Faurisson is Dead

Posted on October 22, 2018 by Mike Walsh 

Professor Robert Faurisson, a good friend, and supporter of The Ethnic-European, passed on at the end of a long and tiring day on October 21.

Italian intellectual Giuseppe Fallisi writes, “I still have eyes that burn with tears and I cannot fall asleep. Returning, a few hours ago, from the Bari airport I was given tragic news: Robert Faurisson rose in the Elysian Fields. As soon as he returned to his home in Vichy, he collapsed to the ground, dead.

His big heart had stopped beating. With other faithful friends we met yesterday afternoon in Shepperton, in a hotel, the Anchor Hotel, which will now go down in history for hosting the professor’s last conference and at the same time for demonstrating once again, in the person of his vile master (a ball of tallow and black bile ( reference to fake soap, lampshades and shrunken heads presented at Nuremberg ‘courts’ artefacts), how much can the intimidation of the politically correct, of the very laid Judaic dictatorship that weighs on all Europe.

In that city, Robert was born almost ninety years ago. Walking along he had confided to me, always lucid, composed and indomitable, but very, very tired and composed, accepting that his task had ended.

This man, more than brave, had completed all he had to do to make a contribution to the immense revisionist cause. In addition to the judicial, media and moral harassment he had to undergo, he was more than ten times physically assaulted by the hateful enemies, who wanted to prevent him from expressing himself, even from living.

He always knew how to resist and get up again, not deflecting a millimetre from the intrepid search for truth. One day he will be celebrated as a Hero of Free Thought:


The grand professor or truth, whose revisionism of Allied propaganda put the truth-teller head and shoulders over his contemporaries, was resigned to having done all that could be expected of a champion for truth and justice.

A couple of years ago the professor dropped me a line, which I can now divulge: “Dear Mike, Oh! Surprised I am. Thank you very much. I suppose you mean the video entitled, Un homme: Robert Faurisson? Michael, I am 88. I wish to die. My life has been made impossible. The same for my wife, who is nearly 86. Cordially, R. Faurisson.

My letter in response to Professor Faurisson:


We all stand in your shadow. Yes, you and your dear wife will shrug off your mortal coil as we all will. I might meet you in the afterlife. Others die and leave nothing but a moss-covered headstone. When we die we leave the fields ploughed and the furrows seeded. This is our purpose. People like us never die; only the flesh does. I empathise with you. I have no fear at all of going; I already have done so many times. “I am no more afraid of dying than I was of being born.” (Spartacus).

I salute you, Robert Faurisson.

Mike Walsh

Americans Diane and Jim Rizoli were as indefatigable in their intent to destroy the myths surrounding what Professor Butz described as “The Hoax of the 20th Century”.

Diane writes, “He is in the League of Extraordinary Revisionists, In honor of his 89 years and the beginning of our many tributes, the late Professor Robert Faurisson led a long and productive life fighting the lies surrounding the worst hoax of the 20th and 21st Centuries – the holocaust. May the Lord continue to bless his efforts.”

These tributes and many more continue to pour in from the world over.

The professor’s brother, Jean, writes:

“I regret to inform you that my brother Professor Robert Faurisson died yesterday Sunday, October 21 around 1900 hours. Like him I had just passed the front door of his house in Vichy on the return of a trip to his birthplace in Shepperton (UK), where he collapsed probably as a result of a violent heart attack. There were meetings with friends who were interrupted at least twice violently by opponents to his views. I accompanied him on this occasion. His 90th birthday was to take place on January 25th. We will not forget it.

My favourite Robert Faurisson quote:

“The Zionist-American Axis has phosphorized German children, atomized Japanese children, soused Vietnamese children with Agent Orange and poisoned Iraqi children with depleted uranium.

It is time for the devastated, scorned and humiliated to fight back. The best way to fight back is with what I for many years have called “the poor man’s atomic bomb”: that is, historical revisionism, or real history. This weapon kills and maims no one but it destroys the lies and defamation of the “holocaust” myth. This includes the fantastically profitable libels of the “Holocaust Industry” that is also known to have been fantastically profitable for mendacious super-swindlers such as Bernard Madoff, Elie Wiesel, and the murderers of the children of Gaza.

—  Prof. Robert Faurisson 2009.

To Judas, Shabbos Goy and liars in the media and judiciary, his gaolers too, you may know that you will never again cross the path of Professor Robert Faurisson; he is now somewhere where you are never likely to visit. You bear your shame with malice.


VIDEO  :  8.23 mins

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    Comment on Faurisson’s death by that arbiter of all things moral, former director of the ADL Abraham Foxman :

    “There’s one less antisemite and one less Holocaust denier on this earth, which is a welcome development,” Abraham Foxman — the former national director of the Anti-Defamation League who now heads the New York-based Center for the Study of Antisemitism — told The Algemeiner after learning of Faurisson’s death.

    The strategy of organized Jewry has always been not to discuss the details of the Holocaust with the “deniers”, but to persecute them. Thus the myth is kept artificially alive.

    There are however two exceptions that I know of : the websites Nizkor ( http://www.nizkor.org/ ) and Holocaust Controversies ( holocaustcontroversies.blogspot.com/ ). On the latter you can find some discussions on Faurisson if you google holocaustcontroversies Faurisson.

    Here is a cartoon highlighting Faurisson’s main achievement :

    1. Reflections on Death

      The good Professor was among the fortunate to have been blessed with sudden death while the world remains relatively intact. No doubt he suffered his share of horror during the war. May he never again return to face life’s horror.

      The subject of death has been coming up of late; thus, I have been reflecting on life’s biggest unanswered question.

      Over the years, I have watched people lament the death of many young friends and acquaintances. Approaching old age, I appreciate how fortunate they were to have died suddenly in their prime; young, healthy, full of vigor, blissfully ignorant of what the future would hold, (we were all that way) never to be doddering, silly, old men, infirm, besieged by aches, pains and health problems. Never to be taunted by memories of their past.

      In truth, even then I marveled those people’s reactions, because I envied those friends and acquaintances early exit off life’s Merry-Go-Round. Many times, I put myself just in reach of death’s cold grip, with full intent of catching Death’s brass ring, only to miss and be released back to this world. I suppose it’s all part of death’s catch and release program.

      Sages have said we fear death because we do not know the wonders its promise holds. Rest assured, we all have the same promise. Anyone that has visited with those that have had a Near Death Experience, or “NDE, will hear how these people no longer fear death. Look into their eyes and you know they’re telling the truth. Death is not an end, but a beginning. A new adventure exceeding everything life offers.

      My favorite NDE story is of a young suicide that “went to the light” where she met “the council.” They asked: “Have you done everything you wanted to accomplish?” She replied, “yes,” and then listed her accomplishments ending with “I have no desire to return.” The council’s reply was, “Well . . . we don’t think so” and BOOM! She found herself in the hospital. She’s now in her seventies. Here’s a strangely fascinating movie about that subject movie. Some NDErs have died many times over, only to return after each event. Most never expect death’s gate to be a revolving door.

      Woody Allen once said “I have no fear of death. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” Not to worry, Woody, you will be. Now if only we had one less Abe Foxman.

      1. Arch

        Like I’ve said, l call it a “NLE” (near life experience) – the true life of abundance Jesus speaks of. And if it takes “living” to get there, then so be it.

        We got it all backwards

      2. ….and speaking of lies, the (((puppeteer))) puts lies into the mouths of its puppets (us) to speak, and one of its great whoppers says that we need to “evolve” through many incarnations of this Earthly existence in order to know God. Well, while “evolving” is a proper word to apply here, reincarnating in order to do so IS NOT A REQUIREMENT!

        Being in a true life of abundance is something to be RETURNED to. Upon a return we can resume evolving, after having become so rudely inter – feared with

      3. Another interesting phenomena are the past life regressions. Some people have such experiences quite spontaneously. Especially common in India due to their religious beliefs. But it has also become more common in the west mostly due to regression sessions. Similar phenomemona to NDE are OBE (Out of Body Experiences) and Lucid Dreaming. They all hint at something more than our three dimensional reality we forced to endure.

      4. First – None of the men I mentioned committed suicide. All died living their moment. Some died in combat, others died living out adventures. I do not embrace, nor do I recommend suicide. In fact, I strongly recommend against it as a pointless act. Although I was among those men, I’m still here – despite my avatar. Here is a strangely fascinating movie that addresses suicide titled “Wrist Cutters.

        Second – While the body does not evolve perceptibly in this life, the soul does. The body dies and it’s achievements eventually die with it, but the soul lives on. What then does this brief existence mean viewed from this perspective?

        Christians got one thing right when they laid out the seven deadly sins. Murder, hate, envy, greed, et al; all are base elements of man’s nature and these are what we have come here to resolve. That is the evolution of the soul.

        What is the meaning of life? Life is a school. When one indulges their base natures, they fail the grade. Like any school of worth, failing the grade means one must repeat the grade. The purpose of life is to polish the soul to perfection as achieving perfection rings the last bell, life’s school is finally out. The “soul” has graduated.

        Everything you do in this life – Everything – will pass away; some things sooner than others, but all will pass away. All man’s achievements, all his grandeur, from the greatest to the smallest, will in time crumble to dust to be forgotten. One can visit the Sphinx, but it will never tell who built it or why.

        There is a perfect cinematic metaphor for the meaning of life found in the movie Groundhog Day.

        In that film, the protagonist, played by Bill Murray, finds himself repeating the same day over, over and over again. Everyday he has to start anew in the same place from the same beginning. Bill’s character is haughty, selfish, arrogant, cynical and just plain mean spirited, a personality he covers well with clever, cutting humor.

        Initially he is chagrined, but somewhat amused, to find himself waking to the same day every day at exactly six am, (a metaphor for birth) but it changes nothing in his character. After a time he becomes alarmed in the fact that he cannot escape the same day being played out repeatedly.

        Out of desperation, he decides the only solution is to commit suicide. So he does, only to find the next day suicide hasn’t changed anything. So he tries again – and again – and again, but every day he wakes up to the six am alarm. Finally, he decides there is no way out, and faces the fact he will have to repeat the same day endlessly.

        Accepting this fact, he begins experimenting with different approaches. Slowly he finds his old selfish, arrogant tiresome, so he begins trying politeness and kindness. The more he does, the happier he becomes.

        Eventually he finds himself committing fully to helping others. There is a memorable line where he exclaims, “I’m a god! Not The God, but a god.” In the end, he finds real compassion for others and what love is truly about as opposed to his former lust. Upon reaching this pinnacle, he awakens at six AM to find a new and different day. He has finally moved on.

        The movie compresses the life/death cycle into one day. On a cosmic scale, that’s far more time then you have. Compared to earth’s time frame, life is naught more than a mayfly’s day.

        In one ongoing subplot, he begins taking piano lessons until he becomes an accomplished pianist. This is why people have “natural talents,” they have been practicing all the days of their lives. This explains the phenomenon of “gifted children,” those exhibiting talents far beyond their years. Such children are not “gifted” they are real world versions of Bill’s character, “old souls” that have been around the cosmic block until becoming highly proficient at certain skills.

        What you do today will affect your eternity. If one does not progress, they will be forever stuck in this life of misery and suffering. It will remain that way until one learns to quit repeating the processes that result in misery and suffering. Try murdering someone using love and compassion, see how far you get. As Buddha said, “all life is suffering and all suffering comes from ignorant desire.”His reported last words are perhaps more significant – “Never again will I have to enter a womb!”

        What does this process mean in terms of real people, living real lives, at this real moment?

        The book Soul Survivor describes what happens, but not the results. This true story is about James Leininger past life as James Huston-Jr. and his Christian father who sets out to find what is tormenting his son. He is amazed at what he finds in the process.

        I relate to this book because my own life story has many similarities. I too died flying, but I died in a flight training accident not far from Randolph Army Air field, sometime in the late nineteen thirties. I returned to this life to resolve an unfinished desire of the last. Like many boys, my interest in aviation was piqued by building model airplanes. I lived, ate and breathed aviation and flying. Wanting to know everything possible about airplanes, I began my career by becoming an A&P mechanic; working at that profession to pay my way through flight training.

        My father was stationed at Randolph field in the sixties. In its early Army days, it was referred to as “The West Point of the Air.” As a young boy, my first view of Randolph’s Taj Mahal brought back a flood of vivid memories with an aching desire to return to my past life. I began remembering my previous life experience there as an Army Air Corps cadet. I remembered various locations, like the old train station where cadets arrived. The station was still standing in those days with few others remembering the intense activity it once harbored. I began remembering the pleasant and exhilarating times I had during flight training.

        Not long after, I joined Civil Air Patrol’s Randolph Composite Squadron and wound up wearing the same khaki uniform, in Air Force parlance a “1505”, right down to the old Army Air Corp’s wings and propeller emblem sewn on my hat. I found myself “walking off demerits” on the very same parade deck as I did in my past life.

        My father’s office was located in the cadet barracks where cadets had been billeted in prewar days. I remembered my own billeting there. When I stood on the balcony in the quiet of the sultry Texas twilight, my heart ached for my lost past. How I wanted to return, but while it was the same place, it was so very different now. A few years later, I would train for my private “ticket” flying a pre war J-3 Cub over the once familiar landscape in the familiar heat of the Texas summer.

        The young instructor who signed off my private ticket, killed himself and his student at one of Randolph’s former auxiliary airfields, very close to where I died in the thirties. A newly minted instructor pilot, he was cocky, arrogant, self-assured – just as I had been. This is dangerous to a point when flying. Pulling up sharply on take off and falling off into a spin, he and his student crashed and burned exactly as I had in my previous life. I was his first student and the only pilot whose ticket he ever signed off on during his short career. Standing on the tree-covered lane where only a black greasy spot remained to mark his passing, gave me pause for thought of where I once had been, what I had once done and where I was going.

        But I was driven to fly. There was nothing else in my life, but a burning desire to do so. I felt desperate to find a way back to a time that no longer existed so I might resolve what had been left unfinished before the war. Eventually I managed to do just that; however, not only was it a different time, but a different location.

        I was on my way to register at Vincennes University for their two-year agricultural degree program, where they flew modern Piper Pawnees. I later found a fortuitous circumstance in my truck’s engine blowing up at the Texas border on my way to Indiana. The result was I missed Vincennes’ registration date. As I was losing time and did not want to wait another season, I applied to another ag school.

        I took my ag flight training in Merigold Mississippi. It was my moment to return to what brought me back to this present life. The flight school was run by an ex Army Air Corps instructor pilot. The flying field, was a lovely grass airstrip that harkened back to those early prewar days of aviation. The operator had four WWII Stearman primary training aircraft, just like the one in which I had crashed and burned in the late 1930s.

        Flying over the Mississippi countryside in the Stearman, painted in pre-war blue and yellow scheme of the Army Air Corps, I could no longer tell it was 1980. For those brief moments, I was projected back to the late 1930s, just before spinning in to my death. Back then, the world was my oyster, I was full of myself. Up until now, I had been lost but now I had found who and what I had been. There was close camaraderie among the school’s student ag pilots as well.

        The feelings that ran between us and our flying travails was very much like what I had experienced in the previous life. This is something I would find wholly lacking in modern civil aviation, but for those moments, I was fulfilling my driving ambition of a prior life to become a fighter pilot. This time I would complete the cycle by becoming an ag-pilot. I felt happier then than at any other time in this life.

        After that, I went on to fly more WWII era aircraft, but the desire to fly faded. Under its corrugated skin, the Grumman Ag Cat biplane I flew professionally was kissing cousin to the Boeing F4B of the 1930’s. It was all stick and rudder work, just as it had been in the past. In time however, flying went from being a joy to a grueling chore in the dog eat dog world of modern aviation. There was none of the camaraderie of the old Army Air Corps life.

        I flew jets for a while, but found them cold and sterile. Jets are all computers, electronics, and procedures. In the quiet whine of turbines and air-conditioned, pressurized cockpits, jets have lost the soul of their roaring, radial-engined, predecessors that spewed oil into faces of pilots sitting in open cockpits. Jets are by the book. Anything else will kill you quick. It’s not so amazing that many jet pilots go out on their days off to fly the old planes.

        I finally burned out on the profession. Twenty seven hundred hours in the cockpit had left me with a bellyful of aviation to the point that, for a number of years afterwards, I would avoid even driving past an airport. But I had fulfilled my heart’s desire. I had finally accomplished what I had set out to do; now I could move on.


        There is more to this story than a whimsical reminiscing of personal history. My preoccupation with military aviation led to a number of revelations about the meaning of my life, both then and now. Had I completed my flight training in the thirties, I would have no doubt gone on to kill others, instead of just killing myself. That would have resulted in what used to be called “heavy karma,” taking countless more lives to resolve. It taught me the ignorant folly of human desires that lead to misery, suffering and death, for both the self and others. It showed me the horrors of what war brings to this world, without the misfortune of suffering direct exposure. (My 1972 orders for Vietnam were inexplicably cancelled with no explanation, although my MOS (skill) was in high demand). It taught me the utter insanity of the military and the wars they fight. Over the course of my life, I have gone from being extremely pro military to vehemently anti-military.

        Today I am close to finishing my tasks and at this late date not a moment to soon. No desires remain. There is no longer any “lust for life.” I have resolved my issues, in the process forgiving everyone, including myself, for past wrongs and grievances. I have done all that needs to be done in this life, understanding what needs to be understood if one’s soul is to progress. All that remains now is to complete the telling of Jesus’ life story. However, that is not my desire, it was my promise. This story is not written in service to my self, but as a service to others, to whomever needs to read it.

        It has been a difficult but fulfilling journey. Undertaking the horror story of Jesus’ life has not made it any easier. No matter – it’s all part of the plan, all part of the process. If I was to give advice, and who am I do so, I would advise one to closely examine their life as objectively as possible. Try remembering everyone you have known and your interactions with them. Do not judge, just reflect. Do not waste time looking for past lives, if they appear of their own accord, fine; if not, move on to important matters.

        Most of all forgive; have compassion for others less fortunate. Find out what love is: not passion, not lust, but love. (I cannot explain what the word means, as one must experience it to understand its meaning) Look deeply into your own nature, as well as the nature of others. For in those natures are found the keys to unlocking the soul from its misery and suffering of this life. Work at it. Work hard at it, for as with anything, the harder one works at something, the greater the gain.

        I realize this has gone on too long, but then I often do. It might be hard to believe, but I did not set out to write this and I really have no idea what brought it all on. I set out to write a brief reply and out comes a torrent. It often happens this way, but less frequently these days. Maybe someone out there needs to read it. I trust I have not wasted your time. May you have a pleasant Halloween this coming day of the dead.

        Army Air Corps Arch

    2. Super Jews faced little discrimination because of their usefulness to the European white community. The Hollywood moguls were super Jews and entertained the world.
      Poor Jews faced the bulk of discrimination and were defenseless against the bullies that harassed them. Many joined Yeshivas rather than attend painful public schools. Fortunately some went on to become super Jews and found safety in gated communities. Poor Jews were always victims of pogroms and Hitlers wrath.

  2. This is nice: “As for the petty little world of journalism, the media demonstrates how it, more than anyone, is careful to traffic only in authorized ideas and wares; while at the same time it fosters, through its antics, the illusion of a free circulation of ideas and opinions – not unlike jesters in a tyrant’s court.” – Robert Faurisson

  3. A brave man gone. He was right, the truth will set us free, if it ever gets out. I think it will in the end sometime in the future, and there will be great reckoning.

    I can’t see anybody on the public stage today that has the courage to break the dam. They are too scared of Jewish Power.

  4. It is debatable how many Jews or others died in WW11. But one truth is that the Nazi government deported German Jews. There is no excuse for such harshness. It is also wrong to dump American blacks in Africa or Latinos in Mexico. Whites must learn to live with outsiders or minorities. No other way will work.

    1. Hel!o Melvin,
      So you would frown on the joint work the Zionist movement did with Nazi Germany, when between them they connived to deport European jews to Palestine.

    2. Not only was that entirely excusable, but whatever happened to the Jews, no matter how bad, was excusable. The Jews caused WW II, and many people in powerful positions said so. They instigated the genocide against Germans and have lied about it ever since, covering it up.

    3. Yep….they ‘deported’ them to Palestine…(Haavara Agreement ). 1933-1939…

      The Zionists weren’t any more conciliatory to the everyday Jew than Herr Hitler…

      “Lord Victor Rothschild … made Churchill’s decisions, including the bombing of the food trains into the concentration camps, and the continued strafing of the inmates. “Rothschild is on record as saying: ‘There will be no room in the new country for shnorrers’ (poor Jews). “He only wanted the rich powerful and influential for the new land, the rest were to be sacrificed.”
      Charming fellow…

      1. Rich and powerful Jews were accepted by the aristocrats, together they controlled the European economy. It was the poverty stricken Jews that were bullied and corralled. The Polish ghetto was full of a million rag pickers and poor salesmen. Russia had thousands of shtetels packed with hungry Jews. Along came the Bolsheviks who wanted to uplift Russia and the rest of Europe. Due to American Capitalism they failed.

      2. @ (((Melvin Polatnick)))

        “The Polish ghetto was full of a million rag pickers and poor salesmen. Russia had thousands of shtetels packed with hungry Jews.”

        You are clearly a Jewish disinfo agent! 🙂

        Russia did NOT have “thousands of shtetels packed with hungry Jews.” All Jews before the Bolshevik Revolution were confined to the Pale of Settlement. This was NOT regarded as part of the real Russia.

        The Pale of Settlement, stretching from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south, is in light pink on this map:


        Exceptions were made for rich elite Jews, numbering some 400,000: bankers and industrialists and such. They had to get special permits to live OUT of the Pale of Settlement in Russia itself . They were not hungry “ragpickers” living in “shtetels”, as you say, but highly privileged Jews living in palatial mansions in the big cities.

        It was only after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, when Tsarist Russia morphed into the Communist regime known as the Soviet Union, that the Pale of Settlement was banned/shut down/dismantled and all Jews were allowed to enter the Soviet Union and live wherever they wanted.

        Jews then became a substantial part of the Red Army and the new government of Lenin and Stalin and it became a crime to speak badly of them. Antisemitism was then punishable by death.

    4. Hi Melvin,
      Please put on a shirt. Donaldo will be happy to buy you one. Did the Germans eagerly exterminate Jews or deport them? Who will ever know? Decades are passing. We’re all getting older. Within 50 years Melvin and Donaldo both will be sleeping peacefully under tombstones. You loyally support Zios who wont attend your funeral. May Donaldo suggest something? Spend your remaining years as Donaldo will…….indulge in drink, fine food and sex with beautiful women. Donaldo has Jewish blood as you do. Enjoy life. Chalom. 🙂

    5. Hi Melvin,
      I used to believe reports of Jewish victims of the nasty Germans, but then I started to read the truth, that International Jewry had organized blockades and propagated war against Germany. By the time Hitler came to power in 1933 the German people had every JUSTIFIABLE reason be distrust Jews.

      According to Sir Arthur Bryant the British historian (Unfinished Victory (1940 pp. 136-144): ‘It was the Jews with their international affiliations and their hereditary flair for finance who were best able to seize such opportunities.. They did so with such effect that, even in November 1938, after five years of anti-Semitic legislation and persecution, they still owned, according to the Times correspondent in Berlin, something like a third of the real property in the Reich. Most of it came into their hands during the inflation.. But to those who had lost their all, this bewildering transfer seemed a monstrous injustice. After prolonged sufferings they had now been deprived of their last possessions. They saw them pass into the hands of strangers, many of whom had not shared their sacrifices and who cared little or nothing for their national standards and traditions.. The Jews obtained a wonderful ascendancy in politics, business and the learned professions (in spite of constituting) less than one percent of the population.. The banks, including the Reichsbank and the big private banks, were practically controlled by them. So were the publishing trade, the cinema, the theatres and a large part of the press – all the normal means, in fact, by which public opinion in a civilized country is formed.. The largest newspaper combine in the country with a daily circulation of four millions was a Jewish monopoly.. Every year it became harder and harder for a gentile to gain or keep a foothold in any privileged occupation.. At this time it was not the ‘Aryans’ who exercised racial discrimination. It was a discrimination that operated without violence. It was exercised by a minority against a majority. There was no persecution, only elimination.. It was the contrast between the wealth enjoyed – and lavishly displayed – by aliens of cosmopolitan tastes, and the poverty and misery of native Germans, that has made anti-Semitism so dangerous and ugly a force in the new Europe. Beggars on horseback are seldom popular, least of all with those whom they have just thrown out of the saddle.’

      Does all that sound familiar to us in 2018?

      1. I believe your facts about Jewish power in pre second world war Germany. Removing the Jews was a popular decision. Jews were kicked out of power and deported.There is a moral argument against removing a king or Tsar by force. When in my youth I was bullied due to my small size, I fought back by hitting the bully with a rock. The fight was won but I was kicked out of the school. It was similar for Hitler and the German people.

  5. There has been some discussion lately as to what constitutes moral courage. Faurisson was it.

  6. Rest in peace, Professor. You were a brave and indefatigable fighter for truth and not just a good, but great man. I won’t comment on the wickedness of our enemies on this solemn occasion.

  7. I really didn’t realize the extent of the hoax until just before I got acquainted with the “Barnes Review” about eighteen years ago. Sometimes, I don’t know whether to be sad or happy for the enlightenment – but I am quite cognizant that those noteable crusaders for Truth have been unduly persecuted for their quest. I was closely acquainted with Mr. Eustace Mullins during the last two decades of his life, and I know he was always under some scrutiny and unease because of his writings. Mr. Faurisson must have been at least under TWICE as much hateful scrutiny, and admirably bore it. May he rest in peace!

    1. Hi Gilbert,
      Likewise, I did not learn what a gigantic fraud the holocaust and its consequences had been until about 1990 when I read that Ann Frank had not been gassed at Auschwitz,

      My epiphany followed as I read of the Jewish establishment’s hatred of Germany in the 1920s and 1930s, calling for the ruin of the German economy and even the extermination of the German people.

      None of this is mentioned in today’s media. It is a 1984-like situation. The truth has been turned on it’s head.

  8. But on one man’s soul it hath broken,
    A light that doth not depart;
    And his look, or a word he hath spoken,
    Wrought flame in another man’s heart.

    BDS the zionists wherever you can… they make it easy… there’s PLENTY OF OPPORTUNITY to do that… just don’t buy anything with the kosher tax symbol.. the professor will be proud of you…
    “The next time you go to your local supermarket, look around at who’s in there. It’s likely not Jews, Seventh Day Adventists, Hindus or other people, worried about their faith’s dietary laws. No, it’s hard working people trying to take care of their families in these difficult economic times. It’s people who have their own beliefs who expect others to leave them alone and not tax them each time they buy milk or cookies for their children. It’s people who would likely get angry if they thought they were contributing even a penny to a country with whose policies they don’t agree.”

    1. Bark –

      Thanks. This is a very important peripheral subject. I believe Mr. Faurisson would approve broaching it here.

      I don’t need kosher Drano or mops or aluminum foil…. but jews obviously do!!

      The (K) (U) and MANY more rabbi jurisdictions exist globally. Here are just a few:

      Council of Orthodox Rabbis (70)
      Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations (21)
      Montreal Kosher (17)
      New Jersey Kosher (9)
      British Columbia Kosher (8)
      Star-K Kosher (6)
      Beverly Hills Kosher (4)
      Committee For The Furtherance of Torah Observance (5)
      Michigan Kosher (2)
      Los Angeles Kosher (1)
      Massachusetts Kosher (1)

      Letters to Moshe Ronen, President of the Canadian Jewish Congress:


      Jewish Tax: What I Found in My Pantry

      “What we have stumbled upon here is a Jewish tax on food which
      appears to have spread throughout the kitchen to non-food items so
      as to become a Jewish tax on food plus kitchen products, and from
      there made its way to the laundry room so as to become a Jewish tax
      on food plus kitchen products plus laundry products, and from there
      metastasized to the medicine cabinet so as to become a Jewish tax on
      food plus kitchen products plus laundry products plus ‘over-the-counter’ medications.”

      Zionist Kosher Tax and the symbols on YOUR food supporting Israel


      Major food companies throughout America/UK actually pay a Jewish Tax amounting to hundreds of million of dollars per year in order to receive protection. This hidden tax gets passed, of course, to all non-Jewish consumers of the products. The scam is to coerce the companies to pay up or suffer the consequences of a Jewish boycott. Jewish consumers have learned not to buy any kitchen product that does not have the (U) the (K) and other similar markings.

      The perpetrators of these elaborate extortion schemes are actually Rabbinical Councils that are set up, not just in the U.S. but in other western countries as well. For example, the largest payola operation in the U.S. is run by those who license the (U) symbol. The (U) symbol provides protection for many products sold here in Aztlan and in the United States. This symbol is managed by the The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations with headquarters at 333 Seventh Avenue in New York City.

      Jewish taxation without Gentile representation

      A hypothesis that readily springs to mind from the above revelations is that what we have stumbled upon here is a Jewish tax on food which appears to have spread throughout the kitchen to non-food items so as to become a Jewish tax on food plus kitchen products, and from there made its way to the laundry room so as to become a Jewish tax on food plus kitchen products plus laundry products, and from there metastacized to the medicine cabinet so as to become a Jewish tax on food plus kitchen products plus laundry products plus over-the-counter medications.

      Andthe question that the above revelations urgently presses upon consciousness is how much this Jewish tax — if it may be so described — costs the average Canadian household each year. Ten dollars? A hundred dollars? A thousand dollars? What? Why don’t we know? Why is there no way to find out? Why isn’t this a matter of public record?

      Kosher Law Enforcement Unit

      New York State Department of
      Agriculture and Markets
      Kosher Law Enforcement
      Rabbi Aaron Metzger, Director


  9. Hello pat,
    As ” jews ” make up less than 1% of the world’s population , Why would any seller worry a hoot about a ” jewish boycott “.
    Ok if you’re selling property in certain parts of Florida, but washing powder?.
    No there must be some other reason ( obvious really ) these companies pander, it’s not for fear that the 1% will not buy the product.

    1. Harry –

      As ” jews ” make up less than 1% of the world’s population , Why would any seller worry a hoot about a ” jewish boycott “.

      Good question…. and an easy answer. The boycott would bring Much Needed EXPOSURE, and not the boycott per se.

      That 1% control 99% of advertising and 100% of loans. And most major courts.

      They have put many businesses under water and out of business with their power of control of money and advertising….. and the courts.

      Rudy Stanko knows the score… he found it out the hard way, when he crossed the jews in the meat industry:

      In 1983 things were going, well and each plant had adequate management and continued to grow in volume and profits. Then, on September 18,1983, when I was on a Canadian fishing trip, the bomb fell.

      That Sunday afternoon, NBC’s First Camera, a new program patterned after CBS’s Sixty Minutes, launched its premiere show, supposedly to expose the inadequacies in the inspection service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Actually, it turned out to be an attack on Cattle King Beef Company. They accused Cattle King of unsanitary processing conditions, rat infestation, unfair labor practices and other illegal [6-7] operations. All of this information had been gathered and collated by an independent consumer safety agency, the Better Government Association, based in Chicago. However, the BGA was working for and financed by NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation).

      When I returned from Canada, I was amazed at what had already taken place. Within three days, the secretary of the USDA, John Block, had suspended Cattle King and Nebraska Beef from receiving any future government contracts; and they would embargo and condemn all of the future meat production (21,000,000 pounds) purchased by the government. Jier, my name, Cattle King’s, and Nebraska Beefs were plastered across the front page of every major newspaper in the country, again without any proof of the allegations. Not one allegation aired on the original show was ever proved. But this lack of substantiation never slowed the pursuit. The NBC financially-backed consumer advocate group, the BGA, and the government agencies, through the cooperation of the national wire service offices of AP and UPI (Associated Press and United Press International), continued to spread “headline rumors”. During the next six months, my life, and my family’s lives, not to speak of the reputation of the meat companies, were turned upside down.

      From the beginning of this witch hunt, I decided to fight this injustice with all of my resources. I enjoy a challenge, and I am a fighter, and I do not take anything lying down. But, unlike earlier in life when I could face an opponent one on one, and on a fair field of battle, this time I gradually grew to realize that those who sought my undoing had all the cards and the deck was stacked against me. During the next year, various accusations continued to be made. One was that we had allowed staples to enter the packaged meat. It was alleged that people who had purchased Cattle King meat from grocery stores had contracted salmonella, a sickness caused by uncooked pork. Another was that we distracted federal inspectors so we could process rigor mortis cattle that had died in the yard. Again, none of these media charges were ever proved. But, by the end of December, 1983, the damage had already been done.

      (MUCH MORE):


    2. Harry –

      It just dawned on me that you might have misunderstood the boycott.

      The boycott would be for the public to accomplish, and not the 1% who are jews.

      But the 1% can cause the public to boycott their competitors… and any business not succumbing to their (K) extortion demands.

  10. pat –
    i guess a foi request made to your board of equalization would probably get you put on the same hit list as the meat packer… if you saw FAST FOOD NATION, with bruce willis, it’s made pretty clear which illegal immigrant slaves are working away in the jews’ meat packing plants…
    whether or not the rabbis/masons/dnc/hollywood pedos/mason wizards whomever, are using the cattle slaughterhouses to grind their sacrificial victims into burger meat or not, we can’t say for sure, but there are claims of human dna found in it all the time…
    how mazaltavy is ‘mcdonalds’?
    don’t know – but somebody should tell the other ‘donald’ to watch what he eats…
    unless he’s really part of the cannibal crowd and his notorious celebration on fast food is insider code for his fellow psychopaths..
    and we can easily guess which nation wreckers are behind the honduran convoy, which if it isn’t stopped cold will be only the first of many more…
    —- here’s part of a conversation i’m having with one of my ‘antisemitic’ friends…
    right.. every time you buy a product with one of these symbols on it, which is just about everything on the shelves, a percentage of the sale goes to one jewish organization or another… you just aren’t told about it… amigo bob says all olive oil except the california brand in the green bottles is cut with some other cheaper oil, but there is a special rule saying whoever is doing that doesn’t have to put it on the ingredients list… i would bet there are more cases of such insider chicanery.. actually, MSG, an extremely detrimental food additive, which combined with high fructose corn syrup and massive processed sugar in general is causing the diabetes epidemic, is never listed under its real name… they say the MSG triples your insulin reaction, which lessens the mechanism’s lifespan… so now you have prop. 8 (california), where people will be dying like flies from diabetic kidney failure, unless we have a special subsidy to pay for the treatment… microscopic plastic probably plays a role in kidney filtration failure too… i didn’t see the common R in the list of symbols, but it is illustrated in the article with the tinfoil, here it is airbrushed out in cases where the jews (in control of the media) don’t want the public to see it… i remember discussing the meaning of the R decades ago with friends in the bay area… we all thought it just meant TRADEMARK – that, however the name of the product was presented was itself a legal trademark, as recorded for legal purposes by the R, kind of like a patent mark. but the R stands for RABBIS… after all, religions are exempt from most, if not all, the taxes the common people pay… if the catholic church (jew-jesuits) owns 20% of the property in your state and they don’t pay property taxes on it, it means your taxes are 20% higher… this goes a step further and surreptitiously builds-in a tithe, which is paid by everybody, jewish or not… that makes perfect sense to the master racial jewish supremacists, who think the goyim are their slaves, and isn’t it obvious?

    1. I spread this (K) info far and wide in the 60s – 70s – 80s – 90s…. by purchasing hundreds of copies of a special edition of Truth At Last, Marietta GA. Dr Ed Fields was the owner.

      Not much left now:

      The Truth At Last was a “White activist newspaper[1]” published by Dr. Edward Fields from 1988-2008. The Truth At Last was preceded by a similar newspaper called The Thunderbolt from 1958-1988. The Thunderbolt, edited by Fields began as the official publication of the National States’ Rights Party. The first national chairman of the party, J.B. Stoner was convicted in 1980 of the 1958 bombing of Bethel Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.[2] Fields became the ideological center of the National States’ Rights Party and in the 1990s founded the America First Party, which is not to be confused with the America First Party founded in 2002. Both groups could be categorized as white supremacist, segregationist, anti-communist and anti-semitic. [3] There are ~200 issues of The Thunderbolt/The Truth At Last in the Hall-Hoag Collection Part II.


      Hit job by Dees:

      White supremacist radio host Hal TUrner and newspaper publisher Ed Fields shut down


  11. Circ –

    I must admit…
    This is an excellent excerpt from the bibliography in the preface of Conjuring Hitler:

    3. So-called ‘democracy’ is a sham, the ballot a travesty. In modern bureaucratized
    systems, whose birth dates from the mid-nineteenth century, the feudal organization
    has been carried to the next level, so to speak. A chief objective of what Thucydides
    referred to in his epoch as synomosiai (literally ‘exchanges of oaths’), that is, the outof-sight
    fraternities acting behind the ruling clans, has been to make the process of the
    exaction of rents from the population (a ‘free income’ in the form of rents, financial
    charges and like thefts) as unfathomable and impenetrable as possible. The tremendous
    sophistication, and the propagandistic wall of artfully divulged misconceptions
    surrounding the banking system (we will return to this theme in Chapter 4), which is
    the chief instrument wherewith the hierarchs expropriate and control the wealth of
    their supporting community, is the limpid testimony of this essential transformation
    undergone by the feudal/oligarchic organization in the modern era. The West has
    moved from a low-tech agrarian establishment built upon the backs of disenfranchised
    serfs to a highly mechanized post-industrial hive that feeds off the strength of no less
    disenfranchised blue- and white-collar slaves, whose lives are mortgaged to buy into the
    vogue of modern consumption. The latter-day lords of the manor are no longer seen
    demanding tribute since they have relied on the mechanics of banking accounts for the
    purpose, whereas the sycophants of the median class, as academics and publicists, have
    consistently remained loyal to the synomosiai. The other concrete difference between
    yesterday and today is the immensely increased throughput of industrial production
    (whose potential level, however, has always been significantly higher than the actual
    one, to keep prices high). As for the ‘democratic participation’ of the ordinary citizens,
    these know in their hearts that they never decide anything of weight, and that politics
    consists in the art of swaying the mobs in one direction or another according to the
    wishes and anticipations of the few having the keys to information, intelligence and
    finance. These few may at a point in time be more or less divided into warring factions;
    the deeper the division, the bloodier the social strife. The electoral record of the West
    in the past century is a shining monument to the utter inconsequence of ‘democracy’:
    in spite of two cataclysmic wars and a late system of proportional representation that
    yielded a plethora of parties, Western Europe has seen no significant shift in her
    socioeconomic constitution, whereas America has become, as time progressed, ever
    more identical to her late oligarchic self, having reduced the democratic pageant to a
    contest between two rival wings of an ideologically compact monopartite structure, which is in fact ‘lobbied’ by more or less hidden ‘clubs’:
    the degree of public participation in this flagrant mockery is, as known, understandably lowest: a third of the franchise at best.


  12. Barkingdeer,

    Where a you getting those numbers from ?? What possible motive did the German Army have that would compel them to carry out the mass murder of a million Russian civilians ?? The efforts of holocaust revisionists have always focused on the claims of “gassings” at the hands of the Germans, so what we need right now IMO is for a similar effort to materialize regarding the claims of German Army atrocities against Russian civilians. I am open to the idea that the German Army committed mass murder against Russian civilians, but where is the evidence ?? It has been alleged that German Army “einsatzgruppen” went on murderous rampages against innocent civilians, and we’ve all seen those dated photographs of what appear to be German soldiers who were caught in the act of machine gunning naked human beings into lime pits, but how can we know for certain that the machine gunners weren’t actually members of communist partisan groups and that they were dressed up in German uniforms largely for propaganda purposes, as in a photo op, so as to make the German Army appear evil & thus to solidify opposition to the EUROPEAN advance into the Soviet Union. Notice that I said EUROPEAN because there were many thousands of non-Germans that were joined in the effort to thwart Stalin who also wore German uniforms but were not actually German. There were even RUSSIANS who fought alongside the Germans, who wore German uniforms. I can’t think of the name of the Russian general who fought alongside the Germans, but the man was eventually taken by Operation Keelhaul and hanged.

  13. The accounts you have read, Barking Deer? You mean accounts of the victors who write the history, whose “accounting” must be presumed to be chock full of LIES? Do you really need to be told this?

    And as far as Hitler possibly being a double agent, I have to “double” over with laughter at that one, although I suppose looking at events as they occurred would lead one to conclude that IF it was not understood that German Intel was fatally comprised, this would then give the APPEARANCE of Hitler “grossly mismanaging the war”

    I know I know, where’s the proof? But that’s the problem, innit? Which again goes back to, “to the victors go the spoils”, as in SPOILING the chances for the truth to be revealed

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