6 thoughts to “First Epistle of St John: Read by Sister Joy”

  1. After the Four Gospels, this is my favourite New Testament book. It contains the very pith and kernel of core Christianity, with almost every verse being quotable. Here it is beautifully read by Sister Joy whose voice has just the right tone, a kind of low whispery quality that goes perfectly with the burning sincerity of the religious truths encapsulated within these five short chapters. There is more said here than in ten thousand theological tomes mouldering away on the dusty shelves of monastic libraries.

  2. Truly remarkable. But I doubt if one person in a thousand will sit through this video from beginning to end. Not even one in ten thousand will listen to it repeatedly, as I intend to do as a form of religious devotion.

    The nun reading the epistle is clearly in a religious trance, her voice so whispery as to be almost inaudible at times. One has to strain one’s ears to catch every syllable. If only the volume had been a bit louder!

    The good sister is not addressing an audience here. She is murmuring these words to herself, her eyes half shut in a dim religious room lit by candles and fragrant with incense. Once you understand that this is a “trance reading”, that it has a hypnotic effect the more you listen to it, the sooner you will stop looking at the screen on your desk while listening. You will draw the curtains, turn off the lights, and listen to the reading with your eyes shut . . . and only your ears open.

    The words of the book will then fall on your ears like dry rustling leaves, like the leaves of eternity whispering in the wind . . .

  3. Verses of the Epistles is a powerful way of reaching God. Blessed is the Lord for providing many chants and ways of connection to the holy spirit. Satan does not sleep and instead of the verses he replaces it with the search for the heightened sexual climax. Having sex is not evil but it must be performed in the name of love not only ecstasy.

      1. HP :

        “Tears are required”, really? . . . “The Gift of Tears” is a Catholic expression. If you don’t know what it means, ask cousin Monte.

      2. Joe, that expression was inscribed in the human breast long before it was proclaimed from Sinai or spoken by the Pope.

        Tolstoy told me so.

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