10 thoughts to “From a Prison Cell in Occupied Germany”

  1. Hear hear, Brownhawk!

    Monika is astonishing: such a sweet, gentle woman, yet so very strong! The Canadian Government’s failure to help her is disgraceful: This failure shows it to be criminally neglectful of its citizens’ well being while they are abroad. Or is it being neglectful of the well being only of the citizen who challenges the holohoax?

    With luck, OCLA might get something started. Dr Fredrick Toben is helping circulate these two links:



    Mehr Licht!

    1. So did I. What a spirit she has, where she gives speaking truth to power nary a second thought (that’s SPEAKING, out in the open, making her prey to cretins

      Very Christlike

    1. Yes, Believe: That’s a nice figure you’ve displayed. Others keep cropping up. For instance, the Wannsee Conference figure tells us that there were 4.5 million Jews on Reich territory in 1942. And in 2012, we hear that ‘there are probably 500,000 survivors alive today worldwide’:

      So more survivors than the maxium that could have been killed? That’s a Jewish miracle.

  2. If the Holocau$t happened we’d obviously be encouraged to verify it.

    Instead we’re supposed to learn ONLY the OFFICIAL SACRED INFALLIBLE JEWISH VERSION.

    The version from which (((they))) continue to profit enormously ($$$ HUNDREDS of BILLIONS $$$ in “reparations”). But that’s chump change compared to the $$$ TRILLIONS $$$ wasted fighting Wars for Israel — and for WHAT?? — to save the poor Jews from whomever they decree is the “New Hitler”!

    These Wars for Israel impose astonishing misery. And without the (((relentless Holocau$t hype))) these wars may very well have been avoided.

    A tipping point will be reached when enough of the world learns the awful truth. Justice will be served.

    Monica, you and your friends are not forgotten.

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