Fixing the lies . . . before they fix us


Fictions of fake history are strangling humanity

“Those who control the present control the past
and those who control the past control the future.”
— George Orwell

You can see how this self-imposed myth that we are the policeman of the world has melted into a giant pool of blood produced by endless war supposedly waged for good but producing nothing but evil — corruption and violence at home and disruption and death everywhere else.

We are trapped in the present. They tell us to be in the ‘now’. But what happened in the past totally determines the present. And despite being in the present, all our thoughts are focused on the future, the next minute, the next month, the next lifetime . . .

It’s very likely that we have no shot at a healthy future, with our government totally untrustworthy about everything it says, Glyphosate in everything we eat and wear, and our money about to be radically diminished by the Rothschild wannabes whose ultimate plan is to exterminate most of us.

Even worse, the people we should trust the most are the people we should trust the least, as this discouraging story about the erosion of empathy in medical schools illustrates.

There will be no healthy future unless a whole laundry of list of lies is examined and rectified. There are dozens of crises now percolating that could terminate the existence of human beings on Planet Earth. All these lies must be fixed if future generations are to survive with some degree of health. Fixing the lies. Here are just three of them.

1. The 9/11 lie

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54 thoughts to “Fixing the lies . . . before they fix us”

  1. The main problem is that people cannot let go of their beliefs no matter what logic is dangled in front of ’em. I’ve been reading and posting at Darkmoon for a wee bit and rarely do I see anyone alter their position on anything they hold sacred.

    I’ve abandoned the nuke fear porn based on logic that cannot be countered — apparently we’re supposed to accept the Jewish lies about the bomb; but not their lies about everything else? I’ve accepted the Holocaust is a lie but we’re still supposed to believe that Hitler was an anti-semite? Again, the logic cannot be avoided — millions of Goyim died and the Jews inherited more of the Western World as well as the Levant.

    Of course I still suffer cognitive dissonance on many other issues, e.g. are Trump and Putin puppets or not? I’ve set personal benchmarks that will help me make up my mind about these leaders, e.g. if Syria is partitioned and a private Central Bank enforced on the country. So some things I cannot make my mind up about; and some things I have made my mind up about and finally accepted (e.g. Jewish control of most of the world and our recent history and culture). There are many, many other things I don’t know enough about and cannot even offer an opinion.

    But Darkmoon? No posters here ever change their mind about anything, from what I can tell. So how are you going to combat the lies when no-one agrees on the truth. From Bitcoin to the Bomb, everyone’s entrenched. We’re at an intellectual dead-end. Isn’t this what they say about the Talmud? Lots of bickering but no truths?

    1. PS Darkmoon is a fantastic site for intellectual debate; there’s no question about its openness to strongly argued opinions and arguments. In that alone it is superlative which is why I keep coming back. The problem is that no-one ever changes their bloody minds on any of the core subjects. And that is way I use the term dead-end.

      1. You speak wisely, brother. But when did you last change your own about anything? The same question applies to me of course. “Light-bulb moments” are rare. Few experience an epiphany that sweeps away all their former cherished ideas.

        Not everyone has a shattering experience on the road to Damascus.

        Religious conversions, however, are common. (See William James’s Varieties of Religious Experience). One can go from atheism to profound belief in God in a single moment. And belief in God, if it is superficial, can easily be eroded and lost.

        As for Trump and what he is up to exactly, I refuse to commit myself one way or the other. I remain a Trump agnostic unless, and until, I have a profound religious conversion. 🙂

        Personally, I find it hard to deify any man who boasts openly about how many women’s pussies he has managed to grope. Sorry, but I need a real God. Not a God of the Locker Room Boys.

      2. Hi Flopot,
        When it comes to people changing their beliefs it depends what time scale you are thinking of.

        Like many people I did not have any “views on Jews” when I was young, and in fact had many good Jewish friends. It was only later that I realized how powerful and manipulative the Jewish network was. My first doubts arose when I read that Ann Frank had not been gassed at Auschwitz; just the opposite. She had been hospitalized then moved west to get away from the Red Army. How could that be in a death camp?

        After that I began to pay attention and realized we were being fed a totally false history. There will come a time when historians will not be afraid to discuss the role of Jews in the 20th century.

      3. Sardonicus, surely being a man for all seasons includes locker room talk!
        Here on earth, sex is right up there at the top of the list, innit?

        Heeey, didn’t I once offer you some very sound advice that time you were soliciting the quickest and easiest way to bed a woman?
        The Candy is Dandy ditty.. (lol)

      4. @ Hp

        As you know, dear Homer, I respect your views absolutely and know you have a soft spot for Trump. As other good posters here also have, such as Ungenius and Gilbert Huntly. I respect their views also, because in the end, you know, you could all be right about Trump. He could turn out to be the Big Bad Boy who was all along the Golden Boy with the magician’s hat — America’s rescuer from the Jews.

        But I sincerely doubt it. I can’t allow myself such wishful thinking on the slender evidence available, which lies not so much on what Trump has already done but largely on what his supporters claim he is going to do in the future. No point talking about Trump pulling the rug away from under the Jews’ feet — one day.


        Other American leaders have been great womanizers too, notable Jack Kennedy and Bill Clinton. So I agree it’s a bit puritanical to object to a president just because he likes the pleasures of the flesh and is quite a lad with his shirt up. All of us have feet of clay, Homer. But there’s a subtle difference, isn’t there, between the sexual charisma of a Kennedy and the sexual charisma of a sordid sex guru like Bhagavan Rajneesh with his 100 Rolls Royces and his harem of Western groupies.

        What think you?

    2. Flo –

      I changed my mind on everything dozens of times before I hit 60 years of age, as I was still “BIGGLY” learning more…. constantly.

      Not so much since then… and none since I started posting here, a few years go.

      There are new readers here every day from search engines.

      AND…I’m done with changing my GUESSWORK!! 🙂

      Such as…
      Almost two-thirds of world trade is denominated in US dollars and every time Trump mentions tariffs, Russia and China get nervous. KNOW IT!!

      1. Sard,
        Groping a womans pussy isnt womanizing. Its sexual assualt or molestation and would land you, I and ordinairy men in jail. But Trump (Jew, Scot…..or whatever) is above the law. Word on the Latin street is that Trump has had to pay millions $$$$ of hush money to victims of his past sexual assualts over the years……..some of them Latinas. Oh well, kudos for Trump. At least hes not a homo. Thats one subject. Another subject is lies. The relationship between politician and citizen is no different than that between wife and abusive husband. The husband repeatedly leaves the poor woman bloodied and bruised at the same time skillfully begging her forgiveness and declaring his eternal love for her. The woman feel the brunt of the abuse (reality) but believes his lies hoping one day things will change. Things DONT change and never will. The marriage continues. Very few abusive relationships end in divorce. The relationship only ends with either abused or abuser sleeping under the dirt. Thats a fact. Anyway, sometimes belief in a false reality overrides reality. Think about it. Just ask the Talmudists. Theyve been living quite well based on lies for thousands of years.

    3. Hi Flopot,
      The distorted history of the 20th century has allowed the Jews to silence all criticism, even all comment. The holocaust seems to have given them a sense that they can do and say what they like, and smear anybody who objects as an antisemite.

      From my experiences over the past twenty years, especially in America, I can see why antisemitism is rising. It is a normal and healthy reaction to bad behavior. If we did not object and resist they would walk all over us.

  2. In the final paragraph, JK writes “Fear of death is a pain that cannot be palliated when faced head on.”. It reminds me how most of us are controlled by fear of death. We do not face our mortalty well, and that circumstance inhibits us from challenging the lies which mislead a nation. A religious zealot is, therefore, undesireable among the planners of societal direction. “The task of a program-maker is not to state the various degrees of a matter’s realizability, but to demonstrate the matter as such; that means, he has to care less for the way but more for the goal.”. (Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, first published English translation, Houghton Mifflin 1939, p.283). Often, the goal engineers the design of history.

    Just this morning, a NYT article (posted on Drudge) is headlined extolling the defeat of Trump in 2020… Wishful thinking moulds a major MSM headline! The goal is obvious. History is being penned before it actually happens. The only way to combat it is to understand it – and fear not for your lives, even unto death. Keep the zeal, and thirst for TRUTH.

    1. I’ve been writing about understanding “his-story” (“his”= Demiurge) for YEARS here, and yet because the redneck doesn’t understand my conveyance of it he calls it stupid


    2. Gilbert Huntly –

      Donald J.Trump (J for the J word?) on Twitter


      11:24 PM – 22 July 2018

      Why such an outburst? What ‘demented words of violence and death’ – from Rouhani?
      And Trumps words are supposed to be ‘sane’? Seriously?

      Why should extremely violent Israel always get a free ride – while Russia and Iran get sanctioned and boycotted? But never Israel. WHY NOT? WHY does Trump defend Israel – right or wrong. That’s what tribal men do – right? He has promised to back Israel 1000 %! That means no criticism ever. Blind slavish obedience – and belligerence towards all of “Israel’s enemies“ – turning them into “America’s enemies“

      TRUMP SHOULD BE CAUTIOUS – NOT TO PLUNGE THE WORLD INTO WWIII – insanity on behalf of Rothschild Israel and corporate greed – is not worth it. Killary would be even worse. That’s true. But why does Trump behave in such an insane way? He pushes Iran because Netanyahu tells him to? What good will come of it?
      It’s the “tension strategy“ (fed up with it)

      1. The ww3 is essental for the jews to get the final centralised power. Of course we are alteady in a jewish world order and ruled by jews but this is done by jewish factions deceiving/using the Goyim masses. After ww3 there are no jewish factions but just one jewish dictatorship.

  3. You Jews control America, England, France and Russia but you cannot control us, Palestinians… because unlike England the u.s. France and Russia Palestinians are the holders of truth…
    Just when you thought you had convinced the world that we Palestinians were the cowards and the savages the internet came out and exposed the truth..
    you cant mess with us; we are gonna win at the end
    go ahead Jew fuck !
    make a stupid law declaring so called Israel a Jew only state
    go ahead Jew fuck!
    make a law stealing more of our land…
    go ahead Jew fuck!
    stick your pinis on the wasp´s Trump mouth because he loves your money
    but we….
    we are thorn on your side

    1. Avatar,
      Youre an armchair worrior living in South América. You aint taking no IDF sniper bullets. Enjoy the show from the safety of your villa amigo. You sure aint in Palistine fighting for the cause vendejo.

    “The problem is that no-one ever changes their bloody minds on any of the core subjects. And that is why I use the term dead-end.“
    That’s the problem? – In which way – do you think – should we change our minds?
    . . .
    The Holy Hoax – The most pernicious of all frauds – based on lots of lies
    Christianity has been subverted and replaced by “Holocaustianity“: the whole world FORCED (in more and more countries BY LAW) to worship JEWISH suffering . . .

    “The Germans didn’t gas anyone; they only tried to get their country out of the international Jewish financial crime scheme that was and is choking the life out of the planet.“ (John Kaminski, A Tale of Two Lies)

    Jewish “religious“ holidays celebrate slaughter
    (HANUKKAH: slaughter of Greeks; PURIM: slaughter of Persians; PASS OVER: slaughter of Egyptian newborns; YOM KIPPUR: slaughter of Egyptians)

    “The Jew is to say on PURIM Day: … cursed be all non-Jews, blessed be all Jews.” (Orach Chaim, 660, 16)

    “Theft, robbery and rape of a beautiful woman and similar deeds are forbidden to every Gentile toward another Gentile and also toward a Jew. But they are allowed to a Jew against a non-Jew.” (Sanhedrin, 57 a; also Abodah Zara, 13b)

    A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands.” (Aboda Zara 4b)

    – and in ((( their ))) eyes all non-Jews (Christians et al) are “heretics“, guilty of “idolatry“ – punished by death sentence according to their Noahide laws – already introduced in the U.S. under the Bush administration – everything is in place for the Slaughter

  5. jk os a good writer…
    the world needs a policeman, because right now there are pedophile rings operating under the auspices of government, children being raped and murdered in predatory corporate induced revolutions by gangs of thugs high on meth, borders overrun with rotten invaders, billions of tons of plastic trash being dumped into the choking oceans, etc.. the world needs a policeman…
    and functioning as the real police force of good peacemakers, not mere policy-men, should be an ideal for any progressive nation, within its own borders and without where it can, in order that the evil in the world be reduced.
    were the usa that good country, we would follow and lend our strength to un resolutions wherever they apply to ameliorate, and this is something young men and women will volunteer for.
    but because the usa is under the control of the zionist bankster faction we have not responded to the dozens of un resolutions passed against the estate of israel over the past decades; our diplomats constantly disparage the un and we in fact subsidize the jew state to the tune of a few billion a year, officially..
    and you can bet a large portion of those billions goes pretty much straight into the pockets of izzy isis and schlomo mofo…

    freya – “A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands.” (Aboda Zara 4b)”
    i guess that’s all of us. but is it trump? some of us are not sure yet who trump is, since he does hit both sides of the court… you must admit he’s no jew media boy… but the term ‘heretic’ is a good description of him in the face of the ‘russophobianity’ media… some of the more enlightened use it on him now…

  6. Looks like… more posing in DC in favor of jew bosses.

    ‘Put-On’ will just HAVE TO go to Camp David…. now!

    Go figger!! 🙂

    Republican Leaders Say Putin Not Welcome in Capitol, But 87% of Republican Voters Want Another Trump-Putin Meeting

    A recent poll found that 54% of Americans approved of Trump meeting again with Putin in the Fall, and an overwhelming 87% of Republicans backed the proposal. Nevertheless, top Republicans Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have put thumbs down on the meeting, which begs the question- who are they representing if not their constituents?

    1. Trump should hold The State Meeting with Putin in Chappaqua, New York. That would REALLY get Hellary’s goat, the old hag witch from Hell.

  7. Contrary to Kaminski, I’m not buying that Trump and Putin are two sides of the same coin, with both controlled by Israel. Trump, yes, definitely, but he has a 60 million strong voting bloc of Christian Zionists that he must placate if he wants to ensure that republicans remain in the majority of both Houses of Congress (so he can avoid impeachment). In fact, this sick perversion of Christianity may well be just as much a mortal enemy of mankind as are Zionist Jews. John Hagee, from the pulpit, has called for the US bombing of Iran.

    As Putin has, for the time-being anyway, prevented the toppling of the Assad government, and as Russia is surely preventing the US from attacking Iran, I just reject out of hand that Putin is also owned by Jews. If not for Putin, ISIS, (an arm of Israeli intelligence), would have, with US backing, taken Damascus and killed all the remaining Christians. If not for Putin, the US would be waging yet another blood-drenched debacle, this time against a much more formidable Iran, all for the sake of Greater Israel. And, I submit, that is the real reason why the American Deep State and its presstitute media hates Putin with such venom. Unlike Trump, maybe he cannot be bought.

  8. I agree with Kaminski that the ‘Mutt-n-Jeff’ criminals are “two sides of the same coin.”

    Here is why. ‘Put-On’ in as much… claimed it to be as Kaminski wrote, and Russia’s press reported it:

    ’Put-On’ admits HE NEEDS the US today
    June 17, 2016

    The Russian president admitted the world needs such a powerful country as the United States but Moscow does not want Washington to meddle in domestic affairs.

    ST.PETERSBURG, June 17. /TASS/. The world needs such a powerful country as the United States but Moscow does not want Washington to meddle in domestic affairs and prevent the European Union to build relations with Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

    “The world needs such a powerful country as the United States. ** And we (Russia) also need it,” Putin said.

    ’Put-On’ says America is probably the world’s ‘only superpower’..!!

    “America is a great power. Today, probably, the only superpower. We accept that,” the Russian president said at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.

    “We want to and are ready to work with the United States.” HA!!! 🙂


    It cannot be stressed enough that ‘Put-On’ is pushing “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’ from UN Agenda-21:

    “We are ready to do everything to bring back Russian-US relations on a – “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” – path. This would benefit both the Russian and the US people and would positively impact the overall climate in global affairs, given the particular responsibilities of Russia and the US in maintaining global stability and security,” Putin said.

    The Russian leader said Moscow was ready to do its utmost to return relations with Washington on the trajectory of *SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Restoring the ties would not be easy, but Russia is ready to follow its course, he said.

      1. Freya –

        Glad to help ya. 🙂 I have been at it for decades and have posted about it dozens of times before.

        “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” sounds really good. You will see it is slavery.

        It was first used at the Rio Summit in 1992 by Maurice Strong.

        ’Maurice Strong – Man Behind Agenda 21’

        The link between Agenda 21 and your changing world – socialism

        The biggest threat to the sovereignty of the United States has to be United Nations Agenda 21.  Its tentacles are so interwoven into our lives it is like an aggressive cancer.
        This cancer, Agenda 21, also known as Local Agenda 21 or LA-21, is nothing short of an attack on this country.  It came to life in 1992 and is spreading across the globe with the help of anyone who happens to buy into the idea of a global threat.  Its real purpose is hidden inside a cloaked presentation of environmental sustainability, however, it is about control of your life, your children’s lives, their children’s lives and on into perpetuity.
        Maurice Strong is an admitted socialist.  His sister was a Marxist.  He thinks you and yours have eaten too much, used too much and now must pay.  Of course like every elite socialist, that just means you, not him, or his fellow elitist.
        In 1991, Strong wrote the introduction to a book published by the Trilateral Commission, called Beyond Interdependence: The Meshing of the World’s Economy and the Earth’s Ecology, by Jim MacNeil. (David Rockefeller wrote the foreword). Strong said this:
        “This interlocking…is the new reality of the century, with profound implications for the shape of our institutions of governance, national and international. By the year 2012, these changes must be fully integrated into our economic and political life.”

        He told the opening session of the Rio Conference (Earth Summit II) in 1992, that industrialized countries have:
        ** – “developed and benefited from the unsustainable patterns of production and consumption which have produced our present dilemma. It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class — involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing — are not sustainable. A shift is necessary toward lifestyles less geared to environmentally damaging consumption patterns.”
        In an essay by Strong entitled Stockholm to Rio: A Journey Down a Generation, he says:
        “Strengthening the role the United Nations can play…will require serious examination of the need to extend into the international arena the rule of law and the principle of taxation to finance agreed actions which provide the basis for governance at the national level. But this will not come about easily. Resistance to such changes is deeply entrenched. They will come about not through the embrace of full blown world government, but as a careful and pragmatic response to compelling imperatives and the inadequacies of alternatives.”
         “The concept of national sovereignty has been an immutable, indeed sacred, principle of international relations. It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation. What is needed is recognition of the reality that in so many fields, and this is particularly true of environmental issues, it is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation-states, however powerful. The global community must be assured of environmental security.”

        The US follows UN Agenda-21.. “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”…..
        …. and so does ‘Put-On’ in Kremlin:
        XXII International Research and Practice Conference on “Environmental Education for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Safety and Culture”

        “…the “Basic Principles of State Environmental
        Development Policy of the Russian Federation through to 2030..”

        Green Cross Russia

        Founded: 1993 [right after RIO**]
        Town : Moscow
        Address : Gorbachev Foundation, Leningradsky pr. 39, str. 14,
        Postal code : 125167

        Website :
        President : Sergei BARANOVSKY

      2. The UN is deadly serious about Agenda-21 & 2030.

        “Sustainable Development Goals”

        Download SDGs icons according to guidelines at this link:

        Please send inquiries to:
        United Nations Department of Public Information
        United Nations, S-1018
        New York, NY 10017
        E-mail: [email protected]


        Sustainable development – knowledge platform

    1. Pat,
      Isn’t the opposite of Sustainable Development “Unsustainable Development?” That, I think, is the type of unrestrained capitalism that has been practiced since the dawn of the industrial age. In a finite planet with finite resources, unsustainable development must, and will, come to an end. The world can either arrive at a softer landing or a harder one. On our current trajectory of unsustainable development a harder one is guaranteed – and it will not be pretty.

      1. Folly

        The development of sustainability is in the works of the UN Agenda 21. The problem is with sustainability under the aegis of the United Nations, meaning the nations are in unity as one “nation”, with nation to mean one-WORLD government. At least that’s the ultimate goal, with some kind of, say, quadrant set-up to precede that.

        Pat, the ball is in your court. And P.S. I won’t be blue in the face over the Revolutionary War being a staged event. I’ll be blue after “guessing” about that 2nd amendment (:>)


  9. I hold the belief that “US, Inc.” (now in receivership for those of you following the discoveries and revelations of Anna Von Reitz) is the “muscle”, NOT the “policeman”. (You all know we here in America have corpses ruling the roost, right? We, so-called citizens, are the “walking dead”. Check it out.) Puff and fluff, folks.

    Yes, when you have forsaken your inner, spiritual Self for the material world through physical senses, OF COURSE you may fear “death” — have a Miller beer, man! you go around only once! — for you have forsaken Life itself. Until and unless we get right within, we have little reason or cause to worry about the without. JMVHO.

    1. AD –

      Anna is a liar. She lies about her real last name.

      Anna will get poor folks in trouble. I have read her stuff for years. It would not be good to take her advice. “YUGE” MISTAKE!! 🙂

      **Anna Von Reitz is not a real judge, she never has been nor does she have a law degree according to the Alaskan Judicial Council. She has never presided over a case at all. She is not a judge… anywhere.

      Anna’s outlandish, unbelievable claims are readily received and promoted because she blames others for the present state of bondage and debt.

      Making our problems someone else’s fault, sin, fraud is always more popular than to look at or admit that we have done something wrong or failed to do what we should have done.

      It can’t be our fault.
      Judge Anna Marie von Reitz
      a.k.a Judge Anna
      a.k.a Anna von Reitz
      a.k.a Judge Anna Marie Riezinger
      a.k.a Judge Anna Maria Riezinger
      a.k.a Judge Anna Maria Riezinger Alaska State Superior Court
      a.k.a Judge Anna Maria Riezinger Federal Postal District Judge Western Region
      a.k.a Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake Alaska

      1. With respect, you be full of it. You regurgitate “fake news”, to put it less pejoratively than I might otherwise characterize. Tell you what. When I get geared up, and follow the lead of Anna and the Living Law Firm, and accomplish the first steps, I’ll write up my experience and submit it to Darkmoon for consideration of publication. I be 72 years and counting, and I feel young enough, after several years of study of this issue, to take it on directly. GOD bless.

      2. Thanks for the reply, AD –

        You wrote:
        “You regurgitate “fake news”, to put it less pejoratively than I might otherwise characterize.”

        I have never seen any other kind of news, than “fake news”, to be regurgitated by me, or anyone else, anywhere!!

        That label always follows my posting of disagreeable words. No biggie….

        Don’t be shy, AD…. Numerous volumes of pejorative guesses and prevarication shall be gladly accepted by me as comedy.

        It is always “YUGE” entertainment, my man.

        BTW – I AM “full of it”… facts, that is..!! 🙂

      3. I shall persist. I submit you have not done due diligence RE Anna Von Reitz. You cite web references. You responded with fluff, not substance. A wonderful group of musicians — The Incredible String Band — once sang the truth before they, too, dissipated. The POINT? you and others may ask.
        The “point” as I currently understand it: The “government” as we Americans have come to understand it (dumbed down education, fraud, etc.) is NOT our owed governance. (NOTE: I do not pretend to offer absolutely correct verbiage as might be required in a “court of law”. If ever I am called to court, then I pray to GOD I know what to say! Or, like, the Master Jesus before Pilate, remain silent.)
        Judge Anna Von Reitz, who rightly claims her status and role, deserves respect — look at her work, and the work of others — and the documents brought forth within the past year or so are truly mind-blowers to those of us NOT schooled in “law”.
        As I said, at 72+ years of age and counting, I shall undertake the restoration of my “name” and report back to you all.
        In the meantime, and in mean times do we live, I encourage all Americans to look into this and return to the soil and land of your birth.

      4. AD –

        Simply put… Anna(sic) is a FAKE judge with NO bench and NO means of enforcement…. IF she(sic) exists at all.

        The entity known as Anna(sic) is not operating at common law at all!!

        The entity is operating in COMMERCE under rules of UCC.

        That entity has a website under UCC.

        That entity accepts 5 credit/debit cards and PayPal operating under the rules of UCC.

        There is NO mention of accepting gold or silver as payment anywhere on the site… The entity conducts all business in commerce! 🙂

        The entity advertises Mint Builder:

        Jeff Bezos at Amazon is likely the fake judge(sic) …. since Amazon is suggested a dozen times:

        I like this one:
        [ the precious metal – copper 🙂 ]

        Copper 2nd Amendment commemorative round
        Custom stamped by – OUR MINT – in southern Utah.
        Under $4.00 each.

        “Get them here with credit card, PayPal, or Mail Order.”

        AND there is a FACEBOOK LINK on the front of the site!! 🙂 🙂

        Anna(sic) is a fraud… period!!

      5. Thank you, Pat. I understand. At 72+ years and still able to count on additional time, I shall put Anna’s words and work to date to the test for myself. I shall do so not to endanger family and friends. I’ll keep any and all interested posted as to progress.

      6. AD –

        Glad to help.

        I have been studying the likes of Anna(sic) since the 50s. I have a few years on ya. 🙂

        I know all about the dozens of ‘sovereignty’ groups and movements which have come and gone over the decades. Many have gone to jail for their actions. The ‘Republic of Texas’ leader – Richard McLaren – is STILL there:

        I have been friends with Red Beckman, Glenn Ambort, John Benson, Dale Robertson(attny), Robert Wangrud(Behold), Al Adask(AntiShyster), Tupper Saussey(Main Sreet Journal), Robert Clarkson(attny), Rudy J Botty(Canadian – a writs expert), Larry Becraft(attny), Tommy Cryer(attny) Howard Griswold…. and dozens more over the decades. Many are not here today.

        Tommy Cryer(Louisiana lawyer) died just after his IRS win with Becraft as his lawyer at trial. I spoke with him 2 days before his heart attack. He was going to bring a suit in Texas to shut down ‘smart meters’ with Devvy Kidd,

        Here it is in a nutshell:

        When a ‘common law’ & ‘constitutional’ defendant claimed he was not under the jurisdiction of the court as he stood there… the real judge declared… “You’re here, aren’t ya.!?!” 🙂

        By: Devvy
        January 24, 2012

        “We have one of the best constitutional attorneys in this country, Tommy Cryer. For those not familiar with his credentials:

        “Tommy graduated cum laude with a Juris Doctor from LSU Law School in 1973 and was inducted into the Order of The Coif, the world’s most prestigious honorary society for legal scholars and practitioners. He served in U.S. Army in the Adjutant General Corps, discharged honorably as a Captain. My friend has also made new law by winning a number of landmark cases and was inducted into the LSU Law School’s Hall of Fame after only 14 years of practice. Tommy has been a trial and appellate lawyer for the past 36 years.”


        Cynical me asks, “Heart attack??” “Really?”

  10. Public opinion is changing in both America and Europe, and maybe further afield. It has taken a long time for the tide turn, but it is certainly turning now.

    The days of the politically correct wagging their fingers at us are gone.

  11. “The days of the politically correct wagging their fingers at us are gone.” (John KIrby)

    Do you all know the fable “Rumpelstilzchen” (from the brothers Grimm)?
    It (the EVIL FORCE) MUST BE NAMED by its real name to lose his power. . . and you should try to find the solution yourself. Help is allowed though. Those who are still asleep (like “Dornröschen”) can be kissed awake by asking them some questions such as:

    WHO is a DEADLY MENACE to Europe – and to Germany in particular? WHO threatens Europe with the SAMSON OPTION? bomb German cities again, to bomb European capitals if their wishes are not met? WHO is the ONLY NUCLEAR POWER in the Middle East? WHO forces Germany to present them with Dolphine submarines (suppliable with nuclear warheads)? WHO are the worst war mongers and the greatest threat to world peace? WHO uses the US, British and Nato military to bomb Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria into ruins? As they All lies did with western Europe in WW II (Germany in particular)? WHO holds the Palestinian people captive in the largest concentration camp (Gaza)? WHO stops and even attacks ships bringing aid to Gaza? WHO are ruthless killers? WHO shoots protesters, even children and pregnant women? WHO wants to balcanize Iraq and Syria to grab more land? (GREATER ISRAEL project) WHO creates refugees and drives them into Europe? WHO brags about their leading role in causing mass migration into Europe? WHO wants to extinguish the white race by mass immigration and race mixing? WHO openly promotes WHITE GENOCIDE? WHO wants to destroy the white nations of Europe? WHO promotes “diversity“, “multiculturalism“ and “open borders“ for white countries ONLY? WHO is the most extreme and exclusive ethno-state in the Middle East? WHO creates finance crashes to plunder and ruin the people all over the world? (The worst crash ever is about to come) WHO wants to establish TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT by abolishing physical money for good? WHO wants TOTAL CONTROL by implanting chips into human beings as if they were “cattle“? WHO calls non-Jews “cattle“ in their “holy books“, the BabylonianTalmud? WHO wants to enslave the whole world? WHO wants to have all the riches and resources of the world IN THEIR HANDS? (monopolies) WHO wants to abolish human rights (freedom of speech, freedom of assembly etc)? WHO creates “ORDER“ (militarized police and surveillance states) OUT OF self engineered CHAOS? WHO commits FALSE FLAG TERROR attacks (9/11, Boston, London, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Berlin, Nizza, Munich, Manchester etc)? WHO wants to establish a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and a ONE WORLD RELIGION (“Luciferianism“)? WHO criminalizes TRUTH by calling it “hate speech“ (punishable by law in Germany, §130 StGB “Volksverhetzung“, “Holocaust-leugnung“/“holocaust denial“ – and in many more countries) WHO wants to criminalize critisizing Jewish crimes against humanity (multiple genocides) as “anti-semitism“ punishable by law? WHO wants to criminalize anti-Zionism as “anti-semitism“ punishable by law? Just as the Jewish Bolshevics did in Russia who called anti-communism “anti-semitism“ (death sentence) WHO rewrites and falsifies history? WHO wants to control the past, the present and future? WHO teaches hate and genocide in their “holy books“? WHO cries out in pain when he hits his victim? WHO always blame their own crimes on their victims?WHO are the worst hypocrites, haters, antisemites and racists ever?

    WHAT is it the world needs the most?

    (in German we call it “Aha-Effekt” – a sudden epiphany)

      1. are you having a go ? as it were,
        or is it meant to be funny?
        your post.
        can’t make head nor tails……

      2. TJ — are you related to TV? — heads and tails are like David Icke’s problem-reaction-solution puzzlements, eh? Black and white, up and down, then we get upsidedown, do we not? Nothing hard to understand. Just hard to discern when we place our respective heads up you know where.

      3. Alan Donelson – Make the written test with those who are still asleep –
        let them think for themselves – and see if they suddenly realize what is really going on
        It spares you a lot of words
        No joke – seriously.

  12. donald c – it isn’t sexual assault if the woman agrees.. and believe me if you had trump’s dough you’d need bodyguards to keep the gold diggers off of you, no matter what you look like… but then i guess maybe some people actually believe bill cosby can’t get laid without date rape drugs…. the guy’s (djt) a fat target, for lawyers… broads know all about it.. there’s no penalty for women falsely accusing a man of sexual misconduct… there should be… and the fact is women assault men all the time with exposure of their bodies; lots of skin, see-through shirts, spray-painted on pants, pants so low as to expose the pubic hair stubble, etc.. i saw two naked fittings in recent history, both in public places. both with super-short skirts and no underwear… everybody guys get it through your heads – with women sex is always a business…. so trump’s a business man, lol.. so what… but yes, there’s a good chance that, if one of them can prove she was alone with him, she can get a creepy lawyer to make up a complaint.. once you do that it’s only one more small step to a settlement… besides which, 90% of the people in government and the media will bite on anything about trump… they’re the hate-filled fascistas… bottom line though – the real voters don’t care how many high class bimbos the guy tipped over in his day… in fact people expect that of an alpha male, and everybody understands it’s what makes him great…

  13. For FREYA: Hasbara, dear one?
    My once brother-in-law coined the phrase “crescendo from nowhere”. His adolescent garage band (Bloomington, Indiana) had the advantage of his early sojourn in England. The Who and the Beatles emerged just then! Spookily as Miles Mathis might assess! All relates to “Jews” and peerage, according to some.
    You, dear soul, have emerged on this thread as a crescendo from nowhere, too. Israel pays a lot to having folks pay attention to certain websites. I ask you — are you one?

    1. Alan Donelson –
      Your question doesn’t make any sense – you seem to dislike the EXPOSURE OF JEWISH POWER. Obviously, you are not interested in a “CRESCENDO“ to wake people up, are you? Very odd indeed. Are YOU by any chance Hasbara yourself?

      Asking questions – a crime punishable by law? (§ 130 StGB) Idiocy enforced by law.
      Be careful not to embarass yourself too much. ((( They call ))) you a “racist“ or an “antisemite“ if they hear something they don’t want to hear – usually it occurs when they hear truth. Do you hate the truth?

      How about that – dear one?
      Unfortunately Jews and Africans are not mixing fast enough. It may become necessary to pass laws requiring compulsory coupling between Jews and black Africans. Eventually everyone in Israel will be mid-brown, and they will all be one people! It is the same with the Palestinian issue. Jewish women must offer themselves sexually to Palestinian Muslim men! Israel must become a truly diverse, multi-cultural society, and G-d willing, they will eventually achieve mid-brown homogeneity. THE TRANSFORMATION MUST TAKE PLACE – or Israel cannot survive!

      Take this advice by Barbara Lerner-Spectre and Lead by your own example –

      but DO NOT FORCE UPON OTHERS what you don’t want for yourself
      (for good reasons BTW – BUT It’s not right to grab land which is not yours,
      and to make a two-state solution impossible)

  14. Hi Freya,
    It isn’t just Jews. There are plenty of gentiles who want to control us. The colleges brainwash our youth. I don’t know of any university where the faculty is not predominantly left wing, in many cases communist.

    Off=Topic, but when will we realize that the internet should be a free education system? and we can sack all these academic parasites.

  15. Obviously I missed it, but I’d never heard of “Glyphosates” before. I wonder if they’ve had something to do with the precipitous drop in testosterone and sperm counts in our millennial young? Or, possibly, in the increase in homosexuality? Those factors, plus man-hating feminism and the #metoo movement, have hastened the end of expendable white males.
    What, if anything, could possibly arrest this slide into the “Brave New World” abyss? In the JUSA, any first step must include the eradication of genital mutilation on our precious baby boys. Nothing of lasting significance can be accomplished in the USA as long as this ancient Jewish satanic ritual is allowed to stand. Our mutilated penises make us one with the Jews.

  16. Lie by omission:

    The US Constitution allows unannounced – martial law proper – which is in effect today. Unnoticed.

    “So mote it be”… (masonic lingo) 🙂

    SCOTUS – Ex Parte Milligan (1866)

    Chief Justice – Samuel Chase (same as the bank) 🙂
    “MARTIAL LAW PROPER is called into action by Congress, or temporarily, when the action of Congress cannot be invited, and, in the case of justifying or excusing peril, by the President in times of insurrection or invasion or of civil or foreign war, within districts or localities where ordinary law no longer adequately secures public safety and private rights.”
    [ORDINARY law is common law.]
    [PRIVATE rights includes corporations.]
    In strict dictionary terms, martial law is the suspension of civil authority and the imposition of military authority.
    When we say a region or country is “under martial law,” we mean to say that the military is in control of the area, that it acts as the police, as the courts, as the legislature.
    The DEGREE of control MIGHT VARY – a nation may have a civilian legislature but have the courts administered by the military.
    **Or the legislature and courts MAY operate under civilian control with a military ruler.
    In each case, martial law is in effect, even if it is not called “martial law.”

  17. @ Alan Donelson
    surely what go’s “up” must at some point come “down”?
    the “as above so below” that you write of in your other post,
    does that mean that the “doom and gloom” you also mentioned
    is everywhere?
    or is that puff and fluff?

  18. pat – i’m sure you know this… if you notice, he county courthouse is called formally an ANNEX…
    that means it’s a fort with a federal officer presiding, that’s the county judge…
    notice the system of military markings, chevrons, on judges sleeves… one guy has them, the boss of the whole court system.. all others in plain black robes with no chevrons are right beneath him…
    any judge is supposed to uphold the constitution but they uphold the suspension of the constitution, because constitutional rights can be suspended, if it is a martial law national emergency…
    the yellow fringed flag indicates military law, admiralty law of the sea, which is applied to you with you “birth” certificate, where you captured on land…
    when you go through the gate from the audience to the judge’s area you are entering his command.
    if you do anything to acknowledge him. like say your name, you are placing yourself under his military/corporate control, same thing, as property f the USACORP, owned by the vatican and managed by the british monarchy… …
    if you refuse to be attached with the legal fiction of you as a ‘person’, you remain a man, then their charges are a lot harder to apply to you…
    the whole bs about ‘corporate personhood’ is not about whether corporations themselves are to be taken as people or ‘men’…

    1. Bark –

      Yes. It was that way from the start. I gave lectures on it. Wrote about it.

      It was planned for years and became the first act passed by congress. The Judiciary Act of 1789. Passed immediately. Waiting in wings. And that first act established the US Marshals Service… the military of the Dist Judges, who are the Generals.

      Unseen as such. 🙂

      1. The asshole elitists and criminals in congress did everything in secret!!

        Senate sessions were closed to the public until 1795. Senator William Maclay from Pennsylvania kept a diary of his experiences in the First Congress. Although an opponent of the bill, Maclay wrote extensively on the Judiciary Act.

        Several years after leaving the Senate in 1795, he entered into another term of service—three years in a debtors’ prison.

        References in Maclay’s Journal include:

        June 22, 1789 – “Attended the Senate. The bill for settling the new judiciary was taken up. Much discourse about the mode of doing business.”

        July 17, 1789, “I opposed this bill from the beginning. It certainly is a vile law system, calculated for expense and with a design to draw by degrees all law business into the Federal courts.”

        June 29, 1789, “Sent my letters to the post-office; and now for the judiciary. I made a remark where Elsworth in his diction had varied from the Constitution. This vile bill is a child of his, and he defends it with the care of a parent, even with wrath and anger.”

        July 2, 1789, “The bill for the judiciary was taken up. I really dislike the whole of this bill, but I endeavored to mend it in several places and make it as perfect as possible, if it is to be the law of the land.”

        July 7, 1789, “The judiciary was taken up for a third reading. I can scarcely account for my dislike for this bill, but I really fear it will be the gunpowder-plot of the Constitution.”

        July 17, 1789, “I opposed this bill from the beginning. It certainly is a – VILE – law system, calculated for expense and with a design to draw by degrees – ALL – law business into the Federal courts.” (Admiralty)*

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