Brexit Betrayal : Enemy of the People Theresa May Stabs 17.4 Million British Voters in the Back


A Brief Introduction to Two Videos on the Brexit Crisis


British Prime Minister Theresa May will go down in history as the Judas Iscariot of her people. She has stabbed 17.4 million voters for Brexit in the back by cobbling together a deal that makes Britain a vassal state of the EU and is a triumph for multiculturalism and mass immigration, with no real real control over the country’s borders.

An anonymous correspondent writes to me: “This devious little snake-in-the grass should be put on trial for treason! And if found guilty, she should be executed by firing squad, along with that other great betrayer of her people, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.”

An unhelpful comment no doubt, given that we no longer have capital punishment in Britain. The sentiment is nevertheless understandable. The visceral loathing many people feel in Britain for this cheating liar, masquerading as a good churchgoing Christian—a Vicar’s daughter—probably stems from her arrogant hypocrisy.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons, one of her own Tory MPs, eurosceptic Peter Bone, scolded Mrs May with these harsh words: “If the media reports about the EU agreement are in any way accurate, you will not be delivering the Brexit people voted for and today you will lose the support of many Conservative MPs and millions of voters.”

A vote of ‘No Confidence’ in the Prime Minister is expected any day now.

For this to succeed, resulting in the forcible removal of the Prime Minister from power, at least 48 of her Tory MPs must send in letters of No Confidence to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee which policies the Tory leadership rules. It is widely known that more than 48 Tory MPs are more than willing to defenestrate the Prime Minister but have been advised to exercise restraint in the interests of party unity and to give Mrs May a last chance. The PM’s latest antics, however, have make them lose all patience with her now. They are hopping mad with her, sensing her treacherous duplicity. It’s now only a matter of time before they turn and tear her apart.

A senior source of the European Research Group (ERG), an 80-strong group of eurosceptics led by distinguished Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, was particularly scathing about the Prime Minister’s appalling record in government.  He said: “There is no point carrying this Prime Minister any more. She f***ed up the election and she has sold out the country on Brexit.” (The Daily Mail, 15 November, p. 6)

Tony Blair was guilty of flagrant war crimes; he is now a multimillionaire who has managed to escape justice. Theresa May, you can be sure, will escape justice too and will soon be on the lecture circuit like the mendacious war criminal Tony Blair. Here is a picture of Mrs May with her friend and mentor Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. Maybe the good rabbi will inspire his duplicitous protégée to write her memoirs during her retirement.


This is not Brexit, the “Brexit means Brexit” that Theresa May promised. It is Brexit betrayed! A broken promise. A fake Brexit.

We hear the first rumblings of a great storm — a storm that, once unleashed, threatens to be the mother of all storms. Not since WWII have the British people had to face such a crisis. Europe, the federalist Superbeast that has gradually morphed into a Frankenstein monster over the last 50 years, will exact its revenge on Britain for daring to rock the boat and threaten its unfettered supremacy. It will make Britain pay, to the uttermost farthing, for daring to walk away from a disastrous marriage — a marriage to an oppressive slave master with delusions of imperial grandeur.

The fallout from this explosion, the hidden repercussions, the horrendous shrapnel wounds, the incalculable collateral damage, all this is yet to come. Shudder, shudder!   It’s going to get worse, I fear, much worse before it gets better.

VIDEO 1  :  2.10 mins

VIDEO 2  :  11.05 mins

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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      1. @Sister Rescue your country from that NOSE lady?!

        Why do they always have that nose thing; pornos, pedos, corrupted politicians almost entirely have a “mayan” nose.

        @DM Good job picking that profile shot; here too it’s always a f*cking Jew f*cking things up; be in the Jew Clux clan, antifa, “nazis”, black gay boule, it matters not, you’ll always find a nose at the bottom!

  1. British people want to legally separate from European Union but too many trade deals will be broken. Most voters think the nation can just split and go on their way. Industrial leaders have left their imprint, and workers know the boss cannot break the umbilical cord without severely damaging the company. Twins co-joined at birth need expert surgery to separate them. President Trump, Kushner, and Mnuchin is needed to solve Brexit.

      1. Mrs May is like Edward Heath, who, in 1972, without a vote, took us into the “Common Market” as it was described to us at the time. No mention was made then of political union, even though Heath knew it was planned. He was a traitor.

        He also called, and lost, an unnecessary election. He gave away our fishing grounds. He also dismembered the ancient counties of England against the wishes of the people. Cumberland and Westmoreland no longer exist. There is something very arrogant about these pro-EU politicians when they deal with the British People, but not when they are creeping to the EU.

        How could the Conservatve MPs, in response to the referendum, have given the two great offices of state to two “Remainers”?

        It has been a catastrophically bad two years where Prime Minister Theresa May and Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond have undermined the referendum, promised 40 billion pounds to the EU and obsequiously crept and bowed to unelected EU bureaucrats.

        Shame on them. I just hope they are removed from office soon. The one good thing about the British Parliamentary system is that leaders can be got rid of without the saga of impeachment. The “Men in Grey Suits” get the job done quietly and quietly.

        Here’s hoping.

  2. Britain needs a Hitler to pull her pompous ass out of the international usurers’ pockets. Hell, every nation needs its own Hitler to do the same.

    1. Pompous? The typical Brit is just the opposite, but I grant you that the old British Aristocacy were arrogant. They were mainly descended from the French, who conquered Britain in the 11th century, (so that’s our excuse). They were the ones who angered the American Revolutionaries, not allowing them a vote. If I had been there I would have been a Minuteman.

      Things have changed. My experience has been that the British Aristocracy nowadays are good people; clever, good looking girls and handsome chaps, and beautifully mannered, and I come from a dirt poor childhood.

    2. My opinion is that we should have a smart macchiavellian Goyim-leader who takes care of a good solution for our problem. The impossibilty, lack, of the existence of such a person at the end means that the solution paradoxally can only come from a jew who has less sympathy for the jews than the average Goy has. A jew who knows his brothers and sisters and changes site to the Goyim. A Goy will not make it in this jewish world order. He will be sabotaged and if needed even neutralized by the jews.

  3. the deep state pentagon media power structure has been demonizing russia for profit and political control since the end of ww2 at least, though at the tops the usa and russia are both controlled by the same small faction, heavy on the zionista banksters…
    everybody rising, like macron and hillary, has to hate the russians, and the chinese too, supposedly on account of ‘communism’… but the same people have pushed that in the usa for decades, since fdr…
    and hillary repeated how much she hates the russians a lot on the last go round..
    it’s all an act and it’s all pretty obvious…
    meanwhile, how obvious is this?

  4. No body wants to hear this but the only way to stop the destruction of the west is to kill the people responsible. since I do not see that happening better learn they will do what they want. this is life under jewish rule

    1. SPQR…..
      Hostile, corrupt élites (Jew and Goy) are only symptomsof apathy, laziness and self-indulgence, etc. Much like pimples that pop up on a teenagers face from lack of exercise and lots of greasey food. Take a needle and pop the pimples. But they will only come back because the behavior of the host hasnt changed. The change must start with a strong, moral leader with vision to guide the people. Donaldo is waiting for such a leader to emerge. For 50 years, however, Donaldo has only heard the sound of crickets. 🙂

  5. Juggernaut from Jagganath — so some historians ramble through pages of viscerated stories, the Truth cast off as awful offal, so often rewritten as to conceal the insightful veracity of a child’s game known as “telephone”. In the 21st century we have “digital telephone tag”, a bit more difficult to convey a convincing lie, still workable. In the meantime, and in mean times do we live — even meaner they be going forward — we have the slowly imaged, catastrophic collision of Powers (those of past times and those of present times). Only one gets “there”, and, as George Carlin presciently said, in so many welcome words, you ain’t likely one of them to arrive safely!

    We have also had a blitzkrieg or three. Like the blitz (men and women of chess know this), other notable words slowly disappear from the library shelf. Now, in the New World Order, we have decorum and a sense of proportion. Heavens! Even TPTB know the planet on which this farce takes place has finite resources — hence the struggle! Beneficent provisions available for the predestined losers.

    I would count GB as GONE. Canada, too. Mythical America on a steep decline, we shall rue the day (!) we lose thee completely! Coming soon to Reality near you, movies from HorrorWorld establish templates of collapse, failure, and despair in the Collective Mind. Tap in, enjoy, relish destruction, celebrate all rendered beyond repair or resuscitation! That is why we have museums — the HollowHoax memorials not of this category, these have special meaning and purpose!

    Even members of a chain gang move freely, with their bonds and highly circumscribed bounds of deploy. Or was that “circumcised”? I have to check back with the library on that one. One must not “dick around” CONcerning such momentous matters as that!

  6. Germany, France, Italy, and Britain are not opening their borders to the poor and hungry of Africa. Brexit is an attempt by Britain to jump ship and leave the EU with the task of blocking a hundred million destitute African immigrants from entering.

    1. Hi Melvin,
      If 100 million poor and destitute Africans entered Britain then the Brits would also be poor and destitute.

      It is awful that so many Africans risk their lives to get to Europe, and like most people I feel sorry for them, but the answer lies in their home countries. Most of tropical Africa is fertile and could easily support the population.

      Poverty and hunger are usually due to bad or corrupt governments, and war.

      1. How do the “100 million poor and destitute Africans” afford cellphones and the cost of passage on ships across the Mediterranean?

    2. Crikey Melvin… you want to bankrupt the country more than it already is…???

      Married Muslim Women Can Claim Single Parent Benefits Thanks To 85 Active Sharia Courts in UK!

    3. Send them to Israel so the jews learn to live with other people and we can get rid of your jewish etno racist supremacist state. Maybe you can take a few of all these ‘ migrants’ in your home and maybe in your other houses. Nice to have them for your wife, your daughters and your female jewish family. Make babies with them.

  7. i’d like to see lasha address this guy’s ideas…
    i’ve looked at a lot of his stuff. sometimes he does seem a bit over the edge and he’s probably wrong occasionally,, but in other cases the resemblance is undeniable… and, after a little digging, there is no denying the fact of crisis actor families showing up time and again at these staged events, supposed mass shootings…
    by now it has become a known fact that security state apparatus coordinate and conduct emergency school shooting drills, whereas all the local media and civic personnel are awarded big payoffs for participating, as long as they keep quiet about it…
    one purpose of 9-11 was to militarize your police forces, under the exigent auspices of the so-called war on terror..
    since 9-11, local police have been gradually morphed into an elite and unaccountable and arm of the federal government… they will not be completely truthful with the public about everything…
    there’s a reason ed chiarini has been arrested and his research banned from the web by the internet elite…
    if theresa may is a fake prime minister, which she is, just like obama was a fake president, then maybe she’s just another actor in the big stage play we call government…
    the fact is, the BRITISH don’t have a government… somebody else has it…

  8. Prime Minister May should not be executed by firing squad. She should be executed by hanging.

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