Boys May Wear Skirts To School — But Girls Forbidden To Do So!

At least 40 secondary schools in Britain have banned girls from wearing skirts in a bid to cater for transgender pupils. Schools are opting for gender-neutral uniform policies under which boys and girls must both wear trousers. 


A majority of pupils in the area now attend trousers-only schools with eight Ipswich schools instituting a gender-neutral policy, it is claimed. Meanwhile Crawshaw Academy near Leeds is ‘consulting on implementing a gender-neutral uniform (trousers only)’, The Sunday Times reports. And Phillips High School in Bury has announced that girls starting at the school this September will have to wear trousers with existing pupils adopting the new policy next year.
The move has been branded ‘crackers’ by one parent, who said there is nothing wrong with the existing uniform for girls.

Girls due to start Philips as Year 7s in the autumn term will not be allowed to wear the same navy knee-length skirts worn by existing pupils.

Diane Burdaky, whose daughter Annabelle is in Year 8, claims parents were never consulted about the changes.

‘There was no letter or email. No word or consultation from the school at all.

‘I looked on the website and there was a notice saying all new students from September will have to wear trousers and then the rest of the school will follow in September 2019.

‘I’m all for a school uniform policy. I think it’s very important that parents work with the school to make sure the rules adhered to.

‘My problem is why this has happened. I can’t think of any reason why girls shouldn’t wear them. For years girls have rolled their skirts up as soon as they’ve left the house. We all used to do it.

‘But you can’t control what they do when they leave the house. It’s up to the school to police it when they’re there.

‘I feel strongly that parents should have been consulted and given a valid explanation.

‘It’s good to give girls the option of wearing a skirt or trousers, but I don’t understand the need for a total ban. I think it’s crackers.’

Tony Smith, head of Priory School, said last year:

‘The reason for the uniform change initially is about equality, and decency. Our students will all now wear the same uniform. It is a much more decent uniform and it is far less likely to lead to abuse. It is a gender neutral uniform, and we’ve thought carefully about that, ensuring that is was gender neutral. ‘We have transgender students in the school and we have an increasing number of students who are at that crossroads of understanding around their gender. So this uniform removes the need for anyone to make a decision about whether they wear a so-called male or female uniform.’

But the move was slammed by the school’s former pupil Piers Morgan, who said: ‘It’s disappointing to see one of my old schools getting sucked into this gender neutrality nonsense, which is being driven by a tiny minority of people. Let boys be boys and girls be girls, and stop confusing them in this ridiculous way.’

It comes after £18,000-a-year Immanuel College in Hertfordshire brought in make-up experts to teach pupils how to apply it. They have been introduced after one 15-year-old pupil revealed that she was suffering anxiety over a skin condition and wanted to learn how to use beauty products.


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LD: Meanwhile, elsewhere in Mad Albion, boys are being told to wear SKIRTS to school in preference to shorts. There is something indecent about seeing boys in shorts apparently, but it is perfectly acceptable to see them cavorting around in skirts like “transgendered freaks”.  (A banned phrase, incidentally, that could get you a heavy fine or sent to prison if you used it in public).   

School bans boys from wearing shorts,
telling them to wear skirts instead

THE INDEPENDENT :  A secondary school in Oxfordshire has reportedly banned boys from wearing shorts in the hot summer months – but said they are free to wear skirts instead if they wish.

Chiltern Edge School in Sonning Common recently introduced a new, stricter uniform policy that states pupils can only wear trousers or skirts.

When one parent asked if their son could wear tailored shorts for summer, he said he was told “no” by staff as shorts were not allowed – but as they had a gender-neutral policy, boys could opt to wear skirts.

Father Alastair Vince-Porteous told the Daily Mail: “I was told shorts are not part of the uniform. It’s a shame we can’t be more grown up about it, we aren’t asking for ra-ra skirts or skinny jeans, just grey tailored shorts for two months a year, it’s not a big deal.”

This is how they dressed in the “good old days”.
Men looked like men in the past … and women like women.

Henry Holiday, 1884

LD:  Women managed to look like modest women in those days. There was no pressing need to expose acres of flesh to the lascivious eye of the male. Plunging necklines and miniskirts up to the crotch would have been regarded as bordering on indecent exposure, fit only for women in the “stews” (brothels).

Most women throughout history, before the promotion of radical feminism in the mid-twentieth century, were perfectly happy to look like women and not like whores.

The “whorification” of women is now well under way, and even underage girls are being sexualized like never before.


Catering to the world’s  growing population of pedophiles 

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  2. With the Muslim invaders having most of the children in many British towns and cities, this may well be a short-lived policy indeed.

    1. Hilarious, but also a little sad that things in the West have devolved so far. Will the REAL Germans cast off their WWII Holocaust coma in time? Imagine, if Hillary had won the US election we would be continuing on the same self-destructive trajectory started by Obama. Say what you will about Trump, and in many ways the slide into the abyss is accelerating, but at least he is standing at the gates, yelling STOP!

  3. This is a satanic Zionist agenda world wide to destroy morals and sow a satanic confusion between the sexes and all of this was predicted in the Bible . Read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION for the blueprint of the satanic Zionist forces to see what they have done and are doing in the world.

    We Christians are In the fight of our lives and we need to pray daily for divine help against these forces of evil.

    1. We do not need to pray , we need to take up arms and destroy the core of evil which we have allowed to establish itself in our society, the only way is their complete destruction.

  4. I’m sure ‘kilt-wearing’ Scots are ‘good to go’ with this.

    Best NOT tell them that they can’t wear their ‘skirts’ anymore!! 🙂

  5. Although my family is not Catholic, some of the young children attend parochial (Catholic) schools, in which the “uniforms” include skirts for girls, and khaki pants for boys. Beginning this year, my two grand-nieces will be attending School of the Americas in Paris, France. I have to wonder what ridiculous cultural changes they will encounter… 😶

  6. we have an increasing number of students who are at that crossroads of understanding around their gender

    Cultural Marxist garbage. I assume that School Head is either totally brainwashed or a crypto who is sadistically enjoying torturing these children. If these schools are not boycotted then there definitely IS something in the water, in the air…

    “at that crossroads of understanding around their gender”…f**k sake, why are parents not screaming at that nutcase!?!

  7. This cultural Marxist garbage is far more advanced and insidious than many people realise. I’ve noticed in the last decade or so the removal of the feminine gender for occupations. For example the evil UK media now refers to my favourite actresses as actors. WTF! We now have chairperson instead of chairman or chairwoman. Whatever happened to “vive la difference”? We no longer have aviatrix, executrix etc. Monica Lewinsky should have been referred to as a fellatrix in the media. These acultural imbeciles from Anglo-Saxon universities have not only destroyed gender differences, they’ve imposed a political correctness that has impoverished the English language.

    1. Felix –

      “…destroyed gender differences…”

      Actually, they have nearly destroyed differences in sexes by simply inserting “gender” where “sex” should be used to describe human and animal characteristics.

      “Gender” denotes a vocabulary difference only. Masculine and feminine and neuter genders. NOT male and female and hermaphrodite. 🙂

      The whole world is using their jew terms now. They “BIGGLY” win when their words are used… even unknowingly!!

      1. I think by using the linguistic term “gender” instead of the biological term “sex” they want to suggest that the differences between men and women are only a matter of language. This is the same kind of mentality that declares race to be only a “social construct”. Cultural Marxism is a war against human nature. It is about time humanity rebels against Cultural Marxism.

      2. FR –

        Yep! Thanks fort the help!

        For me…. I prefer to not legitimize the jew lie by elevating it to the stature of cultural marxism. Then, instead of debating the lie, another debate occurs about cultural marxism. SO…. the jews keep controlling the narrative. They own the stories. That’s their winning game.

        Softening the jew lies, and arguing the softening, is just one way they have weaseled their way back into countries where they were banished. Misdirection.

        I call a LIE – a LIE – without using jew softening techniques and dressed up adjectives and nouns for deflection. 🙂

  8. Yes indeed, Pat and Franklin.
    Fortunately the disappearance of sex differences in language only seem to be prevalent in English. Thais have separate personal pronouns for male and female. For “I” a man would use “Pom”, a woman “dichan” or more commonly “chan”!
    I recall reading a few years back that in some areas of China, women have their own “secret” language unknown to the men.
    This destruction of sex differences in language in the West has had a very pernicious effect on society.
    Franklin. How about Dutch?

    1. Dutch personal pronouns are like English personal pronouns : gender differences only in the third person singular : “hij” and “zij” for “he” and “she”.

    2. Feliz,
      Hows all? I lived in Siam from 1989-1997. I speak, read and write the language fluently. A man can also refer to himself as “chan” to display humility or gentleness. “Gu” (I) or “Meung” (you) however, are usually fighting words. Chok dee peun!

      1. Donaldo,
        Only a katoey or ladyboy will refer to himself as chan! Gu and mueng are considered very low class indeed, but were at one time used in normal day to day speech in Esarn. A famous monk in Esarn, Luang Por Khun used to refer to himself as Gu to denote his humility. In fact he would even use Gu when the King or other royalty came to pay respects to him. A monk will normally use the pronoun Attama! It’s quite amusing encountering Western men, who’ve learnt Thai from bargirls using “Chan” or “kha” instead of “Pom” or “Khrap”
        Good luck to you too Donaldo! As a matter of fact Thais who’ve resided in the States always tell me how well they get on with, and like Mexicans. They find most other Americans to be aloof and unfriendly. BTW, Why didn’t you stay in Thailand? I’ve lived in Asia for 45 years, the last 31 years full time in Thailand. To be quite honest I get culture shock going to Europe. To be brutally frank most of the younger Europeans are racially degenerate and according to recent reports I’ve been reading their average IQs have been regressing since 1975. A great pity. I cannot see how it can be reversed

  9. Political Correctness is the latest version of The Inquisition. You complain and YOU are in trouble.

    Its good for President Trump. I have always felt that people didn’t so much vote for him as against this sort of nonsense.

    1. John –

      Trump has bragged all during his campaign and every chance he gets that he saved the jew New York Times and much of ALL media.

      Now on the stump for ‘mid-termers’ he shouts, “If I don’t run… they’re out of business!”

      He panders to his base while helping the jews’ businesses.

      He did it again last night in Montana…. “Art of HIS Deal!!” The jews WIN with compromise again… STILL!
      Notice no ‘dark faces’ and ‘limp wrists’ in the house:

      More excerpts:

      Full speech:

      1. Keep it going Pat, with you all the way .It would be nice to see a western political leader with some balls and backbone to tell the world the truth about the Zionist filth that has weaseled its way into the western political establishments in order to destroy them.

      2. Pat –

        It just goes to show “Vat iss goodt for de choo iss goodt for de gentile. Oy!”. 😀
        We both KNOW that Trump has to cater to the bastards to stay in office – and stay ALIVE (not JFK’d).
        With the exception of pandering to Israhell, I LIKE Mr. Trump!

    2. Felix ,
      Oh yes. Luang Paw Koon. Immensely popular. He was deseased years before I lived there. Believe he was from the Isan. One of the last of the old school Buddhist monks. Than came along the likes of the scandle-rinden Pra Yandra in the mid 90s. To answer your question. Same old story. Thai girl meets farang and insists that he take her to his country. Later , divorce. But Donaldo has no regrets. Not the kinda guy to live in the past. Life in México has many similarities to Thailand. Both cultures love fiesta, boxing and the women are beautiful and the food fresh………never frozen. Cheers!

  10. Gilb,
    Seems to me Putin also sucks up to the Zios. Putin saved Syria, but at home in Russia critisizm of Jews (whatever a “Jew” actually is) is hate speech and punishable by imprisionment. In Donaldos view, ALL World leaders are two-faced hipocrites.

  11. i guess the debate really is bout whether muslim rapists are more likely to pounce on a girl in pants or a skirt..
    at first, remember, the horney lowbrows were incensed at the pants, as way too revealing of the curvy outlines..
    and i can sympathize, as can any man..
    in fact, the sixties hippie rocker term ‘groovy’, as a positive thing of beauty or whatever, was coined at the visual impression of the ‘lips that never smile’, or ‘never stop smiling’, depending on your attitude, and the recess in between, as made discernible through thin, skin-tight pants. and that was before spandex…
    but it’s probably now come to the attention of the security forces that, gang rapes being on the rise, a pair of britches is gonna be a little harder to breech…
    and, no doubt about it, the gay justice warriors won’t object to a little more state sponsored transvestitism..

    1. If you see the rape statistics of Britain it’s more worst than immigrants entered areas…

      If you have problems with immigrants Try face it with authorities who have opened doors …than blaming poor people who come from wars…
      Of course any one who committed crime must be punished…
      Spewing hatred against muslims plainly for your failures not going to work out give any benifits to your current position of country that’s on the verge of Cultural degradation

      Better correct your self ..and. Your leaders problems will be solved

  12. I wanted to say something about this yesterday, but I did not have time.
    What is the point of shirts & ties ??
    What is the point of a skirt ??
    A dress would be more comfortable & as for tights – for either sex – how about trousers with a dress on top & sox.

    1. What about bikini ..will you wear it as a boy and go to your office.. becaz it’s air free…you can do whatever you want

      There are moral code of conducts defined by elders ancestors of every region community…it’s better to say Europe has completely lost it.. ..
      Society On the verge of collapse
      Blaming immigrants for her survival….to show them as boogie man and gather People to show hatred against poor people no where to go….

      Instead of blaming others for your own failures why don’t you Europes correct your self

  13. What else
    LGBT agenda
    Cultural degradation
    Karl Marx ideologies
    Transgender surgeries
    Gender assimilation…
    Depopulation of lands…

    Why can’t europe accept Islam and try to reverse Cultural degradation….than getting depopulated with churches lead by immoral organizations that cannot even protect child rights…

    If Europe wants to survive and revive herself from Zionist Corporates with moral values
    …Islam is the only path…

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