness is the fact that they dared oppose the (((chosen bastards))) for twelve years. And bastards being bastards, they’re hell bent on eternal revenge.

      1. Bjorn, fair enough point.
        Not to argue further but, the German ( of whom i MAY be descended ) people, having been broken by the onslaught of world Jewry in 45 have hardly attempted to throw off the shackles, the latest incarnation of German nationalism is purely anti Islam, i wonder whos driving that?, where is the anti Zionist movement, also the same people we accuse of turning prewar Germany into 20th century Sodom , have been running ( by many accounts ) Britian since , well since the German Rothschild’s virus spread their in 1800, we have not seen a similar level of depravity ( yet ) on the streets of Britain, so the questions still stand, are the German peoples more predisposed to sexual depravity, and can the rest of us in the west ever hope to reverse the 80? Years of mind control*, we have had due to the ((Scourge’s)) media efforts.
        * personally I think not, and am putting my faith in the Resistance movement Removing the head of the snake, the Zionist entity.

        Not being a last word freak, and excepting you will/may have many valid counterpoints to make, please excuse me if I don’t attempt to debate you’re coming retort, aside from the whole sexual perversion thing leaving a bad taste, I don’t care to cause splits in the Anti Zionist cause, good luck.

  9. An excellent video, and of course, where did many of these sewer rats go after Hitler came to power? The USA, Hollywood. In addition to sexual perversity there is another aspect of Jewish “entertainment” I cannot abide, and that is schmaltz, a sickly, cloying sentimentality. It has now permeated throughout the entire cultural and political milieu of the US and most of the English speaking world. Elie Weasel was a particularly adept schmaltzifier. What a chunderous ratbag!

  10. It is so funny, that Jews really think that because they repeat the phrase “NEVER AGAIN”

    An expulsion/holocaust will never happen again (even though it has happened 109 times already)

    They don’t realize the violent way they push this “never again”, will make them even more resented and vilified and accelerate the next expulsion.

    Throughout history, Jews have been great allies of Muslims, a mutually beneficial relationship.

    But after what they did to the Palestinians in the past 70 years – now 2 billion Muslims hate their guts and want to outright exterminate them.

    Way to go Jews.

    Now all you need to do is
    1. Censor white people
    2. Violently repress white nationalists
    3. Promote white genocide.

    Soon whites will hate you too, just like the Muslims already do.

    PS: I have a feeling that many right-wing Jews who promote the vilification of Muslims — do this because

    1. Muslims are Jew woke
    2. They want to vilify Muslims in order to silence them about the JQ ( just like they villify Nazis in order to silence their voices)

    Some Jews want Muslim immigration,
    Other Jews are aware that Muslims are Jew woke, so they push to vilify Muslims.
    Schizophrenic behavior.

    Keep pushing us Jews.
    Do it!
    Push harder.

      1. This cartoon posted by Carnaptious is absolutely brilliant

        and sums up everything I just said.

  11. This is your race, your nation, on Jews. This is what happens when Hitlers are destroyed in favor of Jews. As I watch the Jew’s Hollywood horror play out on the cinematic screen, I realize one can no longer tell at what point the Jew’s horror fantasies begin to blend with the Jew’s reality.

    The following is a little known, real life, horror story about how Jews devalue lives and nations of non-Jews. What these “Atomic Veterans” did not understand is that this was not “their government.” They failed to understand they were subjected to radiation experiments commissioned by alien Jews who funded, ramrodded and ran America’s nuclear weapons development projects.

    To Jews, we goyim (cattle) herds are nothing more than worthless, expendable life in a Petri dish to be tortured and experimented on at their pleasure. Later stories of government torture and other malfeasance, lends huge credibility to this story. It also presents a question as to government attitudes towards mass shootings and “gun control. After all, if the Zionist American government is willing to “sacrifice” Americans in this manner, what loss are people killed from a twisted demented effort at “gun control.” More than anything, this story should alert one to the future Jews have in store for their American goyim herds.

    ~~~~~~ From American Ground Zero – The Secret Nuclear War

    Robert Carter witnessed Test Shot “Hood,” July 5th 1957, the only hydrogen bomb exploded on American territory. At 74-kilotons it was the biggest atmospheric test shot ever in Nevada. Test shot Hood was to have been exploded on July fourth, but was delayed because winds were blowing towards California instead of Salt Lake City. It is said there are a quarter million – some 250,000 – “Atomic veterans.”

    “I was happy, full of life, before I saw that bomb, but then understood evil and was never the same I was sick inside and it stayed with me for a full year. I seen how the world can end.”

    After the test, some men in the platoon had more reason for shock and dismay. While, sweeping the area during their maneuver, some of them had seen cages and fenced enclosures. Some contained animals burned almost beyond recognition. When Carter told me others held humans in handcuffs chained to fences, his credibility came under suspicion. [ . . .] Over the next three years however, I came across the same story again and again from men who participated in shot Hood. The account of Marine Sergeant Israel Torres, published in the Washington Law Review in a legal brief by attorney William A Fletcher, was identical to Carter’s. In fact, when soldiers spoke of seeing the burned and shackled remains of humans on the nuclear battleground, they were submitted to the same psychiatric “deprogramming”.

    [I saw] something horrible . . . out there in the desert after we’d been decontaminated and were in our trucks. We’d only gone a short way when one of my men said, “Jesus Christ, look at that!” I looked where he was pointing, and what I saw horrified me. There were people in a stockade, a chain-link fence with barbed wire on top of it. Their hair was falling out and their skin seemed to be peeling off. They were wearing blue denim trousers but no shirts . . . Good God it was scary. While I was in the hospital, I told my nurse what I’d seen. The next day when the doctor looked in on me, he said, “the nurse told me an unusual story. What about those people you say you saw at the test sight in Nevada?” [Torres was questioned on two occasions during the next two days. He thought one of the questioners was a psychiatrist.] . . . They took me to Balboa Navel Hospital in San Diego [where four men questioned him at length]. I told the story of the people in the chain-link fence. They told me I imagined I saw those people. One of them called me a liar and forced a large pill down my throat. I must have been kept drugged for days, because I woke up back at Camp Pendleton in the hospital. The day I left to return to my unit a doctor told me not to repeat the “bizarre” story about the people I’d seen. He said if I did, he’d see to it I was thrown out of the Corps.

    After some time under observation, Carter was returned to George Air Force Base, and found that his hair was beginning to fall out in clumps. By winter, after a transfer to Newfoundland, his health had deteriorated so badly that he was hospitalized. At the time, he, like Torres, mentioned his ordeal at the Test Site to the doctor and a nurse.

    They immediately brought me back to the states to Colorado, where they locked me up like a criminal for three days, like in a psychiatric place. They told me the only way I could get out of there was to go through a reverse brain washing type thing. Nobody knew what we knew. You know that if you tell anybody it’s like treason, you’ll be hung. They were doing something to the top of my head. I thought it was needles stuck in, but I couldn’t see. I thought, why am I being locked up in here where they are screaming at me, yelling at me, telling me that my friends all wear skirts? They were trying to break me down, telling me I was not to reveal anything I know. I was really upset. It’s unimaginable.

    If Bob Carter and other soldiers like him were treated to questionable psychiatric practices, it is a certainty that they never received any practical therapy to help them cope with the emotional trauma, not only of being exposed at such short range to a hydrogen bomb, but also of the enormously distressing revelation that their government might be conducting human experiments they witnessed. The physical disability that now consigns him to a wheelchair is coupled with a clinical paranoia that keeps him housebound. He fears he and his family have been and will be harmed in retribution for his very vocal activities in defense of atomic veterans.

    The cloud was like a big ball of fire with black smoke and some red inside, a big, monstrous, something almost sickening. Something that would scare you. It left me really sad, real apprehensive about my life. My dad said I left home loving life and I came back, and had no love for life any longer. . .

    How would you feel, if you sent your kid, 17 years old, to watch a 74-kiloton explosion? It’s destroying the human species. That’s what it’s done to me. That explosion told me I was part of the most evil thing I have ever seen in my life. How can anybody use it as a deterrent to a war? I’d rather go fight the war. Wouldn’t you rather go fight in the war than destroy the world?


    “That explosion told me I was part of the most evil thing I have ever seen in my life.” – Jews and their domination over the white race and nations. If only a small percentage of people were truly aware of the horror Jews hammer into all mankind, there would not be a Jew left on the planet at the end of the week.

  12. Nothing Anti-Semitic about this article or video! Excellent work, and incredibly interesting! Thank you! Once again, we find ourselves being corrupted, in an attempt to destroy the whites, the family, and religion, by the communist Jews controlling; mass media, banking/ finance, governments, wars, etc. Breaks my heart that we do not have a Hitler figure today to remove them once and for all! I have downloaded the video as I’m sure it won’t be visible for long….smh. “Truth is not Racist, Facts are not Hate” And we all know how the Jews hate and censor the Truth!

  13. Not just the apex of Jewish power in Germany. It was the same at the time east of Poland through Russia. ..
    The German people were very well aware of the j-factor as communism, whereas even now Americans still have no idea, much less do they understand the economic power Jews exercised over Germany during that period, nor have they ever heard of the jews’ declaration of war against Germany….
    I guess we can all understand how a few frustrated females could be so obsessed with this repeated theme, but I kinda doubt the so-called national moral decline by way of everyone’s sex drive was quite as well planned by the jews as is supposed here. They are the usual suspects in everything found in the protocols but I’m thinking all the licentiousness was way more just another on capitalism’s many unfortunate externalities…
    Sex sells, a lot like booze and dope in oppressed and poverty stricken societies.
    Media was maturing technologically at the time to a greater pander ous effect.
    Do the Jews really devise the rot in America now or are they just pushing what sells?
    I don’t think the mf ers are quite as omnipotent as people who need enemies always wanna make them out.
    They happen to have political power because that’s the way it is when you have a lot of dough.
    However, it may be that a desperate drive for commonality ran beneath the surface of the times in Germany, with the ultra nationalist wave building upon the sexual energy. As they said in the sixties “the movement that SCREWS together GLUES together…
    And really the snuff bit about raping the gooseneck is obviously overdone. It reminded me of some of Eli Weasley choice BS…
    I’ll find it for you. ..


    As far as I see it…. It’s just a matter of time.

    It might take a decade, a century, it doesn’t matter.

    Jews will be expelled again.

    The more violently they try to repress a revolt — the more violent the hatred and backlash against them will be.

    The Muslims now hate them, after what they did to Palestine.

    When people realize the Holocaust was a lie…. they will get so angry they will support a real Holocaust, without any guilt feelings whatsoever.

    The more the Jews push and shove… the more the whole world sees who they are.

    The last 109 times they were expelled…. there was no internet.

    When they were expelled from Spain – other countries welcomed them, because they had no idea what they had done.
    When they were expelled from Germany, the USA welcomed them, because they did not know what they had done to Germany.

    With INTERNET – now everyone will know who they are and every Jewish tweet is preserved online forever.

    A time will come when the whole world will know WHO THEY ARE.

    When a conman deceives someone, he can move on to deceiving other people who don’t know he is a conman.

    But when the whole town knows he is a conman — he is EXPOSED.

    In my opinion people are asleep to the Jew problem, because things are still good. People have jobs, they worry about their family – they don’t have time for this and don’t think that this affects them.

    The moment a huge economic crisis appears, and widespread poverty… people will wake up.

    In Germany things were really bad, high unemployment and poverty — before they woke up and voted Hitler.

    Right now the Muslim refugee crisis is providing some awakening.

    In 20 years’s time, when the second generation of Muslims grow up and there is widespread violence… people will wake up.

    When bad things happen – people start waking up.

    Even if it takes 100 years, people will wake up to the Jew.

    And their hatred will be immense.

    I just pray that Jews keep pushing, keep censoring, keep repressing.

    Nowadays everything they do is recorded forever on the internet. It is on record.

    Jews even brag about what they do. It is easy to screenshot what they say, and it is on record forever.

    So, unless the Jews completely ban the Internet.
    (Which will make people really pissed off.)

    It is just a matter of time before the backlash comes.

    So let’s live our lives in peace. Try to wake up as many friends as we can.
    Do online anonymous activism, posting comments.

    Just enjoy our lives. This might take a few decades, before people wake up.

    When the right time comes….

    You fill in the blanks…

    1. Might as well give the full quote:
      “Se está acabando el entusiasmo por peligros y la guerra. Ahora los que van a dar el tono serán los judíos, gente pacífica, erótica y cobarde. Ganar dinero de cualquier manera y tener mujeres sera el ideal, y cuando antes se pensaba en aventureros, el aventurero del porvenir será el aberrante sexual”.
      The character — obviously the author’s “alter ego”, since these are known to have been Baroja’s own opinions — goes on to refer to Freudianism as “puro cerdismo”, “pure piggery”.
      I would however beg to differ as to the “peaceful” nature of the Jews, of course, unless you mean getting other people fight their wars for them with American soldiers and tax money while they sit back and torture Palestinians.

  15. Mouth-breathers always need an enemy.

    A country as rigid, rule-based, and repressed as Weimar Germany didn’t need Jews to create their weirdness. It was always there. Stop blaming Jews for your own ignorance and self-loathing. Anyone who takes this much time to find fault and blame others has some serious pathological shit to deal with.

    1. “…Stop blaming Jews for your own ignorance and self-loathing…”
      Spoken like a true Jew.

  16. “I saw pimps offering anything to anybody: little boys, little girls, robust young men, libidinous women, animals. The story went the rounds that a male goose whose neck you cut at just the right ecstatic moment would give you the most delicious frisson of all—as it allowed you to enjoy sodomy, bestiality, homosexuality, necrophilia and sadism at one stroke. Gastronomy too, as one could eat the goose afterwards.”

    from mke king – here’s weasel, ceo of the holohoax industry.. it’s got the same smell…

    “The horror of the camps was unreal. On his first night in Auschwitz, Elie saw German soldiers throwing Jewish babies into a fire, then pinched his face to be sure that he wasn’t dreaming. “For a long time,” he says, “I wondered, Did I see that? I sometimes doubt my own eyes. In the concentration camps, we discovered this whole universe where everyone had his place. The killer came to kill, and the victims came to die.”

    “The horror of the camps was unreal. On his first night in Auschwitz, Elie saw German soldiers throwing Jewish babies into a fire, then pinched his face to be sure that he wasn’t dreaming. “For a long time,” he says, “I wondered, Did I see that? I sometimes doubt my own eyes. In the concentration camps, we discovered this whole universe where everyone had his place. The killer came to kill, and the victims came to die.”

    read the whole jive here –

  17. There is a part missing which will add to the information. Why would German women steep so low? This may be explained by the after effects of the lost World War. You have to see the economic conditions of the time. There should be books full of material about those times. The harsh Treaty of Versailles conditions and many more. It is no childs play to loose a major war, and the suffering of civilian population cannot be underestimated. Poverty and despairs leads to desperate measures in desperate times.

    If have seen similar things happening on a much smaller scale in South Africa, when things turned bad. Men taking their wifes for the day to so called escort agencies, so that they earn money so that they can survive another day. In better times this would have been completely unthinkable, as the whites were very conservative and religious. Men marrying black women, in the hope that this would protect their jobs in the course of the harsh affirmative action/BEE/BBBEE (and other nonsens words) legislation.

    If you go back to Johannesburg some years after the lost Anglo-Boer war, there also were terrible economic conditions which led to the same phenomena. The Boer General Christiaan Rudolf de Wet wrote a book on his experiences in South Africa during the war. I managed to obtain a very scarce copy. In it there was a last chapter, which usually is not to be found in other copies. It is a short chapter about the vices, inter alia prositution rings and alcohol peddling in Johannesburg. He named the culprits – all run by Jews.

    You just read about Apartheid and how the Boers got rich on the back of the Blacks. Completely untrue. The Boers were suffering under the British occupation. There is no English book yet translated over those times. I picked up an Afrikaans boek in a second hand book shop, and I and my Boer friend were amazed what we read in there. Louis Naude, Dr. A. Hertzog, die Nasionale Party en die Mynwerkers/Louis Naude, Dr. A Herzog, the National Party and the Mineworkers (Louis Naude was the nom de plume of the late journalist B.M. Schoeman, who wrote a series of wothwhile books, inter alia Die Geld Mag, Suid-Afrika se onsigbare regering/The Money Powers, South Africas invisible government). How the jews ran the mine workers union and other unions, some of them openly communist and exploited the Boer blue collar worker.

    Still into the 1950’s there was the problem of prostitution and drunkedness, due to hardship in the lower ranks of the whites.

    White males can steal, and females can sell their body in order to survive. It is hard for a male to sell himself as a prostitute by the nature of things. He does this by other means.

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