Behold, The Hour Cometh

“In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer.
I have overcome the world.” — John, 16:33

It has only dawned on me recently, after a traumatic personal event in my own life to which I am unable to draw attention, that the world around me is full of dead-eyed people living lives of quiet desperation. 

I never saw these people before. My eyes were shuttered. My mind, its dark roots buried in the survival instinct, or perhaps in narcissistic egotism, had screened these Unpeople out for me. Made them invisible.

These are the multitudinous Invisibles, thronging the streets all round us, whom we have managed to mortify into non-existence: the halt and the lame, the pain-wracked, the blind old man with his stick, the sad-eyed old woman in her wheelchair.

And what of the others?—the miserati hidden away behind high walls, in asylums for the criminally insane, in solitary confinement in prisons, in secret subterranean dungeons, in torture chambers far from the light of day, in crepuscular wards for the terminally ill?

Are there places where people scream by the hour like mad banshees and nobody hears them? or somebody hears them but does not care? Yes, there are such places. God spare you a visit there, or a longer habitation in these halls of hell. May you never enter those portals of pain.

And so I stood in front of my bathroom mirror one day, looking into the eyes of the Stranger staring back at me, and these words from King Lear formed on my lips, the famous quote from Shakespeare that has haunted me ever since childhood: “The wheel has come full circle. I am here.”

—   §   —

Pitiful. Truly pitiful. To have been knocked off my perch in the blue heaven in a single moment, and sent flying into a Black Hole at the end of the universe, where nothing can be seen but darkness, and nothing heard but the ululations and cachinnations of the damned.

This is reality. This, the only truth. And its name is Pain.

Where was God then? Where was the Comforter? Where was the Angel of Mercy? Where was the kiss of kindness? — Nowhere.

Only godlessness. And that all-consuming darkness. And then the cry from the heart — I can no more! Mine, O thou Lord of Life, send my roots rain!

—  §  —

And so what has this pathetic nonentity known as ‘Lasha Darkmoon’ learnt from life? Precisely nothing. She has neither knowledge nor wisdom and has spent her entire life chasing shadows. She is a myth of her own making.

I have dipped into many books on happiness, advising people how to be happy, thereby implying that unhappiness is the natural and universal human condition. For example, Bertrand Russell’s The Conquest of Happiness. This book didn’t help me in the least to come one inch closer to happiness than I had been before. How could it, since the man who wrote it, though a towering genius, didn’t have a clue how to make himself happy, and was, in the last analysis, just an intellectual chatterbox?

For a start, he didn’t believe in God. So he was a happiness counsellor only for the godless. If you don’t believe in God, or care for God, maybe Russell will make you happy—though he never knew true happiness himself and made a lot of people around him unhappy, like the maidservants he seduced in his own household.

And then there was his protégé Wittgenstein, another transcendent genius, whose Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus you may be acquainted with. Here was another tortured genius, hardly the type of man to go to for wisdom or tips on happiness, given that he spent a lot of his time in sadomasochistic activities with leather-jacketed young men he met in parks and other places where the lonesome go to pick up their soulmates.

The one thing that impressed me about Wittgenstein though was the final sentence of his great book:  “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.” But it has been said before. Many times.

Ah, for the wisdom of Solomon! Much advice on wisdom and how to be happy from the legendary Judaic sage Solomon, in the Book of Proverbs and the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament; and more in the Apocrypha in Ecclesiasticus and the Book of Wisdom, assuming Solomon was the author of all these books which he is reputed to be. Whether he wrote them or not is irrelevant. Whoever did was a consummate sage, as wise as any Vedic seer in the high Himalayas  or by the holy river Ganges. And if Solomon was Jewish, then full marks to the Jews for producing such a man.

Indeed, that the Jews can produce such a man is an argument against antisemitism in its most virulent forms.

And if Jesus was a Jew too—and he must remain a Jew until proven otherwise by the antisemites—there is something to be said for a radical revision in our attitude to the Jews. The old antisemitism will no longer suffice. The more I have sat at the table of the antisemites, listening to their rantings and ravings as one of their number, sharing their crumbs of wisdom in the camaraderie of hate, the more I have come to realise that the goyim are not one whit superior in virtue, and certainly no wiser, than the Jews they vilify and love to hate.

If I am ever sent off to some gulag for “enhanced interrogation”, for unspeakable crimes I have yet to commit, and forced to choose between a Jewish torturer or a non-Jewish one, I am not at all sure that I would get off more lightly by choosing the non-Jewish torturer.

Would you opt to have your bones broken and your fingernails ripped out by an evil Jewish torturer in Tel Aviv? Or would you prefer to be boiled alive in a vat by a nice Muslim torturer in Uzbekistan?

The choice is yours.

—   §   —

The antisemitic trope that all Jews are intrinsically evil by virtue of a “Jewish gene”, or a Jewish mindset that is the polar opposite of the mindset of the rest of mankind, and that Jews should therefore be treated like vermin and exterminated en masse, how did this extreme pathology ever take hold? In the words of T.S. Eliot: “The rats are underneath the piles. The Jew is underneath the lot.” Are Jews then to be seen as sewer rats, best hunted down and killed in the interests of social hygiene, lest they infect the rest of the world with a moral bubonic plague?

Surely these extreme sentiments can only take root in disordered minds, given the existence of good Jews like Jesus and Mary, John the Baptist and the inspired author of the Book of Revelation who wrote: “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.”

Would you crucify St Paul again, the “evil Jew” who allegedly corrupted Christianity, for saying: “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live;  yet not I, but Christ liveth in me”?  Would you put Spinoza to death for his philosophy? or Niels Bohr to death for his contributions to quantum physics? or Einstein to death for saying “God does not play dice”?

Having said all this in defence of the Jews, it nevertheless needs pointing out that a very large number of Jews are infected with the notion that evil is good if they can get away with it, and if it is conducive to their survival as a race and to their ultimate supremacy. This statement will incense the Jews, but it is the truth. These Jews need to stop saying the Kol Nidre prayer and muttering under their breath like Milton’s Satan, “Evil, be thou my good.”

“The Satanic character of traditional Judaism,” Michael Hoffman tells us, “is not particularly difficult to discern if one adheres to the facts. The principal sacred text of the Kabbalah is the openly Satanic Zohar, which states the following: “Israel must make sacrifices to Satan so that he will leave Israel unmolested” (Zohar 2:33a). Also this: “The evil impulse is good, and without the evil impulse Israel cannot prevail in the world” (Zohar 1:61a). These are appalling statements.”

Who can doubt they are appalling statements?

There is hope for the Jews, the Talmudic Jews and the Zionist predators of Palestine, if they can only come to their senses and be persuaded to mend their ways.

I will say no more about the moonstruck masses, mute in their misery as they toss on the sunless Sea of Dreams like flotsam and jetsam, here where the Prince of Darkness  rules over his colony of hell in a remote corner of the Milky Way. I am sick to death of words.

Words never yet brought anyone to paradise.

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  1. Words never has created a heaven on Earth. But if creating words makes life a little more satisfying for oneself, than create words. Jew talk creates a subject for many words. There have been over a billion words written about Jews. My being a Jew gives me the inside position for Jew talk.
    It is difficult to measure who is happier, the one in an African mud hut or the one in Trump Tower. But no one is satisfied being wracked with pain on a hospital bed. While healthy and alive Jew talk is good for the soul. So keep on talking.

  2. In the article: “This is reality. This, the only truth. And its name is Pain.”

    This is obvious….
    As “the only truth”… Pain IS the best teacher.

  3. I’m with you, Lasha. Perhaps the best that words have to offer are when they are used in exquisite form, where the writer strives to find the music within, making them sing as only the greatest poetry can. Failing that, all you have to do is pick up an instrument and play.

    Musicians know the score 😊

  4. Said Wittgenstein:- “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”

    Or my motto, “A closed mouth gathers no feet”

    I went to the college where Wittgenstein was a fellow and caused a lot of resentment with my belief that he was schizophrenic. It later turned out that he probably was.

    My point is that many/most of these philosophical types are bad examples for us to emulate. Same goes for the BBC. I regard BBC Radio 4 as “Bleeding Heart Radio” and find that too much listening to it is depressive.

    The people who advance humanity are usually practical people who scorn philosophy, and I might add, psychiatry,,,,and the BBC.

      1. It is strange, to me anyway, that Europeans still go to the ancient middle east for their dose of “wisdom”. LOL.

      2. Hi Wyandotte,
        I agree. Why we put so much store in the Old Testament baffles me. It was mostly borrowed or fiction, and the present Ashkenazi Jews have no connection with the the biblical Israelites.

        I am not sure about the new Testament. The Mithras cult was prominent.

        I AM sure that the jewish Lobby of organized and influential Jews has too much power and has caused and is still causing wars.

        That does not make one an anti-semite. I get on well with individual Jews. It is the power o fthe Jews I object to,

      3. I’m partial to William Finck (Christogenea).
        “No dialogue with jews and niggers”


        Because if you read Diodorus Siculus and Strabo of Cappadocia you’ll understand that during the last ice age, ten thousand years ago, North of the Danube river was uninhabited. The Adamic race comes from the Levant.

  5. “She is a myth of her own making. She has neither knowledge nor wisdom and has spent her entire life chasing shadows.”

    And then one fine day she caught that shadow
    (and now she can’t let go). Excelsior!
    Bhaj Govindam!

  6. @ wyandotte I agree with you especially when
    the christians relie on the jewish OT, a swindle book and myth book. All copied of the Egyptians, Indians etc. The jews copy everything and then sell it as their trademark. Nothing has changed till now with these jews.

    1. @Mike The “Indians” were once here in America; Brahmanic and ABrahamics are frauds who stole the sacred texts, split them up, edited the HELL into them, putting their identity where helpful, and took over the world. At the base are Mayins, who used the Phoenician navy, joined with Greeks for organization methods and went around destroying those with this wisdom who could rain on their ‘yellow submarine’.
      (“India” the current holder of a major portion of said texts, was called Hindustan when Columbus ‘discovered America’ in ~1492; actually, that’s when Jews got the boot in Spain.)

      @Darkmoon: Here’s proof from one with Jewish children, although I have gone from uncle bob to auntie Semite due to research. As Jezeus’ mother was from Galilee, populated by Gauls, it’s impossible that he was Jewish.
      The Greeks came up with that name, btw, and it’s likely derives from “I ZEUS”. Now his father….. that’s another question entirely. ;D) (It’s suppose to be understood as a metaphor, except by children; “Christ” comes from within.)

      Dm said, “And if Jesus was a Jew too—and he must remain a Jew until proven otherwise by the antisemites—there is something to be said for a radical revision in our attitude to the Jews. ”


  7. “The more I have sat at the table of the antisemites, listening to their rantings and ravings as one of their number, sharing their crumbs of wisdom in the camaraderie of hate, the more I have come to realise that the goyim are not one whit superior in virtue, and certainly no wiser, than the Jews they vilify and love to hate.” (LD)

    Where is that “table of the antisemites”?
    I’ve never come about any such “table” anywhere
    where “antisemites” are sitting “ranting and raving”
    about “the Jews they vilify and love to hate”?

    What do you mean by that – Lasha Darkmoon?
    using an empty misnomer as “antisemites”?
    What are “antisemites” to you? What are they doing?
    How and in what way do they express their “hate”?
    What are they saying? What lies about “the Jews”?

    “The antisemitic trope that all Jews are intrinsically evil
    by virtue of a “Jewish gene”, or a Jewish mindset
    that is the polar opposite of the mindset of the rest of mankind”
    I’ve never heard anybody say such a non-sense.
    Did you really hear anybody say say that?
    Or have you seen that anywhere in written form?

    The criticism I’ve come about was always very specific –
    never talking or writing about “the Jews” but always
    about a special kind which in fact IS the polar opposite
    of a decent human being

    Whereas “Hatred of Jews” defined as “antisemitism”
    according to the Jewish definition and proclaimed to be a crime!
    Punishable by law (heavy fines & imprisonment)
    is truly hate propaganda destroying people’s lives
    defaming EVERYBODY who is just talking the truth, meaning
    No random vilifications but provable facts…

    I’ve never come across “Jew haters” (“antisemites”)
    who hate “THE JEWS” (indiscriminately meaning all of them)
    and really HATE Jews (in the meaning of the word)
    the same way as “the Germans” (as a people over generations)
    are being hated by Jews…. being genocided by Jews….
    using their proxies – and they have lots of them….

    Where is such a table of “Jew haters”?
    I’ve never come about any such roundtable –
    it must be imaginary. Not existing in the real world.
    Is the Darkmoon site seen as such a “table”?
    I’m truly at a loss here.

    Jesus was not a Jew. The word was not invented yet.
    Jesus was a Judahite, a true Israelite from the tribe of Judah.
    “Jew“ and Judahite is not identical. It describes different people.
    Those who crucified Jesus were his fiercest opponents.
    They sentenced him to death in the Sanhedrin
    and according to their Talmud “Jesus is in HELL boiling in feces“
    Those who call themselves “Jews“ today are not the ethnic
    descendants of the biblical Israelites.
    They have nothing at all in common with Jesus.
    They HATE Jesus Christ and his followers to the death.

    They use Muslims who hate Christians the same way as they do
    and wage a war of extermination against the white race
    by flooding white countries – and only them – with millions of invaders
    who are raping, murdering and pillaging…
    and Of course – There is no difference between being tortured
    by a Jew or a Muslim proxy. Torture is always torture.
    The Quran/Islam seems to be a copy of traditional Judaism, both ideologies
    share lots of similarities with the Babylonian Talmud and the Zohar…
    which makes Muslims the perfect weapon against Christians
    and the white civilization Jews hate so much they want to
    “transform“ (DESTROY) every single bit of it not resting
    till the white race and civilization is extinguished
    and the true Christian faith gone forever.

    That’s the plan. The conspiracy.
    The Chosen Ones by Satan their master – love to mock their victims
    before they torture them to death in real life…
    But nothing to worry about when they are spewing their hatred
    It’s just “satire“ when Jews are doing it and a crime
    when others dare criticize it… it may turn into a life sentence
    if the critics happen to be over eighty or even ninety years old…
    The haters leave them rotting behind bars.
    That’s truly what you can call HATE.
    Haters of truth who hate those who speak the truth.

    They are the opposite to everything decent.
    You needn’t have a “Jewish gene“ to explain for such hate,
    heavy indoctrination from childhood on is sufficient…

    1. They are the opposite to everything decent.
      You needn’t have a “Jewish gene“ to explain for such hate,
      heavy indoctrination from childhood on is sufficient…

      And that is how you knock down a strawman.

      I don’t hate Jews. But I am sick, sore and tired of finding a Jewish person pulling the strings of every major frickin’ revolution (from Marxist revolutions to gender-bollox cultural revolutions), world wars, bankster wheezes and false flags. And we cannot forget the endless hypocritical nonsense used to justify Israel as a supremacist colony.

      Apart from all the above, I’ve enjoyed Jewish films, plays, books, music and comedy; I’ve enjoyed friendships with Jewish people. I just hate Jewish a**sholes like Barbara Spectre in the same way I hate various gentile a**holes like Obama or Blair (please don’t tell me they’re cryptos 😛 ). Yet the central problem remains — the prime movers in the real conspiracies that assail us usually turn out to be Jewish Supremacists.

      Lobro might’ve said that “Jewish Supremacist” is a tautology but I don’t think so…or I hope not?

      PS On the topic of Despair — don’t act on it, that sets off the traps; hold it by the ears, or horns; wait for its frenzy to subside. It is an obsessive beast and demon, ever circling and fixated on one goal.

    2. very well put Freya
      the article is bollocks dressed in poesy
      really surprised to read such nonsense posted by the admin on this of all sites

    3. Hi Freya,
      I have met many people who hate Jews. They are usually those who have worked with or for Jews, especially in America, and also many who have been “Jewed”.

      I have come across some really arrogant and unpleasant Jews, especially the young men, and more especially the “Frummers”, the orthodox Jews.

      Not all Jews are unpleasant young orthodox men, but I have learned to be wary of Jews. If they call that antisemitism so be it. To me it is a normal reaction to unpleasant experiences.

      1. You must always be vigilant with jews. When you talk with them it’s never a simple innocent conversation. They are sizing you up. Asking you questions how you think about this or that. They want to know if you are doing fine or not. Just to investigate if they can profit from you. And don’t ever forget the jews are interlinked and they know their jewish institutions and rabbi very well. This is applicable to all jews and also your nice jewish neighbour and even ‘ friend’ who is always a spie for Israel.

  8. “… religion’s huge in the demografication process…“ (barkingdeer)
    “It is strange, to me anyway, that Europeans still go to the ancient middle east for their dose of “wisdom”. (Wyandotte)

    barkingdeer – All too true – The churches are infiltrated and subverted – the Christian belief falsified – the “sheeple“ deceived – Not so long ago I’ve confronted catholic and protestant “shepherds“ with these troubling facts – and this time in private there was no denial but critical assessment – They know what is going on – compassion mustn’t be instrumentalized… The question: And what are you doing about it? remains the challenging and disturbing one . . .
    I’ve come across this interesting video – an uneasy relationship …

    At all times I’d say – The spiritual authority of the churches has always been a fragile one; they don’t exactly lead by good example – The Holy Spirit is mostly absent… Surely, it’s no good example to help facilitate the demise of one’s own people… by allowing the Christian faith being falsified, compassion being exploited… liars & deceivers inverting everything, turning everything upside down – and the fruits are bad, really bad…

    Wyandotte – There is a kind of spirituality universal to all human beings of good intent
    Even the pagans share it (see: pagan values, vid among the following above)
    Nothing wrong with that – There are good people who have written “it“ onto their hearts, wisdom is ingrained into their nature

    1. Freya. Oh, there’s a grain or two of wisdom in the OT. The best for me is “All things have their season, and in their times all things pass under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die.” Etc. From Ecclesiastes 3.

      However, who’s to say that similar wisdom cannot be found in non-semitic thought, put into writing. My point is that I don’t see any other culture than European taking their advice and wisdom from total strangers. They stick with their own scriptures/teachings.

      1. However, who’s to say “that similar wisdom cannot be found in non-semitic thought,“ (Wyandotte)

        Yes, that’s certainly true.
        I think the crucial point is: we must just DO WHAT IS RIGHT… However – How do we always know what the right thing is? I’ve learned how Jesus answered such questions and stick to that…

        The Jewish (Talmudic Satanic) doctrine defines “Right“ and “Good“ as EVERYTHING WHICH SERVES THE JEWISH INTERESTS… ANYTHING GOES! Including multiple genocide. Christians define that as Evil.

        What is the pagan definition of “Right“ & “Wrong“, of “Good“ & “Evil“? Do you know that? The Germanic old traditions entail a lot of wisdom.

        We’ve been “christianized“ by force and I very much resent violence. Violence is not God’s messenger.

        The traditions are mixed now…. the evergreen Christmas tree for instance… has nothing to do with Jesus. That’s clear. It’s all about symbolism: the light that shines in the darkness, the struggle of life against all odds… very important for the survival of the ancient Nordic tribes… the winters were hard and long.

        Totally dispensable is imo the fat old man in Red on his golden throne… (Santa – anagram for Satan? 666 Coca Cola invention – and a “666 truck“ allegedly crashed into the Berlin Christmas market – Satanic “Happy Holidays“ greetings – These “Santas“ are all over the place… they remind me of dirty ole men grabbing after children – and there are more signs that ((( Satanists ))) want to turn a Christian festive season into a Satanic one)

  9. I am also with Darkmoon here. Am reminded of Solzhenitsyn’s comment on the line between good and evil.

    I wrote this once.

    Words, words, words
    Clutter up my head.
    Words fall, paper burn
    Everything’s been said.

    1. After I reached what passed for adolescence in USoA (1960s), I would do dishes with Mother after dinner for us, Father and my two sisters. My Mother and I would converse — verbosity my affliction — as she washed and I both dried and put way. After an especially rousing conversation, my Mother would sometimes declare “Words! Words! Words!”

      Looking back, especially now when words flow as much from “thoughtful brain” as “wise Self”, I have to disagree, SW. Nothing has been said in so many words. Everything worth saying remains for enunciation, later.

  10. What is happiness? I dunno.

    What cheers me up? Wit and humour for one thing…

    “How could it, since the man who wrote it, though a towering genius, didn’t have a clue how to make himself happy, and was, in the last analysis, just an intellectual chatterbox?

    This writing made me chuckle; it made me smile — heck, it made me feel good. And you summed up Russell to a T — a T. So don’t tell me that writing has no effect.

    Wittgenstein. I spent some time trying to understand the Tractatus and was forced to conclude that either I am intellectually unfit for the task; or that Wittgenstein was a fraud. Being uncomfortable with the most obvious and sane conclusion, I opted for cognitive dissonance, “Either I am thick or Wittgenstein is a fraud?”. I cannot decide 😉

    On the other hand, his posthumously published “Philosophical Investigations” is much more accessible and gives the two-fingered salute to his earlier work. I think — I certainly wouldn’t know.

    But if someone I knew was in the depths of despair or experiencing the gutted, hollowed out feeling of apathy then what would I do? What would you do? Keep an eye on ’em for one thing. Stick around and make ’em cups of tea. Just be there. Despair will always try and have a go at you: when you least expect it; at your most vulnerable; at precisely that moment when everything did go wrong that couldn’t go wrong.

    You need your friends and family around you, I suspect; and still those books. It might be that one question that pops into your head, that forces you to flick open that reference work, that sends you on a journey out of your malaise.

    As for physical harm and disabilities, it is never the end of the world. I know friends and family with appalling conditions and afflictions and yet their spirit endures. It is intolerable how much pain and suffering can be heaped on a human being and yet still he will walk or shuffle or crawl onwards to the end. Given the heroic efforts of others, under terrible conditions, then we have no right to give-up under lesser conditions.

    I find that thinking of others lessens the dread.

    Yours sincerely

    Polonius 😉

  11. “It has only dawned on me recently, after a traumatic personal event in my own life to which I am unable to draw attention, that the world around me is full of dead-eyed people living lives of quiet desperation.”

    What turned us into a nation of Zombies ??
    You’re looking at the symptom of an underlying disease.
    Every disease has a cause
    WWLS …..
    What Would Lobro Say ?

    Who owns the government and the media and the military and the courts, etc. etc. and what are the likely effects of such overreaching control in terms of the impact that it has on ordinary human beings ? Have you ever been to a divorce court and seen families getting ripped apart by wicked and elitist judges ??

    “Are Jews then to be seen as sewer rats, best hunted down and killed in the interests of social hygiene, lest they infect the rest of the world with a moral bubonic plague?”

    Nobody aside from a provocateur would ever make such an outrageous comment. When a provocateur says something or does something that is deliberately calculated to produce a type of “maximum effect,” or when he says something that is deliberately incendiary or divisive – which is almost always the case – it indicates that what the provocateur is trying to do, first and foremost, is to besmirch the Good Name of the Legitimate Opposition by posing as one of them, and when this principle is transferred into the realm of action it does tend to manifest as a willingness to stage terrorist attacks (a.k.a. “false flags”) with the intention of blaming them on the opposition. The provocateur has no conscience and is willing to commit any crime at all – no matter how despicable or heinous – as long as he can assign blame on the genuine opposition. Are you not aware of this ?? It would appear that you’ve been paying scant attention to the First Book of Lobro, which is the latest addition to the Bible ….

    “Surely these extreme sentiments can only take root in disordered minds, given the existence of good Jews like Jesus and Mary,”

    Mary wasn’t quoted extensively in the Bible, if at all.
    Jesus – on the other hand – WAS quoted extensively.
    I don’t seem to recall Jesus ever calling for the mass murder of anyone.
    I don’t seem to recall that vengeance was a major theme in the teachings of Jesus.
    Had Jesus really been a Good Jew …..
    Jesus – in His Sermon on the Mount, would have called upon “The-Elect-The-Elite-and-The-Exclusive” to rise up and to smite the hated goyim, and on the occasion of the Second Coming we are all going to see Jesus on television – right alongside Wolf Blitzer in the CNN “situation room.”
    We are all going to witness the spectacle of Jesus dropping white phosphorous and cluster bombs on top of Palestinians, i.e. assuming you are correct and that Jesus really is a “good Jew.”
    Are we supposed to regard Jesus Christ as a spiritual inspiration for the likes of Menachem Begin and Meir Kahane ?? IT is none other than “Adonoi Elahaynu” a.k.a. “YHWH” or the mythical fire-breathing god of the Old Testament who should be regarded as the principle role model of the Likudniks, NOT JESUS CHRIST. It seems incredible that you or anyone else can regard Jesus Christ as a Jew, when He is their principle antagonist.

  12. No offense intended, take the following statement or leave it – in my experience it is not uncommon that heavily religious people are in effect keeping themselves in a psychological state of sychophancy, as basically facilitated by all big religions. It delivers subjects… religion peddles god as the answer to our fear of death.. yet every person has to come to his own personal reconciliation on that subject. It is no atheism to point it out that many religious people are cripples, who have used it to fend off reality, and find themselves at loss eventually…
    Speaking of mad dog Jewish zion ist ZoHan devils, etymologically, the word ‘synagogue’ means ‘the place where the demon is kept’…
    This is paradise (lost)….
    Words are the alternative to wars… and war never proves who’s right – it only proves who’s left… speak your truth, because as soon as the right words are said enough and understood we will reawaken, if men have courage.. and religion, war and corporatism will finally go the way of slavery, which was so well entrenched forever and exploited max from 1420 to 1880 roughly… yet slavery was finally abolished.. 13,000,000 Africans sold off across the atlantic. 11,000,000 delivered alive… humanity abolished slavery with the printing press… we are now with the ww web nostradamus’ “nation of clerics”….

  13. Freya – interesting video…
    So, what’s supposed to be wrong with paganism?
    Where is it written that the best qualities of human heart and all the altruistic principles of Christianity must necessarily go defunct with pantheism?
    Of course it isn’t written anywhere..
    Nor is it spelled out in scripture, that everything on the planet must be for sale..
    Yet here we are, completely commodified, in gross peril on account of it, looking at the bottom line.
    Paganism (pantheism) is only a threat to the religio-corporate capital power structure..
    It’s no threat to peace nor is it any threat to the biosphere.
    It is in fact the naturally connected, principled methodology of positive political progress….

  14. What’s wrong with paganism?
    It depends on what kind of paganism we are talking about.

    Surely – everything is wrong with Black Magic Kabbalah, Babylonian Talmud and Zohar aiming at the destruction of other people’s lives, destroying individuals and whole nations alike; everything is wrong with genociding people; everything is wrong with Jewish and Muslim Anti-White Racism and hatred of Christians; everything is wrong with genocidal ideologies (Judaism/Islam) centred around genocide (of non-Jews/non-Muslims) under the guise of “religion“ (Holy War/Dschihad), enslavement and world domination. Surely – everything is wrong with that. If the outcome is submission, enslavement, power, war, genocide, it’s not ‘religion’ and ‘spirituality’ but genocidal ideologies /death cults – that’s what Judaism and Islam is all about. Surely – everything is wrong with the Satanic character of traditional Judaism and Islam. Everything is wrong with the Satanic verses of the Quran and the principal unholy text of the Kabbalah, the Satanic Zohar, which openly states: “Israel must make sacrifices to Satan so that he will leave Israel unmolested” (Zohar 2:33a). and: “The evil impulse is good, and without the evil impulse Israel cannot prevail in the world” (Zohar 1:61a). Surely – everything is wrong with that. That’s Paganism in its most destructive form: multiple genocides as ritual blood sacrifices /human sacrifices – ritualistic murder – child sacrifices – even cannibalism. The worst unimaginable abominations. Surely – that’s the polar opposite of the mindset of the rest of mankind – and everything is wrong with it. Everything is wrong with Satanism/“Luciferianism“, the Satanic cult (“religion“) of the Jewish New World Order. It’s Jews who treat the rest of humanity like vermin/“cattle in human form“, not the other way round. And Jews have exterminated human beings en masse, and there is no end yet. They are behind White Genocide and global genocide; their tools are the UN, the EU, the governments and military of the western world, lots of Jewish millionaires, billionaires, trillionaires printing their own money supply, and countless Jewish lobby organizations. An extreme Jewish pathology is the worst threat to world peace and the survival of humanity. Surely – everything is wrong with that.

    1. Freya

      Too many of your posts are essentially saying the same thing without going into necessary specifics.

      “… genocidal ideologies (Judaism/Islam) centered around genocide (of non-Jews/non- Muslims) under the guise of religion…”

      Plenty of people who considered themselves to be Christians were complicit in the genocide of millions of indigenous people from the time of Columbus to Wounded Knee. Therefore, you’d have to throw “Christianity”* into the mix of genocidal ideologies under the guise of religion

      *Not to be confused with what the one known as “Jesus” was all about

      1. “Plenty of people who considered themselves to be Christians were complicit in the genocide of millions of indigenous people from the time of Columbus to Wounded Knee.”

        Have you not seen the evidence that Columbus was Jewish ? This info was taken down years ago, along with and Birdman Bryant and Edgar J. Steele, etc. etc., and yet it may be possible to find it somehow – although perhaps in a watered-down form. History has been totally white-washed ever since the burning of the Library in Alexandria. Why ? Because the perpetrators have been able to blend into the background via the employment of every technique of camouflage, as part of their never-ending quest to mislead the clueless. The “perps” derive their power from the absolute control of information, but you should know this !!

  15. brownhawk – thanks for your words of wisdom..
    i would say though that it was not christianity, as it is supposed to be, that offed the aboriginals…
    and freya – paganism has nothing to do with satanic depravity… not to me anyway…
    paganism is just people living on the land (pagus), giving sacred significance to their environment, never having heard of any of the world’s organized religions…
    pat – what do you men – no trespassing? territorial stuff?

    1. Bark-
      “pat – what do you men – no trespassing? territorial stuff?”

      That and much more.

      “Forgive me my trespasses as I forgive the trespasses of others against me.”

      Trespass is any intentional action against another without that other’s permission. Crimes and torts all inclusive.

    2. Arrogant and know-all American Christians should NOT go where the pagans will kill them for trespassing, when it is against the law!!

      —Isolated Tribe Kills American With Bow and Arrow on Remote Indian Island—

      Nov. 21, 2018

      NEW DELHI — John Allen Chau seemed to know that what he was about to do was extremely dangerous.

      Mr. Chau, an American thought to be in his 20s, was floating in a kayak off a remote island in the Andaman Sea. He was about to set foot on one of the most sealed-off parts of India, an island inhabited by a small, enigmatic and highly isolated tribe whose members have killed outsiders for simply stepping on their shore.

      Fishermen warned him not to go. Few outsiders had ever been there. And Indian government regulations clearly prohibited any interaction with people on the island, called North Sentinel.

      But Mr. Chau pushed ahead, setting off in his kayak, which he had packed with a Bible. After that, it is a bit of a mystery what happened.

      But the police say one thing is clear: Mr. Chau did not survive.

      On Wednesday, the Indian authorities said that Mr. Chau had been shot with bows and arrows by tribesmen when he got on shore and that his body was still on the island. Fishermen who helped take Mr. Chau to North Sentinel told the police that they had seen tribesmen dragging his body on the beach.

      1. “Killed for merely stepping on their shore”

        HA! If only the Indians on those other shores had done the SAME!

        Peaceful Pilgrims, eg, notwithstanding. Where would Ol’ “miscegenated” Brownhawk be today? 😁

      2. B-Hawk –

        “..merely stepping on their shore” is trespassing. In their law that demands immediate death. Totally warranted. Their land…. their rules.

        No jews allowed, either. They don’t worry about stock prices or Google or Facebook or blogs.

        Even the fisherman who aided the idiotic arrogant American prick – for $$$ – are being arrested and charged as criminals.

      3. BH, the Indians did do the same for 500 years.
        The mighty Vikings were far to insufficient in numbers, prowess and everything else to develop beyond scattered exploratory posts/settlements. Especially after they became the enemy, which no doubt didn’t take long.

        It was the germs, the plagues, which decimated 80% – 90% of all the Eastern Indians.
        Akin to War of the Worlds.
        One of the most incredibly swept under the rug cataclysms in all of history, those Indian plagues. The devastation was beyond any human army or technology to achieve, even if they tried with all intent, way back then.

        When the Christians settlers arrived the Indians were hardly 1/10 of their former glory. The vast majority of the natives were dead of the plagues. Their apocalypse had come early.

        The rest, as they say, is mostly fake history brought to us all by (((Hollywood))) and (((Academia))).

        The state of the educational union is so pathetic that it takes a comical satire magazine to tell even a little bit of the truth of the matter.

        “Be back never”

      4. Yes hp, and if you recall, I opined on these threads a few years ago about the spreading of those diseases being part of the genocidal plan

        Bubonic plague carried in vials by unscrupulous (((members))) of Columbus’ crew, perhaps

      5. BH, I don’t believe that but I understand how you might.

        Pat, he had fair warning. Not to mention he already knew the score or else the damn fool wouldn’t have been there trying his hand.
        He was good with mustard, lol.

  16. Q (barkingdeer) : WHAT’S WRONG with paganism?
    A : It depends …
    and the following answer exemplifies how Judaism and Islam are VERY WRONG pagan cults…. That’s very specific if you know what the Kabbalah/Zohar, the Babylonian Talmud, and the Quran is all about… It’s paganism which has to do with Satanic depravity… Exactly what causes the problems the world is suffering from…. That’s the topic here…. saying the same again and again….

    The Christian belief is not centered around genocide of non-Christians – world domination and a “religio-corporate capital power structure” (barkingdeer) – ritual blood sacrifices /human sacrifices – ritualistic murder – child sacrifices – even cannibalism – sexual depravities…. even with children! The worst unimaginable abominations and perversions.
    The Christian belief is not centered around: KILL, KILL, KILL… You won’t find any such abominable teachings in the New Testament (NT) as you can find in the unholy teachings specifically mentioned above (the Kabbalah/Zohar, the Babylonian Talmud, the Satanic verses of the Quran)

    There are positive forms of paganism (of course!) but that was not the question…
    The question was: WHAT IS WRONG with paganism?

  17. Freya and B’deer

    Speaking of words, take the word “heathen” for example, defined before the 12th century as follows:

    “An unconventional member of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God of the (Christian) Bible”

    Members who BECAUSE they were not believers were wiped out by the millions through the belief in a “God” involving the Judaic blasphemy of the OT. This from a Bible which serves as the very FOUNDATION of “Christianity”

    So what exactly was Christianity supposed to be from it’s OUTSET?

    1. So what exactly was Christianity supposed to be from it’s OUTSET? (Brownhawk)
      What Jesus has taught his disciples and followers…
      He critisized the nullification of God’s law by the teachings of the pharisees (Talmud).
      The NEW Testament (NEW COVENANT) is the foundation of the Christian belief.
      No bloodthirsty tales….

      1. Yes, Jesus did this, but this is not “Christianity” in terms of how our thinking became inculcated with the absurdities of religion and manifesting with the various genocides in their name

        For that matter, the “New Covenant” has it’s own brand of Judaic interference by putting a false spin on what “savior” really means.

        Spinmeisters is what (((they))) are 😎

  18. Brownhawk – How about reading the NT for a starter (maybe LD could do that too) If Christian wisdom does not appeal to you, you are free to remain a happy pagan in union with nature and cosmos… Christians share that part… nothing wrong about that as long as you don’t chop off other people’s heads or scalps for that matter… Stay civilized…

    1. Admonishments against prayer in public and church are written in NT.

      Pray in secret. When that is done no one will ever know the god being consulted.

      Religious wars will be decreased.

      Five times a day in public is waaaay too much!!

      “Stay civilized…” = NO trespassing!!

    2. Don’t presume that I haven’t read the New Testament. I’m well acquainted with it thank you very much. So much so in fact that I’ll segue that to asking you what you think of the “savior” aspect insofar as it’s running parallel to the Judaic spin on it

      1. Brownhawk
        November 22, 2018 at 4:35 pm
        “Don’t presume that I haven’t read the New Testament. I’m well acquainted with it thank you very much.”

        Back in the 1920s and the 1930s there was an investigator by the name of William Dudley Pelley who was able to compile a significant body evidence showing that Christianity was Judaised over the course of many centuries and that even the New Testament itself was tampered with by a group of “ebionites” that were commissioned by International Jewy in an effort to undermine Christianity. And yet, in spite of the impressive efforts that were undertaken over the centuries by of the enemies of mankind, the words of Jesus Christ were never completely abridged and the discerning reader can still find the intention of Jesus in the New Testament. Yes, there are interpolations that were placed into the text of the New Testament through surreptitious intrigue, but these are easy enough to spot if you read the NT with intelligence. So your problem isn’t with Christianity – your problem is with the Judaisation of Christianity.

  19. As far as ‘genocides’ go, nobody’s innocent on that, not the American aboriginees before Columbus and the Vikings and definitely not the black Africans, who sold their fellows to the slavers…
    Those primitive societies had all the bad stuff going on with each other, war, slavery, torture, murder, theft, big time chauvinism, long before the evil white devils set foot…
    If not, tecumseh might have been able to unite them against the invaders, as he tried from Florida to Michigan. No dice…
    Blaming all those past deeds, and present, on some special genetic flaw in white people, as many are want and actually taught now, is no more correct than saying Jews have pus for blood or that pantheists are all (what’s the term for people who have sex with animals) headhunters.
    Whether Jesus ever really existed or not we don’t know, but there’s no doubt that the benign philosophy makes for a better world, though it’s hardly the case that Jesus was the first sage on that good advice, not any more than he was the first heavenly savior to be born on the winter solstice, of a pure virgin named mary (om-star), crucified and resurrected… he was in fact about the 16th reiteration…
    As far as I could tell you freya, Roman catholicism (flavians) co-opted whatever progressive gnostic essene movement was at play 2000 years ago, stamped it with the crucifixion and made it their state religion..
    Since that, there’s been very little Real benevolence with it, but there has been a lot of real-politik-end-justifies-the-means aggression, stamping out man’s real spiritual connection through earth and the female…
    I don’t think Talmud zionists, looney fascist Muslim aggressors or cannibalistic spirit cooking pedophile cults from Hollywood or Washington Dirty City have a damn thing to do with pantheism, which is really just a nicer word for pagan or heathen…

  20. Is this as good as it gets.
    Regards Judaism islam Christianity, if these* religious beliefs where judged by the actions of their respective followers, rather than by the perceived inaccuracy of their respective teachings , as seen through the non objective lens of a practitioner of a rival religion, then non of them would pass the non satanic/badness test.
    “these*” this applies also to.
    Buddism, Hinduism, paganism, and the modern religions of humanism , atheism, and LGBT.

    1. @ Harry
      @ Freya

      Christ said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Meaning that if the doctrines of a particular religion generally bring forth evil fruit, then that religion is a false and dangerous religion to be avoided.

      Messianic atheism and humanism generally lead to the cul-de-sac of nihilism and despair, so that’s not a good sign. Paganism generally brings forth a mindless hedonism and sexual licence, so that’s not a good sign either.

      On the other hand, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam and Christianity — when practiced correctly by devout and sincere lovers of their respective faiths — work very well and bring forth good fruit for their respective followers.

      Individual extremists cults springing up like poisonous weeds within these religions, however, can lead their practitioners astray and bring forth evil fruit. Satan sows his tares even within Christianity. Satanism is itself a religion in every sense, but it is the religion of the Devil and his disciples. Don’t confuse the good fruit with the bad fruit. Poisonous plants don’t make all plants evil, only some plants.

      Understand this: Christ is good, and Christ tells us to be careful not to be seduced by the vile doctrines of the Talmudic scribes and pharisees. Anyone who judges the Catholic religion by its evil Renaissance popes is a fool. And anyone who believes that St Paul, who suffered the greatest agony on the cross for Christ’s sake, is an evil infiltrator preaching the doctrines of Satan, is so mentally sick and brain damaged that even talking to such idiots is futile.

      One such idiot on this site is the conspiracy theorist “Freya”, a rude and arrogant trouble maker who attacks Admin and makes herself a Useful Idiot for the Jews. Even though she attacks Admin and disses this website constantly, this foul hell hag is allowed to post her ignorant comments here. Calling everyone a “Jew” she doesn’t like, including Stalin and Winston Churchill and Franklin Ryckaert and me! That’s free speech for you! Admin allows this horrible creature, this Satan’s Slut from Hell, the freedom to spit in their faces. And boy, doesn’t she enjoy spitting in their faces! Bet it gives her an orgasm spitting in our faces! 🙂

      Freya, you don’t need this website. You need a good psychiatrist. Get help quick.

  21. #Ad hominem abuse of the worst kind
    is obviously no breach of the website’s guidelines. The good values. Double standard. We have these kind of Sardonicus & Co attacks for the third time. A “psychiatrist“ could not be of any help to the poor souls. Professional liars need another cure. Inner blindness projecting one’s own lunacy on somebody else:

    “mentally sick and brain damaged“
    “idiot“ – “ignorant comments“
    “conspiracy theorist“
    “rude and arrogant trouble maker“
    “useful idiot for the Jews“
    “foul hell hag“
    “horrible creature“
    “Satan’s Slut from Hell“

    Unbelievable, how somebody can spew such hatred and more countless lies, and at the same time pontificate about ‘Christ’ … and give warnings about Satanism. What a hypocrite and What ‘Christ’ while talking with a hate-filled heart…. Jesus called the pharisees “hypocrites and white sepulcres“…. and BTW, Jesus was not an “anti-semite“, he simply spoke the truth.

    # Paul’s theology re ‘Salvation’
    is erroneous, evidently in contradiction to Jesus’ central teachings. Error. Bad fruits. Contaminating the clear and pristine water. Causing contradiction, confusion and misunderstanding (among others the notion of “cannibalism“; “transsubstantiation“, non-sense, spiritual acrobatics) Jesus is the highest authority. That solves the problem quickly and easily for everybody who cares to listen to what Jesus said. Anybody who is “outraged“ at that simple and clear fact serves another agenda – certainly not the truth.

    # Winston Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin were hidden Jews
    All of them were installed to serve the international Zionist-Communist-Corporatist Agenda of world domination. They committed multiple genocide. WHITE GENOCIDE. Mass murder of European Christians.

    Merkel (Jew), Macron, May – Jewish or not, and lots of others are without any doubt Zionist puppets too. To what extent Trump and Putin – remains to be seen. Both are surrounded by Jewish oligarchs, rabbis, advisors, handlers. The swamp goes deep and is everywhere.
    Anti-white politics. Anti-nationalism. Anti-national sovereignty means Pro slavery! Pro debt-slavery to the banksters! The anti-white Jewish Zionist HATE PROPAGANDA is on high gear. Only white countries are being flooded with multi-ethnic invaders. White Genocide by forced upon mass immigration and propagandized miscegenation. THREE WORLD WARS have allegedly been pre-planned by the first Zionist World Congress (1897) Two world wars were successfully instigated and orchestrated – and the Zionist machinationas to bring about a THIRD WORLD WAR are obvious and self-evident. Everybody can see who the Jewish warmongers are. Since 1914 the war/s has never ended.

  22. Lasha,

    Let me suggest that you spend some time reading the vast writings of our american Founders.
    You might want to start with the book by Eliat bourdinot, “the age of Revelation”. It was a fierce rebuttal to Thomas Paine’s “age of reason”.

    To say he schooled Paine is an understatement.

    And paine was a great patriot but he got in over his head attacking Christianity.

    My next point is in the form of a question. Are you a jew or just a female ?? Lol

    The wordy confusion and “crisis” that you wrote could suggest both.
    Emotion seems to be getting the best of you.

    As Americans our founders taught us about truth, the preponderance of the evidence until we reach the various levels of truth.
    3) truth by a preponderance of the evidence only

    2) truth by a preponderance of the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

    1) absolute truth and revealed truth, ie God created the universe and mankind. The heavens are up, gravity exists, etc.

    There is no room for emotion in any of this. Patrick Henry in his most famous speech(liberty or death speech) explains that he wants to know all truths, no matter how bad for his emotions, so that he can make the RIGHT choice.

    We have been conditioned by kikes and their marxist satanism to care about our feelings. What we need to care about are the facts and when we make good decisions based on facts our feelings will be properly in tow.
    In the old days they called this a “properly formed conscience”.

    Take a deep breath and check out age of Revelation and best of luck and keep up the otherwise good work !

  23. I just reread the article of Lasha and I got the sensation that she is on some point to recant her views about the jews. I maybe hopefully wrong considering all the work she has done to inform the public about the jews and the fact that the situation hasn’t changed.

  24. Sardonicus,

    You are definitely out of line, sir. You don’t have to agree with Freya, nobody here insists that you agree with her, but at the same time you have absolutely no business engaging in these disgusting and undeserved personal attacks against her. In the days when honor and chivalry prevailed, as in the time of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, you would have been challenged to a duel for insulting a Lady. You have crossed the line, and if there were any justice in this forum you would get banished into the depths of hell as a just reward for engaging in unwarranted and reprehensible behavior. And regarding your characterization of Freya as a “useful idiot of the Jews,” this claim is absolutely bogus to the extreme, insofar as it flies in the face of all common sense. Freya is most obviously a Decent Christian Lady. I have never met her, but she seems legitimate to me, and in my own estimation you are calling your own allegiances into question by attacking this one particular message poster who is obviously very passionate in her opposition to the Yehudim.

    Why not leave her alone and stick to the subject matter ?

  25. PEACE IN…
    Thank you for this thought provoking article. It has rang some bells.

    I think the purity of happiness comes once one recognize and acknowledge that the creation is one awesome natural whole of continuous movement in an infinite time zone, the nature of which is permanently stamped in its existence. Such understanding gives a full view grand enough to accept that human life is created with a purpose beyond the intellectual and finite.

    First, being human, our sense make-up establish a consciousness that brings memory as repository of thought of what is – TRUTH. Truth is actual facts of reality upon which we learn to progress and grow awareness for how to make it and best survive in the environment we live in. As sense beings, TRUTH is our guide for success in everything. Such TRUTH truly “make us free” when our behavior accepts to conform to its fact as a perfect directive.

    Human social evolution is based on ability to sense out the TRUTH for mental growth and directive guide. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”.

    Leadership is most important for human beings, our parents being the first, primary, and most impactful and important for guiding us from infancy to maturity. Family is first.

    Community life is gathering of families in cooperation for social association as tribe producing particular material and cultural developments.

    In ancient times, there was a Hebrew Tribe making sustained intellectual progress from its geographic location -Middle East – surrounded by the most developed early civilizations with which to associate and learn from.

    The most important knowledge was, is, and shall always be that connected to belief in a G-D Who give guiding instruction to human life.

    The Hebrew tribe had great opportunity to learn from its association with other people more advanced in knowledge who had fixed religious life with particular beliefs and usually multiple g-ds and or One G-D.

    In religious community, morals and ethics mattered most. In Abrahamic Faith Tradition of Judaism, Christianity, and Al-Islam, a moral foundation was given in form of “Ten Commandments” as guidance for all to accept to believe in and to discipline to live by. Attached to belief in One G-D was belief in need for congregation and community worship service that taught moral/ethics, how and what to eat, existence of heaven and hell, truth and judgement, married family life, and other things including warning about man living by his own fallible understanding rather then by Divine Guidance and warning about a Satan with mission to distract and disconnect human beings from Divine belief and obedience by leading them to corrupt and sinful behavior in violation of Guidance from The G-D, and thus to final judgement Armageddon.

    The Abrahamic Faith Community has been plagued with disobedience for thousands of years by a rebellious mindset that simple refuse to believe and to live by Divine Guidance for human life.

    And, Satan committed to attack human life from all angles to prove human beings morally unworthy of being devotional servants of The One G-D Almighty. Satan found the weakest link in the willing rebellious mindset of evil, treacherous Hebrew/Israeli/Talmudist Jews, who cursed themselves to become the human embodiment of Satan – devil earth agents – missioned to spread rebellion, corruption, sin, indecency, color racism, crimes, warmongering death and destruction, and homosexual preference wherever they wander around the globe, always positioning to have primary influence on behavior outcome of unaware, innocent, and unsuspecting human beings who are brainwashed to serve Satan’s “CHOSEN” devil community rather than serve The One G-D Almighty. Babylonian Talmud Jewry is Satan’s “chosen” earth agent. It’s time for believers to end the devils rule – NOW!!!

    They know an awakened public will hold them fully accountable, and THAT, WE SHALL.



    Living by Divine Moral Guidance is human Salvation, in the here and now, is only way to defeat and eliminate Satan’s devil community from continuing to harm our precious lives and common destiny ever, ever, ever again – PERIOD.


    Over many, many, many centuries, thousands of years, this evil mindset has persisted in using psychological means for directing our behavior toward disobedience to Divine Moral Guidance for human life, “human salvation”, because we are dealing with a war being waged on the Gentile world community by Satan’s earth agent devil community of Talmudist Jewry. Dear Beloved fellow human beings, it’s truly that simple and true to know and understand once you clue-in on the infamous history of rebellious Jewry.

    What is a must is knowing about the rebellious mindset within the Abrahamic Faith Tradition of Judaism, Christianity, and Al-Islam that has been primary cause of bringing hell to humanity in this life. The following is a brief summation. TRUTH STANDS OUT CLEAR FROM ERROR. OUR ENTIRE WORLD COMMUNITY MUST KNOW THIS TRUTH.


    Beloved One Human Family, There’s a worldwide menace that threatens the continuation of human life as we know it. That menace is a mindset, the INFAMOUS Babylonian Talmud mindset of zionazis Jew deceit and brutal deadly treachery – THE TRUE ORIGINAL, WILLFUL, AND HABITUAL SINFUL MINDSET – that is in fact Satan’s human embodiment – the devil earth agent amongst us – always positioning to have dominant control and exclusive influence to shape and mold our thoughts to be subservient to it as enslaved goyim (Gentiles). Education and media, along side financial theft and money manipulation, are main tools used to indoctrinate the innocent, unaware, and unsuspecting public mind for manipulation. IT’S TIME TO END THIS ENTRAPMENT OF HUMAN LIFE AND COMMON DESTINY – NOW – PERIOD!!!


    We must educate and inform all law enforcement, military, and intelligence personnel that they must assist in our nation’s urgent need for freedom and liberation from this enslaved condition. Teachers, our educators, must be freed to teach TRUTH about this problem without fear of retaliation from anyone anywhere.
    IT’S time for a 21st century “DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE” from little devil king Talmud.

    We are at the mountain top, with LIGHT OF TRUTH, from where we can see our humanity’s promised land.

    Martin Luther King Jr.

    Dear People, It’ time to give Satan’s earth agent devil community an Armageddon defeat and total elimination as hindrance to our lives and common destiny as One United Human Family, the redeemed Adam and Eve Brotherhood…

    Jesus Christ, virgin born son of Mary (prayers of peace upon them both…amen)

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