BREAKING! — Israeli Jets Attack US navy ship in Mediterranean, killing and wounding scores of American sailors

Contributed by our Special Correspondent ‘Herta’



That subject line could be from today, but it was 51 years ago—June 8, 1967—when Israel did attack an unarmed and unarmored U.S. Navy ship in international waters, the USS Liberty(AGTR-5), killing 34 and wounding 174.

The only major difference is that the rescue aircraft—scrambled from two U.S. aircraft carriers around 15 minutes flying-time away from the Liberty—were recalled twice, first by the U.S. Secretary of Defense, and then by U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson.

The Liberty was forced to languish for nearly 18 hours before the U.S. Sixth Fleet was allowed to assist the stricken vessel and its crew.

You know little or nothing about this because they don’t want you to know, they being not just Israel, but the U.S. government, who instituted and still maintains this cover-up.

Incredibly, the Liberty and her crew are the most decorated in U.S. Navy history for a single engagement, a fact every American schoolchild should know, but they’re not allowed to know, as “they” have erased this history from our books and movies, and defaced the men who were forced to endure the massacre.

The attack was—says Liberty survivor Phil Tourney—not just an attack against his ship and the U.S. Navy, but an attack against every American—past, present and future.

It was an act of war. And Israel was allowed to walk away, scot-free, the consequences of which the world is still suffering from today.

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  1. The title might also be written as:

    “US President – LBJ – Forced Israeli Jets To Attack The US Navy ship in Mediterranean, killing and wounding scores of American sailors”

    1. LBJ had his Gulf of Tonkin, FDR his Pearl Harbor, Bush (aka “shrub”) his 9/11 and fictitious WMD’S, Trump has his……….?

      Fill in the blanks

      1. And the “Breaking News” on the MSN home page is about some TV chef offing himself.

        American media has some bad ass prostate issues


  2. Israel is the US’ “best friend and ally” and therefore could never have attacked the Liberty on purpose. If you still are so “anti-Semitic” as to not believe this, look at this picture of the memorial plaque of the Liberty Incident casualties displayed in the Israeli Naval Museum by veterans of MTB Squadron :

    The plaque says (translation):

    “We express deep sorrow for the 34 friends who died from our hands, in combat they should not have been involved, on the ship “USS Liberty” 8 June 1967″
    – The names of the fallen in the incident –
    “May their memory be blessed. The veterans of MTB Squadron.”

    Isn’t that touching and proof in itself that the Israelis were innocent? Still doubting ? Come on, the “only democracy in the Middle East” with “the most moral army in the world” could never have committed such a crime !

    1. An even BIGGER crime has been committed by our own country’s cover-up – and Uncle Sam’s continued support of Israhell.


      “Israel is the US’ “best friend and ally” and therefore could never have attacked the Liberty on purpose.”

      Here, for example, is the text of an intercepted Israeli conversation, just one of many pieces of hard, unambiguous evidence that the Israeli attack was not a mistake:

      Israeli pilot to ground control: “This is an American ship. Do you still want us to attack?”

      Ground control: “Yes, follow orders.” …

      Israeli pilot: “But, sir, it’s an American ship – I can see the flag!”

      Ground control: “Never mind; hit it!”

      And here what McNamara (former United States Secretary of Defense) had to say

      “According to J.Q. “Tony” Hart, a chief petty officer who monitored these conversations* from a U.S. Navy communications relay station in Morocco, Geiss shot back that one of his ships was under attack. Tellingly, McNamara responded:

      “President Johnson is not going to go to war or embarrass an American ally over a few sailors.”

      Extract from: Ray McGovern — Common Dreams via Press TV June 8, 2014
      Sourced from thetruthseeker:” Leaving the USS Liberty Crew Behind”
      on June 9, 2014

      Other articles:

    3. gee i sure hope the isralies don’t get mad at us for 911 , after all we deserved it ,and brought it on ourselves,
      so put up a plack?

  3. The Shit Hole Shitty Little Country can do it over and over and get away with it… who cares as long as there are new video games and bigger bags of potato chips that sometimes are offered with a big ass 3 liters bottle of coke, diet or not in the good ol u.s.?
    What happened to those guys chanting “jews will not replace us, jews will not replace us”! just a few months ago?
    i thought that event was the beginning of the end …
    the jews, always focused, will always maneuever…..
    thats the difference between Jews and other humans
    They love misery, fear and paranoia.. the adrenaline pumping they have been subjected daily to for the last 2 centuries would probably kill any other human who isnt used to it …
    -Woody Allen –
    “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.”

  4. Well,alternative news sites like this one are doing a great job in exposing these atrocious crimes. The waking of the people of the USA will take time owing to the presence of fluoride in the drinking water. That’s why it is illegal to collect rain waters in some US states because it’s clean, but I digress.

    They said, don’t climb too high lest the fall be so hard. Israel has reached tremendous heights and her fall will be earth-shattering.

    1. Rain water clean? Perhaps we all should have our rain water tested — for the fall out from chemclouding, for the radionuclides released from Fukushima and nuclear power plants (venting). I would not bet much that many rain water samples test clean. We be blessed to have at least a couple intrepid souls monitoring and covering these silent, odorless, virulent phenomena, that is Dane Wigington ( and Bob Nichols (, respectively. Both could use all the support we can offer.

    2. @ AL

      “…her fall will be earth-shattering.”

      Earth-healing would be more appropriate.

  5. Someone more clever than I should implant ( hack ) this video into more general view, say the opening ceremony of the world cup for instance.
    The filthy Zionist is knee deep in innocent blood (again) today in Gaza, but the day will come when the Resistance shall prevail.


    A rhetorical question, dear Lasha for, the cancer has crept to the brain, the command center. So, the enemy within isn’t going to denounce the enemy without. If he does, the enemy without would uncover him to his turn. The enemy within and the enemy without are covered with the same and single, ever-shrinking sheet. Therefore, they have to tolerate- worse- to protect and preserve each other lest they get exposed together at once.
    However, the most detrimental aspect of this situation is the fact that the enemy within has hijacked the lethal tools of the State by corrupting the legislative body and deflecting the function of law enforcement agencies. This abnormal state of affairs results in incriminating the victim and protecting the criminal, making any attempt to initiate a reform an act of treason.
    The US isn’t the only country trapped in this dead-end situation😉.

    1. Jews of whom I know have been busily intermarrying among other Americans for awhile, now. In recent times, I have noticed that many girls with Jewish parents look like any other white American girl. Moreover, I am acquainted with a (Sephardic) Jew man whose mother was a white Lutheran, and whose father was a Jew. He married a white Anglo Episcopalean, and their daughter is drop-dead gorgeous, and is married to one of my cousins. I recently attended the Christening of their baby at Episcopal service. Sometime, it is very hard to discern between “race” and religion. I know that the Jew “race” is getting diluted, here in America. When I was in college, I had a gorgeous blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl whose father was a Jew and whose mother was blonde Irish. I didn’t know she had any Jew in her until I met her father.

  7. You Israelis are so emotional and judgemental. Don’t display this post.
    I know you won’t. But you will read it……you already have.

    1. Oh well,

      Hasta la vista to “Lasha” who really doesn’t exist.
      Even if she did, she’d be an entity
      (((Donaldo))) wouldn’t want seated beside him at his dinner table. 🙂

  8. Spain is working up a year of steam against the Zionist entity, see TELE sur for more details,
    IT’S worth a read, big enough happenings for a Darkmoon article even.

  9. According to US Navy Protocol, the USS Liberty was a special purpose vessel & never to be left unescorted.

    From the President of America down – the USS Liberty was sacrificed to Israel as a token of US undying loyalty to Israel.
    Treason – pure & simple.
    LB Johnson should have swung at the end of a hangman’s noose for this.

    1. Just like all the U.S. Presidential hopefuls that go and kiss The Wall , like kissing Jew behinds …

  10. Shameful and disgusting ! Nothing has changed between the U.S. and Israhell . It was no good scum McNamara and the U.S. MSM that also got America into th eVietnam war . McNamara admitted this on his death bed about his involvement in getting more than 58,000 Americans killed for nothing but the Jew Plantation America .

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