EXPLOSIVE! — New Revelations Threaten Trump Presidency

Three News Reports
Abridged and introduced by Lasha Darkmoon


LD  :  Explosive new revelations are now coming to light that are threatening to blow the Trump presidency apart. What happens next is anyone’s guess. Separating the wheat from the chaff, or the lies from the truth, is not an easy task. But here are some of the things that are now being said:

1.  British Intelligence (GCHQ) may have spied on Donald Trump both before and after the American election. They could be in possession of toxic information which they could be holding over Trump’s head as a blackmail weapon.

2.  The source of this poisonous rumor is former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who flatly denies his role in this scandal in which he seems to be implicated. The problem here is that Blair is a known pathological liar and nothing he says can be believed. If Teflon Tony says something is a “complete fabrication”, good reason to suspect it is true — and vice versa.

3.  Trump did not expect to win the election and his wife Melania (pictured) was hoping he would lose, which Trump was apparently hoping for too, since he was totally inexperienced and unfit for government. This could indeed explain the present chaos and the catalogue of disasters that have dogged Trump’s footsteps ever since he got into the White House. When he won, Trump was apparently shocked; and Melania, who was hankering for a quiet life out of the limelight, was filled with dismay at becoming First Lady. Hard to believe, but this is what is being said.

4. Trump and his former chief strategist Steve Bannon, once bosom pals and big buddies, are now at daggers drawn. Bannon has accused Trump’s closest family members—Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Trump’s son, Donald Trump Junior—of “treason”. And Trump has responded to this allegation robustly by accusing Bannon of “losing his mind”.

5.  One of the spinoffs of Trump’s unexpected victory is that it has gone to two people’s heads and turned them into celebrities overnight. We are referring to Trump’s Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka. We learn that Ivanka is now drooling at the mouth at the prospect of becoming America’s first female president. As for Jared, he can’t wait for that, because that will be the day America will have its first Jewish President—Jared pulling the strings, with Ivanka as his pretty puppet.

We predict that one day, in the not too distant future, the capital of America will move from Washington D.C.  to Jerusalem, and the flag flying over the White House will be the Star of David. [LD]

Below are three abridged news reports
culled from different sources,
followed by a short BBC video

1.  Tony Blair Says, ‘Brits have been spying on Trump’

Former prime minister Tony Blair allegedly warned Donald Trump that the UK may have spied on him during the presidential election according to an explosive new book. Mr Blair is said to have met with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and a senior aide at the White House last February. According to The Times in his explosive book Michael Wolff says Blair shared the “juicy gossip” that “the British had the Trump campaign staff under surveillance, monitoring its telephone calls and other communications and possibly even Trump himself”.

Mr Wolff suggests that Mr Blair implied the Obama government had hinted the surveillance would have been helpful. The author alleges that the former PM had been angling for a job with Trump as his Middle East envoy.

Just weeks after the alleged meeting US-UK relations were threatened when Trump’s communications director Sean Spicer accused GCHQ of helping President Obama spy on Trump Tower.

The details come from the hotly awaited “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” which is reportedly based on more than 200 interviews with the president, his inner circle and those in and around the administration.

A spokeswoman for Tony Blair told The Times the allegations were a “complete and utter fabrication” and said the former PM had never sought a job with Donald Trump.

It is just one of many explosive details which are already causing ripples through Washington, including a number of details which suggest the president never wanted to win.

According to Wolff Donald Trump ‘looked like he’d seen a ghost’ and Melania was ‘in tears’ when they realised he would be elected.

He reveals: “Shortly after 8 p.m. on Election Night, when the unexpected trend—Trump might actually win—seemed confirmed, Don Jr. told a friend that his father looked as if he had seen a ghost. Melania was in tears—and not of joy.”

Wolff provocatively asserts that Trump ignored the potential conflicts of his own business deals and refused to release his tax returns because he didn’t think he would win.

Wolff says: “Why should he? Once he lost, Trump would be both insanely famous and a martyr to Crooked Hillary.

“His daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared would be international celebrities.

“Steve Bannon would become the de facto head of the tea-party movement.

“Kellyanne Conway would be a cable-news star. Melania Trump , who had been assured by her husband that he wouldn’t become president, could return to inconspicuously lunching.”


—  §  —

DONALD TRUMP and his former chief strategist STEVE BANNON.
Trump now says Bannon “has lost his mind.”

2.  Bannon Accuses Trump Family Members of ‘Treason’

President Donald Trump responded personally to his former chief strategist Steve Bannon’s comments about his family members Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. The president unleashed a torrent of accusations against Bannon, accusing him of losing his mind after leaving the White House, and having very little to do with his presidency.

“Steve doesn’t represent my base—he’s only in it for himself,” Trump said.

The president also accused Bannon for leaking false information to the media about his influence and importance and accused him of trying to burn down his MAGA agenda.

Trump in his own words:

Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my Presidency. When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. Steve was a staffer who worked for me after I had already won the nomination by defeating seventeen candidates, often described as the most talented field ever assembled in the Republican party.

Now that he is on his own, Steve is learning that winning isn’t as easy as I make it look. Steve had very little to do with our historic victory, which was delivered by the forgotten men and women of this country.

Steve pretends to be at war with the media, which he calls the opposition party, yet he spent his time at the White House leaking false information to the media to make himself seem far more important than he was. It is the only thing he does well. Steve was rarely in a one-on-one meeting with me and only pretends to have had influence to fool a few people with no access and no clue, whom he helped write phony books.


—  §  —

3.  Toxic Book Blows Lid Off Trump Regime

President Donald Trump is going to war against Michael Wolff’s book, sending a cease and desist letter to his publisher. The letter demands that Wolff apologize to Donald Trump for “defamatory statements” and demanding that they not publish the book.

Trump’s lawyers also sent a cease and desist letter to his former aide Steve Bannon, complaining that he had breached his non-disclosure agreement.

The letter reads:

 On behalf of our clients, legal notice was issued today to Stephen K. Bannon, that his actions of communicating with author Michael Wolff regarding an upcoming book give rise to numerous legal claims including defamation by libel and slander, and breach of his written confidentiality and non-disparagement agreement with our clients. Legal action is imminent.

But according to Axios, Wolff spent a lot of time with Trump officials in and out of the West Wing, including with Bannon, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus and his deputy Katie Walsh. The book was sanctioned by the White House, although Trump aides are blaming Bannon for enabling Wolff.

Wolff has dozens of hours of recorded conversations with Trump officials even though many of them thought they were off the record.

VIDEO  :  4.06 mins

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  1. It seems to be no more than small White House gossip with little of any substance. A storm in a teacup. If airhead Ivanka Trump with her slick husband ever will be elected to the presidency, then the American public will be to blame for such folly. That Trump’s wife Melania didn’t like the limelight of being the first lady was clear enough. She is a private and shy woman. But that Donald Trump himself didn’t want to win seems absurd. Why run in the first place? He was surprised when he won yes, but not unwilling to win. I think this “scandal” will be over in one or two weeks.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      “It seems to be no more than small White House gossip with little of any substance. A storm in a teacup.”

      It’s only a storm in a teacup if the whole thing fizzles out and comes to nothing. That remains to be seen. Tony Blair’s involvement in American politics can hardly be seen as “White House gossip” since Blair’s revelations of British Intelligence spying on Trump are splashed all over the British press … and he has been on the BBC wringing his hands and pretending the whole thing is a “complete fabrication”. But when a pathological liar says something is a “complete fabrication”, we have to believe the opposite.

      Nothing new in the revelation that Trump’s wife Melania wasn’t too thrilled at Trump winning the presidency, but surely it’s an interesting hypothesis (if true) that Trump’s victory came as an unpleasant surprise to him. As LD notes in her introduction however: “Hard to believe, but this is what is being said.” Even if untrue, the mere allegation that Trump is a “reluctant” President will have consequences on the way history views him.

      Finally, it is of great interest to learn that Trump’s flashy daughter, Ivanka, has her eye on the presidency and that Jared is waiting in the wings for his hour of glory when he becomes America’s first Jewish president.

      “I think this “scandal” will be over in one or two weeks.”

      The “scandal” you refer to is simply a new chapter in the Trump Saga, a new development or twist in the plot that will lead to further developments as the Trump presidency unravels. The climax of the plot could well be Trump’s impeachment or assassination followed by his replacement by Mike Pence.

      Or it could be World War Three . . . any minute now! 🙂

      1. When Franklin says “this is all a storm in a teacup”, he is looking at things in long perspective. Aren’t last year’s numerous terrorist attacks all nine-day wonders, or “storms in a teacup”, now that they recede into history? Who can remember the names of all the Muslim terrorists who drove into innocent pedestrians last year and mowed them down in different European cities?

        The Boston Marathon Massacre, the events at Sandy Hook, the Charlie Hebdo Affair … who can now remember all the tiresome details of these storm-in-a-teacup events? History stamped its foot for a moment in time and everyone paid attention. But the page has been turned and we are now reading a new chapter,
        if not a new book.

        Under the eye of Eternity, isn’t 9/11 a Storm in a Teacup?

        Who now remembers the Battle of Waterloo or the Battle of Hastings? Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin … who will be talking about these famous men ten thousand years from now?

      2. But even Pence has lied and lied, and lied again. So he may be done for obstruction of justice as well. If Trump goes, Pence won’t last long. And now, Orrin Hatch is retiring, who will be there to take over as President. I can’t think of anyone who would even want to be. Even old Paul Ryan is not going for re-election. The GOP is stuffed, as are the Trumps and associates. The whole Russia thing? Nahhh … it’s all nothing to worry about. I say bollards to that, and to Trump voters and fan(atics). We told you!! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

      3. @Sardonicus
        “The Boston Marathon Massacre, the events at Sandy Hook, the Charlie Hebdo Affair … who can now remember all the tiresome details of these storm-in-a-teacup events?”
        Maybe it should be mentioned that they were all false flag events with attendant crisis actors and it has been proven that no one died at least in Boston and Sandy Hook. See Jim Fetzer’s book online on the latter.

    2. Accurate comment, Franklin! The “storm” is almost over before it has begun… It is a very brief moment in time, and will be easily overshadowed by events having more immediate consequences felt by the populace. The sensationalism of “breaking news!” needs more definitive substance. It can never be pretended that the purveyors of bad tidings aren’t, still, virulently aggressive in their search for dirty laundry – even going so far as to IMAGINE it.

      1. Everything is a “storm in a teacup” when one looks back at it as a long ago event in the past. In old age, all the love affairs of our youth are “storms in a teacup”, are they not? The Big Bang, the most important event in the history of the world — an event that took place 13.8 billion years ago — is a “storm in a teacup” to God.

      2. @Madame Butterfly. Wonderful comment.

        Maybe we need to cultivate a sense of peace, as the far eastern monks did. However, all these “storms” do cause grief one way or another and it is legitimate to think and feel as we do when they occur.

      3. Bazinga!
        ‘What banged?’ – Sean Carroll, CalTech, Moore Centre for Theoretical Cosmology and Physics
        The Milky Way galaxy’s so-called “Methuselah star” is 16 billion years old. That’s a problem, since most agree that the Big Bang that created the universe occurred about 13.8 billion years ago. The Big Bang vampire has amputated the majority of galaxies from our original cluster.
        Big Bang cosmology…has not produced one single successful prediction… the Big Bang theory was a model built on Judaeo-Christian foundations. – Fred Hoyle
        … the concept of the Big Bang did not originate with Edwin Hubble, but was proposed by a Catholic Monk, Georges Lema’tre in 1927, two years before Hubble published his observations of the Red Shift. In 1951 Pope Pius XII declared that Georges Lema’tre’s work proved the divine creation of the universe.
        Halton Arp (1927-2013), who first refuted the Big Bang theory by giving a physical proof that Red Shift does not mean distance, was no longer allotted observing time on the world’s big telescopes, his articles were subjected to censorship, and he retired.

    3. Why was a celebrity journalist like Michael Wolff given such access inside the White House anyway? That was when Priebus was Chief of Staff, wasn’t it? I always questioned Priebus’ loyalty to Trump in the first place. I’ve heard that Wolff is a Jew, but have not been able to find corroboration. As Bannon was quickly removed from a top position inside the Trump Admin, and relegated to a lower level spot by Kushner, he must have had a big chip on his shoulder in addition of plenty of free time to talk to Wolff. Bannon’s claim that Don Jr. committed treason by talking to that Russian woman lawyer in 2016 is ludicrous. If anyone committed treason it was Bannon by revealing secrets while he was still employed in the WH and paid by the taxpayers.

      1. Bannon is a creep . There are people who are stuck in the Jewish Fraud called the ” Left / Right Matrix which fall for him . Those who think superficial ideology matters . Labels bandied about : ” Communist ” ,” the all purpose ” Fascist” , ” Liberal” ,” Conservatism “. Bannon is a Jew Worshiping opportunist . His former drug / drinking buddy Wide Beard , Breitbart/are creations of the Israeli ” Right Wing ” ,and THEY are not anti Semites ,of course ! Or ” good Jews ” ,or ” True Jews “,but dangerous Jews. Rothschild’s Agent Bernard Baruch ruled the Democratic Party of the last Century . His best friend and puppet was ” Conservatve Imperialist ( who lost the British Empire ) , War Criminal drunkard Churchill ,who in turn was Allies with Red Stalin ,and Liberal FDR . Bannon simply updated the con job operation ,the old fossil John Birch Society ( see Judas Goats ,Michael Collins Piper ) , gatekeepers for International Jewry . Trump is right on this
        ” Bannon is nuts “. Years of alcohol and drug abuse so self evident on his appearance will do that . At 63 dementia setting in. He is a wreck ,and needs a relevance high . His Zionist Fundamentalist perv ” Conservative ” , Roy Moore floped . His plans to overthrow the GOP Senators making their replacements more ” Patriots for Israel ” stiffled too. Plus all of this pressure keeps Trump on his toes . No rest for the weary ,it has been said …Trump is in the Jews ” Bear Rabbit “. Nothing he does until we are all in kosher chains will be enough .

    4. @Franklin,
      I agree with you that it is absurd that Trump did not want to win the election. There is no way that he wanted to lose to a woman. If he had lost to Biden, for example, I don’t imagine he would have been too upset. (BTW, I think that Biden would have beaten Trump easily). But lose to a woman, a crook like Hillary no less, would have been disastrous and unthinkable to a man with Trump’s pathological ego.

  2. MI6 spying on Trump is a given . British Intelligence has had a huge presence in the USA since WW1 . Churchill had his link , financial angel ,and Rothschild’s agent Bernard Baruch doing it for him ,and MI 6 set up in a suite at Rockefeller Center to agitate for the US entry into the ” Jews war of survival ” ,( not admitted the time ), WW2. Rothschild’s owning controlling interest in the US Federal Reserve , is enough to have London watch over ITS bankers interests. The ” Special Relationship” , means Rothschild’s. Despite his foibles , blunders ,and betrayal, Trump was / is NOT CFR ( Rothschild’s branch of the London Institute Of Foreign Affairs . Rothschild’s openly support the Clinton’s ” New Democrat Agenda ” , which is Globalist, Neo Liberal, and all for Wall Street . Trump’s opposition to NAFTA , GATT, and TTP they drooled over was enough to upset the International Jew . Of course they would watch him. No powerful entity would be so lax ! Not to worry Jewry . Trump by design, threat , subversion , stupidity, or treason is IN your pocket. Jared Kushner is in full command at the White House. He delivers the Eternal Jew script to his Dad in law daily .

  3. Fire And Fury claims, Adelson nuttyahoo, Bannon , all in cahoots over Zionist influence over US policy, MSM * not pushing this line from the book, WE must.

    * story on RT, and other web sites, sorry I can not do links.

      1. Indeed it is ” Fed Up “, and so am I .” We cannot give up what makes life worth living “. Adolf Hitler. International Jewry since it’s ultimate rise over the USA / Britian / Israel while accusing there victims , has forced war ,upon war , cultural decline , economic exploitation ,across the world . We are in end game now . If initiated to their deep approach ,turn on the Jew Tube ,and see the vile messages across the spectrum. No refuge anywhere but alternative internet outlets ,and for me Classical Art ,and music . History books off the Jews ” mainstream”; works by David Irving. Even on OUR sites ,we see the Judaic influence contaminating some . Their circle complete. Trump a ray of hope is NOT ,but an accelerated actor for their purposes. Only a new consciousness whole wholly obliterates the Judaic in all forms can save us .

  4. Gasp at the surprise this dumb ole redneck has when seeing others FINALLY recognizing the jew bag Trump as I did back in Aug 2015.

    Finally catching up?

  5. It is indeed a storm in a teacup.
    Gossip over drinks before dinner.
    Is this controversy & the book a diversion?
    Is this controversy & book a distraction away form more important events?
    What else has happened – is happening – will happen behind the scenes that Trump & congress do not want found out?
    MONEY MATTERS – the crisis that is the economy of the USA?
    What else?
    Is the issue of Jerusalem as capital of Israel – OR ELSE – a big stick with which the US Federal Reserve & the big 6 banks are ….. maybe withholding funds from US growth & development?
    Something fishy is definitely going on here.

    1. What is partly “going on” is that Mr. Trump has issued an executive order to freeze the assets of known human and sex traffickers – including the Clinton Foundation. I learned this just last week, from a friend at The Pentagon.
      (Apparently, it is not considered “breaking news” by the MSM.)
      Yes, this Bannon news is an attempt to overshadow other events – but not always in the usually suspected way.

      1. drumpf is very cruel to womyn, he forced Melania to be The First Lady of The United States against her wishes and that’s SLAVERY so drumpf is obviously very very cruel to womyn and should be IMPEACHED and thrown in prison for making Melania a chattel slave. Chattel slavery is supposed to be ILLEGAL.

        WE fought a war against chattel slavery to rid the earth of the scourge of slavery and now drumpf is REVIVING SLAVERY, especially targeting womyn to be thrown into chains and forced to do things they don’t want to do Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo……

        Maybe one of these days, all the shit the ANTI-Trumpers throw at him, maybe someday some of the shit they throw will stick and maybe someday they’ll have some kind of case to impeach him. The Russian Dossier thing certainly didn’t stick on Trump but the Russian Dossier shit is certainly sticking to Hillary and to the Democrats.

        1. Last year the meme was “Trump is an egotistical narcissistic power-hungry maniac who wants to be the president so he can be a dictator, he’s drooling like a rabid dog to become president so he can be a dictator” ; Now the meme is “Trump didn’t want to be the president, he never wanted to be the president, so he was very very disappointed he won”, lol, but he still is very egotistical and narcissistic because had he lost the election he would be “insanely famous”.

          So Trump went thru the whole presidential election campaign, which is very grueling, just so he could lose the election with the goal he could become an “insanely famous” “martyr”, LMFAO!!!! And of course Melania was broken-hearted and crying alot because her husband won the election, LOL. Sounds like a Monty Python comedy it’s so ridiculous.

      2. Bannon was a major thorn in the side of Kushner and his ilk. That he was given the bum’s rush and now bad-mouthed by Trump is loud and clear

  6. The chosenoids, ‘Trump, you are fired because you have under-performed! With Pence, we would have had entire Palestine, and our puppets in entire Iranian government by now.’

    1. SNEZ, that whole Pence / Iran thing, really?.

      PS, I do see Pence as more of a threat, but!

      1. Harry, but what? Pence was selected with a purpose. When there are enough Muslims in the west, people like him can push for religious conflicts, so that surveillance and state control can be reinforced.

      2. SENZ, I agree on pence being chosen as FDR to TRUMP, I disagree that Pence , or anyone * would have , or will , install a puppet government in Iran.

      3. Harry –

        The the US and Russia already have a puppet government in Iran.

        US – Israel – Iran – UK – Germany – Russia…. are all hooked together at the top..


        Iran’s rial hit a record low against the U.S. dollar in December in a sign of concern about the country’s ability to attract foreign money ahead of Trump taking office.

        The rial is weakening “BIGGLY” these days.
        Inflation has been running at above 40 percent.!!! 🙂

        “The inflow of foreign currency to the country is not as much as the government expected after the nuclear deal,” said Bijan Bidabad, an Iranian economist.


        To hell with Sharia banking rules in 21st century…!!
        Iran needs a “YUGE” reserve currency to buy stuff… USD..!!!

        The best way to get USD is funneling the funds through Russia… with US saber-rattling..!!

        Germany is cutting deals there also..!! 🙂


        Iran has sealed more than $15 billion in contracts in its energy sector since the historic nuclear agreement between Tehran and the six world powers in July 2015 as the resurgent energy market prepares for major foreign and domestic investments.

        “New sources of funding, access to cutting-edge technology and finalizing projects to improve efficiency and reduce consumption in the water and electricity sectors have been facilitated thanks to the nuclear deal,” said Alireza Daemi, the deputy energy minister for planning and economic affairs said, IRNA reported.

        “The ministry has ratified €15 billion ($15.9 billion) worth of water and power deals over the past 18 months …
        “…the financing will be a long and gradual process…”

  7. Trump is having a “YUGE” ball..!! 🙂

    He and his bawdy krewe of jesters will go to any lengths to cause a distraction – a parade – on TV and Twitter and in alt and mainstream media…. away from the healthcare issue….. the most comprehensive PEOPLE CONTROL plan on the globe.

    Baby Huey’s bottle rockets in N Korea have “BIGGLY” fizzled out… and so have Russian spy issues… so new ones are needed.. 🙂

  8. Israel and the dual citizen Zionist neocons already control the U.S. via their privately owned money machine the FED and their MSM and their control of the MIC, hell the Zionist neocons have Americans fighting Israels wars with no end in sight, and this control was proven by Israels attack of the WTC on 911 and all of America knows it and not a damn thing was done about it, that is control in spades.

    Trump is Israels puppet just like all the other POTUS since JFK, who Israel and the neocons took out, and can add RFK and JFK jr. to the list.

    1. well the kennedys should have been taken out 10 before they did being they all are white hating communists and along with the jews passed the imm. reform act which Saint JFK was to sign but got shot

      1. John Kennedy took on the US Federal Reserve with Executive Order . He was demanding Israel open up for Nuclear Inspection,and sending U- 2 Spy Planes Over Israel . His father was well know as fighting Jewish Influence in all fields , including his opposition to WW2 . RFK wanted the Zionist Organization Of America registered as foreign agents. In addition, the President was friends with famed women test pilot ,and devoted NS ,last witness of Hitler’s Life ( honest one ) , magnificent test pilot Hannah Reitzch and had her to the White House . He wanted Nuremberg Prisoners like Speer out . Etc. He was defying the Jews on all fronts . As for the Immigration Act ,LBJ who reversed all of JFKs previous acts signed that bill with good ” Conservatve” Republican support Open Immigration was expanded upon with ” Conservatives ” , Reagan, Bush 2 Gingrich ,and good ” Christian Conservative Merkel in Germany and previous Thatcher in Britain. JFKs tax cut was the biggest in history,and far from ” Communist “. See,FINAL JUDGEMENT by Michael Collins Piper .

  9. Their usual M$M fifth column soap opera, (with a little help from their CIA friends).
    The raisons d’être is protect and run interference for the DNC/Clinton Inc.
    I’ve been paying attention from the start so I’ll predict more of the same (aka)
    ‘They’ fought the Trump, and the Trump won..

  10. I am ready to bet my last peso this man, Trump, will be reelected president of the u.s. when time comes.
    Americans just love jews and jew lovers; its a fact. why? no one has threatened them enough in a way that they will RECONSIDER those self destructive, masochist decisions.
    it is obvious september eleven wasnt enough
    and here i say it again
    Israel is a weak building built over four strong columns; in order to destroy the house over the columns people interested in doing so, must first destroy one two or all of the columns;
    those colums are:
    The saudis
    Egypt and Jordan
    The U.S.
    the only people fighting Israel today are palestinians, Hence netanyahoo´s eternal smile ….
    you can write all you want on the net; its fruitless; the people that fight israel seldom come to this pages…. they get their inspiration from the koran or – – because the Jews pushed the wrong guy who goes _signs up as a volunteer- and kills a few rabbis in a suicide attack… obviously not enough (I got a cousin who went and tried to sign up for suicide attack; they put his ass on a waiting list.. then he called me and wanted to come here to colombia/venezuela; I said “I am busy now” hell no!)

    what is enough then?
    learn from north korea.
    get nukes
    get quemical weapons
    get biological weapons, run a few tests and then threaten to throw them at the cities where those who, for money gains, support israel. they will quit because they dont do it out of ideology …. you will see how they will suddenly remember the jews killed their god; something they have conveniently forgotten for now..
    some of you live in those cities
    are you ready?

    1. More precisely, Americans are still unaware of the extent to which they have been judaized. The Avatar, IMO, you have described the future in a couple of decades.

  11. Trump is a sick SOB…………..end of story. With a big Mac in one hand and diet coke in the other. It doesn’t matter what Bannon is. Bannon is not the president. I think he is telling the truth. These stories about Trump have seen the light before. Yes the media is sick and biased -but that does not exonerate Trump. Trump really is stupid. You can tell by the look on his face and the stupid things he says. Currently Trump is still trying start WWIII with infantile and bellicose rhetoric. One thing that Trump has that is not bigger is his mind.

    1. Wolff is totally happy with the book. He is not worried about losing in any lawsuit against what he says in the book. It will be for courts to decide in the long run whether Wolff will win or Trump. But I will predict now that Trump will not win. Mostly everything, if not everything in the book will be seen to be true. But not everyone in the US establishment is corrupt, and some are fighting to keep the US together under an authoritarian, venal, nasty and stupid Trump/GOP (see some judges; yes, the Democrats, and maybe, just maybe, a couple of old style Republicans who see what is going on, and how the GOP has been traitorous …)

      Trump is a small idiotic man. He has been proved to be useless in business, and has now been proved to be even worse as President. He has embarrassed his own country, and been treasonous to boot (as have those around him been). Horrible, horrible people … and those who support him and his associates, shame on you!!!!

  12. Everybody knows or ought to know that Jews are fundamentally liars. They lie mercilessly even to themselves. Jews lie about everything. Meaning by everything literally “every single thing”. You can’t have a simple truth from a Jew. Even or the most insignificant thing. I guess there must be some psychiatric, anthropological and sociological explanations for that lying compulsive behavior. There’s no more racist and disgusting slogan than “the chosen people.” It looks like derived from that slogan, they are taught and trained in the synagogues not to try and do anything but oppress peoples. For that purpose they lie again and again. Jews give God a bad name.
    The media is the tribe.
    And the opposition to humanity.
    Their allegiance is with the egregore.

    Who Controls Big Media?
    Summary: Of the twelve (12) senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations, nine (9) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 75%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations by a factor of 37.5 times (3,750 percent).

    Who Controls Hollywood?
    Summary: Of the sixty (60) senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies, fifty (50) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 83%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies by a factor of 41.5 times (4,150 percent).

    Who Controls Television?
    Summary: Of the sixty-four (64) senior executives of the major television broadcast networks, cable networks, and production companies, fifty-seven (57) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 89%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major television broadcast networks, cable networks, and production companies by a factor of 44.5 times (4,450 percent).

    Who Controls Music?
    Summary: Of the fifty (50) senior executives of the major music labels and trade organizations, thirty-nine (39) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 78%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major music labels and trade organizations by a factor of 39 times (3,900 percent).

    Who Controls Radio?
    Summary: Of the forty-six (46) senior executives of the major radio broadcast networks and station owners, twenty-eight (28) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 61%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major radio broadcast networks and station owners by a factor of 30.5 times (3,050 percent).

    Who Controls Advertising?
    Summary: Of the forty-six (46) senior executives of the major advertising corporations and trade associations, thirty-one (31) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 67%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major advertising corporations and trade associations by a factor of 33.5 times (3,350 percent).

    Who Controls the News? (Part 1)
    Summary: Of the sixty-seven (67) senior executives of the major television and radio news networks, forty-seven (47) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 70%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major television and radio news networks by a factor of 35 times (3,500 percent).

    Who Controls the News? (Part 2)
    Summary: Of the sixty-five (65) senior executives of the major newspapers and news magazines, forty-two (42) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 65%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major newspapers and news magazines by a factor of 32.5 times (3,250 percent).

    Who Controls Social Media?
    Summary: Of the twenty four (24) senior executives of the “Big Players” in social media corporations, eighteen (18) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 75%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the “Big Players” in social media corporations by a factor of 37.5 times (3,750 percent).

    By declaring war on the media, Trump has in fact declared war on Jews. Of the four hundred & thirty four (434) senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations along with Hollywood, Music, Radio, Television, Newspapers, News Magazines & Social Media Three hundred & twenty six (326) are Jews or or have Jewish spouses. The over representation by Jews as the CEO’s & senior executives in all these associations averages 3700% including the trade unions, talent agencies, production companies, broadcast networks, station owners, advertising corporations and trade associations. This is a numerical representation of 75%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the aforementioned media corporations by a factor of 37 times (3,700 percent).

    1. ‘By declaring war on the media, Trump has in fact declared war on Jews.’
      If that was true, he would have been dead by now.

    2. J.H.,
      Jews dont have a monopoly on lying. Everybody lies. If your wife asks you, “Honey, do I look fat in this dress?”…….How would you answer? “Of course not, sweetheart.” See? Youre a liar. Theyre many things that displeased me about my Jewish grandfather. But not once did I ever hear him lie. He was too proud to lie.

      1. Also,
        In the natural World, animals are liars. A lion crouches in the grass before pouncing on a zebra. Hes telling his prey “Im not here.” Then he attacks and kills his prey. The lion didnt wear a yarmulke did he?

  13. Bannon, Trump, and Jar-anka are all “Friends of Israel”, so I don’t know quite what to make of the charges, counter-charges, and general hullabaloo

    But, when the going gets tough, the usual modus operandi of the political-criminal class is to create a distraction. http://news.antiwar.com/2018/01/04/state-dept-threatens-to-hold-iran-accountable-over-protests/

    “The State Department went on to say that the US has “ample authority” to hold Iranian officials accountable for any attempts to censor of commit violence against the protesters, saying that the demonstrators “will not be forgotten.”” Strange, I don’t recall similar threats being issued against the USG when “Occupy” protesters were beaten, pepper sprayed, and arrested, and the FBI was making plans to assassinate “Occupy” leaders. https://www.truthdig.com/articles/redacted-fbi-documents-show-plot-to-kill-occupy-leaders-if-deemed-necessary/

  14. Another propaganda piece is what this article and the book is pushing. Just look into all of the “may be” or “could have” or “seems to be” clauses used to write this drivel. An article that spouts what is being said is just that. Words on a page do not denote truth in fact. Is the author Jewish? That would explain the book’s reason for being published. That horde in D.C., N.Y., Hollywood and Israel are the obvious haters of Trump therefore nothing in this book is to be trusted.

    1. @ Jennifer

      Another propaganda piece is what this article and the book is pushing.

      The article is not “pushing” anything. It is simply republishing three articles which are freely available to anyone on the internet. One of these articles is from the mainstream media, the first one; the other two come from the alternative media — breitbart. com.

      Readers here are free to make up their own minds about what they read here, but they are ill-advised to get aggressive with Admin, as you have done, and accuse the site of “pushing propaganda”. Why are so rude and impolite? Got emotional problems?

      Not a very good first comment, dear Jennifer, if I may say so. Try to be polite to Admin who have been kind enough to post your aggressive comment.. It would be nice if you learned how to control your testosterone. It’s usually men who have excessive testosterone, not women! 🙂

  15. I hope this is a storm in a teacup, but I realize there are many people out there who want to turn it into a full blown hurricane. It isn’t news that Trump has been up against the wall since he was elected. First we had the allegation that the election in the battleground states was fraudulent so there was the recount. Then we had the melt down and woman’s marches and the celebrity consensus against Trump broadcast day in and day out. Then, the biggie showed up: the Trump dossier, also known as the pee pee dossier, and the tabloid dossier. Going down the dossier rabbit hole has consumed 2017. Now we know the Dossier started out as “opposition research” paid for by the Democratic party. Somehow it ended up in the F.B.I. and who apparently paid for it too. This verified it as true by the F.B.I, and they probably used it to get permission for the NSA to spy on the Trump team. Finally we discover that the F.B. I top brass and many in the Mueller team are violently anti-Trump and may have actively attempted to remove him from office with the fake dossier and the Mueller investigation. Fortunately we have some real fighters in the Republican House who are revealing the behind the scenes melodrama.

    Now there is this mini scandal between two blow hards–Steve Bannon and Trump. Since both tend to talk off the top of their heads and say things that probably aren’t the wisest things to say, this is like a reality TV show fight. Donald Jr. should not have gone into a Russian “lawyer” meeting without a lawyer to record exactly what was said, but oh well. Jarred is an idiot and Ivanka is not much better–what can you expect from people who love Chabad.

    I’m still pro-Trump because I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been under Hillary. Trump is the bull in the China closet, but Hillary and her group are criminals. Trump is going after the pedophiles, and the elites are going crazy. I can’t help thinking the anti-Trump people are at least partly involved with elites…I realize, though, I am expressing my bias. What Europeans don’t seem to understand is that we in the U.S. are up against a criminal cartel and we can’t be too picky about the personalities of the President, Melania etc. etc. even Bannon who have stood up against this elite, the so called deep state. The U.S. might be going down but the people who took us to the brink were the pedophile crazed elites who operate as globalists–U.S. citizens be damned.

    1. Trump is a criminal. He has been working with the mob (both Russian/Jewish and Italian) for donkeys years. There is an article on the American Free Press website from 2004 written by the late Michael Collins Piper. It goes into Trumps ties to the Meyer Lansky/Rothschild etc mob circa 1978. Open your eyes. Both Clinton and Trump are criminals. If Clinton had won it would have been still bad but at least she wouldn’t be selling out her country like Trump and his associates have been doing. Clinton was bad, but I don’t think she would have been treasonous like Trump has been.


      1. The Anti-Trumpers telling us not to vote for Trump in the next presidential election, they never tell us who we should be supporting for next president. Hillary? Chelsea? Jew COMMUNIST Bernie Sanders? Who? It’s not as if we have alot of wonderful candidates to choose from. Who in Washington today would do a better job as president than Trump? Let us know and give us FACT-BASED reasons with solid source references as to why this special somebody would make a better president than Trump.

        If we don’t vote for Trump in the next election, I have news for everyone, we’ll get someone much worse than Trump. Especially with domestic issues. In terms of foreign policy, everyone in Washington is on the same page, they’re all rabid warmongers for Israel, so it’s domestic issues we have to look at to determine who would make the best president.

        So far, in terms of warmaking, Trump has been all bark and no bite, which is better than all bark and all bite and better than no bark and all bite. Hillary would have been all bark and all bite both. We would be in World War Three right now with Russia and Iran if Hillary had won and we would be inundated with Islamic Jihadists on the payroll of the Deep State and The Cabal who assassinated JFK, same thing, The Cabal and Deep State. At least Trump is not part of The Cabal who assassinated JFK. The Clintons are definitely part of The Cabal.

        So who should we support for the next presidential election? Ted Cruz, whose father was a member of the assassination team who assassinated JFK? Or, gay Miama disco dancing queen Marco Rubio who is TOTALLY owned-and-controlled by the jews?

      2. “Everyone knows, of course, about Trump’s gambling operations and of the wide-ranging links of the gambling industry to organized crime. But the story is much bigger than that. In his own memoir, The Art of the Deal, Trump proudly described how in 1987 he bought his first casino interests when he purchased 93% of the voting stock in the Resorts International gambling concern.

        “What Trump doesn’t tell his readers is what the late Andrew St. George reported in The Spotlight on October 30, 1978 (and in the previous September 25, 1978, issue): Resorts International was established and controlled by front men for the Rockefeller and Rothschild families and their “enforcers” in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its allied intelligence agency, Israel’s Mossad.”


  16. All this may be the deep state fighting for it’s life as Trump is setting up to take down the deep state. Things may not be what they seem. As an aside if the “seventeen candidates” that Trump defeated “often described as the most talented field ever assembled in the Republican party”, is surely an overstatement of the greatest magnitude.
    Hear Greg Hunter’s take on the situation:

  17. IMAO, I think we should always ignore what the MSM put forward as important news.We have only to weigh what they offer to us as “Hot news” to see the crap they want to feed us with.The really important news they keep for themselves and don’t want us to know about: their flaws and our strong points.
    Oh! Trump is going to be impeached, the poor! He might even be assassinated! Come on, if he were to be, we wouldn’t know about it until we see it on S..TNN, may be on live…staged show.
    That said, I value the efforts, time and energy Lasha is dedicating to keep us up-to-date with the salient features of the political scene: We are to infer the truth from their lies and the lies from their “truths”.

  18. Tempestuous yes. The whole political / media circus wears into the macaabre.
    Of course the brits spy on the usa.
    The queen pretty much runs the place.
    “We can’t see what’s in the legislation until we pass it” Nancy Pelosi
    Her and the pope hate the mssons’ constitutional republic – what’s left of it.
    The Vatican put the superstitious statue on top of the Capitol dome. It has ‘standing’…
    And permindex (mi6 moss ad cia) killed jfk.
    Zions schmuck Tony Blair gets paid to lie, because the little people can’t know the truth.
    He’s doing his job, and you can see his degeneracy.
    This book is just the latest harpoon thrown at the great orange whale.
    Whichever media imp finally darts him will write his own ticket on the next 25,000,000 a month election campaign funding splurge.
    Bannon has always been a deep state double agent in the Trump camp and at breitbart.
    He set up general Flynn and he knows who killed breitbart.
    The kushners to be the first jew president? Really?
    Surely we all know better than that by now, don’t we?
    Have we never heard of the rosenvelds at least?
    Is it not amazing how biggly a media lie of admission can persist?
    If we’re not going to learn why are we on this blog?
    The big bang is a rumor. There’s no more proof for that than there is for evolution. It’s a religion.
    Fred hoyle was one Kool kat.
    He called biotic oil (big lie) the stupidest thing he ever heard.
    The world has an unlimited supply of oil, and that’s probably about how long our geopolitical difficulties will last. Except that the biosphere will perish first.
    Dante – pretty good comments.
    They couldn’t run Biden for president because he’s an out of control impulsive child molester.
    Jackie. – good stats. Get them on Oprah.
    The public has no idea.
    Jews have controlled the medis since the original 5 or 6 vulgarian immigrants invented Hollywood
    . Adolf zukor, Carl laemmle, bill fox, lb mayer, goldfish (goldwyn), Loewe, Harry cohn, the warner brothers, Harry and jack. Jack warner is bugs bunny. .. the carrot is his cigar.
    After they got it going they began j-washing every script they came by, putting in good jew charachters if there weren’t any, taking out bad ones. They put a jew marine hero into ‘the sands of iwo jima”…
    A jew actually started the house un american activities committee – rep. dickstien from new york, on account of the nazi bund in the usa.
    But that did backfire somewhat, though in the end the Jews still run Hollywood and more media and consequently politics than ever now.

    1. BD, just don’t confuse the banks and corporations with their wealthiest clients. Also, Fred Hoyle told the truth about the BB religion. Otherwise, your post is good for me [as usual]. 🙂

    2. Biggly bang theory silly science. Biggly lie. Especially when stating “when” the universe began. Alpha Omega, baby. No beginning. No end.

      So what was there BEFORE this “beginning”, hmmm?

      I’ll give you a clue….

      Seeing that this references the first book of the fabricated religion of Torah – “Genesis”, with it’s “in the Beginning”, sure, there was a beginning of sorts insofar as THAT duplicitous tome is concerned – the beginning of Yahweh, marking the capture of the spiritual beings we truly are and the onset of measured time and a containment of physical existence.

    1. “Monika Schaefer was arrested on January 3 2018 in the very heart of “Holocaust country” while attending, as an observer, the bizarre inquisition hearings against the courageous Sylvia Stolz. This “trial” was for illegal words that Sylvia Stolz had spoken at the Anti Censorship Coalition (AZK) in Switzerland in 2012. The twisting nonsensical accusations of the inquisition was beyond bizarre. What the snake that calls itself the “State Prosecutor” did, will be something that will amuse future generations when studying the “witch” trials of 2018.”

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