Free Ursula Haverbeck! Free Monika Schaefer!

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Just by watching a few videos of Ursula Haverbeck and Monika Schaefer speaking from their respective hearts, we can sense, with absolute certainty, that these are two of the warmest, sweetest and most charming older German ladies that you’ll ever come across — the gentle type who would welcome a stranger into their impeccable homes for coffee, strudel and conversation. These adorable women each represent the very antithesis of the Frumpy Frau, that nasty, frigid, bossy Bolshevik bull-dyke currently presiding over the slow torture-murder of Marxified Germany.

As is expected in this upside-down world of ours, while Mamma Merkel roams free to wreak havoc and cause more rapes and deaths of Germans at the hands of her sainted and untouchable Turd World “migrants,” Ursula (89) and Monika (60’s) — with the gleeful approval of Jews all over the world — are condemned to waste away a few years in German prisons for their thoughtcrime of Holocaust Denial” ™. Boy-oh-boy, the “usual suspects” sure do make it difficult for decent people of good will not to “hate” them, don’t they?

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11 thoughts to “Free Ursula Haverbeck! Free Monika Schaefer!”

  1. What disgusting tyranny rules Germany and western world when two sweet old ladies are denied free-speech and jailed for speaking the truth! Their shockingly harsh treatment exposes ZOG for the evil tyranny it is. The lies of freedom and democracy spouted by the government puppets are laid bare for all with eyes to see. Ursula Haverbeck and Monica Schaefer are heroines being persecuted by an evil regime for sure.

  2. And in the case of Monica, the pathetic response of her country ( Canada ) to one of its citizens being imprisoned by a foreign power, I have no doubt had she been charged with Murder she would have received more support from the Canadian ( her ) Government.

    1. Their so called PM, one Justin Turdeau is a qualified nutjob for sure. Pushing everything from mss-immigration to LBTG on his fellow countrymen is a vile traitor.At least as vile as muuter Merkel.

  3. Here is why they had to make an example of Ursula Haverbeck: German woman lays charges against the central council of the Jews in Germany. The article at this link is fairly long but very informative. For instance,

    Approx. 2,000 Germans are charged each year in Germany under S.130 of Penal Code for “Holocaust Denial” which is punishable with up to 5 years imprisonment and fines, and also has social penalties, as those convicted find themselves unable to work and shut out of organizations, etc


    Frau Haverbeck then goes on to state that “in statements made at Nuremberg, no one testified to the presence of any gas chambers, and that confessions, particularly those of Rudolf Höss, are now well known to have been extracted through unimaginable, excruciating torture, to which anyone would have confessed to the mass murder of millions.”

    Frau Haverbeck holds several university degrees, and she is an articulate spokesperson as well as an accomplished researcher. So she HAD to be silenced…

  4. The German people are probably the most abused and vlified people in the history of western civilization. Their only sins were that they excelled in all areas of art, culture, and commerce. German “power” had to be neutralized and the anglo/american banking elite….jews….fomented 2 world wars in an attempt to exterminate them. The Holocaust is a MYTH and it is being exposed as such by extraordinary people such as Schaefer and Haverbeck. The Zionists are feeling the heat and we ALL need to turn it up a notch.

  5. Innocent elderly ladies imprisoned without trial. This is the current state of Western decivilisation. Australia is totally perverted and corrupted, just like the USA. Europe, as we knew it, is nearly finished.
    And we could be about to enter the cataclysm the Chabad Jews and ZioJews so desire.
    WWIII could be about to commence and this can only be a nuclear Armageddon. Israel, the USA and France are commencing their attack on Syria. Russia (and China) will respond. If they do not, Syria will be another, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, etc.
    Russia should not accept the death of their own people in Syria.
    So, be ready for total war.
    Me? I no longer care as the evil that surrounds me and my family is crippling.
    The nuclear blasts will ensure instant death.
    As I do not want to live in a violent survivors’ only world, I hope the utter destruction takes out all 7 billion of us.
    Put simply, we were bequeathed a beautiful planet, but we have seen it destroyed by the Communist Jews.
    I sign off, probably for good, as I am resigned to our imminent death.

  6. Some day I hope that people will be able to overcome their indoctrination. People use the term “conspiracy theory” for everything the mainstream media (Jews) tell us isn’t true, even in the face of undeniable proof that it is true, such as that Jews dominated communism.

    But when a real conspiracy theory is confronted, such as two women saying Germans did not make Jews into soap and lampshades, the two sane women in a humanity of idiots are called conspiracy theorists.

  7. @Peter
    “People use the term “conspiracy theory” for everything the mainstream media (Jews) tell us isn’t true, even in the face of undeniable proof that it is true, such as that Jews dominated communism.”

    Here’s a link to a jew called Murry Rothbard. It says;
    “ He was influenced by and called a champion of the historian Harry Elmer Barnes, a Holocaust denier. Rothbard endorsed Barnes’s revisionism on World War II, favorably citing his view that “the murder of Germans and Japanese was the overriding aim of World War II”. In addition to broadly supporting his historical views, Rothbard promoted Barnes as an influence for future revisionists… Rothbard endorsed Barnes’s revisionism on World War II, favorably citing his view that “the murder of Germans and Japanese was the overriding aim of World War II”… The piece also characterized “Rothbard and his faction” as being “culpably indulgent” of Holocaust denial, the view which “specifically denies that the Holocaust actually happened or holds that it was in some way exaggerated”

    You might find it a bit interesting, worth a read.

  8. Hello, I come from south Africa, of German descent and I am too opposed to how lately the internet suppresses freedom of speech. One thing that really upsets me is how in world war 2 none of coloured babies were ever put on trains like in Germany to save their lives from measels and other concentration issues. In year following 2010 various measel outbreaks happened again in south Africa and 2000 kids died in red heart hospital CPT, it astounds me that this happens with less outcry to some German women’s comments and yet there is no one who listens to the death rate is za from crime, incompetent doctors or even now often kids very sick with more than measels. Please people, wake up and realise hwhy even and doesn’t befriend Israel anymore, wake up people and see how capitalism murders everyday without even being noticed, but pls see how in last 10 years internet is censored, how they wish to rob the individual of power cause soon we will have no voice left


    If you take a look
    In the Good Book
    It says ‘Truth shall set you free’.
    So how very perverse
    The complete reverse
    Has recently happened to thee.

    But when you stand in the light
    And your heart knows it’s right
    The Cosmos will take your hand.
    While those with the mark
    That skulk in the dark
    Will never see God’s green land.

    Take courage my dear
    Dismiss any fear
    The force is flowing through you.
    And the sons of the Lie
    Will shrivel and die
    As soulless beings must do.

    Repose in your stillness
    Shun tyranny’s illness
    And gracefully rise above.
    You do not stand alone
    There are many not known
    From all over who send their love.

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