By Evil Possessed

A Debate on Demonic Possession by Darkmoon Commenters
edited by Lasha Darkmoon 


These selected comments on exorcism and demonic possession are directed at the sceptics. At least two of our commenters claim to have had personal experiences of the Devil.


ETHAN HUFF (by way of introduction) :  An Ivy League-educated psychiatrist is convinced that there’s a growing epidemic of demonic possession in the world today, and that most everyday people now recognize the dark reality of this scary situation.

Dr. Richard Gallagher, who boasts degrees from both Princeton University and Yale University, says that, despite conflicting opinions within mainstream medical science, demonic possession is both real and rampant.

With 25 years of experience under his belt as a private psychiatrist that complements his two teaching positions at both New York Medical College and Columbia University, Dr. Gallagher believes he holds a unique vantage point in discerning between human and non-human, or satanic, behavior.

HP (aka “Homer”) :  “They’re very, very smart,” Dr. Gallagher is quoted as saying about the beings that occupy the demonic realm. “The intelligence level of a fallen angel, which is what I call them, is far superior to human beings.”

There are many classes of demons in the Hindu pantheon. Indian sages have been discussing these esoteric matters for millennia. Thus it is written:

“Mother Yasoda was firmly convinced that she should protect her child from different kinds of evil spirits and ghosts: namely Dakinis, Yatudhanis, Kusmandas, Yaksas, Raksasas, Vinayakas, Kotaras, Revatis, Jyesthas, Putanas, Matrkas, Unmadas and similar other evil spirits, who cause persons to forget their own existence and give trouble to the life airs and the senses.

Sometimes they appear in dreams and cause much perturbation; sometimes they appear as old women and suck the blood of small children. But all such ghosts and evil spirits cannot remain where there is chanting of the holy name of God.”

(Krsna Book, Chapter 6, Classes of Demons)

LD : Homer is an American expert on Vedanta and Hindu metaphysics who has been studying this subject for decades. I have known him for many years and regard him as my mentor. While firmly rooted in the great Oriental religions, Homer is deeply sympathetic to Christianity and its fundamental moral precepts. He firmly believes that after his crucifixion, the risen Christ, still bearing his physical wounds, made his way to the Himalayas and settled in Kashmir where he spent the rest of his life teaching and dispensing wisdom.

MADAME BUTTERFLY : Thanks, Homer. Most enlightening! I had no idea there were so many different types of demon. Sitting on the bus and train every day, all I see is the demon-haunted eyes of my fellow passengers.

I wish I had the Magic Sunglasses to see if THEY LIVE! The demon faces behind the human ones.

Sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, a demon looks back at me and snarls, “Why are you staring at me, bitch?”

It’s scary. I am afraid of looking in mirrors. I haven’t looked at one for six months now. At this rate, I won’t know what I look like soon.

I can’t even remember if I’m beautiful or ugly any more. Guess I’ll have to ask someone. I dread the answer.

HP :  Madame B, by the sound of things you see well enough without the glasses. But we knew that…

MADAME BUTTERFLY : Flattery will get you somewhere!  🙂

SARDONICUS :  Demons are much more than metaphors for evil people. They inhabit an unseen realm of their own, undetectable by 99.9% of the population. There are high frequency sounds, beyond the reach of the human ear, which can be heard quite distinctly by cats and dogs.

So it is with demons.

They can detected by others, either directly by sight and sound (called “hallucinations” by most psychiatrists and skeptics) or, as in LD’s case, by the sense of smell.

JOHN KIRBY :  Mumbo Jumbo!

PAT :  A belief in demons would require a belief in witch doctors. I dismiss all of that nonsense!

GILBERT HUNTLY :  Pat – like Thomas Beckett said: “We really cannot argue that which will only become known after we expire. Physicals law tells us that for every action, there is a reaction. Likewise, I believe that for there to be Good, there must be Evil.”

How good and evil are manifested is a matter of perception. No one has the same perception of these phenomena. Some people are more “in tune” than others, seeing things that others cannot see.

KENDRA BLEWITT :  Lately I have been reading the martyred Nazi philosopher, Rosenberg, who was martyred in that his only crime was his writing, yet he was hanged. According to Rosenberg, belief in demons has come to us from the inferior race and culture of the people of the ancient Near East. I personally find Rosenberg refreshing in many ways.

ARCH STANTON :  “All truth can be tested” – Sufi saying

SARDONICUS :  LD [Lasha Darkmoon] has had personal experience of demons for many years. Though she prefers not to talk about it, and never has in public, as far as I know.

Demonic possession, she once told me in an email, is exceptionally rare. But there are degrees of demonic possession, ranging from full possession (as in “The Exorcist”), to medium and low possession at the other end of the spectrum. Full possession requires an exorcist for a cure; medium possession, prayer and fasting — “This kind (of demon) cometh not out but by prayer and fasting”, Christ notes in the Gospels; and light possession, cured by regular meditation and constant vigilance.

(See this excellent article on demonic possession, originally published on Truthseeker and later featured on the Darkmoon site with comments.)

LD has the “gift of smell”, a rare faculty analogous to the “Nose” in wine testing, whereby those who are possessed by demons can be detected by being literally “sniffed out”. They emanate an unmistakeable odour, a sickly sweet smell like the smell of burning tyres. Or sometimes like rotten eggs laced with honey or molasses. It’s always a “cloying” smell, she tells me. Sweet but sickly.

GILBERT HUNTLY :  John Henry Newman preached the most beautiful piece of prose I have ever read, and William Peter Blatty featured it in his book The Exorcist. I had the good fortune to meet Blatty at a Georgetown party one evening, and he told me he incorporated part of Newman’s sermon into his novel for that very reason. I had committed it to memory when I was in high school. For any of you who have read it, you will understand. I will not recite it here, but the gist of it is the never-ending renewal of life, a perpetual struggle between Good and Evil.

SARDONICUS: I wish Gilbert had given a link to this “most beautiful piece of prose” or Newman sermon he is referring to. Never mind! Perhaps he is referring to the most beautiful Christian hymn ever written, a hymn so outstanding that even Mahatma Gandhi, a Hindu, would keep quoting it all the time — particularly the line: “One step enough for me.” In other words: “Let’s take each day as it comes, one step at a time. I’m referring to Newman’s hymn, originally a poem written in 1833.

The classic poem came to Newman in a burst of inspiration while he was travelling in Italy as a young priest and fell so desperately ill that he was unable to continue his journey for three weeks. In his own words:

Before starting from my inn, I sat down on my bed and began to sob bitterly. My servant, who had acted as my nurse, asked what ailed me. I could only answer, “I have a work to do in England.” I was aching to get home, yet for want of a vessel I was kept at Palermo for three weeks. I began to visit the churches, and they calmed my impatience, though I did not attend any services. At last I got off in an orange boat, bound for Marseilles. We were becalmed for a whole week in the Straits of Bonifacio, and it was there that I wrote the lines, Lead, Kindly Light, which have since become so well known.

This poem, Lead Kindly Light, later to become a world-famous hymn, is highly relevant to any discussion of demonic possession because it was written by a demon-haunted man at a highly sensitive moment of his life:

Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom,
Lead thou me on!
The night is dark, and I am far from home,—
Lead thou me on!
Keep thou my feet; I do not ask to see
The distant scene,—one step enough for me.

I was not ever thus, nor prayed that thou
Shouldst lead me on:
I loved to choose and see my path, but now
Lead thou me on!
I loved the garish days, and, spite of fears,
Pride ruled my will: remember not past years.

So long thy power hath blessed me, sure it still
Will lead me on;
O’er moor and fen, o’er crag and torrent, till
The night is gone;
And with the morn those angel faces smile
Which I have loved long since, and lost awhile.

Suffice to say that Newman would have had no problem believing in demons and demonic possession. He had his own demons, as Dostoevsky was to have later. Indeed, one of Dostoevsky’s greatest novels was called “The Demons”, otherwise translated as “The Possessed.”

Ed: And now the star comment of this series, written by a man who has actually had personal encounters with the demonically possessed and moved in exorcist circles:

UNGENIUS :  I happened to remember that I had commented on casting out devils four years ago on the Darkmoon site, so I am reposting it again with appropriate date changes. During 2012, I investigated casting out devils. Being a follower of the teachings of Jesus, my investigation was in the Gospels. From that investigation, I learned the following:

1. Jesus only spoke of casting out devils in general, not of casting out the devil, Satan.

2. Jesus cast out devils in person and without the person being exorcised necessarily present.

3. Jesus did not pray to cast out a devil, he commanded it to leave.

4. Jesus told us to cast out devils in our fellowman.

5. It must not be difficult or requiring elaborate instructions to do this, since a man not associated with Jesus and his disciples was casting out devils using the name of Jesus.

6. If a devil is not cast out with a command, the person attempting to cast out a devil needed to pray and fast. Obviously, this was to increase the faith of the person commanding the exorcism ceremony.

7. The person possessed by a devil or devils displays symptoms of wanting to do bodily harm to themselves like cutting themselves or falling into a fire.

8. Permission of the possessed person is not needed before casting out a devil(s).

During June of 2016, I encountered a woman that witnessed a devil being cast out of her mother. She said she saw it leave. I wanted more informational detail from the person that did it. The woman refused to give me contact info on the woman that did the casting out until I read the woman’s book about how to do it. Jesus’ words of “give freely that which is freely given” came to mind.

Shortly afterward, I did bring up the topic of casting out devils on my weekly conference call with fellow Christian truth seekers (one being a biblical scholar), but did not learn anything that I did not know from my investigation four years earlier. The biblical scholar said that he believed that everyone has a devil. A point I rejected, given that Jesus did not cast any devils out of his Apostles.

During October of 2016, a friend and I were discussing possessions by a devil. This friend is the same one that raised a man from the dead in the middle of a church sermon in the presence of medical witnesses in 2012. I asked him why he was asking and he said he thought that a friend of his might be possessed. He said that she was scratching herself to the point of bleeding in reaction to bugs that did not exist. He also said that his friend had lead a life of sex, drugs, and alcohol abuse all of her adult life, that he had known her since she was a child, and that they had kept in touch throughout their life.

He said that she has spent three months living in his house after becoming homeless, but that she had relocated two hours away. They continued to stay in frequent contact after she relocated. He said that she was suffering from constant headaches, back pain, and digestive problems to the point of being miserable. His attempt to perform a healing on her did not work.

We discussed him casting out a devil from his female friend. I told him everything I knew about it from my investigation and assured him that he could do it with a verbal command using Jesus’ name. That same evening, he prayed to the Heavenly Father for increased faith, and then commanded:

“Jesus, remove all devils from (her name) and cast them into Hell!”

The next day, his friend called him and said that something totally unexpected had happened. She awoke from sleep and all her pain was gone. She also said that all she wanted to do after waking was to pray, which she did.

Apparently, a person possessed by a devil also has health problems.

Since my first post on this topic in 2016, I have not discovered anything that would alter my perception.

LD : An outstanding comment in every way. This deserves the widest possible circulation. I have never personally seen a demon in my life, but my mother has: a demonic entity haunting our house in East Dulwich, London, when I was in my teens. He used to show up at odd times, lurking on the stairwell or on the landing, grinning horribly through the yellow stumps of his teeth and with a distinct harelip, often dribbling at the mouth and cackling inanely. My mother even had a name for this disgusting creature: “Harelip”.

“Harelip” suddenly left the house when an eccentric lodger living on the top floor was removed to a mental institution. I’m sure “Harelip” was this weirdo’s personal demon. What became of the man? I have no idea. I know only this, from many experiences over the years: if a demonic realm does not exist, the world makes no sense whatever. We sometimes need Satan to pitchfork us into God’s arms. Many reach Mons Mysticus, the Mystical Mountain bathed in eternal sunlight, only after passing through the Valley of Darkness.

The great French poet Charles Baudelaire said it best:  La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu’il n’existe pas.  — “The devil’s finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist.”

VIDEO  :  7.20 mins

67 thoughts to “By Evil Possessed”

    1. A wise man once said “you are what you think”. What then, is imagination?

      Having no particularly strong feelings either way on this subject, I won’t engage in a debate of the content of the article. But having had ‘experiences’ in my 3 score life; experiences I don’t need to prove to anyone, but simply know, I must accept the reality of other planes of existence and thus the possibilities of other forms of ‘life’, even if that life is only spiritual. When possibilities far outweigh unlikelihood it’s best to acknowledge the possibilities. I know our eyes and ears aren’t nearly as acute as those of a dog or cat, or other ‘lower
      life forms’, thus believing only in what I see and hear with my own eyes and ears seems rather self-defeating.

      I don’t know about possession, but I have read some articles on this recently. I haven’t given them too much thought as I don’t like to give the MSM much room in my mind and I have little need for organized religion. SO this topic came as a mild amusement of late.

      But given the condition of world today, the nature of those charged with ‘representing’ governments and peoples, I’m led to believe that the soullessness of the those in power, and their actions by them and their followers/minions of recent years in the world theater, has created a vast void in humanity. Empty hearts and minds desensatized by violence and technology. A condition which seems a perfect place for what we perceive as evil to fill and fester.

    2. @ Charles Maultsby

      “We all live in a natural world. Anything super-natural is always an invention of the fertile imagination of human beings.

      Could be. Anything’s possible! But have you considered the possibility that your own skeptical, materialistic outlook could be the product of our own impoverished imagination? Having never personally experienced the demonic realm yourself, you firmly believe that no such realm could possibly exist.

      This is a limitation, not an asset: a sign of an infertile imagination — indeed, of a lack of imagination. 🙂

      “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” — Hamlet to his friend Horatio in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

      1. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

        There’s far more to these Jews, Horatio, than the goys can even begin to comprehend.

        Speaking of demons and the evil they do, who the heck was Shakespeare?

        Shakespeare was (is) arguably the greatest English writer and his play Hamlet is considered one of the best in the English classic literary canon, and more has been written about him than any other English author and yet his real identity is still unknown. Am I the only one who finds this extremely weird?

        White Nationalists like Dr. David Duke love to claim him as their own. But was Shakespeare really “White”? Or was Shakespeare, as Joseph Atwill has provocatively argued, a black Jewess, and hence her astonishing “high verbal IQ”? LOL

        President Bill Clinton’s favorite African-American poetess Maya Angelou agrees with Atwill: “Shakespeare must be a black girl.”

        I must admit, even as an English literature major at university I found Shakespeare incredibly boring, convoluted and irrelevant. But it was obligatory to take a 1-year course on Shakespeare in order to obtain my degree.

        If dumbing down the goyim (cattle) was always the name of the game for our Jewish Oligarchs, why have they promoted Shakespeare, from the 17th century to the present day?

        The subject matter and plot twists of many of his plays are just waay too complex for even above average IQ university goys and gals. As a young man, I never enjoyed watching his plays; they were too long and too confusing. They are more tolerable and watchable today. However, both the man and many of his plays still remain a big black mystery to me.

        Indeed, there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, and far more to these Jews than the goys ever dreamt of or can even begin to comprehend.

        1. @ Justice For Chinese

          Love your posts, JFC. But sometimes I think there must be something weird in the water you’re drinking!

          You have a near-genius IQ but sometimes I think you must be totally lacking in an irony detector. The people claiming that Shakespeare was a black girl are pulling our legs. Snickering up their sleeves. Having a joke at our expense. You believe this tongue-in-cheek jokery scholarship at your peril. You need a reality check!

          Black girls were hardly to found in huge quantities in Elizabethan England circa 1600. A black female genius would hardly have gone unnoticed. Where did this black chick with the Afro haircut learn English? Where did she pick up a vocabulary which none of Shakespeare’s contemporaries even possessed marginally?

          Next they’ll be telling us that Shakespeare was a Jewish rabbi. 🙂

      2. Gilbert, Methinks there are also more things than are dreamt of in Hamlet’s, Shakespeare’s and even Edward de Vere’s.

        Mark Twain and Huck though. Well, all bets are off..

    3. Our so called “education system” is intentionally destroying our imagination and creativity. The left brainers are easier to program and control. Everything ever created in this world began in our imagination.

    4. @Chuck Maultsby
      I understand why someone who has not experienced the phenomenon would say this, but yours is a judgement founded on ignorance (i.e. absence of experience/knowledge, no offense) and, therefore on such a matter you would be much wiser NOT to judge.
      Nonetheless, I can tell you that you are wrong. Supernatural events of this type are not necessarily the “invention of the fertile imagination of human beings”. Here, very briefly, is what happened to me:

      In my 20s I experienced a kind of psychic collapse. After desperate prayer this was followed by a possession that I thought at the time must be Divine. It was an ecstasy about which I could write for hours because it became frightening to be so empowered and ‘knowing’ while, at the same time, one’s underdeveloped understanding of the contextual meaning of such a significant personal event persisted.
      I was filled by an extraordinary power but didn’t know how to use it. I therefore (quite sensibly) considered myself dangerous (think Jim Jones), such was my capacity at the time to influence others. I had no fear, was completely sane, yet the ecstasy persisted whilst I chose to hold on to it. Seized by a moral conundrum I could not solve I eventually felt it necessary to turn against myself and dismiss this spirit (not knowing to the last 1% whether the state I was in was a gift from from God or from the other place). Self-shorn of protective grace I experienced demons crash (with a palpable and felt physical ‘thump’) into me through my chest a short while later. This was emphatically NOT a psychological experience but most definitely one of spiritual invasion by some other consciousnesses (more than one, whose voices I heard celebrating wildly on entry [like they had surprised themselves] and then shusshing, one of them saying audibly (to me) “he can hear us” before they went quiet and I never heard them again). At this moment I lost control of my own mind and was very unwell for 20 years until I underwent a Deliverance ritual carried out by the C. of E.’s chief exorcist, a Jewish convert to Christianity, as it happens. I had sought non-clinical (I’m not a fool) help a few times, but failed to get help. The Catholic Church (my own) was worse than useless. I know, for reasons time forbids me explaining, that the cycle just described is very common indeed (and perhaps universal) re those diagnosed as Schizophrenic, which is interesting in itself.

      One thing though. Neither you nor the Pope in Rome, nor the Russian Army will convince me that these entities are “phantoms of the imagination”. They are real conscious entities that exist in the realms of consciousness along with part of our own conscious spirits. They can somehow read our pasts, recognise our traumas and terrors and use them against us. It is as though we are in a virtual reality video game whereby the consciousness of the players (ourselves, running our avatars/bodies) and the programme running the game (the Creator consciousness) are in the same consciousness realm (outside the virtual reality as in a real computer simulation) along with these demonic and also, presumably, angelic entities … which have access to the computer’s memory (all past events including those that drive our neuroses etc ….. the bad stuff we are here to overcome … the agonies we must accept help from the angelic realms to heal to achieve a win in the game … advancement towards the spiritual goal that is the very purpose for which the Creator invented this ‘game’).
      That’s what OUR spiritual reality is really like. There are very serious physicists now saying that this is ACTUALLY how this universe works. That we are only consciousnes and our programmed material universe is created for the experiences it grants our consciousness. Read “My Big TOE [Theory of Everything] by Tom Campbell. He’s also all over YouTube if you’re interested. As a physics graduate I can tell you that it was very exciting for me to read a theory of the physical universe that resolves the well-known, famous, and [once] universally incomprehensible anomalies associated with Quantum Physics. Campbell’s model is, I believe, how all physicists will come to view the universe. There is a video online of him addressing a room of NASA scientists. They defer to him and appear to accept his ideas. This is all very encouraging….. that the only REAL thing is consciousness itself.
      This principle was also laid out in exquisite detail by the most interesting man who ever lived, Emanuel Swedenborg (who described space and time as “an illusion” subject only to our “inner condition”. In the mid 1700’s this scientist, inventor, politician and universal genius started having out-of-body trips to the ‘eternal realms’ at will and he wrote thousands of pages about his experiences there explaining how the whole spiritual system works. He claimed to have visited “other earths” around the universe … this was possible because, again, such travel is a matter of one’s “inner condition”. Staggering stuff but …. it makes sense to me.
      Sorry this screed has turned out longer than intended:

      “I have talked with angels about the conjunction of heaven with the human race, and I said that, while the man of the Church declares that all good is from God, and that angels are with man, yet few believe that angels are conjoined to man, still less that they are in his thought and affection. To this the angels replied that they know that there is such a belief and even such a mode of speaking in the world, and especially, to their surprise, within the Church, where yet there is the Word to teach men about heaven and its conjunction with man.
      Nevertheless, there IS such a conjunction that man is unable to think the least thing apart from the spirits adjoined to him, and on this his spiritual life depends. They said that the cause of ignorance of this matter is man’s belief that he lives from himself, without a connection with the Creator of life; and that he does not know that this connection exists by means of the heavens; and yet if that connection were broken man would instantly fall down dead.
      If man believed, as is really true, that all good is from the Lord and all evil from hell, he would not make the good in him a matter of merit nor would evil be imputed to him; for he would then look to the Lord in all the good he thinks and does, and all the evil that inflows would be cast down to hell whence it comes. But because man does not believe that there is any influx into him either from heaven or from hell, and so supposes that all the things that he thinks and wills are in himself, and therefore from himself, he appropriates the evil to himself, and the inflowing good he defiles with merit.”
      Emanuel Swedenborg, ‘Heaven and Hell’ §302

      1. @ Kevin Boyle

        Exceptionally interesting and well-written comment. It will not, however, convince the skeptics among us who have shut their minds resolutely to all these possibilities. Swedenborg is a genius who certainly ought to be taken seriously.

      2. @ Kevin Boyle

        An excellent post.

        Based on my understanding of your story, your encounter after your desperate prayer was definitely from the proper place, the Father. Your prayer was answered. You became empowered to properly influence others which is what we are supposed to do according to Jesus. Jesus said that we have the kingdom of God within us and that we are suppose to be preaching the kingdom of God. We all have access to God given power, but all we can do is initiate that power. God and his hosts retain the power waiting for us to initiate his action with our mouth and a mustard seed of faith/belief/knowingness that what we initiate is. It is that simple, but we have to overcome the dump truck loads of misinformation/lies dumped on us from a seemly unlimited number of sources to understand its simplicity.

        I can certainly understand you not being able to understand what really occurred to you in your 20’s. There is no way your experience could have happened to me in my 20’s because I thought I was an atheist during that time in my life, so praying was not in my option kit.

        Thankfully, you survived your ordeal with the devils. You learned from it and are enlightening others.

        Thanks for posting your story.

    5. @ Chuck Maultsby

      The spiritual world is not super-natural. It is completely natural. The spiritual world dictates the physical world. The Creator is spiritual and created the physical. There are not enough numbers in existence to define the odds of the creation being an accident without intelligent design.

      Don’t fall for the jewish academic lie. I fell for it though out my 20’s. I know from experience that it’s the incorrect position.

      1. @UNGENIUS

        Thank you.
        Quote: “…but we have to overcome the truck loads of misinformation/lies dumped on us from a seemly unlimited number of sources”.
        Exactly. That’s the problem. As things stand where we are you have to find these things out from obscure sources for yourself after chopping through the dense forset of misinformation that the establishment (which almost certainly understands these things) places before us.
        This is what is suggested by Professor Efimov Victor Alekseyevich in his talk about world governance given to FSB (KGB) students in 2012. He says that the “conceptual power” that rules the global system from above elected governments stands between “the truth” and “a lie”. It keeps the truth to itself and offers the voters within any system to choose from a spectrum of “lies”, all of which are ultimately subject to their own authority. Watch here. This is genuinely interesting:

    6. We are spiritual beings having a material existence.
      Look behind the veil Mr. Maultsby. There is the source of life.
      But some of us do view a Rembrandt painting dispassionately seeing only a sort of photograph, and see a beautiful woman
      just an object
      made only of skin and bone, blood and guts.
      That’s called materialism.

    7. The problem with the natural world is that your perceptions are based on a narrow band width of electromagnetic frequencies which we call the 5 senses. The problem with being human is that the bulk of reality bypasses our perceptions on a 24-7 basis. Imagine trying to interpret truth by looking through the wrong end of a telescope. That is what it is like to determine truth or reality based on your physical senses. The truth is far stranger than fiction.

      1. @ Kevin Crum

        Beautifully put. One of the best comments I’ve read on this subject. It reminds me of a brilliant quote from one of N.F. Simpson’s absurdist plays: “Reality is a delusion caused by mescalin deficiency.” It also reminds me of a famous quote by the eminent biologist J.B.S. Haldane: “The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.”

      2. Kevin –

        Quite correct!!

        Nowhere is the fact more obvious than the exact percentage of VISIBLE Light compared to the whole Electromagnetic Spectrum.

        So, on a logarithmic scale of frequency, visible light is 2.3% of the whole electromagnetic spectrum, while on a linear scale it is 0.0035%.

        We can ‘see’ ONLY 0.0035% (0.000035) of the ‘soup’ of Electromagnetic Radiation constantly surrounding us!!!

  1. Odd that anti-Christian Cesar Tort is publishing a work about demons on his website at the same time the subject is being addressed here. Synchronicity of this nature always makes me wonder about the how and why of such occurrences.

    Catherine Nixey talks about how, once the Christians seized the Weltanschauung of the Roman Empire, a demonological hysteria arose that led Christians to a state of virtual paranoia.

  2. Although this passage is referred to in the above link, it bears re-transmitting.
    The savage ‘tyrant’ was Christianity. From almost the very first years that a Christian emperor had ruled in Rome in AD 312, liberties had begun to be eroded. And then, in AD 529, a final blow had fallen. It was decreed that all those who laboured ‘under the insanity of paganism’—in other words Damascius and his fellow philosophers—would be no longer allowed to teach. There was worse. It was also announced that anyone who had not yet been baptized was to come forward and make themselves known at the ‘holy churches’ immediately, or face exile. And if anyone allowed themselves to be baptized, then slipped back into their old pagan ways, they would be executed.

    For Damascius and his fellow philosophers, this was the end. They could not worship their old gods. They could not earn any money. Above all, they could not now teach philosophy. The Academy, the greatest and most famous school in the ancient world—perhaps ever—a school that could trace its history back almost a millennium, closed.

    It is impossible to imagine how painful the journey through Athens would have been. As they went, they would have walked through the same streets and squares where their heroes—Socrates, Plato, Aristotle—had once walked and worked and argued. They would have seen in them a thousand reminders that those celebrated times were gone. The temples of Athens were closed and crumbling and many of the brilliant statues that had once stood in them had been defaced or removed. Even the Acropolis had not escaped: its great statue of Athena had been torn down.

    Little of what is covered by this book is well-known outside academic circles. Certainly it was not well-known by me when I grew up in Wales, the daughter of a former nun and a former monk. My childhood was, as you might expect, a fairly religious one. We went to church every Sunday; said grace before meals, and I said my prayers (or at any rate the list of requests which I considered to be the same thing) every night. When Catholic relatives arrived we play-acted not films but First Holy Communion and, at times, even actual communion…

    As children, both had been taught by monks and nuns; and as a monk and a nun they had both taught. They believed as an article of faith that the Church that had enlightened their minds was what had enlightened, in distant history, the whole of Europe. It was the Church, they told me, that had kept alive the Latin and Greek of the classical world in the benighted Middle Ages, until it could be picked up again by the wider world in the Renaissance. And, in a way, my parents were right to believe this, for it is true. Monasteries did preserve a lot of classical knowledge.

    But it is far from the whole truth. In fact, this appealing narrative has almost entirely obscured an earlier, less glorious story. For before it preserved, the Church destroyed.

    In a spasm of destruction never seen before—and one that appalled many non-Christians watching it—during the fourth and fifth centuries, the Christian Church demolished, vandalized and melted down a simply staggering quantity of art. Classical statues were knocked from their plinths, defaced, defiled and torn limb from limb. Temples were razed to their foundations and burned to the ground. A temple widely considered to be the most magnificent in the entire empire was levelled.

    Many of the Parthenon sculptures were attacked, faces were mutilated, hands and limbs were hacked off and gods were decapitated. Some of the finest statues on the whole building were almost certainly smashed off then ground into rubble that was then used to build churches.

    Books—which were often stored in temples—suffered terribly. The remains of the greatest library in the ancient world, a library that had once held perhaps 700,000 volumes, were destroyed in this way by Christians. It was over a millennium before any other library would even come close to its holdings. Works by censured philosophers were forbidden and bonfires blazed across the empire as outlawed books went up in flames.

    The work of Democritus, one of the greatest Greek philosophers and the father of atomic theory, was entirely lost. Only one per cent of Latin literature survived the centuries. Ninety-nine per cent was lost.

    The violent assaults of this period were not the preserve of cranks and eccentrics. Attacks against the monuments of the ‘mad’, ‘damnable’ and ‘insane’ pagans were encouraged and led by men at the very heart of the Catholic Church. The great St Augustine himself declared to a congregation in Carthage that ‘that all superstition of pagans and heathens should be annihilated is what God wants, God commands, God proclaims!’ St Martin, still one of the most popular French saints, rampaged across the Gaulish countryside levelling temples and dismaying locals as he went. In Egypt, St Theophilus razed one of the most beautiful buildings in the ancient world. In Italy, St Benedict overturned a shrine to Apollo. In Syria, ruthless bands of monks terrorized the countryside, smashing down statues and tearing the roofs from temples.

    St John Chrysostom encouraged his congregations to spy on each other. Fervent Christians went into people’s houses and searched for books, statues and paintings that were considered demonic. This kind of obsessive attention was not cruelty. On the contrary: to restrain, to attack, to compel, even to beat a sinner was— if you turned them back to the path of righteousness—to save them. As Augustine, the master of the pious paradox put it: ‘Oh, merciful savagery.’

    The results of all of this were shocking and, to non-Christians, terrifying. Townspeople rushed to watch as internationally famous temples were destroyed. Intellectuals looked on in despair as volumes of supposedly unchristian books—often in reality texts on the liberal arts—went up in flames. Art lovers watched in horror as some of the greatest sculptures in the ancient world were smashed by people too stupid to appreciate them—and certainly too stupid to recreate them.

    Since then, and as I write, the Syrian civil war has left parts of Syria under the control of a new Islamic caliphate. In 2014, within certain areas of Syria, music was banned and books were burned. The British Foreign Office advised against all travel to the north of the Sinai Peninsula. In 2015, Islamic State militants started bulldozing the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, just south of Mosul in Iraq because it was ‘idolatrous’. Images went around the world showing Islamic militants toppling statues around three millennia old from their plinths, then taking hammers to them. ‘False idols’ must be destroyed. In Palmyra, the remnants of the great statue of Athena that had been carefully repaired by archaeologists, was attacked yet again. Once again, Athena was beheaded; once again, her arm was sheared off.

    I have chosen Palmyra as a beginning, as it was in the east of the empire, in the mid-380s, that sporadic violence against the old gods and their temples escalated into something far more serious. But equally I could have chosen an attack on an earlier temple, or a later one. That is why it is a beginning, not the beginning. I have chosen Athens in the years around AD 529 as an ending—but again, I could equally have chosen a city further east whose inhabitants, when they failed to convert to Christianity, were massacred and their arms and legs cut off and strung up in the streets as a warning to others.”


    Think about it, all this because of Jews! Think of what your world might look like today had Jews not forced their malevolent influence on it. Note the Christian methodology of destruction is the same as the Jews’ methodology. In fact, many of these so-called “Christian,” culture-wreckers were Jews. Note the other Jewish offshoot religion, Islam, is in the same manner, every bit as destructive as Christianity. Jews have been venting their hate by wrecking and destroying other cultures and civilizations since (((they))) first forced (((their))) way into ancient Egypt to divide and degrade that ancient culture.

    For more than three millennia, Jews have been attacking and destroying advanced cultures and civilizations. Three – thousand – years, and the destruction continues to this day at an historically, unparalleled rate. Here the destruction of Rome and the rest of Europe, later it was Russia, then Germany. Today it is white, western civilization along with every country in the near east. The Jews’ destruction will not stop until the Jew is stopped in totality.

    In light of this history, how can anyone possibly think Jews can be assimilated, dealt with rationally or compromised? In the Jews’ twisted, psychopathic need to tell others of their clever depredations upon the goyim, (((they))) have made oblique reference to the only viable solution. In (((their))) new religious story of the mythical Hallowedhoax, an event that was merely the product of the Jews’ sick’ twisted imagination, Jews clearly refer the goyim to the only possible solution that will allow the world to crawl out from under the (((their))) hateful yoke of oppression – the complete elimination of every Jew from the planet.

    “Genocide!” is what Jews continually scream to their goyim hosts. “Genocide,” a word Jews invented to describe their own fear of what will undoubtedly happen should (((they))) be discovered as the true horror (((they))) represent to humanity. Genocide alone is the only solution to (((our))) parasitic presence Jews tell us, nothing – NOTHING – else will suffice to remove (((our))) pernicious depredations upon your world.

    Absent the total eradication of this parasitical pest, it will just be more of the same ongoing, malevolent destruction Jews have forced upon this world since the first day (((they))) crawled from whatever cosmic sewer that generates such vermin. As John Kaminski wrote, “We must get them before they get us.” I fear however, it is already too late.

    1. @Arch.
      So very true.
      And every morning I try to indulge myself in a cry for battle.
      At the end of the day, I am some times just tired.
      But I refuse to give up.
      Our forefather’s idolization of the act of going down fighting, is more and more becoming a peculiar mixture of virtue and necessity.
      Thank you for an excellent train of thought and a very interesting URL.

  3. Yes, Demonic Possession is real. My wife and I were involved in counseling demonized individuals for many years and the best of the abundant books on the subject Is Called “War on the Saints” by Jesse Pen Lewis written in 1912, with a short extract here:
    “The Bible clearly teaches that Satan was cast out, taking one third of the angelic realm with him. These beings volitionally aligned themselves with their master at the time of their rebellion and are subsequently referred to as demons or devils. Demons are unquestionably real beings capable of independent thought that have an intricate knowledge of God and also possess an uncanny understanding of the weaknesses of fallen man.

    Their present domain is in the spirit realm or supernatural sphere (Eph 6:12), but they desire to be embodied in living human or animal beings. Demons are able to invade or influence the minds of human teachers in order to suggest false doctrines (I Tim 4:1; I Jn 4 1-6; Jas 3:15). They actually commune with the souls of men in the case of mediums who yield to them. ”

    “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Eph 6:12)

    A free copy of her book is available here:

  4. in some people the r-complex has too much control.
    it’s there in everybody, but maybe ‘possession’ as you cal it is just an overactive reptile brain…
    the human brain is a complex processor… all kinds of wires can get crossed and screws can come lose.
    religion needs demons. i don’t want demonolatry in my life… who needs it?
    and if religion is really only an authoritarian control methodology inculcated upon humanity by the aliens, who invented the human race, then it’s most likely they are the original demons, and gods…
    in linda blair’s movie, which had a lot of people sleeping with the lights on, there was more to the scary stuff than just the drama…
    the producers made recordings of stirred up, angry bees and taped them over each other onto one track, so you wouldn’t quite recognize the sound. then they played the weird noise just under the surface throughout the movie, turning it up during the tense moments…
    it’s a flimflam…

  5. @Homer (HP) “…after his crucifixion, the risen Christ, still bearing his physical wounds, made his way to the Himalayas and settled in Kashmir where he spent the rest of his life teaching and dispensing wisdom.”
    So that means the writers of the gospels and the apostles lied, and the early Fathers of the Church and all Church tradition have been grossly and grievously misled when they report of Christ’s bodily ascension into heaven? I don’t think so. Wishful thinking, just like with those who want to believe that jesus faked his own death and then he and Mary Magdalen had children, and other absurdities.

    “LD [Lasha Darkmoon] has had personal experience of demons for many years.”
    That is not surprising since she apparently flirts with demons with her long fascination with eastern religions, which are the home of numerous demons. As St Paul said, “The gods that the pagans worship are demons.” There is a big difference between the virtue of studiousness and the vice of curiosity, as St Thomas Aquinas explains in his monumental Summa Theologiae.

    @Sardonicus “…there are degrees of demonic possession, ranging from full possession (as in “The Exorcist”), to medium and low possession at the other end of the spectrum.”
    There is a hierarchy of demons, just as of good angels, and being possessed by a more powerful demon or by a number of them makes exorcism more difficult. Much more common than possession is demonic infestation and demonic oppression.

    “Newman would have had no problem believing in demons and demonic possession. He had his own demons….”
    Any Christian who does not believe in demons has lost the supernatural gift of faith because their existence is part of Christian revelation. Newman had a very sensitive nature. Saying he had his own demons can only be true if one can say that everyone has their own demons, in the sense that we all struggle with the spirit of the world and pride, with the inordinate promptings of the flesh, and with the temptations of the devil.

    See chapter 14 of Jordan Aumann, O.P.’s “Spiritual Theology” for more insight on these matters:

  6. The film The Exorcist (1973; Director’s Cut, 2000), and the book which inspired it were in part based on this actual case of diabolical possession and exorcism, as well as on another exorcism which took place in Silver Spring, Maryland and St Louis, Missouri in 1949 involving a 14 year old boy. It is a very powerful and harrowing story, not for the faint of heart.

    1. Darrell –

      Thanks for displaying this link. I noticed it stated that a Ouji Board is “a very dangerous thing” (to which I can attest). Shortly after my wife and I were married (we are now divorced), we found a very old, antique Ouji Board in an old house we were remodeling for a guest house at her family homeplace. The whole estate is very remarkably historic, and the family was prominent in American politics since the “Founding Era”. There had been many famous guests, there, and two of the old spinster aunt sisters held seances there for certain visitors. Anyhow, the Ouji Board apparently had belonged to – and been used by – them. It was a high-quality craftsmanship piece, which had been stored with care in a “secret” compartment beneath the stairs in the little colonial dependency we were remodeling. Anyhow, one of my wife’s girlfriends became extremely fascinated and agitated with the board, and begged to host a gathering there to hold a seance. We allowed her to hold it in the dining room of the main house, where many famous personages had gathered through the years – and in and around which house many people have died. To make a long story short, I was made aware of unwholesome “presences”, and my wife became extremely aware of bad spirits thereafter, which obviously were aroused by our friend’s pursuit through the Ouji Board. I later tossed the damn thing off a bridge into a deep river channel, and strange stirrings seemed to cease. 😶

  7. Darrell, why couldn’t Jesus do both? And more.
    That said, I’m not sure where I unwittingly led Lasha to believe I’m a believer in the Kashmir/Srinagar story, because I’m pretty sure I’m not.
    I do believe Jesus traveled and studied and preached in India and Tibet before returning home all those lost years later, as Jesus Christ.
    John the Baptist knew who he was…
    “on the morrow John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, `Lo, the Lamb of God, who is taking away the sin of the world..”
    Srila Prabhupada: What is the position of Christ?
    Hayagriva dasa: He is seated at the right hand of the Father in the
    kingdom of God.
    Srila Prabhupada: But when Christ was present on earth, many people
    saw him.
    Hayagriva dasa: They saw him in many different ways, just as the people
    saw Krsna in many different ways.
    Srila Prabhupada: Is it that Christ is seen in his full spiritual body?
    Hayagriva dasa: When the soul is reborn with Christ, it beholds Christ’s
    spiritual body through its spiritual senses.
    Srila Prabhupada: Yes. We also think in this way.

    1. “….why couldn’t Jesus do both? And more.”
      I believe Jesus, being God the Son who took upon Himself a human nature, can do all things, being omnipotent. He could of course appear to anyone anywhere if He so willed. Then again, the word “Christ” means “anointed” or “the anointed one.” So I think all the historical evidence would lead to the conclusion that either some other “anointed one” was being referred to or else demons are involved. If Jesus really went to Asia and was seen by many people, one would think there would be more documentary evidence of that than what has come down to us.

  8. According to the Islamic tradition, the Angels (created from light) and the jinn (created from smokeless fire) existed prior to Humans. When God decided to create Adam He instructed the previously created beings to prostrate before the incoming new being. Obviously, to the dismay of Iblis (who was from the jinn), the new comer was reserved a special treatment by The Creator. So, the Angels hardwired not to disobey, prostrated before Adam but Iblis who was from the jinn exercised the free will he was endowed with and resented to bow before an inferior creature.

    Quotes from the Qur’an:

    When we said to the angels, “Fall prostrate before Adam,” they fell prostrate, except Satan. He said, “Shall I prostrate to one You created from mud?” 017:061 Rashad (1)
    [Iblis (Satan)] said: “See? This one whom You have honored above me, if You give me respite (keep me alive) to the Day of Resurrection, I will surely seize and mislead his offspring (by sending them astray) all but a few!” 017:062 Khan (2)
    (Allah) He said, “Then go; you and those who follow you will end up in Hell as your requital; an equitable requital. 017:063 Rashad. (3)
    He said, “Go down therefrom, all of you. You are enemies of one another. When guidance comes to you from Me [the different Prophets He sent thereafter], anyone who follows My guidance [their Teachings] will not go astray, nor suffer any misery. 020:123 Rashad (4)

    And thus started the struggle between evil/ Iblis/Satan/Lucifer, his offspring and the Human kind.
    (1),(2),(3),(4) 8 parallel English Qur’an translations

    On the subsequent posts I’ll try to “cover” the following aspects:
    (Some of the headings will be much developed than others)
    *Make the difference between “spirits” and “demons”
    * the different species of jinn/demons
    -On-Earth dwelling Jinn
    -Extra-terrestrials (ETs)
    *Interaction or rather action of the jinn over Humans:
    -Violent possessions
    -Smart possessions
    *The danger of “smart possessions” and their consequences

  9. The ancient Cathars had it right. Those good folks who were relentlessly persecuted and exterminated by the Roman “Church” as heretics during the Inquisition. They believed the entire material universe of base matter is Hell, the creation of the Demiurge or inferior god. He ruthlessly rules it with his Archons. The Cathars considered the flesh to be the chains of the Devil. If you’ve ever been in a nursing home, trauma unit, or terminal ward of a hospital, you would know this to be undeniably true. All human births are fallen angels. From the moment of conception until death, the flesh is at war with the spirit trapped within it. The winner of that war determines your individual destiny. The Demiurge goes by different names, Jehovah, Yahweh, etc. Even a cursory reading of the Old Testament reveals him to be an anthropomorphic psychopath possessed of negative human traits such as anger, jealousy, hate, vindictiveness, and cruelty with a proclivity to commit genocide, murder, torture, theft, and sexual deviancy. The Jews are his robot children and carry forth his will. Marcion, the ancient scholar who was responsible for the division of the Bible into the Old and New Testaments stated that the God of Jesus Christ was not the god of the Old Testament. With proper scrutiny, it couldn’t be more obvious. There it is.

    1. An outstanding comment! Makes you think.
      Even Christ said that this world belonged to the Prince of Darkness.
      (“The whole world lieth in evil,” St John added in his 1st epistle.

      “In evil” (IN MALO) is sometimes translated as “In (the power of) the Evil One”)

      1. Sr Monica, if you think HERETDRUMMER’s comment is “outstanding” then I believe it’s probably a good thing that you left the Catholic religious life since you would have probably spiritually contaminated your community and those you communicated with, just as your comment will do the same to those who might think that Catharism, a.k.a. Albigensianism, is a legitimate and acceptable belief even for Christians. The Cathars were brutal torturers and murderers and many were involved in the worst forms of sexual depravity. They were a growing cancer not only vis a vis the Catholic Church but were a destructive element in society and were strongly supported and aided by the jews, as was every heretical group in history. The Catholic Church has always taught that the material world is good, and although since the Fall of our first parents it has been under the power of Satan, the “Prince of this world,” as Jesus said, Christ came to establish the “kingdom of God,” which in seminal form is the Church He founded upon the apostles and continues under their successors, the “Church Militant,” and exists in its perfect form as the “Church Triumphant” in heaven. You should know all this, unless you’ve given up the gift of supernatural faith you once had, which your greatly misleading comment sadly leads me to believe. Just because the Church today has been insidiously infiltrated, corrupted and spiritually crippled doesn’t mean we should abandon her, any more than we should jump ship when it is battered by a tempest and in danger of sinking. Go back to praying the rosary every day and I believe you will be given the grace necessary to both see and embrace the truth, which ultimately leads to the salvation of our immortal souls. May God bless you and may you find refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who herself said at Fatima, “My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God” — and to His saving truth, which not only involves correct belief but also correct behavior.

        1. @ Darrell

          Sr Monica, if you think HERETIC DRUMMER’s comment is “outstanding” then I believe it’s probably a good thing that you left the Catholic religious life since you would have probably spiritually contaminated your community and those you communicated with, just as your comment will do the same to those who might think that Catharism, a.k.a. Albigensianism, is a legitimate and acceptable belief even for Christians.

          You misunderstand. You falsely assume that I agree with Catharism, a Catholic heresy. I don’t agree with it. I commended the comment because it was well-written and expressed an alternative viewpoint which, however repulsive to you, has the merit of originality and which we refuse to censor or in any way suppress on this free speech site in order to please doctrinaire, holier-than-thou sticklers for correct thinking like yourself.

          You may police your own website if you wish, but you have no right to police OUR site or tell us what we may or may not not publish or praise.

          If you were the deeply pious Christian person you pretend to be, my dear Darrell, you would have better manners than to speak to me in that hectoring tone. You would exercise the Christian virtue of humility — a quality in which, I regret to say, you are sadly lacking. No, don’t apologize to me! I expect to see you act in character, behaving exactly as a badly behaved, dysfunctional pseudo-Christian would — by flying into a temper for being ticked off! — and by stomping off this website in a fit of pique.

          Under your monkish mask, sir, lurks a delinquent teenager full of strut and self-importance. Hardly an admirable role model for Catholicism, are you?

          I will pray for you, Darrell, that you may one day acquire the Christian virtue of humility. Yes, you will have from me a special novena for your spiritual regeneration! Go in peace. 🙂

          — Sister Monica

      2. For those interested in reading the truth about the Cathars/Albigensians, i.e. based on primary sources rather than Jewish/Freemasonic/Protestant ideological agenda and propaganda, see, e.g., William Thomas Walsh’s “Characters of the Inquisition”


        Walsh’s other historical studies are also scholarly and excellent. So are E Michael Jones’s works (

      3. Sr Monica, I don’t expect you to censor or in any way suppress comments on this free speech site in order to please people, I only thought that you thought that there was intellectual merit in the inhuman ideology of Catharism. Apparently you don’t, so I mistakenly interpreted your “outstanding comment” remark. I believe in Catholic doctrine, which I assume you at least once did, or hopefully even still do. If that makes me doctrinaire, I accept the compliment. But I don’t think I’m holier-than-thou or holier than anyone for that matter. However I do think we should all be “sticklers for correct thinking.” Isn’t that another way to say seekers of the truth?

        I don’t wish to police your site, much less tell you what to publish, but as one Catholic to another I believe it’s a spiritual work of mercy, as the saints tell us, to lead another from error to truth. But since you apparently don’t believe in the merits of Catharism, I now see I don’t need to in that regard.

        I am not a “deeply pious Christian person,” I only believe in Christian revelation and have a desire for the salvation of souls (I even pray for “Lasha Darkmoon and her associates” every day). But you are right, I should have used better manners and not used a “hectoring tone,” esp. since you don’t indeed believe in that destructive heresy. I know I am deficient in the virtue of humility, as you say, and I thank you for saying you will pray for me. I have no plans for “stomping off this website in a fit of pique,” since it is one of my favorite websites and I have learned much from it, including how feisty some women can sometimes be (you and Lash make a nice “good cop-bad cop combo 😉 Forgive me for misinterpreting your comment. I was only concerned that you were, as I interpreted it, promoting theological error and thus endangering your soul and also those of others. Will you accept an overture of peace from me?

      4. Sorry, I meant to say (in all good humor, of course) that you and Lasha make a nice “good cop-bad cop” combo, not to say that you are always the choleric “bad cop” or anything. I guess it’s just that I love Lasha and I don’t really know you yet. I’m sure you’re probably a very gentle person most of the time.

      5. @ Sister Monica

        Just because there is significant evil in the world does not mean that the world belongs to the devil. When Jesus said in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world…,” that would seem to contradict that concept.

        1. @ Ungenius

          I agree with you. Absolutely! But we at this site are engaged in a very delicate balancing act. We cannot be seen to censor alternative viewpoints if these are politely expressed and passionately maintained. How would you like to post on a site where your own views are censored?

          Of course we would draw the line at views that could get this website shut down: such as praise for pedophilia or a call for the mass murder of the Jews. We would never publish an article with the title “In Praise of Evil”. But arguments putting in a good word for Catharism or Gnosticism, which many scholarly people with academic credentials maintain, cannot be censored to please those who disapprove of these unsettling worldviews.

          There are too many blinkered people on this site — and you are certainly NOT among them! 🙂 — who honestly believe that this site ought to mirror their own opinions and suppress all alternative viewpoints that give them cognitive dissonance. Unfortunately, we cannot give these people what they want. Science and philosophy only thrive in an atmosphere of conflicting viewpoints and heated disagreements.

      6. @Sr Monica “There are too many blinkered people on this site…who honestly believe that this site ought to mirror their own opinions and suppress all alternative viewpoints that give them cognitive dissonance. Unfortunately, we cannot give these people what they want.”

        Just to clarify, I was not criticizing HERETICDRUMMER for anything, I was criticizing Sr Monica, supposedly a believing and practicing Catholic, for what appeared to me to be her agreement with what he said. But I guess it’s a non-issue now since we can all rest assured that the good sister is not a dualistic manichean heretic believing that procreation is the greatest evil, as the Cathari did.

    2. The gnostics already mentioned that we hunans are spirits captured in a body on earth through malversations of the Demiurge jahweh, the ‘ god’ of the jews.

    3. @ Heretic Drummer

      Based on what you have said, the Cathars were the upmost hopeless ones. Obviously, they would disagree with Jesus when he said that unless a person comes to the Father as a child, they wouldn’t make it to heaven.

      The war between the flesh and the spirit only occurs with children after they have been bombarded with bulls*t by adults. Children are quite happy with the song “Jesus Loves Me” until they are told they are going to hell by adults.

      The modern jewish medical industry that you describe as proof of hopelessness is a rather Johnny Come Lately concept of about 150 years. Entering in to their clutches will definitely result in hopelessness, but there is nothing that says a person must participate in their evil scheme.

      I whole heartily agree with your viewpoint on the Old Testament versus the teachings of Jesus. How people can overlook the in-your-face contradictions is puzzling.

      BTW, as a follower of the teaching of Jesus, I am considered a heretic as well. Since Jesus was considered a heretic by the establishment, I figure I must be doing something right. 🙂

    4. @ Hereticdrummer.
      It’s the good Lord God who created matter, and it is good. As much as I love the Cathars and condemn their treatment, I cannot sanction
      their anti-flesh, anti-Life ideology. God gave us flesh and nerves, a beating heart, sex and sweat, tears of joy and pain.
      The material world is a compliment to the spiritual one, not an adversary.
      There is often pain involved, but also great joy in life.

  10. This Dr. Richard Gallagher sounds like a contemporary of Dr. Carl Sagan’s Demon-Haunted World.

    For me the most valuable part of Carl Sagan’s work is his baloney detection kit. It quickly cuts through plenty smoke and mirror pop science.

  11. USA is “possessed” by demonic forces for sure.. Israel!!

    Why Is Israel So Prosperous?
    June 22, 2018

    AICE is American Israel Cooperative Enterprise, and by their own admission, the total funds provided to Israel by U.S. taxpayers as recently as 2017 equals $129 billion!

    The population of Israel is 8.5 million. Divide $129 billion dollars by 8.5 million, and you get $15,176 and change per man woman and child in Israel. Let’s assume that the average family is only 3 people. That means the average family is getting $45,528 each, and that doesn’t include our U.S. Military involvement in the Mideast which has run trillions of dollars.

    Do you think the average American family could use an extra $45,528 a year in assistance? How corrupt is foreign aid? This is like giving the state of Virginia’s families $45,528 a year. How corrupt is Israel for crying the blues over all of this Palestinian agitation. Israel is corrupt because they use a lot of this money to buy our politicians to give them more money and provide U.S. military action in the Middleast. We’re being taken for a ride! Netanyahu is not only the head of Israel, he is the head of a criminal organization of thugs known as the Jewish Mafia which has got the greatest extortion racket in the history of the world.

    1. More:

      –Israel’s secret assassinations–

      Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations by Ronen Bergman, Random House (2018)

      Israeli television recently aired a video of two Israeli soldiers filming themselves in the act of shooting a Palestinian protester at the Gaza boundary while cheering. Filming one’s own crimes against humanity – shooting Palestinians for sport – suggests a sense of security in never being held accountable.

      Even more evidence of this impunity is apparent in Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations by veteran Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman, staff writer for The New York Times Magazine.

      –US Congress is largely made up of traitors owned by Zionists–

      The Congress of the United States is largely made up of traitors like the Republicans who are owned by the Zionist money, according to Dr. Kevin Barrett, an American academic, researcher and political analyst.

      Dr. Barrett made these remarks in an interview with Press TV on Friday while commenting on a report which says a group of senior Republican lawmakers in US Congress have asked the administration of President Donald Trump to add Iran back on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)’s blacklist and reverse one of the key agreements that paved the way for the 2015 nuclear deal between the Islamic Republic and major world powers.

  12. I don’t like it but i don’t think AI is the devil…
    if we have no demons, no hell – it means not much religion either…
    is there a spiritual existence afterwards?
    correct answer – nobody knows and we’d all be better off to admit it.
    should we adhere to the archaic soteriology, that says we have a soul and that we have to do something to save our souls?
    answer – not if it means we’re superstitious and violent…
    we don’t need religion to be good people…
    if we disrespect the earth and our existence here as substrate to some spiritual existence, saying it’s a hellish obstacle course, the flesh is putrid, we have original sin, etc., then we’re much more likely to kill the planet…
    that’s what’s happening now…
    in fact there is a hatred among hardcore religious types for paganistic environmental consciousness, whereas it should be said that care and appreciation of the planet as god’s gift of life would better put us on the path…
    if we add in the idea that bloody sacrifice and martyrdom, which i don’t think are pagan, certainly not part of modern environmentally based spiritualism, are good things for the reward in heaven, are we not excusing bad conduct, condoning violence and promoting war?
    pat – the thing with the zionist jews is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, if ever…
    from rense, i hope everybody sees this =
    zionism is using violence based demonolotraic establishment religion of all kinds under the almighty god as cover for its political agenda, which is not even just about stealing palestine…
    zionism is about setting the jews up as rulers of the entire world, with the populace disconnected from government, totally surveilled and programmed…
    government is not necessarily bad. anarchists – don’t be duped…

    1. BARKINGDEER, neither do I believe A.I. is the devil.
      But the verdict on whether or not it’s the Golem, is still out..

    2. Bark –

      Brendon O’Connell in the video got it wrong. America is NOT a “candle blowing in the wind” at all. America is a blowtorch being used to forge THE template for all the 100+ ‘republics’ around the world to copy.


      John Kaminski got it right:

      “The kosher slaughter of the American mind really began with Alexander Hamilton, that guy on your ten dollar bill, who coordinated the takeover of America’s financial system by the Jews of London before he was justifiably gunned down in a duel with Aaron Burr. With each passing year Jews hurl new chains across the minds of the unsuspecting, most of whom applaud their masters for the addictive trinkets they dispense that prevent them from confronting the necessary facts of their lives.”


        Tehran’s Grand Bazaar shut down as economic protests spread.!!

        Iran’s fragile economy, long hurt by international sanctions, MISMANAGEMENT & CORRUPTION, has gone into a downward spiral in recent months in anticipation of the U.S. pullout from the 2015 nuclear deal.

        The rial has plunged against the dollar, inflation was 9.7% in May and the country is in the throes of a credit crisis, provoking sporadic anti-government protests.

        Even before the U.S. withdrew from the accord in May, Iran’s central bank imposed tight restrictions on foreign currency transactions in an effort to shut down a flourishing black market and prop up the rial. Last week, Iran banned import of 1,400 foreign nonessential and luxury goods to reduce the amount of foreign currency leaving the country.

        The rial is sinking mainly because Iranians fear for their economic future and the fate of the nuclear deal, according to Masoud Gholampour, an analyst at Novin Investment Bank in Tehran. He said people were “panic-buying” foreign currency on the black market.

        Puny Russia and Iran are soooo very weak!!

  13. hp – to me AI is like the government. if it’s working for everybody, not just some few in power, and not on any trickle-down basis, then maybe it’s ok…
    you have to figure the deep state technology is decades ahead of what the general public know about.
    there’s probably a plan already in place to move the world into the next phase, where there will be a major technological upgrade, and a major reduction in the human population….
    hopefully the ecosystems will be rescued and restored, religion will be gone, war will be no more, life on earth will be as paradisical as possible…
    try to imagine technology taking care of about everything.. that’s what’s going to happen…
    anti-gravity will provide perpetual motion machines.
    super-computers will calculate whatever can be calculated.
    my guess – there’s a reason you’re getting the AI first.
    Ai will be the control system. the rest of it won’t work without it…
    what’s a golem?
    is that like a goyim?

    1. “In Jewish folklore, a golem (/ˈɡoʊləm/ GOH-ləm; Hebrew: גולם‎) is an animated anthropomorphic being that is magically created entirely from inanimate matter”

      “It’s hard not to imagine a robot that’s learned to defy the laws of physics when you hear that companies are beginning to combine AI and quantum computer technology.”

      “hopefully the ecosystems will be rescued and restored, religion will be gone, war will be no more, life on earth will be as paradisical as possible…”

      Sure, and the institution of marriage will be no more and everyone will have sex with whomever they want, the village will raise the kids and everyone will be happy, there will be no police since there will be no crime, no poverty or even money since everyone shares everything, and maybe even no fire department since there will be no fires to put out.

      Religion is not the source of wars, but sin is. GK Chesterton put it succinctly: “Get rid of the supernatural and what remains is the unnatural.” Your utopian myth of no religion leading to heaven on earth reeks of the jewish rebellion against logos, which inevitably leads to Nietzsche’s “transvaluation of all values.” This insures that what used to be considered bad, e.g. sodomy, is now good and what used to be considered good, e.g. opposition to sodomy, is now bad, and even criminalized. The revolutionary Jew refers to this form of moral subversion as “Tikkun Olam,” or “Healing the World.” The result is inevitably some form of life on earth that is, according to their thinking, “as paradisical as possible,” like the one Bolsheviks created in the Soviet Union, which leads to untold suffering before it collapses in a cloud of disillusionment and the Jews move on to their next messianic movement.

      Man is by nature not only a rational animal, he is a religious animal. Removing religion only turns him into a demon. Atheism is irrational. Besides, as Chesterton again said, “If there were no God, there would be no atheists.”

      1. Your Catholicism leads the way to this confusion, Darrell. It puzzels me how you Catholics engage in the idolitry of regarding a faggot, communist Pope as “His Holiness”. How do you excuse that with your promotion of “holy Church”? Martin Luther was shooting on target, or he wouldn’t have been so vilified by “The Church”. Although Protestantism has its own problems, its aim addresses more honest humility to Scripture. Hence, the incessant argument, leading to nihilism.

  14. We are Being of Light trapped in the ways of matter. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, “Matter” is a disorientation of SPIRIT. In it’s present state it represents the ultimate meaning of “evil”.

    The presence of the Christ in the form of a man called Jesus marks the coming REorientatation of SPIRIT

  15. There were gods.
    Then there was a rebellion.
    Now we have angels and demons. God and the devil. Heaven and hell.

    Perspective people. Don’t believe the crap the Jews want Christians to believe.

    Do your own research. For example we’ve all seen the judaic-christian images of the tower of Babel, right?

    Thing it it was a rectangular building with a deep foundation in reality. It’s foundation still exists, its like a modern mid sized building.

    And the Jews stating that God confused their language as punishment is simply a typical jewish fabricated literary revenge fantacy. Babel was similar to a modern city in many ways. Complete with Chinatown, little Italy etc.

    Cross check every detail a jew says to you – It’s what Jesus would do.

    1. Torah = “Law,” “Instruction.” The Bible is a book of legal instruction, a cookbook of legalized, religious criminality. The story of Babel is the recipe for destroying cultures, a story the unimaginative Jew still uses today. Ever heard this? Press one for English, two for Spanish or three for ebonics. If the invasion of Western culture doesn’t fit the description of Babel, then the mind is unclear about what it is seeing and reading.

      The problem with the Babel story begins with the Christian idea of Nimrod’s advanced culture instantly collapsing into unintelligible babble, like those babbling Pentecostals flopping on the floor because they are filled with the spirit. The fact is, nowhere does the story put a time frame on how long or what method the “Lord God” used to confuse the language, yet look how quickly the Jews’ immigration ploy has worked. Of course! Silly me, god works in mysterious ways the gullible goyim can never seem to understand.

      But does the Babel recipe work? The proof is in the pudding! Third world people invading the west are doing exactly what the story describes. In fact the confusion of language is just the beginning, as the entire culture became confused and lost its identity, which is what enabled the Jew god to scatter them abroad.

      Note the story says And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Da peebles is one, clearly describes the Jews’ worst nightmare, a homogeneous culture that excludes them, just like the white culture that once dominated the west and for whom nothing was restrained which they imagined to do.

      So what did the Jews do? They confounded their language, that they might not understand one another’s speech. Soon the culture itself became confused, losing its identity. What’s more, Jews then scattered people abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth. Sure looks Babelistic to me.

      Jews constantly confuse the English language by inventing new words, like “genocide” and redefining and inverting common words like “gay.” Thus we see the lesson of Babel endlessly repeated by Jews in their efforts to destroy advanced cultures. The Bible is a cookbook, not a history book. The god of that book is in fact a high priest, as obviously indicated by the appearance of Melchizedek in the story of Siddem vale.

      Note, when this Jew god/priest comes up against large, advanced cultures like those of Nimod or Pharaoh, he sneaks around with plagues and subversive acts like confusing languages. Yet, when this Jew priest/god comes up against small villages like Sodom or Jericho, he utterly destroys them without mercy. That should give one a big clue about the power of the real Jew behind the divinity.


  16. In saying “all else is folly” doesn’t imply we can’t effect the outcome of transitioning to a re-orientation of our Divine legacy. Awareness of the dark power pervading this planet, and speaking truth it’s falseness power as the Jesus did shouldn’t be underestimated.

    ” How rough this transition will be is dependent upon mankind’s collective level of Awakening; the accumulative power of it’s mitigation.”

  17. I know a story of an autistic boy (it is frowned upon to call it Asperger’s Syndrome because of “NAZIS!!!!” 😉 ) and his Uncle-in-Law. The Uncle told his nephew of the urban legend that it is unwise to say the Lord’s Prayer backwards whilst looking into a mirror. Unwise because the Devil might make an appearance in the reflection. Well, not only did this Uncle encourage the nephew to stand with him in front of a mirror, but he then started to say the prayer backwards (presumably the lines in reverse and not a literal reversion :P)…

    The reports I received are that nothing happened and the boy was disabused of the notion that the Devil, or a demon, might appear in the reflection. I thought nothing of this incident until just there now: the thought occurred to me that the demon was leering right back at the boy all the time, looking down at him, holding his hand whilst reciting the verses in reverse order. The boy was vulnerable; his mother was a devout Catholic; and yet he performs that ritual.

    I know the secularists will defend the man as teaching the kid a harsh truth but I don’t think so. Seemed sadistic to me.

    1. I don’t know about the Lord’s Prayer, but did you know if you play the Beatles’ White Album backward while taking acid, Paul McCartney will appear?

  18. He lost me at “smarter than people”. Yeah OK. Back away from that and get more perspective. Crazy sure. Out of touch with Reality, DEFINITELY. Smart? NO. HELL NO. Not even close. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Biden and the rest. Dumb as a post.
    You can get REALLY RICH by printing Monopoly money. For awhile . Until people realize its costing THEM EVERYTHING. At that point, you have to Censor, Lie, Censor, Lie again, and then get ready for Violent Uprisings. Is there a plan here? IT LOOKS LIKE WEIMAR ALL OVER AGAIN.

    Would someone SMART repeat Weimar AGAIN?

    I think we all know the answer don’t we?

  19. hp – it’s not about defying the laws of physics.
    it’s about understanding what they are.
    what’s holding it together?
    what’s pushing it apart?
    what’s pushing it together?
    what’s holding it apart?

  20. Great article and comments. Let me remind anyone who might not know it that Dr Francis Collins, head if the human genome project wrote a book that explained his journey from atheist to Christian BECAUSE OF MATH AND SCIENCE AND THE NUMERICAL IMPOSSIBILITIES OF EVOLUTION AND THE COMPLICATION OF THE GENOME AND LIFE.
    also, the man considered to have the highest Iq on Earth(lives in Missouri but I can’t remember his name), also says he can prove God exists through math.
    Lastly let me remind everyone that EVERY SINGLE FOUNDER OF THE UNITED STATES, BAR NONE, believed in the Supreme God that created the universe and life and mankind.
    In addition, to point out the never ending trickery of
    satan’s children the jews and their brothers the demons, we have all heard of Thomas Paine’s “age of reason” because it’s the closest thing to an atheist american founder because he was opposed to organized Christianity, yet we NEVER HEARD OF OR GET TAUGHT that Elliot bourdinot(another Founder) wrote a 300 page rebuttal(that you can find online for free), called ” age of revelation” where he SHREDDED every last argument Paine made against Christianity and and the bible.
    check it out and spread the TRUTH !!
    in fact Ben Franklin warned Paine to burn the age of reason manuscript and never release it as he was given an early copy…and after Paine chose to release it, Sam Adams, john Adams, and Patrick Henry(at least) CASTIGATED Paine in their writings for writing something so stupid !!
    No founder supported Paine, so again one must wonder why we are taught about Paine and not about bourdinot ?!?!?
    Jews and their brothers the demons, and their father the devil is the reason !!

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