Flotilla carrying Gaza wounded set for bid to break Israeli siege

Two boats aim to defy the Israeli blockade as thousands of Palestinians wounded by the Israeli snipers in recent protests struggle for help.

by Arwa Ibrahim
Al Jazeera News


Two boats are set to sail from the Gaza Strip in a bid to break an Israeli-imposed 11-year siege which has prevented medical supplies from getting into the coastal enclave and patients from leaving.

Scheduled to set off on Tuesday morning, the vessels will attempt to carry a group of approximately 30 people, including protesters wounded in weeks-long demonstrations along the Gaza Strip fence with Israel.

Palestinians have been rallying since March 30 to call for the right of return for refugees to the homes and villages they were forcibly expelled from in 1948. Israeli forces have killed at least 120 Palestinians in the coastal enclave and wounded at least 13,000 people since the protests began.

Ahmed Abu Ratiba, a member of the flotilla’s organising committee, said the sailing of the boats “is part of our efforts to peacefully resist and break the siege on Gaza.

“It is also a continuation of the demonstrations for the right of return of Palestinians,” he added.

Salah Abdul-Ati, one of the organisers in Gaza, told reporters on Sunday that the “trip will carry the hopes and dreams of the Palestinian people for freedom”.

Abul-Ati appealed to the international community to pressure Israel into lifting the blockade and on international NGOs to provide protection for the flotilla.

The names of the participants have been kept from the media to ensure their protection against potential Israeli aggression, Abu Ratiba told Al Jazeera.

“Everyone on board will be a civilian,” said Adham Abu Salima, also a member of the organising committee.

Among those on board will be people wounded by Israeli forces during the recent protests, others suffering from long-term conditions, including cancer patients, as well as students with university places.

‘Shed light on suffering’

Organisers said they feared Israel, which bans fishing beyond six nautical miles (11 kilometres) off the coast and regularly fires at boats that exceed that limit, will try to stop the boats from leaving Gaza – as it has done in the past.

According to Abu Ratiba, Israeli forces have, over the past three weeks, attacked two boats which the committee had intended to use for the initiative.

“We planned to set two boats off but they were both targeted and destroyed by Israel. Now, we have small boats with quite a limited capacity,” he said.

The bid on Tuesday will coincide with the eighth anniversary of an Israeli attack on the Turkish Mavi Marmara flotilla, in which nine Turkish activists were killed when the Israeli navy attacked the vessel in international waters. A 10th activist died nearly four years later, succumbing to injuries sustained during the raid.

The incident served to cause a political crisis between Turkey and Israel, which ended with Israel offering an apology and compensating families of the victims.

“There have been many flotillas trying to bring aid to Gazans, but this time, the boats will be setting off from Gaza to the outside world,” Abu Ratiba said.

“Our goal is to shed light on the suffering of Gazans and to send out a message to the world that we have a right to our land, sea and ports,” he added.

Source: Al Jazeera News

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  1. Godspeed to the Flotilla.

    “…From Middle English phrase God spede (“may God cause you to succeed”), from God (“God”) + spede, singular subjunctive of speden (“to prosper”), from Old English spēdan, from spēd (“success”)


    1. J.K.,
      Being Israelí and Jew arent necesarily the same thing. Some members of Knesset are Arabs. Kinda strange……Israel…..”Jewish” state. Also, rumor has it that Bibi eats non-kosher meat. Just how “Jewish” is Bibi? Hes a chameleon. Jewish when it benefits him politicaly. Not so Jewish in his personal life. Even my German shephard “Hans” is more kosher than Bibi. He loves beef and chicken but wont eat pork. Perhaps he doesnt like the smell. Oh well……Israel is Israel. Im sure there are a lot of Israelís who dont see eye to eye with their “leadership.” Its human nature. It pains Donaldo to see young, handsome Israelí men ordered into hostile territory like Lebanon to be returned home in body bags while politicians like Bibi sit on their fat asses eating pork chops and watching porn in the comfort of their gated communities. Seems to me its time for common Israelís to wake up and smell the coffee. The Israelí gov doesnt give a damn about you any more than Trump and his cronnies give a damn about an ordinairy trucker named Donaldo. I give my blessings to fellow Jews as well as the goy. Life is short. Lets indulge a bit shall we? Dinner. Wine. Tequila. The company of beautiful women. I invite you all! Chalom!

      1. @Donaldo Colina
        “Also, rumor has it that Bibi eats non-kosher meat. Just how “Jewish” is Bibi?”

        Yes, it was reported that in 2015 fat-boy Bibi was criticised for eating in a non-kosher restaurant that serves such delicacies as escargot. The Israeli PM’s ‘grober Fehler’ was attributed to excessive sibling rivalry after he became aware of his late brother’s penchant for taking a slug or two whilst visiting foreign lands.

  2. Freedom Flotilla foiled: Israel blocks Palestinian attempt to leave Gaza by sea…


    Well, it did its job by keeping the Israeli occupation in the headlines. However, I for one would not want to be “processed” in an IDF military port. I have to concede the utter bravery and dedication of these protestors; they are true heroes.

    1. Indeed they are. The sick and the infirm. Risking everything. God be with them.

    2. Yesterday, it was alleged that Hamas barraged an Israeli elementary school with mortar fire – or rockets (reports differ). Three Israelis – adults – were wounded, according to Israel’s media. Israel hit back with air strikes on Gaza. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-israel-palestinians-sirens/sirens-warning-of-rocket-attacks-go-off-in-southern-israel-idUSKCN1IU0BX

      Why Hamas would do this as the flotilla was about to leave is anyone’s guess. But if I had to guess, I’d say it was “By way of deception….”

      1. @ Carnaptious

        Yep. When things don’t make sense, there is always lies involved.

  3. Let’s look at what happen today,
    a boat carrying injured people trying to leave their home country to seek medical attention denied them by an occupying power, was prevented in its humanitarian mission by said occupying power.
    Let’s now try and imagine this happening in any other situation around the world.
    The outcry would be deafening.
    When the retribution comes to the Zionist, and it will come, most ordinary decent people will turn their backs, and quietly think to themselves, the Zionist had it coming.

  4. Boy, the world really loves money. The jews got the money, the world loves the jews. Palestinians don’t have money, the world doesn’t care the Palestinians are treated so barbarically. Money really buys loyalty. Money is important to have, we all need money to pay the bills, keep a roof over our heads, have food on the table, but turning into inhuman barbaric murderous killers for money, or to prove to those who have money and are also barbaric blood-thirsty mass-murderers you love them in order to get in good with them because they have alot of money, it’s totally disgusting. It’s human to be greedy for money, I guess, to want more money than you already have, and the more you make the more money you want. Within limits, within moral limits, the desire to want more money, that’s okay. But I’m not sure if it’s human to turn into murderous barbaric animals for money or to prove your loyalty to those who have alot of money so you can get in good with them never mind they’re blood-thirsty mass-murderers, and maybe someday you’ll have alot of money also, I’m not convinced that’s human. It’s certainly a Jewish mentality, and it’s certainly a Zionist “Christian” mentality, but it’s not human. Not really.

  5. When life becomes equal to death, Palestinians now welcome death to spread awareness amongst the living of this careless cruel world. For the taste of death on a bed is the same taste as death in the battle field . And if dying is inevitable, then it would be shameful to die in a cowardly manner. Gazans are brave and they have nothing to lose. They’re down now, but the only place to move now is UP .

    2022 is not too far off, o ye sons of vipers, o ye evil and adulterous generation! — ye shall reap what ye sowed, and hellfire for ever shall be your abode.


        2022 was deduced from the holy Quran as well as Jewish sages predicted the same . Also , in 2012 Henry Kissinger stated that there will be no more Israel in ten years .
        When the rockets start raining on Israel from all directions and the citizens of Israel feel the government is unable to protect them , they will start packing up and leaving to the countries from which they came . That’s exactly what happened to the French citizens in Algeria when they felt the French government could no longer protect them from the Algerian resistance ,,, they packed and left quickly simply because Algeria was not their country just like the Jews from all over the world who settled in Palestine will leave . Just look at the geography of Palestine to get an idea of the dangers of the rockets .

    1. Al,
      An old Russian saying, “Take away everything a man has and you empower him.”

  6. Yassar Arafat brought a lot of disdain upon his people when he proclaimed that ALL non-Muslims should die (in context of defending Palistine). Many of my military friends remember his proclamation. While it doesn’t excuse
    Israhell’s behavior in this case, it DOES explain a mindset. Whomever called for the assassination of Anwar Sadat helped fortify Yassar’s declaration, too. (Sadat was a peacemaker – and they couldn’t allow it!) All these acts are done to INCITE unrest.

  7. in Palestine today.
    They various Resistance factions United release a statement*, the gist of which was RESISTANCE shall continue.
    Zionism shall be defeated.

    * See, Al Manar,

  8. Israel seems to feel it can do anything because it is under the wing of America. President Trump has already done so much harm to the reptation of the USA that it may not be the guaranteed protection that Israel assumes. Most world governments now regard Trump’s America as a rogue nation, led by a mentally unstable narcissist.

    It may end very badly for the USA, and also for Israel.

  9. Refugees are a global problem!!

    Other Refugees(criminals) refused in Italy:

    New Far-Right Italian Minister Refuses to Allow Rescue Ship with 629 Refugees to Dock

    Matteo Salvini, Italy’s far-right interior minister, has declared victory after a standoff over the fate of 629 people on a humanitarian rescue boat prompted Spain to agree to accept them.

    The impasse, after the populist and far-right government in Italy refused to allow the MS Aquarius to dock over the weekend, suggested that Europe could face a humanitarian crisis this summer as it comes to grips with the new Italian government’s hardline approach to refugees and migrants.


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