Dark Tsunami


‘Your mind is already gone and you don’t know it’


You know what is holding back the water and it won’t last much longer. Your last battery is running low and the bridges are out. The rescue crews are too far away to help you. I sometimes wonder how people regard their final wave when the last wall gives out, and the dark sea steals their last breath.

People in Puerto Rico know: Pitch black, no power, only the flickering beam of an aging flashlight — no political theorizing now — wind howling, ripping the shingles from the roof, and then the neighborhood blows away. Death is random and cruel. Cars thrown several blocks land on people. No electricity for a year, half the population flees to Miami. Throughout the Antilles many thousands were never seen again.

People in Houston and New Orleans know, the water kept rising and the lucky had to be rescued off their roofs. The ones who survived owe their future from knowing when to run away. Some called it urban renewal by weather control. Thousands more were bussed elsewhere and many of them reportedly remain unaccounted for.

But in Sulawesi, an island in Indonesia you likely never heard of, desperate residents who remain unburied try to recover from the unusual combination of both a tsunami and a volcano. They know better than anyone that in a split second the world can change and you can’t do anything about it. The big wave hit the new bridge in the city of Palu at about 18 feet high and they’ll be digging up the dead from the mud-packed rubble for a long time yet. (Pictured)

In the western United States a high tech tsunami comes from the sky, in narrowly focused laser beams captured on cellphone video that roast houses at incredibly high temperatures but leave the trees a few feet away their naturally pristine green. Of course the government offers no rational explanation. This year’s Northwest forest fire epidemic seems connected to this suspicious phenomenon. Many observers have linked this to a program known as Agenda 21 that seeks to depopulate vast areas of the U.S. and herd human cattle into cities where they can be rigorously regulated.

Throughout the U.S. and many other countries, a nutritional tsunami of poison has been well established by the longtime Jewish company called Monsanto, which recently merged with Bayer and is now the biggest of Big Pharma.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup has been the subject of intense scrutiny and controversy. Documents recently made public as a result of multiple lawsuits filed against Monsanto by people who blame exposure to Roundup for their non-Hodgkin lymphoma suggest Monsanto has known for decades about the health risks related to glyphosate.

A tsunami of a more visceral type supposedly rained down on Las Vegas last year when the staged bullets of a lone nut supposedly gunned down 50 concert goers. Various witnesses thought the shots came from a helicopter or people on the ground. The really significant aspect of this event was that the cops finally gave up trying to explain what happened, and no believable official account has emerged from the police ever since.

Meaning?! Americans may be murdered any place at any time by a government that no longer needs to explain what happened to anyone.

Psychological tsunami

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    1. Yes, I know. But we can’t fix it because the problem lies on John Kaminski’s side. His site can no longer be reached. It has been cut off. (Temporarily, I hope).

      1. Thanks –

        This is an example of the mind control exhibited – as planned – on the internet. The kind I have written about here dozens of times.

        It is an example of Internet = less REAL freedom. NOT MORE!

  1. Kaminski: “You know you’re in trouble when our last best chance in the White House is admittedly under the control of a sinister worldwide cult.”

    What, if anything, does Israel’s useful idiot Nikki Haley’s upcoming resignation as UN Ambassador mean for Trump and the sinister cult that loves her? Has she been fired? (She should have never been hired!) Is she planning to run against him in 2020? (She denies it). Will Ivanka take her place, as some are speculating? (Even with Jared at her side couldn’t be worse! I think she’d listen to Daddy first.)

    Buoyed by Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and by the far left democrats exposing themselves to the masses as braindead zombies, could it be that Trump now feels strong enough to stand up to the Global Forces of Evil who control the lying media and run our Stinking Sh**hole country, and return to the peace promoting, fair deal for Russia Trump of the 2016 campaign? Just asking. I have no answers.

    1. The Zionist have already chosen Haley replacement, Ric Grenell ,a Zionist LGBT spokesperson, he is ” right wing” whatever that means nowdays, so should sit comfortably with some.

    2. Jews seldom leave their people in the political cross-hairs for extended periods, as someone might be able to pull the trigger on them.

      Nazi Pelosi is a rare exception to this, as “liberal” Californians are so thoroughly brainwashed as to never question their hideous, female, Jewish leadership.

      Here is an interesting web page on how Jews do it. The following is a link to the updated version of Christianity Jews relabeled as secular communism. The aligned similarities are obvious. Under Christianity, Jews replaced their god YHVH with Jesus. Under communism, Jews replaced Jesus-god with their state.


      This is why Jews went all out to discredit Joe McCarthy and the “House Un-American Activities Committee.”

  2. ken’s url works..
    john kaminski understands the situation and his articles are always interesting..
    kaminski sure seems to be real, but the fact that he’s presented on this site, which also presents jewish sayanims like fred reed and lee camp has to make you wonder…
    why would ld give space to jewish sayanims?
    does she not know who they really are, or does she think fred reed and lee camp are not of the tribe somehow?
    i think most of us here understand establishment religion for what it is, including john kaminski, to be fair…
    at this point anybody promoting establishment religion makes you wonder too…
    so here we have a free thought hall, as long as you stay on topic, which seems to be anti-semitic, as they say, but is proffered by people who like judeo-christian religion (another jew/jesuit thing) and gives space to jewish zionists, like we don’t see enough of them everywhere else…
    mazaltavy responses could be accepted, but i would like at least to see all writers submitted here denounce israel and zionism in no uncertain terms…
    pat – the web cuts both ways… they can’t use it to censor without it at least being known…

    1. “pat – the web cuts both ways… they can’t use it to censor without it at least being known…”

      Maybe… sometimes to only a very few, and possibly none with front-running algorithms since Max Keiser’s invention filed in 1996.

      This tech bought & sold stocks before the trade was known to anyone… Imagine where it is TODAY!!

      Patent 5950176

      United States Patent
      Keiser ,   et al.
      September 7, 1999

      Computer-implemented securities trading system with a virtual specialist function

      The present invention discloses a method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for a computer-implemented financial management system that permits the trading of securities via a network. A server computer receives buy and sell orders for derivative financial instruments from a plurality of client computers. The server computer matches the buy orders to the sell orders and then generates a market price through the use of a virtual specialist program executed by the server computer. The virtual specialist program responds to an imbalance in the matching of the buy and sell orders.

      An object of the present invention is to lessen the price volatility of derivative financial instruments traded in narrower markets.

      A feature of the present invention is a virtual specialist program that engages in trading in the market to offset the price volatility and to provide liquidity to the market.

  3. Something I have long noticed is our fear of death. It comes to each and every one, in its own time. Do not fight it – it is a losing battle. Learn to accept it – and be prepared. Last week, my sister found me on the floor in my dining room, gasping for breath, and having a “heart attack”. She called an ambulance, and I thought the 25 mile trip to hospital would be my last. In the ER, I told the doctor “Do Not Resusitate”. Later, when stable, a nurse asked why someone like me would wish it. I reminded her that we ALL have to die sometime, AND THERE’S NO USE HAVING TO DO IT, AGAIN. Same with killing and murder. We should have to endure it only ONCE. Get your minds right. The world has many ways to the Other Side. No big deal. (We make too much of it!)

    1. Gilbert Huntly strong man
      Him fight Brownhawk like brother
      Him go happy hunting grounds with Brownhawk. We fight enemy of man…together

    2. Hi Gilbert,
      I agree, best to go naturally; no resuscitation. Life is a miracle. I am sure it did not originate from a random arrangement of molecules. We may find our whatever is behind it when we go. A great adventure.

      We may meet John Kaminski there.

    3. I look at men carrying purses, wearing dresses and worrying about their makeup. I look at women – fat, tough, ugly, broad-based women, that refuse to carry purses, wear dresses or makeup. I look at surly Negroes, evil-eye-fucking me as I walk down the street, confident they are now the (Jews) chosen race and hence have nothing to fear from white men, especially those with purses.

      Negroes rape and murder white men, women and children with violent malice aforethought for the white race, yet they never commit a hate crime as that is reserved only for whites so fearful and cowardly they can only say “N-word.” All the while, cops are afraid to even question them, never mind shooting them for committing their violent, heinous crimes.

      I look at people who believe in Jesus and his dinosaurs, demons, flat earths, geocentric orbits, global warming, equality, human rights, box-cutters destroying trade towers, lizard people living under DEN, the “holocaust,” Dan Dickbreath’s Nightly News, the government is here to protect and serve, and I know we have lost it – totally, freaking, lost it. Our ability to reason, to think rationally, has degenerated to a level akin to that of a “mentally challenged” child. Then I read history and find myself asking, has it ever been any different?

      I look at the multitude of people walking down the street with barking shit-dogs trotting bedside them, befouling the sidewalks on which I must tread. At that moment “I seen vit mine own eyes” America as quite literally gone to the dogs. It all sickens me, as I know that there is nothing to be done. There is no cure for man’s sickness, his mindless hatred and stupidity. It’s the way it is. This terminal, cultural sickness will have to play itself out to extinction and most assuredly, it will – one way or the other.

      With old age rapidly advancing upon me, my only concern now is how to avoid coming back to this beshitted hellhole for souls. When I close my eyes for the last time, never again do I desire to reopen them to see this faggoty, Jewish dog latrine before me. Never again do I want to tour this hell for visitors.

      It is legend that the Buddha exclaimed on his deathbed “never again will I have to reenter a womb!” Evidently, he too had suffered enough of this horrific freak show called “life.” His legend left a major clue. In his final battle with his own base natures, depicted as the demon Mara, Siddhartha successfully fought off all of Mara’s fearful attacks, his temptations, even his beautiful, sexy daughters. In the end, Siddhartha had none of those desires remaining that repeatedly return one to this life.

      1. Arch,
        Just want to say thank you for the excellent comment! I too dread the possibility of having to go through another round in this hell hole of insanity, suffering, misery and death.

  4. The parasite/predator BECAME that for one reason, and one reason only – it rejected what makes its, and ALL Existence possible – LOVE. WHY this rejection occurred is an inexplicable mystery, one that cannot be solved because of the inviolability of free will

    Love got us into this mess, and only love will get us out. The power of this TRUTH will see to it

    1. Brother,

      I may get terse about “Injuns”, but I have ALWAYS admired the stories I’ve read and been told about the stamina and valor – in battle AND in death – of some of the great warriors. They are worth emulating! Remember, bravery and valor are not limited to any ethnicity. I am a great admirer of Bushido, too, and received much instruction in the katana and its accompanying philosophy. Of course, I have my own white, American heroes who have inspired me from youth (today is my sixtieth birthday), and they’re STILL important to me. All of us have done battle, at one time or another, but the prospect of dying well is, unfortunately, not taught as much as it should be. (A Baptist preacher buddy of mine used to say “You can’t frighten me with Heaven!” 😐 )

  5. Thank you, John Kaminski! Somehow, this post of yours brought forcibly to mind words of TS Eliot.
    “And the wind shall say: ‘Here were decent Godless people:
    Their only monument the asphalt road
    And a thousand lost golf balls.”
    Most of those balls, I would like to inform, were once mine! In fact, I believe I still hold the world record for “number of golf rounds played with unique partners”. My secret to success: No one who golfed with me ever again wished to repeat that experience, due mostly to interminable intervals during which I searched for a lost golf ball.
    My relative poverty was to blame, in retrospect. I did not think I could afford buying 24 golf balls for a nine-hole round.

    1. Hi Alan,
      My Grandfather lived near the oldest golf course in the world, Musselborough Links, near Edinburough. It is older than St Andrews. They say that the banks alongside the fairways are based on millions of lost balls.

      Golf was invented to torment ordinary golfers. When you see the latest crop of top golfers you realize that we will never reach that standard. They are better than Nicklaus and Player, or maybe the modern golf balls go further..

  6. pat – are you talking about the ‘plug protection team’?
    or is this just a typical electronic exchange like the island or terra nova?
    this is a description of every day daytrading- where the computer (virtual program) is the daytrader’s brain –
    “The virtual specialist program responds to an imbalance in the matching of the buy and sell orders.”
    you can do it too…
    i think computers do almost all the trading now, hundreds of trades per second…
    in any case, the stock market is the way to an ocean of money…

    1. Bark –

      I believe you meant PLUNGE protection team… and the answer is … no. That was put in place In 1989 by “Red-Ronnie” Reagan.

      Max explained his invention in 2002, and claimed that it led to buying and selling in nanoseconds before any human was even aware of the trades.

      Applied to my narrative… Google has that capability and the writers wonder where their sites or content went.

      “OOOOOPS, GONE!!”

  7. John Kirby –

    You posted:
    “At a lavish Good Friday banquet in the Vatican in 1514. Raising a chalice of wine into the air, Pope Leo toasted: “How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us and our predecessors.”

    See this:

    True authorship of New Testament


    In the more recent article… even Paul Craig Roberts noted:

    “Everything is a Hoax!!” 🙂

    1. HA!

      Pope Leo, or for that matter any OTHER Pope wouldn’t know Jesus Christ, no different than ANYONE who’s been sufficiently Judaized. If they did, the wording woulda been

      “The fabled VERSION of Christ…but it wouldn’t be a Pope that utters it

  8. ” They are entrepreneurs, they travel and exploit” They live by John Carpenter 1981. So far the best eyes opening movie I have had ever watched. What is greed ? Where does it come from ? Parasites are shapeshifting for necessity, if they are exposed they are expelled. I don’t know what is going on in Antartica, but I know who are the parasites and how they work . They can not escape the law of nature and the scrutiny of time. First of all , parassites proliferate in weak organisms, the bigger the better. Keep organic with your family and close relatives , faithful to your community and nation and create resistance . Then spread the remedy and wait. Parasites need to expand , if deprived of sostentation they recede, eventually to the minimum . Like a herpes , they will go back hiding in the depth of the organism , waiting for the next chance. It has been like this for centuries in Europe, until the new world gave them the opportunity to grow unabated . Nature love life . Parasites are exploiters of life. Every action produce a reaction. Nature will reduce parasites to theyr functional substeinable limit, eventually.

  9. Many Talmudist meeting take place in Jewish homes. Often Christians are invited to attend. My Talmudic meeting has two former Jesus followers who have been engrossed in our studies for over 10 years. The Lubavitcher Chabad welcomes those who find Christianity unfulfilling. Judeo-Christianity has become a sharing and caring experience.

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