8 thoughts to “Carmina Burana: Flashmob”

  1. Musical flashmobs like this one are great. It is the first one that I have seen with “paper rain.” Hopefully, they did not get arrested for littering.

  2. The music for the funeral of my late son Joseph Fragos
    Entering chapel – Humming Chorus – Madame Butterfly – Giacomo Puccini: this is what angels sing when you die.
    Pictures to music tribute – BOOM CRASH OPERA – Dancing in the Storm – spoke of his courage in the face of adversity.
    Lowering of the coffin & exit of congregation – Ecce Gratum approx: 14plus minutes into concert – from Carl Orff’s – Carmina Burana – of triumph & glory of life & death & passing into universal eternity.

      1. Funeral & Magic Rituals:-
        The most archaic & best known in many cultures are lamentations to the dead, folklorists presume that at first, lamentations to the dead reminded of recitation / charming / enchanting, where as the one who performed them acted as a shaman escorting the souls – Psychopomps.
        The music, the lyrics & the emotions stirred thus by all that the funeral puts forward – is the energy force that guides & propels the spirit / soul forward into the eternal embrace of the universe. It should be a positive & enthusiastic energy, a positive resume that speaks well of the deceased.

  3. Please accept my sincere condolences, R Davis. Your thoughts are inspirational. Bless you.

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