British Politician says: ‘Elites Want Unlimited Migration to Create Third World West’

. . . by  Selwyn Duke
The New American via Truthseeker

THE  NEW  EUROPE . . . 2050

We’ve already seen an early step involving language manipulation, with illegal aliens euphemistically rebranded “undocumented workers.” But the larger goal, if British politician Janice Atkinson is correct, is to remake the West through massive Third World migration.

Atkinson, an independent member of the European Parliament for South East England, is warning about the “Global Compact for Migration” (GCM), a little known United Nations scheme. As she wrote in a recent Voice of Europe piece:

The ‘Global Compact for Migration’, in the works since April 2017, is a rather hushed up plan to move large numbers of people from the third world to countries with a strong, sustainable economy.

In other words, the United Nations along with all the countries who have signed up to this plan want to move large numbers of people from Africa, the Middle East and Central America into Europe, North America and East Asia.

The key aspects of the plan reveal that illegal immigration will in future no longer be treated as a crime:

‘…protect the safety, dignity and human rights and fundamental freedoms of all migrants, regardless of their migratory status, and at all times…’

They also reveal that the United Nations wants regular migration, over an indefinite period:

‘…the development of a Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration…’

And the plan also outlines what they see as the need for steps towards a world government:

‘…make an important contribution to global governance and enhance coordination on international migration…’

In fairness, Atkinson’s quoted lines don’t explicitly state that illegal migration would be “decriminalized.” Yet reading between the lines isn’t hard given how immigrationists have so often tipped their hand.

Earlier this year, for instance, socialist French president Emmanuel Macron said that “‘bombshell’ population growth in Africa means Europe is entering an ‘unprecedented’ age of mass migration … asserting that the two continents’ destinies are ‘bound.’” 

Most shockingly, Macron cited an “Africa expert” who’d said, approvingly, that the number of Africans living in Europe will rise from nine million today to between 150 million and 200 million during the next three decades.

Since this would be a phenomenon of Western Europe, whose population is only 400 million — and given that native Europeans have below-replacement-level fertility rates (i.e., they’re disappearing) — this means that by 2048 Western Europe would largely no longer be Western.



Thus, much as with the indigenous Ainus in Japan, who’ve largely been subsumed by the Japanese, this amounts to the destruction of cultures and peoples, what some call demographic genocide.

This isn’t your grandfather’s immigration, but has another name: “replacement migration.”

The UN actually had a web section on this, mind you, explicitly entitled “Replacement Migration.” Yet it now, interestingly, resolves to a page stating “Not Found,” with clicking the “cached” (older) version bringing the same dead-end result. I had to use the Wayback Machine Internet archiving service to find the section — the “conclusions” page is here.

Why this zeal to replace European-descent populations? Why is Diversity™ stressed for them (“It’s our strength! Yay!”), but not for non-European countries, even wealthy ones such as insular Japan?

The selling point is that the low-fertility-rate-plagued, ageing West needs workers. As this Center for Global Development (CGD) article puts it, “Europe will continue ageing, with labor demand exceeding supply in critical sectors such as nursing and healthcare.”

Yet a clue that the CGD’s appeal is more slick marketing than truth in advertising — that the organization doesn’t really care about “ageing” Europeans or their continent’s economic future and perhaps has an ulterior motive — is that only a liar, or someone who doesn’t care enough to ponder the issue deeply, could draw its flawed conclusion.

For the CGD’s argument is refuted with one word: robotics.

We’re continually bombarded with articles warning that robots will supplant a high percentage of workers in the near future. “Where will people find jobs?” is the lament. So why does Europe need 200 million more Africans?

The fantasy is that these new arrivals, hailing from dysfunctional nations, will support ageing Europeans. The reality is that they’re more likely to become part of a huge, dependent, socialist-supporting underclass.

Bow to the Inevitable

The second immigrationist argument is that by “2050, sub-Saharan Africa will have 800 million new workforce participants,” as the CGD writes, who’ll enter Europe seeking opportunity no matter what we do. So just throw up your hands and accept the inevitable transformation of Europe into “Eurafrica,” as some “experts” are calling it.

But “Can’t lives on Won’t Street,” as the saying goes. The notion that the most technologically advanced civilization in world history can’t secure its borders and deport illegals is laughable. The issue isn’t a matter of way, but will.

The Destruction of the Occident Is no Accident

Thus do many suspect that the immigrationists’ real motive isn’t concern about old white people, young Africans, or sclerotic economies — the motive is globalist ambitions. Forging a united European Union (or larger) empire requires destroying national cohesion by eliminating the sense, and reality, that people within a given nation are one people. If they’re just peoples reflecting the whole world, why would they object to a one-world government?

Note that the Romans (with the Jews) and the Eastern European Marxists behaved likewise: They sometimes moved populations around and mixed them to eliminate group cohesion and, therefore, resistance to their imperial rule.

Another factor driving immigrationists is that European-descent people are an obstacle to globalism. In the United States, for instance, the less-globalist Republican Party derives 90 percent of its votes from whites. The essentially open-borders, brazenly statist Democratic Party wins all other major groups by wide margins.

As for the Global Compact for Migration, Atkinson informs that “only America, Hungary and Austria have left or rejected” the scheme, “with Poland, Croatia, Czechia and Australia reportedly considering a similar move.”

“Britain and over a 180 other countries are still signed up to it and are due to meet in December to finalise the policy and adopt it into practice,” she continues.

She claims this means that in two months, illegal migration will no longer be considered a crime. Whether literally true or not, it’s clear that nefarious forces want the West diversified into demographic destruction. For an ageing West is still the West — and they want it gone.


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  1. As with the ‘Samson Option ‘….The West too has plenty of nukes.
    If Europe must die, perhaps it will do so gloriously, in the brilliant and well-deserved light of many thousands of suns over the third world.

    1. The arrogance of our politicians is stoking populist support. In every country in Europe the populist vote is increasing. In Britain the politicians have reached a point where they are dismissing the referendum. Most of them voted to stay in the EU, and incredibly they made two remainers the Prime Minister and the finance minister.

      There is an anti-establishment movement growing in Britain and if the referendum vote is not honored there could be serious consequences.

  2. South American mixed breeds are now almost half of the US population. European rooted Americans feel very uncomfortable as they are forced to share their habitat. Millions of health care workers with minimal skills are needed to service aging European-Americans. Mixed breeds assimilate well in hospitals, nursing homes, and as doctors assistants. But North America hasn’t enough jobs for all the new arrivals. Providing shelter for millions of unemployed mixed breeds is a problem that can be solved. Most elderly Americans have extra space in their homes. Taking in a homeless immigrant, whose government support will pay the homeowner for the use of that extra space, will help the less fortunate. Most of the elderly could use the extra cash paid for by the government. Immigrants that rape, rob, or abuse those who took them in will be deported after a court hearing.

  3. The Zionists who control the governments of Europe and the U.S. and Britain and Canada and most of South America and the U.N. are the instigators and the force behind this plan to destroy the white race and bring the countries targeted to destruction and bring the Zionist NWO into place!

    Read The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed and The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman and The Protocols of Zion to see the Zionist game plan for the destruction of nations and the establishment of a satanic NWO!

    1. at desert fox, We have all read Coleman and the Protocols etcetera etcetera but knowledge about the Jews doesn’t dissolve the jew world order. Only when the Whites get organised and take smart action can there be a solution for this huge problem.

      1. Mixed races in the US are largely supported by brand name Jewish merchandisers. Most retail products are purchased by non-whites. Gays also walk out of the store with expensive glitzy products. Careers are ruined by bad mouthing non-white or gay consumers. Advertisers never forget to show a pretty white girl next to a black stud and white male geek. Merchandisers don’t pal around with mixed races but love their buying power.

    2. Not extermination but less white power is the ideal. Without white management the planet would turn into another Zimbabwe. Lower brain whites can be weeded out by mixing them with third world natives, leaving millions of high IQ whites to manage industry. Sharing wealth between all races would end wars. No need for billionaires and their hundred room castles. I repeat whites are precious and needed for management jobs.

    1. Hi Melvin,
      Donaldo wasn’t gonna post. But I will. Your 2nd post actually made sense. True……flaming homos such as yourself have a lot of purchasing power. Why? No children. All that expendable income. The marketers really target those of your persuasion no doubt. Back to 3rd World immigration. 3rd Worlders tend to come from conservative societies. Will be interesting to see how their values may affect the liberal bed-wetting types who are their new neighbors. Oh well. Just thinking. 😉

  4. The higher Committee 300 plan is to enable Global Technocratic Government. Considering the advances in technology, these elite people who own almost all wealth and power have no need of billions of useless eaters. Thus the Government referred to is, in plain English: Human Farming. Agenda 2030 – the transfer of billions of people who falsely believe the land they occupy is theirs, to the cities. Last time I looked China has done so with 300 million plus. Of course, in the cities, there will be no jobs. Pathological behavior resulting from this will abound there, justifying the use of military force, drones, robots, 100% surveillance. The elites will have whole continents to selfishly roam over and enjoy.

    Also, converging within this scenario is the procuring of unlimited energy to serve the elite. There are several pistes for such procurement, but PAT referenced a video a few posts back that prove, openly, publicly, that the US Department Of Energy has kept this unlimited energy back since the 50’s.

    Such unlimited energy would have meant the unshackling of humanity from the grip of the Tribe. Unlimited energy = unlimited foraging and procurement of material resources = material abundance for all = no conflict = no wars = no banker control.

    Unfortunately, the technocratic control of the world is now so strong that the elite now believe that the abundant energy cat can be let out of the bag. China will put into production such reactors within a couple of years. We can say “will put” because the technology is much much simpler than conventional uranium/plutonium nuclear power. China is the leader in detailed technocratic control of every person within its borders. this means abundance will not facilitate overthrow of the elite controllers in China.

    For those wishing to understand this future, go back a few posts for the video links posted by PAT.

    The mass low IQ low culture migration into Europe is just a small piece of this plan of Human Farming.

    1. Yes, Flan –

      More coming in future!!!

      Ruling Class Clamps Down on Free Speech…. using tech.

      APPLE CEO, Tim Cook, said he will do whatever it takes to remove DISSENTING OPINIONS from the internet!

      See Tim Cook say it:

      In New York, potential gun purchasers will be required to give usernames passwords to social media accounts to state police…. so they can see if they say the right things!

  5. even in Catholic schools you can’t get away from them. Despite being funded by ‘ethnic’ White people like my Irish mother (& Spaniards, Poles etc…) they’re obliged to employ loads of third wielders with no connection to the school. My dept was more like a third world shantytown than a civilized place I thought it would be.

    They all say. (bosses, law) that the Minute you have more than a couple of people (((rat))) politicians & sneaky hooknose lawyers use (((diversity laws))) to sever the link between White people & their posterity.

  6. Usually I’m a doom and gloom kind of guy, but perhaps there may be a White Pill emerging in Europe today with the weeks long Yellow Jacket protests/riots in France. The media may want the sheeple to believe that these riots are just about Macron’s foolish plan to drastically increase the price of fuel – allegedly to fight Global Warming. But it appears that there is much more at stake.

    I just watched a 20 minute video by “The Duran” that lays it out. The native white rioters, seen by Macron as France’s “deplorables,” have forced him to suspend the fuel increase for now. But it won’t be nearly enough. The French are sick of seeing their country turn into a Third World shithole by the Globalists and want an end to African migration. The Yellow Jackets enjoy wide popular support despite the violence. The French police took off their helmets and sang patriotic songs with the protesters as a sign of solidarity. Could the French bring down the EU? As they said on the Duran, without France there is no EU. Will it happen? Did the French wait too long before waking up? If they stay WOKE I wouldn’t bet against them.

  7. It keeps coming up – that white western populations are in decline, negative birthrate, and “must be” supplimented, to “provide needed workers”…
    yes, these populations are in decline, which is the natural result in wealthier and more enlightened societies…
    Becsuse, women have some say so over their reproductive circumstances, people aren’t looking for offspring as slaves, there is a lot less religious idiocy afoot, etc…
    What religion wants less people in the world?
    Actually there is one – pantheism…
    Because it is understood the earth is grossly overpopulated now, and that human population numbers have to be lowered until all earth’s ecosystems get back into the same rithim they had 2000 years ago, if humans are to have max quality lives…
    At some point in the waking process the majority will get the wisdom – that we don’t need more workers. We really need less jobs that need done. .
    As the population declines and we have less traditional economic activity, less people, the planet will gradually begin to recover, as the quality of life increases for the remainder…
    And workers being harder to find, their pay will increase…
    How’s that for a partial vision?
    Anti-nationalist Globalist ass hats like macron and Merkel and that jackass from canada need to be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail… send the pope out with them.
    Doubling the population of Europe with black Africans? TOTALLY BIZARRE…
    I can’t believe that creepy little pRick even said that. It is straight off the jews’ NWO playbook..
    And what will happen after that?

  8. The time is coming when the Jew will beg the White for mercy, I do believe.

    This will especially happen in the United States, where there was almost no anti-Semitism and where the Jew was given much welcome. Anti-Semitism of an intensity unknown in previous time will soon arise in the United States, I do believe.

    Race must be made the sacred value in the White if there is to be victory over the Jew. The White loves his blood and feels himself superior to other bloods. This love of White blood must be employed in the coming battle against the Jew in the United States. This worked in Germany. It will work in today’s America.

    1. Whites have been begging for jew “mercy” for centuries. Economies are controlled by jews. The “mercy” is begged for thru welfare, social security, medicare, retirement plans and other thousands of “mercy” programs. Even in Russia has many of those programs… especially social security…. Good communist plans. 🙂

      –Social security in Russia: The system, rates and benefits explained–

      1. @ Brownhawk

        How is the White man superior? He is superior in terms of creativity. Look at the productions of White culture in the areas of philosophy, literature, science in the original sense, art, music, and so on. There is simply no comparison to White cultural accomplishment and that of any other race. Does this mean that Whites have the right to rule other men? No. But to us it means we have the right to have nations of our own.

      2. Of course I fully agree Kendra. The term “White blood” is what probably threw me off.

        That’s the stickler for wording in me I suppose ☺️

  9. i think we probably lost the ‘white culture” along with all the wiped out aboriginals, really…
    yes we have accomplished great feats of engineering and so forth, but in other ways we’re still far from exemplary…
    i think we’re all stuck now with the “green culture”…
    and we don’t even really know what we’re missing…
    and i’m sure trump is no racist; he sees only green…
    he’s the green president, and i don’t mean of the green party…
    it’s a green “capitol”, which sounds a lot like “capital”…
    we’re running on the green money methodology, and it has juiced life for humans on the planet..
    but that’s morphing now into the IT culture, and before long we’ll have an IT president; zuckerberger or jeff bezos…

  10. “Ve must all velcome dese new Ewropeons.”, said Rabbi Ra.

    “Eat the Rich!”, the invaders cried.

    BON APETIT. I’ll bring the Gravy.

    When all animals are EQUAL, some pigs are Bacon.

  11. Source of information added to paragraph mentioning Columbus in anti-Christian satire “Forgiveness, Christian Style”, 16 December 2018:

    I’ve been looking for that footnote for 25 years. I thought it was in the “C” volume of the 1911 EB, in a short article on a tribe or an island, instead it’s in the Bs, under “Bahamas”. So at last I have a reference.

    The question is: today, 500 years later, with the situations reversed, should we be more like the Spanish, or less?

  12. They say the French are “cheese eating surrender monkeys” but it’s the French who are taking to the streets and protesting strongly against their government which is all about the New World Order. The “cheese eating surrender monkeys” are doing alot more than Americans are to try to save their country from the NWO. The yellow jacket protests are not only about protesting higher taxes, the French yellow jackets are also protesting against their government’s agenda of flooding France with third world foreigners.

    In the USA, when there’s street protests, it’s always Leftists agitating for even more foreigners for the United States. And the so-called conservative Republicans, Mitt Romney is the epitome of a conservative Republican, they support the radical Leftists who want the USA flooded with third world foreigners. Seems to me that the Americans have surrended to the NWO and the French still have some balls.

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