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  1. So instead of going cold turkey, which is the only viable solution to the junkies addiction problem, and which he never does ANYWAY, he does what he ALWAYS does which is to get that next fix. Problem is, the next fix won’t even prevent the dope sickness he’s been trying to trying to AVOID!

    Soon thereafter…he dies

    1. 90% of “New Money” is created by banks as a debt entry in their books, as a credit in their account and a debit in the borrower’s account. The bank regards your debt to them as an asset, money to be brought in when you pay of the debt. So this money is not backed up by anything more than the Bank’s credit rating BUT!!! the bank charges you interest on this money they have created out of thin air.

      If you think about it, in the long run the banks will eventually own all the money and the rest of society will carry all the debt. The US Government National debt now, in 2018, is about $21 TRILLION, which is probably now unpayable So unless things change your descendents will be paying the interest for generations to come.

      The solution lies in the creation of money by the government, as stipulated in the Constitution. Until the people, (in the form of the government), take control of the creation of money there will be no end to the impoverishment of the people.

      The present system was set up for the USA in 1913 at a secretive meeting on Jekyll Island and was passed by Congress over the Christmas break with an unconstitutionally small quorum.

      The fix was in for the bankers and since then there has been nothing war, death and debt. The system is so blatantly rigged because most people do not even bother to think about the creation of money.

      1. John –

        “The solution lies in the creation of money by the government, as stipulated in the Constitution.”

        That is mandated for the states not the federal government.

        It was placed there as was agreed to by the criminals who signed the Treaty of Paris. in 1783!

        The Crown demanded it, since they lost(NOT) the war.. HA!!

        The US got fishing holes off Newfoundland!! 🙂

        Article 4:
        It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in STERLING money of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted.

        BTW – – Good luck fishing, Benjie & Alex… 🙂

        Article 3:
        It is agreed that the people of the United States shall continue to enjoy unmolested the right to take fish of every kind on the Grand Bank and on all the other banks of Newfoundland, also in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and at all other places in the sea, where the inhabitants of both countries used at any time heretofore to fish. And also that the inhabitants of the United States shall have liberty to take fish of every kind on such part of the coast of Newfoundland as British fishermen shall use, (but not to dry or cure the same on that island) and also on the coasts, bays and creeks of all other of his Brittanic Majesty’s dominions in America; and that the American fishermen shall have liberty to dry and cure fish in any of the unsettled bays, harbors, and creeks of Nova Scotia, Magdalen Islands, and Labrador, so long as the same shall remain unsettled, but so soon as the same or either of them shall be settled, it shall not be lawful for the said fishermen to dry or cure fish at such settlement without a previous agreement for that purpose with the inhabitants, proprietors, or possessors of the ground.

      2. Hi Pat,
        Were there any fish in those holes?

        I always think that if I, as a Brit, had been there I would have been the first Minuteman to volunteer. The British aristocracy (who ruled Britain then) were unbelievably arrogant. They treated Ben Franklin as an unfashionable yokel, and used the British people as workhorses and cannon fodder.

        Strangely enough when I was a student I met many members of the old aristocratic families, and they were all lovely people, very polite and gracious, very classy, and the girls were gorgeous.

        So I am not a class warrior. It’s amazing what a bit of class and glamour can do to our beliefs.

      3. To put the USA National Debt in perspective; if you take 200 million as the number of households in the country then $21 trillion results in an average household share of that debt at about $100,000.

      1. Yes AC.

        TRUE value of money only by reflecting desired goods produced, and desired services rendered by the producers and renderers, which would include people in banking , ALL of whose positions should represent among the more mundane of services. Rothschild and his ilk couldn’t grow a simple turnip if their miserable life DEPENDED on it, and today’s politicians can be thrown into the same mix.

        And I have to wonder….

        What world leader wants to go cold turkey dangling at the end of a rope strung up by an enraged citizenry storming the “Bastille”? Hundreds of wars and millions of lost lives has been the cost of doing business with souless bankers which has brought the world to it’s knees, and who in Russia or China or anywhere else for that matter is gonna upset the applecart rather than fall in line with this Statist reality that would rather strive for the glittering fool’s gold than do what they KNOW is the right thing by circling their nation’s wagons even when that would surely mean a condition of severe austerity that the vast majority are unwilling to accept?

        Putin: “I want all of us to clearly understand that the coming years will be crucial, and maybe even a critical time not only for us, but for almost the entire world which enters an era of radical changes, and maybe even shocks.”

        What exactly might this portend?

        Shocks indeed

  2. The bigger story than 3rd world currencies collapsing is that Peter Schiff (interviewed in the video) and David Stockman (Budget Director for President Reagan) have both predicted a collapse of the US economy and the dollar within a year or two. I believe Paul Craig Roberts says the same thing and Ron Paul has similar concerns. This isn’t because of any ripple effect though. Schiff says US debt is far too high, can never be paid off and a very big economic downfall will hit the US in the near future.

    And many market enthusiasts completely disagree.

  3. I don’t worry about the economy collapsing, that’s because there’s going to be a World War soon and war time economies are always booming economies [ at least here in the good ole USA! ] . As there’s no such thing as Nukes then WW3 is NOT going to be a Nuclear War so we don’t have to worry about getting nuked, so WW3 will be fought the conventional way, which means there wiil be NO Nuked cities as there are NO NUKES and the economy will soon be booming! You all worry TOO much, way TOO much.

  4. Since the Russian economy is on its ass… so much for the emerging markets and a stong(sic) DEFUNCT… BRICS… which was supposed to replace the USD… and take over finances from the US!!!

    Currencies are collapsing in Argentina, Brazil, India, Turkey and other emerging markets, stock market crashes are taking place, and central banks are springing into action to tie up all of the real properties!!

    A LAND GRAB WITHOUT using any MILITARY is taking place!!

    Emerging market economies went on an unprecedented debt binge over the past decade, and a high percentage of those debts were denominated in U.S. dollars. US owns their economies… and soon their real estate.. ALSO.

    They may have a GLOBAL RTC in mind – Resolution Trust Corporation… that made Bush’s banker buddies very wealthy.

    1. Pat –

      Something I’ve noticed is the EXTREME rise in certain wage expectations in America. I have family and friends who have children who have become “professionals” (lawyers, hospital administrators, tech engineers, etc.) with starting salaries in excess of $150,000. To me, that seems outrageous, but seems to be expected among the young ones. They are living as if it might never end. They think nothing of buying houses and cars on “payment plans”, accordingly. Their awakening will be chaotic – but I believe it is inevitable.

    2. When Pat refers to the “US” owning other countries economies does he mean just “US” Jews and their henchmen at the Federal Reserve. The world is going to go through another “Babylonian Woe” only this time on steroids. (((They))) have got the nations of the world by their short hairs.
      Case in point. Argentina in 1900 was the forth leading country and economy in the world. Now, Argentina is not even a gleam in the eye with 60% interest on imaginary “money” created out of thin air. An ancient Babylonian could have told the Argentinians (and the rest of the world for that matter) what will happen when the money (((lender))), is allowed through the gates of the city who soon takes control of the money and soon the whole nation via interest on clay tablet or electronic digit money.
      It’s hard to just blame the Money (((lender))), for (((they))) are just doing what comes naturally. Not unlike a tape worm. Those to blame are those nation’s leaders who borrowed their own “money” into existence for interest to order maintain and remain in power by using this cornucopia of fiat money to buy votes and/or influence among those they mislead. (It takes a fiat dollar now what three copper pennies purchased in 1913.)
      The era of fiat money is coming to an end. The gigantic world wide money balloon is in the process of deflating via unpayable interest on money either created out of thin air on a computer hard drive or on a printing press or numbers on a clay tablet.
      Once the deflating of the world wide money balloon begins in earnest, as the short video “Economic Catastrophe Predicted in U.S. as World Currencies Collapse” implies, there is no power or force on this planet, not even a Moses, can stop this out going tide of deflationary monetary collapse. However, any country with a printing press will attempt to replace the outgoing tide of money by running the paper money printing presses 24/7/365 leading to hyperinflation where an already worthless currency is even made by magnitudes even more worthless.
      Then the great cleansing will begin in earnest and what’s left of humanity, if humanity is really, really lucky, may some day start the whole stinking process all over again with the usual (((suspects))) close by hiding in the shadows willing and ready with (((their))) interest leger books to help bring on another “Babylonia Woe”. The inevitable is just a matter mathematics.

      1. TJ –

        “When Pat refers to the “US” owning other countries economies does he mean just “US” Jews and their henchmen at the Federal Reserve. (?)”

        Of course. Look in your wallet. The paper currency has Federal Reserve Note written on it.

        It does not have Tojamicus Note or Pat Note or US Note or even Trump Note written there. 🙂

      2. But, of course, the abundance of those notes has caused a feeding frenzy among both Jew and non-jew business and individual interests. The unrealistic appetite amongst consumer spenders and public projects bodes disaster. Micro and macro economies function by the same rules. The vendors have concealed the “money supply” (m3), but the general population was too uneducated to take note, anyway…
        Collapse is inevitable, but the perception is still deceptive. A “re-set” must occur if Civilization is maintained.

    3. And China and the rest of the world owns the US, who owes the world over 21 trillion dollars. And the debt is growing by leaps and bounds.

  5. Pat and gang,
    This alert from Bob Livingston throws another light on the what’s coming down the pick at light speed.

    “Modern warfare arrives with two dimensions. One is still the old war machine that goes abroad seeking new enemies so as to justify more expenditures on new and bigger weapons. It is visible and ongoing, although the mainstream media rarely talk about it anymore.

    But the other dimension of modern warfare is seductively esoteric. I will describe it. It goes directly to the psyche:
    • It is almost totally invisible to the natural eye.

    • It is almost totally invisible to the human spirit.

    • It cannot be measured and calculated by the human I.Q. because it operates above the threshold of intelligence.

    • It is an organism that suppresses the human intellect.

    • It is not a phenomenon that the natural mind can confront and deal with.

    • But it can be discerned by those prolific readers with background information.

    • When one comes to understand this cause of human motivation, all frivolity is stripped away and the Emperor has no clothes.

    The modern-day political and economic arena is a stage and a front for socialism. It is called many things such as democracy and representative government; and a few diehards occasionally refer to modern America as a republic.

    These names (democracy, etc.,) are foolish and child-like frivolity. They are fog, not substance. Their purpose is to cloud the mind and reality.

    There are many serious and honest economists and analysts who are very astute at reading the circus of American politics and economics. Many of them, like Marc Faber, see very clearly that the so-called financial and economic “solutions” to the American system are made to fail. In fact the bail-out “solutions” and trade wars have done nothing more than move the system further toward collapse.

    A thought here on psychological warfare: Since the American system poses as an “open society” with a “free press,” there is the pretension to allow open debate, but only on spurious issues. The effect is that as long as the issues are not real or are spurious they are welcomed and promoted as open debate and commentary. The people do not have a clue that all public commentary is spurious.

    What then is the issue that even very savvy commentators fail to understand or even mention?

    The problem is that all of them are trying to see and understand the American system as free enterprise when in fact it has been socialist for a hundred years.

    “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined.” — Benjamin Disraeli.

    This is a most sensational testimony of the power of naming government systems something that they are not and imposing it on the public mind and psyche by a long process of “public education” and highly sophisticated and organized propaganda on a worldwide basis. There has never been an equal and even at this moment it is more powerful than ever, deceiving more people than ever.

    Socialism in America today is seen as a raving success because its hidden handlers call it by other names. Hitler indeed made an attempt to call Nazi Germany “the great democracy.” Through his effort to put a pretty face on an ugly system, he certainly must have understood the propaganda significance of the sensational power of people persuasion with names, fronts and high-sounding human freedom terms.

    Alas, for the record, you historians will not, I hope, see national socialism as any different from American democracy today or even at the time of World War II when the two (U.S. and Germany) were locked into mortal combat.

    In fact, except for their different names bestowed upon each by their hidden elite masters, they are more identical than identical twins. The bad guys versus the good guys propaganda was meaningless and ridiculous but served well to drive millions to their deaths on all sides as well as motivated parents to sacrifice their young in total ignorance of reality.

    All is a disgrace before God, as my mother used to say, that the human race will allow itself generation after generation to be twisted and perverted like animals to the slaughter and precious few ever question “why” about anything. In fact the more learned and “educated,” the less capacity to think outside the prescribed system.

    Few ever conclude that the system that they grew up in is neither legal nor illegal as taught by the system itself. It is manipulated fraud in which the owners of the system do not live within their own law but above the law. The law is for you! Things may not be nice just because they have a pretty face.

    The major combatants of World War II were identical, making the Nuremberg Trials a sham and a disgraceful spectacle. In fact, major U.S. corporatists funded and abetted the Nazi war machine up to and during the outbreak of hostilities with the west. Of course this perspective bears directly on the current financial crisis.

    The world systems hide their dirty deeds by hiding the issues. They don’t dare let the real issues arise. All kinds of stupid and meaningless debates are fostered to throw sand in the eyes of the uninitiated. This satisfies the people that they are in the know because they saw it on CNBC or read it in The Wall Street Journal. My friends, it is the esoteric that runs the system. Frustrate not yourself with crass frivolity and ridiculous drivel. This nonsense is for the crowd who loves deception and who gets mad at the truth.

    Back to the issue of World War II, for it is the issue today: World War II was prosecuted and carried out with fiat paper money on all sides. It would never have happened otherwise.

    There would have never been any Hitler Germany or four-term Franklin Roosevelt without paper money. This should have been the issue at the Nuremberg Trials with all sides on trial as equal defendants, including the money creators. This issue was oblivious to everyone without exception at the Nuremberg Trials. These deceptions carry forward to generation after generation.

    Here is what has happened to the American people: The money creators, the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury as symbiotic partners, are creating non-substance (fiat money) and “buying” (stealing) substance with it.

    Has anyone wondered why “Federal money” never gives out? As admitted in Congressional testimony and in Federal Reserve publications, the Federal money creators can create any amount of “money.” Of course, this money is non-substance fiat. It is imaginary numbers that appear either on green pieces of paper called dollars, or as computer symbols.

    The key word to describe fiat non-substance is infinity. This imaginary money system can be created to infinity and indeed is on its way. The American people (and the world) believe that this non-substance is real money. This is an exercise in an unbelievable and unimaginable delusion that is accepted by the mind as real.

    This is socialism at its most perfect creation and it is doing exactly socialism’s work of transferring the wealth and savings of the American people to the state without payment.

    My friends, you may have title to your home, your savings, and your accumulated wealth but the state is the owner without compensation to you.

    Why? Everything that you “own” is denominated in fiat U.S. dollars. As the Fed creates fiat to buy up America (euphemism for bailout), the nominal dollar ownership of your property diminishes. This system allows no escape from its fiat. If you were to bury your pile of fiat 40 miles deep in a concrete vault, the Fed system could still diminish your purchasing power and real savings by simply multiplying the dollars (numbers) in circulation.

    The Fed is creating fiat to buy up (bail out) the American bankrupt system. All this wealth flows to the system for FREE without payment. This dilution of fiat money equally diminishes your personal savings and retirements.

    What about this scenario causing a huge government debt? Understand this: Remember the key word used above to describe the nature of fiat creation? That key word is infinity. This word defies, voids and cancels the word debt. Now how can the system have debt (as advertised and propagandized) when it creates fiat money to infinity as revealed in the Federal Reserves’ own publications.

    Debt implies that there are limits to money and spending. This applies to government at all levels except the federal government. Debt is not a concept that can be applied to federal government so-called accounting. This is one of the system’s deep dark secrets. The whole federal system is a fiat paper Ponzi.”

    Yours for the truth,
    Bob Livingston
    Bob Livingston
    Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™


    1. Good one, TJ – Bob is usually very good.

      Bob wrote:
      “Debt implies that there are limits to money and spending.”

      That is false when debt is a commodity, as it is today, and can be sold in numerous venues and market outlets.

      It will be around a loooong time.

    2. “. . . Hitler indeed made an attempt to call Nazi Germany “the great democracy“. Through his effort to put a pretty face on an ugly system . . . “ (Toejamicus – Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™)

      That’s a lack of knowledge and/or deep misunderstanding. In fact, H. showed great disdain for the kind of ‘democracy’ practiced by the western powers. He actually admired Stalin for his ruthlessness (Hitler’s darker totalitarian side I personally reject) There is always something new to learn. A learning process for all of us.

      Hitler’s Speech on western democracy

      H. explained the concept of national socialism as a model explicitly for Germany, in contrast to modern democracy.

      Not meant to be exported – though other nations could have copied the model if successful

      “The major combatants of World War II were identical, making the Nuremberg Trials a sham and a disgraceful spectacle. In fact, major U.S. corporatists funded and abetted the Nazi war machine up to and during the outbreak of hostilities with the west“ (Toejamicus – Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™)

      No – The major combatants of World War II were NOT identical. And Yes – the Nuremberg Trials were a sham – a lynch trial, a kangaroo court where no defence was allowed, and false confessions forced by unspeakable methods of torture. The “Nazi war machine“ was built in defence against enemies who conspired to destroy Germany and the German people. And Yes – ((( Zionist Jews ))) had their hands in it – the winners and losers were fixed. The “game“ was rigged all the way through.

      Germans at that time could clearly identify the ideology of communism for what it was and is, and rejected it wholeheartedly; as the Germans of the former GDR (German Democratic Republic) still do today; they recognize the “conservative Christian democrat“ turncoat A.Merkel as the communist Jewess she has ever been. They can very well remember what life under communism was like – a kind of socialism that works AGAINST and NOT for the common good of the people – but only for some “Chosen Ones“ (The Party reigned supreme)

      National socialism was meant to work FOR the common good of the nation as a whole.
      To say that communism and national socialism are identical concepts is certainly false.
      They worked differently and their outcome was different.

      Hitler must have done some things right – otherwise ((( The Beast – International Zionism))) hadn’t declared Holy War on Germany, as early as March 1933! Hitler had been in office for just six weeks.

  6. The most efficient way of eliminating debt is to not pay the creditor (default) and then claim all of the creditors’ assets as yours. This scenario is the most feared by the jews, rich and powerful one minute, broke and meaningless the next minute.

    The US economy will be the last to fall because the jews know that the above scenario is guaranteed. Trump would do it and (((they))) know it. If Trump didn’t do it, the most heavily armed society in the history of mankind would do it the hard way.

    Bolivia has defaulted more than once and it’s still there doing whatever Bolivia has been doing for a very long time which proves than defaulting is not the end of the world, but trying not to default when you should is the end of the world. The simple moral is just don’t make the jews happy.

    1. Ung

      And to think, a consensus effort in not making the Jews happy bursts a soap bubble of illusion that couldn’t be any more fragile

      POOF! …. and it’s gone


  7. This Darkmoon feature piece along with the Darkmoon feature piece “Will WW3 Start This Week” are very much needed Darkmoon feature pieces, that’s because WE haven’t had a good dose of ¡FEAR PORN! in a long time and it’s about time WE once again indulge in Our favorite past time ¡FEAR PORN!

    1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

      You have obviously never heard of the famous quip: “The headline ‘DOG BITES MAN’ is not news; the headline ‘MAN BITES DOG’, that is news.”

      We are thinking of appointing you our new editor-in-chief. No more “fear porn” will ever be allowed on the Darkmoon site! Instead, you will help to bring us in millions of avid new readers who will go “WOW! WOW! WHAT EXCITING NEW ARTICLES!” over your choice of new articles with exciting titles like:

      “Sun Shines Today, Everyone Happy!” ….. “World at Peace! No Problems Expected Any More!” ….. “Birds Still Flying, Fish Still Swimming!” ….. “Wow, Boy Meets Girl And Has Boring Time!” ….. “Wow, Bears Still Sh***tting In Woods!” ….. “Wow, No News Today Because Nothing Happening!” ….. and finally, “SHOCKING NEWS! — No Shocking New Today”.

  8. Maybe TROJ will convince us the Earth is flat?? (What horrors await us should we sail off the edge!!)

  9. argentnia failed economy alrady battling with vukture funds

    india currency due to tradewar FDI overdive amd costly oil

    china also due to trade war

    turkey due to usas sanctions

    for causes usa is directly or indirectly involved
    dollar becoming costly will get out of market if trump continues his trade war

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