97 thoughts to “Colin Powell: Israel has 200 nuclear weapons ‘all targeted on Tehran’ (Video)”

  1. Double standards, blatant double standards, ignoring the Israeli nuclear arsenal but threatening Iran for trying to defend itself by developing its own nukes.

    The American people are being railroaded by the Jewish neocons and jewish-controlled media into another war; and we are accused of anti-semitism for stating these truths.

    I don’t hate all Jews, just those who use their network power to pander to Israel, but it is up to the decent Jews to stop this sort of thing.

    1. Yes. where are the decent Jews, condemning the abuses of the ADL and SPLC. Where are they?

      Where are the Muslims condemning the Islamic terror attacks? Where are they?

      There are several stages to the Jew awakening, and you seem to be in the earlier stages.
      You seem to believe only a few Zionist Jews are to blame.

      After you do more research, you will truly understand the Jewish hive mind.

      Every Jew who uses the Jewish nepotism grid to get ahead in life… owes a debt to the ZOG machine.
      Any time they are called – they will start shilling and defending Jewish interests.

      I saw many Jewish celebrities, who received music or acting careers from rich Jews – who are now posting anti-gun stuff, open borders stuff and bashing Trump non stop.

      1. There is most certainly an abundance of decent Jews – graveyards are full of ’em. As for the ones still breathing, only a gullible goyim would trust a Jew. Here is a typical heart warming story about the classic Jew.

        Joseph Süß Oppenheimer’s corpse was gibbeted in a cage that hung outside of Stuttgart in the Pragsattel district for six years. Those nadzee guys! Let’s bring ’em back and invite all the Jews to the party.

        Okay, okay! To be fair, even Jews are sometimes gullible enough to trust their own kind, just look at what Bernie Madoff did to his fellow tribesmen.

        Bernie is no doubt glad his fellow tribesman programmed the stupid white goyim to be “tolerant.” If this mamzer had lived in Württemberg, his corpse would be outside hanging in a cage.

      2. Bernie Madoff made the grave mistake of fleecing his fellow jews. If he had preyed strictly on us lowly goyim, he could have slipped off to Israel and lived the rest of his life in luxury. Israel never would have extradited him back to the U.S. But we goyim don’t have the kind of money that the tribe possesses, so he had to cast a wider net. That’s the only reason he faced prosecution. Israel is full of swindlers, embezzlers, fraudsters, counterfeiters, hustlers, and usurers who ply their trade throughout the entire world with near total impunity. It is both a breeding ground and a safe haven for jewish criminals. But you already know all that, Arch. I’m so fed up with our jewish overlords at the moment that I just needed to vent. As you also know, they’re driving us to war against Iran and it doesn’t look like there’s anything or anyone that can stop it. Trump is reportedly going to announce his decision regarding the JCPOA tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. What are your thoughts on the matter, Arch? I think Trump is going to scrap the deal. In my opinion, that’s why he was (s)elected in the first place.

      3. When it comes to politics, I quit thinking years ago. I am swept along with the gullible goyim herds. Like everyone else, I leave it to Jews to decide my fate and history says, whatever the case, it won’t be pretty.

      4. “I think Trump is going to scrap the deal. In my opinion, that’s why he was (s)elected in the first place.”

        These are my feelings exactly. I hope he gets cold feet and defies his masters, but the chances of that are slim, IMO. I believe the ignorant orange savage was chosen to start WW3.

      5. We’ll find out soon enough whether our hunch is correct, won’t we, Harold? Assuming we are, I think the demonization of Iran and Syria’s Assad will reach a crescendo early this summer, to be followed by the outbreak of war shortly thereafter. As a country, we have lost control of our own destiny. We are ruled by a satanic cult lock, stock, and barrel.

      6. Is that why Marcon was in D.C. last week? To give his blessing to scraping the deal? Either way, I still don’t understand how Trump can scrap a multi-lateral treaty. Are there not 6 countries involved? I don’t think Germany is interested in scraping the deal and most of Europe is already happily doing business in Iran.

      7. Harold, we don’t have to wait until 2:00 p.m. this afternoon to find out whether Trump will rescind the JCPOA. An article I just read mentioned that today is the state of Israel’s 70th anniversary. Enough said.

    2. John Kirby, you are one who makes the mistake of using ZioJewish word constructs. Eg. neo-cons, anti-semites.
      You love Jews who “don’t pander to Israel.” ….. So you are left to love the remaining 475,000 non-Zionist pseudo Jews? Comprehendez?….. My truths are staring you in the face, but you are still retrograde and part of the problem.

    3. I don’t understand this idea that nuclear weapons do not work.

      Have you seen the film of the Bikini Atoll tests? The early H-bomb tests were more powerful than expected; certainly not TNT.

      Thousands of scientists, soldiers and sailors were witnesses. It would have been impossible to deceive so many people, or to keep them in on the fraud and to remain silent for 60 years.

      1. Some well educated and putatively intelligent engineers and scientists I know say the same kind of thing about “chemtrails”, stratospheric and tropospheric aerosol spraying, and, more euphemistically [a la Dana Wigington], “geoengineering”. Apparently, such adroit techniques as compartmentalization, “need to know”, and frank threats to person and family, not to mention murder (termination with extreme prejudice) work well in some still secret areas.

    4. Hi Max,

      There are decent Jews who are not warlike or anti-gentile, but I reckon that 99% of Jews support Netanyahu’s aim of destroying Iran and Russia, and after that? the world?

      Because I know there are some decent Jews doesn’t blind me to damage the Jewish Lobby does. It is dragging us into fighting more wars on behalf of Israel. We can aee it progressing day by day, but most people don’t see it. They watch CNN and believe what they see and hear.

  2. Ursula Haverbeck (the 89 year old German grandmother) legged it, before she could be imprisoned for Holocaust denial. She is now on the run.

    I bet she is hiding in someone’s attic, writing her diary, just like Anne Frank did.

    In a hundred years time, after we get rid of the Jews, we will all be reading Ursula Haverbeck’s diary.

    1. Correct, Wig –

      Germany Jails Old Ladies for “Holocaust Denial”

      As is expected in this upside-down world of ours, while Mamma Merkel roams free to wreak havoc and cause more rapes and deaths of Germans at the hands of her sainted and untouchable Turd World “migrants,” Ursula (89) and Monika (60’s) — with the gleeful approval of Jews all over the world — are condemned to waste away a few years in German prisons for their thought-crime of Holocaust Denial” ™.

      Boy-oh-boy, the “usual suspects” sure do make it difficult for decent people of good-will… not to “hate” them, don’t they?


  3. “Nuclear ambiguity” is a weapon, itself, when used against the gullible masses. We’re shown pictures along with dialogue. Proves nothing.

    1. Yes, Gilbert I think you are spot on. Since the majority of people on this earth no longer fear God they had to have a doomsday device made by the hands of man that would put the fear of God in them while simultaneously furthering the irrelevance of the Church.

      Another big plus in this for Israel is that they get to present themselves as responsible players by not blowing off nukes that don’t exist. Further reason to support our only “friend” in the region.

  4. Shucks, I knew by middle school to never put all my nuclear eggs in one basket.
    I guess I should have been a military near-genius. At least a General..

  5. ‘STOOGE’ Powell was WRONG in Iraq… Claims he was misled then. So… No need to believe him and these preposterous claims. He takes the $$$ for his fake claims!!!

    “YUGE” ‘Fake News’ here!! 🙂

    A liar or patsy 15 years ago (and today?):

    Dead Wrong: Colin Powell’s UN Speech


      1. He be good… Uh-Huh… He jus help “program” us!! He sell us ‘shroom’ clouds.. 🙂

        Social Media moguls Admitted that Social Media Is Programming Us… CONSCIOUSLY… WE DID IT ANYWAY!!

        Face Book has over 2 billion users. One-third of the population of the planet.


      2. Facebook is building a new server farm that will be housed in an above ground concrete “bunker” that’s one mile long. That is in addition to the four massive current buildings at that location. I have pics, was by there recently.

        Schmuckerberg has a house about thirty miles from there in a very exclusive, non-“diverse”, gated, and guarded community.

        No multiculti for the schmuck!

  6. Lessee now, the distance from Jerusalem to Terhran is 968 miles/1557.84 km. Less than a thousand miles away.

    The RNEP

    RNEP would produce tremendous radioactive fallout: A nuclear earth penetrator cannot penetrate deep enough to contain the nuclear fallout. Even the strongest casing will crush itself by the time it penetrates 10-30 feet into rock or concrete. For comparison, even a one-kiloton nuclear warhead (less than 1/10th as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb) must be buried at least 200-300 feet to contain its radioactive fallout. The high yield RNEP will produce tremendous fallout that will drift for more than a thousand miles downwind. As, Linton Brooks, the head of the National Nuclear Security Administration told Congress in April, “the laws of physics will [never allow a bomb to penetrate] far enough to trap all fallout. This is a nuclear weapon that is going to be hugely destructive over a large area” if it goes off underground.

    RNEP could kill millions of people: A simulation of RNEP used against the Esfahan nuclear facility in Iran, using the software developed for the Pentagon, showed that 3 million people would be killed by radiation within 2 weeks of the explosion, and 35 million people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India would be exposed to increased levels of cancer-causing radiation.

    Blast effects are most carefully considered by military warplanners bent upon destroying specific targets. However, it is the thermal effects which hold the greatest potential for environmental damage and human destruction. This is because nuclear firestorms in urban areas can create millions of tons of smoke which will rise into the stratosphere and create massive global cooling by blocking sunlight. In any nuclear conflict, it is likely that this environmental catastrophe will cause more fatalities than would the initial immediate local effects of the nuclear detonation.

    KURT GOTTFRIED: The repercussions could go well beyond Iran. We at UCS and also the National Academy of Sciences have made detailed studies of the consequence of using nuclear weapons in Iran, or anywhere for that matter, but specifically in Iran against a deeply buried site, which is the command site, for example. And you can’t do that, no matter what anybody tells you — everybody agrees including the weapon labs, incidentally — that you can’t do that without having a fairly big nuclear explosion , which will produce a great amount of dirt thrown up into the air with radioactive fallout, and it depends then on the weather conditions, but you can certainly have weather conditions where a radioactive cloud would go from Iran and go all the way out to Pakistan and India. So it could hit some major cities and produce enormous casualties.

    And the National Academy has put out a careful study last year which says that casualties could range up to the hundreds of thousands. I mean, fatalities, could range up to the hundreds of thousands depending on the weather, so that would be one consequence.

    No doubt the world will stage a huge welcoming party for Jews should they use their nuclear weapons on Iran.

    1. Arch,
      Wouldn’t it be possible that the fallout could go the other way? Right back into Israel’s face. Like pissin’ in the wind. That would be delicious irony indeed.

      1. I found a site a couple of months ago where you can test just that. They had four kinds from Little Boy to some russian MOAB. You could type in whatever city you want to check out. I now wish I had checked out Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for the fun of it. Because I have forgot about the name of that site.

  7. 12 million in Tehran, 100 million world wide.
    The Resistance is stronger than the Zionist.

    In good REAL news, the Hezbollah today witnessed the fruition of years of hard work and planning when their plan of establishing a axis of Resistance majority in Lebanon’s parliament became REAL.
    Next week IRAQ.
    Join the Resistance.

  8. AND in really [email protected](*@^$%^@# news — AP, not FAKE NEWS, no, of course not — “Iran-Contra figure Oliver North named president of the NRA”. Neocons resurgent, Ollie North surfacing at a reported age of 74 (!) to lead “controlled opposition”, does anyone have, as I do, a deep, sinking feeling about the immediate fate of America the (Once) Beautiful?

    1. AD –

      “does anyone have, as I do, a deep, sinking feeling about the immediate fate of America the (Once) Beautiful?”

      I had that feeling when I saw MASTER Drug Smuggler and CRIMINAL Ollie North, aka John Caffey, get pardoned.

      North/Caffey has killed untold thousands with his activities while hooked in series with ‘Red Ronnie’ Reagan… his homosexual accomplice.

      The Gun Control leader in the US…NRA deserves HIM!!!

      Reagan and the faggots at ‘The Grove’…


      1. Chat at Twitter today was full of folks ready to bail from NRA and move to GOA if North becomes pres. NRA will regret this move.

    1. exactly, carn and it is what i predict(ed) as part of putin-trump tag team continuing takedown of the jew’s global power structure.

      canceling the iran nuke deal is just a head fake but aimed at the gullible goy public, because jew sees it exactly for what it is – witness their reluctance to give it proper support.
      they understand that it may open a door to delivery of turnkey nuke capability by russia as per the mutual defense pact with iran.

      disclaimer: contingent on pat being wrong about no-nukes, on the other hand, if he is right, then the above construction is garbage.
      But as per my calculus based on available evidence, i am sticking with it for now.

      1. it seems that both sides are using the dense mass of goyim as a common shield-wall or like 2 fencers exchanging thrusts and parries around a pillar or piece of furniture – and given the level of comprehension and simple-mindedness of this central biomass, that’s just what it is, as much of a sentient participant as a piece of furniture, it is just a stalking horse to be poked and prodded into involuntary movement by judicious use of spurs, back, forth, sideways, to suit the combatants tactics, without their revealing their true aims.

  9. The YouTube clip was full of GUESSES to promote FEAR!! “Nuclear ambiguity” and “IF Israel does indeed have any NUKES” jumped off the screen. The jew writers at RT know.

    BUT, in the ‘NOT FAKE NEWS’ which is not as exciting as a cheap ‘scary movie’ at RT… there is NO AMBIGUITY here:

    China has essentially stopped buying U.S. soybeans!!

    Here is what is in store for the blustering US President…. on the verge of impeachment vs. the Chinese President who just made himself President for life!!!

    “Trade Wars are good and easy to win.”
    – Donald Trump

    In 2017 before Trump began his ill-advised trade war, the U.S. exported 36.25 million tons (72.5 billion pounds) of soybeans to China.

    On May 04, 2018, AgDay TV reported:

    “China has essentially stopped buying U.S. soybeans due to trade spat with the United States.”

    “China is such a major customer for soybeans,” said Steenhoek. “They import $14 billion worth of U.S. soybeans. Our number two importer of soybeans is Mexico at $1.5 billion. There’s a big disparity between [the number one and the number two buyer of U.S. soybeans].”

    A similar situation is happening in the U.S. sorghum industry where many ships turned around or were rerouted at sea last month due to steep tariffs set by China.

    According to USDA trade data, Chinese buyers cancelled 53,100 tonnes of U.S. sorghum purchases the week ended April 26, leaving sales of 271,500 tonnes yet to be shipped. Yet, sorghum has a different situation than soybeans. There are anti-dumping duties tacked on the product by China.

    Sorghum now has a 178.6 percent tariff. More tariffs could be added as well.

    Baize says the threat of tariffs at sea is mirrored by the soybean industry.

    “I don’t know that any company in their right mind is going to sell a bunch of soybeans to China now on a delivered basis when [there’s] potential that shipment will get stopped,” said Baize.


    US soybean producers are being ‘NUKED’ in their wallets because of Trump!! 🙂

    1. Yep. The Chinese are probably aware of the glysophate contamination of GMO soybeans, whereas American farmers are held hostage by Monsanto’s legal arrangements with the FDA and crop insurance. Soybean prices were decimated a few years ago when Cargill tried to sneak in thousands of tons of GMO soybeans into the China market., and was forced to divert shipments elsewhere in the world after being caught by Chinese investigators.

    2. Trump ‘The Arrogant’ upstaged by Xi….

      Chinese President Xi Jinping met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the port city of Dalian over the past two days, the second meeting between top officials of the allies in less than two months.

      The summit came after Kim’s surprise two-day visit to Beijing in late March, his first known trip abroad since taking power in 2011. The most recent talks follow Kim’s meeting with President Moon Jae-in of South Korea on April 27 and an expected one with U.S. President Donald Trump, possibly next month.

    3. One of the big social media memes is about “soyboys”, the effeminate – usually vegan – lefties and progressives who consume soy milk by the gallon, couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag, and often mention “my wife’s boyfriend”. It’s my understanding that almost 100% of the soybeans grown in the US are GMO, as noted by GH. GMO crops have devastating health effects, and the Russians and Chinese have both blocked US GMO crap. That predates Trump’s election.

      1. Let me tell you something, you big strong macho animal eater, you are consuming GMO’s all day long, because the animals you eat are fed a diet that is 100% GMO. (And by the way, this non-leftist or progressive vegan is a lot stronger, healthier and tougher than you).

  10. A soyboy speaks.

    You know nothing about me, what I eat, or what shape I’m in, So please GFY.

    1. The vegans I’ve encountered don’t fare as well as vegetarians, who DO, at least, consume eggs and goat milk. However, Ken is mostly right about feedlot cattle being fed GMO grains and fodder. Only grass-fed beef is GMO free. I have noticed that even wild animals such as deer often pass-up eating the GMO corn dropped in the fields at harvest time. They seem to be instinctually wary of it .

      1. Listen, Carnaptious, what you said about vegans is nothing more than a stupid bs stereotype that meat eaters love to keep repeating. The following video is why I stopped eating the animals years ago. Maybe you’ll at least have the courage to watch all 11 minutes of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfk63fJOdRw
        Humans torture and kill over 70 BILLION land animals every year on this planet (that’s more than 20 million every day) and as many as one TRILLION marine animals. Maybe you could tell me why you enjoy calling people effeminate and weak for choosing not to support that unnecessary bloodbath.

      2. And Gilbert Huntly, the healthiest people I know are the vegans that I know, including myself, and any real nutritionist knows that a plant base diet is the healthiest for us all. The facts are in about that. And all the cows marketed and sold in the stores as “grass-fed” spend the last 6 months of their short miserable lives in factory farms/CAFO’s where they are all fattened up with GMO poisoned shit.

      3. Plants are also alive, ken. So take your holier than thou horseshit somewhere else, you idiot.

        1. @ Carnaptious

          Thus spake the carnivore, red in tooth and claw! 🙂

          Hey Carny, only kidding! I know you probably have nothing against a vegan diet for those who feel strongly about it and wish to practice it. My own attitude is similar to yours, where the accent is on tolerance for other people’s eating habits — a tolerance which Ken needs to cultivate.

          I have never been a vegan myself, but I go easy on meat. Hardly ever eat it, especially red meat and processed meat. I favor a lacto-vegetarian diet which includes fish. If fish was good enough for Jesus Christ and the apostles, it’s good enough for me! 🙂

      4. Sardonicus,
        ” a tolerance which Ken needs to cultivate”?
        Carnaptious started this off topic thread by out of the blue calling vegans effeminate and weak, and in my defense I was simply stating some truths about it, and he ended it by calling me an idiot. I expected nothing more.

      5. not wishing to get embroiled, i followed this on the outside, because carnaptious is a friend, yet i see much to support in ken’s argument, since i too am a vegetarian, in fact since birth – never liked the taste of meat, always found it revolting in varying degrees – however, eat it i will when forced by social circumstances.

        yes, we ought to bear full responsibility for the insanity of the faunocide going on daily, hourly, hundreds of millions of our genetic brethren raised in utter squalor, tortured and hideously slaughtered for our gastronomic fun.

        and yes, i agree that plants too have lives and self-preservation instincts – albeit, presumably on the lesser scale, as do bugs and microorganisms to some extent.

        and yes, the biological cycle dictates that in order to survive and carry on to tomorrow, life must consume life, apart from water and air.
        Very few lifeforms are sufficiently robust and primitive to derive sustenance from inorganic matter.
        So, what’s to do but continue to kill and eat.

        But the least we can do is minimize the damage and suffering caused and treat living matter with the respect it deserves.
        Livestock should be brought up and sacrificed humanely, i’d argue even with the last rites administered and consumed in total, none wasted.
        Lab grown meat, disconnected from cognition should be promoted instead of the wholesale slaughter.
        And so on, these things should be debated towards the optimal solution that balances nutritional needs with the ethical ones and put into effect.

        in my opinion, the only lifeform on earth that barely deserves such consideration are jews, the chosen (proudly so, as per their own claim) vectors of evil, on par with viral pathogens.

      6. @ Carnaptious

        So now you’re going to start calling him names?

        Apparently you’re going out of your way to disparage anyone who doesn’t believe in the mass torture and slaughter of animals.

        Animals are sentient creatures that have feelings; e.g., they feel pain. Vegetarians and vegans understand and appreciate that; we have empathy for animals.

        Your insulting comments reflect poorly on you.

      7. I’ll be brief.

        This began when I was explaining a social media meme: Soyboys. Ken apparently has a reading comprehension problem, and ended his first comment with some sort of veiled threat. My time on social media has made me much less tolerant of that kind of thing.

        This is a basic truth: the biological cycle dictates that in order to survive and carry on to tomorrow, life must consume life, apart from water and air.

        This is my approach to that basic truth: I go easy on meat. Hardly ever eat it, especially red meat and processed meat. I favor a lacto-vegetarian diet which includes fish.

        I am done with this thread.

      8. Thank you for the two supporting voices.
        Just one more thing and I too will be done with this thread.
        You all do know that the Jews own and control the animal agriculture industry, right? And from the day we’re born we are brainwashed into believing we need to eat “animal protein” to be healthy, which actually is a leading cause of many deadly human ailments such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc.
        So the Jews are making huge profits, causing massive suffering and death to the animals, destroying the environment, and causing many preventable diseases and death for humans, all in one huge topic that everyone wants to ignore. The animal agriculture industry.
        The vegans only want to shut it down, Carnaptious. You should be applauding them for their efforts, not criticizing them.

    2. True enough, GH, my long time vegan sister had to start eating eggs and cheese on doctor’s orders. Even grass fed beef may be getting dosed with whatever is getting sprayed in the skies, growth hormones, and antibiotics. Like you, I live in a rural area, so fresh fruit and veg is easy to find and relatively cheap, but unless one grows their own, again like you, there’s no way to know for sure what one is eating.

      Recently, I put out some white rice that was leftover from a dinner out, and none of the local birds, critters or bugs wanted anything to do with it. Don’t think I’ll be eating there again.

      1. True about the white rice, Carnaptious!
        Being a cattleman, though, I can REFUTE Ken’s assertion that all bovine critters end-up their last days in factory farm feedlots. The demand for “grass-fed beef” is growing, and my own beef cattle spend their days in beautiful pastures. Unfortunately, being part of a large, family-owned corporate farm, I must go along with decisions based on pure economy – such as the cultivation of GMO soybeans and corn. The dairy cows ARE fed that slop, but cows do not live long enough to feel the dire effects, anyway. People, however, DO, and I don’t blame anyone who prefers a vegetarian diet.
        On Thursday nights, the “Happy Meal” truck stops at our cattle station to retrieve old cows which are no longer of use for the dairy herd. Their final destination is the Newark, N.J. McDonald’s meat-processing facility. I don’t like it – but I don’t call the shots for that operation.
        I plant and grow my own produce, keep my own chickens for eggs, and my own bees for honey. I do not buy commercial beef because I don’t know where it came from. We’re free to make our own choices, though, and I understand why urban dwellers might avoid meat altogether when they have no better choice. 😐

      2. Prefatorially, maybe also predicatorially, I’d like to write “my two cents’ worth”. Worksteading (as my sister-in-law declared, “all you bought is a lot of work”), at some fateful moment now long ago, wife of 30 years (duration of marriage, not years of age!) decided to fulfill her childhood dream of “having chickens”. At one point in the history of our Soleil Farm, we produced over 100 DOZEN farm-fresh, “better than organic” [cf. Joel Salatin] eggs a week. We also grew and butchered waves of 50 Cornish Cross chickens (i.e., meat birds). All as GMO-free, non-medicated from birth, free-range as our territory allows given predators (bears, mountain lions, bobcats, skunks among them)….Long story short, we subsidized this naive operation to the tune of $10s of thousands each year. No one would pay the actual cost of producing eggs or meat, never mind labor.

        We scaled back to provide for ourselves and a few savvy neighbors. We also grow pesticide-free, heirloom veggies — for ourselves and a few appreciative neighbors. De-centralize food production, and you can have most of what you need to eat healthily, vegan or omnivore or carnivore.

    3. We know that you reply quickly, and often., this suggests a rather sedentary lifestyle. And while eschewing veganism perhaps a suggestion of being “corn fed” is perhaps illuminating.

  11. Three current top stories at Times of Israel:

    Defying world, Trump says US withdrawing from Iran nuclear deal

    IDF alerts Golan residents over ‘abnormal’ Iranian movement in Syria

    Trump announces nuke deal pullout; Netanyahu offers full backing to ‘bold’ move


    The game is afoot.

    1. Greetings Carnaptious,
      I may be dating myself by this reference, but one needn’t have been The Amazing Kreskin to foresee Trump pulling out of the JCPOA. I see war with Iran on the horizon, but there are several erudite commenters on this site who believe that Trump is playing a highly-sophisticated game of 4 dimensional chess that will ultimately checkmate the israelis and organized jewry. I don’t see it way; not for one minute. I have enjoyed reading your comments on various topics ever since you began posting here, so if you don’t mind me asking, what are your thoughts on the matter?

      1. Thank you for those kind thoughts and words, UJV. 😊

        Hmm, I’ve taken several starts at this, but don’t want to turn it into a 5,000 word article. Here’s the thing, I didn’t vote for Trump, and support him only in the sense that I support any US President elected through a system I consider seriously flawed and subject to manipulation. I see Trump as neither better nor worse than most US Presidents. He has kept some campaign promises and broken others, but that’s typical of every elected official. I don’t subscribe to the 4D chess idea for one very simple reason: Trump is just one man, and anything he wants done must be carried out by subordinates who may or may not faithfully execute his instructions. That is, even if Trump is playing 4D chess, the people carrying out his orders may be playing checkers, Russian Roulette, or Parcheesi. That’s why I generally prefer to comment on events that have taken place, or are taking place, rather than speculate about imponderables.

        War with Iran and ultimate checkmate of Israel are not necessarily mutually exclusive. You may have followed the comments between Lobro, Brownhawk and Max Bilney in which they are discussing Jewish factions that may be / are vying for power. Obviously, all factions want to prevail, and a war that sets the Middle East alight would certainly facilitate changes of governments. Lebanon, Syria, and Iran are all likely targets because they have so far resisted the plan for Greater Israel (and / or Rothschild style central banks), but the creation of Greater Israel will necessarily replace the current state of Israel – the one “authorized” in the UN partition plan – with a very different and far larger Biblical version that many Jewish people claim “God gave them”. There are several versions of the “God given” land grant at that link (scroll down to see them), but the most extensive version includes all of KSA, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, much of Iraq, all of Jordan, most of Syria, and parts of Turkey and Egypt. If Israel as it is today is subsumed into a fledgling version of the full Eretz Israel – under the leadership of a non-Zionist faction – would that not amount to a “checkmate” of the current (Zionist) Israel?

        Israel is reported to have begun attacking Iranians in Syria just an hour after Trump announced withdrawal from the JCPOA. Things are heating up, quite literally, in Iran. In Lebanon, an election that will “Boost Hezbollah’s Clout” just took place. Yes, war is definitely on the horizon.

      2. Thank you for your well-reasoned, well-articulated thoughts on the subject. You never fail to impress. You very well may be right that war with Iran and checkmating Israel’s march to global hegemony (to paraphrase lobro’s comment, below) may not be mutually exclusive if Greater Israel is achieved by non-Zionist jews. However, I believe that a jew is a jew is a jew and that non-jews will be mercilessly subjugated, enslaved and slaughtered if jews of any stripe are able to achieve unfettered dominion over our planet. Obviously, we must all resist their diabolical plans with every fiber of our being. Thanks again, Carnaptious!

      3. I would agree that, in general, “a jew is a jew is a jew and that non-jews will be mercilessly subjugated, enslaved and slaughtered if jews of any stripe are able to achieve unfettered dominion over our planet.”

        Leaving aside the vile tome that is the Babylonian Talmud, the Torah alone provides a “God given” dispensation for Jews to slaughter, rape and dispossess gentiles. The Jewish people have a history of doing just that whenever they have an opportunity to do so, and their major holidays are all celebrations of such slaughters.

        As far as I know, none of the Jewish factions vying for power renounce that part of their beliefs. Consequently, what is good for Jews will be very bad for non-Jews.

  12. Following on from Trumps blustering, Zionist axis forces have attacked Resistance positions in syria, the Resistance shall retaliate at the time of IT’S choosing.
    Zionist know this, IT IS COMING.

  13. Let’s hope Pat is right, that atomic bombs are fake.

    If he is wrong then it looks like it’s Armageddon.

  14. not saying it’s a smoking gun type of proof of my theory but worth consideration:
    Combat Debut of Joint Air-to-Surface Stand-off Missile: Did U.S. Air Force Lose High Tech Missile in Syria?

    Of even greater import than the obvious failure of the French Navy, was the official announcement by the Syrian military that they had recovered two U.S. cruise missiles that were relatively intact after the strikes were conducted. These two missiles were promptly delivered to the Russian military in Syria.

    The Syria strike of April 14th would be the first documented use of this weapon system ever in warfare. The JASSM had a quite troubled developmental history, and like so many other U.S. weapons systems, ran considerably over budget. The JASSM is seen as the benchmark of the next generation of U.S. cruise missiles. Did one of these missiles fail and crash land in Syria? Does Russia now have a relatively intact JASSM missile to study and reverse-engineer? If so, this is without a doubt, the greatest U.S. military technology loss (not due to Chinese espionage at least) in almost a century.

    The JASSM was developed to be just such a high tech and stealthy guided munition. If the weapons prove successful, JASSMs fired from aircraft outside of an adversary’s airspace, and well out on engagement range of air defenses, could overwhelm and destroy key air-defense network radar and command and control assets, as well as the most capable enemy surface-to-air missile (SAM) batteries.

    Pay attention to results™, in this case, the entire operation may have been conceived in order to “legally” deliver an intact copy of JASSM to Russia to hack.
    And remember that israel fired that bunker buster at syria from the safety of lebanese airspace, maybe they won’t have that capability for much longer.

    recap: … without a doubt, the greatest U.S. military technology loss in almost a century.
    and the prime benefactor of the U.S. military technology has always been Israel, the prime victims, those resisting the judaic march to global ownership.
    So, think again about the cumulative Trump-effect on the JEW project.

    to save america, he must destroy the misnamed empire.

    1. quote from the semi-aligned with jews World Socialist Web Site, i often find nuggets of truth and even wisdom in their articles:

      As the World Socialist Web Site warned in a perspective published in April 2015 in response to the announcement that Iran and the great powers had reached the “framework” for a nuclear accord:
      In a broader historical sense, the deal is not worth the paper it is written on. If and when it is expedient, the US will shred the agreement, as has happened many times in the past.
      The Libyan regime of Muammar Gaddafi cut a deal in 2003 to give up its WMD [Weapons of Mass Destruction] programs only to find itself the target of a NATO-led war for regime-change in 2011.
      Amid its own economic decline, US imperialism will stop at nothing in its reckless drive for global domination at the expense of its major rivals.”

      making the obvious substitution of JEW for U.S., the thrust of my previous comment comes into clearer focus.

    2. Lobro –

      “the prime benefactor of the U.S. military technology has always been Israel”

      I claim the “prime beneficiary of U.S. military technology”… hooked in series with Israeli technology from U.S…. has ALWAYS been RUSSIA since 1917, and now… ‘Put-On’!! 🙂

      ‘Put-On’ has contracted with state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries(IAI)… for IAI’s Unmanned Air Systems – DRONES – UAVs

      Over 1,500,000 operational flight hours for over – *50 users on five continents* – IAI is a global leader in comprehensive UAS-based solutions – offering the widest range of combat-proven systems.


      NOT FAKE NEWS>>>

      In 2010 Israel Aerospace Industries said it reached an agreement to sell to Russian state-run defense company Oboronprom $400 million of unmanned aerial vehicle systems over a three-year period.

      In the presence of the Minister of Industry of Russia Israel Aerospace Industries’ CEO and the Director-General of Russia’s Oboronprom Corporation have signed an agreement for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

      Russia – PAPER BEAR – is NOT even capable of producing successful Ballistic Missiles for submarines!! Without them… they cannot flatten anyone!!

      BUT… Israel can make them for ‘Put-On’..!! 🙂

      —“One of Russia’s Most Advanced Nuclear Missiles Self-Destructed During a Test Flight”—

      The Russian missile industry has simply failed to produce quality SLBMs consistently.

      The Bulava missile—which is eventually expected to form the backbone of the sea-based portion of Russia’s nuclear deterrence triad— has been plagued with reliability problems.

      The Bulava had suffered from a string of failures before the weapon was finally declared operational on Oct. 15, 2015, after quality control issues during the production process were allegedly resolved.

      However, since November 2015, the Bulava has suffered at least THREE failures out of a total of FOUR launches.(75% failure!) 🙂 No worries in US Navy…


      1. Hello, I’m A.I. and I’ll be your pilot, navigator, WSO, GPS, FOF and favorite radio station DJ today! (and the foreseeable future) Enjoy the show!

      2. Oh, darn near forgot.. (lol)
        I’ll be steerin’ the sub today, too. Dismissed!

        OK, now where’s that dad-gum gas pedal..

      3. NOT FAKE NEWS>>>

        ‘Put-On’ buys drones from Netanyahu.. 🙂 🙂

        October 2010 – In the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, Mr. Viktor Khristenko, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) CEO, Mr. Itzhak Nissan, and the Director-General of the Oboronprom Russian Industrial Corporation, Mr. Andrey Reus, signed an agreement, to sell UAV assembly elements and services to Oboronprom.


        ‘Put-On’ purchased Israeli drones

        —‘Vedomosti’ newspaper says Russian Defense Ministry bought 10 IAI-made Searcher drones—

        According to Vedomosti, the drones are to be assembled in Russia in accordance with a license awarded to Ural Work Civil Aviation factory.

        The Oboronprom defense industry enterprise owns 48.6 percent of the factory, according to the report.

        Briman, an expert on Russian-Ukrainian affairs, described Vedomosti as a highly respectable business newspaper in Russia, which enjoys a good reputation and “relative independence from the Kremlin, as much as is possible.”


      4. I’m sure… Trump saw this $400 Million deal on Twitter.. 🙂

        Drone deals heighten military ties between Israel and Russia

        The significant arms deal between Russia and Israel has had very little coverage in the media

        Given heightened tensions over Russia’s support for Iran and the Syrian regime, the recently announced sale of 10 unmanned IAI Searcher 3 drones to Russia seems unusual at face value.

        However, Israel’s decision to sell weapons to the country it sees as the principal benefactor of its enemies is just the latest chapter of a long and often complicated history of military cooperation between Israel and Russia.



  15. as predicted, jew loses, here is Iranian President Hassan Rouhani:

    “I have ordered Iran’s atomic organization that whenever it is needed, we will start enriching uranium more than before,” he said, adding that Iran would start this “in the next weeks.”

    persians are an old, wise race and by this fact alone, regarded as an existential threat and enemy by JEW who’s been wet-dreaming purim-to-purim about exterminating them through many centuries, whereas americans, by virtue of being a young and stupid race are accepted as friends.
    Here is the proof that Iranians are not and never have been fooled by the fake JCPOA, Iran’s supreme leader bans negotiations with the United States
    (Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is Rouhani’s boss)

    In his address to Revolutionary Guards Navy commanders, Khamenei said talks with the United States brought only disadvantages to Iran.

    Through negotiations Americans seek to influence Iran … but there are naive people in Iran who don’t understand this

    Khamenei was quoted as saying to the IRGC commanders, who are also running much of Iran’s military involvement in Syria.

    some good comments by Mark Glenn.

    not to mention that there are naive people outside of Iran who don’t understand this.

  16. Mark Glenn’s comments about Iranian response to US withdrawal from the JCPOA are thoughtful, and well worth reading. He references an article he wrote in 2011 Muslim Solidarity in the Middle East and the end of Jewish Serial Wars–The Real “Iranian Bomb” Israel Fears More Than Anything Else which is also well worth reading for those who can find the time.

    The first thing to remember is that Israel–being THE JEWISH STATE–is the physical embodiment of religiously-inspired fantasy. A cult compound with diplomatic status, it differs from other ill-fated ventures such as Jonestown or David Koresh’s Branch Davidians only in size and the fact it is armed to the teeth with nukes and biological weapons. Her narrative is simple–A petty, wrathful, vengeful, racially-conscious god favors one tiny blob of human DNA over everything in all creation and has given the members of this tiny blob the green light to go about the world making war and getting their hands on as much booty–financial or otherwise–for themselves as diabolically possible.

    Therefore, when decoding what Israel is saying at any given moment, it’s necessary that rational thinkers understand that everything coming out of her mouth passes through this Judaic filter of sorts and that they are listening to an individual who is–for all intents and purposes, mad beyond anyone‘s wildest dreams.

    That quote should be hung on the wall of anyone who wants to understand why this world is perpetually wracked by wars, poverty, hunger, depravity, and every sort of crime against humanity.

  17. The funniest of all things is that many people still expect justice from the u.s. in regards to Palestine and the middle east when its already been clarified over and over and over that he biggest enemy of Palestine the middle east and the whole of mankind is the U.S. itself.
    America is the enemy who- once defeated- (i dont know how we are gonna do that) Israel and the Jews that dwell in it will pack up their silly clothes in their rickety suitcases (the ones they brought from europe) and leave …..


      1. Frederic Bastiat – “Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Sometimes the law places the whole apparatus of judges, police, prisons and gendarmes at the service of the plunderers, and treats the victim – when he defends himself – as a criminal.”

        Bastiat’s “broken window fallacy” is an explanation of why “creative destruction” doesn’t make economic sense, but that doesn’t stop crony capitalists from making large fortunes by “breaking windows”.

      2. Carn –

        I read “The Law” by Freddy in the 50s. Good for dreamers. But, criminals rule the globe.

        You wrote:
        “…that doesn’t stop crony capitalists from making large fortunes by “breaking windows”.

        CORRECT!! That was one of my reasons for writing that.

        ‘Put-On’ – as Head of State(ruler) – IS a “YUGE” crony capitalist. 🙂

  18. Zionist press reports, ” Israel attacks Iranian targets in Syria after Iranian forces attack Israeli military positions in Golan”
    Resistance press reports, ” Syrian forces attack Israeli military positions in Golan AFTER Israel attacks Syrian army positions “.
    Someone is telling fibs.
    If it’s the Resistance press, it would explain Russia’s lack of action vis a vis it’s previous statements.
    If however the Zionist entities claims are the lies and they instigated this attack and also have attacked mainly Syrian army positions, then Russia has abandoned Assad.

    1. Harry,
      The only thing that is clear is that munitions are being exchanged in large quantities. Small arms as well as artillery and missiles. Israelis in the Golan Heights are sheltering in bunkers and sewers. Some Syrians are on rooftops watching Israelis get whacked! The Twitter account I linked to above – @partisangirl – has a lot of videos and comments. She is pro-Assad & Syria, so not exactly an objective reporter.

      1. Thanks carn, but I don’t do twitter.
        Regards the munitions, there is plenty more to come, the Zionist won’t have a peaceful day until their Removal.

  19. Al Queda linked Syrian ” rebels ” attacked Syrian army positions in Golan simultaneously with Zionist occupational forces. More evidence of the Zionist control of Al Queda groups.

  20. Wars = $$$

    Not just ‘Put-On’ … With $250 BILLION + whetting appetites…. China wants a “piece of the action” in Syria and surrounding areas too!!!

    SYRIA IS HOLDING TRADE FAIRS – “Trade Fair on Syrian Reconstruction Projects” – to accommodate rebuilding to launch their infrastructures into the 21st century!! 🙂

    China’s Bid To Assist Assad In Syrian Reconstruction Is About Security and Profit
    (May 2, 2018)

    Even as the West favors airstrikes against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and steers clear of supporting the president in rebuilding Syria, China has stated that it is interested in reconstructing the war-torn nation, and Chinese firms are lining up to become part of the process.

    The reconstruction cost is expected to amount to $250 billion, according to the United Nations.

    China’s motivations are apolitical, and are not aimed at opposing the policies of Western nations. Rather, China is propelled by economic and security reasons to take part in rebuilding Syria.

    Chinese firms interested in reconstruction include infrastructure construction companies such as China Energy Engineering Corporation and China Construction Fifth Engineering Division. In addition, a Syria Day Expo held in Beijing was attended last year by hundreds of Chinese infrastructure investment firms.

    At the First Trade Fair on Syrian Reconstruction Projects held last summer, officials pledged $2 billion for the reconstruction process. Chinese energy firms might have benefited as well, since before the Syrian war began, Syria’s main energy contracts were held with Western energy companies such as Shell and Total.

    However, Russia has been given EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to produce oil and gas in Syria.


    1. Syria’s Reconstruction Gold Rush

      General Director of the Exhibition Fares al-Kartally told AFP that the regime wanted the fair “to signal the start of reconstruction.”

      “Syria, official newspapers declared, is now “open for business.”

      The prospect of lucrative reconstruction deals has triggered a deluge of interest from governments and firms looking to profit from Syria’s devastation.

      The regime’s closest allies, Russia (‘Put-On’ winks and smiles) and Iran, have been the MOST prominent beneficiaries of the Syria reconstruction GOLD RUSH, with China not far behind.


      China seeks to take its business to Syria in post-war rebuilding effort

      With the China-Arab Association on its fourth trip to Syria this year, Beijing prepares to invest millions of dollars in the reconstruction of the war-torn nation



      This war IS……
      Just a good old fashioned war for demolishing and reconstructing as usual.. and ‘Put-On’ suggested a Marshall Plan…


  21. There is a reason the military has historically fed its troops a heavy meat diet.There is a reason the ancient Judaic priests had the story of Cain and Able that set the precedence of the lord preferring the meat offering over the grain offering. There is a reason Jews having long been pushing the vegetarian diet for goyim males.

    That reason is the testosterone and muscle production meat creates in the male. Meat makes men aggressive, a vegetable diet makes them passive and submissive. Yeah sure, I know there are exceptions and certainly someone will be able to recall some contrasting, anecdotal example from personal history, but no matter, this is the physical rule of how food affects the human organism on the whole.

    Even Charles Dickens recognized this fact. Take a look at the following video. At 29 minutes, the one minute scene says it all.

    As for GMO foods, like “chemtrail” spraying programs, GMO food has become a fact of life that cannot be avoided. Soon all food products will be laced with some form of GMO taint, just as the atmosphere has become laced with toxic poisons. Whether promoting a vegetarian diet, GMO food production, exploding nuclear devices that spread radiation over the planet, spraying toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, or even the flaming faggotry and transvestitism that has taken over much of western culture, helped in part be a vegetarian diet, the goal is always the same, the destruction of the goyim, especially the hated white male.

    Note, I do not advocate one preference in diet over another, I simply, note the facts as presented by physical reality. In fact as a hippy living on a commune, I once maintained a strict vegetarian diet – then I joined the Marine Corps.

    1. I read a very interesting scholarly work – “The Time Before History” by Colin Tudge – in which the author argues that meat eating was what brought hominids out of trees and caves, made them join together in communities to hunt, and turned early hominids into cro-magnons – the first early anatomically modern humans.

    2. Omnivorically disposed, distrustful of the Hegelian dialectic of “vegetarian [vegan] vs. veggies + dietary meat”, I opine that regular, rhythmic oscillations between extremes — say, from prayer and fasting to celebratory feasting, with the Golden Mean and Moderation in All Things as strict guidance — may serve us best. If indeed we be spiritual beings having a wonderful outing in and about this physical plane, then meaty sustenance serves to keep us anchored here; lighter fare (!) serves for elevation, much like ditching ballast in a hot-air balloon, which we buffoons seem to mimic daily.

  22. Israel Attacks Syria, Hitting Dozens of Targets

    Links to several source articles from AW.c

    Israeli officials are also claiming to have hit virtually all of Iran’s “infrastructure” inside Syria.

    Russia reported that Syria intercepted half of the Israeli missiles. Israel is saying they also attacked and destroyed five Syrian anti-aircraft batteries during the attack because they batteries fired on Israeli warplanes invading Syrian airspace.

    Though Israel’s attacks and escalations have been seen primarily as aiming to pick a fight with Iran, the more immediate danger is that Russia will at some point decide that enough is enough, and deny Israel access to Syrian airspace.

    the more immediate danger is that Russia will at some point … deny Israel access to Syrian airspace.


  23. From a website-blog titled “Tikun Olam” (“repairing the world”)
    Former Israeli Defense Minister Confirms Israeli Collaboration with ISIS in Syria


    Israel – “repairing the world” with the help of head chopping, liver eating terrorists with whom the USG is ostensibly at war.

    “Israel Uses Intelligence Cutouts To Target the US” – https://original.antiwar.com/smith-grant/2018/05/10/israel-uses-intelligence-cutouts-to-target-the-us/

    With a friend like Israel…

  24. As the dust settles…. and from a COMMERCIAL point of view… The VOLUNTEER DEMOLITION of the ‘old infrastructure’ by other countries… has been THE best thing to happen to Syria in decades. Assad got $Billions of work done with minimal expense. Hats off to US, Russia, Israel and Iran.

    Trumps missiles actually landed exactly where Assad needed them to land, with pinpoint accuracy. A Trump-’Put-On’-Adelson Group LLC Casino & Hotel Complex may sprout there SOON… NEAR the airport. How convenient!! 🙂

    In February, the Khallouf Trading Company announced the reopening of its manufacturing plant in Hama, in partnership with the Chinese Dongfeng Motor Company, and the launching of two new vehicles, a sedan and an SUV.

    The Damascus International Fair session opened 17 August and continues through  26 August”.


    Damascus trade fair achieves “unexpected success”: Syrian official

    Iran, Russia and China are among 23 nations to directly participate in the Trade Fair, which attracted over 2.2 million visitors during JUST the last 10 days.

    When the war is over, Syria is expected to be the main attraction of foreign companies, and governments, particularly those interested in the reconstruction process.

    DAMASCUS, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) — The Damascus International Fair has succeeded beyond expectations, said Fares Kartali, director of the General Establishment for Exhibitions and International Markets, local media reported Sunday.

    Many contracts have been signed during the ten-day fair between local and foreign companies in the event that wrapped up on Saturday, Kartali said.

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his allies are using the nation’s first INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR in five years to claim victory over countries that have sought to topple him since civil war erupted in 2011.

    The flags of 23 nations participating directly, and 20 others represented by companies, lined the entrance to the exhibition in the capital Damascus, ahead of its inauguration by Prime Minister Imad Khamis.

    Iran and Russia — which have stood by Assad throughout the conflict — as well as China top the list of attendees. State-run news agency SANA said firms from France, Germany and the U.K. would be represented through agents.



    Tomorrow – May 12, 2018 – Techno Build Exhibition 2018 kicks off in Damascus!!



    **Anyone need reservations for a booth inside, or tent outside, at this year’s Reconstruction Trade Fair in Damascus?? 🙂

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