Christ vs. Antichrist: A Debate

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Is Christianity a ‘Jewish plot’ designed to weaken Christians and turn them into wimps? 

Edited and abridged by Lasha Darkmoon

This provocative and stimulating discussion between J.B. Campbell, founder of the militia movement in America, and an anonymous writer known as ‘Sardonicus’, took place in the Comments section of the Darkmoon site. Apart from a few minor deletions and editorial inserts in square brackets, these are the exact words spoken by the two participants in the debate. I have added a few words in summary at the end. [LD] 

J.B. CAMPBELL:  That the Jews are the only humans and we are mere animals is the basis of Judaism. This makes coexistence between us impossible. Or it would have been so but for the creation of Christianity. Christianity allows our exploitation and control by Jews. It also protects Jews from us.

Before we can destroy Judaism, in theory, Christianity must be rejected for the disgrace that it is. Not just Christian Zionism but the idea of surrendering to be executed by our deadly enemies, which is the story of Jesus. This is the basis of the Christian faith, which has as its symbol the instrument of his death. Christianity is the cancer of the intellect. Our children need to be taught about Jews and the dangers of Christianity so that they can defend themselves from Jewish Rule.

Jesus’ actions were (and are) models to be emulated. That’s what makes the faith so deadly for its believers. Wasn’t every one of his early followers executed? Some of them by Saul of Tarsus, who supplied most of the New Testament! It’s really too much. How could such a passive, self-destructive idea be attractive to people, unless they somehow see it as a license? A license for cowardice.

And I think Jesus did teach this sort of thing in his Sermon on the Mount.

The greatest threat to humanity has always been from government, which is always tyrannical. Humanity needs role models who teach us how to overthrow tyranny. Religion shouldn’t allow us to be cowards. It should glorify heroism. Heroism is the only thing that can get us out of this disaster which was created by the Jews and enabled by the Christians.

SARDONICUS:  I wouldn’t be surprised if J.B. Campbell isn’t an agent provocateur for the FBI. Or a sting agent of some kind. Surprising how they haven’t shut his website down, isn’t it? They pick up Islamic “terrorists” every day of the week, but J.B. Campbell—openly preaching extremism on his website—is still a free man, walking around untouched.


You don’t find that suspicious? I do! What a joke you guys are! Hot air factories, all of you! Go peddle your fake heroism elsewhere!

J.B. CAMPBELL:  I’m not saying you bitchy trolls are all cowards, but that’s how you appear. Lasha Darkmoon always gives thoughtful and useful material but you trolls with your off-subject ramblings just drag it down — time after time. You can’t resist derailing her pieces into nothingness. You can’t stay on point, which is probably the whole point of what you do. Always the same hit-and-run acid-throwers using noms de guerre, of course. When you use your real name you take responsibility for what you write. Every one of you bitchy trolls hides behind a fake name, which in this sort of activity is cowardly.

SARDONICUS: Let me begin by saying that you’re an exceptionally fine writer and I’ve always been one of your admirers. Some of your articles have been published on this site and you have received respect and a fair hearing. However, let me point out the flaws in your reasoning.

Firstly, only a miniscule minority of people use their real names on the internet. So to call everyone a coward who uses a pseudonym is foolish and counterproductive. For if all of on this site are “cowards” for using pseudonyms, why are you talking to us here? The truth is that anyone who agrees with you will receive a pat on the back from you, and the only people you will denounce as “cowards” are the ones who dare to contradict you. You know that. You’re smart enough to know that.

Secondly, you attack Christianity on a site where there are Christians. And you are surprised that your gratuitous attack is met with a counter-attack? You come here to spit in our faces and then get your knickers in a twist when we spit back at you? Understand this, brave warrior: for every blow you give, you will get two blows back! All your talk of “cowardice” is so much hot air. Can you prove that you are as brave as you make out? Can you prove that your bravery is not bravado?

Thirdly, your attack on Christianity is philosophically bankrupt. You know very well that the Jews hate Christianity more than anything. You walk in lockstep with the Talmudic Jews in Israel who spit on Christians. For you spit on Christians too, don’t you? So you do the Jew’s dirty work, don’t you? You are no more, I regret to say, than a Useful Idiot for the Jews. The Jews must be delighted that you nail Christ to the Cross all over again! Yes sir, you have aligned yourself with the Jews and would be happy to be ranked among the Christ killers.

Do tell me, Mr Campbell, how many militant supporters are you going to get if you alienate the vast numbers of Christians around you? You expect to recruit fine, upstanding atheists, nihilists and neopagans to fight the Jews for you?

Tolstoy was a Christian. Dostoevsky was a Christian. Pascal was a Christian. You despise them and think them “cowardly” and misguided for believing in the “Jewish” slave religion? Who are you to tell them that your own half-baked anti-Christian views are the correct ones? Ever listened to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony? Or Mozart’s Requiem? Because their music was inspired by Christianity — yes, Christianity! — the religion you tell us is the most disgusting and horrible thing ever invented!

Don’t get the idea that I hate you. Mr Campbell. I don’t. If ever you got your way and Christianity were destroyed, what would the world be like with you as Supreme Dictator? It would be hell on earth!

J.B. CAMPBELL:  All religion is mind-control. The priest-class telling people how to think and even how to live their lives in ways that benefit the controllers. The priests serve the government by keeping the people under control. Above that is the super-class that runs the government. The super-class is apparently a Judeo-Masonic cult.

The three religions that concern us are the ones supposedly derived from Abraham: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Christian and Moslem priests naturally consider themselves junior to and somewhat lesser than their Jewish colleagues. The Catholics traditionally struggled against Jewish control but this struggle has disintegrated in modern times due to the realities of Jewish banking practices and their monopoly of currency. The Protestants have not struggled against Judaism ever since the creation of the Scofield Bible, apparently commissioned by [elite Jews] Bernard Baruch and Samuel Untermyer.

To me, though, the legend of Jesus is the real problem. A mystery-man shows up, raises a little hell in the temple, annoys the priests who clamor to have the Romans arrest and execute him. For what? For answering their questions with more questions. The suggestion is that the mystery-man was the son of YHVH [YAHVEH]. This profound event took two or three days from start to finish. The finish was that his body disappeared from a tomb and this was proof that he was resurrected. An entire faith is built on this strange little happening, for which there is no evidence that it actually happened.

The story goes that for those two or three days the mystery-man had performed miracles. He was the son of YHVH. Some believers say he was  YHVH, which would have made him, of course, omnipotent. But his preordained mission was to surrender to the Romans and be crucified and suffer for our sins, whatever they be. Everything was preordained, even the betrayal by Judas. Everything had to happen the way it supposedly did. Like a play.

So my objection, ever since I was a little kid in Sunday School, was that this is an idiotic story of a guy who refused to fight, to defend himself. Mixed signals: sell your stuff and buy a sword. Guy tries to defend him with a sword [Simon Peter], but Jesus says: No, I’ll go quietly. The Romans didn’t want to mess with him but for the clamoring of the Jews.  Mystery Man can save himself but he provokes the boss to kill him. Because it had to be.

Who wrote this stuff? Jews! How does it serve them? Look, we’re so smart and powerful that we can tell the Romans what to do to you Christians, starting with your Chief Magician! What do the Christians do to assert themselves, to get their dignity back? Nothing! But hey, why should they, since the arrest and execution of the mystery-man was preordained. It had to happen.

Finally, nineteen hundred years later, the Jews got their first modern dictatorship [in the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin, 1917-1953], and to celebrate this they slaughtered millions of Christians over several decades. Did the Christians try to stop this? Not that we know of.  Except one bunch, the Germans, who tried. But all the other Christian countries went to war to destroy the Germans for this heresy — for this insult against the Jews.

Christianity is by definition impotent and worse than useless. It has been our undoing because the role model surrendered to be tortured to death, and this is the central part of his perfection.

SARDONICUS: A fine diatribe, Mr Campbell! Which reinforces my sincere belief that you are an exceptionally gifted writer with a formidable intellect. I also believe you are dead sincere and that your ideas cannot and must not be lightly dismissed. I do respect you.

However, I can’t help noting that you have neatly sidestepped all the points I have made in defense of Christianity—in particular, my central point that in attacking Christianity you are doing the dirty work of the Jews and are walking in lockstep with the Jews. As such, if you ever got your way and managed to convince everyone to give up Christianity, the Jews would be the first to rejoice and give you a medal for advancing their agenda!

Can’t you see what is blindingly obvious, Mr Campbell: that you are a Useful Idiot for the Jews?

No, you cannot! You do their work for them, chipping away at the foundations of Christianity, ridiculing it and attacking it in exactly the same way as the Jews have been doing for the last two thousand years.

JB CAMPBELL:  In regard to your points in defense of Christianity. To me, there is no defense. There is no way to excuse or minimize the damage done. Christianity protects Judaism, which is the most virulent form of spiritual, psychological and physical aggression. Human nature is to defend yourself against aggression. Whether by design or default, Christianity removed this natural human tendency by holding up Jesus as the perfect being whose every action and statement was perfection. Jesus refused to defend himself and this example was followed by his disciples and eventually by millions of believers over the centuries to come. Jesus supposedly said to love your enemies and if one of them smacks you, give him another shot. But his surrender in the garden [of Gethsemane] is the horrible example. Again, though, it had to be. The script had to be followed.

Jews hate everyone and are in a permanent state of war with everyone. You say they hate Christianity. They don’t hate it – it’s their primary weapon against us. They hate us and drove us into this faith that weakens us and removes our will not only to win but just to survive. Christians are taught to disregard political outrages against them and look forward to living with Jesus in the great bye-and-bye. They are conditioned to do what Jesus did. There is a reason that the tiny Jewish minority has been so incredibly successful, but it took centuries of conditioned response (or Christian brainwashing) which culminated with the 1917 Bolshevik takeover of Christian Russia, the essentially Jewish dictatorship. In the US, it was the 1917 Jewish takeover of banking — yet another Jewish dictatorship. Noticing the Jewish nature of either dictatorship was considered “bigotry”, mainly thanks to Christian subversion in the churches.

You think I’m an agent provocateur? If that were the case, the feds and Jews would promote me as their favorite villain, as they did with my friend Louis Beam for many years, because obviously there’s no one writing or speaking at my level – in the world. But actually, you’d never have heard of me if it weren’t for Lasha Darkmoon running some of my essays. The truth is, they don’t want people reading my stuff, which really is dangerous material. After all, I was able to create the militia movement with an obscure book and a few interviews – pre-Internet. They simply do not want such a guy getting another chance to do such an unexpected thing.

SARDONICUS:  OK, Mr Campbell. You’ve made some excellent points and made them in a very professional way: courteous, urbane, and without losing your cool. I commend you for that. I’ll stop now, as I believe our comments are being made into a “debate” for publication and we don’t want to draw it out and make it too long. All the best to you, and I wish you good luck in your struggle against the traditional Enemy!

LASHA DARKMOON  (in summary) : Well, that’s about it. I doubt if this debate will influence anyone in the slightest, either to take up Christianity or abandon it. We will all end up doing exactly what we are meant to do, like actors in a play. Poor Sardonicus! He doesn’t have a hope in hell of converting anyone to Christianity who is already adamantly opposed to it. Similarly, J.B. Campbell’s anti-Christian arguments—however rational, cogent and convincing—will cut no ice with anyone who is already in the Christian camp.

Thousands of Christ haters have railed against Christianity for the last two thousand years. J.B. Campbell isn’t the first. Not one of these anti-Christians has made the slightest impression on the mind of the already committed Christian. You might as well be speaking to the deaf. No one could have been more vitriolic in his denunciations of Christianity than Nietzsche. Did the great German philosopher succeed in destroying Christianity with his over-the-top fulminations? No, he failed dismally.

I shall be writing a rejoinder to J.B. Campbell’s attack on Christianity soon in which I will attempt to point out the flaws in his argument. Though I am not an orthodox Christian, I believe strongly that Christianity is a force for good in the world, and that attacking those who are honestly in search of Divine Reality is not only counterproductive but can have evil consequences. Today the world has 2.1 billion Christians in it. We even hear that Christianity is now spreading like wildfire to China, and that China will soon have more Christians in it than any other Western country, including the United States. Incredible, isn’t it?

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  1. The present King of Kings and Lord of Lords is a Christian, Revelation 19, the world’s elite, Governments, British media and major security services have undeniable proofs gathered over the last thirty-five years, prophecies, miracles and new knowledge. However, the decision was made to assassinate the Christian messenger, numerous attempts were unsuccessful, so attacks on his mind were made which lead to short term memory loss. At this end time with the present Christian King of Kings and 2.1 billion adherents Christianity is certainly not a loser.

    1. “Christianity is certainly not a loser.”

      Christianity, as it stands today, is a stripped down version of our human spirituality; as Christians we were ripped off of our energetic piece and, for some at least, reincarnation is real; the evidence for the latter is quite strong, and my belief is it’s true for all, but the most spiritually evolved.

      Also, the ‘turn the other cheek’ crap, when faced with evil, is just that: CRAP, in fact rather convenient for the lords of crime that have milked our country for over a 100 years, that are now killing our people, and theirs in their feeble attempt to disarm us! The latter will never work; Americans may give up one or two, but you can be certain their best defenses are buried with a good supply of 30.06 ammo to pick those fracks off from a mile away! (I know this as we train ‘bunny busting’ from

      One cannot even understand the bible without Eastern philosophy and their numbers lingo; it says in Mat 6 to ‘take no thought’, yet if you tell a ‘Christian leader’ you’re doing just that, aka meditating, he’ll tell you the ‘devil’s going to get you’ and ‘it does NOT mean ‘take no thought’!
      (6 means death [of EGO] and 22 is the ‘most powerful’.)

      Whether they’re shills, brainwash victims or fools, it matters not!

      1. @ Twaine Anderson

        Spare us the the anti-Christian platitudes, Mr Anderson, and tell us something we haven’t heard before. You sound like a redneck ignoramus, thoroughly brainwashed by the Jews. Didn’t you know that reincarnation was part of early Church doctrine and that Christ himself made comments quite compatible with reincarnation?

        The New Christianity, about which you obviously know nothing, is not only compatible with Eastern philosophy but with the latest findings of quantum physics.

        So do go back to school and get yourself a more advanced education! 🙂

      2. Well said, Madame Butterfly!

        I was just about to leave this website, having strayed onto it by chance, when I read your comment. This made me stay and post my first comment. You sound intelligent and educated.

        I’m not sure if this is the website for me since I’m a very sensitive person who has just graduated from a finishing school in Switzerland and am accustomed to being treated with respect and deference.

        D’you think I’ll be given a fair hearing here and treated politely?

      3. @ Jollymops

        D’you think I’ll be given a fair hearing here and treated politely?

        That depends, darling, if you can find something intelligent to say that will enthral the cognoscenti and appeal to the Higher Mind!

        If you are as silly as your name makes you sound, you don’t stand a dog’s chance! 🙂

      4. Please don’t be harsh with me! I need kindness and respect.
        I’m a very sensitive plant. And I’m highly intelligent too.

      5. You could have fooled me! 🙂

        Try posting an on-topic comment, sweetheart, and stop jerking me around. I’ve no time for snobbish finishing school girls who think the world owes them special treatment.

        Away with you, chinless wonder!

  2. The Catholic Church until Vatican II (1962-65) had a long-standing policy re- relations with Jews, called “Sicut Iudeis non,” beginning with Pope Gregory I (“the Great”) in the late 6th C. It stipulated that Jews were not to be permitted to undermine the faith and morals of Christians, and Christians were not permitted to do harm to the persons or property of Jews.” It was the best and most effective policy in dealing with Jewish subversion of the societies in which they lived. If they violated this policy, they were punished, and Christians were punished if they did violence to Jews or their property. Since the 1960s especially, the Catholic Church and virtually all Protestant churches have caved in to Jewish ideological warfare and mind control and the result is they treat their long time enemies (the Jews) as their “elder brothers in the faith” and hold similarly absurd ideas.

    As for Mr Campbell’s statement that “[Jesus’s] body disappeared from a tomb and this was proof that he was resurrected. An entire faith is built on this strange little happening, for which there is no evidence that it actually happened,” I counter, along with many of the greatest minds in the last 2000 years, that there is overwhelming evidence for the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and any alternative attempt to explain what happened to his body does not hold up to rational scrutiny. The main reason people choose not to believe in the Resurrection, the divinity of Christ, and the truth of Christianity is that they refuse to repent of their favorite sins, more often than not “sins of the flesh,” for which Our Lady of Fatima said more souls go to hell than for any other reason. To paraphrase the great Pascal, we humans do not see except with the heart, which guides the way for the eyes. Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.” The impure of heart cannot see God, since they have willfully blinded themselves to the truth. Blindness of spirit is the result of unrepentant sin. When we humble ourselves before our Creator and Redeemer, the scales fall from the eyes of our soul and we experience true freedom, which is the power to do the will of God, who loves us infinitely and desires that we love Him in return. The only “weak” Christianity is the pseudo-Christianity that has abandoned its authentic nature and made compromises with the spirit of the world and with the enemies of Christ instead of engaging in the spiritual warfare against both for which Christ has called us.

    So what happened to Christ’s body, Mr Campbell? Have you even read the four gospels and then decided you don’t believe in their veracity? I think one has to hope they are not true in order to be able to come to the conclusion that they are not true. The head indeed follows the heart.

  3. Christianity is one of a multitude of myths designed to alleviate mankind’s fear of death and to assuage natural instincts. Its more successful variants are also used for political control.

    At its best, Christianity encourages us not to kill our own folk.
    At its worst, it teaches us to love enemies and to avoid destroying them — especially (((them))).

    “Government” is anathema when controlled by enemies; then it is usually best to resist in anonymity, if possible.

    First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

    1. xtianuty descended from christ and his deciples earlest jewgs

      end of the story dont creat non sensical conspjracy theoories to poison mind of pious xtians

  4. All this arguing wouldn’t exist if Israel (which includes JB Campbell, Loius Beam, myself, and many others) would have had the fortitude to maintain “separateness”, as instructed in Scripture. Along came Jesus – “ONLY unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel” – and Israelites misconstrued His Word as all-inclusive. Along came Catholicism, and twisted His Word into a tool of megalomania. Along came jew, and was wily enough to perceive the advantage.
    I separate my “Christianty” from “Churchianity” for that reason, and try to emulate David when he asked The Lord “Have I not loved what You love, and hate what You hate??”
    I have to agree with Campbell about cowardice. However, it isn’t Jesus’ fault – it’s due to our own perversion of The Word, and Christianity. Pray for discernment! Be bold enough to declare it! Keep your powder dry!

    1. All religion is about control. In the early 90’s Donaldo briefly dated a Thai Muslim girl. She was wealthy and owned her own gold shop. At first we talked of marriage. But after observing some of her behavior I just had to leave the relationship. While walking in public she would always follow 2 steps behind. When eating in a non-Muslim restaurante, she would always wipe her chair with a cloth before sitting explaining that the guest before her perhaps had eaten pork and perspired on the arms of the chair. During Ramadad most Muslims fast. This includes no water or beverages from sunrise to sunset. During this period, she even refused to swallow her own saliva choosing to spit in a cup all day instead. Aaaaahhhh yes. Religión. The ultimate form of mind control. Scripture of itself can be good but is also subject to interpretation especially from language to language. Turn the other cheek? What was really meant? Pat once pointed out that the biblical parable of a camal passing through the eye of a needle was complelely wrong. The words rope and camel were similar. Anyway, to each his own. Donaldo doesnt oppose religión just as long as it encourage the use of human diligence and intelligence. 🙂

      1. Following and understanding the will of God takes hours of meditation and great insight. My Talmudic studies have caused me to become a BORN AGAIN JEW. But I cannot be expected to be perfect, I can only hope bits of God rub off on me. At the present time I am teaching two former Jesus followers to read Hebrew. In a few months they will be focusing on Talmudic insights.

        ADMIN: Most of our readers, as you probably know, think the Talmud one of the most evil books in the world. Full of the most alarming quotations, recommending pedophilia and death to the goyim. Have we been reading the wrong book?

    1. “Obey us, and when you die everything will be fine”. Psychological blackmail.

      . . .

      . . . And always the message of the priests.

      Religions’ fundamental goal has always been to separate man from his Lover. The first step was to give the Beloved a snappy name designed to invoke a certain mental state within man. That name was “God.”

      The second step was to create intermediaries between man and “God.” These were the priests who claimed a special status with their Gods and thus could speak for them, because man had lost his reasoning and forgotten his innate capacity to connect directly with the Beloved, a connection as close as one’s jugular. But then is that not always the connection between lovers?

      This has been the essence of the esoteric teaching. Since the beginning, man has had direct connection to his most basic desire, i.e. to reconnect with his Lover, the oneness, the ineffable, the intelligent design – “God.”

      Just as all governments hate anarchy that challenges their authority, all religions hate anything that shows man his direct connection with his Lover, a concept that challenges the power of the priesthood. For if man has a direct connection with his Beloved, what need is there for priests and their religions? Just as all governments have mercilessly pursued and persecuted true anarchists, all religions have mercilessly hounded and persecuted those who have led man to his direct connection to the Beloved.

      That is why the truths found in the esoteric teachings have been obscured and gone underground. The Sufis say they were once sign makers, openly posting their signs; but when religious authorities began persecuting them for their signs, they took their information underground and there it has remained ever since. The Sufis say this can only be experienced; that trying to impart this knowledge with words is like “trying to send a kiss by messenger.”

      Only when one has properly prepared themselves for the truth, will a teacher find them. Yet how many devote themselves in preparation of a search for truth? How many are willing to consecrate their lives to the path of enlightenment in search of the Beloved? Look at the fingers on your hand.

      “Are you searching for your soul? Then come out of your prison. Leave the stream and join the river that flows into the ocean. Absorbed in this world you’ve made it your burden. Rise above this world. There is another vision…”
      ― Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

      1. Arch
        Say no more! This is the kind of comment I look for when combing through the multitudinous words in these threads.

        For that matter, it encapsulates much of what I write about, which is no small task when you consider that it is meant to reflect the Sufi’s great saying you quoted

        “this can only be experienced; that trying to impart this knowledge with words is like trying to send a kiss by messenger”

        Says it all

  5. When I was growing up, the house had a negro cook, negro housekeeper, and gardener. They resided on the place, were well-cared for, and they took good care of us right back. For a couple of years, when I resided there, alone, before I was married, the old negress cook would have dinner ready for me whenever I got home from work. As much as I invited, she would NEVER sit down with me to dine, and said “It ain’t never been done in dis house, and I ain’t gwine to be de one who starts it!”. She was very conscious of religious propriety. She had a fit when I invited my plant manager in Fredericksburg to Sunday dinner with guests, because he was a negro.
    Trying to ignore Truth has caused all of us no end of trouble. We can love and care for each other without mingling our blood. There is no commandment to be oppressive – just separate.

    1. When I was growing up, the house had a French cook, an Irish housekeeper, and an Italian gardener. Only Episcopalians were invited into the parlor for afternoon tea and crumpets. That’s how things were when I was growing up. 🙂

      1. Maybe, but then they got you all mixed-up in your formative years, TROJ. The resultant trajedy of diversity is obvious, and you seem often very confused. Did your momma abandon you??? Did the Irish housekeeper molest you? Did the French cook sodomize you? People want to know! 😐

  6. My goal is to save the Jews from violence. I do this by attending Atheist forums and convert some to Christianity. So far I have succeeded in having 36 Atheists accept Jesus. I am a Jew who understands that Jesus believers support the survival of the State of Israel. My neighbor was a Jew hater until I convinced him to turn the other cheek and follow the words of Jesus. Bless the Lord.

  7. People who believe in “overwhelming evidence” when there is none or little; people who blindly believe in one of the founding texts or traditions of the worlds 4500 religions; such people cannot be reasoned with. Therefore this whole “debate” is mute.

    However, the Creator did provide us with a brain and mind. Try respecting Him by engaging these God given faculties BEFORE engaging a fantastical heart.

    Campbell’s thesis is that the forerunners of today’s media liars, , ancient Tribe members, propagated a lie to benefit themselves.

    Normally on this site, such a proposal would be greeted with knowing nods, but because the C word is invoked, in this case it is rejected.

  8. I repeat ‘ Christianity’ is a jewish plot fabricated by the jew Saul or under his other name ‘ Paul’. Jews love to change their names, stories, bible, history etc. The first ‘ christians’ were jews and after the beginning they hid that they were jews to the roman Goyim. ‘ Paul’ was a double agent fir the Sanhedrin to brainwash the Goyim if he ever existed. Stories many stories about jews. The testimonies are always jews. Read the book, the fabbrication of Paul. Don’t forget that not a few ‘ roman’ emperors were of notroman descent but of ‘ fenician’, ‘ syrian’ and orher strange origin.. don’t forget the many ‘ christian’ jews in our times. You can see them always in the church. More holy than holy but always contact with their brothers of the synaguogue. Get rid of every jewish fable of everything vomitd by jews. By the way Darkmoon is a a jewish site. Shalom juden or jewish ‘ christians’ should I say.

    1. Lasha must be a cryptic/Talmudic Jew because she hosts discarded Bible thumpers. May she receive good fortune with many Shekels.

  9. All organized religions are mind control Psy-ops and are bereft of true spirituality. So many of the original gospels and books on primordial Christianity have been destroyed or obfuscated by the church. There is far more to the real origins of the races of mankind than what is posited in the so-called Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I have no problem with an Aryan, avatar, warrior Kristianity with is totally congruent with ancient Aryan solar initiatory rites which effect personal transformation. The milksop, turn the other cheek and love your enemies tripe the Yids can keep.

    1. “organized religion is mind control” you say? Yeah, that’s about right.

      Jews want to tell you they are descendants of Abraham and are promised the homeland. Even the jewish encyclopedia identify the ashkenazi have no genetic relation to the sephardic jews. Ashkenazi was a spontanious creation of central Europe.

      Christianity depends upon the believer accepting Jesus as sired by god. Mary was in the custody of the Sanhedrin because her family could not pay the redemption tax imposed on their first-born child. She became pregnant at puberty and had to be removed from the Temple to prevent defiling the institute. Under any other condition, society would reflect on pedophilia. His resentment against the tax-collecting religious establishment, as evidenced in his singular appearance in a synagogue which almost led to his stoning, and his disruption of the temple money changers who exchanged the Roman, Greek, and Egyptian coins in circulation for the shekels required for trade in the temple courtyard (a financial ripoff for the economic benefit of the temple which could be similar to a sales tax), which led to his execution, can acquire a completely different meaning.

      1. Christianity depends upon the believer accepting Jesus as sired by god. Mary was in the custody of the Sanhedrin because her family could not pay the redemption tax imposed on their first-born child.

        Where did you come up with this idea? You are right on track with this obscure knowledge! You might find chapter two of my book interesting, just click on my name. Jews claim Miriam was a cosmetician or hairdresser. Christians say Miriam was a weaver. I found no conflict in these two disparate versions, as she was both. Miriam’s father, a Temple priest, refused to pay the sacrificial tax for her redemption. This was unusual for a son, but not a daughter. Thus, Miriam became property of the Temple, as were all unredeemed children. There were young girls called “Temple virgins” that performed such tasks as weaving and washing the priests’ bloody garments after the sacrifice. They would do so until they reached womanhood in their teens, at which point they were removed from Temple service.

        The priests put Miriam to work as a very young child, weaving the Temple veil that hung in the holy of holies. Later, the Essene taught her cosmetician skills, along with Temple customs and law, in order to attract a priest so her son’s bloodline for the priesthood would be indisputable. Miriam was far from a simple peasant girl. Miriam combined her weaving skills with her cosmetician skills to become a renowned hair weaver among the local women and in doing so was discovered by Joseph, a Temple priests who was working on the Temple’s inner sanctum as a carpenter, as only priests could enter that realm.

        Joseph was kohein gadol for one day after his uncle became ritually impure from a nocturnal emission and could not officiate over the annual Paschal sacrifice. It was then Joseph learned the secrets of the holy of holies and it was there Jesus was later conceived. Jesus was in fact “a son of God,” but so were all Temple priests claiming that title for their members. The title “son of man,” that Jesus uses frequently in reference to himself, simply meant he was a Jew. Jesus did this to identify with his people, saying in effect, “I don’t hold myself above you like other priests “I’m just like you – a son of Adam.”

        Joseph’s parental role is later confirmed when “Joseph of Arimathea,” a wealthy Temple priest, provides Jesus a final resting place in his personal sepulcher, an act that would be unthinkable for anyone but the closest of family members, like a son. But why hide Joseph’s role as Jesus’ father? The answer is obvious for later Christians, as their belief system is dependent on Jesus literally being sired by the Jewish god YHVH. However, the reason is far more mundane. There was a vey rational reason for hiding Joseph’s parental role, one that has been overlooked by both Christians and Jews. Considering Joseph’s status with the Temple, his relationship with his rebellious son might well have had tragic consequences. To protect his reputation, if not his life, Jesus’ birth was said to be of a miraculous nature. This explains why Joseph drops almost completely from the story soon after Jesus’ birth, only to return at the very end.

        It also explains why there is no mention of Joseph’s presence during “the passion.” He was most assuredly among the Sanhedrin at Jesus’ trial and among the priests attending his crucifixion as well. One can only imagine how Joseph felt at that moment, as his Temple brethren tortured and mocked his son dying on the cross. Joseph was also one of the witnessing priests at Jesus’ initiation into the priesthood by his nephew John, an act that, by law, required three witnessing priests. This Mikveh initiation ceremony, called “baptism” by Christians, occurred in the “the Jordan beyond the Jordan” at bet anya, which meant “house of alms” or in more modern parlance “house of the poor.”

        Bet anya was a small village located just outside Jerusalem where there were five springs. These springs, comprising what was called “the Jordan beyond the Jordan,” fed the river some distance away. More importantly, their waters complied with laws governing the Mikveh. John’s Mikveh, or “baptism,” forgave the sins of those too poor to pay the Temple’s sacrificial tribute for sin, but John’s purification ceremony provided only temporary forgiveness for sins, whereas Jesus’ blood sacrifice would “fulfill the law,” abolishing the sins of all Israel permanently. That is why John said “one mightier than I cometh.” It was during Jesus’ ritual initiation into the priesthood that Joseph said to his fellow priests, “this is my son in whom I am well pleased.” No doubt, the burial of Jesus in Joseph’s newly constructed personal tomb raised more than one eyebrow among his fellow priests, but by then his son’s work was finished.

        Where did Jesus go during his childhood? He was taken by Essene sages to their Nazarene monastery next door to Jesus’ birthplace, the little village of bet laham, or “house of bread,” as the Galil region north of Mount Carmel was a fertile area for growing grain. This is not the “Bethlehem” of Christian tradition that lies more than a hundred kilometers away, south of Jerusalem.

        Take a look at this map of pre first century Judea. Look at the names in the region around the plain of Megiddo, just North of Mount Carmel. (top third of the map) Now compare it with this map of first century Judea and look for Nazareth in the same area. It was there at the Nazarene monastery Jesus was inducted into the esoteric tradition and taught Temple law and custom.

        Jesus would later use this knowledge effectively in countering the Temple priest’s hypocritical corruption and their bloody sacrificial tradition, until finally offering himself up as the final Paschal sacrifice that annually cleansed the nation of Israel of its sins. Jesus did not work alone in this effort. The Essene brotherhood helped him stage various events that would awaken people to the Temple’s corrupt practices. It was a plan, an Essene conspiracy to bring down the Temple.

        It’s an astounding story, far greater in magnitude than the simple minded, magical, mystical religious claptrap that replaced it soon after Jesus’ death. It is criminal the Abrahamic religions have suppressed this story in their efforts to advance and maintain their religions. This incredible story came to me little by little over a 25 year span of historical research on the spiritual path. I never looked for it and never set out to write it. Because I am neither Christian nor atheist, I had no ax to grind with religion. This allowed a far more objective view than past writings about this subject.

        As the pieces came together, I was astonished by the events. While writing this story, I often found myself incredulous at what I was seeing on the screen, saying to myself “It’s unbelievable all these telling details could have been overlooked for more than two millennia.” Why? Because people do not know the Jews. They do not know Jewish religion, history, customs or culture.

        When I review the story today, it is as if someone else wrote it. It is like nothing I have ever heard, nothing anyone else suspected, outside perhaps the Jews and they are not going to reveal their sacred Temple’s utter corruption. The more I studied the life of Jesus and first century Judea from a historical, cultural and archeological perspective, the more I found validation in the story. It is what eventually enlightened me to the true nature of the Jew.

        Jesus! One of the greatest men that ever lived, a man who sacrificed his life fighting his Jewish brethren’s corrupt religious practices.

  10. Jesus H. Christ! How many times do I have to write it? Jesus had nothing to do with the goyim, as he clearly states twice! in Matthew 10 and 15.

    Jesus was an anointed, Jewish priest that came to “fulfill the law,” an act that would deliver his people from the onerous grip of the Jews’ first central bank, the Temple, by fulfilling the contractual “covenant” with the Jew’s Temple god YHVH.

    To accomplish that, Jesus had to offer himself as the final blood sacrifice of the sacrificial system on which the Temple based its income. From beginning to end, it was a plan, an Essene plan, to bring down the Temple. Judas was Jesus’ right-hand man in the plan. His “betrayal” was purposely staged as part of the plan. That is why Jesus knows who will betray him and why he tells Judas to “go quickly.”

    So how many Christians have ever sacrificed to YHVH? Then what exactly is Jesus delivering them from? Saul/Paul, the Temple’s murdering persecutor of Jesus’ followers, (NOT Christians, as no such thing existed at the time) went in total, direct, contradiction to the master’s command: “Stay the hell away from the goy!”

    Christianity is NOT about Jesus. It has nothing – N-O-T-H-I-N-G – to do with Jesus. It’s all about your standard issue, lying, murdering, conniving, thieving, self serving Jew, Saul/Paul, lusting for the power of the Temple’s kohein gadol.

    Take Jesus out of the Christian picture by putting his story in true, historical perspective and whatta’ ya got? Just another stinking Jewish religion based on the Old Testament Torah, overlaid with a bunch of smarmy, misdirected, feel good gobbledygook, typical of Jewish wordsmiths. Get rid of Saul/Paul’s Jesus myths and Christianity is finished.

    That’s why I returned to this stinking Jewish hell hole, to help deliver my people from Christianity’s lies, but so far I haven’t had much success with anyone listening. Instead, they go right on blathering back and forth as they have done since the day Saul/Paul had his epileptic vision at that gas station just outside Damascus. Did too! Did not! Did too! Did not! Jesus said on the cross “it is finished.” Not quite. It won’t be finished until the white man crucifies Saul/Paul on the cross of truth.

    If Jesus had fully realized the massively destructive outcome of his efforts to bring down the Temple, I have no doubt he would never opened his mouth. He would have allowed Temple Jews to continue sacrificing his people instead of sacrificing himself. It sure would have been a lot less painful in the long run and ya’ know what, it couldn’t happen have happened to a more rotten bunch of Jews.

    Once again – dat’s da name of dat tune.

    1. You’re wrong there. Jesus did not fulfil any contractual obligation to “the Jews Temple God”. He was an agent acting for God. The contractual obligation to be fulfilled was with the priests, scribes and people. Once that obligation was fulfilled; the contract was over and everyone was free to make new contracts.

      Contract = covenant.

      1. I pointed out your equation in my post. More explanation is required for your statement to make sense. How did Jesus’ blood sacrifice fulfill any contractual obligation with priests, scribes and people? What contractual obligation was there between Jesus and the priests, scribes and people? What law did Jesus come to fulfill with them and what was the reason for his crucifixion as a blood sacrifice, if it did not fulfill the sacrificial covenant of Torah law, delivered by YHVH, that comprised the very basis for the blood sacrifice? Was it Just mere inconsequential happenstance ?

        Nails were expensive hand wrought item in the first century. As late as the 1800s people would burn down their old house when they moved to recover the nails. Romans did not typically use such items for executions. Outside of sailing vessels, nails were rarely used in construction and even there, nails were used sparingly. The Romans typically tied there victims to the cross with rope that was every bit as effective, much cheaper and more readily available than nails.

        In fact that is what apocrypha says about the two criminals executed on ether side of Jesus, they were tied with rope in the traditional manner of Roman crucifixion. This makes sense as it would have dispensed with questions about who was a blood sacrifice that day.

        If the significance of the crucifixion’s fulfilling of the Temple’s blood covenant with YHVH is removed, then the story of Jesus is meaningless, with no relevance in the context of its day. One is then left with the magical, mystical, Christian nonsense that Jesus died on the cross to forgive the sins of the world. An utterly absurd claim in the context of a story written by Jews, for Jews, about Jews.

  11. Beethoven’s Ninth? Bah. The Ode to Joy (“all men will become brothers”) is the anthem of the European Union and the go-to tune for leftists everywhere. Look it up. The last movement of the ninth has a kind of out-of-control madness to it that passes for “greatness”. OOM PAH PAH, OOM PAH PAH!

  12. This has all to do with symptoms for which the diagnosticians know of no cure. They are passed masters at defining the symptoms but they’re clueless when it comes to finding a cure. The spiritual war between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness has been going on since before humans were created. It’s the age-old war between the Spirit of Christ and the Spirit of Antichrist (Old Testament Baal, the second most powerful of the fallen angels. He is Satan’s right-hand-man so to speak per Revelation 13:2).

    Talmudism is an invention of the spirit of Antichrist that he propped up to promote himself. Christian Zionism is a spiritual virus that is rooted in the spirit of Antichrist manifesting through Talmudism (the Lord allows it as a test to see who is going to follow who). Most Christians in America have been infected with it, but not all, and not all of those who have been infected with it are seriously infected with it. I think that in the not-too-distant future the Lord is going to shake out Christianity like one would shake out a bed sheet, and everything that isn’t part of him will come flying off. And the sooner the better I say.

  13. “IUSA the KRST was born in a stable on the 25th. December, of a Virgin called IsisMery.
    He taught in the Temple at age 12 and was baptized at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser – who was beheaded.
    He had 12 companions, walked on water and healed the sick and raised the dead.
    He was crucified, died and was buried in a tomb of rock – such as a pyramid.
    He was resurrected, of course.”
    Christianity was the spiritual way of the Egyptians and is related to astrology.
    Read Christ in Egypt. by DM Murdock
    Read Egypt Knew No Pharaohs or Israelites.
    Read about the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria – by the Essenes who
    were Jews and who usurped the teachings of the way of Christianity.
    Read all the books of Tony Bushby’s
    But understand that there never was a Jew called Jesus Christ!
    Read about all the other religious symbols like Christ such as Krishna and Mithras – and many others.
    THAT is what is so amazing – the Jews have been telling us the most amazing lie for a very long time!
    Not even the Torah is theirs.
    The alphabet they like to call their “sacred” alphabet came from the Egyptians and was never anything at all to do with them!
    How have they managed to fool the entire World for so long?
    The Semitic Jews originated in Yemen according to Ashraf Ezzat and there is archaeological evidence there.
    The present “royal” family of Saudi Arabia – which is really just the Arabian Desert – are Jews.
    Read The Bible Unearthed. by Israel Finkelstein. and watch this fascinating video made by John McCarthy after he was released from fve years of solitary confinement in Beirut. VERY interesting.
    The ancient little place called Israel had nothing to dowithany Jews or Hebrew or even Habiru.
    The last ruler there was Ahab (whose wife was Jezebel) and Senacherib destroyed it all and those he did nt kill he distributed all over the Empire – a few escaped to the South and took shelter in (the tiny very poor little village of Jerusalem” to quote Israel Finekslstein,

    1. Good comment. ‘ christ’ is an invention of the jews in a Hegelian way. They lie and cheat and get/got away with it because they had and have the keypositions in every country. It’s the jews who sell us ‘ Christ’ as they know that they have nothing to fear of the Goyim as long as yhe Goyim believe in this invented ‘ christ’. Who do you think sponsors the ‘ christian’ churches in the jewsa? Of course the jews/israel through shady foundations and trusts. We the Goyim are ruled more than 2000 years by the jews. Our history has been falsified by the jews. Look at the cultures all before ‘ christ’ sofisticated. What have the jews done? Where is their culture? Invented a bible and brainwashed the goyim. It’s a shame tbe goyim have been so brainwashed. We can thank the jewish ‘ christians’ for that. You find this jewish ‘ christians’ in ‘ catholicism’, in ‘ protestantism’ in ‘ islam’, with the ‘ mormons’ etc.

      1. Love thy neighbor was the ultimate teaching by Jesus. That wisdom has led to the safety of Jews in the Western world. Only a Nazi disrespects Jews and dishonors the teachings of Jesus. Rulers must be loved even if Jewish.

    2. Actually, I believe that Jesus was really born in September. The annunciation obviously happened in December. This Dec 25 th malarkey is a hi-jacking of an established pagan festival by the church fathers. Maybe, they did this so that they could continue following their pagan beliefs under a Christian veneer.

      1. Melvin,
        Maybe that butterfly has found Its way into one of your bottom channels. I tell you from Jew to Jew…..youre full of it schmuck. 🙂

      2. Kerdasi –

        But then…. the pagans in the southern hemisphere got the months wrong…. 🙂
        It is fall there when spring in the north.. etc.

    3. Congratulations Astraea. I haven’t read all the comments. But you are the only one that I have read that has introduced some serious scholarship and sanity into this debate. I personally knew D.M. Murdock. She stopped in to visit in ’05 for a bit when she was on the run from her former companion, the Jewish father of her young son who wanted to take the boy from her. No big surprise there.
      D.M. also wrote “Who Was Jesus?” and “Did Moses Exist?” and “Suns of God” and her first book “The Christ Conspiracy The Greatest Story Ever Sold” the later two books under the name Acharya S. About two years ago she passed on to the great unknown from breast cancer. Way to young. D.M was a world class scholar, a women of great beauty in body and spirituality. A credit to the great Aryan race.
      The four volumes of Australian Tony Bushby as well as Finkelstein’s “The Bible Unearth” occupy the space next to the seminal works of Acharya S-D.M. Murdock.
      The bottom line is “Christianity” existed thousands of years before the mythical birth of Jesus Christ. Bushby thinks Jesus was an historical character that had a twin brother (a Zealot ) that were great grandsons of both Palestinian and Roman royalty, While D.M.’s scholarship shows that Jesus was most likely not an historical figure.


    JB Campbell – thank you. You are a powerful and brilliant man and what you say is spot-on. There is no attack of Christians in these writings. JB has expressed truths regarding a religious belief system that is disempowering to the masses and supportive of satanic judaism. In fact, Christianity contains many satanic elements itself — such as the symbolic eating of a dead man’s body parts and drinking of his blood — which is quite obviously a satanic ritual, and yet somehow Christians do not see it. They are under mind control — a jewish spell. And the reason that satanism permeates Christianity is because it is birthed out of satanic judaism. And now this “good” religion has become so infested with crypto-jews, there is little or no sign of Jesus’ rage against the satanic viper jews within the Christian community itself. This aspect of the story is not often discussed in churches where they should be shouting from the rooftop that organized jewry is the synagogue of satan. Instead, far too many Christians defend jews who, whether they know it or not, are all part of a serpent-worshiping, incestuous, pedophiliac, infant torturing, genital mutilating, blood drinking, foreskin eating, murderous, genocidal sex cult.
    Naturally, individual jews participate in the satanic elements of judaism to varying degrees just as individual Christians may speak out against judaism and jews. The overwhelming majority of Christians, however, are completely asleep and have fallen under a centuries long jewish spell that prevents them from seeing what is right in front of their face. These same people have often become a menace to their own children (such as in America where Christian parents hand their infant sons over to these butchers for genital torture and mutilation — because after all, “god” demands circumcision). WELL WHAT GOD ARE THEY WORSHIPPING???? Certainly not the Real Creator who created the magnificent male penis with foreskin attached FOR A REASON! But these mind controlled zombies cannot see that and believe what the jews tell them — i.e., that cutting off the most sensitive part of the male penis is “beneficial.” Such is the idiocy of a religiously mind controlled population, the majority of whom overwhelming serve the jews and the dark side.

    Still, if I were given the choice to live amongst jews, christians or muslims, I would choose Christians, hands-down because there is still some semblance of morality within Christian communities. Granted, there is enormous hypocrisy in these communities as well, but generally speaking, Christians don’t busy themselves devising ways to kill all non-Christians and take over the world. That is a wholly jewish exercise which I prefer to stay far away from.

    1. It was very sweet of Madame Butterfly to wait for Melvin to be released from Spamblinka prison. I see the TWO are back together again and it looks like they’re having a very good time together, RE-United once again! It was worth waiting for your Melvin to get out of prison, right Butterfly? She didn’t cheat on you , Melvin, not even once, when you were in Spamblinka. She didn’t cheat on you, Mel, she was TOO busy indulging in the ¡Great! jew tradition of stabbing her “friends” in the back while you were in solitary. She showed no interest in cheating, only stabbing her “friends” in the back, you can be proud of her!

    2. Circumcision is now known to preclude excruciating foreskin problems in older males. In fact, the past few decades have witnessed a large number of uncircumcised American males over fifty whose foreskins developed a sort of glue which impeded urination and sexual activity, which led to diseases of urinary tracts and terrible skin infections. Several physicians with whom I am acquainted have regularly performed this day-patient surgery. One of the nurses told me she was the designated “root puller” who had to peel down the skin for trimming. Ergo, it is not a ritual – but, rather, a remedy. It is also very painful. (Glad it was done on me in infancy! 😊)

  15. Srila Prabhupada: So many people have asked me, “Do you value Christianity?”
    “Yes, I say. “If you faithfully follow your Christian religion, you will become perfect.”

    Srila Prabhupada: And Christ’s name—originally he was called “Jesus of the Christ.”

  16. A few great Truths survived the miasma, from thence to flow in plasma, a watery portion of whole blood. None of us now can claim a full-blooded inheritance — not at this late date! “The Kingdom of GOD is within” is one. “I and the Father am one” another.

    Look into a mirror, dear friends, correspondents, commenters, and lurkers! Look for a long, long moment, which can stretch unbearably boringly, either excitingly luminescently or darkly intriguingly, sinusoidally writhing like a snake in agony. Then let go. Know that I AM. Say in affirmation “I am that I AM”, this yet another Truth sublimated from the morass we call “consciousness”, a misnomer.

    Mirror on the Wall, tell me all! Spiegelwerke (Mirror Work, Louise Hay a portal to this avenue!) leads inexorable to Mirror Sight, the most acute of all senses, the Third Eye opened, the Christ Light shining through, illuminating, projecting, including. Be at peace, there is that I AM within you! Knock, and the door shall open. Many Truths have survived the on-going purge and, today, thrive!

  17. Some interesting comments but may I add that true Christianity would mean that wars would not be fought. For example Germany in WW2 would not have had a Wehrmacht if the the citizens had applied Christianity, ‘he who lives by the sword, dies by it’. The word Fuhrer means Leader but Christians have but one Leader, Jesus Christ. The command to be separate from the world meant being a Conscientious Objector and if that meant a concentration camp and possible execution, then Christians would indeed be following their role model. The whole world belongs to Satan, didn’t we read it as being offered to Jesus if he but did one act of worship to Satan? But take courage, Jesus conquered the world by maintaining his integrity to his Father to the end, and we must strive to do likewise.

  18. Very few responders have ever done any research into the origins of the religion of Christianity or “the jews.”
    Most of the rhetorict of the responders is based on emotions not on reality or research. Jesus was not a jew. His linage was as an Israelite. Jews are Edomites, not Israelites. Jesus never came to start the Christian religion. That was never his purpose. That was done by the Romans and Edomites 300 years later. Followers of his example while he lived are not to be wimps as the Christian religions priests and ministers say they should be. JB Campbell is right. Jesus was a tough rebel, he did what he could do to resist the tyranny of his culture which was dominated by the Edomite jews of the day. They, in collaboration with the Edomite jews crucified him. the Bible says we are to resist evil. JB may or may not be correct in his methods, but he is right when he tells us to resist evil and evil doers.

    1. And you, sir, Dr. Jim — the kind of doctor, unlike me (Ph.D.), who helps people? — did you scientifically, statistically reliably sample “responders” to determine the extent of research — if any — each might have done “into the origins of the religion of Christianity or ‘the jews’”? [I myself highly recommend Judaism Discovered, Michael Hoffman’s master work.) You assert “most of the rhetoric of the responders is based on emotions not on reality or research”. Please explain how you came to know this with the degree of certainty implicit in your expression. I await your response, fellow responder!

      1. One doesn’t have to be a PhD to understand the contexts of history. It should be clear, if you have read enough, that “Dr. Jim” is correct. Edomites have co-opted the name “Israel” just as they have stolen Palestine. There is power in the Word. “Research” includes reading it.

  19. I find the whole argument – All religion is mind control – very disingenuous.

    It’s borderline orxymoronic, like other abstracts in our modern lexicon; War On Terror™ or Department Of Justice®.

    The Jewish attempt to re subvert Christianity through the actions of Saul are not lost on many of us. Saul went from being the equivilant to a mossad agent, rounding up disadents and executing them to becoming a teli-evangelist, Fundimatally nothing has changed in thousands of years. Saul – The Apostle Paul commissioned a great part of the new testament to attempt to capitalize on the legal system, you see Saul’s trade was “Law”™®©

    Saul is notorious as he is the first jewish attempt to subvert early Christ ianity. His actions resulted in the first Christian martyr. In fact Rabbi Gamaliel, Saul’s mentor and teacher, was a part of a very active jewish council that was openly prosecuting (not persecuting) those who refuse to cease preaching in the name of Jesus….

    J.B. Campbell – This is why I have zero respect for you and your ilk. You suffer from smug.
    In your smug intellectually superior state you seem to think Christians don’t know this information. Then you treat us like idjots.
    We’ve collectively forgotten more about the Bible and it’s information than you have even learned… But you keep on preaching at us little man..

    1. I may have floated this comment into another stream or other. At risk of repeating my Self here, I once had a realization that early “religions” were “direct government” for incarnate souls. Once most if not all souls had — finally! — lost easy touch with Self, thus also with GOD, and identified more with Body — the intrinsic link between Soul-Self and Soul-Body we often call Mind (cf. Yogi Bhajan’s The Mind) — corporal governments could take effective form, shuck off the now valueless vestments of “religion”, and proceed to take control, to dominate through physical force and “special education”.

      Our current plight features vestigial religion(s); multiple, vying governments; and newly emergent “global corporations” competing for possession, direction, and employment of soul-full creatures, most numerous, it would seem, so-called human beings. At least one faction would appreciate a lowering of the bar — 500 million such, no more!

      Rev. Blighton (“Father Paul”) founded The Holy Order of MANS (HOOM) about 50 years ago now (ref. Teachers he taught said that he claimed to be (Saint) Paul reincarnated. Non-sectarian, nondenominational, HOOM certainly appealed to me circa 1970s! For example, I completed the two-year “Discipleship Course”, including one assignment that entailed re-writing the New Testament in one’s own words. My, did I encounter passages never addressed from pulpits of the Roman Catholic Church!!

      Eventually formally teacherless, I later trudged along a long, winding road that led me here, typing away. Christ vs. Anti-Christ? Christian? Christianity? Not hardly! I do believe we could use a new vocabulary!

  20. Most biblical place names in Palestine are relatively new and never existed in there 2,000 years ago and also Jesus was morphed into existence about 1,000 years after he was supposed to have lived.
    The definition of God = creator, so as the true creator must have created all forms of life which includes plants, then why did it gift Jesus with a few temporary powers to create 37 miracles that are against the laws of nature? And what proof do we have that “Jesus” performed those miracles other than what’s written in the bible?
    Christians talk of Christian values that just so happen to be commonsense values, but can the average Christian quote were in the bible those values are situated, and are they so sure that those natural commonsense values are even written in the bible, or are they just relying on word of mouth?
    The following video should make most Christians reconsider their opinions about Christianity, but most will refuse to watch it, let alone wish to challenge the information it provides: The SON of GOD is the SUN of GOD!
    Whatever the response to my comment, I have great respect for Darkmoon for permitting free speech on an opinion that she does not agree with.

    1. Adrian D :

      Yeah sure, Adrian D. Lasha doesn’t agree with those of us who are Flat Earth Geocentrics so she CENSORS us Flat Earth Geocentrics BIG TIME. BIG TIME CENSORSHIP of those of us who are Flat Earth Geocentrics.

      Lasha “permits” free speech even if she disagrees with certain worldviews/viewpoints just like Obama NEVER had any time “for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society. I bet Lasha, Lucy, Monte, uncle, uncle’s mother Sister “Saint” Mother Monica, and Pat our in-house world’s leading astronomer/astrophysicist/overall genius rocket scientist, I bet they all LERV Obama — that’s because Obama, just like Lasha, has no time to hear what us Flat Earth Geocentrics have to say, no time to hear our arguments, no time to hear and to think about the evidence we present in making the case for Flat Earth Geocentrism.

      Yeah right, Lasha “permits” free speech for those who don’t buy into Heliocentrism, that’s why Lasha CENSORS us Flat Earth Geocentrics BIG TIME — because she doesn’t agree with our Flat Earth Geocentric opinions she BIG TIME CENSORS us. That’s your definition of “permitting” free speech for those you disagree with, CENSORING them BIG TIME? Hey Adrian D, I bet you also LERV Obama who never had any time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society.

      ADMIN: You forget, dear Joe, that this site has already published a full-length feature article on the geocentric “theory” of the universe to please you crazy Flat Earthers! So how can we be “censoring” you? 🙂

      1. Big deal, one article about Flat Earth Geocentrism in the 20 or so years Darkmoon has been in existence and the article is actually a VERY slanted opinion piece against Flat Earth Geocentrism with all kinds of put-downs of Flat Earthers. The article, really an opinion piece chock full of ad hominem slurs against Flat Earth Geocentrics, is NOT fair-minded/open-minded debate, it is NOT debate done in good faith. See my comments under your very slanted very biased “article” of Jan. 1, 2018 @ 5:27 pm, @ 8:16 pm, and @ 8:30 pm.

  21. No doubt some parts of the Christian faith/fable are bogus; the part where the sage dies under state torture in order that the world be forgiven and saved, according to a divine design.
    Obviously, the Romans made that up.
    The Jews controlled the Roman Empire just like they control the British, american, Russo, euro… and Christianity as we still know it wouldn’t exist today were it not for the pax Romana. ..
    And there are more attachments.
    But I’m not ready to thrown the whole Christian philosophy over the side yet, even if it didn’t actually originate with the said nazarene, which it didn’t, and even if the man from Galilee is just a literary character..
    I’m willing to bet those who have take the benign precepts to heart have obviated and ameliorated much… I know I have. .
    As far as ‘heroism’ goes, even a neopagan gets it – that it takes a better man to absorb a certain amount of abuse, rather than to always be ATILLA the Viking, where the operating methodology was simply to take whatever you might – ‘might makes right’….
    In passing – no neopagan rejects the real wisdom of any faith. Concentrating a little less on the pie in the sky, and the big burning cosmic garbage dump at the end of the world otherwise, our idea is to move ahead retaining the best attributes of every religion and political methodology, while discarding the dregs.
    It is worth pointing out the opiate affect.
    Nothing new about that observation.
    Contemporary conjecture on Christian zionism is valid. The pastor hagee crowd – what jackasses..
    But the real Jewish control is the media and the bank, then politics, then religion..
    I don’t know who still thinks Vatican catholicism is real Christianity, but the Rothschild quaffed them up long ago, just as they did the USA. Generally it’seems just a question of buying some people up and knocking off a few others. I would never have trusted the Vatican with my Reich.
    One thing certain, though very hard to get through people’s heads – all three Abe religions are still foiling social evolution in more ways than one. They all have their qualities yes, but making the world safer and smarter isn’t panning out.
    Don’t tell me here we go again with another religio-political comparison argument rerun for the same old unfortunate demographics..

  22. There is another angle you guys should approach and research thoroughly, even when you hate it.

    Surah 4, Verses 157 & 158:
    “and their saying : we killed Christ Jesus, son of Mary, The messenger of God – but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but it was made to appear to them so; and those who disagree concerning it are full of doubts; they have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture; For surely they killed him not; but God took him up unto Himself; and God is ever mighty, wise.”

    Qur’an has said three things about the alleged crucifixion of Jesus:
    1. They didn’t kill him.
    2. They didn’t crucify him.
    3. But it was made to appear to them so.

    In the case of an affirmative sentence, like: “They killed him” , there is no doubt. Everything is clear. 1. The Offender 2. The Offence 3. The Offended. But once the word “NOT” comes in and makes it a negative sentence, like: “They DID NOT kill him”, there is a possibility to vary the meaning in three ways by shifting the stress alternatingly on the rest of the three words:

    1. “They did not kill him” would mean that somebody else killed him.
    2. “They did not kill him” in this context would mean that they just tortured him but did not kill him.
    3. “They did not kill him” would mean that they killed somebody else.

    We should remember that Qur’an is not denying the events wholesale by saying: “No. Nothing happened. Nobody did anything to anybody.” It is not saying so. Therefore, let us study further and consider for elimination, two out of the three possible variations of the sentence “They did not kill him” mentioned above.

    There is no doubt as to The Offender. The Jews themselves claim to have done the deed and we all know of their complicity. Now the doubt remains about Two Things: The Offence and The Offended. About the second possibility that “They did not kill him” would mean that they crucified him but he escaped death, Qur’an denies that too. The next part of the verse eliminates that possibility by saying: They did not crucify him. Having eliminated the first two possibilities, only the third one survives: “They did not kill him.” Yes, it was not him that they crucified and killed, but someone else. So, let us write that part of the verse, by putting the stress on the right word:

    they did not kill him;
    they did not crucify him;
    but it was made to appear to them so.

    It was made to appear to them that they crucified Jesus and killed him. They did not kill nor crucified Jesus (pbuh).

    Having fully believed in Qur’an’s words, let us now move on to find evidence of the truth in The Bible in support of it.

    1. First of all, while Jesus was awaiting arrest by the soldiers, what he tells his disciples is that

    a) “sleep on now, and take rest: it is enough, the hour is come; behold, the son of man is betrayed into the hands of the sinners.” (Mark 14:41)

    b) “the son of man is betrayed to be crucified” (Matthew 26:2)

    Jesus never said he will be crucified, but only reveals the intention with which he will be betrayed: “betrayed to be crucified”.

    2. Jesus says in Matthew 26:24: “The son of man goes as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the son of man is betrayed! it had been good for that man if he had not been born”.

    a) About himself, Jesus (pbuh) says: “The son of man goes as it is written of him ” ; goes and not dies.

    b) About the betrayer he says: “it had been good for that man if he had not been born”, a nice way of wishing death for the betrayer.


  23. “Before we can destroy Judaism, in theory, Christianity must be rejected for the disgrace that it is. Not just Christian Zionism but the idea of surrendering to be executed by our deadly enemies, which is the story of Jesus. This is the basis of the Christian faith, which has as its symbol the instrument of his death. Christianity is the cancer of the intellect. Our children need to be taught about Jews and the dangers of Christianity so that they can defend themselves from Jewish Rule.”

    I understand where J.B. Campbell is coming from here, but there’s a fly in the ointment; it’s spiritual “cherry picking” or something like that.

    IOW, there’s more to Christianity than Jesus surrendering and being executed. But the details of his execution are a good starting point: Who actually executed Jesus? It wasn’t the “jews” (Pharisees) themselves; rather, it was a bunch of goy “order followers”; and this is a critically important point, IMO.

    This poses the question: Being that jews are relatively small in number and generally cowardly, how is it that they wield such awesome temporal power? How do they always end up ruling over everybody else?

    And to put it simply, the answer is: they get us to enslave ourselves. It harkens back to the Book of Genesis. Satan didn’t force the “forbidden fruit” into Eve’s mouth, he made her do it. All Satan did was whisper something in her ear.

    If everybody, or at least a majority of people actually WERE Christians – i.e. who put God first, as Jesus said (Mark 12:30-31) – the jews (or any other would-be world rulers) would be powerless. (BTW I think the Founders and Framers understood this very well. According to Patrick Henry: “It is when a people forget God, that tyrants forge their chains”).

    1. @HS At last! Simplicity: KNOW THY SELF. Hardly Big Pharma’s prescription, fuzzy brains the goal of most regimes of psycho-medication, hence cloudy, befogged, and, hence, malleable, manipulable human minds. In earlier times, we might blame religionists, governors, even “MSM jooos”.
      One mantra goes like this: GOD and me, me and GOD are ONE.
      Alas! There is that of MIND in every human. THAT’s the fly in the ointment you or anyone might prescribe. Holding sway in a pharmacy just under Gravity’s Rainbow [still reading!], I’d go with Country Joe and, at about the same time, Stephen Gaskin (The Farm). Ram Das and Krishna Das — both with the same guru who reportedly palmed multiple pills of LSD, then “only” twinkled his eyes [Be Here Now has part of the story] — counsel answering the phone and then hanging up. I disagree.
      Both spiritual discipline and steady progress require weekly communion, in my experience. Flights of fancy afforded by plants or derived chemicals provide impetus, not sustained trajectories. The key, I assert, is contained within the word MIND.

  24. Many of the comments above talk about Biblical history, so I have this to offer from the rather dubious world of archeological research: Abraham’s father was Terah. Terah and Abraham commenced their biblical journey from “Ur of the Chaldeans.” Ur was a city state in today’s Iraq. It is believed Terah was a mixed race person whose genealogical origins go back to the Nilo Saharan people of central North Africa. In Ur, they spoke a Semitic language as did all the Arab-Semitic peoples. The Biblical meaning of the word Chaldea is “demons or robbers.” Ancient Sumer was drowning in the evil of debt-credit ledgers, much as we are today. Abraham’s wandering tribe became the Israelites. Then there were 12 mixed-race tribes on the ancient trade routes. Then about 600 years later, the Iaoudea of Judea appeared, who had tenuous genetic links to the much earlier Israelites. The final prophet of the Old Testament, Malachi, describes the sinful Iaoudea/Jews whom God had totally rejected. Jerusalem was full of “demons and robbers” and God had to send someone to set things right and to champion the truth and human decency.

  25. @Harold SMITH

    I agree with your main point about order followers.

    About spiritual “cherry picking” , I believe the word moral substitutes for spiritual – it is a less ambiguous/non-New Age Term.

    There is a moral algebra and the top axiom is “don’t steal the property of other conscious beings”. In the human realm – don’t steal their lives, their possessions, their livelihood, their free expression, etc.

    Of this list of property, surely the non-stealing of lives / the defense of life is the most important. QED Campbell is right.

    1. “About spiritual ‘cherry picking’ , I believe the word moral substitutes for spiritual – it is a less ambiguous/non-New Age Term.”

      Moral and spiritual are not always interchangeable, IMO, especially when dealing with Biblical subject matter.

      “There is a moral algebra and the top axiom is ‘don’t steal the property of other conscious beings’. In the human realm – don’t steal their lives, their possessions, their livelihood, their free expression, etc.”

      J.B. Campbell apparently concludes that Christianity disallows/discourages self-defense. If this is his position I would have to disagree. (Otherwise, how would you explain Luke 22:36 for example?)

      “QED Campbell is right.”

      I have to disagree. If I understand his position correctly, he’s making two assertions here: (1) Christianity disallows/discourages self-defense; and (2) It is this Christian doctrine of submission/martyrdom that prevents “us” from throwing off our jewish oppressors.

      As I’ve already mentioned, I don’t think Christianity has a problem with self-defense, and the second assertion is demonstrably wrong, IMO. For example, America is obviously not a Christian nation, so why don’t “the people” throw off their oppressors? The U.S. military obviously doesn’t have a problem killing people in far away places, people that never did anything to “us” (which proves that they’re not Christians) so why don’t we see a military coup in the U.S. to overthrow the ruling oligarchy?

      1. Hey Pat

        Maybe its a trap – Once they get em all inside the new “Great Wall” Putin’s building to make it look like a giant gated community (jews lerv those)….SLAM!!!

        The gates are slammed shut and locked to create a new “Pale of the Unsettling-ment”

        Solzhenitsyn would be pleased…and talk about things coming full circle

        Oy vey!

    2. How would J.B. Campbell explain the case of Russia? Russia, having undergone a spiritual revival, is one of the more Christian nations in the world today, and yet Russia has rearmed, and is resisting the jewish agenda rather forcefully. And the jewish collective apparently hates Russia for it. Isn’t Russian rearmament and defense of its legitimate interests an example of Luke 22:36? And doesn’t this example prove J.B. Campbell wrong?

      1. And doesn’t this example prove J.B. Campbell wrong?

        Yes, it certainly does! But the anti-Christian meme is so deeply embedded in J.B. Campbell’s character that any FACT that doesn’t fit into his anti-Christian THEORY is automatically rejected. Accepting facts that are incompatible with his theory would give him too much cognitive dissonance.

        Notice how he completely sidesteps and ignores Sardonicus’s astute observation that in attacking Christianity he acts as “a Useful Idiot for the Jews”. This comment by Sardonicus hits home hard and completely destroys J.B. Campbell’s superficially plausible arguments:

        Your attack on Christianity is philosophically bankrupt. You know very well that the Jews hate Christianity more than anything. You walk in lockstep with the Talmudic Jews in Israel who spit on Christians. For you spit on Christians too, don’t you? So you do the Jew’s dirty work, don’t you? You are no more, I regret to say, than a Useful Idiot for the Jews. The Jews must be delighted that you nail Christ to the Cross all over again! Yes sir, you have aligned yourself with the Jews and would be happy to be ranked among the Christ killers.

        Isn’t it obvious — that anyone who attacks the cherished values of the world’s 2.1 billion Christians is doing the Jews’ dirty work for them? One could almost put the case that J.B. Campbell is on the payroll of the Jews! Which I’m sure he isn’t, of course, since one can see he is dead sincere and is not the type of man to take money from the Jews.

        With talented Christ bashers like Campbell around, however, the Jews don’t have to recruit their own Christ bashers! 🙂

      2. I don’t see Russia’s ‘Put-On’ resisting any jews. He begs for them to come to Russia and passes laws to protect them….. fueling their incredulous ‘chosen’ status. ‘Chosen’ by ‘Put-On’ for sure!! 🙂

      3. “I don’t see Russia’s ‘Put-On’ resisting any jews.”

        Well he refused to meet with jews after they deliberately caused the shoot-down of the Russian IL-20, and he finally sent S-300 systems to Syria.

        Also the Russian government recently stated that it will not recognize jewish sovereignty over the Golan Heights. So I think these recent examples are enough to throw cold water on J. B. Campbell’s theory.

      4. ‘Put-On’ has called on his ‘chosen – Jews – to return to Russia!! 🙂

        Siberia ‘Ready’ To House European Jews
        January 20, 2016 10:25 GMT

        The governor of Russia’s Far East Jewish Autonomous Region says the area is “ready” to house Jews from Europe who are facing anti-Semitism.

        Aleksandr Levintal said his region “will welcome Jews from European countries, where they may face attacks by anti-Semitic elements.”

        Levintal also called his region “the first officially established Jewish statehood.”

        Levintal’s remarks come a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Jews to return to Russia.

        In Moscow on January 19, Putin told the head of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor, that he had seen reports saying European Jews were scared to wear a yarmulke, the traditional Jewish skull cap, in public.

        Here is what ‘Put-On’ the FAKER – Netanyahu’s Buddy – Should NOT DO:

        ‘Put-On’ called on Jews to return to Russia!!

        In Moscow on January 19 (2016), Putin told the head of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor, that he had seen reports saying European Jews were scared to wear a yarmulke, the traditional Jewish skull cap, in public.

        ‘Put-On’ told Kantor, “They can come to us. They left the Soviet Union. Let them return.”

        “They can come to us.”… is just one of hundreds of reasons why I call him ‘Put-On’  … although, he deserves worse.


        The Jewish Autonomous Region is in Russian Constitution:
        —Russian Constitution— (written by jew lawyers in US) 🙂

        Article 65
        1. The Russian Federation includes the following subjects of the Russian Federation:
        Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sevastopol – cities of federal importance;
        Jewish Autonomous Region;

      5. @ Pat

        “‘Put-On’ told Kantor, “They can come to us. They left the Soviet Union. Let them return.’

        ‘They can come to us.’… is just one of hundreds of reasons why I call him ‘Put-On’ … although, he deserves worse.”

        Sophistry. My point was that the Christian nation, Russia, is forcefully resisting the evil agenda of the jewish collective, a situation which is exactly the opposite of what would be expected if J.B. Campbell’s theory had any merit. And nothing that you’ve said refutes that point.

        Anyway, being that you broached the subject, how do explain the fact that Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa ordering that jews and other minorities be protected in Iran? Was he a closet Zionist? And how do you explain the fact that Iran – ostensibly the arch enemy of the jewish collective – has the largest or one of the largest jewish populations of any Muslim country? By your “reasoning” Iran must have sold out, right?

      6. HS –

        What you call sophistry, I call Russian Law, including the 1992 Constitution, which was written by US jew lawyers, and decrees issued by ‘Put-On’ favoring jews.

        Of course Iran is on the dole from US!!

        Iran is using US companies for their oil field construction and sophisticated technology…. many by proxy from Russia. 🙂

        Here are the hundreds of members of American Chamber of Commerce in Russia:

        The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce (the “USRCC”), a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization headquartered in Houston, Texas, was established in 2009 to promote trade between Russia and the United States. The Chamber was created with the support of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the City of Houston, and the Texas business community. Recently, the USRCC expanded to the Midwest and Northeast, with a branch office in Chicago and representative office in New York City. The strategic locations of the Midwest and Northeast offices provide our members with comprehensive services throughout the United States.


        Even Circassian told us this….

        See Fedorov in Russian State Duma:

        Конституцию РФ написали американцы.
        Госдеп США официально признал, что в 1993 году Конституцию РФ, как и ряд ключевых законов нашей страны, писали американские советники.

        The Constitution of the Russian Federation was written by the Americans.
        The US State Department officially recognized that in 1993 the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of key laws of our country, was written by American advisers.


        Россия является колонией США с 1991 года.
        Россия потеряла суверенитет в результате поражения в сорокалетней войне с Соединенными Штатами Америки. Это самая главная тайна в России, закрытая цензурой и пропагандой в СМИ.

        Russia has been a US colony since 1991.
        Russia lost its sovereignty as a result of the defeat in the 40-year war with the United States of America. This is the most important secret in Russia, closed by censorship and propaganda in the media.
        Россия платит дань США — 1 млрд. долларов в сутки!!!
        Кому принадлежит рубль? Рубль принадлежит Центральному Банку, но Центральный Банк не подчиняется Правительству РФ!

        Russia pays tribute to the US – 1 billion dollars a day !!!
        Who owns the ruble? The ruble belongs to the Central Bank, but the Central Bank does not obey the Government of the Russian Federation!

      7. @ Pat

        “What you call sophistry, I call Russian Law, including the 1992 Constitution, which was written by US jew lawyers, and decrees issued by ‘Put-On’ favoring jews.”

        No. What I call “sophistry” is your red herring argumentation that seeks to refute the obvious implications of the Russian nation’s demonstrable, forceful resistance to the jewish collective’s Satanic global agenda, by citing Russian domestic laws/policies/statements which are apparently favorable to jews.

        I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work, Pat.

        (And I’m still waiting to hear from you a plausible explanation as to why Iran has been targeted for destruction by the jewish collective even though Iran hosts the largest jewish diaspora of any Muslim nation, with the jews there being protected by law).

        Apparently you’re not familiar with how jews operate, but I may be able to help you with that. In order to take over a nation’s government – and thus control its foreign policies for example – jews must first corrupt the people. But carrying out this kind of subversion is problematic for the jews in a country that has strong religious/cultural/patriotic traditions.

        How did the Iranians throw off their jew-controlled puppet government? By rallying around the Muslim religion. How was Russia able to pull itself up by its bootstraps and save itself from the jewish vultures that sought to destroy it once and for all after the fall of the USSR? By rallying around their Christian religion.

        In light of this, I’ll argue that the internal policies of Russia and Iran which are apparently favorable to jews actually imply the opposite of what you’re asserting. Just like a person with a healthy immune system doesn’t have to worry about developing deadly sepsis from an infection, Russia and Iran are jew-wise countries who’ve been inoculated against jewish subversion; thus they have no problem with jews living there.

        What would you expect the governments of Russia and Iran to do, start rounding up jews and putting them in “work camps”? Contrary to your specious argument, it’s actually a smart move by the Russian and Iranian governments to treat jews fairly thus denying the jewish collective the use of their “anti-semite” epithet.

        I hope this clears things up.

      8. HS –

        You wrote:
        “Apparently you’re not familiar with how jews operate, but I may be able to help you with that. In order to take over a nation’s government – and thus control its foreign policies for example – jews must first corrupt the people.”

        “…jews must first corrupt the people.” is total nonsense. You should know better.

        British Crown London Bankers took over this country and others by forcing debt onto the people…. not corruption of native indigenous people and those who came later from other countries.

        ‘Put-On’ is forced to use BIS $$$$$$ to buy what his country needs. All else pales in comparison. To ‘Put-On’ the USD $$$$ comes first.

        You are too confused to “clear things up” for me!! 🙂

      9. I don’t see Russia’s ‘Put-On’ resisting any jews.

        Well he refused to meet with jews after they deliberately caused the shoot-down of the Russian IL-20, and he finally sent S-300 systems to Syria.

        Tweedledum and Tweedledee
        Agreed to have a battle;
        For Tweedledum said Tweedledee
        Had spoiled his nice new rattle.
        Just then flew down a monstrous crow,
        As black as a tar-barrel;
        Which frightened both the heroes so,
        They quite forgot their quarrel

      10. HS –

        “No. What I call “sophistry” is your red herring argumentation that seeks to refute the obvious implications of the Russian nation’s demonstrable, forceful resistance to the jewish collective’s Satanic global agenda, by citing Russian domestic laws/policies/statements which are apparently favorable to jews.
        “I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work, Pat.”

        I surely does work for those who know that ‘Put-On’ is following the GLOBAL AGENDA…. of the jew oligarchs…. headquartered TODAY in Moscow:

        Founded: 1993
        Town : Moscow
        Address : Gorbachev Foundation, Leningradsky pr. 39, str. 14,
        Postal code : 125167

        President : Sergei BARANOVSKY





        XXIII Conference on Environmental Education 06/20/2017 XXIII Conference on Environmental Education
        International Green Cross, International Independent Ecological and Political Science University (Academy MNEPU), Non-Governmental Environmental Fund IN AND.

        Vernadsky and the GreenLife Interregional Ecological Organization are holding in Moscow on June 22, 2017 the XXIII International Conference: “Environmental Education for Sustainable Development: Searching for Answers to Contemporary Challenges. On the 100th anniversary of the birth of Academician NN Moiseev.

        The action “Clean Beach” took place in Zelenogorsk 06/22/2016 The Clean Coast Campaign took place in Zelenogorsk

        Last Saturday, activists from the Zelenogorsk representative office of the Youth Branch of the Nuclear Society of Russia (MOJAOR) and First Height volunteers went to the children in the village of Uspenka. The reason for the trip was the closing of the first and only season of the summer playground for elementary schools of the Assumption secondary school.

        Website :

      11. @ Pat

        “‘…jews must first corrupt the people.’ is total nonsense. You should know better.”

        Considering the source, that’s a great compliment. Thanks.

        “British Crown London Bankers took over this country and others by forcing debt onto the people…. not corruption of native indigenous people and those who came later from other countries.”

        I’m in debt to a bank, but that doesn’t mean I’ll do something immoral to get out of debt.
        And what exactly does it mean to say “[take] over [a] country”? What if shameless jew puppet Orange Clown gave illegal, immoral, unconstitutional orders and nobody followed them? What if Trump said to his secretary of defense: “I want you to attack the Shayrat airbase in Syria with a cruise missile barrage” and his secretary of defense refused? What if the troops refused to carry out the illegal, immoral and unconstitutional orders to deploy to Syria in the first place? What if secret service personnel resigned en masse rather than serve a morally bankrupt, traitorous president? What if everyone working on the assembly line at Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Northrop Grumman, making AGM-114 “hellfire” missiles walked off the job in protest of the murderous drone assassination program? Could we still say jews controlled America in that case?

        My point is that a small morally bankrupt minority cannot “take over” a country without the support/tacit approval of a lot of morally incompetent people. So in order for jews to rule, there has to be a very large number of corrupt people willing to do jew dirty work (or at least not get in the way) for a lie and a paycheck, and there has to be a very small number of troublemakers like Ed Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Dan Ellsberg, Pablo Paredes, Wolfgang Halbig, etc.

        To put it another way, if America was “Mister Rogers’ neighborhood,” jewish evil would get no traction, and we would be living by our constitution.

        To put it yet another way, the Satanic cult known as organized jewry can only rise to the top by dragging everybody else down. And the way they do that is by deception, corruption and manipulation. Satan didn’t force the “forbidden fruit” into Eve’s mouth, he made her do it. And Satan’s agent in the physical realm, the “beast,” seeks to do to the whole world what Satan did to Eve. In fact corruption is not just the means but the end (Isaiah 14: 13,14).

        “You are too confused to ‘clear things up’ for me!!”

        Nothing so melodramatic; I think it’s just a simple case of you looking at your mirror, instead of your monitor, as you type your nonsense.

      12. HS –

        You wrote:
        “To put it another way, if America was “Mister Rogers’ neighborhood,” jewish evil would get no traction, and we would be living by our constitution.”

        That is the most absurd claim I have read on this subject.

        Debt is the most corrupting factor in the world. It is independent of corruption. Even good, honest, Mr Roger-type farmers go into debt to buy seed & equipment… and many fail without being corrupt at all.

        Anyone commenting here… like you… uses and encourages debt – currencies – by subscription to the services to get here. 🙂

        BTW – People don’t have to follow the constitution…. governments do. See Padelford:

      13. @ Pat

        “That is the most absurd claim I have read on this subject.”

        Which is perhaps the best endorsement it can have.

        “Debt is the most corrupting factor in the world.”

        And high blood pressure is one of the biggest health problems in the U.S. but you ignore it; you pretend it doesn’t exist.

        “It is independent of corruption. Even good, honest, Mr Roger-type farmers go into debt to buy seed & equipment… and many fail without being corrupt at all.”

        And what about all the Cesium 137 from Fukushima? It’s independent of corruption. And what about the price of tea in China? These are all things that you studiously ignore.

        “Anyone commenting here… like you… uses and encourages debt – currencies – by subscription to the services to get here.”

        And anyone commenting here… like you… sitting there with your teeth in your mouth, making absurd comments… is using energy, which ultimately adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

        “BTW – People don’t have to follow the constitution…. governments do. See Padelford:

        BTW – the constitution is only words on paper and the “government” doesn’t actually do anything evil – corrupt people do all the evil. All government does is whisper something in their ears.

      14. Harold Smith

        When Rothschild and his sordid ilk took over the Bank of England some 350 or so years ago, the days of a government having any semblance of being free from the various strains of corruption were numbered, and the countdown is getting close to launch time


        the whisperer bends the ear
        of minions gathered near
        what whispered words to hear
        their roles designed to steer

      15. HS –

        Thanks for the entertaining rants!

        I am trying to find all of those damned teeth you believe are in my mouth. Wrong about me, again… still!! 🙂

        B-Hawk –

        Right on!! ‘Big Chief Red-Sign’ is the major corrupter today!

  26. I was reading an article on God, Stalin, Solzhenitsyn when I came across an assertion that I find surprising but relevant to this thread.

    …most of the 5 billion religious adherents in the world have a tendency to employ good common sense in the interpretation of their professed religious doctrines – they have a tendency to interpret most of their professed doctrines as metaphors or as allegories.


    Once the religious doctrine or narrative in question is understood to be an allegory, the point is then simply to understand its subtext. Allegorical interpretation renders the question of “belief” or “unbelief” meaningless.

    Indisputably, but let me see those figures again 🙂

    1. I was reading an article on God, Stalin, Solzhenitsyn when I came across an assertion that I find surprising but relevant to this thread.

      I find it interesting that none replied to Flan’s comment. When a person comes across a piece of information that blows apart the cornerstone of his belief system on a particular subject, what does he do? It depends on the person. If the person has curiosity, he will be intrigued. If, in addition, he has an inquiring mind, he will be compelled to search for the truth.

      On the other hand, if he is a closed-mind person, the information might hit his eyes but it’ll bounce back from his mind like a pea from a wall without making a slightest dent in it.

      1. Circ –

        Well…. I find it very interesting that 14,700 Tons of silver, that is 470,400,000 Ounces of silver… over 470 MILLION Ounces..!!, were used in the Manhattan Project.

        That blows apart the cornerstone of belief that the project was to make weapons and power sources. It bolsters my claim that the project was used to convert silver into gold… nuclear transmutation of base metals into noble metals.

        The US Treasury Loans the Manhattan Project 14,700 tons of Silver
        In 1942, the Manhattan Project received an unconventional loan from the U.S. Treasury: 14,700 tons of silver. The Project did not request this silver because it was short on cash, but rather because scientists NEEDED the precious metal for their research.

        Col. Kenneth D. Nichols was charged with the task of securing a loan from the U.S. Treasury.

        This information might hit YOUR eyes but it’ll bounce back from his mind like a pea from a wall without making a slightest dent in it. 🙂

  27. @ Sardonicus

    Way to go Sardonicus, but arguing with an atheist is rather pointless. I know because I used to be one for ten miserable years of my younger life. Atheists are the pinnacle of self centeredness. Everyone is wrong, but themselves and nothing can be said to change that attitude. Life is a hopeless empty condition. At some point, when an atheist gets fed up with being miserable, they open their eyes, then their hearts, and feel the awesome unlimited power of love/The Father, then everything changes.

    Tons of jewish misinformation exists concerning what Jesus taught in the Gospels which is why atheists and judeo-Christians exist to help the jews in their quest to usurp the power of the creator/The Father. I fell victim to it and it took many years to flush the lies so that the truth could reveal itself in ways I could understand.

    A lot of people expect “proof” before they seek the truth which is exactly backwards to the way things really are. Had I not believed first, I would not have witnessed what I have. As an example, without belief, I would not have attempted to control the elements with just my words, but because I did believe, it worked. I was awestruck to say the least and had to do it numerous times before coincidence was ruled out. Belief generates the proof and I have had plenty of demonstrations.

    Mr. Campbell gets the nudges from The Father. Everybody does. Hopefully, he recognizes just one nudge and responds appropriately. Until then Sardonicus, dust your feet off and move on down the road as Jesus said to do.

    1. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
      – Hebrews 11:1

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        Until a person believes that something is, it is not. Hope is a dead end street because hope implies the future, not the present. Quoting Jesus from the Gospels is my preference which illustrates my point, Luke 6:34 – “And if ye lend to them of whom ye hope to receive, what thank have ye? for sinners also lend to sinners, to receive as much again.” This is the only time that Jesus used the word hope.

      2. Just trying to fortify your “truth seeking”, Ungenius. You obviously don’t understand that verse from Hebrews if you cannot comprehend its substantiation of your assertion to which I replied. 😶

    2. Ung

      Amazing, isn’t it? Controlling the elements, with all that this implies? It calls into question just what the “elements” really are. Suffice to say, in their true state, matter is transcended, which is the point I wanted to make about hoaxes.

      Yes, if you drop a rock on your foot it’s gonna hurt. But that it DOES infers that the world as materially constituted is the PRODUCT of a hoax. This in turn implies that all of our actions within this state of existence amount to little more than jousting at illusory windmills

      Controlling the elements, to whatever degree you’re able to do so, provides a clue to our true spiritual reality

      1. @ Brownhawk

        “…the world as materially constituted is the PRODUCT of a hoax.”

        If you change the word hoax to the word spirit, your statement is true, the Father/creator is not a hoax.

        “…illusory windmills”

        The Father’s creation is not illusionary, hence the pain of the rock on the foot. Just because the Father was gracious enough to grant us the ability to control some of his creation (we do not have his authority to control the free will of other humans) does not imply that his creation is a hoax or an illusion.

        We choose to disagree honorably.

      2. Ungwas

        In effect, what you’re saying is that when life was “breathed into” existence (BY Spirit), matter was the result. By logical extension, this implies that pain and death are within the purview of the Creation power (“God”) intention. But ask yourself, if God is Love, then what is loving about a reality of pain and death…AT ORIGIN, under an authority which ENABLES it?

        Tough love is one thing, but THIS?

        (((Who))) does this sound like?

      3. @ Brownhawk

        Pain is obviously the result of doing something that you should not have done. It’s free will at work as a learning experience. Death can either be life everlasting in hell or heaven. What we do with our free will determines which one. As with everything, there are rules. We do not make the rules, the Father does. Death is either feared or not.

        As you have asked along with billions of others, why would the Father make such rules? If there is no free will, there are no decisions to make. Without decisions to make, humans would be no different than rats and squirrels, preprogramed to do what they do. The combination of free will and the Father’s rules determines whether a person comes to the love of the Father because they want to, not because they have too. The Father just wants loving company on his estate that same as most would want at their house. It’s just like parents and children. The parent wants their children to love them as much as the parents love the children because they want to, not because they have to.

        It’s not tough love. Jesus said that the burden of his teachings is light. If tough love is desired, just don’t follow the simple rules, been there, done that, not a good idea.

        The Father shared some of his power with us. Life is easier if we use it per the rules than if we ignore it or work against it.

  28. Not all atheists are (((atheists))).

    My atheism does not prevent me from supporting red-pilled Christians like David Duke, Brother Nathanael, & Jonas Alexis and opposing (((atheistic White genocidal Jewish war criminals))).

    1. Brownhawk :

      What do think of your fellow “red skin” Elizabeth Warren? Do you think anyone will ever find out you’re play-pretending to be a “‘Native American’, lol, ‘noble savage'” like your fellow poseur Elizabeth Warren has just been found out to be a play-pretend indian and does that thought keep you up nights, that maybe someday you’ll be found out to be a fake indian and you’ll find yourself in an uncomfortable/embarrassing position? 😡 *grin*

      1. Joe

        I am most honored to finally be the recipient of your poison pen. What took you so long?

        But if you think this is one of those occasional lucid moments you come up with outta the blue, you’d be wrong

        P.S. The fake Indian, who does dishonor to real Indians, looks like the front-runner for the woeful democratic party. Can we say in advance “four more years! four more years!” for Mr. Orange Clown?


      2. Brownhawk –

        I’d be willing to wager that most American Indians really don’t care what Elizabeth Warren spews about her own old carcass, anyway. Do YOU care??? Her motives are too obvious, and she has done nothing but embarrass herself. Breeders have tried forever to breed the “perfect” horse. (What, exactly, would that be??)
        The most “perfectly handsome” racehorse in track history had a “perfect” pedigree for a few generations. We don’t know much about his Tarpen ancestors, though, except that Kublai Khan’s horsemen rode them.
        Although (Secretariat) was fine and beautiful as a racehorse, he might have big difficulties as a warhorse.
        As a White Anglo, I have enough of my own WITHOUT looking way back for more! 😮

      3. Gil

        By saying she does dishonor to native people, I mean how she used her negligible ancestry within a context of the PC-termed “Affirmative Action” to help get herself into Harvard U. in the
        “People’s Republic” of Cambridge, Ma.

        You’re right, though. Her dishonor is as a human being acting without integrity more than how that would be associated with one’s ethnicity

      4. You’re right, Gil

        A rose is a rose is a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet

        Dishonor is dishonor is dishonor, shown by old carcasses of any color would look as foul 😊

  29. The jewish religions corrupt the Old Testament and the organized-religions of christians corrupt the New Testament. Together they corrupt the entire Bible with false doctrine and gods. The True Bible –

    Satan attacks from all angles in order to deceive as many as possible. As far as anti-Christ: I’d say that is Elizabeth 2. She is the ‘elite’s’ gatekeeper of the synagogue of satan keeping the British Throne from its True King Who is Christ.

    “Elizabeth the Second is a direct descendant of David as have been all of the British- Israel monarchs since David himself, backwards in time through all of the English kings, preceded by the Scottish kings, preceded by the Irish kings, preceded by king Zedekiah of Jerusalem and all the kings back to David himself. They have all been crowned sitting upon the Throne of David, which is the “Stone of Destiny” – Jacob’s Pillar-Stone now wrongly called the “Stone of Scone”, except for Elizabeth the Second because she became the monarch AFTER 1948, when Christ had already returned. God would not allow her or anyone except Christ himself; to be crowned upon that Stone; whilst His oldest Son, Prince (St.) Michael, The Rightful King, Christ is upon the Earth, incarnated inside a new human English body.”

    Christ’s Second Coming

    1. Whoa! Where did you get that shiny tinfoil for your hat?

      I’m gonna’ tell it to you straight up – Jesus told me confidentially over lunch last week, he has decided not to return because he is sick of people thinking he’s God and praying to him. He even canceled his Otherworld Communications cell phone subscription last week, right after he bought a new Apple Cosmic no less. Furthermore, he said even if he were to return, no one would recognize him or listen to him because he’s a Jew. Especially the Jews, because they didn’t listen to him last time. He said humanity is hopeless, but to his credit, he picked up the check.

      Satan from Greek Satanas, from Hebrew satan “adversary, one who plots against another,” from satan “to show enmity to, oppose, plot against,” “one who opposes, obstructs, or acts as an adversary.”

      In Septuagint (Greek) usually translated as diabolos “slanderer,” devil literally “one who throws (something) across” the path of another.

      Had any devils slandering you or plotting to throw a log in front of your car lately? Maybe you remember those devils that plotted to bring down the trade towers. Oh wait, that would be Jews and their government psychopaths, real people not imaginary creatures with forked tails. Forked tongues maybe, but not forked tails.

      “Satan” and “Devil” are not the same word, nor to they have the same meaning. Satan is simply an adversary, opposition. Devil means slanderer or plotter. Note the very human conditions in their meanings. Nowhere in the fundamental definition of these words does it say evil, red, bipedal creature with horns.

      The magical, mumbo-jumbo associations with these words are due to superstitious people terrified by the unknown. Such people need nonsensical superstition to make sense of what they otherwise cannot make sense. Does that make sense?

      Here’s a challenge – provide one substantiated example of evil outside humans. Don’t tell me about “possessed” animals, that is simply people applying their own imaginary superstitions to animals that terrify them, a la “Hound of the Baskervilles” – a dog with a boot over its head.

      Show one example of evil on a universal scale, outside man. Obviously the term can be applied to anything or anyone that can be imagined, but what is that other than a human saying it is so?

      Would you say a lion pouncing on a innocent little lamb, ripping it to shreds and eating it is evil? (If you say yes, the lamb might think you batty, as even they know about the lion’s nature) So how can it be said a Jew, pouncing on an innocent child, crucifying him upside down on a cross, draining his blood and then drinking it, is evil? It’s simply their nature.

      Yet people say Jews are evil; but Jews don’t see it that way. They’ll tell you they are a light onto the world, so who’s correct? What’s more Jew’s will tell you that the goyim (I suppose that would mean you) are the evil ones that need to be genocided so goodness can reign over the world. Is the conceptual, arbitrary, absurdity of evil apparent yet?

      If you are looking for flying Jackasses, then you will probably miss the horse about to trample you from behind.

  30. Jail house Christian organizations have proven to be very effective in converting violent felons to be BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS. Upon release none have been known to have assaulted any person. Jail house priests also do a good job of taming skinheads, street fighters and bullies. Violence is not permitted by a true Christian. The death camp guards never accepted Jesus, but many attended Satanic rituals.

    ADMIN: You need to provide evidence for your statements.
    Otherwise, how do we know you’re not just making things up?
    (The same comment could apply to many others on this site).

    1. Hello
      My statements are true. It is too time consuming proving their validity. Let those that disagree with my comments offer proof that I am wrong.

      ADMIN: Most good writers offer proof for their statements . . . links, back-up quotes, verifiable evidence. You provide none, so why should you be believed?

      1. Footnotes and links are not real proof. My comments are popularly acceptable. We are not conducting a scientific forum.

      2. Garbage! This gives you freedom to make things up. In your previous incarnation on this site, you just made up dirty sex stories. Sleazy and perverted anecdotes. Which is why you were banned from this site, so we were told by Admin. And here you are back now, enthusing about the Talmud and consorting with “holy” rabbis. Had a religious conversion, have you?

  31. UThe word, “goy” has essentially nothing to do with a distinguishing of “Jew” and “Gentile”. When understood using a proper application it is appropriate to see it as a verb – ” to goy”

    A school of thought suggests that our devolution into this material existence features an act of “goying” performed by those that serve as agents of the force which has usurped the true power of Creation

    My understanding conveys that there are TWENTY-TWO components of what is referred to as the “Antichrist”, which in actuality corresponds to an ” energy grouping” pertaining to the particulars of the goying methodologies. My understanding also conveys that 2,000 years ago, the Avatar known as Jesus KNEW at the time of his coming into the world that it wasn’t THE time for a return to our true spiritual state due to the reality of how these great Yugic cycles work as it pertains to windows of opportunity opening up FOR a return (now IS the time)

    Jesus’ hope was for people to wise up to the falseness of priestly perpetuation of this devolved state, and smoothen the transition to a true state of Existence.

    It’s really that simple. All else is ancillary

  32. According to the Russian Astronomer/Mathematician Fomenko:–

    “Joseph Justus Scaliger (1540-1609) was the founder of the consensual chronology we live with. His principal works Opus Novum de emendatione temporum (1583) and Thesaurum temporum (1606) represent a vast array of dates produced without any justification whatsoever, containing the repeating sequences of dates with shifts equal to multiples of the major cabbalistic numbers 333 and 360.

    We have cross-checked archaeological, astronomical, dendro-chronological, paleo-graphical and radiocarbon methods of dating of ancient sources and artefacts. We found them ALL to be non-independent, non-exact, statistically implausible, contradictory and inevitably viciously circular because they are based or calibrated on the same consensual chronology. For example, computer assisted recalculation of eclipses with detailed descriptions allegedly belonging to Antiquity shows that they either occurred in the Middle Ages or didn’t occur at all. A simple application of computational astronomy to the rules of calculation of Easter according to the Easter Book introduced by the Nicean council of alleged 325 AD shows that it definitely could not have taken place before 784 AD”.

    If Fomenko is right, Jesus lived in the Middle Ages and the Turin Shroud could be the real thing. I think it is.

    1. @ John Kirby

      Based on your post, we are supposed to give credence to a cabbalistic jew who made up a bunch of dates that were totally accepted by everyone while ignoring man’s ability to actually count years and write them down on ancient manuscripts. That’s too much for any rational being to swallow. Fomenko should have known better than to take Scaliger serious, unless of course, his name was really Fomenkostein. 🙂

      ADMIN: Please correct the typo in your name.

      1. @ Admin

        Obviously an error on my part. Thanks for rescuing by post. I wondered where it went. Thanks to computer memory, I now have another misnomer to be wary of.

      2. Hi Ungenius,
        There is no doubt that solar and lunar eclipses can be dated accurately with modern computers from their descriptions of time and place, . Most of those described by the “Ancient” authors turn out to NOT be ancient. They actually occurred hundreds or a thousand years after the dates given; usually in the Middle Ages, 1000 to 1500 AD.

        It isn’t just about eclipses. For instance some “Ancient” Egyptian mummies have a zodiac chart on the case that indicate dates in the 18th and 19th centuries.

        Fomenko was a respected member of the Russian Academy of Science. You could sum up his findings as faults in the accepted chronology. It will take a long time to sort out.

  33. Students in my class study the Talmud as well as the New Testament. The class is made up of Jews and Christians. We meet on weekends and the students spend 12 hours daily reading both holy books. The Talmud is made up of comments by many Rabbis and dates over a thousand years. Our Christian students become so engrossed in the comments that the Bible becomes less interesting. We have converted dozens of the Goyim to become Talmudists. Our goal is to expand the program and have the teaching of the Talmud replace the popularity of the Christian Bible.

  34. The dictionary definition of the word God= Creator.
    Humanity had been around for thousands of years before man created the 3 Abrahamic religions; Christianity Judaism and Islam.
    Many Christians believe in the Charles Darwin hoax of creation via evolution of life that commenced from a lump of mud, therefore most Christians are technically speaking atheists. However, most Christians accuse anyone who doesn’t believe that their God is the one and only true God (creator of life) is an atheist because they appear to believe that the God of the Christians has the sole copyrights to the word/meaning of God. However science has moved on since the Charles Darwin hoax was exposed when the Darwinists fraudulent fossils were exposed for being fabricated hoaxes. We now have the knowledge of the existence of DNA and very powerful microscopes and other modern tools which have exposed just how amazing all forms of life are and that includes plants which possess DNA too. A particular form of the study of natural science which is scorned by the MSM and our educational systems is called creation by “Intelligent design”. I don’t know how many of those expert scientist realise that the definition of God= Creator, but those that do should realise that they are by definition: “Not Atheists”! The Abrahamic religions were all invented by the jews as a political tool to control the Christian and Muslim nations with the added bonus that both Christianity and Islam forbid the practice of Usury which leaves guess who, to own and control their banking! It ain’t rocket science to figure out what has been going on. Oh and the bonus to the jews of white European countries is that Christianity was used as an excuse to murder the best of the whites and to steal their property (Ring any bells with Bolshevik Russia?). Charles Giuliani who used to be a devout Christian and wrote 15 pro- Christianity books before he figured out what had been going on, describes the jews use of Christianity to destroy nations in this 2 hour broadcast:.
    2 hours is a long time for some people, so I recommend that those people jump to 30 minutes in to get the feel for what the broadcast has to say.

    Which came first the chicken or the egg? As a believer in the wonders of creation, I think that the chicken came first because a hen has a built in reverse engineering system which you will know of as its reproductive system.

  35. To those who don’t believe that the jews created Christianity.
    ? what book do the jews wave in front of the MSM cameras and quote: “This book is the proof that God gave Palestine to the jews.”
    Clue, it’s not the Koran (Even though the jews created that too)

  36. To : ADMIN

    How come Darkmoon never has any articles about what’s going on in the novus ordo Catholic Church ? Though the novus ordo is not really The Catholic Church but that’s too long to get into right now, it would be out of the scope of this post.

    ADMIN has made it abundantly clear that the Geocentric-Heliocentric debate is out of the purview of ADMIN. I’m wondering if what’s presently going on in the novus ordo church is also out of the purview of ADMIN. And if it is also out of the purview of ADMIN, why?

    1. @ TROJ

      Have you ever thought that the earth is not only flat, but that is has six flat sides like a cube which is why there is wind with the corners ripping through the air? Think about it. 🙂

      Seriously, ancient man knew it was round long before the Catholic Church ruled that it was flat. That is why there are so many out of place ancient artifacts all around the globe. Ancient man was not afraid to sail or fly off the edge.

      If you would like proof that the earth is round, find a surveyor that has more than two working brain cells and they can tell you.

      1. UNGENIUS :

        Have you ever thought to leave your confining claustrophobic stuffy globetard troll cubicle and go outside and get some fresh air and take a nice long walk and take a LONG walk offa short pier. The exercise would do you ¡Good! I see your Heliocentric Academic-Science Mafia bosses have you very well-trained, you sound like a NPC for globetardism. Are you really for real, are you a real person, or are you an A.I. NPC? *grin*

      2. @ TROJ

        I must have struck a nerve since your reply an extremely poor attempt at deflection. I guess you do not know any competent surveyors.

        I notice that you used NPC. You must have been caught up as a recipient in the recent NPC meme storm. Is this another nerve?

  37. HAROLD SMITH Said:

    If I understand his position correctly, he’s making two assertions here:
    (1) Christianity disallows/discourages self-defense;

    Ask any churchgoer to define Christian behavior – they will quote “prince of peace”, “turn the other cheek”, “sacrificed himself to save us all”, “love our enemies”
    They will not quote with equal force, as is appropriate, that after attempted non-violence self defense is a Christian duty.
    How many even know of Matthew 10
    “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send [or bring] peace, but a sword.”[10]

    If Christianity is defined as the behavior of members of the Christian religion, then the assertion is clearly true.

    and (2) It is this Christian doctrine of submission/martyrdom that prevents “us” from throwing off our jewish oppressors.

    As I’ve already mentioned, I don’t think Christianity has a problem with self-defense, and the second assertion is demonstrably wrong, IMO. For example, America is obviously not a Christian nation, so why don’t “the people” throw off their oppressors? The U.S. military obviously doesn’t have a problem killing people in far away places, people that never did anything to “us” (which proves that they’re not Christians) so why don’t we see a military coup in the U.S. to overthrow the ruling oligarchy?

    The logic is flawed. Christian+submission does not imply Non-Christian+Non-submission

    Ziomedia is full of films of peaceful Christians praying before being dispatched by invaders. If it’s in Ziomedia then it is in the minds of the masses.

    1. Flan –

      “How many even know of Matthew 10”

      For sure.. the hundreds I have told.

      But… I don’t trust any of the numerous translations thru the jew languages chains…. 🙂

    2. @ Flan O’brien

      “Ask any churchgoer to define Christian behavior – they will quote ‘prince of peace,’ ‘turn the other cheek’ ‘sacrificed himself to save us all’, ‘love our enemies'”

      That’s a rather meaningless statement. What’s a “churchgoer” and what makes a “churchgoer” a subject matter expert? And to the extent a “churchgoer” is an expert on Christian theology, you’re speculating on what they would say. And to the extent your speculation is facially reasonable, in order to be meaningful, all of those phrases have to be defined/qualified/put into proper context by the person using them.

      Can the phrase “love your enemies” as per Jesus’ use of it in Matthew 5:44, for example, be construed to mean “don’t defend yourself under any circumstances if you’re threatened or attacked”? I think not. The Bible has to be considered as a whole, using common sense, with careful consideration of the context in which something is said or done.

      Reductio ad absurdum may help clear this up: You’re walking down a deserted street in an unfamiliar town with your teenage daughter, and it’s getting late. Suddenly a man jumps out from the shadows (apparently your “enemy” under the circumstances) and attacks your daughter. Recalling the words Jesus spoke (Matthew 5:44) you offer to hold your daughter down for him so he can rape her. Does that make sense? I don’t think that’s what Jesus had in mind.

      “If Christianity is defined as the behavior of members of the Christian religion, then the assertion is clearly true.”

      That’s another rather meaningless statement, IMO. What exactly is a “member of the Christian religion”? Anybody can claim to be anything. For example, IIRC George W. Bush has claimed to be a Christian, but since real Christians don’t mass murder people, it’s clear that George Bush is not an actual Christian.

      “The logic is flawed. Christian+submission does not imply Non-Christian+Non-submission”

      Well if my logic is correct, then J.B. Campbell’s theory is proven wrong, and if my logic is “flawed” then J.B. Campbell’s theory is proven moot.

      “Ziomedia is full of films of peaceful Christians praying before being dispatched by invaders. If it’s in Ziomedia then it is in the minds of the masses.”

      And in the real world, Christian Russia is preparing to fight WW3 rather than submit to the Satanic beast. And I have to go with a real world example over a “Ziomedia” presentation.

      1. @ Harold Smith

        A good comment.

        The jews have spread the fiction about Christians not fighting in defense for a good reason. (((They))) do not want resistance from those they plan on killing.

  38. On the subject of the believers of Darwinism (which includes millions of Christians), how on Earth could a species evolve without a life support system, because no new species could survive without a life support until all of its organs have fully evolved.
    There is no evidence of species changing from one species to another, and I as a believer in creation don’t believe that I evolved from the chimpanzees like most Christians believe they did. However I’m open minded to the possibility of the males of the species having some influence on the evolution of the appearance of the species over time because unlike the female eggs, male sperm is not created before they were born and is created on a daily basis whilst the male is able to father offspring.

    Which came first, the Oak tree or the acorn?
    I will go with the acorn, because an acorn doesn’t need a mother like a chicken egg does and an acorn will grow if laid on top of soil, whereas the creator/god would have to dig a big hole to plant a mature oak tree.

  39. Colorful exchange between adepts. They’re both somewhat right, IMHO.

    As a born-again Christian, I believe theology has been corrupted in certain key areas of salvation and eschatology. The worst offending doctrines are penal substitutionary atonement and eternal conscious punishment. The common element is punishment, aka the J Edwards ‘winepress of souls’. This dishonours God’s name and distorts the gospel in extremis, so as to in effect enthrone a luciferian counterfeit.

    ‘Justice’ never ‘required’ God to exact retribution for sin and transgression, any more than cancer ‘must’ be treated by punishing the organs with chemotherapy. It doesn’t demand unbelievers to ‘turn or forever burn’ on an eternal bbq. God’s justice looks more like this: the Jews’ corruption and intransigence leads to their ultimate moment of eternal shame, denying their own God and renouncing their king, culminating in the sacrifice of the incarnated God to sate their addiction to idolatry. On the cross, this terrible truth is revealed, yet in grace and mercy the way to redemption also opens up. God swallows up the worst the devil can dish up with unfathomable and unswerving devotion. Folks, there is no tension between His justice and mercy, that’s just how much HE LOVES US.

    So if both conscientious unbelievers and dogmatic believers are prepared to put aside the strawman idol of the counterfeit God and Christ, and humbly seek the higher wisdom of He who searches the hearts and minds, then the truth will set them free. The devil always digs his own pit.

  40. If a rock fell on uncle’s foot it would hurt poor uncle, that’s for sure, but I bet if a rock fell on uncle’s head he wouldn’t feel a thing, uncle’s so thick-headed. If a brick falls on another brick does either brick feel anything? *grin*

  41. Atheism is not a belief based on evidence. It is a choice based on irrational convolutions of passion and pride. No one is ever an atheist who also wishes there were a loving God who created him and everything else. I think most atheists dislike the idea of being judged when they die and of being punished for their unrepentant sins. If there is no God, there can be no objective moral law, one cannot say that anything is wrong. In fact if just one thing is wrong, e.g. rape or slavery or anything at all, then there is a Moral Law Giver, in other words, God. On the other hand, as Ivan Karamazov said, “if there is no God, everything is permissible.” We cannot blame a shark for eating a man, but we can blame a man for eating a man or for raping a woman or for committing sodomy or for for stealing , and if that’s the case then there must be a God. If one cannot see that, then he is blind to the truth, he has gouged out the eyes of his own soul. He has willfully enlisted into the ranks of the enemy of God and of mankind, he has embraced Satan as his father. He is to be pitied and prayed for, that God’s grace may cure the disease of his immortal soul. Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and earth, lead souls to repentance and to belief in God and in your Divine Son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Redeemer, who willingly died a horrible death that we may be converted and live forever in heaven.

    1. Darrell, I don’t believe many atheists are really atheists at all.
      It’s simply that for whatever reasons, their faith is latent, suppressed by society and themselves and needs only a personal substantiation of God to fan the embers. Everyone, everything alive shares God and that spark.

    2. @ Darrell
      @ HP

      Having thought I was an atheist for about 10 years of my young life, I can attest to this simple statement. An atheist is a person who has fallen victim to jewish bullsh*t. It’s that simple.

  42. Darrell –

    Although I truly believe in God Almighty, the hardest thing for me to trust is an easy assurance of a pleasant “hereafter” just by speaking a belief that Christ died for us. I dread dying, but am told I shouldn’t – and often say so. All the so-called “Christians” I see seem to cling to life, too, as though they are afraid. Ergo, it occurs to me that absolute “believers” are as rare as hen’s teeth. If all of us were so assured of a place in Heaven because we “accept Jesus, etc.”, none of us would dread dying as we do. Words are cheap. God is great.

  43. Jews and Christians can volunteer to bring non-believers to God. The search can begin in train stations. You are sure to find a homeless person asleep on a bench. Offer him a meal and a shower at your home. After he is on his feet take him to your synagogue or church. The Rabbi, priest, or minister will help him become a believer in God.

  44. Is Christianity a ‘Jewish plot’ designed to weaken Christians and turn them into wimps? I have no clue, will have to ask a history buff, but I can see its effect. Back in the old South Africa we had an old testamentarian Christianity together with an efficient army where we used quite ungodly language. The old testamentarian way was a left-over from the whites who came emigrated out of Europe way back then when all of Europe was that way. Not much different than the American experience, as I understand it, except in the USA it were the Red Indians and in South Africa, well, the Black Indians. Both were pioneer countries.

    If one trods over the earth in Europa, one walks over a battle ground drenched with history and the blood of our forefathers. There was nothing weak about it. There were however weak leaders and they were followed by weak followers. Not much different than today. Look at how the the East was stopped at the gates of Vienna. Lots of our own leaders ran away and just a few were steadfast. The same with the problem of Genghis Khan heading toward Europa. I can however see that the advent of the printing press was as revolutionary as today the internet, and that it changed the face of warfare forever. The means for mass indoctrination on a scale never known before had been created. And they took the gap, and our elite gave them that gap. Why? Because of the Bible? Doesn’t make sense. What was the cause and what was the effect? Where humans are involved, they act all too humanly. Some would use Christianity in order to create hegemony amongst the whites, not primarily to let Jews fill the gap. Others acted quite to the contrary, with most probably the idea of maximum gain for their own pocket and not the pockets of their followers.

  45. I would like to use this site to thank the Presbyterian Church for its heroic stand against the entity that calls itself “israel” …
    Strange that no one has mention this very important topic in the web world, but it shouldnt come as a surprise since most websites are Jew controlled.
    Here is an excerpt from an article at the JEWISH TELEGRAPHIC AGENCY COMPLAINING AND WHINNING about what´s been going on:

    “Since 2004, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has engaged in a biennial ritual of obsessive, relentless anti-Israel demonization. The church’s upcoming General Assembly in St. Louis will be no exception.

    Multiple mainline Protestant denominations have considered anti-Israel resolutions and initiatives. However, no denomination is more clearly associated with anti-Israelism than the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Indeed, some of its actions have flirted with or crossed over to anti-Semitism, most notably its publication and dissemination of the anti-Semitic “Zionism Unsettled,” a congregational study guide that distorts Jewish and Israeli history. The sheer volume of anti-Israel resolutions discussed and debated reveals a deep animus that needs to be called out.”
    blah blah blah whine whine whine…
    I always disrespected the whole protestant branch but i was wrong!i always thought that ALL protestant denominations had been infiltrated (whether bribed or blackmailed) by the God Damned Jews but no! (Presbyterians are Protestants!) i was wrong and …
    I apologize!
    I love you Presbyterian Church!
    thankyou so much!

  46. Jesus and the Lucifer had a boxing match to see who will be Champion of the World!
    They set up the match in a small town in Missouri and all the town folks got ready to do some gambling.

    Jesus weighed in at 128 lbs and stood 5′ 8″
    Devil weighed in at 375 lbs and stool 7′ 7″

    Only one person in the entire town bet on Jesus to win..
    Who was it?

  47. Is it soup yet, Mother? the grumbling tummy south of my mouth asks. Inquiring minds having fallen sleep and gone off the rails, ranting and raving ensued! Thus, I missed the dinner bell.

    No doubt, I contributed to my own plight — see above! Streams of foul, cacophonous vowels, intermingled incoherently with CON-Son-ants, befuddle and muddle a puddle which, unlike my bowl of tea leaves, I can no longer read, despite functioning eyes, featured waves I can no longer hear, despite functioning ears.

    It’s past noon. Back to The Mirror! Cue the Mamas and Papas!

    I used to live in New York City;
    Everything there was dark and dirty.
    Outside my window was a steeple
    With a clock that always said twelve-thirty.
    Cloudy waters cast no reflection;
    Images of beauty lie there stagnant.
    Vibrations bounce in no direction,
    And lie there shattered into fragments.

    1. Brilliantissimo!

      I don’t know what you’re saying but I love the way you say it!

      Pure poetry!

      1. I agree with you, Madame. This man sounds highly intelligent, though perhaps a bit too profound for a simple soul like me.
        I think I will remain on this site for a bit and see what it has to offer an upperclass girl like me.

  48. @Pat — lyrics of Twelve Thirty — Songwriters: John Edmund Andrew Phillips Twelve-Thirty lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group. Perhaps John Phillips chose his group based on “religion”, eh? Have to have a JEW(ess)? Bovine dump a lump!

    Mama Cass did have a “throaty voice” — SING FOR YOUR SUPPER! a classic “between the lines” song — as we were tipped off by (((Peter, Paul, and Mary))) [ Take it away, far away, PP&M!

    I dig Rock and Roll music
    And I love to get the chance to play. (and sing it)
    I figure it’s about the happiest sound goin’ down today.
    The message may not move me,
    Or mean a great deal to me,
    But hey! it feels so groovy to say:
    I dig the Mamas and the Papas at “The Trip,”
    Sunset Strip in L.A.
    And they got a good thing goin’
    When the words don’t get in the way.
    And when they’re really wailing,
    Michelle and Cass are sailin’.
    Hey! they really nail me to the wall.

    TIME NOW, folks, for Pink Floyd — yes, THE WALL. Cleanse the mind in an hour or so!
    Leave you gasping for breath. Embedded truth: I need no education! DJ guide- du-jour quickly changes tune at the risk of outing (i.e., “out of tune”), coyly asking, “Any requests?”

  49. @Ungenius 18-Oct-18, 0228

    “Pain is obviously the result of doing something that you should not have done.”
    NO. “Pain” is the word we often use to describe a stimulus through the nervous system we do not like and can barely tolerate. No pain, no gain, a famous football coach counseled.

    “It’s free will at work as a learning experience.” YES & NO: Sometimes, not necessarily usually, certainly not ALL THE TIME!

    “Death can either be life everlasting in hell or heaven. What we do with our free will determines which one.” Oh, dear. Let’s simply say NO! and move on. Well, one last shot: The game is rigged! You cannot “win”! Free will, deterministic, GOD-directed, devil may care, the Devil made me do it….YOU LOSE! The only way to win is not to play the game!

    “As with everything, there are rules. We do not make the rules, the Father does.” The 10 Commandments? Natural Law? Common Law? Common Sense?? No game, no rules! No rules, no game!

    “Death is either feared or not.” NO. Shall we begin at the beginning? What is death? What is fear? Why does one connect one with the other as if they go together — or not?

    PS FIY all concerned: I clicked on the link to bring me here and, first time ever, “Bitdefender” interfered. This note generated (out of blue) by “Bitdefender”, which I quote:
    Suspicious page blocked for your protection
    Your connection to this web page is not safe due to an expired security certificate.
    Web pages must renew their certificates to stay current, and outdated security certificates represent a risk for your data.

    1. @ Alan Donelson

      The coolest thing about free will is that everyone gets to decide for themselves about most everything.

  50. Ung

    To me, all of what you say, in conjunction w/those billions of others is the kind of rationalization people make in trying to explain what IS. Whereas my entire PREMISE states that this mode of Existence we presently experience reflects a circumvention of TRUE free will and left us with what I term “conditional will” which MASKS free will. This kind of rationalization* is simply what we do because it refects all we have KNOWN.

    AT ORIGIN, the true power of Creation never required testing us to prove our love. It is only BECAUSE of this circumvention, or usurpation, that it has COME to that

    *And (((what, or who))) is the causation of this resultant perspective?

    I just answered my own question

  51. It’s like I said to hp several years ago. While it wasn’t the devil that MADE me do it, it was the devil that made it possible to be DONE

  52. My my!!
    Jews have gentiles at each other’s throats arguing about Jew myths.
    No wonder they control our lives.

  53. lasha/admins i thouht ur pure xtian wants to see the world with spirtuality and morality just like we are pious musliims do
    but you ppl seems to be not
    by calling ones faith a scam dont see what u gonna achive it

    but you playing into the hands of athiest satanic communist plot itself to corrupt humanity woth karl marxist socuety thats endangering yiur ethnicity and identity

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