Burying the One-State Solution in Palestine/Israel

By Gregory Shupak
June 04, 2018 

INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE. The one-state solution is the idea of bringing justice and peace to Palestine/Israel by having all inhabitants of historic Palestine—the land that includes Israel, the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza—living in one, binational country, where everyone has equal rights and political matters are settled on the basis of one person, one vote. This arrangement differs from the two-state solution, which would partition historic Palestine into two states divided along ethno-religious lines, and contrasts with present conditions, in which Palestinians live as second-class citizens inside Israel, and under Israeli occupation in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza—the last of which is subject to a merciless siege.


The one-state option is gaining traction, but media coverage consistently suggests that the only possible scenarios for Palestine/Israel are either the two-state solution or the continued regime of Israeli occupation, colonization and apartheid.

A Wall Street Journal opinion piece by Israeli author Yossi Klein Halevi (4/13/18) says that “partition is the only real alternative to a Yugoslavia-like single state in which two rival peoples devour each other,” even though that quite clearly is not the “only real alternative”; there are numerous binational or multinational states whose peoples have not “devoured each other,” including Malaysia, Switzerland and South Africa.

A Reuters report (4/30/18) on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying that he is “open to a two-state solution” lists the failures of this approach, noting:

Some 70 years after the creation of Israel, prospects for a Palestinian state appear dim. Israeli/Palestinian peace talks were based on the 1993 Oslo accords that envisaged a two-state solution. Those talks have been stalled for years, and Israel has built more settlements in the occupied territories, which it seized during the 1967 Arab/Israeli War. Israel has refused any right of return for Palestinians who were expelled or fled and became refugees after the country declared independence in 1948, fearing it would lose its Jewish majority.

However, the article fails to note that maintaining ethnic supremacy is not a justifiable rationale for denying an internationally recognized human right like the right to return to one’s home. It also excludes the idea of everyone living across historic Palestine being part of one, democratic country as a legitimate alternative to partition.

The Los Angeles Times (5/13/18) ran an op-ed in which Halevi, a staunchly Zionist Israeli researcher, says of Palestine/Israel that it’s necessary to “acknowledge that two rightful claimants share this tortured land between the river and the sea,” but the two-state solution is the only one he considers, ignoring the possibility of everyone living on that “tortured land between the river and the sea” doing so as equals.

The editorial board of the Independent (5/15/18) writes that the Trump administration’s decision to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem “has killed stone dead any remaining hopes of peace and a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians,” without recognizing that the two-state solution isn’t the only measure that might be taken to create a just peace.

In the New York Times’ editorial (5/14/18) on Israel’s mass murder of 62 unarmed Palestinians on May 14, the paper takes for granted that dividing historic Palestine into two states along ethnic lines is the answer, criticizing “successive right-wing Israeli governments” for expanding “Jewish settlements in the West Bank, on land Palestinians expected to be part of any Palestinian state,” as well as blaming Trump for failing to urge “a peace formula in which” Palestinians and Israelis “would negotiate core issues” such as “establishing boundaries between the two states.”

The Washington Post (5/20/18) ran an op-ed by Daniel B. Shapiro, an advisor to President Obama, entitled “Don’t Let This Gaza Crisis Go to Waste” (a phrase so ridiculous he may as well have coined the term “massacre-tunity”). Shapiro, who blames Israel’s killing of unarmed Palestinians on Hamas, supports the embassy move but says it should have been done “in the broader context of US efforts to end the conflict in a two-state solution, in which Palestinians could also realize their ambitions for a capital in East Jerusalem.” This phrasing wrongly suggests that the two-state outcome is the one to which all Palestinians aspire.

In Thomas Friedman’s piece (New York Times, 5/22/18) endorsing the May 14  atrocity, he (in the manner of a colonial schoolmaster) instructs Palestinians that Israel might stop slaughtering them if all 2 million residents of Gaza go to the fence between the Strip and Israel carrying an olive branch in one hand and in the other a sign written in both Hebrew and Arabic that says, “Two states for two peoples: We, the Palestinian people of Gaza, want to sign a peace treaty with the Jewish people — a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, with mutually agreed adjustments.”

Later, he criticizes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for implanting more settlers deep inside Palestinian-populated areas of the West Bank—now 100,000 — beyond the settlement blocs that Israel might keep in any two-state peace deal. It makes separating Israelis and Palestinians increasingly impossible and therefore an apartheidlike situation increasingly likely.

For Friedman, the only choices are two separate states or a single “apartheid-like situation,” as the option of having all residents of the land live in one country, based on the principle of one person, one vote, is excluded from his framework. Note also that “increasingly impossible” is an oxymoron; if partition is already impossible, the only thing that is increasing is the obviousness of this fact. (One could also point out that an “apartheid-like situation”already obtains in Palestine/Israel, and is more succinctly described as “apartheid.”)

These cases are consistent with longer-term trends. A search of the last five years of the New York Times’ archives using the media aggregator Factiva finds 1,077 articles with the terms “Israel,” “Palestine” (and variants) and “two state solution.” Pairing “Israel,” “Palestine” and variants with “one state solution” yields 93 results. The same queries of the Washington Post produce 283 articles that mention the two-state solution and 18 with references to the prospect of one state. In the Wall Street Journal, the ratio is 595 to 20 for two states/one state.

By suppressing the one-state idea, the media are hampering the public’s capacity to comprehend and debate the full range of possible ways to reach a just and viable resolution to the question of Palestine, and to act accordingly.


LD: To what extent are the Arabs to blame for the Arab-Israeli problem? Is it really true that Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and fanatical Muslim jihadists are to blame for all Israel’s problems? Is valiant little Israel spotlessly innocent, and is this the reason that noble Uncle Sam is backing God’s Chosen People? 

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  1. One secular, democratic state with the right of return to all Palestinian refugees is the only solution now. Then both the Palestinians and Israelis will learn together that democracy is an oligarchic fake; but at least they would all be starting out on an equal deluding 😉 The Levantines! I’ll have some of that Levantini hot drink please.

    Cynicism aside, the Israeli regime must be brought to an end — tis an aberration.

    PS This is an excellent point…

    Note also that “increasingly impossible” is an oxymoron; if partition is already impossible, the only thing that is increasing is the obviousness of this fact.

  2. When I was young, (in Britain) I used to be quite pro-Jewish, with several Jewish friends, decent, good people.

    In later life, particularly in the USA, I have come across some Jews who have been arrogant, agressive and anti-gentile. Now I see Israel behaving in the same way. It is clear to anybody that their technique for dealing with Palestinians is to string them along and at the same time make things difficult for them.

    It is a disgrace, but still the majority of Jews support Israel.

    1. Yep JK,
      Sure got some crazies in the Jewish community. Way back in 1989 I witnessed a group of Israeli tourists walking the red-light district of Bangkok. A young woman in the group was drunk and shouting at the top of her lungs, “Israel! Israel! Israel!” Really making a fool of herself. The locals were becoming agitated. Just a memory from long ago. 🙂

      1. Yes, Donaldo,
        The Thais detest the Israelis for their coarse, impolite and arrogant behaviour. There are some Low Budget Hotels that refuse to serve these entities. I recall one incident where an Israeli gorgon rummaged through a garment shop as if looking to buy. She then left abruptly, leaving the entire shopping display in total disarray. Nary a word of apology. The woman owner of the shop looked at me and said, “The only country that likes those people is America.” Unfortunately for the US amongst Asians, Americans now attract the same odium as the Israelis, because of their one eyed support for the ((( racial and biological vermin ))). TALK TO ANY NORMAL BACKPACKING TRAVELLER NOWADAYS AND THE UNANIMOUS OPINION IS THAT THE ISRAELIS ARE A NATION OF GUTTERSNIPES.

  3. Unfortunately, the United States must take responsibility for this injustice. Without Uncle Sam, the Jews would not/could not maintain their arrogance, or their position. The fact that Uncle Sam has intermarried with the Jewish bitch has precluded any “fair” solution for the Palestinian people. The subject has become undebatable.

  4. From the article:
    “The editorial board of the Independent (5/15/18) writes that the Trump administration’s decision to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem “has killed stone dead any remaining hopes of peace and a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians,” without recognizing that the two-state solution isn’t the only measure that might be taken to create a just peace.”


    MY take is… Trump wants to help ‘Put-On’ and Russia control that region.

    ”A RECENT TREND in Russia is to consider itself a potential MAJOR PARTNER to Israel — a capable substitute, at least partially, for the United States.”


    Netanyahu meets with Putin, expresses concern over Iran’s role in Syria

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Sochi on Wednesday for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his fourth visit to Russia in the last 16 months.

    *Putin, in the part of the meeting to which reporters had access, did not address Netanyahu’s remarks about Iran’s role in Syria.

    “Mr. President, with joint efforts we are defeating Islamic State, and this is a very important thing. But the bad thing is, that where the defeated Islamic State group vanishes, Iran is stepping in,” Netanyahu told Putin during talks at Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi.

    Netanyahu also said that “Iran is already well on its way to controlling Iraq, Yemen and to a large extent in already in practice in control of Lebanon.”


    *Putin, in the part of the meeting to which reporters had access, did not address Netanyahu’s remarks about Iran’s role in Syria.

    That means a “YUGE” whole-lotta guessing going on..!!

    Since everyone else is guessing about what took place in secret… so shall I:

    Meetings like this are going to continue with ‘Put-On’ and all leaders in Israel and others until….

    …. Russia is given control of ALL of the Mid Eastern territories, including Israel.

    Israel in Russia – Russia in Israel.

    Israel in Russia….
    In addition to the embassy in Moscow, Israel also has a consulate general in St. Petersburg.

    Russia in Israel….
    Russia has 2 representations in Israel. These representations include an embassy in Tel Aviv a consulate general in Haifa.
    The Israeli embassy is one of 360 foreign representations in Russia, and one of 158 foreign representations in Moscow.



    Russia’s strategic VISION for Israel (From a Russian – 2017)

    [ Dmitry Maryasis, Ph.D., is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and at Skolkovo Business School’s Institute for Emerging Markets Studies. He also serves as a director general of the Russia-Israel Business Council. Maryasis, an expert in the economics and politics of contemporary Israel, has authored more than 50 research papers and the book “Innovation Economy Building Experience: The Case of Israel” (Moscow, 2015). ]

    A RECENT TREND in Russia is to consider itself a potential MAJOR PARTNER to Israel — a capable substitute, at least partially, for the United States.

    Having effectively “returned” to the Middle East, Russia is seeking to become a “fair moderator” in the region striving for its general stabilization.

    Moscow welcomes Israel’s stable relations with Turkey, Egypt and Jordan are positive spots in the overall unstable situation in the Middle East.

    Political and military contacts between Russia and Israel are on the rise.


    “…MILITARY CONTACTS between Russia and Israel (and NOT Palestinians) are ON THE RISE.”

    1. meanwhile… in (((realpolitik)))…

      The United States is pressing its European allies to get more NATO battalions, ships and planes ready for combat, officials say, in a fresh move to shore up NATO’s deterrence against any Russian attack.

      U.S. Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis will seek broad agreement for the plan in Brussels on Thursday when alliance defence ministers meet, laying the ground for endorsement by NATO leaders at a summit in July, four U.S. and NATO officials and diplomats told Reuters.

      Known as 30-30-30-30, the plan would require NATO to have 30 land battalions, 30 air fighter squadrons and 30 ships ready to deploy within 30 days of being put on alert.

      It does not discuss specific troop numbers or a deadline for setting up the strategy. The size of battalions vary across NATO, from 600 to 1,000 soldiers.

      That lays down a challenge for European governments, pilloried by U.S. President Donald Trump for slashing military spending after the Cold War, to remedy long-running problems with helicopters and jets that are grounded for lack of parts.

      “We have an adversary (Russia) that can move quickly into the Baltics and Poland in a ground attack,” said one senior NATO diplomat who was briefed on the U.S. plans. “We don’t have the luxury of taking months to mobilise.”

      Source: Reuters (June 5, 2018)

      Here’s my guess: The high frequency of face-to-face meetings between Netanyahu and Putin is the classic example of Machiavelli’s “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

      In contemporary internet parlance: Netanyahu is trolling Putin. lol

      Note the Kabalistic and repeating numbers in NATO’s “30-30-30-30” war plan. (30 + 30 +30 + 30) or [(3 + 3) = 6] + [(3 + 3) = 6] or “66”.

      Of course, if Pat is correct that all of this is being orchestrated to eventually give Israel and the Middle-east to Putin, then the coming war in Europe between (((NATO))) and Russia is, at the very least, 66% Kosher.

      Too kooky to believe? Not for greater minds than mine like Dr. Revilo P. Oliver’s:

      “A theory that a conspiracy has been working consciously for many centuries is not very plausible unless one attributes to them a religious unity. That is tantamount to regarding them as Satanists engaged in the worship and service of supernatural evil. The directors of the conspiracy must see or otherwise directly perceive manifestations which convince them of the existence and power of Lucifer. And since subtle conspirators must be very shrewd men, not likely to be deceived by auto-suggestion, hypnosis, or drugs, we should have to conclude that they probably are in contact with a force of pure evil.”


    2. More info on deals are available as time passes… called “OLD NEWS” by Clinton and others!! 🙂 Protection teams, spinners and liars have a chance to give dummy/fake reasons!! 🙂

      Drone deals heighten military ties between Israel and Russia



      Russia turned to Israel and asked to purchase the Hermes 450, the same drone used by


      Israel was initially shocked. Russia had never before purchased weapons from a foreign country, let alone from

      Israel. But the war was a wake-up call for Moscow, which was willing to admit that it needed technological



      1. Thanks, HP!

        Google claims are lies. “Not developing” means “certainly developing.” 🙂

        “While we are not developing AI for use in weapons, we will continue our work with governments and the military in many other areas,” Pichai wrote. “These collaborations are important and we’ll actively look for more ways to augment the critical work of these organizations and keep service members and civilians safe.”

  5. The Palestinians are smart and embittered people. They could resort to biological or chemical methods.

  6. I won’t know what to think about this matter until Señor Donaldo opines. I never know what to think about anything unless a jew from Spain and/or Mexico opines and then I know what to think, lol.

    1. TROJ,
      Can’t help you on this issue. Truth is even the Israelis are deeply split regarding the matter. Ive got Jewish blood (deadly virus according to some) but I’m not Israeli. It’s very much a domestic issue. I can only say what I believe. Israel was not created as a homeland for Jews. Israel was created to be a problem which has no solution. Chaos, warfare and destruction with no end in sight. So far it’s succeeded. Also, if the Zionists were all powerful, they could have ended the Palistinian problem decades ago. If Donaldo were an extremist Zio psycho like Bibi in control of Israel ( which I am not) in two years time there wouldn’t be a single Arab in all of Israel…….formerly Palestine. They would ALL be forcibly deported to any nation of their choice. Those who refuse would be “dealt with.” But strangely, the Israeli gov has pussy-footed around the issue for decades refusing to be resolute. Why? Not sure. Maybe Israel needs internal and external threats to maintain a cohesive society which, according to Al, would quickly collapse from within without enemies. Also enemies, domestic and foreign, allow 🇮🇱 the pretext to suck as many shekels as possible from the US and Europe. Oh well, just my thoughts TROJ……my Jewish brother. 🙂

      1. [The creation of Is-ra-el*] as a homeland for the jews is ancillary to it being created as a means to an end.

        The U.S. passes the baton to Russia, and for what “end” is what we’re all guessing about

        *Something in keeping with Dr. Oliver’s statement in JFC’s post above. This reflects my hyphenation of Is-ra-el

  7. A “one-state” solution to the Israel/Palestine problem is out of the question for the Zionists, because in that case Jews and Arabs should have equal rights. That would spell the end to Jewish privilege and discrimination of Arabs, which is systemic in Israel (and shamelessly so !). Recently a proposal in the Knesset to adopt a law that would grant “equality for all citizens” was rejected before it was even introduced :

    Israel is an apartheid state, but you don’t have to take my word for it. All you have to do is take a look at the actions of the lawmakers in the Israeli Knesset, the national legislature of Israel.

    On June 5, the Knesset issued a press release stating that its Presidium (a group consisting of the speaker and deputy speakers) voted to disqualify a proposed bill that called for Israel “to be defined as a state of all its citizens” to be placed on the Knesset’s agenda.

    By its own admission, the Knesset mentioned that this was an “unusual move,” since it is the “first time proposed legislation has been disqualified before being discussed in the plenum (the entire assembly of Knesset members) during the past two Knesset terms.” This means that such a swift shooting down of legislation has not occurred in at least five years.

    This begs the following question: what content in this bill was so shockingly offensive that Israeli lawmakers could not even allow it to be discussed in the full Knesset session? The bill’s major offense lies within its simple objective, which is “to anchor in constitutional law the principle of equal citizenship while recognizing the existence and rights of the two, Jewish and Arab, national groups living within the country.”

    Source : Mondoweiss, June 6, 2018 : Israeli lawmakers kill ‘equality for all citizens’ bill before it is even introduced.

    (Oslo accords, peace of the brave, Arafat, Rabin) is dead because during the 20 years of Netanyahu’s tenure he stole most of the land Palestinians would have gotten from the accords….
    Palestine is roughly 25 thousand square kilometers; the Jews took 20 thousand squared kms. in 1948…
    what was left?
    5 thousand square kilometers … from these … there are 4.5 thousand sq. km in the west bank and .5 (of a thousand lol) sq. km in Gaza… well the Jews have taken, yes, yes, yes taken (or stolen. for the last 20 years) 75 percent of the 4.5 thousand squared kms. that WOULD HAVE GONE TO THE PALESTINIANS IN THE TWO STUPID STATES SOLUTION …
    there is no land left to build a second state upon so there is PHISICALLY no 2 stupid state solution…
    case closed forever
    The Jews have said it a million times (I don’t understand people who just don’t listen) “Israel is a Jew state the same way (and here they take refuge on their fuck buddies) Saudi Arabia is a Muslim state”
    I was one of those who wouldn’t listen so I was one who was always for a one state solution ….
    yeah! let the Jews run the political, economic affairs of the country while we Palestinians just live there in peace working at the factories of the fourth largest economy in the world … Arabs are, after all very corrupt … i mean look at the rest of the 23 or 24 other shit hole Arab countries … most if not all of them have corrupt, repressive regimes .. let’s live with the Jews they are less corrupt … less repressive. they are smart and have a great socialist system … i mean we would end up going to work there AFTER the lines are drawn just like Mexicans illegally crossing to the U.S. just be realistic, let’s just surrender blah blah blah
    I was always for a One state solution yeah …
    but …
    The Jews don’t want it that way.. they will keep on fighting and fighting and moaning and pissing and crying and seek help from the west and do all kinds of false flags and destroy Christianity and slither their ways through the corridors of power in England the us and France but they just don’t want Arabs living near them they don’t like their own ETHNIC GROUP with a different religion living next to them… see, they have a plan; they are superior. (aaaahhh but if you candidly ask “oh, isn’t this what Hitler allegedly wanted for his people and you decry it?” they will call you a bigot..
    They love western people because it’s easy to go crypto up there and rule and make the westerners find them funny and gorgeous even if it’s a lie and even if they have to buy the patent houses and bribe and blackmail and spin and deflect and send their women to make love to the wasp generals and politicians but Muslims they don’t like because Muslims are on to them because Arabs and Muslims are on to them and they KNOW THEM VERY WELL , so they will try to death to keep them away and kill them like cockroaches and even
    get on a plane and go kill their leaders in Indonesia or Dubai.
    I don’t know what Palestinian did in their past that Allah had to send this curse of a people on us…
    Jews are very sick, crafty, evil people and we just don’t know what do to…
    we grab any piece of wood in the sea because our ship has sunk and we cling to it as sometimes see hope in al Qaeda and daesh but it’s all smoke and mirrors since those are gone, closed chapters and we will continue looking for a new salahudeen, defeater of the crusaders forever …
    the Jews in Palestine are all guilty of invasion and theft
    so tell me sunshine …
    what will a Muslim judge hand as a sentence for several million charges of invasion, rape, theft and murder?
    there you will find the solution.

  9. Perhaps the two main racial groups in South Africa are not devouring each other, but the blacks are certainly devouring the whites.

  10. Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is causing rising worldwide antisemitism; and that is causing more jews to go to live in Israel, but the Palestinians have a much higher birthrate than than the Jews.

    There could be trouble ahead……..

    1. Just for balance, here is a link concerning accomplishments.

      “ Due to the number of achievements, the list of President Trump’s achievements have been moved to sub-articles. Please visit the sub-articles to see the Trump Administration’s various achievements.”


      Also, as of 5/31/2018, the number of sealed federal indictments is now up to 35,058 for just a 7-month period from 10/30/2017. Someone below the radar has been and continues to be very busy and most think it is Huber of Utah. The average number of sealed federal indictments for a 12-month period is approximately 1,000. One sealed indictment can be for numerous people which means the number of people to be indicted could be well over 100,000 which would be some serious swamp draining. People familiar with sealed federal indictments say that this vast number has to be for human trafficking although financial corruption could make up many of them, both, consistent with the Executive Order of 12/21/2017.

      Before the warrants from these indictments are served, the Department of Justice and the FBI had to be cleaned which has been done. During the past week, AG Sessions created over 300 new Federal Prosecutors. The stage is almost set. Most think that the warrants will be served well before the November mid-term elections.

  11. There is no equitable solution for the Palestinians as long as the jewish government exists in Israel. The Palestinians will not get their land back. History has proven way more than once over thousands of years that you cannot fairly negotiate with liars, thieves, and murders, the jews. Jesus pegged them correctly 2,000 years ago in John 8:44.

  12. The Palestinians cannot defeat the US and Russia as they work together with Israel to control the resources in the Mideast. Israel will be one state under control of Russian jew oligarchs and US jew oligarchs…. until Russia is given complete control. The world will cheer on ‘Put-On’, and Palestinians will weep.

  13. After the coming storm there shall be no Zionist entity, that is certain, what come after is uncertain, but Zionism shall be Removed, the Resistance shall prevail.

  14. N.Y. Times singing the well-known song of israel. Which is lies & propaganda. Millions of USD invested in this, every year, all over the world. After the first Friday massacres isr.’s ambassador to Lithuania published a sickening article, in the vein of, ‘if only Hamas were not inciting people… if only Hamas were not throwing rockets… if only…’. NO JUSTIFICATION.

    Blaming Hamas for the slaughter of 120 unarmed peaceful protesters is like blaming a rape victim for bunching her rapist on the stomach. ISISrael may have been forced to leave Gaza, however, it is still control the air, land and waterways around Gaza with the help of Dick-tat-or Sisi.

  15. PM Satanyahu said the other day when asked why they were killing Palestinians…”we have tried everything and nothing works”….well I will agree with the statement because they have been experimenting with new weapons on Gaza for years…from phosphorus, to drones, to a new ‘made in Israel’ gas canister, banned bullets to advanced weapon systems….Israel proudly advertises that their weapons are ‘field tested’!!!!

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