BLOODBATH! — Israel Embarks On New War Crimes

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I didn’t expect this as I picked up my groceries in the supermarket. “BLOODBATH!” the headline screamed, churning up the hysteria that was now clawing at my throat: “SCORES DEAD, THOUSANDS WOUNDED AS ISRAEL FIRES ON PALESTINIANS PROTESTING OVER TRUMP’S NEW EMBASSY!”

Yes, it was that dreadful Daily Mail again, stirring up trouble against the noble occupiers of Palestine, nice peaceful folk doing their best to defend their stolen land from evil Hamas and the Arab scum in Gaza trying to suggest they had a right to live in their own country.

Israeli troops, I was to learn to my horror and dismay — how could such a noble race behave like this? — had killed at least 55 Palestinians in cold blood and wounded almost 2,000 more during protests in Gaza on Monday. The violence had erupted as Donald Trump’s delectable daughter Ivanka opened the new American embassy in Jerusalem — a move that was calculated to case a global outcry.

Trump had known this in advance, but went ahead anyway, anxious to curry favour with his Zionist masters — to bring a smile to the face of his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner, to please his Jewish ambassador to Israel David Friedman, and, above all, to increase the smirk on the face of that Olympic Smirker of Smirkers, Benjamin Netanyahu, whose smirks only equal the exquisite facial contortions brought to perfection by America’s Zionist Puppet president Donald Trump.

“Every country has the right to defend its borders,” Trump barked, without bothering to mention that Israel has no borders and feels it has the right to expand its territories, with remarkable flexibility, into whatever corner of the Middle East it happens to covet.

But we were talking about Trump and his penchant for silly smirks.

“This is a great day for Israel!” he babbled moronically,
referring to the opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem,
an act deliberately calculated to produce global outrage and bloodshed. 

Meanwhile, Amnesty International responded to the carnage caused by this hideous parody of a human being, America’s resident psychopath in the White House. These were Amnesty’s words of condemnation: “We are witnessing an abhorrent violation of international law and human rights. This horror must end now.”

Will the horror end any time soon? Of course not! The horror movie has just begun.


It began long ago when the Chosen People decided they had a right to relocate themselves from Europe to the Middle East and live on stolen land. Yes, some of them will even claim that this was the land of their forefathers, given to them by Yahweh, aka Tetragrammaton, in the dim dawn of history. But Israeli president Ben Gurion knew better. He knew that the Jewish people had no real right to Palestine, except the right of the strong to oppress the weak, the right to pillage and plunder.

And here are the words of Moshe Dayan, one of the Israel’s Founding Fathers, who took his cue from Ben Gurion and echoed his sentiments as early as 1956:

“What cause have we to complain about their [the Arabs] fierce hatred to us? For eight years now, they sit in their refugee camps in Gaza, and before their eyes we turn into our homestead the land and villages in which they and their forefathers have lived.”

He went on:

“We are a generation of settlers, and without the steel helmet and gun barrel, we shall not be able to plant a tree or build a house. . . . Let us not be afraid to see the hatred that accompanies and consumes the lives of hundreds of thousands of Arabs who sit all around us and wait for the moment when their hands will be able to reach our blood.”  

Thanks, Moshe! You’re one helluva guy. But don’t expect your brilliant quote to be splashed across the New York Times in the next few days!

I did a bit of media checking and came across this. Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, said on his blog that he did a Google News search for the word “massacre” and found NOT ONE REFERENCE TO GAZA. Wow, you’d think a smart media outlet like the New York Times would recognize a massacre when it saw one!

But no, massacres cannot be possibly be instigated by the IDF, the “most humane and bravest army in the world” and — wait for it — an army noted for its “unimaginable restraint? 🙂

New York Times headline on Monday said: “Dozens of Palestinians have died in protests as the U.S. prepares to open its Jerusalem Embassy.” Journalist Glenn Greenwald responded: “Most western media outlets have become quite skilled – through years of practice – at writing headlines and describing Israeli massacres using the passive tense so as to hide the culprit. But the all-time champion has long been, and remains, the New York Times.. ” (See here)

A disgusting CNN headline simply read: “Dozens die in Gaza.” To this journalist Max Blumenthal responded: “Maybe they were old. Perhaps they were very sick. They just up and died! Who will solve the mystery behind these deaths?” Blumenthal later suggested, tongue in cheek, that the Palestinian protestors might have walked into Israeli bullets by sheer  accident — shame on these peaceful terrorists for not looking where they were going!

—   §   —

crying for her dead children

What can one say?  It is positively obscene even writing about these atrocities and affecting to be moved and outraged from a safe distance.

Theirs is the carnage, ours is the emoting.

Let’s hear  what Mark Almond, Daily Mail correspondent, has to say:

The shocking images of slaughter at the Gaza border are a public relations disaster for Israel. At the very moment the Jewish state is marking the 70th anniversary of its foundation, its government finds itself the target of global outrage.

The creation of the state of Israel is a source of profound grievance to many Palestinians, who believe that their people were driven off their own land and displaced into Lebanon, the West Bank and the Gaza strip.

In this narrative of despair, they feel they were robbed of their livelihoods and their nationhood through the event known as the ‘Nakba’ or the ‘Catastrophe’ whose anniversary falls today.

Tensions were always bound to be high at this period, particularly as Palestinian demonstrators gathered on the border with Israel to demand the right of return to the home of their forebears.

But what has really ignited the powder keg is the decision by the White House to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the divided city of Jerusalem, which the state of Israel regards as its capital. It is a step that has inflamed discord with the Palestinians, who lay claim to the eastern party of the city and whose Muslim faith has a number of sacred sites within its walls, as of course do Jews.

It was the fear of inflaming tensions that prevented a succession of US presidents, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, from implementing a pledge to shift the American embassy to Jerusalem.

But Donald Trump, never a man to follow political precedent, has ignored such doubts. 

He adopted his stance partly because he has always been a big admirer of Israel, and is deeply suspicious of Muslim fundamentalism in the region, as he demonstrated in his decision last week to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, a policy that was eagerly welcomed by the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu

Trump also has close personal ties to Israel, for his daughter Ivanka is married to Jared Kushner, whose family has donated money to Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

“He has always been a great admirer of Israel.”

Mark Almond, who then blots his copybook by making a few lame excuses for Israel’s appalling behavior — the Jewish state has a right to defend itself from evil Hamas and protect its elastic borders for the nicest people on earth — nevertheless ends his otherwise fair report with these sombre words:

“Certainly, there is little doubt that the region will descend into further strife. For those who hoped that Palestinian protests would bring harmony, this is another bitter disappointment in a region scarred by decades of lost opportunities for peace.”

The word “disappointment”, when applied to a massacre claiming dozens of lives and the wounding of thousands of innocent protestors, is a cruel and obscene understatement.

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  1. This is Lasha Darkmoon at her best. You can feel the anger simmering away silently under the civilized veneer of irony and understatement.

    1. I second that.

      Anyone who still believes that Trump is anything other than what he seems — a Zionist puppet working for the Jews — has either got to be a Zionist disinfo agent or, more likely, a brain-damaged moron who simply cannot bear to admit he was wrong.

      One can only feel sorry for such types. We don’t hate them. We pity them.

      1. Well, there is at least one person here who knew what Trump was about, long before he got elected. But I’m not naming names, as it would be so crass and selfserving. 🙂

      2. Wyandotte –

        Yes, some of us knew better in 1999… AND even MORE of us KNEW…. when he narrowly missed criminal charges for FEC violations in 2011!!

        In 1999 Donald Trump ran for the nomination of the Reform Party which exists as a small third party within the United States. He had long talked about running for President and announced in 1999.

        If he won he announced who would serve in a Trump administration if he had won:
        Vice President: Oprah Winfrey
        Secretary of State: Colin Powell
        Secretary of Defence: John McCain
        Secretary of Treasury: Jack Welch

        While Trumps campaign did capture the attention of the news media at the time, because he was not running for either the Republican or Democratic nomination his campaign was not given the same attention as his 2016 run.

        After he withdrew in 2000… Trump became a democrat and was one from 2001-2009 (the sum total of Bush’s Presidency) he the became independent before he again became a Republican again in 2012!!


        Donald Trump had to give up his 2012 Presidential campaign or face criminal charges by the FEC for campaign contributions violations in 2011.

        He and his attorney – Michael Cohen – had to remove his website:


        III Conclusion (p. 10)
        Mr. Trump never became a candidate. Therefore, he was never subject to the source and amount restrictions of the Act.

        Therefore, there is no reason to believe the respondents violated 11C.F.R.§100.72(a) or 11C.F.R.§100.131(a

        Also see:

      3. “Anyone who still believes that Trump is anything other than what he seems — a Zionist puppet working for the Jews — has either got to be a Zionist disinfo agent or, more likely, a brain-damaged moron who simply cannot bear to admit he was wrong.”

        You can say that again and again and again. What makes orange clown exceptionally dangerous, IMO, is that he seems willing to go way beyond the reckless acts of his predecessors in destroying America (and as much of the world as he can take with him). For he is truly demon possessed.

      4. @Pat. Thanks for laying it all out for the good folks here! To tell you the truth, I did not realize he had changed party affiliations that many times. I just knew he was bad news. However, a tiny part of me wanted so much to believe he was telling some truth during his campaign. And I did feel some satisfaction over the response by Hillary’s supporters.

      5. There are a whole lot of Christians Zionists living in the U.S. who are very happy with Donald Trump’s deep devotion to Israel. They are steadily working to destroy their own nation in support of the Jews.

      6. Full disclosure: I voted for NOBODY for POTUS 2016 — and, NOBODY won! The face-off between Tweedle Duh and Tweedle Demon transcended “Punch and Judy” and “Howdy Doody” and early Huntley-Brinkley muppets. Look at the play that our very own US, Inc., puppet show received! To this day! And we still have folks shocked, disappointed — and some, the elite (((chosen few))), elated. Ψ 🙁

      7. Alan, I too admit the first and last time I ever voted was for McGovern in 1972.
        My draft number was (gulp) 83.
        Nuff said..

      8. @HP RE Draft No. My number at that time was 286 — the same as my Boy Scout Troop number! According to someone, I received a I-0 [conscientious objector] from the Dayton, Ohio, “selective service” board among the first ever! Accompanied by my first ex-wife, I had completed writing up my application for CO status in Salt Lake City on my way to Kalifornication in 1969, mailing it from there!

        Did not stop Oakland-based goons from knocking at my door in Berkeley to grab me for the draft! I got a UnivCal dispensation, being (“they” said) a necessary cog in the educational machine. Better than Arlo Guthrie’s travail.

        A long and winding road behind me bears my footprints! GOD bless you and all here & now on the Dark Side of the Moon! We still have a fair distance to travel, dear ones and friends!!

      9. @Harold Smith

        What makes orange clown exceptionally dangerous, IMO, is that he seems willing to go way beyond the reckless acts of his predecessors in destroying America

        According to Harold, Jews rule supreme in the world while America is the power base of the Jews. So, if orange clown is hell- bent on destroying America – the unfailing power base of the Jews – shouldn’t the world be grateful to him?

        I do not see America destroying itself. I see quite the opposite – America destroying Middle East, Latin America, Soviet Union, Europe … the list is endless, i. e. making mess everywhere with color revolutions, except for the Anglo-American part of the world, in the desperate drive to preserve the Anglo-American Empire.

        If orange clown is destroying America, shall we not conclude that he is a puppet of Iranians who declared death to America? And why in haven one would think that preserving America is a good thing!

      10. 100% correct, Sardonicus. (Nice pseudonym, by the way. It harkens back to the Classical period of Greece.) I just want to add, that there are TWO types of Americans that are SERIOUSLY mentally-handicapped, by their lack of information, i.e., IGNORANCE: 1) SJW’s or SOCIALISTS (or “LIB-TARDS”), and 2) ZION-IST “Christians” (or SKULL & BONES, or “Neo-con” “Christians”).

        (((Rothschilds))) OWN both REUTERS & ASSOCIATED PRESS (AP). SIX (6!) “Jew”-ish Media Moguls OWN-AND-OPERATE 96% of the worlds major media. (DO NOT “google” it! Use “DuckDuckGo” search engine. DuckDuckGo doesn’t record or store your IP Address, and doesn’t track you, online!) LIB-TARDS simply REPEAT or PARROT what they hear from the (((MSM))). They don’t think for themselves. Similarly, ZION-IST “Christians” (or SKULL & BONES or “Neo-con” “Christians”) simply PARROT or REPEAT what they are told by their Pastors/Preachers, most of whom haven’t studied History, or the History of the “Jews”. Either way, it’s mental LAZY-NESS that is the problem, here.

        Americans of the aforementioned IGNORANT two varieties are a HUGE PROBLEM, IF this country is going to remain FREE. The majority of the Western 1% International Central Bankers call themselves “Jews”, and use the label of “anti-semite” to shut down any dissent of their control over the money power (BIS/IMF/World Bank/ECB/”Federal” “Reserve” System). They also use their mostly IGNORANT SAYANIM LIB-TARD SJW’s (Socialists) to do the same thing by calling anyone a “racist” who simply disagrees with them (always those who support CONSERVATISM, generally). Similarly, most of those who are ZION-IST “Christians” in America don’t realize that the counterfeit “Jews” ARE ~ NOT ~ THEIR “ELDER BROTHERS” IN THE FAITH” !!!

      11. No_SoY –

        “Red-Sign” also owns ALL weather reporting. Controls transportation. Refusal of flight plans….etc.

        ALL Weather Channels are included:

        Weather Central

        Location: Madison, Wisconsin
        Overview: Weather Central, LP, founded in 1974 by broadcasters and meteorologists based in Madison, Wisconsin, is the leading provider of professional onair, online, print, mobile and enterprise weather solutions and forecasting in North America and to major customers worldwide.

        E.L. Rothschild LLC
        Release Summary

        Weather Central is the world’s leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobile. The company was acquired today by E.L. Rothschild LLC.

      12. “If orange clown is destroying America, shall we not conclude that he is a puppet of Iranians who declared death to America?”

        No, because orange clown and his handlers are demon-possessed evil, and such evil generally destroys itself.

        “And why in haven one would think that preserving America is a good thing!”

        I didn’t mean to imply that “preserving America” would be a “good thing.”

      13. @Harold Smith

        I didn’t mean to imply that “preserving America” would be a “good thing.”

        Very well. Then why would you be so upset with “America destroying” orange clown? Shall you not be praising him instead for his efforts to destroy the evil America? And how exactly does orange clown serve the Jews? By destroying their power base?

        I am sorry, Harold, but I am not following your “Bible logic”.

    2. Unless there is change in America we will see WW3 start in the Near East.

      65 Palestinians dead and over 2000 wounded should convince anybody. There is hope. Despite wall-to-wall propaganda the America people are beginning to see that Israel is the agressor.

  2. Yesterday I heard Mark Steyn (Limbaugh’s co-host) ask an asinine question to the effect of “Who forced those people to protest” and I had to laugh out loud. I heard so many similar comments from all ‘the usual suspects’ in the media, of course they are highly synchronized, little marionettes.
    No one can “force” or compel thousands of persons to literally risk their lives protesting.
    I’d like to see if Mark Steyn or any of his fellow shills could rally more than a half dozen of their followers to brave a similarly dangerous protest. Ha! Not a chance.
    Nobody on the Palestinian side forced those people to protest. But we all know why they collectively felt compelled to risk their lives. The whole world knows why. It’s the zionist oppression, the horrible existence the Palestinians are forced into by the supremacist and militaristic israeli State.

    1. The Zionist forced them, without Zionism there would be no RESISTANCE to the evils of Zionism.

  3. The destruction of the dome of the rock and the rebuilding of the third Temple is soon to begin. According to various prophecies, this heralds the beginning of the end for mankind. Either Jews will come out of the closet as masters of the world, or blood will run to a horse’s bridal in the valley of Meggido, or maybe both. While I never bet on the horses, this might be a first. Of course there is always the possibility that Kalki character will come riding out of the mist. In any case, Trump sure sure looks like that anti-god guy.

    1. Arch Stanton ~ nice pseudonym ~ I remember watching THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY as a kid way back in the 1960’s. Big fan of cigar-chompin’ Clint Eastwood. “Blondie”. Ha! Notice he didn’t keep ALL the gold for himself. He actually let The Ugly one keep his share.

      Anyway. Everything to do with the Bible and “Prophecy” is simply a ruse, by the Western 1% & their Orthodox Rabbis, except for the moral teaching of the 10 Commandments, but even those are nice for those who seek to enslave. You have to study the history of Christianity and of comparative religion generally, in order to figure this out. But, you also have to study HISTORY. Especially, the history of the “Jews”. Everyone KNOWS that something went terribly wrong in America, on Nov. 22, 1963. But, how many know just HOW wrong things ALREADY went, on Dec. 23, 1913?

      Based upon what you said: “According to various prophecies, this heralds the beginning of the end for mankind. Either Jews will come out of the closet as masters of the world, or blood will run to a horse’s bridal in the valley of Meggido, or maybe both.” And, about Trump being the “anti-god” guy ~ you may wish to read this:

      Historian Says Rothschilds are Chasid Puppets

      1. No soy Goy,
        In Spanish this means “Im not Goy.” Im a Jew. Oh well. Me too. Im a Jew. So what is the message?

    2. Yes; there will be no turning back if/when the Al-Asqa and the Dome are destroyed by “ISISAlQaedaAlYadayadayada” in another Zionist false flag (this is the scenario I expect to be played out by the lying psycopaths).

      It is well known that the Israelis have tunneled under the complex; that plans are already drawn up for the Third Temple; that rumours are rife amongst the Palestinians that their Holy places will be destroyed. There are constant incursions by Israeli security forces and hordes of settlers — who knows what they do every time they gain access to these temple complexes.

      Certainly there can be no spinning on Trump’s behalf if/when the first “terrorist” bomb demolishes those buildings.

  4. Last night I watched the UNSC debate on the Gaza massacre. Nikki ( the Kaek) Haley blamed Iran. The only honest Ambassador was the Bolivian representative. His address was an apology to the Palestinians for the failure of the UN to act on the genocide! If it had been any other country the US and it’s jackals would be clamoring to bomb or invade.

    1. Felix ~ Can you imagine if AMERICANS began shooting Mexicans (or anyone else) along our Southern border? Or for that matter, if ANY OTHER ~ WHITE ~ COUNTRY did the same? Yet, the COUNTERFEIT “Jew”-ish “Israelis” do it every day to Palestinians (in PALESTINE!) (((Rothschild)))-“Israel” was created in 1948 AD. FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME ~ EVER ~ IN HUMAN HISTORY ~ IN PALESTINE. THAT is a fact! And, anyone who has SERIOUSLY studied the subject, KNOWS IT TO BE A FACT. It is IGNORANCE, that allows the counterfeit “Jews” (most especially the Western 1% counterfeit “Jews”) to get away with all of it.

      The terms “Hebrew”, and “Israelite” DO NOT HISTORICALLY refer to the people we today call “Jews”.

      Go here for more, on the subject of the counterfeit “Jews”:

      Protest Erupts in Germany Calling For Release of ‘Nazi Grandma’

      Be sure to read the comments section.

  5. The best thing that could be done is to create a UN buffer zone between Israel and Gaza. The Israelis cannot be trusted for “restraint”. Their snipers deliberately target unarmed civilians. In spite of claiming to be “the most moral army in the world”, they always target civilians. Hypocritically, the Israelis describe their military code of honor as their “purity of arms”. Here is how they describe it :

    “Current and vituperative disputes in Israel over whether or not the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is temperate enough in its response to Palestinian attacks underscore the need to step back from the day’s headlines in order to understand why and how the IDF acts as it does—and also how it doesn’t act.

    The roots of today’s military doctrines in Israel, officially titled “The Spirit of the IDF,” predate the state’s establishment. In the face of terror against civilians during the Arab Revolt against the British Mandate (1936-1939), Zionist thinkers like Berl Katznelson developed an amorphous standard of moral warfare called “purity of arms” (a religious neologism), in order to create a modernized biblical notion of ethical sanctity.

    For Katznelson, the motivating force for this doctrine was loyalty to historic Jewish values as our true self, not only universal ethics as human beings. The use of weapons is sacred, he wrote, because “we resist those who come to attack us,” in order to preserve our own lives from guilty assailants.

    Since Jews for almost 2,000 years had rarely been able to defend themselves from their attackers by constructing their own militias, learning the art of self-defense was a revolution in values, and one which had sacred overtones.

    With the establishment of Israel, the IDF adopted the pre-state doctrine of purity of arms, and to this day it teaches the original doctrine, while integrating it with new international and Western legal doctrines, such as minimizing collateral damage, and also with select biblical and rabbinic traditions. The combination reflects the commitment of Israel to its identity as a Jewish and democratic state.

    The army teaches that the presence of power over those who are vulnerable, in liminal situations, without normal mechanisms of repression, brings out impulses that may lead to inhumane treatment of prisoners of war (POWs) and sometimes enemy civilians. But the assumption of the study guide the IDF has constructed is that Israeli soldiers can master those evil impulses, especially if they understand them.

    In a famous letter to soldiers during the 1982 Lebanon War, the IDF’s chief education officer wrote, “Moral principles lie at the root of our Jewish tradition. Even in war, it is appropriate that relationship of human to human should be humane—not like that of a wolf.”

    The IDF study guide defines its message unequivocally. A singular principle of morality applies to all human beings, whether they are Israelis or noncombatant enemy civilians: human dignity and human life. “The Spirit of IDF derives directly from the value of Human Dignity,” states the guide. “It is the highest moral value, and it is supposed to guide IDF soldiers in their activities.”

    It is not only the life of one’s comrades that must be saved, but also the lives and the honor of enemy civilians.

    “IDF servicemen and women will use their weapons and force only for the purpose of their mission, only to the necessary extent and will maintain their humanity even during combat,” the guide says.

    Going beyond Katznelson’s original formulation and international law, the IDF makes a unique demand, according to law professor Moshe Halbertal, one of the framers of the IDF Code, when it states that soldiers must do their utmost to avoid the harming of civilians.

    “This principle states that it is not enough not to intend to kill civilians while attacking legitimate targets. A deliberate effort has to be made not to harm them,” Halbertal has written. “For such efforts surely must include the expectation that soldiers assume some risk to their own lives in order to avoid causing the deaths of civilians.”

    The IDF also insists on the principles of proportionality and limitation, stating, “In this kind of warfare which has been forced upon us, the obligation to focus and limit our force is not less important than the obligation to exercise force. Use of force that is unnecessary to the mission is a moral error and an error in execution of the mission.”

    This tradition and practice helps to contextualize IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot’s recent comment that he doesn’t want a soldier “to empty a magazine on a girl holding scissors.”

    Further, a 1977 protocol requires the military to warn civilian populations of attacks that may affect them, when circumstances permit. That practice stems from an ancient rabbinic military law which commanded that when soldiers besiege a city, one of the sides must be left open, so that if enemies want to flee, there will be an escape route.

    In official army speeches and study guides, the language of hate and vengeance has been removed from the IDF’s rationale for fighting its enemies. Rather, those feelings have been identified as emotional weakness, understandable after fellow soldiers have been killed by the enemy, but not acknowledged as a justification for indiscriminate violence against enemy civilians identified with enemy combatants who have inflicted losses on the IDF.

    Instead, the IDF invokes Jewish tradition by citing the verse, “If your enemy falls, do not celebrate; if he falls, let not your heart rejoice” (Proverbs 24:17). It would be naive to assume that Jewish and Israeli culture has no place for joy at the downfall of an enemy, but the attempt to identify and control feelings of vengeance is central to the ethical education of the IDF.

    The Spirit of the IDF, while patriotic, appears to avoid the fanaticism of militarism and chauvinist nationalism. Surprisingly, an army—whose purpose is to kill and whose ethos is a willingness to risk one’s life to perform one’s mission—defines the highest value as human life.”

    Source : Jewish News Syndicate, March 2, 2016. Noam Zion : Purity of Arms, the ethical guide for the Israeli Defense Forces.

    Needless to say, they don’t practice what they preach.

    1. They may be listening to a different preacher:

      Moment Magazine has a feature called “Ask the Rabbis” where they ask a question to a number of rabbis from different denominations of Judaism. This month’s question was “How Should Jews Treat Their Arab Neighbors?”

      After presenting answers from various frum and non-frum rabbis, Moment gives us the answer from a Chabad rabbi:

      I don’t believe in western morality, i.e. don’t kill civilians or children, don’t destroy holy sites, don’t fight during holiday seasons, don’t bomb cemeteries, don’t shoot until they shoot first because it is immoral.

      The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle).

      The first Israeli prime minister who declares that he will follow the Old Testament will finally bring peace to the Middle East. First, the Arabs will stop using children as shields. Second, they will stop taking hostages knowing that we will not be intimidated. Third, with their holy sites destroyed, they will stop believing that G-d is on their side. Result: no civilian casualties, no children in the line of fire, no false sense of righteousness, in fact, no war.

      Zero tolerance for stone throwing, for rockets, for kidnapping will mean that the state has achieved sovereignty. Living by Torah values will make us a light unto the nations who suffer defeat because of a disastrous morality of human invention.

      This answer comes to us courtesy of Rabbi Manis Friedman.

      The Kushners, Jared and Ivanka, attend a Chabad synagogue. Chabad rabbis surrounded GW Bush when he signed Public Law 102-14 in which the U.S. Congress officially recognized that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah, the Noahide Laws. Chabad Rabbis light the 30 foot high menorah / phallus as part of the new US “Holiday” celebrations.

      1. what you wrote quoting what the inbred demon from hell rabbi said just goes back to the mass murdering genocidal jews from the old testament commanded by their devil god. ISIS pissraels private army produced old testament slaughter in Syria for 4 years. the gaza massacre is the same thing.

      2. Re: “Chabad Rabbis light the 30 foot high menorah / phallus as part of the new US “Holiday” celebrations.”

        I clicked on the link and would like to highlight the following passage for comment:

        My other essays detail Jewish deception. But who is being deceived? Primitive man worshipped fertility symbols, and I say it is perfectly obvious to someone with an artists eye that the menorah is a phallus shaped fertility prop. I think it is very funny that the reverent hold the menorah as the “holiest” of Judaic symbols. Hotdogs over the fire. Cooking meat on a stick is how primitive man existed for a long time. Possibly the first menorah was a donkey penis attached to a stick, then because of competition for females, two dongs were attached to a forked stick and so on until the 7 headed menorah became the ultimate fertility symbol. The Jews are obsessed with the number 6 and the number 7. Believing these numbers to have magical qualities they create holy symbols with 7 phalluses, one in the center and 6 splayed out to ….

        The so-called “Star of David” (Star of Baal) on the Israeli flag is the graphic representation of “666” — the mark of the Beast!!!

        The massacre of Palestinians on the (((70th))) anniversary of the founding of the “state of Israel” was both ritualistic and necessary, just as the number of (((six million))) Jews supposedly gassed at Auschwitz was both ritualistic and necessary before the (((Beast))) could come into existence.

        These self-proclaimed “Semites” are basically psychopaths who are compelled to kill by the numbers, and I mean that literally. Their bloody religion is based on the senary numeral system.


        The senary numeral system (also known as base-6, heximal, or seximal[1]) has six as its base. It has been adopted independently by a small number of cultures. Like decimal, it is a semiprime, though being the product of the only two consecutive numbers that are both prime (2 and 3) it has a high degree of mathematical properties for its size. As six is a superior highly composite number, many of the arguments made in favor of the duodecimal system also apply to this base-6.

        In religion

        There are 6: Points on a Star of David

        Orders of the Mishnah

        Symbolic foods placed on the Passover Seder Plate

        God took six days to create the world in the Old Testament Book of Genesis; humankind was created on day 6. In the City of God, Augustine of Hippo suggested (book 11, chapter 30) that God’s creation of the world took six days because 6 is a perfect number.

        The Jewish holiday of Shavuot starts on the sixth day of the Hebrew month of Sivan

        source: Wikipedia, (6)

        Folks, you just can’t make this sick shit up unless you’re a “high-IQ Jew” of course. 😡

      3. @ JFC

        On the evening of Jan 20, 2017, inauguration day, while orange clown and his wife were attending the various official inaugural balls, the evening “Win 4” number in NY (orange clown’s home state) came up “6666”, which I believe is equivalent to the design height (in inches) of the Washington monument.

        So here’s my question: If God can write a message on the wall at king Belshazzar’s party, warning of the end of the kingdom of Babylon, can God cause “6666” to come up in a numbers game drawing, while king orange clown is at a party, warning of the end of the kingdom of “Daughter of Babylon”?

      4. @JFC

        I find it particularly galling, though not surprising given who runs it, that while H’wood regularly portrays Christians as maniacal religious fanatics, I have NEVER seen the tefillin wearing, chicken swinging, phallus worshipping, post-circumcision blood sucking, spit on the goyim and desecrate their holy places, “goyim were born to serve the Jews” tribe’s religion shown in anything but the most positive ways.

      5. @ Harold Smith

        If you’re asking me if I think Trump is the anti-Christ, then my short and unequivocal answer is YES!

        However, the rational side of my brain tells me that the (((numbers game))) was most likely rigged and the Jews were just having a good laugh at the sheeple.


        The numbers “6666” are repeating “66”s. The (((Illuminati))) love to use repeated numbers to communicate staged events, real conspiracies and or “hoaxes” to each other. The date of the founding of Israel on May 14, 1948 is a prime example:

        From the date when Ezekiel measured the visionary temple in Ezekiel 40 unto 1948 when Israel became a nation are 1260 plus 1260 years.

        It happens that 1260 plus 1260 days is an important seven-year period in the bible, referred to in Rev. 11-13 and elsewhere. (360 days x 7 = 7 years.)


      6. Carn,
        The only way to conduct war is the “Jewish way.” ……..I don’t know…….. The “Genghis Khan” or “Mongol” way makes the “Jewish” way seem merciful in comparison. The Mongol hordes which swept across Europe make the IDF look like choir boys. Any Darkmoon poster-reader can go on line and read about it. Donaldo draws only one conclusion. The Mongol invaders were demon-possessed psychos who killed, tortured and raped for pleasure and blood-lust. Folks, Ill reiterate…….Jews don’t have a monopoly on evil. If every Jew were to vanish from the face of “El Mundo” tomorrow there would be plenty of other evil ones to fill the vacuum. Good and evil will always exist. Good……the “Pali” stinian. Evil……the “Jew.” But what is the dividing line between good and evil? Both of th these forces exist in us all. Figurativaly, there is Jew and Pali in every human. We are all both aggressor and defender. Oh well, philosophy. Never Donaldos strong point. Another shot of tequila…….time for bed. Buenas noches.

      7. Why is the number 126 lucky to Jewish people?

        Further to my above post regarding the Jews’ love of repeating occult numbers and the founding year of Isreal in 1948 — from the date when Ezekiel measured the visionary temple in Ezekiel 40 unto 1948 when Israel became a nation are 1260 plus 1260 years — was it a real conspiracy or just another kook conspiracy theory of mine?

        By “real conspiracy”, I mean a staged event planned decades and possibly even centuries in advance by the Kosher Nostra.

        By “conspiracy theory”, I mean a crazy theory of kooks and anti-Semites, even though the term “conspiracy theory” was invented by the C.I.A. as a derogatory and ad hominem attack on those who expressed criticism of the (((Warren Commission))) — the inquiry and investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

        Here is some pertinent information for Darkmooners to ponder:

        From Yahoo Answers:

        I was watching Million Dollar Listing, and Jewish people bought a house and kept adding 126 to the price and they said it was for luck. Why?

        Top 3 Answers:

        1). In Hebrew, each letter also has a numerical value. There’s a system called gematria which looks for patterns/similarities in this. So, for example, the word for “life” in Hebrew is composed of two letters whose numerical value is 18. Hence, things like charitable donations, and, in this case, the purchase price of a house are given in multiples of 18 for good luck.

        2). 7 times 18 (Chai, meaning life) = 126. Why 7? Seven is one of the greatest numbers in Judaism, representing creation, good fortune and blessing. I too am Jewish.

        3). Because of Chai. According to the system of gematria, the letters of chai add up to 18 (see “Lamedvavniks” etc.). For this reason, 18 is a lucky number in Judaism, and many Jews give gifts of money in multiples of 18 as a result. 7 x 18 = 126.



        The mark of the Beast “666” is (3 x 6) = 18. Mazel Tov!!!

      8. I just read the Wikipedia page for the Six-Day War in 1967. It provides a good overview and historical framework for understanding the current situation in the Middle East, with the proviso that you know how to read between the lines, as they say.

        This one was rather incriminating and pretty easy to spot though: 


        By 10 June, Israel had completed its final offensive in the Golan Heights, and a ceasefire was signed the day after. Israel had seized the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank of the Jordan River (including East Jerusalem), and the Golan Heights.[116] About one million Arabs were placed under Israel’s direct control in the newly captured territories. Israel’s strategic depth grew to at least 300 kilometers in the south, 60 kilometers in the east, and 20 kilometers of extremely rugged terrain in the north, a security asset that would prove useful in the Yom Kippur War six years later.

        Speaking three weeks after the war ended, as he accepted an honorary degree from Hebrew University, Yitzhak Rabin gave his reasoning behind the success of Israel:

        “Our airmen, who struck the enemies’ planes so accurately that no one in the world understands how it was done and people seek technological explanations or secret weapons; our armoured troops who beat the enemy even when their equipment was inferior to his; our soldiers in all other branches … who overcame our enemies everywhere, despite the latter’s superior numbers and fortifications—all these revealed not only coolness and courage in the battle but … an understanding that only their personal stand against the greatest dangers would achieve victory for their country and for their families, and that if victory was not theirs the alternative was annihilation.”[117]

        In recognition of contributions, Rabin was given the honour of naming the war for the Israelis. From the suggestions proposed, including the “War of Daring”, “War of Salvation”, and “War of the Sons of Light”, he “chose the least ostentatious, the Six-Day War, evoking the days of creation”.[118]

        Jews love to brag and boast; and even when they’re trying not to, they unwittingly tell us they are little devils, bloody 666ers who worship the Beast.

    2. What they don’t include is the warning from their prophets of the impeding doom. Each time the Israelites are removed or scattered is their failure to follow Yahweh’s commands or the command of the Messiah. Never once were the Israelites removed from the land that it was not Yahweh’s doing, not even once. So too, will the coming removal occur. Yeshua prophecies include a small remnant of Jewish being saved and the rest gathered as kindling and set ablaze. Why else would a “new” Jerusalem be brought from space to replace the old as predicted?

  6. This massacre was a human sacrifice ritual to celebrate the new recognition of Jerusalem as his capitol city. They love this kind of ritual murders.

  7. I am shocked and ashamed that our government supports the current murderous regime of Israel. I don’t understand how we, as American citizens, can stand by and calmly observe the unwarranted murder of over fifty Palestinians, and the wounding and maiming of over a hundred more, by the Israeli police and military.
    Where is the outrage in the American mainstream media over this massacre? Where is the outrage in the American Congress over this massacre? Could it be that the American media and Congress are excessively influenced by the government of Israel? Could it be that the government of Israel sets the foreign policy of America in exchange for all the money that goes to American politicians from rich folks who are in bed with the Israeli government?
    I’m just sayin’ it surely looks mighty fishy to me that America condemned apartheid in South Africa but seems to fully support apartheid in Palestine. Wassup wid dat? As a proven American patriot, I hereby call for the American government to stand up for American values all around the world — including in Palestine. And I call for my fellow citizens to have the courage to insist on a two-state solution for the Palestinian mess. That would be in our country’s best interest in the long run. Otherwise we will be continuously involved in violent unrest in the Middle East. If we good citizens don’t speak out, who will?

    1. Thank you, James. We welcome your first comment to this site and hope you will continue to share your thoughts with us. As comments go, this is a star comment by any standards. You speak for most reasonable people on this site, including those who once entertained hopes for Donald Trump and have gradually been disillusioned by his increasingly unhelpful behavior. He is certainly not making America great again by aiding and abetting the Zionist regime to commit mass murder in Gaza.

      Sister Monica
      (Assistant site moderator)

    2. James

      Just to give you a heads up, listen to the interview with Netanyahoo on one of the LSN broadcasts last night. ABC, CBS, NBC, whichever, doesn’t matter. This will tell you all you need to know about how Americans view the situation over there, which is to say they fall for his lies – hook, line and sinker (the vast majority anyway, for those who are even payin attention).

    3. @James H. Dautremont

      Wassup wid dat?

      I’ll tell you “wassup wid dat”. A person who engages in making a snoot at the scene of human tragedy is a disgusting person. You couldn’t care less about the Palestinians or anyone else for that matter, except for your own self. And that is the only remaining “values” Americans like you have today.

      Iranians are on the right track — death to America! That is the ultimate solution to the world’s foremost problems today.

  8. It appears that the synagogue’s latest trick, (placing “drumpf” in the white house, presented as a “rogue”, gonna drain da swamp…), worked perfectly.

    Taking into account the CONTINUED use of electronic ballot machines SHOWN to be easily manipulated rather than paper ballots, try to absorb the following, then, make arrangements to learn Yiddish.

    “No Rothschild is English… No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects, selects, your politicians.”
    Ezra Pound, March 15, 1942 radio broadcast

    1. Ezra Pound was committed to a lunatic asylum for speaking the truth.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if all the regular Darkmooners eventually end up in the nuthouse for being “not-nice” to the Jews.

      1. @ John Kirby

        I wouldn’t be surprised if all the regular Darkmooners eventually end up in the nuthouse for being “not-nice” to the Jews.

        I’m told that this site is already the nearest thing to a nuthouse! 🙂

        I can well believe it!

        What happened to TROJ? He had his own padded cell here.
        I guess he managed to make his escape while this site was shut down for six weeks earlier this year . . .

    2. +1. You are 100% correct, PASCHN. 100%. (((They))) are the ones that FINANCE ~ everything.

    3. It appears that the synagogue’s latest trick, (placing “drumpf” in the white house, presented as a “rogue”, gonna drain da swamp…), worked perfectly.

      Perhaps the diabolical dialectics of the Jews can never, ever be penetrated. This means they have plots within plots; candidates selected years in advance for plans long, long in the making. This is an insane level of manipulation and control. Totally mind-boggling — can all public events and people really be malevolent traps? Stupid question, I know.

      How do you remain free in a Culture which is so manufactured? Human culture is now non-existent — it is the opposite of the true meaning of that word, which surely invokes notions of ways of living and understanding unique to distinct groups of people. Instead we are all presented with lies, hypocrisy and moral degeneracy — there is nothing evolutionary about it, of course. It is designed for us and broadcast at us.

      Imagine Trump being the outcome of such a feverish factory of falsehoods. I cannot see how they can pop out another President to fool the US public? But then they are so divided now, along all sorts of manufactured (there’s that word again) fracture points: religion; race; generations; gender; class etc. Race is real, I know, but the conflict is created when you deliberately move peoples into each others’ backyard.

      Is the US really just one massive sand box of malleable minds, millions of wet blobs just slopped about at will? Did (((they))) promote Trump by pretending to attack him? There was all that bad publicity about Trump and, of course, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right? Did (((they))) have him lose the popular vote, thus confirming Jewish control of public opinion forming; but then have him win the electoral college vote to prove that the US Constitution still works, giving Trump supporters a false hope.

      Ah well, back to the dishes 😛

      1. “Perhaps the diabolical dialectics of the Jews can never, ever be penetrated. This means they have plots within plots; candidates selected years in advance for plans long, long in the making. This is an insane level of manipulation and control.”

        I believe this is exactly the case. Remember for example the mailman, Allen Hulton, who claimed he had a conversation with Obama at the Ayres’ house in Chicago some time in the early 90s? And during that conversation, he claims that Obama told him he was going to be President of the U.S.

        And I was just looking at a youtube video yesterday wherein the author argued that Trump was being groomed for the job of president since the 80s.

        “How do you remain free in a Culture which is so manufactured? Human culture is now non-existent — it is the opposite of the true meaning of that word, which surely invokes notions of ways of living and understanding unique to distinct groups of people. Instead we are all presented with lies, hypocrisy and moral degeneracy — there is nothing evolutionary about it, of course. It is designed for us and broadcast at us.”

        Put simply, the beast has created a false reality for us to live in, and the Bible seems to predict this situation and to give advice for dealing with it:

        “(11) Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
        (12) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
        (13) Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
        (14) Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;
        (15) And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
        (16) Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
        (17) And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
        (18) Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;” (Ephesians 6:11-18).

        “Imagine Trump being the outcome of such a feverish factory of falsehoods. I cannot see how they can pop out another President to fool the US public?”

        I agree. As I’ve stated here more than once, I believe our masters are desperate; I believe orange clown is their presidential puppet ruler of last resort.

      2. @Harold Smith

        Powerful stuff; still stirs the spirit.

        As for Trump, I’ve settled on these triggers…

        1. New war for Zion (not yet).
        2. A formal partitioning of Syria painted as a cold war 2.0 impasse — which will be propaganda to hide a horrifying reality that (((they))) still control ALL sides. This has not yet happened.
        3. Beginning the construction of the Third Temple after the destruction of the existing “Holy Places” (you just know the Zionists already have well laid plans)

        I know these all seem inevitable anyway, but I like to have such mental benchmarks in place so that I’m ready for the betrayal. I also have similar personal triggers setup for Russia and Putin, i.e. if Syria is partitioned (and Rothschild bank imposed); if the Russian Central Bank remains chained to Zion; and if Iran does not get those s300s.

        Russia did deliver the s300 system…hopium resurgent 😉

  9. Israel is a rogue nation and kills unarmed men , women and children and claims self defense and the Zionist control U.S. gov defends this ruthless massacre of the Palestinians. Israel has become the mirror image of the Nazis and now are performing their own holocaust on the Palestinians.

    Meanwhile the Zionist controlled U.S. gov stands by and not only does not condemn the slaughter but defends it.


    1. Sardonicus :

      Yes, I escaped and I had a very nice and relaxing 6 weeks of vacation break from the novus ordo “Catholics” Monte, Lucy, Lasha, and the school principal Sister Mother Maladroita Malodorous Monica, lol…..

      1. Well, TROJ, I expect you have a surplus of whining and moaning backed-up in your bowels by this time. 😣
        I am surprised you haven’t exploded!

  10. We must put a stop to this massacre. We must help the Palestinians reclaim their stolen lands and we must help to restore their human dignity, their liberty, their security, and their right to self-determination – which the Creator has bestowed upon all peoples who inhabit this planet. And in the process we will help ourselves, for we all toil under the yoke of jewish tyranny, though not all of us are being slaughtered in cold blood by jewish psychopaths – not yet. We must act in accordance with the dictates of our conscience and the limits of our abilities, but we must give our all. And we must act now.

    Is it not more glorious to die in the active struggle for justice than to wait passively for sickness and old age to produce the same effect. Is it not better to give your life over to virtue than to worms?
    Johannes of Limoges (13th Century)

    1. Very noble and all that, but what are you actually doing?
      Hmm, thought as much.

      1. PJ London –
        You have absolutely no idea what I’m doing or not doing, you arrogant little prick. GFY.

    2. Yep Jag,
      I’d rather die from a bullet to the chest on the front line than at age 90 in a nursing home from a heart attack while a fat nurse with warts on her chin is changing my diapers. 🙂

  11. Bolton, Pence, Haley, Pompeo, the Huckabees, Ivanka & Donald Trump, Betrayers of CHRIST, Traitors of America. Get them out of Our government. Not only are they mental cases, they are STUPID.
    “christian.zionism” is a Death Cult and a Mental Illness, period. No one can worship a War god and a Peace God at the same time. Low self-esteem. Feelings of inferiority causing them to grovel to the past.
    How can anyone claim to believe in Jesus and the ANTI-Jesus both at the same time?
    ANTI: a prefix meaning “against,” “opposite of,” “opposing,” “antiparticle of,” antibody; antifreeze; antiknock, antidemocratic …….. ANTICHRIST).
    What is more ANTI-Christ than:
    (1) to crucify Him …. Under Roman Law the Jews could not impose a death sentence so TWICE they dragged Christ before Pilate demanding His crucifixion until Pilate grudgingly “Washed his hands” . Jesus was crucified by the Romans AT THE INSISTANCE of the Temple Priests who threatened “NO Crucifixion, NO Peace” Sound familiar?
    Jesus was a HEREM (excommunicated) Jew … the Priests could not push for a death sentence on a “Jew in good standing”.
    JUDAS ISCARIOT was a Jew ….. in good standing with the Tribe.
    (2) Immediately send many agents of the Priests (SAULof Tarsus was ONE) to kill His followers.
    (3) Inspire such fear of being murdered by the Priests that the first Christian church was hidden in a cave
    (4) Instigate pogroms against His followers throughout the Roman world,
    (5) spit evertime you see a cross for 2,000 years,
    (6) under the cloak of Communist Bolseviks they HOLOCAUST 66MILLION Christians Here is a breakdown and a listing of the Jew Bolsheviks
    TODAY ISIS(rael) is behind the genocidal invasion of Christian Europe.
    (7) Today they use “front groups” like the ACLU, ADL, SPLC, to attack Nativities and any other symbol of Christ they can.
    The essence of Judaism is vengeance, the essence of Christianity is forgiveness. They are Polar OPPOSITES.
    Jews ARE the ANTI-Christ
    ‘Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Messiah.He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son” 1John2:22.
    “christian.zionism” is a mental illness. You cannot worship a Peace god and a War god at the same time.

  12. I’m waiting for the ignorant orange savage in the White House to sabotage the chance for some kind of peace deal on the Korean Peninsula (at the behest of his masters of course) .

    Yes sir, the ignorant orange savage really REALLY wants better relations with Russia; and the ignorant orange savage really REALLY wants to pull the troops out of Afghanistan; and the ignorant orange savage really REALLY wants to pull the troops out of Syria; and the ignorant orange savage really REALLY wants peace with North Korea, etc., etc., etc.

    Perhaps Bolton will be the stalking horse used to sabotage the peace initiative and Teflon Don will once again be held blameless by those who refuse to see.

    1. I didn’t learn until recently that North Korea refused to acknowledge the state of Israel. They still call it the state of Palestine. Really puts their inclusion into the “axis of evil” into perspective, doesn’t it? My guess is that N. Korea may finally be ready to recognize Israel. If so, Trump will gladly embrace the peace deal and somehow manage to wrangle a Nobel Peace Prize out of it. If they refuse to recognize Israel, Trump will no doubt get marching orders from Satan-yahu to sabotage the process.

  13. By now I’m betting at least two thirds of the heart landers who put trump in office have had the epifany on the ZOG. Can they ever get him the message that if the ZOG don’t go – he’s not staying?
    After all his right -on campaign rhetoric about useless and endless mideast wars they will have to see this as an unnecessary instigation. ..
    However, the embassy move is serving a greater purpose, which is the demonstration of how isolated and rogue ish we are, way against most public opinion in Europe. Plenty of that here in the USA too but not to be proclaimed over the jew deep state corporate warmonger media. ..
    In evidence, boucoup trade with Iran, a good basis for cooperation and stability, now made more clear, as well as more counter-demonization truth coming out about modern iran… and, now more of the world knows Israel got the only nukes in the area. They’re the real terror state… hammas the real heroes, with Iran support. ..
    Short of escalation – the world is already better off more in the know on account of the publicity. .is this part of Trump’s long range plan?
    Looks like another very interesting and important article by ldm…


      “However, the embassy move is serving a greater purpose, which is the demonstration of how isolated and rogue ish we are, way against most public opinion in Europe.”

      I believe the point was to unambiguously show the world exactly who is running the empire, i.e. the first beast of Rev 13.

  14. That the concern expressed in this Darkmoon article is absent in the MSM (as is the plight in South Africa) is cause for concern about what America is represented to be by our zionist-controlled government. We who care have cause to step back and let “evil prevail while good men do nothing”. I believe that Truth will, eventually, out – and there will be a righteous undoing by way of natural disasters. Also, America is waaay too dependant on electricity and peaceful cyberspace to continue much longer on enjoying that stability. The more pervasive the dependence, the more numerous the soft spots. Imposing ourselves on other cultures and conflicts invites creative, pissed-off minds to search those “soft spots” and assault them. I can’t blame them.
    Listening to Trump’s rhetoric and comparing him to Hillary and Bernie was a no-brainer. Now, I am having grave concerns about my choices. There WAS no choice – only chances…

  15. On Nov. 29, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution calling for Palestine to be partitioned between Arabs and Jews, allowing for the formation of the Jewish state of Israel
    The General Assembly voted, 33-13, in favor of partition, with 10 members, including Britain, abstaining. The six Arab nations in the General Assembly staged a walkout in protest.

    Obviously stealing property is a sin, but many today see this UN vote as legalizing the existence of Israel. Does anyone have any insights on this vote – what was bought and sold to get the vote?

    1. ‘Passage of the resolution required a two-thirds majority of the valid votes, not counting abstaining and absent members, of the UN’s then 56 member states. ‘
      ‘On 26 November, after filibustering by the Zionist delegation, the vote was postponed by three days.[62][63] According to multiple sources, had the vote been held on the original set date, it would have received a majority, but less than the required two-thirds.’
      When the UNSCOP plan failed to achieve the necessary majority on 25 November, the lobby ‘moved into high gear’ and induced the President to overrule the State Department, and let wavering governments know that the U.S. strongly desired partition.
      When a formal American declaration in favour of partition was given on 11 October, a public relations authority declared to the Zionist Emergency Council in a closed meeting:’under no circumstances should any of us believe or think we had won because of the devotion of the American Government to our cause. We had won because of the sheer pressure of political logistics that was applied by the Jewish leadership in the United States’.
      [Menachim] Begin warned that the partition would not bring peace because the Arabs would also attack the small state and that “in the war ahead we’ll have to stand on our own, it will be a war on our existence and future.” He also stated that “the bisection of our homeland is illegal. It will never be recognized.”Begin was sure that the creation of a Jewish state would make territorial expansion possible, “after the shedding of much blood.”

      1. “International law” is a Jewish construct and conceit. The groundwork for the UN and “international law” was ostensibly laid out at the first Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland, on August 29, 1897.

        From the Virtual Jewish Library:

        Following a festive opening in which the representatives were expected to arrive in formal dress, tails and white tie, the Congress got down to the business at hand. The main items on the agenda were the presentation of Herzl’s plans, the establishment of the World Zionist Organization and the declaration of Zionism’s goals-the Basel program.

        In the version submitted to the Congress on the second day of its deliberations (August 30) by a committee under the chairmanship of Max Nordau, it was stated: “The aim of Zionism is to create for the Jewish people a home in Eretz­Israel secured by law.”

        To meet halfway the request of numerous delegates, the most prominent of whom was Leo Motzkin, who sought the inclusion of the phrase “by international law,” a compromise formula proposed by Herzl was eventually adopted:

        Zionism seeks to establish a home for the Jewish people in Eretz­Israel secured under public law. The Congress contemplates the following means to the attainment of this end:

        1. The promotion by appropriate means of the settlement in Eretz-Israel of Jewish farmers, artisans, and manufacturers.

        2. The organization and uniting of the whole of Jewry by means of appropriate institutions, both local and international, in accordance with the laws of each country.

        3. The strengthening and fostering of Jewish national sentiment and national consciousness.

        4. Preparatory steps toward obtaining the consent of governments, where necessary, in order to reach the goals of Zionism.

        I would only add that without WWI and WWII there would be no UN and this is precisely why the God damned Jews fomented them in the first place!

    2. Isreal is the UN’s bastard child. Both should be nuked!

      California Senate candidate Patrick Little says as much (nuking Isreal; lol) in his latest interview — at the 9:10 mark — with Dr. Patrick Slattery.

      Some good news from Turkey, too:

      UN has ‘collapsed’ in the face of Gaza killings: Erdoğan

      Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on May 16 said the United Nations has “finished” and “collapsed” in the face of Israeli brutality in the Gaza Strip.

      “The U.N. is finished, ended, collapsed. At this moment I cannot reach the U.N. secretary general despite having a good friendship [with him],” Erdoğan said at a fast-breaking dinner in Ankara.

      “We will never allow Jerusalem to be usurped by Israel. We will support the struggle of our brothers until the days when Palestinian lands – which have long been occupied – will have peace and security within the borders of a free Palestinian state,” he added.

      “We will not remain silent to Israel even though the world closes its eyes to this oppression,” Erdoğan said.

      Source: Hurriyet Daily News:


      I am not advocating violence or war against Jews. “Nukes” and “nuclear mushroom clouds” are just funny and harmless memes to me. 🙂

      1. Yeah well, the NUKES used on 9/11 to bring down the World Trade Center Towers in New York City weren’t funny and weren’t harmless and weren’t memes, they were REAL NUKES, and We all know (((who did 911))).

        ETC…. ETC …. ETC …..

        @ TROJ

        ADMIN: I’m sorry, we don’t have time to read and post your comments any more. Things have changed since you were last here. We will publish your comments only if they are:

        (1) ON TOPIC. (Unlike the comment above which is about 9/11, which is not the subject we are discussing here.)

        (2) UNDER 50-60 words each, the shorter the better.

        (3) No more than 2 comments per day.

      2. We all know (((who did 911))).

        Mazel Tov Joe!

        The first plane (American Airlines Flight 11) — note the number “11” and see my earlier post today about their use of repeating occult numbers to signify staged events to each other — crashes into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 am.

        Is the time significant? You bet!

        With the Rothschilds, it’s absolutely obligatory and Satanic.

        8:46 am is 8+4+6 = 18. A very lucky Jewish number indeed.

        Coincidentally, the mark of the Beast “666” (3 x 6) is also 18.

  16. The only sane response to the foreign policies planned by the psychopathic mass murderers now running our government is a permanent state of profound grief. We grieve for the destruction of life, destruction of homes, the destruction of virtue itself.

    How did Israel manage to get control of our government? Of course, we know, by bribery; but how did it begin? Let us establish a new Nuremberg and exact appropriate punishment; on Israeli genocidists of Palestine, on the Neo-Con planners and implementers of their “Full-Spectrum Dominance” (conquest of Planet Earth and Space) and on all of the traitorous congressmen on the take from AIPAC.

    1. @ Chris Fogarty

      “How did Israel manage to get control of our government?”

      Don’t forget, there was no “Israel” when the U.S. unjustifiably involved itself in WW1, so the evil was at work here long before 1948.

      “Of course, we know, by bribery; but how did it begin?”

      I think “bribery” alone doesn’t explain very much. After all, if bribery is to be effective, you first have to have lots of corrupt people around who are willing to do serious evil for a paycheck.

      The most meaningful and comprehensive explanation comes from the Bible, IMO. Put simply, our enemies are “Satanists.” IOW, we are dealing with a Satanic cult of people who, in Biblical terms, made the deal with Satan that Jesus rejected. That is, we are dealing with a group of “people” who knowingly, willingly and calculatingly “worship Satan” (i.e. give worth to evil) as a means of achieving unprecedented worldly power (and by definition this would be considered a conspiracy – against all of humanity).

      This Satanic cult is known in Biblical prophecy as the first beast of Rev 13 (i.e. the beast from the sea), and it is an entity to which Satan gave “his power, and his seat, and great authority” (Rev 13:2), impliedly as per Luke 4:5-7.

      And what is the “power” that Satan gave to the worshipful beast? Apparently it is the power to deceive, corrupt and manipulate people, as exemplified by what he did to Eve (Genesis 3:13).

      So the primary tools in the beast’s Satanic tool box are deception, corruption and manipulation, roughly in that sequence. To put it another way, you could say that the beast rises to the top by bringing everyone else down. And to accomplish this, the beast has primarily used its control of modern mass communications, i.e., its “mouth, as the mouth of a lion” (Rev 13:2), to deceive and corrupt the masses, creating a society full of morally incompetent, spiritually destitute people who are easily manipulable.

      So the beast seeks unprecedented worldly power, basically by trashing everything “good” anywhere and everywhere it can, and what does Satan get from the deal? Apparently Satan gets the fulfillment of Isaiah 14:13:

      “(13) For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

      (14) I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High” (Isaiah 14:13,14).

      So as I see it, an analysis of Rev 13, in light of Genesis 3, Luke 4 and Isaiah 14, not only explains what’s going on in the world today, but reveals the Satanic quid pro quo that drives it.

      1. Harold, may I suggest that talk about beast and Satan is immediately read as childish fantasy by most secular educated Westerners.

        If we really want to be effective, better to talk of evil (an objective definition does exist) and Jesus core teaching ( God and try to extend it to neighbors, 2. no stealing of property (possessions, life, freedom of speech, …))

        The Tribe are motivated by stealing property, pure and simple, with associated vain, ego-tripping psychological complex.

        Keeping it simple, truthful, something people can relate to; this was the style of Jesus.

      2. “Harold, may I suggest that talk about beast and Satan is immediately read as childish fantasy by most secular educated Westerners.”

        I must reject the suggestion, mainly because blind people shouldn’t be in the driver’s seat, IMO. (While our sophisticated “secular educated Westerners” were scoffing at such concepts, the Satanic beast was robbing them blind).

        “If we really want to be effective, better to talk of evil (an objective definition does exist)…”

        It’s not a matter of merely formulating some kind of an “objective definition” of evil; rather, it’s a matter of trying to understanding the nature of evil and how it relates to human behavior.

        “…and Jesus core teaching ( God and try to extend it to neighbors, 2. no stealing of property (possessions, life, freedom of speech, …))”

        I don’t think you can arbitrarily pick and choose which things Jesus said that would be worthy of your acceptance…and still expect to be taken seriously.

        “The Tribe are motivated by stealing property, pure and simple, with associated vain, ego-tripping psychological complex.”

        I disagree; that’s like saying Ted Bundy did what he did because of “sex.” The “tribe” do what they do because they’re evil, IMO.

        “Keeping it simple, truthful, something people can relate to; this was the style of Jesus.”

        Jesus said things like “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24); a statement that many if not most “secular educated Westerners” could never “relate to,” IMO.

  17. People have a right to live! It makes me mad that some dare to take excuses for the murder of others.

  18. it looks pretty hopeless… the j-factor.. we’re so far behind it…
    funny thing – new york city is one of the main rocks in the clinton archipelago, chuckie shumer etc., yet it’s where trump has all his tribal connections…
    i think most of us were pretty well aware all along that djt was another mazaltaver, no patrick little…
    trouble was there was nobody else on the scene better… rand paul maybe, and that’s a big maybe, but rand paul is off on the wrong side of the border issue… how can that be?
    the border issue is more important than any of the rest of it to real americans…

    1. what/who are the real Americans? If you take a close look you see that a majority of the ‘ american’ policeforce, army, bordercontrol etc is multiracial. Where are the whites? The melting pot has done its work. The jewsa is a jewish zoo, they love it to social engineer but not in israhell.

  19. Reportedly, a wise soul, ensconced in a male human body, emitted words worth pondering today. For brevity, I list two of his emissions below — to be clear, smog checked, not to worry about your breathing in his thoughts.
    1) GOD and me, me and GOD are ONE.
    2) I am Thee, Thou is me, me is Thou, Thee am I.
    Now, if and only if ALL is ONE, and WE be ONE, then let’s entertain a few questions, call it a quiz.
    A. If GOD is everywhere, then where are you?
    B. If GOD is everything, then what are you?
    C. If GOD knows ALL, then why are you so dumb??

  20. Just a quick point about Trump and his supporters.

    Under Hillary’s potential presidential tenure Lybia and Syria would be rubble today. No question. Not like the rubble today. More like Dresden 1946 rubble. Hostile to human habitation.

    And of course Obama-Care V2.0.

    Just saying

    -Impartial Observer. Conservative Strayan.

    1. @ Jason Phelan

      “Under Hillary’s potential presidential tenure Lybia and Syria would be rubble today. No question. Not like the rubble today. More like Dresden 1946 rubble. Hostile to human habitation.”

      Possibly, but that’s very speculative, IMO. As time goes on, it is looking more and more likely (to me at least) that Trump was the candidate that was supposed to win the election. I believe that Trump is a “deep cover” agent who was groomed for the role of “president” and was waiting-in-the-wings for his masters’ beck and call, which finally came when Obama failed to deliver the goods.

      Trump’s fraudulent presidential campaign platform was designed to fool not only American voters but also the Russians, who let their guard down in Syria long enough for Trump to quickly enlarge the illegal U.S. military footprint there before everyone realized that we’ve been scammed yet again.

  21. Hi Chris Fogarty,
    You are right to ask how the Jews came to control America. The main cause has been the so-called holocaust, which has been greatly exaggerated and made the subject of the greatest ever propaganda exercise. In reality it was a massive case of “Compensitis” where 4.3 million people claimed compensation after WW2, (with lump-sum payments plus lifelong pensions), when there had only been 1/4 million Jews in Germany before the war.

    Jewish control of the media gave Jews a sense that they could get away with any dirty trick against gentiles. I have seen this myself, where jews favor other Jews over gentiles who are better men.

    Now we are faced with a Jewish population that assumes they deserve their success and see no reason why they should not continue their tyranny over the gentiles. You can see that in the recent passage of laws making any criticism of Jews a “Hate Speech” offense that can result in a jail sentence.

    At the age of 80 I never thought I would say this but some sort of uprising against Jews is now required. I don’t want to see violence, but a movement that is not afraid to say that there is Jewish tyranny which must be broken.

    These wars are being fought for Jews and it must end.

    1. Right now the Jews control America and that is the problem. It sounds Nazi-ish to say that — but the truth is the truth. I believe Jews have a right to practice their religion — but they don’t have a right to restrict my right to practice mine. But that is what they have done. Although the media portrays those who challenge Christian religious symbols in schools and public areas as “atheists” — the truth is that they were ethnically Jewish ( just check out those who brought lawsuits on this kind of stuff).

      I believe that Jews have a right to make their opinions heard on the state of Israel and foreign policy and any other number of issues. What they don’t have the right to do is control the narrative. Why is every media or opinion-making outlet controlled and run by Jews?

      No, they aren’t completely Jewish — but in every position that matters (owners, editors, producers, etc.) they are Jewish. Movies, TV, radio, printing houses — ALL are Jewish controlled.

      Entertainment or news: Jewish controlled.

      Social media: Jewish controlled.

      It isn’t anti-semitic to point out that allowing 2% of the population to be in control of the narrative that ordinary Americans get to see is a bad thing for the US. Add to that the number of Jews who serve as diplomats, advisors and appointees in government, run Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, etc. and you see that we are really an occupied country.

      In a country where the majority is supposed to rule — that, after all, is what a democracy means — allowing a minority that accounts for only 2% of the population to control everything is a recipe for disaster.

      Oh, but you are a Nazi if you talk like this! I don’t want to see Jews in concentration camps. Or even kicked out of the country. I just want their monopoly of power to end.


      1. There are many more jews in the world than the jews want you to know. It could be your colleague, employer, your favorite moviestar, inlaws, your ‘ christian’ friends/neighbours etc.
        Many jewish cameleons on this world.
        But do we really want to know that fact?

    2. It’s called an international labor strike and it scares them so much that they are rushing to implement AI and robotics. The window for the removal of shackles/shekels is closing.

    3. In 1938 the Jewish Almanac gave the figure of 15.7 milllion Jews worldwide.

      In 1948 it gave the figure of 15.7 million.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  22. golden rule worth remembering:
    “do unto jew as jew do unto you”
    keeps life in balance

  23. Hi Pallmallpotus,
    I agree, and this latest horror in Gaza is tipping the scales against Israel and the Jewish Lobby.

    In the USA Jews are 1 in 50, and in Britain they are 1 in 220. They have power totally out of proportion to their numbers. It must end, and I can see the pendulum is now swinging back. No need for violence, just the whole truth, which we have not seen or heard in my lifetime.

    1. I disagree with your idea that the jewish power will disappear as soon as “the whole truth”will come out. I find this idea/view very naive. Truth never changes a jewish status quo. As violence against the jews is no option the only thing it can change this immense power is if the Goyim demand through affirmative action the right to sit next to the jews, to share the power. This could be in the legal system, the medical professions, administration, army etc etc. Without this affirmative action there is no way this jewish power will disappear as You all know that the jews prefer their own kind above a Goy, jewish nepotism.

    2. @ John Kirby

      “…just the whole truth…”

      Absolutely! Jewish influence and existence depends on lies. Lies evaporate when truth is known. That is why they hate Jesus and his teachings so much. Jesus said that he was the way, the truth, and the life. We really need to give the jews more Jesus than they can stand.

  24. Meanwhile, in the real world, Israel and its American contractors are getting on with the really important business of making money: Israel and the USA have very high producing oil wells sunk on occupied Syrian territory in the Golan Heights. The reserves available appear to be enormous. Of course there will be no giving back this stolen land, just like all the other land the Jews and their American whores have stolen since the advent of Zionism.

    And of course the UN will do nothing. As Dr Alan Greenspan said: “It is all about the oil.” Nothing can and nothing will stop the Zionist-USA plan, other than my friends the Russians and the Chinese.

    The poster called ‘Justice For Chinese’ is correct: the UN is Zionism’s whore. Or is it that Israel is the UN’s whore?

    Anyway, I have lots of money invested in both sides, as black gold will be useful for many years to come and its acquisition will cause many more wars. These inevitable wars, incidentally, make stocks and shares iin “munitions” a handy addition to anyone’s portfolio.

    There is money to be made in fistfuls if you have no scruples.

    1. @ Max Bilney

      “…the UN is Zionism’s whore…”

      The UN was a creation of the zionists, so everyone giving the UN legitimacy is a whore to zionists.

  25. Israel stays IMMUNE and gets a PASS for their terrible actions because of their world-wide BLACKMAIL network used by the Mossad.

    Even the jew shill Jones once admitted it.

    In 2006 Alex Jones Called Michael Collins Piper to Discuss How Israel Blackmails US Politicians and Carries Out False Flag Terror:
    May 19, 2018


    JESUS MOURNS OVER JERUSALEM , and foretells its destruction
    ” Oh Jerusalem , Jerusalem ! You murder the prophets and stone the messengers that are sent to you . How often have i longed to gather your children round me like a bird gathering her brood together under her wings – and you never would have it Now all you have left is your house . I tell you that you will never see me again till the day that you cry , ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.’

    Then Jesus wet out of the Temple and was walking away wen his Disciples came up and drew his attention to its buildings .” You see all these ? ” replied Jesus .” I tell you every stone will be thrown down till there is not a ssingle one left standing upon another .”

    1. Shabbos goy….. is a non-Jew who performs certain types of work (melakha) which Jewish religious law (halakha) prohibits the Jew from doing on the Sabbath. The phrase is a combination of the word “Shabbos” (שבת) meaning the Sabbath, and goy, which literally means “a nation” but colloquially means a “non-Jew” (in Biblical Hebrew “goy” means simply “a nation”, but in Mishnaic Hebrew it is used in the sense of “a non-national”, i.e., “a non-Jew”).
      Familiarize yourself with the words…the “term” Shabbos Goy and start using it everywhere you post. A more defined definition is in the book “The Biological Jew” by Eustace Mullins

    2. Ezekiel 1:4
      King James Bible
      And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire.

      This is in reference to Russia.

  27. Latest news from the Gaza Massacre :

    “According to the Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip, since the Great Return March protests started on March 30th:
    – Israeli soldiers have killed 112 Palestinians, and injured 13,190
    – 13 Palestinian children have been killed and 2,096 have been injured
    – 502 Palestinians were shot in the head and neck.
    – 283 Palestinians were shot in the chest and back.
    – 225 Palestinians were shot in the abdomen and pelvis.
    – 1,117 Palestinians suffered various cuts and bruises to several parts of their bodies.
    – 27 of the wounded Palestinians suffered amputations of their legs, one of his arm, and four others had fingers severed by Israeli fire.”

    Source : Mondoweiss, May 22, 2018 : Israeli military shot over 500 Palestinians in the head during Gaza protests.

    This is the way Israel’s “most moral army in the world” “defends itself” against “terrorists”.

  28. I’m not going to ask why the post I sent yesterday about the Palestinian Christians — “one-third of Palestinians are Christians & America’s Zionist “Christians” are a problem but they’re not the only problem” — I’m not going to ask why the post is being CENSORED, that’s because I already know why the post is being CENSORED and I knew the post was going to get CENSORED as I was typing-up the post, before I even hit the “POST COMMENT” icon.

    (SNIP. About 1000 words of gibberish follow. Deleted)

    Videre Licet you dissimulating two-faced hydraheaded putrid fetid feral snakes in your JEW snake pit. Go fuck yourselves eat shit and go fuck yourselves.

    @ TheRealOriginal Joe

    You know the rules in regard to you: TWO posts a day maximum, each post ON-TOPIC, and no longer than 50- 60 words.

    You are sending in 8-10 posts a day, most of them off-topic and nonsensical, and each going on interminably — HUNDREDS of words. Your posts are not even being READ, let alone “censored”.

    We have no time to read verbose, off-topic garbage laced with obscenities.

    — Admin

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