4 thoughts to “Crucifixion: What Was It Like?”

  1. Stories about Jesus and his death is not believed by me or my Ashkenazim tribe. Some of us read Talmudic Scripts or attend Synagogue services, most Ashkenazim are not concerned with religious teachings. History of the Ashkenazic Judaic Cult is buried in mystery. Consensus says they have Turkic/Mongolian/Asiatic roots. No tribe has more influence in the last thousand years than the Ashkenazim, their presence is on every mind. They bleed when cut because they are human. Any attempt to maim the Ashkenazim will bring about a pestilence to the Planet. It is best for humanity that we all try to behave and accept other ways of life.

  2. The more I study Christianity, the more I have come to realize that, like its hag mother Judaism, Christianity is a sick, twisted death cult that dwells on the vileness and morbidity of the body ostensibly to provide more “glory to the soul.”

    What is the Eucharist if not the very embodiment of cannibalism? Just to make it all the more grisly, the church maintains the concept of “transubstantiation.” Could it be more humerus? Has anyone noticed the glee shining on certain Christians’ faces when they tell you you’re going to burn in hell because you don’t believe like their Talmudvision teacher tells you?

    What was crucifixion like? Get real! Come on now, who hasn’t tried twisting their mind around this particular torture. But hold! There are many others to envision, most every bit as gruesome. How about having hot lead poured down your throat because of your espousing heretical views? Christians did that you know.

    Thanks to Jews, the sickness of their death cult religions have permeated our cultures until we find almost our soul entertainment in the Jews’ hideous minds bleeding their special brand of horror. We see and hear it in Church on Sunday. We see it on TV, we see it in the movies, in books and magazines. It is everywhere, with it grisly rotting hand of flesh reaching out from the Jews’ open, graveyard sewer to claw at our throats. Will mankind purge itself of this sick, nihilistic morbidity before it is too late?

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