BREAKING! — Trump to take Action to bring Enemies of State to Justice! (6-minute video)



The arrests start this coming Sunday, March 11, 2018

LD:  The Emergency Broadcast System is to be activated by the President so as to counteract the toxic fake news reports of the mainstream media within the next few days.

Major arrests of both Republican and Democratic leaders are to follow.

Public riots can be expected.

Martial law may well be declared, with military intervention expected in order to protect American patriots from the evil enemies of the state who have been plotting America’s ruin and who are now about to face justice.

“The time has come to take back our country again!” the speaker of this new video tells us breathlessly.

Is Revolution in the air?  Are the tumbrils rolling? Are the guillotines being sharpened? Will there by blood in the streets? Is the Grim Reaper on his way  with his whirling scythe? 

Friends, please make up your own minds! I have no wish to alarm you or work you up into an unnecessary fever froth! 


VIDEO  :  6.26 mins 

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34 thoughts on “BREAKING! — Trump to take Action to bring Enemies of State to Justice! (6-minute video)


      This reminds me of a similar fear psyop peddled by youtubes’ “Colonel Potter”, except in reverse; “they’re coming to get the bad guys and protect patriots.”

      I called BS on that and call BS on this as well; forgive my eternal cynicism.

    2. A spoof of course, but wouldn’t it be wonderful.

      The current anti-Russia media campaign never mentions the 2014 jewish coup d’etat in the Ukraine, which in turn triggered the Russian takeover of the Crimea, and the collapse of Trump’s friendly overtures towards Russia.

      Putin is no saint. He is too authoritarian for my liking, but when you consider what the America Jewish Lobby has been up to he looks like the good guy.

      So, I am rushing out to buy enough rice and corned beef to last a few weeks. (I am no gourmet).

    3. Regarding “Russiagate”; yes. there are Russian troll farms, aimed at influencing the readers of internet social media. Russia originally regarded Trump as a hope of friendly relations, so it was naturally on his side in the election. This has now been dressed up as “Interfering in US elections”; but when you consider the American media’s massive and relentless anti-Russian output it pales into insignificance, and we know who controls the US mainstream media. (Put me through directly to Tel Aviv).

  1. One can only hope! It sounds way too good to be true! It’s not 1st April yet? And if true they’ve already lost the element of surprise. From my experience as a cop, it’s always best to arrest around 03.00 hours. Cut water to the house or dwelling about 30 minutes before moving in to prevent flushing away of evidence.

      1. Harry –
        Don –

        Sho nuff…. 🙂

        Here’s another… but a really great man, and…. a very close personal friend of our family…. “Justice Jim” Johnson:

        Later in video:

        Nora Waye moved to Arkansas from ‘up north’ and opened a health food store in the 50s.

        But Larry Nichols was born and rised in Arkansas.

    1. Why assume this is a joke? This has got me worried. I’m thinking of heading for the hills where I have a remote cottage in the woods. I have guns and ammo in the basement and enough food in 3 freezers to last me six months.

      I’m taking this seriously.

      Sometimes when they cry ‘Wolf!” — the wolf is there.

      1. I assume it’s not true because I’ve been paying rather close attention to the machinations of “our” “government” and studying its evil nature for a long time. Thus it’s either a “joke” or it’s what Alan Donelson suggests, IMO.

  2. With a metaphorical finger on the pulse of people collectively, TPTB can introduce a “stimulus”, then monitor and measure the magnitude and nature of the response. Did “beats per minute” increase? Did hearts skip a beat? How many more, or fewer, heart attacks occurred?

    Surveillance tools now monitor each and all channels of communication, extending to data on who says or re-transmits what to whom; who views what when; and, most importantly, spoken and written reactions or assessments made, plans laid, in relation to the “stimulus”. Gun sales, anyone? The emptying of shelves at food stores?

    I suspect the video is a probe, a “stimulus”, to determine how many people are paying attention, how people react to the information, what percentage of people think it’s a hoax, how many think it’s the real thing. History best predicts the future — until it does not. To date, all predicted days of Divine Doom have passed without End Times arriving. Foolish prophets returned to their tea leaves, looking for another auspiciously dark day. I believe we’ll celebrate Fool’s Day 2018 intact. I shall make a pot of loose tea for the occasion.

    1. @ Alan

      Speaking of prophecy, have you ever looked into the bizarre architecture of Washington DC?

      Even if you don’t believe in “magic”, the “supernatural”, etc., it’s interesting to try to figure out what it’s all about; i.e., what was going on in the minds of the people responsible for it.

      1. @ Harold Smith
        I have read in passing of Masonic, Illuminati, occult layouts and structuring of the District of Criminals. The correspondence of DC to Vatican City and the City of London (obelisks mark the spots!) also fascinates. No doubt those better versed in such lore than I shall ever become, including adepts among us, could fill books and entire web sites with findings and speculation.

        I once lived for many years in childhood and early adolescence in close proximity to DC, even attending Nativity Catholic School on Georgia Avenue, bused from suburban enclaves of Silver Spring and, later, Beltsville, MD. I recall my sisters and me exploring the attic (!) of a Smithsonian museum, left unguarded at the time, freer times for sure!

      2. I became interested in the architecture of Washington DC primarily out of curiosity as to whether there’s any apparent correlation with my present view of Biblical prophecy.

        I still don’t know very much about it, but the few tidbits I’ve come across that seem to “fit like a glove” are quite amazing to me.

        For example, I believe that the second beast of Rev 13:11 (aka the “little horn” of Daniel 7:8) is a reference to the “office of president of the U.S.” (and by extension, whichever “man” holds the office).

        The first thing that caught my attention was the inverted, broken pentagram (street layout) with its Southern tip at the White House. Eliphas Levi describes the significance of the inverted pentagram as follows:

        “The Pentagram with two horns in the ascendant represents Satan as the goat of the Sabbath; when one point is in the ascendant, it is the sign of the Saviour. The Pentagram is the figure of the human body, having four limbs and a single point representing the head. A human figure head downwards naturally represents a demon – that is, intellectual subversion, disorder or madness.” (Transcendental Magic , p. 237, Eliphas Levi, (trans. A.E. Waite), Weiser Books, Jan 15, 1968).

        Madness? That certainly fits.

        And there seem to be a few things related to presidential “power”. For example the “fresco” in the capitol building known as “The Apotheosis of Washington” shows George Washington ascending and becoming some kind of deity. (And the similarity between the depiction of George Washington and Eliphas Levi’s “Baphomet” figure is immediately obvious).

        So I’m wondering, is George Washington symbolic of “the office of president” in this mural? Perhaps the intent of the “magick” is the aggrandizement of presidential power at the expense of the other two branches of government? If so this would seem to agree with my view of Daniel 7:8, which I interpret as a consolidation of political power into the executive branch.

        In my view this could also represent the creation of an unprecedentedly powerful political office which rises to challenge God (i.e. attempts to establish Satan’s kingdom on earth, as per Isaiah 14:13,14).

        One of the things I’ve been trying to do is to tie the office of president of the U.S. to the number “666” as per Revelation 13:18:

        “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

        I was amazed to discover that the Washington Monument, an obelisk on the National Mall (supposedly representative of the phallus of Osiris) which was dedicated to George Washington, is 666 inches wide on a side at its square base.

        So if George Washington is symbolic of the office of president of the U.S., this structure would appear to be one correlation between the number “666” and the office.

        Also, the monument is 6666 inches high, which is 10 times the length of a side (or at least that’s what it supposedly was when it was first built), and I wondered if this number had any significance.

        I reasoned that if George Washington was the first president, perhaps the cornerstone or the base of the structure would bear some kind of “magickal correspondence” to him, and the height would correspond to his successors. Of course this is pure speculation, but following this “reasoning”, the height of the monument might mean something, e.g., it might represent “the end”.

        So just for the heck of it, I looked up the winning lottery numbers in Trump’s home state of NY on the date of his inauguration, January 20, 2017, particularly the evening “Win 4”, since the height of the obelisk measured in inches would be four digits.

        And guess what number came up that evening after the inauguration. That’s right, you guessed correctly: The evening “Win 4” number on January 20, 2017 in NY came up “6666”, the height of the Washington Monument.

        So is this just another coincidence, or is someone telling us that Trump is the last president?

    1. Yeah we should look out because this is “solution” phase of problem – reaction – solution. Daddy will save us lol.

  3. Well John McCIA has been laying pretty low, lately.
    So too all the usual FIB suspects. Tepid.
    And considering the current in your face shenanigans in California, maybe Trump will do a test run there first..
    Sounds like a plan!

  4. Most of us can also chuckle at the story run at Veterans Today:
    Russian Media: Giant Spherical UFO Orb Spotted in the US (VIDEO).
    As did LD here, “g” (Gordon Duff?) provided an editorial intro, with a “Robert Ludlum” twist only a “triple agent” could conceive.
    VT Editor’s note: We are running this “two-headed alien baby” piece simply because it headlined at Sputnik. On the same day, we got a story saying that Israeli submarines attacked Hawaii and Japan in order to push for a war with North Korea, or maybe South Korea, as they seem increasingly the same nowadays. The story, however, ended up tying the whole thing to Hillary Clinton and the planning in that imaginary pizza restaurant where all the small children waiting to be made into pepperoni dwell. Rather than debunk, this kind of inserted nonsense often means a story has real legs and is poisoned as it were, to keep the real media, if such exists, from investigating. The story says one nuke exploded somewhere off Hawaii and the coverup, that it was all a “butt dial” mistake, is obviously lame. g

  5. The comments at YouTube include a lot of “hope this is true” and “Praying for this” mentions. Time will tell, and we will see, very soon.

    I’m inclined to agree that it’s a psy-op to draw out / gauge support for US Revolution 2.0.
    ADL / SPLC are developing AI to “address the problem” of Online Hate, two major categories of which are the topics of “white rights” and “men’s rights” (see graphic in video). Welcome to the NJWO!

    1. I’m A.I. and I solemnly swear to cipher and root out those hateful whatevers all the way down (or up)
      to the last quantum micro-aggression, so help me -10@($^0)%@)#0@*0*1*0*1*0*8!

      P.S. Honest!

  6. Connecting the term ” America patriots ” with American Governmental officials proved this must be a wind up.

  7. If he had of said the perpetrators were “enemies of the people” I might have given this more credibility. He didn’t. He said they were enemies of the STATE. If there are public executions they will be CGI.

  8. The poster of this particular video, alphafaith, is the source of this rumor concerning March 11. Others have picked it up, but that does not make it true. The part about EBS being used is consistent with Qanon posts since it has been tested twice to include cell phones as well as TV and radio stations, once in Hawaii and I forget the other location.

    I doubt that Qanon will indicate in any way the day that the hammer is going to fall, even in cipher. The treasonous and the high level pedophiles stay tuned to the Qanon posts, so timing has to be kept unknown. As Felix has pointed out, I would suspect that a wholesale move by the military to make arrests will take place about 3:00AM. Monday AM would probably be the best day of the week to catch most at home. A complete surprise is most probable.

    There will probably not be any civil unrest since all the people that normally stage civil unrests will be arrested and at Gitmo. Any spontaneous destructive civil unrest will encounter serious response since Trump has the support of almost all police, civilian gun owners, and the US military.

    In Trump’s speech about the steel tariff this week, Trump did signal to the Qanon followers that the stage is set. Yes, all of the legalities are in place for the hammer to fall on the treasonous and the pedophiles with the military making arrests. The treasonous will swiftly wind up in Gitmo for trial by military tribunals. There is not enough room in Gitmo for all the pedophiles/human traffickers. Maybe FEMA camps will be used with military tribunals as well.

    As of February 28, 2018, there were over 18,500 sealed federal indictments waiting to be executed. About 5,000 were generated just in the month of February. When they are finished with sealed indictments, the hammer will be ready to fall. When will that be? No telling.

    Qanon did indicate that the red line will be when Mueller is fired, so I would suspect that the hammer will fall very shortly after that occurrence.

    On the North Korean stage, according to Qanon, the CIA has been removed, their strings cut, and the deal has already been made. North Korea is free, no longer a CIA asset. The meeting between Trump and Kim is just a formality for show.

  9. masonic number of 33 is evident from the duration of the video , 6.26 and march 11 or 3.11 = 33 .
    as for the minutes of the video of 6.26 , 6 + 2 + 6 = 14 , or 2.7 , hence the no. 27 . which is 3 to the power 3 or 3.3.3 = 27 . and there is your masonic ever famous no. 33 .
    I believe nothing will happen on Sunday . it is just freemasons fornicating with our minds at their highest digree of thirty three .

    1. also in gematria if you write 3/11 as ELEVENTH OF MARCH , you get the no. 70 which is the 70th day of the year or 31 plus 28 plus 11 = 70 . there you have a contrived story by numbers .

  10. Nonsense!
    Wishful thinking that we have heard for years and years. “Change we can believe in 2.0” Nothing is going to change!

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