Corbyn’s persecution and a song of defiance on the Occidental Express

. . . by Alison Chabloz

During the years I spent teaching in Swiss secondary schools, in-training days were often orientated towards how to motivate a class of musically mixed-ability teenagers to sing together tunefully and with conviction. One of these training days I remember in particular, given by a male colleague who, during a football World Cup championship, had filmed all the participating teams singing their respective national anthems. The lesson was clear: more often than not, teams who sang with passion and heartfelt conviction went on to gain satisfactory results.

International sporting events have long been one of the subtle ways by which Globalists have been able to implement their agenda of mass non-white immigration into European countries. Most noticeable in football, cricket and athletics, multiracial “national” teams have in recent decades become increasingly present on track, field and pitch. Can a cricketer, for example of Pakistani origin born in England, truly harbour the same patriotism for his adoptive country than an Englishman born and bred in England whose northern European genetic makeup is an integral part of his origin and identity?

Sporting professionals who happen to be British citizens born of foreign parents have the choice whether they compete for Britain or for the country from which their parents originated. Is this fair? Does this not raise questions of possible conspiracy? Would this be one reason why English national teams in so many disciplines tend to produce disappointing results?

No doubt, the above paragraph will provoke accusations of “racism” – a label bandied about so readily nowadays that even the leader of HM Opposition, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, has been branded as such, including by members of his own party. Earlier this month, long-standing Labour MP, “Dame” Margaret Hodge née Oppenheim, went so far as to tar her own boss as “a f*cking anti-Semite AND a racist”. Predictably, following an internal investigation by the Labour party, Hodge then played the victim card, stating that the letter informing her of the investigation had made her understand how Jews must have felt during the “Nazi holocaust”; she also referred to a ready-packed suitcase permanently by the door. No doubt a precaution in the event of Corbynazis embarking on Barking and Dagenham’s very own version of  Kristallnacht.

Above: “You’ve got to keep a packed suitcase at the door, Margaret.” – Herr Oppenheim.

Praise be to Common Sense. Weary of Zionist infested lamestream’s shameless allegations of “anti-Semitism” against the leader of the largest leftist party in Europe, many Brits responded robustly, condemning Hodge with typical British humour. A Twitter hashtag of #HodgeComparisons was trending for days, reflecting deep divisions of political opinion, especially apparent since Brexit. Jewish American commentator, Prof Norman G Finkelstein, disgusted by Hodge’s approach, described the lynching of Corbyn as “a crucifixion”. I made a similar observation almost three years ago which must mean that the attacks on Corbyn represent the longest crucifixion in the history of Christendom?

As with non-European “British” sportsmen and women born of foreign parents, those at the forefront of the smear campaign against Corbyn are also dual citizens, although in the case of Corbyn’s detractors this is an issue of religion rather than of race. Allegations of wreath-laying at terrorists’ graves and other ‘undesirable’ associations with Irish republicans and a holocaust-denying survivor of Auschwitz abound, mostly aired by Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, the “charity” responsible for pressing police and CPS Special Crime and Counter-Terrorism Division to have me prosecuted and convicted for singing songs about the “holocaust” and Jewish power.

As the campaign against Corbyn intensified, “Dame” Hodge was named CAA honorary patron, following hot on the heels of the equally abusive Mark Lewis. Zionist angst then became almost palpable as Corbyn’s steadfast resolve not to back down in the face of adversity was praised by both ex-BNP leader, Nick Griffin, and famous American white nationalist, Dr David Duke. Last weekend, CAA launched a petition calling for Corbyn to be immediately removed as Labour leader. Finally yesterday, former Chief Rabbi “Lord” Sacks was wheeled out to reinforce Hodge’s smear, calling Corbyn a “dangerous anti-Semite”. Most astonishing of all was the rabbi’s comparison of Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech with a comment made by Corbyn at a 2013 pro-Palestinian event where he responded to predictable disruption by The Three Muppeteers, remarking that despite having been born in Britain these particular Zionists lack any sense of irony. For an explanation of how and why all this is happening to Jeremy Corbyn see Gerard Menuhin’s article, Step by Step, published on this humble website last week.


Some would say that the ongoing population replacement of Europeans which began in earnest during the post-war years represents the culmination of the Globalist agenda. Here in Britain, our heavy industry, manufacturing and fishing industries have suffered irreparable decline. Elsewhere, we are now seeing clear moves by Israel to relocate the US tech industry from Silicone Valley to China. As well, censorship and state-sponsored persecution of political dissidents in the west is fast becoming an everyday occurrence: Europeans speaking out against the System are vilified and branded as Nazis, irrespective of whether they are genuine White Nationalists or pro-Israel plastic patriots as in the case of Katie Hopkins or Tommy Robinson. Absurdly, the N word for Whites is even being used against non-white Corbyn supporters. In short, unless you agree with CAA that Corbyn is a Nazi then you’re probably a Nazi too, even if you happen to be Jewish.

Earlier this week, I watched several YouTube documentaries about the 1979 release of Monty Python’s Life of Brian. I also watched the film for perhaps the third time in almost 40 years. There is a scene where Brian – eager to escape Roman centurions as well as a hoard of followers believing Brian to be the messiah – stumbles across a naked old man in the desert who has been keeping a vow of silence for 18 years. Brian causes the old man to break his vow by jumping into the hollow where the old man had been sitting silently in the lotus position for all that time. At first the old man is angry. Then he resigns himself to the fact that he may as well start to speak – and to sing! The next scene shows the naked bearded man jumping up and down singing Hava Nagila.

Recently, I told my football national anthem anecdote as related at the beginning of this post whilst on a Northern Rail local service, finding myself seated in the middle of a group of Manchester United supporters returning from a match and who were singing, badly. After expressing teacherly disapproval at their painful warblings, I told them the story of national teams singing with vigour and pride and the merry fans on the train then obliged with a much-improved version of Glory, glory, Man United. I was even invited to join their WhatsApp group to attend matches – which I politely declined, explaining that this would result in my father never speaking to me again (not to mention a breach of my Suspended Sentence Order); I was then offered a can of fruity cider, also politely declined. One of the group asked why I was travelling to that particular part of Derbyshire. There ensued a “yes-no” guessing game until, finally, the revelation that I was going to see my probation officer after having been found guilty of singing heretical songs. The grand finale of the most glory-bound train journey of my lifetime ended with a short rendition of two of my most controversial hits: a censored artist must seize every opportunity to perform. As the train pulled to a halt my mini concert had earned laughter, further offers of fruity cider and even kisses.


No more heavy industry. No more manufacturing. No more fishing industry. No more tech industry. And now they are coming for the artists. I grew up on Monty Python and my musical satire is a direct result of my own British upbringing, culture and heritage. Satire and irony are long-standing British institutions: my most infamous song (((Survivors))) parodies Hava Nagila and, cohencidentally, the first group to complain about Life of Brian was an association of rabbis from New York.

Following threats made against the Labour leader, CAA’s CrucifyCorbyn™ petition has resulted in a formal complaint to the Charity Commission and an investigation into malicious communications by the Metropolitan Police. (Note: as well as persuadingJewish News UK to publish a recent article after again reporting me to police for my Claude Lanzmann article, CAA also hosted a death threat against yours truly on their Facebook page just as my trial began last January).

Let us not forget that CAA is run by people whose families were welcomed into this country as guests. In my opinion, a charge of treason would not be unduly harsh. But let’s hope at least that our authorities see sense and de-register this so-called “charity” for reasons of political bias, constant stalking and harassment of women (by CAA-approved Twitter trolls), tax-dodging and generally behaving in the most uncharitable manner. CAA wants to deprive indigenous Brits of their right to freedom of expression and of the rights of voters to choose their leaders. Let’s stop them before it’s too late.


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  1. “Hodge then played the victim card, stating that the letter informing her of the investigation had made her understand how Jews must have felt during the “Nazi holocaust””. The Holocaust. That was when the Jews were made into 6 million lampshades and bars of soap, right? Why would anyone believe anything they have to say after a whopping lie like that.

  2. Corbyn’$ “persecution” …..ORCHE$TRATED by……A SIN-PHONEY of LYRE$ ! ! ?

    * * *
    Posted on May 31, 2017

    New Labour leader JEREMY CORBYN has said that he has some JEWISH ANCESTRY.
    In an interview in today’s Church Times, he revealed that there was a “Jewish element” in the family.“Going back a lot further, there is a Jewish element in the family, probably from Germany.” Source

    Jeremy CORBYN’S PARENTS were David Benjamin Corbyn (aka CORBEN) and Naomi Loveday JOSLING.

    The Jewish first names of both his parents suggests that the CORBYN FAMILY KNEW OF THEIR JERWISH ANCESTRY and it may not have been as remote as Corbyn makes it out to be

    During the Second World War his FATHER DAVID WORKED in Wiltshire on a “top secret scientific project” Victor ROTH$CHILD was in charge of British intelligence at that time

    Corbyn’s childhood SOCIALIST HOME

    Young Jeremy, aged six and nicknamed Jelly, was raised in a SEVEN-BEDROOM SHROPSHIRE MANOR HOUSE called Yew Tree Manor – though he refers to it only as ‘an old farm’. Despite his parents’ socialist views, HE AND HIS BROTHERS – Edward, Andrew and Piers – WERE EDUCATED PRIVATELY AT Castle House PREP SCHOOL. They were LATER sent to Adams’ GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Source

    CORBYN’$ RISE TO Labour party LEADERSHIP has also been sudden $PECTACULAR and some say accidental

    Following the Labour Party’s defeat at the general election on 7 May 2015, Ed Miliband resigned as its party leader, triggering a leadership election. On 3 June 2015, Corbyn confirmed that he would stand in the election on a “clear anti-austerity platform”.On June 15 (last day for filing ) he just scraped through the 35 MPs support needed to contest

    Sudden $PECTACULAR ‘accidental” RISES DON’T “JUST HAPPEN” in politics.
    THEY ARE well CHOREOGRAPHED and prepared and made TO APPEAR $PONTANEOUS.

    As stated Corbyn was contesting a leadeship contest because “Centrist Blairite” JEW MILLIBAND had lead Labour to an unexpected LOSS and people wanted “someone different” to lead Labour

    Thus CORBYN was as well MARKETED and SOLD TO the LABOUR VOTERS as say a brand of biscuits or a car.

    One of HIS EARLIEST SUPPORTERS WAS Jon Lansmann AN ORTHODOX JEW who went to Israel at 16 and worked in a Kibbutz for several years before returning and joining the Labour Party From Israeli Zionist to British Socialist Another key CORBYN AIDE (described as his consigliere) is Simon Fletcher who is or was MARRIED TO JEWESS Gaby KAGAN and who became Corbyn’s chief of staff

    Two of his social media organizers Max Shanly and James Elliott were investigated for “antisemitism” at Oxford involving claims about harassment and intimidation of Jewish students The same article says Shanly is said to be a key ally of Jon Lansman Would any antisemite be closely associated with an orthodox Jew who made Aliya to Israel and worked in a kibbutz

    Such silly and obviously FAKE ALLEGATIONS OF ANTISEMITISM have dogged Corbyn just like they did Trump

    On 12 September 2015 JEREMY CORBYN, as HIS FIRST ACT AS the NEW LEADER of the British Labour Party, ADDRESSED A PROTEST IN SUPPORT OF REFUGEES , called Solidarity with Refugees. THE PROTEST WAS organised by Stop the War in conjunction with groups created or FUNDED BY GEORGE SOROS, such as Avaaz. Source


    Or as Lenin would put it “The BE$T WAY TO CONTROL the OPPOSITION is to LEAD IT our$ELVES.”

    SEE…comment section…of original article for more links.
    * * *

  3. “Some would say that the ongoing POPULATION REPLACEMENT of Europeans which began in earnest during the post-war years represents the CULMINATION of the GLOBALIST AGENDA“ (Alison Chabloz)

    We Must Say What it Really is about: – – – WHITE GENOCIDE – – – led by those who call themselves ((( Jooz )))

    What the Jewish Bolshevics did in Russia they want to repeat in the west!!! GENOCIDE!!!
    Numerous “FEMA“-camps all over Canada and the US have been built – and where else?
    Tens of millions of Russians died in the Jewish Gulag system (Christians, political dissidents, critics of the compulsory expropriation of the farmers (through communism – collectivism) were called “anti-semites“; and “anti-semitism“ bore the death penalty!!!

    “Globalism“ is the modern term for international communism & corporatism – the “New World Order“ is GLOBAL JEWISH TOTALITARIANISM. Satanic Babylonian Talmudism (Judaism) demands to kill off the best of the non-Jews.

    In consequence – Those who call themselves ((( Jews ))) are the worst extremists, anti-white racists, anti-semites, haters of Jesus Christ and Christians, and of all non-Jews. They are the enemies of humanity. Their own vices and crimes they blame on others. They use their victims as scapegoats.

    Over 90% of ((( Jews, Israelis ))) are not “Semitic“ (a term which denotes a language family); Hebrew is not their original native language. They are not the physical descendants of the Biblical Hebrews (Israelites). They have no ethnic connection – Neither to the ancient ten northern tribes of Israel nor to the two southern ones (Judah, Benjamin). They are proselytes, identity thieves who claim Palestine as “their Jewish homeland“. A country where their ancestors never set foot in. What’s a Jew? Only the mother must be Jewish, the father can be of any race and nation.((( Jews ))) are a mixed, mongrolized ALIEN race, rootless nomades, internationalists, globalists, full of envy and hatred towards those who are rooted in their indigenous people, their old homelands, culture and traditions. Driven by envy, hatred, insatiable greed and an irrational thirst for “revenge“ (For what? For the rejection of usury and debt slavery), they loot and destroy what others have created. ((( Jews ))) are destroyers (by their own admission); they always undermine, subvert and lay in ruins the host nations they live in.

    Where are the true Israelites? (12 tribes of Israel?) Did they ever exist?

  4. All the prominent peers in Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, and Spain have been Jewish for many centuries

    Wed 31 Jan 2018

    * * *
    July 14, 2017

    In yet another landmark legal victory, members of the SCOTTISH PALESTINE SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN emerged from court victorious today after being ACCUSED OF RACISM.
    Their “crime”? STANDING UP TO ZIONISM.

    The trial ended three years of speculation and pressure for SPSC members whose robust defence of their actions won the day in Glasgow Sherriff’s Court when the verdict was announced on Friday.
    Police were called to the SHOPPING CENTRE where the PROTEST was being held, leading to the ARREST OF the TWO SPSC MEMBERS ACCUSED of RACISM. “In other words,” explained Mick Napier, one of those arrested, “WE WERE ACCUSED OF being motivated by HATRED of ISRAELI$…RATHER THAN OPPOSITION TO ISRAELI’S REPEATED MASSACRES…. apartheid across the whole of Palestine AND GENOCIDAL VIOLENCE in Gaza.”
    The prosecutor — called the Procurator Fiscal in the SCOTTISH LEGAL SYSTEM — CLAIMED in open court that THE TWO ACCUSED in the Glasgow case WERE RECYCLING AN ANCIENT anti-Semitic “JEWI$H BLOOD LIBEL”…BY SPEAKING ABOUT ISRAELI MASS MURDER of PALESTINIANS. The Procurator Fiscal’s office made these claims, said Napier, while THE VIOLATED PEOPLE of GAZA “WERE still LOOOKING FOR ice-cream freezers and vegetable REFRIGERATORS in which TO STORE the BODIES of CHILDREN KILLED by Israel’s military.”
    “When the Scottish government joined in by denouncing the ‘deep inhumanity’ of the Israeli massacre,” noted Napier, “THE SCOTTISH PROCURATORS FISCAL…WERE WORKING HAND IN GLOVE WITH PRO-ISRAELI LOBBY GROUPS…TO SILENCE…VOICES of PALESTINE SOLIDARITY.”
    In February last year, two employees of the pro-Israel Community Security Trust made allegations against SPSC members but that was also thrown out by Kilmarnock Sheriff Court when the Sheriff ruled that the crime as alleged had not taken place. “HAD WE NOT HAD THE BENEFIT OF an…..Al-Jazeera ARABIC language BROADCAST…OF THE PROTEST where the CST tried to secure an assault conviction THERE MIGHT HAVE BEEN A DIFFERENT OUTCOME,” added Mick Napier.

    SEE…..ORIGINAL article for FULL story.

    * * *
    April 9th 2013

    By Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz on April 9, 2013

    “Memo to British Zionists; BEING ANTI-ZIONIST [is]… as HUMAN as OXYGEN:

    Witness the debacle within the BRITI$H ZIONIST establishment, via Haaretz, and the increasingly DESPERATE ways that so-called leaders there WILL DO ANYTHING to DEFEND ISRAELI policies without for a minute actually considering what the Jewish STATE has become; A BRUTISH OCCUPIER.”

    The case involves a suit brought against an academic union by an ISRAELI -supporting PROFESSOR who WANTED the TRIBUNAL….TO CONDEMN ANTI-ISRAELI SPEECH….. AS ANTI-SEMITISM…. because, he claimed, an affinity to Israel was an intrinsic part of his and others’ Jewish identity.

    Anshel Pfeffer in Haaretz says the ruling that such speech does not constitute anti-Semitism has produced “turmoil” in the ranks of British Jewry.


    The case was to have been the culmination of 11 YEARS OF pro-israeli ACTIVISM BY [Ronnie] Fraser, a MATHEMATICS LECTURER who had been fighting against WHAT HE SAW AS a virulently anti-Israel tide, with a distinct tinge of ANTI-SEMITISM, rising in the union to which he belongs.

    Alongside him was ANTHONY JULIUS, one of the most prominent JEWISH LAWYERs in Britain and a tireless OPPONENT of ANTI-SEMITISM. Supporting the two were a cast of witnesses including Jewish and sympathetic non-Jewish activists, academics and politicians….

    The LAWSUIT WAS BACKED both FINANCIALLY AND in terms of CONSIDERABLE RESEARCH RESOURCES by organizations linked to the central British Jewry leadership forums, the BOARD of DEPUTIES of British JEWS and the Jewish Leadership Council.

    But beyond the factual disputes in the case, the FUNDAMENTAL BASIS OF Fraser’s ACCUSATIONS was that JEWS possess a STRONG FEELING of affinity TOWARD ISRAEL…THAT IS AN INTRINSIC PART of THEIR JEWISH IDENTITY.

    Therefore, he claimed, when an organization to which they belong constantly ATTACKs ISRAEL in a manner they deem unfair, it constitutes A DIRECT ATTACK on THEIR IDENTITY…..

    The defendants also had their own Jewish supporters. Fifty Jewish UCU [University and College Union] members signed an open letter praising their union and denying that there was any sort of institutional anti-Semitism within its ranks.

    Julius responded that it was simply a standard anti-Semitic ploy of dividing Jews into good-Jew/bad-Jew categories.

    But the well-built and detailed case was shattered by the tribunal’s ruling. The panel, headed by JUDGE A.M. SNELSON, accepted UCU’s version of all the events in question, and found that most of the CLAIMS WERE NO LONGER VALID in any case, DUE TO A CHANGE IN THE LAWS.

    Beyond that, it fundamentally disagreed with the central claim underpinning the complaints. The RIBUNAL WROTE IN IT’S JUDGEMENT that:


    And while many Jews would agree with that ruling, THE TRIBUNAL DID NOT STOP THERE. At the end of its 45-page ruling, IT LAUNCHED INTO an extraordinarily HOSTILE INVECTIVE AGAINST THE very NATURE OF THE CASE brought before it.

    Though the panel was generally sympathetic to Fraser himself, it stated that as an activist “he must accept his fair share of minor injuries. … A political activist accepts the risk of being offended or hurt on occasions.”

    * * *
    Rothschild Puppet Macron: Zionism Is The Same As Semitism ~ Courts Disagree
    July 17th 2017

    1. @ beLIEeve

      I will allow this extremely long comment this time, but next time I won’t. You are in breach of the rules of our website by COPYPASTING huge chunks of other people’s articles onto our website and offering far too many links. Your comments need to be shorter and terser, contain fewer links, and NOT consist of interminable chunks of other people’s articles from other websites.

      In addition, most of the material you are copy-pasting is OFF-TOPIC. You don’t even mention the name “Corbyn” once. Please don’t waste our time by posting all this irrelevant material on our website.

  5. Good for Alison Chabloz. Jewish Power is now so great that it prevents us even using the word Jew, much less criticising Jews and Israel.

    I don’t hate Jews, but I do hate Jewish Power, particularly its control of the media. It is media power that allows the double standards that prevent any mention of Jewish crimes, but gives us relentless propaganda directed against any person or country that Israel does not like. I am thinking now of Russia and Iran.

    The greatest double standard is that the terrible mass killings of Russians by the Jewish Bolsheviks in the 1920s is never mentioned in the western media, never mentioned that Jews were the perpetrators. They made the later actions of the Nazis seem trivial. The five men who shot and bayoneted the Tsar, his wife and young family were all Jews, every one of them.

    When facts like this are presented to the public we will know that jewish Power is ending. Will it ever happen? I think it is already underway, thanks to the internet.

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