Demons really are possessing people, warns psychiatrist, as pure evil sweeps over humanity

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La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu’il n’existe pas.
(“The devil’s finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist.”)
— Charles Baudelaire

An Ivy League-educated psychiatrist is convinced that there’s a growing epidemic of demonic possession in the world today, and that most everyday people now recognize the dark reality of this scary situation.

Dr. Richard Gallagher, who boasts degrees from both Princeton University and Yale University, says that, despite conflicting opinions within mainstream medical science, demonic possession is both real and rampant.

With 25 years of experience under his belt as a private psychiatrist that complements his two teaching positions at both New York Medical College and Columbia University, Dr. Gallagher believes he holds a unique vantage point in discerning between human and non-human, or satanic, behavior.

He’s also a highly sought-after professional of such things in cases where a determination is being made about the possible need for an exorcism. Having evaluated hundreds of cases of possible demonic possession towards this end, Dr. Gallagher is certain that the phenomenon is legitimate and pressing.

He insinuated to The Telegraph (United Kingdom) during a recent interview that demons know full well how to trick human beings because they possess far more advanced cognitive faculties. They routinely use these mental “smarts” to control the humans they possess, causing many of them to commit atrocities and other evils against other people and lifeforms.

“They’re very, very smart,” Dr. Gallagher is quoted as saying about the beings that occupy the demonic realm. “The intelligence level of a fallen angel, which is what I call them, is far superior to human beings.”

Roman Catholic Church seeing huge uptick in cases of demonic possession

Dr Gallagher’s sentiments align with other recent reports about rising demand for exorcisms in the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican actually held training course earlier this year to teach exorcist priests how to handle this influx of demon-possessed humans.

Pope Francis has also commented on the phenomenon, explaining to his followers that Satan is, indeed, “a real being” who’s “roaming the earth to devour souls like a lion.” He wrote back in April that people shouldn’t assume that the devil is just some myth, representation, symbol, figure of speech, or idea. Doing this causes people to let down their guard, he claims, making all of us “more vulnerable.”

Francis also says that priests “should not hesitate” to send people who are suffering from “genuine spiritual disturbances” to exorcists. The Rite of Exorcism, he says, is a “delicate and necessary ministry” that should be undertaken with “great care and great prudence.”

According to data from the United States, the number of priests trained in performing exorcisms has increased from a mere 12 about a decade ago to 50 – a more than 300 percent increase. This dramatic jump shouldn’t be ignored, says Dr Gallagher, who while he’s not alone in his opinions is among a small few who are willing to talk about it professionally.

“There are many other psychiatrists and mental health care professionals who do what I do – perhaps not to the scope that I do – who seem hesitant to speak out,” Dr Gallagher says. “That’s what gives my work some singularity. That I have had so much experience and that I am willing to speak out. I feel an obligation to speak out. I think that I should.”

At the same time, Dr Gallagher warns that it’s important to determine without any doubt that a person actually has a real demon before recommending that he or she visit an exorcist.

“There are very strict criteria for determining the person’s problem,” he warns. “I am not just intuiting. I’m dealing with this from a very scientific point of view.”

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  1. I repost this comment of mine from the previous thread, a comment in response to an excellent post by Arch Stanton that mentions demons and Castaneda’s Don Juan. This is where my comment really belongs.

    [Arch Stanton’s comment] was probably rescued by LD who has had personal experience of demons for many years. Though she prefers not to talk about it, and never has in public, as far as I know.

    Demonic possession, she once told me, is exceptionally rare. But there are degrees of demonic possession, ranging from full possession (as in “The Exorcist”), to medium and low possession at the other end of the spectrum. Full possession requires an exorcist for a cure; medium possession, prayer and fasting — “This kind (of demon) cometh not out but by prayer and fasting”, Christ notes in the Gospels; and light possession, cured by regular meditation and constant vigilance.

    See the latest article on demonic possession:

    LD has the “gift of smell”, a rare faculty analogous to the “Nose” in wine testing, whereby those who are possessed by demons can be detected by being literally “sniffed out”. They emanate an unmistakeable odour, a sickly sweet smell like the smell of burning tyres. Or sometimes like rotten eggs laced with honey or molasses. It’s always a “cloying” smell, she tells me. Sweet but sickly.

    I feel very sorry for those who scoff at the idea of demons and demonic possession, as if science had proved that no such supernatural realm could possibly exist. To the spiritually blind of course no such realm exists — just as to the tone deaf, music is just a lot of discordant noise. There are things beyond our ken, believe me.

    1. Demons are much more than metaphors for evil people. They inhabit an unseen realm of their own, undetectable by 99.9% of the population. There are high frequency sounds, beyond the reach of the human ear, which can be heard quite distinctly by cats and dogs.

      So it is with demons.

      They can detected by others, either directly by sight and sound (called “hallucinations” by most psychiatrists and skeptics) or, as in LD’s case, by the sense of smell.

  2. According to Islam , there is NO such a thing as Fallen Angel . Angels were created from light and they can never disobey God or commit a sin . In the Quran we read about all angles , they never disobey God and they always do what God tells them to do .

    Satan is no fallen angel . He is from the Jinn created from fire which is below light .

    Adam being created from clay “below” fire and light . Satan failed the test from God and refused to bow before Adam . Had Adam been created from light,Satan would have no problem bowing in obeisance for Adam .before creation of Adam, Satan never disobeyed God.

    Satan’s effect on human is only through voice . He can never force a human to do anything if the human chose not to do it . Humans range of hearing is between 20-80 decibels , beyond that we cannot hear . Animals can hear below 20db.

    You can give a man a drug that causes him to look like that he is Damon -possessed .There are of mental illnesses in the past that were not explained except thru Damon possession , the easiest way to explain .

    The reason Satanists worship RAA ,the sun god ,is because satan was created out of fire which the sun is made of ,according to them.

    So… No such a thing as a fallen angel because they are Incapable of sinning . At least according to Islam.

    1. In the name of God, Merciful to all, Compassionate to each. I received a different understanding in the Qur’an when I read it, when the One and only God created mankind in His image he asked the angels (Jinn) to bow before them as they were created with His Word and a few, with the leader Saytan leading them refused.
      Angels are a Christian view of the Ones the Qur’an calls Jinn, both creations are one in the same but in different versions of Scripture given to mankind by the Creator God. He is Supreme.
      God, the King of mankind is The ONLY One that can Take or Give Life, you must understand this.
      Saytan is merely an angel, below mankind but yet an invisible (to man) powerful force to be reckoned with, he cannot work alone therefore he has to take control of others (Minions) to be his voice (as our Lord and Savior the Almighty God has his Word) herein comes the Satan Worshipers (John 8:44) You are from Your father the Devil and you wish to do the desires of your Father. These peoples control the Western Worlds, the media, the internet, the Governments and Satan cannot do it without them.

  3. Like the story of Jesus compelling the demons into a herd of swine, a demon must be ASSIGNED elsewhere. Anyone who is truly engaged in an exorcism will understand this. Otherwise, it is a fantasy. Simply ordering (thru the power of prayer) a demon to “leave” its possession is not sufficient. Likewise, demons are “sent” by an enemy’s compulsion. They are not independent agents.
    Know thine enemy!

    1. The Gadarine Swine

      “Torment” in the Biblical narrative is translated from the word “basanizo”, which means trial, testing and judgment as well as the execution of the consequent sentence.

      Now it came to pass that Yehsu was voyaging across lake Gennesaret. When the small vessel finally grounded on the lake’s muddy banks, two of the disciples scrambled out to pull the rickety boat ashore.

      It was here a man lived in total opposition to Mikdash law. No one remembered what infraction had been committed against Levirate law that resulted in the man’s violent reaction to his banishment, but at some point in his miserable life, he had obviously sinned to a greater extent than he could afford to redeem himself of.

      To demonstrate his rebellion, the man had taken up residence in an abandoned tomb, a place considered by Jews as wholly unclean. Worse, he lived among the swine herds maintained by local Gadarians. For Jews, even the dog was less “unclean” than the pig. There could be no greater public demonstration of opposition to Mikdash law than this outrage. Several times the Mikdash had sent soldiers to capture the man and bring him back in chains to face trial, but in his fury he would wrest himself from the shackles and return to his tomb.

      Eventually, the kohein gadol gave up on these attempts and decided to leave the man to his entombment among the swine herds. Night and day, in his torment the man would wander among the hills protesting in grief for he had not only been separated from his god, worse he had been separated from his people. He would slash himself with sharp bits of stone crying out “My blood, my blood I give my own blood to the Mikdash if only they would redeem me!” But no one heard his desperate cries – until Yeshu stepped ashore that fateful day.

      Word had gone out that a son-of-man, a Mikdash kohein, was arriving to speak to a gathering of locals. The man well knew his reputation, but could not bring himself to believe the tales he heard of the kohein’s forgiveness. He knew it was just another trick by the kohanim to bring him back for trial. When he spied Yeshu coming ashore he rushed to confront him, his eyes wild with hate and fear. Enraged, he spat his words at Yeshu with the utmost condescension.

      “What have you to do with me kohein? Have you come to execute Mikdash judgment? Have you brought your guards to kill me? Why do you torment me like this!?” Am I not miserable enough, living in a tomb among swine herds? Have I not sunk low enough in this life that you now must kill me for my sin”? I have no fear of you or your guards. I no longer fear death. Kill me quick, leave me to travel this day to sheol where I might find peace at last!”

      Taken aback at this attack, Yeshu thought of no other response than a simple question spoken in calm soothing tones.

      “What is your name?”

      The crazed man sneered, “What is my name? WHAT IS MY NAME!? Is that all you ask, what is my name!? What does it matter? I am legion! How many like myself have suffered rejection by our God? How many others have been banished from our Mikdash for some niggling legal infraction, accused by the august body of wise men known as the Sanhedrin? Who is it that made the law? Who is it that enforces the law, YHVH or the kohanim? Are we to believe YHVH would reject one of his own chosen sons because his holy interpreters have deemed it so? What is my name? What is the difference? I am already a dead man, after all I reside in a tomb and walk among these unclean swine. For God’s sake, do not torment us any longer!”

      Yeshu thought to himself, Wow, this is the worst case of Mikdash oppression I have seen to date! He then spoke aloud to the man with wild eyes, “My friend I have not come to convict you, but to forgive you of your sins.” Look, I take all your sins and put them upon these swine. They are unclean, but you are no longer unclean, go in peace.”

      The wild man jumped up and, in the joy of knowing he had his sins forgiven by a kohein, ran after the swine herd, chasing them off the face of a low cliff into the sea. As the squealing swine rushed to the lake,* the man yelled after them, “Away with you evil spirits away with you unclean beasts that have taken my sins from me.”

      Yeshu walked away with but one thought, another satisfied customer.

      Jesus – what a guy!

      *Drowning pigs? Gennesaret (Galilee) is not a sea but a lake, hence no wave action to drown pigs. Swimming Pigs and Other Surprising Animals That Love Water.

      “Pigs are excellent swimmers,” crossing water to seek food sources, escape danger or find better habitat, Billy Higginbotham, of Texas A&M University, says via email.”

      They came to the other side of the sea, to the country of the Gerasenes. And when Jesus had stepped out of the boat, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit. He lived among the tombs. And no one could bind him anymore, not even with a chain, for he had often been bound with shackles and chains, but he wrenched the chains apart, and he broke the shackles in pieces. No one had the strength to subdue him. Night and day among the tombs and on the mountains he was always crying out and cutting himself with stones. And when he saw Jesus from afar, he ran and fell down before him. And crying out with a loud voice, he said, “What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I adjure you by God, do not torment me.” For he was saying to him, “Come out of the man, you unclean spirit!” And Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” He replied, “My name is Legion, for we are many.” And he begged him earnestly not to send them out of the country. Now a great herd of pigs was feeding there on the hillside and they begged him, saying, “Send us to the pigs; let us enter them.” So he gave them permission. And the unclean spirits came out and entered the pigs; and the herd, numbering about two thousand, rushed down the steep bank into the sea and drowned in the sea.

  4. “They’re very, very smart,” Dr. Gallagher is quoted as saying about the beings that occupy the demonic realm. “The intelligence level of a fallen angel, which is what I call them, is far superior to human beings.”
    “Thus mother Yasoda began to chant different names of Visnu to protect the child Krsna’s different bodily parts. Mother Yasoda was firmly convinced that she should protect her child from different kinds of evil spirits and ghosts–namely Dakinis, Yatudhanis, Kusmandas, Yaksas, Raksasas, Vinayakas, Kotaras, Revatis, Jyesthas, Putanas, Matrkas, Unmadas and similar other evil spirits, who cause persons to forget their own existence and give trouble to the life airs and the senses. Sometimes they appear in dreams and cause much perturbation; sometimes they appear as old women and suck the blood of small children. But all such ghosts and evil spirits cannot remain where there is chanting of the holy name of God.”
    (Krsna Book, Chapter 6)

    Classes of Demons

    1. Thanks, Homer. Most enlightening! I had no idea there were so many different types of demon. Sitting on the bus and train every day, all I see is the demon-haunted eyes of my fellow passengers.

      I wish I had the Magic Sunglasses to see if THEY LIVE! The demon faces behind the human ones.

      Sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, a demon looks back at me and snarls, “Why are you staring at me, bitch?”

      It’s scary. I am afraid of looking in mirrors. I haven’t looked at one for six months now. At this rate, I won’t know what I look like soon.

      I can’t even remember if I’m beautiful or ugly any more. Guess I’ll have to ask someone. I dread the answer.

      1. Never saw an ugly butterfly. Seems oxymoronic. When I look in the mirror, I see an old man who looks much like his father, yet does not think like him.

  5. Native lore speaks of demons as being entities that inexplicably* had the wrong take upon the realization of their singular consciousness (i.e.; that they had become individual beings as expressions of the Great Spirit that makes manifested existence possible). Their perception was that they were abandoned, resulting in the kind of terror this would induce on anyone of us unfortunate enough to experience this in our human experience.

    This terror, the story goes on to say, manifests itself as illustrated by these possessions of human souls. It’s as though they want what WE have (a sense of love as imparted by our mothers), but never received, EVER.

  6. For far too many male babies, demonic intervention begins shortly after birth when they are sacrificed to the demonic rite of genital mutilation. Those circumcised bearded ones who celebrate the rape of the 8-day old phallus surely must be possessed by demons. And when the Mohel sucks the blood from the infant’s penis with his foul mouth (as is still done by many Orthodox) the heavens weep as the poor baby is branded like a slave for life. How could a just god command such a sacrifice?

    And, in US hospitals, the demons have infected the hands of the blade-wielding doctors who have been trained to ignore the cries of the helpless spread-eagled babies as they tear off their most delicate, nerve-laden flesh. And the masses, even the bulk of the mothers who carried the babies in their womb for nine months, think the torture is a good and necessary thing. What a way for the male child to start life! Yes, demons do exist – and they’re everywhere.

  7. A belief in demons would require a belief in witch doctors. I dismiss all of that nonsense.

    Belief = belie minus an ‘f’. 🙂

    1. Pat –

      Like Thomas Beckett said: We really cannot argue that which will only become known after we expire. Physical law tells us that for every action, there is a REaction. Likewise, I believe that for there to be Good, there must be Evil. How either is manifested is a matter of perception. Some are more “in tune” than others. 😉

      1. Yeah, Gil –

        I cannot name that tune started by jews. It will never get stuck in my head like a broken record. I am not distracted like those who follow jew zombie shows and movies. 🙂

      2. Gil –

        You wrote:
        “Even a Jew can tell the truth if he WILL…”

        A jew can… but only to another jew.

        You may not know what is required of jews by the Talmud…..

        The laws of the Talmud REQUIRES jews to lie to Christians!!!

        That’s why they cannot be trusted by you.

      3. Pat –

        You’re following your Talmud teachings well – with a contrary rebuttal to every observation! 😎

      4. Gil –

        June 22, 2018 at 11:42 am
        Pat –

        “You’re following your Talmud teachings well – with a contrary rebuttal to every observation! ” 😎


        As did you… 🙂

        And the dialogue has become ad hominem criticism of me from you now. It usually ends that way with you.

        See— I can do it also!! 🙂

    2. The Humble Witch Doctor has come a long way, since he sat in the dirt, all dressed up in chicken feathers & face paint, rubbing chicken blood onto his client.
      Today he is the establishment success story –
      Yes folks, he is the CEO of the Establishment.

  8. Lately I have been reading the martyred Nazi philosopher, Rosenberg, who was martered in that his only crime was his writing, yet he was hanged. According to Rosenberg, belief in demons has come to us from the inferior race and culture of the people of the ancient Near East. I personally find Robenberg refreshing in many ways.

    1. …as was Julius Streciher – Der Stürmer; He spat in the face of his Jewish hangman (Texas? really?)…….and said : I see it is Purim…..another ritual.

  9. John Henry Newman preached the most beautiful piece of prose I have ever read, and William Peter Blatty featured it in his book The Exorcist. I had the good fortune to meet Blatty at a Georgetown party one evening, and he told me he incorporated part of Newman’s sermon into his novel for that very reason. I had committed it to memory when I was in high school. For any of you who have read it, you understand. I will not recite it, here, but the gist of it is a never-ending renewal of life, and a perpetual struggle between Good and Evil. (I try to avoid the tedium of looong posts on this site.) 😀

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      I wish Gilbert had given a link to this “most beautiful piece of prose” or Newman sermon he is referring to. Never mind! Perhaps he is referring to the most beautiful Christian hymn ever written, a hymn so outstanding that even Mahatma Gandhi, a Hindu, would keep quoting it all the time — particularly the line: “One step enough for me.” In other words: “Let’s take each day as it comes, one step at a time. I’m referring to Newman’s hymn, originally a poem written in 1833.

      The classic poem came to Newman in a burst of inspiration while he was travelling in Italy as a young priest and fell so desperately ill that he was unable to continue his journey for three weeks. In his own words:   

      Before starting from my inn, I sat down on my bed and began to sob bitterly. My servant, who had acted as my nurse, asked what ailed me. I could only answer, “I have a work to do in England.” I was aching to get home, yet for want of a vessel I was kept at Palermo for three weeks. I began to visit the churches, and they calmed my impatience, though I did not attend any services. At last I got off in an orange boat, bound for Marseilles. We were becalmed for a whole week in the Straits of Bonifacio, and it was there that I wrote the lines, Lead Kindly Light, which have since become so well known.

      This poem, “Lead Kindly Light”, later to become a world-famous hymn, is highly relevant to any discussion of demonic possession because it was written by a demon-haunted man at a highly sensitive moment of his life: 

      Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom,
      Lead thou me on!
      The night is dark, and I am far from home,—
      Lead thou me on!
      Keep thou my feet; I do not ask to see
      The distant scene,—one step enough for me.

      I was not ever thus, nor prayed that thou
      Shouldst lead me on:
      I loved to choose and see my path, but now
      Lead thou me on!
      I loved the garish days, and, spite of fears,
      Pride ruled my will: remember not past years.

      So long thy power hath blessed me, sure it still
      Will lead me on;
      O’er moor and fen, o’er crag and torrent, till
      The night is gone;
      And with the morn those angel faces smile
      Which I have loved long since, and lost awhile.

      Suffice to say that Newman would have had no problem believing in demons and demonic possession. He had his own demons, as Dostoevsky was to have later. Indeed, one of Dostoevsky’s greatest novels was called “The Demons”, also known as “The Possessed.”

      1. No, Sardonicus, it wasn’t the hymn… I don’t have a link for it, but I read it in one of my English Literature books. Later, I read it in Blatty’s novel. I would recite it, now, for you, but I may do that later. (I usually don’t get on this I-pad unless I’m in having a meal, or at bedtime after I’ve gone to bed.)
        Sorry, I have to finish-up, now, and go back out to mow hay. 😀

  10. I happened to remember that I had commented on casting out devils four years ago on Darkmoon, so I am reposting it again with appropriate date changes.

    This reminded me that I have been posting to Darkmoon for about five years. Time does fly and fun has nothing to do with it. 🙂

    During 2012, I investigated casting out devils. Being a follower of the teachings of Jesus, my investigation was in the Gospels. From that investigation, I learned that:

    1. Jesus only spoke of casting out devils, not casting out the devil, Satan.

    2. Jesus cast out devils in person and without the person being present.

    3. Jesus did not pray to cast out a devil(s), he commanded it (what I call the Law of Verbal Command or Law of the Word).

    4. Jesus told us to cast out devils in our fellowman.

    5. It must not be difficult or requiring instruction, since a man not associated with Jesus and his disciples was casting out devils using the name of Jesus.

    6. If a devil is not cast out with a command, the person attempting to cast out a devil needed to pray and fast. Obviously, this was to increase the faith of the person commanding the devil(s) to leave a person.

    7. The person possessed by a devil(s) displays symptoms of wanting to do bodily harm to themselves like cutting themselves or falling into a fire.

    8. Permission of the possessed person is not needed before casting out a devil(s).

    During June of 2016, I encountered a woman that witnessed a devil being cast out of her mother. She said she saw it leave. I wanted more informational detail from the person that did it. The woman refused to give me contact info on the woman that did the casting out until I read the woman’s book about how to do it. Jesus’ words of give freely that which is freely given came to mind, so I did not bother with pursuing details.

    Shortly afterward, I did bring up the topic of casting out devils on my weekly conference call with fellow Christian truth seekers (one being a biblical scholar), but did not learn anything that I did not know from my investigation 4 years earlier. The biblical scholar said that he believed that everyone has a devil which I rejected since Jesus did not cast a devil from any of the Apostles.

    During October of 2016, a friend and I were discussing possessions by a devil. This friend is the same one that raised a man from the dead in the middle of a church sermon in the presence of medical witnesses in 2012. I asked him why he was asking and he said he thought that a friend of his might be possessed. He said that she was scratching herself to the point of bleeding in reaction to bugs that did not exist. He also said that his friend had lead a life of sex, drugs, and alcohol abuse all of her adult life, that he had known her since she was a child, and that they had kept in touch throughout their life.

    He said that she has spent 3 months living in his house after becoming homeless, but that she had relocated two hours away. They continued to stay in frequent contact after she relocated. He said that she was suffering from constant headaches, back pain, and digestive problems to the point of being miserable. His attempt to perform a healing did not work.

    We discussed him casting out a devil from his female friend. I told him everything I knew about it from my investigation and assured him that he could do it with a verbal command using Jesus’ name. That same evening, he prayed to the Heavenly Father for increased faith, and then commanded, “Jesus, remove all devils from (her name) and cast them into Hell.”

    The next day, his friend called him and said that something had happened. She awoke from sleep and all her pain was gone. She also said that all she wanted to do after waking was to pray which she did.

    Apparently, a person possessed by a devil also has health problems.

    Since my first post on the topic during 2016, I have not discovered anything that would alter my perception.

    1. @ Ungenius

      An outstanding comment in every way. This deserves the widest possible circulation. I have never personally seen a demon in my life, but my mother has: a demonic entity haunting our house in East Dulwich, London, when I was in my teens. He used to show up at odd times, lurking on the stairwell or on the landing, grinning horribly through the yellow stumps of his teeth and with a distinct harelip, often dribbling at the mouth and cackling inanely. She even had a name for this disgusting monster: “Harelip”.

      “Harelip” suddenly left the house when a mentally disturbed lodger in the house was removed to a mental institution. I am sure “Harelip” was this crazed loner’s personal demon. What became of the man later I have no idea. I know only this, from many experiences over the years: if a demonic realm does not exist, the world makes no sense whatever. We often need Satan to pitchfork us into God’s arms. Many reach Mons Mysticus, the Mystical Mountain bathed in eternal sunlight, only after passing through the Valley of Darkness. 

      The great French poet Charles Baudelaire said it best: La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu’il n’existe pas. — “The devil’s finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist.”

      1. The Valley of Darkness goes with the territory of this “devolutionized” state of existence, and enables demonic entities to manifest, however we may attribute their status AS entities. (which brings to mind the idea of vampires not seeing their reflection in a mirror, suggesting some notion of a “non-existence”; ,the souless ones)

        That there appears to be a ramped up occurrence of them suggest to me that their evil progenitor is looking to speed up “his”, or “it’s” harvesting of vacant souls because it knows it’s days are numbered as a TRUE evolution draws nearer

    2. “This friend is the same one that raised a man from the dead in the middle of a church sermon in the presence of medical witnesses in 2012.”

      This requires considerably more information. Many people “die” on the operating table and are “brought back to life.” But it is a far different matter for one who has been dead to the point of rigor mortise. As I have written, Jesus, “raising the dead” was clearly an issue with Temple Law and had nothing to do with actually reanimating the dead. The classic interpretation of this act was imposed by Christians and taken on as dogmatic, Biblical reality.

      Christian snake handlers, who also drink poison, (poison, how Chooish!) are another classic example of this type of religious interpretation. They base their Christian belief system on a single, bizarre Biblical passage that talks about signs of faith through drinking poison, handling deadly poisonous snakes and not surprisingly, casting out devils. Speaking with “new tongues” has become yet another Pentecostal injunction to “speak in tongues,” where the believer falls down babbling gibberish no one understands.

      And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. Mark 16:17,18

      This passage from Mark is directly related to the story of the raising of Lazarus, yet one finds no Christian sect basing its belief of salvation or demonstration of faith by raising the dead. No doubt this is due to the fact that raising the dead cannot be readily replicated like drinking poison, handling snakes and faith healing.

      Those horrors the twisted Jewish psychopath has unleashed upon the world, are truly amazing; it’s religions being by far the worst of all horrors.

      As for demons and devils, these are yet more religious products created by psychopathic Jews and other religious zealots. Obviously there is something there, but the question is what? Other cultures also have references to devils and demons, but what are these demons and devils?

      One might review the idea of dragons. Dragons have long been depicted as large, fire breathing, lizard-like creatures. However, in his book Word Controlled Humans John Harland makes the very credible point that the dragon was actually a metaphor for large, word controlled, social structures. This would explain how historic personages like St. George could slay this mythical creature.

      These concepts are based on human fears and desires. Humans generate strong emotions, sometimes to the point of bringing about phenomenon like telekinesis. There is strong evidence that poltergeists, or “mischievous ghosts,” are actually people producing telekinesis effects, often without being aware they are doing so.

      Man’s fears and desires drive him to extremes. It is these extremes that often bring about the horrors he imagines to be real. Case in point is Lasha’s “harelip” character. Was the mentally disturbed woman projecting this visage or was it her demon? Another is mass hysteria. Note, many cases of mass hysteria are religion based.

      The human mind has capabilities far beyond its own understanding and comprehension. People invariably attribute human-induced anomalies to outside sources in the effort to explain the inexplicable.

      Basically it’s the age-old question of a tree falling in the wilderness generating noise if there is no ear to hear; would devils and demons exist if there were no people to see them?

      1. Arch –

        Harland’s Word Controlled Humans has been in the top tier of my library, right next to Paine’s Age Of Reason. I have bought and given away at least ten copies of the paperback over the years. I just gave my last one away a couple of months ago.

        From his writing, I concluded a couple-or-three decades ago that the ‘fire-breathing’ element given to the dragon-like social control structure(s) was the ever-popular burning at the stake, performed by the government. It was slain by cutting of the head… the leader(s).

        Great book!!

      2. @ Arch Stanton

        I now more than one person that has raised someone from the dead. I have asked all of them a simple question, “How do you know that you are supposed to raise someone from the dead?” The answer has always been the same, “You just know.” Consequently, none of them run around looking for someone to raise from the dead. Apparently, they are led to initiate a raising. For what purpose? It doesn’t matter. The call is answered or it is not.

        Unless some rules have changed that I am unaware of, the jewish medical industry does not wait until a body is stiff to pronounce someone dead. The two medical witnesses in the case I mentioned in the church believed the guy was dead because he had no heart beat, his eyes were open and cloudy, he was not breathing, and he was cold to the touch, all normal symptoms of being dead.

        Snake handlers and poison drinkers have their own problems as they tempt the Father. Tempting the Father is not a good idea. The act of tempting is a trait of evil. Tempting is one of the devil’s primary tools.

        Holy roller babblers base their religion on the book of Acts even though it is not consistent with the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels. Even with basic misunderstandings, I have known some of them that initiate successful healings and have initiated raising people from the dead proving that being an expert on the teachings of Jesus is not required to initiate as he said to do.

        Jesus told his twelve disciples to heal the sick, cast out devils, and raise the dead as they preached the kingdom of God (Matthew 10:1-8). Being a disciple of Jesus only requires that a person practices Jesus’ words.

        You are correct saying that there is not a sect that aspires to all of these instructions from Jesus. Organized Christianity doesn’t even bother to preach the kingdom of God, so by default, they will not follow Jesus’ instructions of healing the sick, casting out devils, and raising the dead. Instead, they normally preach the Old Testament, Acts, Paul, and Revelations, none of which contain the keys to salvation of the soul based on the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels.

        I do not expect you to agree with what I have said which is fine. Everyone has the right to believe as they choose.

      3. Ung
        There is much confusion regarding the Book of Revelation. Most of it’s passages are regurgitated OT mumbo jumbo having nothing to do with the vision of Patmos John. What he saw simply reflected the Christ message that in the “end”, those who have not been lost to Darkness will return with him their true legacy of spiritual evolution 😊

      4. B-Hawk –

        Unknown optic maladies existed in humans forever.

        Here is what would have been a “demon” for sure!! 🙂

        I have these Ocular Migraines also about twice a year – binocularly – both eyes at the same time.

        I take no medications or drugs of any sort.. so no hallucinations. 🙂

        Painless ocular migraines can appear suddenly, creating the sensation of looking through a cracked window. The accompanying visual distortion spreads across the field of vision and usually disappears within 30 minutes.

        See it expand like a broken window.

      5. Pat
        The way I look at it (😆) these inevitable physical ailments go ✋ in ✋ with why I firmly believe that the nature of this material existence reflects an intrusion of the true Creation. Rothschild and his sordid ilk were made for the falseness which has infiltrated it. They thrive in it, while on some level the rest of us sense something went wrong resulting in their ability to do what they do

        Having said all that, your not taking any pain killers makes you a better man than me, Gunga Din 🙂

  11. The daily demons which trouble and vexe us through life is our fellow man. The “demons” can be summoned by evocation if you plead for them to come. If that is the case it is always difficult to decide if the “demon” which presents himself to you is real or just a product of your focused attention/will and evocation. Does remember me of the usual suspects when some of them declared that a certain event must have been real in THEIR MIND.

  12. ALL Demons are magnified by the Talmud…. if not the original source of most demons. The Talmudic jews… ARE Demons, themselves!!

    “The Talmud is the ultimate training manual in becoming THE Devil’s Advocate.”

    Elizabeth Dilling taught that. She was charged with sedition by FDR in 1944 for her views. She used a dolly to pull the whole Talmud into federal court every day for almost a year. Eustace Mullins helped her most of the time. Charges were dropped against her and over two dozen others…. when the Federal Judge died of a heart attack.

    One her advocates recently wrote:

    On any and every issue for which a Pharisee has the power to enforce a ruling, he can find something in the Talmud to justify what he or she wants.

    It is the “Tradition of the Elders” a.k.a. Priestcraft. Posing as an intermediary between man and God to gain absolute power and tyrannical control over the people.

    While the Jews still have their orthodox and radical fundamentalist sects like Chabad Lubavitch who still practice Rabbinical tyranny on their local communities of haredi, for the rest of us gentiles, we the average citizen in today’s brave new world suffer in bondage to their machinations through their central banking usury cartel and control of the mass media and educational institutions. They use this control to endlessly manufacture consensus to promote their lies of athe-ism, femin-ism, rac-ism, enviromental-ism, and all the other ‘-ism’s and schisms they create to divide and conquer We the Sheeple.

    There is a reason why the Talmud has so many tractates. It is a literal two millennium-plus record of Pharisaical rabbi’s arguing over every single side of every single law or issue so as to offer justification for any and everything convenient for the rabbis to justify or condemn at any given time, for any rabbi who is interpreting the law.

    Hence the 613 Laws for the frum and 7 Noahchide Laws for the goyim…620 laws total, with each one open to two or more interpretations at every reading. All that, derived from the original 10 commandments. Call it legalistic inflation via 2,000+ years of rabbinical pilpulism.

    Thus the Talmud both condones and condemns pedarasty. It says to kill the best of gentiles and it says to be a light unto the gentiles. It is full of such seemingly contradictory passages and an endless array of cognitively dissonant argumentation.

    In short, the Talmud is the ultimate training manual in becoming THE Devil’s Advocate.

    1. Excellent post, Pat. The “disputatious heritage of the Talmud” trains and permits Jews to deny or affirm almost anything, as it suits their purpose. This works out very well for the Neoconservatives infesting positions of power in DC and various “think tanks”, who believe in telling “Noble lies” to advance their Israel First agenda.

  13. I once promised I might expand over a similar topic relating to the “elite” and their subservience to alien hegemony. Unfortunately, after I collected some data I had suddenly my “conspiracy files” deleted from both my laptop and from my external hard drive which I occasionally and -a posteriori- stupidly connect to my laptop while on line. I couldn’t have deleted them myself, inadvertently, as they were not in a single file but scattered here and there.
    Anyway, I’ll try to recollect what I can, from my gruyere-like holey memory.
    Let’s have a wider perspective encompassing other creatures:
    Angels, Jinn, Humans.

  14. I have for more years done research into different religions, and also Western occultism, and every culture has a word for demon. So they have a higher pedigree in terms of being real than space aliens. Several times in my life I have seen what I think might be demons, in all cases during altered states of consciousness induced through long meditation or drugs during my college years. But a few years ago I had surgery and was put on opioids. In the middle of the night, I was in a half sleep and there they were watching me. I asked to be taken off the drugs and the doctor said… “playing with your mind, are they”

  15. Was Billy Blatty a spook himself?

    You pick the definition that fits:

    1. Informal A ghost; a specter.
    2. Slang A secret agent; a spy.
    3. Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a black person.

    From our honest spooks at Wikipedia; not all the clumps in the litter box that is Wikipedia is cat shit:

    William Peter Blatty (January 7, 1928 – January 12, 2017) was an American writer and filmmaker[1] best known for his 1971[1] novel The Exorcist and for the Academy Award-winning screenplay of its film adaptation. He also wrote and directed the sequel The Exorcist III.[1] After the success of The Exorcist, Blatty reworked Twinkle, Twinkle, “Killer” Kane! (1960) into a new novel titled The Ninth Configuration, published in 1978. Two years later, Blatty adapted the novel into a film of the same title and won Best Screenplay at the 1981 Golden Globe Awards. Some of his other notable works are the novels Elsewhere (2009), Dimiter (2010) and Crazy (2010).

    Early life
    Blatty was born on January 7, 1928, in New York City.[2][3] He was the fifth and youngest child of Lebanese immigrants,[3][4] Mary (née Mouakad), a devout Catholic and the niece of a bishop, and Peter Blatty, a cloth cutter.[5][6] His parents separated when he was a toddler.[3] He was raised in what he described as “comfortable destitution” by his deeply religious mother, whose sole support came from peddling homemade quince jelly in the streets of Manhattan;[3][5] she once offered a jar of it to Franklin D. Roosevelt when the President was cutting the ribbon for the Queens–Midtown Tunnel, telling him, “For when you have company.”[7] He lived at 28 different addresses during his childhood[5] because of nonpayment of rent.[8] “We never lived at the same address in New York for longer than two or three months at a time,” Blatty told The Washington Post in 1972. “Eviction was the order of the day.”[3] Blatty’s mother died in 1967.[5]

    He attended Brooklyn Preparatory, a Jesuit school, on a scholarship and graduated as class valedictorian in 1946.[5][9] He later attended Georgetown University on a scholarship,[5] where he earned his bachelor’s degree in English in 1950.[3][10] Those years at Georgetown were probably the best years of my life, Blatty said in 2015. Until then, I’d never had a home.[3] While studying for his master’s degree at George Washington University, Blatty took menial jobs.[6] Initially unable to find a job in teaching, he worked as a vacuum cleaner door-to-door salesman, a beer truck driver,[3] and as a United Airlines ticket agent.[2] He earned his master’s in English literature from the George Washington University in 1954.[3][10] He then enlisted in the United States Air Force,[2][3] where he ultimately became head of the Policy Branch of the USAF Psychological Warfare Division.[11]

    Did you get that? Here it is, if you missed it:

    Billy Blatty (is Blattly a Lebanese or his real name, btw?) graduated from George Washington University in 1954 and immediately (because he couldn’t find a real job?) joined the US Airforce and he ultimately became head of the Policy of the USAF Psychological Warfare Division!

    Minor point: How did Billy Blatty get the money to go to university if it was true that his family was so poor that:

    “He lived at 28 different addresses during his childhood[5] because of nonpayment of rent.[8] “We never lived at the same address in New York for longer than two or three months at a time,” Blatty told The Washington Post in 1972. “Eviction was the order of the day.”

    Hello! Are the dumb goys awake yet?

    Billy Blatty has (((Military Intelligence))) and SPOOK written all over him and the proof is that the big Jews at Hollywood transformed “his novel,” The Exorcist, into a blockbuster movie that made demon-possession a spooky cultural phenomenon. I watched the movie as a teenager and it scared the living daylights out of me. In hindsight and now that I’m Jew-wise, it was just another PSYOP and more Fear Porn, as Pat would say.

    Newsflash: The real Demons are the bloody 666ers!

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