Free Ursula Haverbeck! Free Monika Schaefer!

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Just by watching a few videos of Ursula Haverbeck and Monika Schaefer speaking from their respective hearts, we can sense, with absolute certainty, that these are two of the warmest, sweetest and most charming older German ladies that you’ll ever come across — the gentle type who would welcome a stranger into their impeccable homes for coffee, strudel and conversation. These adorable women each represent the very antithesis of the Frumpy Frau, that nasty, frigid, bossy Bolshevik bull-dyke currently presiding over the slow torture-murder of Marxified Germany.

As is expected in this upside-down world of ours, while Mamma Merkel roams free to wreak havoc and cause more rapes and deaths of Germans at the hands of her sainted and untouchable Turd World “migrants,” Ursula (89) and Monika (60’s) — with the gleeful approval of Jews all over the world — are condemned to waste away a few years in German prisons for their thoughtcrime of Holocaust Denial” ™. Boy-oh-boy, the “usual suspects” sure do make it difficult for decent people of good will not to “hate” them, don’t they?

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17 thoughts to “Free Ursula Haverbeck! Free Monika Schaefer!”

  1. What disgusting tyranny rules Germany and western world when two sweet old ladies are denied free-speech and jailed for speaking the truth! Their shockingly harsh treatment exposes ZOG for the evil tyranny it is. The lies of freedom and democracy spouted by the government puppets are laid bare for all with eyes to see. Ursula Haverbeck and Monica Schaefer are heroines being persecuted by an evil regime for sure.

    1. Today in 2018 it can be seen exactly what Adolf Hitler and the Germans saw. To be in a position where change cannot be effected by the citizens is what we live. Hitler was able to act on it and is a hero. Imagine the betrayal at the Allied Treaty hearing to learn that a miscegenated group you allowed to immigrate into your land, having been forced out of Spain after dividing their peoples, created the war and brought America into it soleby because they wished to own a small bit of land for themselves. The meeting of 144 Jewish elites in Amsterdam sealed the fate of Germany and all Americans to come. Jews had been welcomed until that moment.

  2. And in the case of Monica, the pathetic response of her country ( Canada ) to one of its citizens being imprisoned by a foreign power, I have no doubt had she been charged with Murder she would have received more support from the Canadian ( her ) Government.

    1. Their so called PM, one Justin Turdeau is a qualified nutjob for sure. Pushing everything from mss-immigration to LBTG on his fellow countrymen is a vile traitor.At least as vile as muuter Merkel.

    2. It is very sad about both Ursula and Monika, both of whom I would give my own right arm to help. If there were any kind of real law and justice in Germany then that woman running things would be the one in prison. She has made her collusive deals and everyone knows she is worse than anything Hitler was ever accused of doing. Most whites in America that I know do know the whole horror caust story was a lie and we know Adolf Hitler is the greatest treasure and hero of these last 100 years. It is something because he said it himself ” The owner of all press is, in any event, the sponsor”. What this says is that if I were to tell you that everyone escaped from prison today everyone would know its not true, however if I used all the press has to shape public opinion I could make others believe it 50 years later by daily airing it on The History Channel. Always adding new footage and stories.

  3. Here is why they had to make an example of Ursula Haverbeck: German woman lays charges against the central council of the Jews in Germany. The article at this link is fairly long but very informative. For instance,

    Approx. 2,000 Germans are charged each year in Germany under S.130 of Penal Code for “Holocaust Denial” which is punishable with up to 5 years imprisonment and fines, and also has social penalties, as those convicted find themselves unable to work and shut out of organizations, etc


    Frau Haverbeck then goes on to state that “in statements made at Nuremberg, no one testified to the presence of any gas chambers, and that confessions, particularly those of Rudolf Höss, are now well known to have been extracted through unimaginable, excruciating torture, to which anyone would have confessed to the mass murder of millions.”

    Frau Haverbeck holds several university degrees, and she is an articulate spokesperson as well as an accomplished researcher. So she HAD to be silenced…

    1. Truth is under attack. Many of us know in our own experience the ways police and courts lie and make others believe anything they wish them to believe. Their power isn’t in any tin badge, it is the guns on their hips and their free use of those guns.

  4. The German people are probably the most abused and vlified people in the history of western civilization. Their only sins were that they excelled in all areas of art, culture, and commerce. German “power” had to be neutralized and the anglo/american banking elite….jews….fomented 2 world wars in an attempt to exterminate them. The Holocaust is a MYTH and it is being exposed as such by extraordinary people such as Schaefer and Haverbeck. The Zionists are feeling the heat and we ALL need to turn it up a notch.

    1. I love the memory of the German people and I will take to my own grave someday a warm feeling of love for all who lived and died in Hitlers time doing what is right for their own nation. Hitler was always happy in the masses of millions of his own people, a leader who truly loved his people and knew they loved him. That Germany had already existed thousands of years producing pure bloodlines of the white race made it easy to identify a miscegenated group which had immigrated there from Spain. Looking around at all they had done to Germany, Hitlers first action was to get rid of their businesses of pornograpghy, burn all their Communist books, and give Germans equal rights and jobs. It is for the original descendants of this land to say how their own nation will live and he did that, by denouncing the democracy-makers as people who did not care for the masses of people but were only interested in making themselves wealthier. The great lie of the Holocaust came about with a lot of help. The fact that all the Camps were created as Deportation Camps, each having swimming pools,theater,social events,Red Cross,and humane facilities is lost on most today. Also lost is the speeches of the Jews themselves whom stated upon their release from these camps about their living conditions stories about the social events and parties. Those first stories changed after talking to Americans who came thinking they were helping a suppressed people. The fact that many Jews suffered from Typhus which resulted in skeleton-like appearances no matter how much food they ate was not allowed to be mentioned in the Nuremberg trials. The fact that Zyklon-B was used to delouse their clothing also was not allowed. America’s own General Douglas MacArthur himself stated that the Nazi’s were being forced to sign prewritten confessions after being tortured from the most cruel ways man can devise also did not matter. In America today we often find ourselves sent to prison for crimes we didn’t do, that laws have been created which allow conviction without proof of guilt. The prisons in the U.S. also are set up so that Muslims have the privileges of status and whites are the ones oppressed. I believe prisons are a model for how they wish to remake America. Whites cannot eat pork even in their most religious meals because Muslims say that it would contaminate eating utensils. Everything they ask for they receive to the extent that all whites must share one TV but they get 6 TV’s, all jobs are for them to choose what they want, etc. Muslims are the head cooks in most all US prisons and they do not have to eat what they feed everyone else because daily there are trucks coming in which bring special wholesome foods that only Muslims can eat. Although it is discovered weekly that they put liquids into the food pots such as their own feces, they do not lose their jobs. There is a big reason why all whites in Americas prisons separate from other races and why they group to survive. Calling them hate slurs such as white supremacist or nazi does not change the fact that whites are the ones oppressed.

  5. Innocent elderly ladies imprisoned without trial. This is the current state of Western decivilisation. Australia is totally perverted and corrupted, just like the USA. Europe, as we knew it, is nearly finished.
    And we could be about to enter the cataclysm the Chabad Jews and ZioJews so desire.
    WWIII could be about to commence and this can only be a nuclear Armageddon. Israel, the USA and France are commencing their attack on Syria. Russia (and China) will respond. If they do not, Syria will be another, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, etc.
    Russia should not accept the death of their own people in Syria.
    So, be ready for total war.
    Me? I no longer care as the evil that surrounds me and my family is crippling.
    The nuclear blasts will ensure instant death.
    As I do not want to live in a violent survivors’ only world, I hope the utter destruction takes out all 7 billion of us.
    Put simply, we were bequeathed a beautiful planet, but we have seen it destroyed by the Communist Jews.
    I sign off, probably for good, as I am resigned to our imminent death.

  6. Some day I hope that people will be able to overcome their indoctrination. People use the term “conspiracy theory” for everything the mainstream media (Jews) tell us isn’t true, even in the face of undeniable proof that it is true, such as that Jews dominated communism.

    But when a real conspiracy theory is confronted, such as two women saying Germans did not make Jews into soap and lampshades, the two sane women in a humanity of idiots are called conspiracy theorists.

  7. @Peter
    “People use the term “conspiracy theory” for everything the mainstream media (Jews) tell us isn’t true, even in the face of undeniable proof that it is true, such as that Jews dominated communism.”

    Here’s a link to a jew called Murry Rothbard. It says;
    “ He was influenced by and called a champion of the historian Harry Elmer Barnes, a Holocaust denier. Rothbard endorsed Barnes’s revisionism on World War II, favorably citing his view that “the murder of Germans and Japanese was the overriding aim of World War II”. In addition to broadly supporting his historical views, Rothbard promoted Barnes as an influence for future revisionists… Rothbard endorsed Barnes’s revisionism on World War II, favorably citing his view that “the murder of Germans and Japanese was the overriding aim of World War II”… The piece also characterized “Rothbard and his faction” as being “culpably indulgent” of Holocaust denial, the view which “specifically denies that the Holocaust actually happened or holds that it was in some way exaggerated”

    You might find it a bit interesting, worth a read.

  8. Hello, I come from south Africa, of German descent and I am too opposed to how lately the internet suppresses freedom of speech. One thing that really upsets me is how in world war 2 none of coloured babies were ever put on trains like in Germany to save their lives from measels and other concentration issues. In year following 2010 various measel outbreaks happened again in south Africa and 2000 kids died in red heart hospital CPT, it astounds me that this happens with less outcry to some German women’s comments and yet there is no one who listens to the death rate is za from crime, incompetent doctors or even now often kids very sick with more than measels. Please people, wake up and realise hwhy even and doesn’t befriend Israel anymore, wake up people and see how capitalism murders everyday without even being noticed, but pls see how in last 10 years internet is censored, how they wish to rob the individual of power cause soon we will have no voice left


    If you take a look
    In the Good Book
    It says ‘Truth shall set you free’.
    So how very perverse
    The complete reverse
    Has recently happened to thee.

    But when you stand in the light
    And your heart knows it’s right
    The Cosmos will take your hand.
    While those with the mark
    That skulk in the dark
    Will never see God’s green land.

    Take courage my dear
    Dismiss any fear
    The force is flowing through you.
    And the sons of the Lie
    Will shrivel and die
    As soulless beings must do.

    Repose in your stillness
    Shun tyranny’s illness
    And gracefully rise above.
    You do not stand alone
    There are many not known
    From all over who send their love.

  10. This was sent to me via email by Arthur Topham:

    Open Letter to ‘Honourable’ Chrystia Freeland Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Re: Monika Schaefer “Show Trial” starting July 2nd, 2018

    ‘Honourable’ Chrystia Freeland
    Minister of Foreign Affairs
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Canada K1A 0A6
    [email protected]
    Telephone: 343-203-1851

    Hon. Justin Trudeau
    Prime Minister of Canada
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Canada K1A 0A6
    [email protected]
    Telephone: 613-992-4211
    Fax: 613-941-6900

    Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould
    Minister of Justice
    Attorney General of Canada
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Canada K1A 0A6
    [email protected]
    Telephone: 613-992-1416
    Fax: 613-992-1460

    June 11th, 2018

    Ms. Chrystia Freeland,

    RE: The Illegal ‘Trial’ of Canadian Citizen Monika Schaefer by a foreign country (Germany) & the Canadian Government’s Abominable Refusal to Pro-actively Intervene and Demand Her Unconditional Return to Canada

    Given that, after repeated attempts to appeal to your better judgement and common sense, there is no longer anything “honourable” about you or your government’s behaviour in the outstanding international case of the kidnapping and incarceration of Canadian citizen Monika Schaefer by the foreign state of Germany, I shall dispense with all meaningless formalities and get to the point of this ongoing series of letters to you, your boss Justin Trudeau and Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.

    There is also nothing more sickening and revolting than to have to watch one’s own government grovel and attempt to appease another foreign nation when that nation has willfully and illegally accosted, arrested and imprisoned a citizen of Canada. This is precisely what your office has done since the abominable outrage against Canadian-born Monika Schaefer occurred back on January 3rd, 2018 while she was in Bavaria, Germany visiting her brother Alfred.

    I, and many other concerned Canadians and citizens of other foreign nations, have appealed to the relevant levels of the Canadian government since this despicable act of aggression was perpetrated upon Monika Schaefer and all that we have received from you and the offices of the rest of the Trudeau sycophants who’ve shown absolutely NO will or desire to intervene on Monika’s behalf, are vacuous email responses that indicate your unwillingness to address the urgency of Ms. Schaefer’s plight.

    As of the day of writing this letter to you (June 11th, 2018) Monika Schaefer has been forced to endure 159 days of prison (6 months plus) where her liberty and freedom as a Canadian citizen have been curtailed and suspended by the whim of a foreign government that is clearly out of control in terms of the draconian behaviour toward its own citizens when it comes to the issue of the third party to this massive collusion against freedom of speech – the unmentionables and their pathetic, diabolic plan to silence the whole world when it comes to matters affecting and exposing their own criminal actions. Were it not for legal restraints imposed by my own government on my ability to express clearly who these criminals are I would not be so vague about whom I am speaking.

    That said I now make reference to an email letter circulated from Germany by Alfred Schaefer, the brother of political prisoner Monika Schaefer, which came across my desk on June 9th, 2018. In it Alfred writes (in part) the following:

    “The other day the Canadian Consul called me here in Munich, and in a very sad voice, she told me that Ottawa has forbidden direct observation of the Inquisition [Monika’s ’trial’, A.T.]. It seems as though the […] the [“unmentionables” A.T.] have installed to run Canada does not want anyone to know about Monika.”

    The fact that you and your office and the offices of the Prime Minister and Canada’s Attorney General are refusing to attend the upcoming “Show Trial” of Monika Schaefer scheduled to commence on July 2nd, 2018 in Munich, Germany is, in itself, a scandalous, abhorrent example of government abuse and negligence. How in God’s name you can just sit by idly while one of our own citizens is being mocked, abused, mentally tormented and held against her will for having committed NO crime that here in Canada would allow her to be so shamefully and dishonourably treated, is beyond comprehension!

    Where, in the name of sanity, reason and common sense, has your love of country and dedication to the inalienable right to freedom of expression and human dignity gone that you, Ms. Freeland (your name itself falsely implies the bigotry that your office appears to uphold) and the Canadian government have plummeted to such a disgraceful state of abject submission to the corruption and infamy of other foreign nations and lobbies?

    Why haven’t you brought this matter to the attention of the mainstream media and issued formal statements about the abuse that’s been taking place in Germany over the past half a year? Your inaction and lack of fortitude with respect to such heinous treatment of a Canadian citizen beggars the imagination.

    As a concerned Canadian citizen and a firm believer in the fundamental right to freedom of speech at all cost I both expect and demand that you get off your obeisant butt and send a representative to the upcoming court appearances of Monika Schaefer while at the same time insisting that the German government immediately cease all legal actions and release her from detention; all this to be followed by a formal apology from the German government sent to your government and subsequently released to all national media from your office.

    It’s time Ms. Freeland that you STAND UP FOR CANADA AND ITS CITIZENS and cease your perfidious subservience to foreign lobbyists and foreign governments.


    Arthur Topham
    The Radical Press
    “Digging to the root of the issues since 1998″

  11. Hello. How do I contact Ursula Haverbeck in prison? In what prison is she staying? How I do send a petition to the government of the Federal Republic of Germany to free Ursula Haverbeck? To whom should my petition be addressed? Please sign this petition that I started on to free Ursula Haverbeck (

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