First Joust

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With slight disappointment the public regarded the field. Just a minute ago, two knights were converging in fearsome joust, their spears pointing forth, plumage blowing, horses galloping, ladies out waving their handkerchiefs to their champions, – and now we see they have passed each other, both firmly in the saddle, plumage unruffled, spears unbloodied, horses trotting away joyfully.

“Cowards!” – the boys shouted, while the ladies are happy to see their knights riding off the field unharmed. We all know this was just the first joust, where prudence often inhibits the testosterone flush. Soon, the knights will ride again.

This is a brief summary of the Syrian strike. An external force had pushed the leaders of Russia and the US into confrontation; Putin and Trump were equally unwilling to fight, but they couldn’t avoid the charge. The best they could do, they did: they avoided each other.

This was the somewhat unexpected conclusion of the carefully planned encounter. It plainly did not make sense to fire up fear and loathing of Russians to its unprecedented heights for such a finale. A mountain gave birth to a mouse, as Horace said. Presumably, the mountain will make another effort.

The last thing I want is to cheer and encourage the next encounter. The two presidents already have displayed vigour and courage by limiting the damage to a minimum. It is unwise to troll them for failing to defeat their opponent, though this is now being done by hundreds of pundits and by millions of private persons.

On the US side, Trump has been castigated by such brilliant humanitarians as Mr Mohammed (brother to late unlamented Zahran) Alloush, the leader of Jaysh al-Islam, a moderate Jihadi fighter group supported and paid for by that most progressive prince and lady drivers’ best friend, Mohammed bin Salman. The airstrikes were “a farce”, he said. Israel is also upset that President Trump “did the minimum he could”.

If Trump hasn’t been skinned yet by the neocons in Washington, it’s because he judiciously brought into his camp the worst warmongers, John Bolton and Nikki Haley as human shields in the case of a neocon attack: nobody can accuse a man whose security adviser is Bolton and the UN ambassador is Haley of being soft on Putin. Now they can’t voice their indignation. As they say in the army, it’s better to have them inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.

Well, some guys are anyway unhappy. Vil Mirzayanov, the Russian expert, who had spied over the development of the Novichok chemical weapon and immigrated to the US,, wrote in his blog to his erstwhile CIA masters: “[by this strike], Trump confirmed that he is a Putin’s agent! Poor Nikki [Haley] should slam the door and leave, as an honest person can’t serve under Kremlin’s agent”.

Real Kremlin’s agents, trolls and scribes, or alternatively, Western dissidents presented the strike as a “huge victory for Putin”. This is the common ground of Putin and anti-Putin trolls: whatever the Kremlin ruler does, has to be presented as his great victory. Afterwards, they part their ways, and Putin’s agents bless the Lord for Putin, while anti-Putin trolls call to fight him harder and accuse everybody softer than Genghis Khan of collaboration with the tyrant.

It is silly to present the strike as Putin’s achievement. Kremlin tried to avoid the strike altogether, spoke darkly of a harsh response, of “carriers” being shot at, of Satan 2.0 and nuclear winter, but the talk failed to stop the strike. No British or American planes were downed, or even shot at. The Russians didn’t use their S-300 or S-400 SAM systems, claiming the US missiles didn’t approach Russian bases. This is a dubious argument: Putin tried to stop at attack on Damascus; and Damascus is not a Russian base. Let us face it: Putin did not stop the strike and he didn’t make the offender pay a price for this breach of the Law of Nations.

General (Ret) Leonid Ivashov, an important Russian military observer, said the strike had annihilated Russian deterrence, exposed Putin’s bluff of his powerful new weapons and, worst of all, proved him indecisive and unable to respond to an attack. We walked away with our tail between our hind legs, as punished dogs, he continued. Russia’s achievements in Syria have been erased by this shameful inaction.

What is worse, Trump’s strike destroyed what was left of the international law structure established by Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. These three giants created the UN and its Security Council in order to avoid such eventualities by forbidding aggression, and the strike has been definitely an act of aggression against a sovereign state despite an objection of a permanent SC member, namely Russia. Now the gates of hell are open, international law has been demolished, and this happened because Putin agreed to accommodate Trump’s strike, said Ivashov.

Though official Russian media speaks of a great Russian victory, as no Russian or Syrian soldiers were killed, many Russians subscribe to the bleak view of Ivashov. The main question is whether this Russian fight aversion will encourage the Americans to carry out a future strike, or whether Trump will rein in his adversaries.

It is hard to accept the official Russian version saying the Syrian SAM systems intercepted 70% of the incoming missiles, as the excellent journalist Pepe Escobar did. This would be too good a result even for the best, latest, and most update systems. The unimpressive outcome of the attack can be explained easier by Trump’s decision to minimise the damage, as indeed the Israeli military says.

The Russian military experts here in Moscow told me that out of a hundred missiles fired by the US and their allies, only one or two were modern cruise missiles (“nice and smart”)and they destroyed the research institute in Barzeh. (It was not a “chemical weapons centre”, just a chemical research institute; it’s destruction was a copy-paste of Bill Clinton’s bombing of the pharmaceutical factory in Sudan over a similar pretext.)

All other missiles were old and at the end of their service; they had to be utilised somehow, and so they were. A few of them might have been downed by Syrian anti-aircraft fire, others fell without inflicting much damage. Syrian air defence is not able to blow modern cruise missiles out of sky; Syrian appeals to supply them with modern SAM systems have been refused at the request of Israel. (Netanyahu came to Moscow saying that S-300 in Syrian hands will turn all Israel into a no-fly zone; Putin agreed with him, and the Syrians were denied modern SAMs.) Now, hopefully these modern systems will find its way to Syrian army.

The Russian experts who were in contact with the US military told me that the US military used this occasion for retraining and refreshing reserve pilots; what they call “a milk run”. This combination of old missiles and less experienced pilots helped to lower the efficiency of the strike. And both sides, the Russians and the Americans, admitted that the deconfliction line was operative all the time, to avoid eventualities.

I’d consider that a good conclusion of the fictional chemical weapons story. The story has fallen to pieces altogether, anyway. The poisoning of Skripal ended with the old spy in good health; with Boris Johnson being caught lying; with [the chemical weapons control body] OPCW refusing to connect Skripal’s poison to Moscow; and with Brits keeping Miss Skripal incommunicado under duress, away from her fiancé and the rest of her family, a clear sign of a collapsing story. Hopefully, Jeremy Corbyn will be able to use May’s debacle for his political advantage.

The Syrian part of this story collapsed as well, after Robert Fisk, one of the very best British Middle East observers (next to David Hirst) visited Douma and delivered a report straight from the donkey’s mouth, i.e. as told by a doctor of the clinic videoed by the White Helmets. He said:

“There was a lot of shelling [by government forces] and aircraft were always over Douma at night – but on this night, there was wind and huge dust clouds began to come into the basements and cellars where people lived. People began to arrive here [to the clinic] suffering from hypoxia, oxygen loss. Then someone at the door, a “White Helmet”, shouted “Gas!”, and a panic began. People started throwing water over each other. Yes, the video was filmed here, it is genuine, but what you see are people suffering from hypoxia – not gas poisoning.”

The Russians actually located some people who are seen in the video, and they say it was staged. (Western media says they were threatened into saying what they said). I have more trust in Fisk’s report, than in the Russian one, but that may be my own prejudice. Anyway, both versions are not mutually exclusive, they do not contradict each other, but they undermine the fake story that provided the cue for the strike.

An interesting bit of data, proving that preparations for the strike were carried out before the alleged attack, has been published by the Cyprus banking community blog. They say the British air base of Akrotiri on Cyprus had its perimeter urgently strengthened (by the British company Agility) on April 5, that is before the alleged Douma gas attack. The second British air base, Dhekelia, carried out similar works on April 12, a week later, before the decision to strike had been adopted by the British government. The Dhekelia works were done with great speed and urgency, and road-constructing equipment had to be taken from the nearby villages of Xylotympou and Ormideia. The payment to the local workers had been routed via HSBC bank in Hong Kong, they say. And indeed these bases (forcibly retained by Britain) were used for the strike on Syria.

The OPCW could dispel the mist around both cases, that of Skripal and that of Douma, but do not hold your breath. It appears that OPCW is as integrated into the machinery of the Masters of Discourse as any other international body. Refusal of OPCW to allow Russia to take part in Skripal investigation, despite the clear requirement of its own charter, makes its conclusion doubtful, at best. While inability of OPCW inspectors to enter Douma despite all efforts of Damascus and Russians to facilitate their entry tells us they are not eager to investigate; like they weren’t eager to enter Khan Sheykhun last year.

Meanwhile, the Western media and the Jihadi groups on the ground are busy to create a new web of lies instead of the old one. Now they say the Fisk report is suspicious because he was allowed in by the Russians. We can learn of their attitudes from the following twit

“Salih @Salih90119797 Apr 17 More

Replying to @Elizrael

We salute Israel in spite their crimes in Palestine we hope they’ll continue their strikes every part of Syria; Iran regime should comedown”

These “Islamic rebels” are actually Israel’s stooges rather than warriors of the Prophet.

Anyway, people who manufactured these beautiful and complicated simulacra, are still around, and doubtless they will prepare a new one, if it will be necessary.

In my view, the two presidents have made heroic efforts at saving their countries and mankind from destruction; both risked their good names, their positions, their reputatiosn to go that far. Trump minimized the bombing, Putin minimized the response.

Both have made some mistakes. Mr Putin made his big mistake when he gave Israel carte blanche to bomb Syria whenever she feels like it. Israeli strikes (and there were more than a hundred of them last year) created the air of permissiveness and that allowed Trump to follow in Israel’s footsteps. If Israel bombs Syria, and Russians do not react, why can’t Trump? It appears unfair for the US to be bested by its satellite. If you permit Tom to grab your girlfriend’s pussy without a single objection, you must be expect that Dick and Harry will try to repeat this feat. Israel created the precedent, the US used it.

I asked Senator Alexey Pushkov, the head of the foreign relations committee, whether he doesn’t think it was a mistake, in hindsight. He justified the policy saying that Russia came to Syria in order to fight jihadi groups, ISIS, Al Qaeda et al, not Israel. Russia is friendly to Israel, Iran and Turkey, and it does not want to sort out local disagreements. Pushkov stressed that Russia always censured Israeli raids on Syria, though it didn’t act against them. As a matter of fact, if Russia criticized Israel, it was done very, very quietly. The only time this condemnation was made public, happened just now, when the Israeli strike occurred in a very tense moment.

Mr Trump made a mistake when he fired the missiles instead of firing Mueller. But anyway, thank you, Mr Trump, for limiting the damage. Try to complete the withdrawal from Syria, while at it.

However, the big problem is that the forces promoting war are still active. It feels that there is a big wave carrying the Russian and American boats into a collision and the rocks. This time, the leaders succeeded managed to avoid the confrontation. But the wave is still there, and the next time we may be less lucky.

We have entered a new phase of human conscience, when millions of social network users express their opinion. These opinions are often dangerous and our enemies know how to manipulate. Unless there is a serious effort to lower destructive feelings, mankind will perish, and we would have nobody to blame but ourselves.

It is necessary to counteract the US-Russian confrontation with a positive action. The bloodshed in Gaza provides a good cause for such action. A joint effort by Russia and the US to relieve the Gaza siege may change the agenda of the world. It will also take the mind of the warmongers off Syria and off Moscow.


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  1. “It is necessary to counteract the US-Russian confrontation with a positive action. The bloodshed in Gaza provides a good cause for such action. A joint effort by Russia and the US to relieve the Gaza siege may change the agenda of the world. It will also take the mind of the warmongers off Syria and off Moscow.”

    NOTHING will… “take the mind of the warmongers off Syria and off Moscow.”

    Moscow needs control of Syria to keep Russia’s gas sales to Europe intact by not allowing pipelines to be built from the Mid East areas, thru Syria….. unless ‘Put-On’ controls them.

    “Syria: Another Pipeline War”

    The oil and gas industry’s business model is to externalize its costs by clawing in obscene subsidies and tax deductions—causing grave environmental costs, including toxic pollution and global warming – which ‘Put-On’ touts..

    Among the other unassessed prices of the world’s addiction to oil are social chaos, war, terror, the refugee crisis overseas, and the loss of democracy and civil rights abroad and at home.

    ‘Put-On’ needs to wrestle control of competitive oil in ME. Iran and Syria are KEY!!. He does not want the pipelines going to Europe…. unless he owns them.

    1. Germany – Biggest foreign buyer of Russian gas – Reports Gazprom

      Natural gas has been exported to Germany since 1973. Verbundnetz Gas was the first company to receive supplies. Today, Germany is the biggest buyer of Russian gas in the world, while German companies implement numerous projects jointly with Gazprom Group.

      Gazprom to remain largest gas supplier in Europe and strengthen foothold in Asia-Pacific

      It was emphasized that 2017 marked an especially successful period in the context of Gazprom’s presence in the global energy market. Last year, the Company exported a record 179.3 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe. The upward trend for Russian gas is still strong in 2017: as of November 22, Gazprom delivered 170 billion cubic meters of gas to consumers, exceeding the amount exported in the same period of 2016 by 13.3 billion cubic meters.

      Meanwhile, Gazprom continues to create new cost-efficient routes for gas exports to Europe. One of the year’s major developments was the start of construction of the TurkStream gas pipeline, with a total of over 520 kilometers of pipes laid along the two strings by now. Works are already underway in Turkey’s economic zone. TurkStream will contribute to the diversification of gas export routes and to Europe’s energy security.

  2. “…Putin and Trump were equally unwilling to fight, but they couldn’t avoid the charge. The best they could do, they did: they avoided each other.”

    This author is actually going to compare Trump to Putin? Seriously? This author loses all credibility right here. I can’t force myself to read beyond this point.

    Trump is a serial aggressor who’s abundantly proven his willingness to trash international law and risk WW3; apparently for the sake of his jewish-supremacist masters’ agenda.

    With regard to Trump’s most recent war crime, according to multiple sources, e.g., Sputnik, Trump wanted a “more robust” attack, including Russian and Iranian targets (i.e. he wanted WW3) but supposedly Mattis talked him out of it.

    “US President Donald Trump was considering an option of a more robust attack on Syria, including targeting some of Russian and Iranian facilities, however, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis dissuaded the president, The Wall Street Journal reported citing sources familiar with the decision making process.”

    1. Harold

      And who appointed Mattis?

      The battle for Trump’s ear that would transfer from his brain and then to his mouth to pronounce decisions continues on…..

    2. Harold

      For the sake of argument, even if Trump wanted WW3, in the end he wouldn’t get it because the force STEERING this whole mess doesn’t want it, and it’s highly unlikely that one would occur due to the overall mechanisms of control goin haywire

      His questionable physics notwithstanding, Einstein was right about one thing when he said that WW4 would be fought with rocks and clubs. What kind of a world would THAT be for the control freaks to rule over?

      Did Albert Pike foresee the crazy advances of armament technology over 100 years ago? I doubt it

      1. @ Brownhawk

        “For the sake of argument, even if Trump wanted WW3, in the end he wouldn’t get it because the force STEERING this whole mess doesn’t want it,”

        I think you’re looking at it the wrong way. I don’t think it’s a question of whether they “want it” or not, but whether or not they will accept their impending geopolitical defeat graciously.

        IOW, as much as they don’t want it, they may nevertheless prefer nuclear war over humiliating defeat. After all, murder-suicide happens all the time when some evil person can’t get what they want, so I don’t see how you can rule it out.

        “and it’s highly unlikely that one would occur due to the overall mechanisms of control goin haywire”

        Okay but what if Russia becomes convinced that they’re dealing with bloodthirsty, demon-possessed psychopaths who intend to launch a nuclear first strike against Russia?

        Or what if an underlying motive for the demonization and endless provocations of Russia is to set the stage, psychologically, for a-nuke-in-a-U.S.-city-false-flag-attack to be blamed on Russia?

        Also don’t forget that they took a serious gamble with nuclear war when they tried to sink the USS Liberty, so it has to be asked: Why would they not take that risk again?

    3. It’s irrelevant who appointed Mattis. The point is Trump wanted war and Putin didn’t.

      (BTW we don’t know exactly what was discussed between Trump and Mattis. Mattis might have said something to the effect: “Hey ‘Orange Clown’, are you prepared to lose your armada to unstoppable Russian cruise missiles, and your aircraft to Russian S-300s?”

      IOW Mattis might not be opposed in principle to Orange Clown’s aggression, but being ex-military himself he might have some modicum of empathy for the thousands of men that Orange Clown would send to the bottom of the sea without a second thought.)

    4. The more I think about it, I’m starting to think that the story about Mattis stopping Trump from starting WW3 might be just propaganda.

      I would say it’s possible if not probable that the decision to limit the strike was made by Trump’s handlers, not by Trump and/or his subordinates.

      In my view it’s more likely that Trump was told to marshal the naval strike group, make the threats, etc., and then the handlers watched to see what Russia did in response. And when Russia moved its ships out to sea and the Russian Airborne Command Center was in the air, etc., the handlers made an assessment that Russia would respond militarily, and so they backed off from their more “robust” attack plans, using Mattis as the “good cop” actor in the show.

      1. I will generalize and expand on this idea by positing that the reason Orange Clown was ordered to appoint Bolton (and the reason Mattis has not been fired), is because the juxtaposition of the two – on either side of the arbitrary and capricious Orange Clown – gives our gamesmen maximum propagandistic flexibility in their psyop against humanity.

        When a bellicose Trump makes reckless threats – he’s merely channeling Bolton. Then the gamesmen observe the response of the system, and they’re free to appropriately follow up with anything on the spectrum from bloodthirsty psychopath to that of a somewhat more reasonable bastard.

  3. This was the somewhat unexpected conclusion of the
    carefully planned encounter.

    At a long, long, long, long last … the dense clouds and fog of unremitting anti-trumpism part ever so slightly to allow a tiny glimpse into the internal logic of resisting the coils of the Lucifer’s serpent progressively strangling the world over the last 2,000+ years.

    Of course, anti-Trumpists cannot forgive him for not having shed those coils on the first night after inauguration, banished the Ancient Enemy back to Hell at the stroke of the pen, because destroying Satan is the easiest thing in the world, choking the proverbial chicken that they all indulge in online, a Herculean task by comparison.

    Oh well … 3 hoorays for logic or delusional idiocy as “some” refer to it technically.

    Thank you, Israel Shamir for daring to suggest that you are a “smarter cookie than the Saker, PC Roberts and a slew of academic wonks”.

    1. lobro

      I like your use of the word “coil” in those contexts because they apply in a worldly sense as well as when I use them in a more metaphysical one

      I like to think in terms of a smoother transition to what I believe is an evolving to our spiritual reality Break the backs of the pestilence that would prevent that and we’ll get it


  4. Eureka, a realistic journalist!

    I do wonder though about . . . “The Russians didn’t use their S-300 or S-400 SAM systems, claiming the US missiles didn’t approach Russian bases. This is a dubious argument: Putin tried to stop at attack on Damascus; and Damascus is not a Russian base.”

    Is Mr. Shamir implying the S-300/400 could not stop either cutting edge cruise missiles and/or the F-15(F-35) Israel used to bomb Damascus?

    Because if true, this will (should) change everyone’s guessing, dramatically..

    1. Homer, whether you subscribe to the ridiculed and maligned “4D chess” theory, it suffices to look at the physical endpoints and the old ‘cui bono’ guideline doesn’t hurt.

      Consider the Jew intel assessment:
      Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says ‘100%’ US, Russia, won’t allow tensions to deteriorate into warfare.
      Here comes the between-the-lines dagger, debajo de la capa roja, yace la espada

      Earlier this week, Lavrov told BBC that Russia is “losing the last remnants of trust” that it had with the US, but emphasized that the trust level is “not yet zero.”

      What it means in terms of hard endpoints is that the Russians are obliged to provide more sophisticated defensive capabilities to Syria under the guise of intercepting further Tomahawks but actually aimed at JEW.

      Because consider: all the trpartite NATO naval forces firing well over 100 sea-land missiles and causing no damage, that Trump called “100% perfectly executed“, did not come close to the death and destruction delivered by couple of IDF jets lobbing sidewinders from Lebanese airspace.

      And so, who will be the most affected, “victimized” in jewspeak by the new hardware?


  5. CBR weapons? Jews are poisoners. Today they poison our land, our skies, our seas, our food. The Jew’s murderously degenerate psychopathy is beyond normal human comprehension.

    Here is what they were creating seventy years ago. The following quote, from Behind the Fog by Lisa Martino-Taylor, describes radiological warfare testing conducted at United States schools for the retarded. It’s not just parents that abuse children. Note the incredible magnitude of these lies that are par for the course for Jewish styled duplicity that totally inverts truth in the same style evidenced by their claims about the horrors of the mythical Hallowedhoax. In the same manner as they view women, Jews see goyim children as commodities to be used, abused and murdered at their whim.

    By 1948 the PHS (Public Health Service) had established a Division of Radiological Health, which sponsored a study at the Wrentham State School for Mentally Retarded Children in Massachusetts. The study was characterized by one federal committee as a “nontherapeutic radiation experiment” meaning it served no medical benefit to the children, and it was one of at least 21 such studies from the 1940s through the 1960s (ACHRE 1996: 197). The Wrentham study was unfortunately not unique. On December 26, 1993, The Boston Sunday Globe broke a news story outlining how at another Massachusetts state institution, Walter E. Fernald State School for the “feeble-minded youth,” 125 boys were “fed hot cereal laced with radioactive calcium as part of a scientific experiment.” (D’Antonio 2004: 238). The oatmeal radiation experiments were sponsored and/or conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Atomic Energy Commission, Harvard University, and defying their wholesome image of friendly paternalism, the Quaker Oats Company. Also involved were other “unidentified sponsors,” likely DOD entities abiding by the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s order that military studies be publicly disassociated from their foundational moorings (Massachusetts Task Force 1994: 20). Some Fernald children were wards of the state; however, none of the parents had provided informed consent. Some were sent a generic “dear parent letter” that vaguely described how their children would be provided with a “special enriched diet. But it said nothing about radiation” (D’Antonio 2004: 239). Another letter said the “tests are made for the purpose of improving the nutrition of our children” which was patently false (Tadgell 1949). School officials also failed to disclose to parents that a “Department of Research” had been established at the school (Massachusetts Task Force 1994: 161, 188). Many of the parents had simply lacked resources or stability to care for their children and turned them over to the state: however all the children, regardless of intellectual ability, were labeled as intellectually inferior or “feeble minded” at the facility. Some of the boys were told they were state wards for life and thus they were part of a captive population with no legal rights. Their status meant that they were particularly vulnerable to those who wished to exploit them.

    On May 18, 1949 Fernald’s clinical psychiatrist Dr. Clemens Benda wrote to former Berkeley scientist Dr. Paul Clarence Aebersold, who had worked on the Manhattan Project and was the main proponent for isotope distribution in the United States. Aebersold, a.k.a. “Mr. Isotope,” who years alter would tragically commit suicide in 1967 at age 56, was head of the Isotope Branch at the AEC under David Lilienthal, a staunch radiological warfare proponent. An “Isotopes Committee” had been formed at the Fernald school that included Benda, Director of Research and Clinical Psychiatrist, along with Malcolm J. Farrell, M.D. – Superintendent of Psychiatry at Fernald; Earle Chapman, M.D. – Instructor in Medicine, Harvard medical school and Massachusetts General Hospital; Elizabeth Belmont, M.D. – Physician, Fernald School; and Maximillian Weinberger, M.D. – Assistant Physician, Fernald School. Benda was also Director of Research at the aforementioned Wrentham School where at least 70 institutionalized children experienced a similar fate. Originally from Germany, Benda was instructor of neuropathology and psychiatry at Harvard, and lecturer at Massachusetts General Hospital. Interestingly, Benda had served as expert witness against German the German government for victims’ injuries suffered during the Nazi regime. The PHS and AEC sponsored the Fernald and Wrentham studies when both agencies were conducting CBR (chemical/biological/radiation) weapons experiments for the DOD and institutional records indicate that the AEC and Paul Aebersold in particular, worked with Benda on the studies. Benda and Fernald Superintendent Dr Malcolm Farrell referred to the experiments as “nutrition studies,” but the iron, calcium, and iodine that were fed to the children were all radioactive. Fernald officials named the study “The Science Club” in order to capture and sustain the boy’s interest.

    Note the mention of Harvard in these medical studies, long a diploma mill for Jewish medical degrees and now an almost exclusive Jewish academic institution as described by Kevin MacDonald. Note also the preponderance of Jewish names in these experiments involving the torture and murder of innocent children for which the government takes the blame. And finally Benda, wanna bet on his racial heritage?

    Here is a classic example of murderous, Jewish psychopathy projected onto an enemy. Like the mythical Hallowedhoax the “evil” German medical experiments on prisoners and children were almost exclusively the products of fevered Jewish imagination made real in these U.S. experiments.

    I strongly suggest everyone reading this obtain a copy of this book. It’s a Jewish horror story, the reality of which pales the very worst Hollywood horror story.

  6. As I see it, Orange Clown is faced with the same problem that Obama had: All the low-hanging fruit has already been picked. And any attempt to pick the fruit hanging at a higher level is associated with some very serious risks.

    In the confusion that reigned immediately after Orange Clown’s inauguration, Orange Clown was able to quickly prop a ladder up against the tree, and start climbing – something that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have been able to do – but it soon became obvious that Orange Clown intended to pick the fruit, rather than spray the insects threatening the fruit, as he had disingenuously intimated.

    So here we are at a stalemate, albeit a very dangerous one, with Vladimir Putin trying to avoid a nuclear war (but already backed into a corner), and Orange Clown’s handlers working day and night to come up with their next move.

  7. Harold

    Your premise is flawed because you assign power to a POTUS that he doesn’t have. Essentially it’s been neutered since the Wilson Admin. and the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. The BANKERS are the ones pullin’ all the strings, in keeping with what I mean by the “steering committee”, whose machinations are inspired by the protocols

    Why aren’t more people grasping this concept?

    1. I would have to disagree with this. They’ve been consolidating power in the executive branch for a long time, and since 9/11 it’s accelerated to the point where the other branches now seem to have only a limited advisory role.

      Orange Clown can order an attack on Moscow today if he wanted to, ultimately destroying all life on earth, and who or what is going to stop him? He’s got all the power that the Founders and Framers sought to deprive him of.
      That’s some serious power, isn’t it?

    2. The control freaks inspired by the protocolian mindset have been at this for a very long time. Long enough to have gained confidence in knowing that whatever national leaders come on the scene, ESPECIALLY at the time of WW1 to the present-day are entering into what I’ll call an “aggregate point” of everything which has accumulated through the many years leading up to it in a furtherance of the agenda. As a result, they can’t HELP but be entering between a rock and a hard place.

      The genius to be begrudgingly assigned to the protocols is in getting these politicians in their respective positions of national leadership to THINK that their thoughts are their own, when the fact of the matter is that virtually every move they make is guided by the notorious “hidden hand” STEERING the moves.

      As I see it, the best that can be reasonably hoped for in re-arranging the board is that thing that has proven to be the downfall of many – those fluttering moths of HUBRIS. This time fluttering around the heads of the latest generation of “protocolian administrators”

  8. Harold Smith makes some good points. The only thing he does not seem to comprehend is that Orange Clown does not work for the Jews, neither does he work against the Jews.

    Jews are a pocket change, and they are used as pocket change. That’s what the Bible Thumper cannot understand. Orange Clown, and the other clowns he represents and works for, are more “Jewish” than all the 15 million or so ethnic Jews of the world combined.

    The Vampire slayer Van Hesling, on the other hand, seems to believe that Trump and Putin are in cahoots and work secretly together to kill the devil. What an unassuming and kindly man! What an unbooked – or lowbrow, one might say – position!

    1. Circassian.
      well said . Circassians are some of the most people i love , i had great and wonderful friends from Jordan who care and help when called upon .

  9. Trump and Putin, Putin and Trump.
    Try nuttyyhaoo and the supreme leader, these men shall decide when the final conflict shall begin.
    Should one man be replaced and the other die and be replaced, their replacements shall decide.
    At the moment IMO the doomsday ( Armageddon ) clock is close to midnight, due to the Zionist entities correct belief that the Resistance is closing in on them.
    Again IMO the month of May and it’s events, elections in Lebanon, elections in Iraq, both of which Probably will result in Resistance controlled Governments, Trumps “recognition” of Al Quds as Zionist owed, Nakba Day and the determination of Millions of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes. These events are all going to create a sense of impending doom in the Zionist, their perfectly rational fear off their coming demise may well entice them into a large scale 2006 size ( or bigger ) military operation, at this point the Resistance shall put operation Remove the Cancer into effect.
    Trump and Putin, Putin and Trump may then join the fray.

  10. If we were to take Kissinger’s statement of Israel being no more seriously, in what now would be only a few more years, then on the SURFACE this would appear to indicate the fall of the zionist entity.

    But HE’S the one purported to have SAID it. So ask yourselves what exactly IS this “zionist entity”?

    Sounds like another piece on the “4D chessboard” to me, not that other board, which would make it just a checkerboard in disguise

  11. On one hand Mr Shamir says, when talking about shooting down 70% of incoming cruise missiles – “This would be too good a result even for the best, latest, and most update systems.”

    And on the other hand he also says – “(Netanyahu came to Moscow saying that S-300 in Syrian hands will turn all Israel into a no-fly zone; Putin agreed with him, and the Syrians were denied modern SAMs.) Now, hopefully these modern systems will find its way to Syrian army.’s”

    So which is it? Are the S-300/400 the solution to the problem of air attack or not? Not forgetting the F-22 and F-35 are waaaay more advanced than even the most advanced cruise missile.

    Perhaps that year old link might at least serve as food for further thought, if not research on the subject, because for the last forty years right up until today, Israel has been able to fly its jets anywhere and bomb anyone with impunity.

    As far as we know..

    1. I don’t think Shamir knows what he’s talking about. The Buk-M2E and the Pantsir-S1 are both modern air defense systems with a high kill probability against cruise missiles; especially the obsolete cruise missiles that the U.S. has.

  12. Regards the weaponry used on both, sorry ALL sides , a lot of this is testing out the Opposition , so lots of disinformation around what has been used and success rates, more painstaking reading between the lies (sic) required just to get a fathom of truth.
    Side note, I see many MSM (including the BBC online) have dropped the ongoing Gaza protests as a worthy story, one wonders is this honest reporting, or reporting to an agenda.
    PS, they still find room for the OBLIGATORY homosexual story, even if this time it’s about Vultures, the Winged kind😕.

    1. I’m not sure exactly what your point is but the claim that 70% of the missiles were shot down is very plausible, IMO.

  13. Syria ruined, Jordan next?

    The US and NATO doing Israel”s dirty work. The Neocon Israel Lobby crowd must be happy, using American power to ruin Israel’s neighbors.

  14. Syria Is Not Ruined… it is the stage for a reality show… “DRAGGED INTO THE 21st CENTURY”:HOW TO “FLIP” SYRIA AND OTHERS… having 2000 year old infrastructures. The bankers need ‘internet ready’ buildings…. not adobe and thick walled huts.

    The Russian and NATO ‘Demo’ teams create rubble from the ancient buildings. Russia and NATO countries get the contracts to rebuild.

    It IS just that simple. “YUGE” bucks $$$$ for ‘Put-On’ and Trump!! 🙂

    After the ‘controlled demolition’ called ‘pin-point bombing’ and “using precise weaponry carried by Su-24, Su25, and Su-34 attack aircraft”… comes… contracts for investment projects.**

    ‘Put-On’ said so:

    Syria Welcomes Russian Initiative on ‘Marshall Plan’ for Mideast – Assad’s Aide

    “The initiative was proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin…”

    The Marshall Plan entered into force in 1948 was a US program aimed at restoring economy of European countries devastated by the Second World War.


    Russia Plans to Rebuild Syria From Ashes (HA!!!)

    The German press reports on Russia’s long-term plans to help rebuild Syria after the end of the war there, including renewed contracts for investment projects and a roadmap for a political resolution.

    Russia has a long-term plan to rebuild Syria after the terrorists there are defeated, which requires the involvement of other regional powers to ensure that the threat of terrorism is extinguished, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten [DWN] reported on Saturday.

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin is pursuing a long-term strategy in the Middle East, according to which Syria’s traditional allies play an important role,” wrote DWN.


    The German press reports on Russia’s long-term plans to help rebuild Syria after the end of the war there, including renewed contracts for investment projects and a roadmap for a political resolution.

    Russia has a long-term plan to rebuild Syria after the terrorists there are defeated, which requires the involvement of other regional powers to ensure that the threat of terrorism is extinguished, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten [DWN] reported on Saturday.

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin is pursuing a long-term strategy in the Middle East, according to which Syria’s traditional allies play an important role,” wrote DWN.

    “With new alliances with Iraq and Iran, Russia wants to break the dominance of Saudi Arabia, which through OPEC and its missionary Wahhabism plays a destructive role both economically and socially, in the Russian view.” 

    The newspaper referred to an interview Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin gave the news channel Rossiya 24, in which the minister said that the rebuilding of Syria’s economy will begin as soon as the Syrian army, with the assistance of the Russian air force, has liberated large tracts of land from the terrorists. 

    “We are not, like the US in Yugoslavia in 1999, using old ammunition. They cleaned out their arsenal – just bombed civilian buildings. We can’t allow ourselves to do something like that,” said Rogozin, explaining that Russia is using precise weaponry carried by Su-24, Su25, and Su-34 attack aircraft, in order to expressly target Islamic State terrorists rather than civilians and civilian buildings.

    ‘Russia is preparing for the rebuilding of the Syrian economy’ — the article published by DWN on Saturday.

    **DWN also detailed some of Russia’s strong economic links with Syria in the fields of oil and gas production, quoting Gissa Guchetl, the executive director of the Russian Union of Gas and Oil Industrialists, who told RIA Novosti in July that Russian oil and gas companies will seek to revive existing contracts worth $1.6 billion with Syria once the situation in the country becomes stable.

    In addition, Russia is the only partner to have presented a comprehensive roadmap for reform after the end of the war, reported DWN. The plan, which was presented in Vienna earlier this month, envisages an 18-month period encompassing constitutional reforms and presidential elections, which President Assad may take part in.

    “However, Russia refuses to support an external overthrow of Assad, which the US-led alliance still defines as an aim,” the newspaper reported from Vienna, where world and regional powers with an interest in regulating the Syrian crisis began talks on October 30 to find a resolution to the conflict.

    Re-Learn the business models of wars.

    1. Pat –

      All these “opinions” – especially those of the likes of Harold Smith – are based upon an unrelenting supposition that all the brouhaha could escalate to “nuclear Armageddon”. Both Putin and Trump know better, thank God. They’re doing a GREAT job of following their assigned scripts! 😉

      1. Yeah, Gil –

        Most people like ‘scary movies’… B grade movies that show the highest net profits. Cheaply made….. with terrible scripts and acting.

        AND…. Armageddon myths are sooo VERY popular!! 🙂

      2. When I was a child, little Donaldo would often go to the circus with the familia. Besides the animals and performances, there were plenty of games to play…….for a price. Usually just a few coins. All the games were designed for us to lose. We were just kids and didnt know. My mother, half Jewish, still wanted us to have a good time. While giving each of us kids a hand-full of coins, she would smile and say, “Theres a sucker born every minute.” Afterwards we kids would of course lose our money or gain a prize worth a fraction of the cost of the games. To this very day my mothers words ring clear in my ears. Donaldo, turned 50 last week, doesnt like being the sucker any more now than when I was a kid. Thats why I like Darkmoon. Its a chance to liberate myself from the “sucker yoke” and read posts from like-minded people who wish to be respected as intelligent human beings. Just my thoughts as I chug my Guiness stout in a lonely truckstop in Youngstown, Ohio on a pretty Saturday afternoon. Pat and friends…..Salud!

      3. B-Hawk –

        The same way ya armadillo!!

        That’s possum on da half-shell down south.. 🙂

      4. Pat

        I gotta kick out of yer answer. And if a dillo is anything like a geddon, then the answer would be con him into joining the military!


    2. Bizness models that will have to factor in the “jettisoning” of Is-ra-el. It’s continued existence to be regarded as superfluous

    3. I’m not the only one who appreciates the dangerous situation the madmen have created. Even some prominent jews agree with me:

      But if you’re familiar with my opinion on the subject, you’ll know that “escalation” is only one scenario of several that could result in nuclear war. With things the way they are there’s also, first-strike, false-flag, even “by accident” scenarios that are far from implausible.

    4. It will be interesting to see if Syria’s Central Bank becomes “independent”. Keep a close eye on any proposed constitutional changes that suggest the above — if so, then the fix is in. If no, then there’s hope.

  15. People, you must have and appreciate three crucial pieces of information in order to understand the logic of what’s happening today in the world. Here they are.

    (1) The collapse of the USSR led to the situation in which Russia finds itself – de jure and de facto – as a colony of the USA. That’s right – Russia is part of the unipolar world with one center of authority and one center of decision making in world affairs – Washington, DC. Russia is not a sovereign state. Russia is not even a satellite or vassal state of the USA – like France, Germany or Japan, for example. Russia is in a much worse situation – she is a colony of the USA. Literally!!! That’s why she can be lied about and humiliated endlessly and with impunity by the suzerain.

    (2) Another piece of information which is of no less importance is this: Russia has all what is required to break free from this fucked-up unipolar world created by the Anglo-Americans (I repeat, created by the Anglo-Americans – not by the Jews), to become a sovereign state and to regain all the territories she lost in the 1991-1993 disintegration of the USSR.

    (3) And last, but not least. All that Putin is doing is aimed – one way or the other – at that final goal: to regain all that Russia lost 25 years ago, i. e. its sovereignty and territories that belonged to her in the form of the USSR.

    That’s what this fight is all about: the USA cannot allow Russia to break free because that would mean the end of the Anglo-American Empire, and Russia has no other choice but become free … if she wants to survive that is.

    1. (continued from the previous comment)

      The stakes hardly could be any higher for both sides. Now it should be obvious to you that the conflict between the two can only escalate further, and it will. It will escalate to the point of Caribbean crisis, aka Cuban missile crisis, version 2.0.

      We in Russia can only welcome that escalation for we have nothing to lose but our chains. To echo Joseph Stalin upon Hitler’s invasion of the USSR in 1941:

      Our cause is just, we shall prevail!

      There is no doubt in my mind that we will prevail… there shall be none in yours either.

  16. The latest war antics of our leaders is a continuation of the Jewish war (Fought by America for the Jews) against Israel’s neighbors, and also against the old enemy of the Jews, Russia.

    The Old Testament gave Jews their role as masters over all other people, but it is all based on myth. If Abraham really a heard a voice it was schizophrenia.

    And we are supposed to bow down to this religious cult crap? to send our young men into danger while the Israelis sit behind a wall with snipers.

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