Genociding Germany


The writing is on the wall. The old Germany of our Christian ancestors is in the process of being destroyed. And after Germany, Europe is the target. 



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LASHA DAKMOON (by way of introduction) :  Petrus Germanicus (aka ‘Peter’) is an American of German ancestry who has spent a lot of time in Germany and witnessed for himself the tragic ideological debasement of the average German over the last few years. He is to be commended in particular for drawing our attention to the work of two well-known American polemicists, Jewish writer Theodore Kaufman (1910-1986) and non-Jewish Harvard academic Ernest Hooton (1887-1954), who shared one characteristic in common: a passionate hatred for the German people and a wish to see them destroyed.

Even more commendably, Petrus Germanicus has shown a direct link between the malevolent writings of Kaufman and Hooton and the mysterious Count Coudenhove Kalergi (1894-1972), the founding president of the Pan European Union which was to morph finally into the European Union (EU) and which is with us today and is responsible for the current migrant crisis.

The EU, as we all know who have eyes to see, has now become the United States of Europe in all but name — an undemocratic and despotic  confederation of states without borders whose primary aim appears to be White Genocide, i.e., the slow and systematic destruction of the white indigenous people of Europe  by means of uncontrolled mass immigration and mongrelization.

White genocide, Petrus Germanicus correctly believes,  is taking place under our eyes right now. The process began in earnest in 1945 after the defeat of Germany in WWII, though the idea had been in the pipeline long before that with the arrival on the scene in the 1920s of an odd character known as Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, a half-breed aristocrat with an Austro-Hungarian father and a Japanese mother of samurai lineage — apart from other ethnically uncertain ancestors in his family tree, one of whom may or may not have been Jewish. If Kalergi wasn’t Jewish, he was certainly one of the world’s most ardent philosemites, literally worshipping the ground the Jews walked on.

Count Kalergi wanted the white indigenous people of Europe to disappear slowly (“soft genocide”) by interbreeding them with African, Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants who would be encouraged to flood into Europe in vast numbers,  producing in time a coffee-coloured, mongelized race with negroid features. This carefully planned and coercive mass immigration would be accomplished only with the help of international Jewry, Count Kalergi believed. for two simple reasons: (1) because the Jews had most to gain from it; and (2) because the Jews in Count Kalergi’s eyes were an incomparably superior people, the spiritual aristocrats of the world who deserved to rule over the rest of mankind in a multicultural paradise without borders or separate nations.

The ideal state, the Ultimate Utopia, was envisaged as one vast confederation of states, all under the kindly control of a one-world government located in Jerusalem.

The Jews, seen as the natural born leaders and crème de la crème of the world’s intelligentsia, would be allowed to preserve their Jewish identity and monoculture, including their exceptionally high IQs, but all other races would need to be homogenized  and standardized for the sake of convenience and efficient management. Everyone non-Jewish was to be popped into a metaphysical blender and turned into a mishmash of lower-IQ mongrels who would be kept reasonably happy as long as they did what they were told. There was no need to treat these non-Jewish mongrels — the New Goyim with the brown skins — inhumanely. There was no need whatever to treat them like slaves. On the contrary, they would be treated with kindness, in the same way as we treat our pets, provided they knew their place in the pecking order. The Jews were to be the new People Farmers. The rest of mankind were to be the Jews’ obedient and submissive livestock. It was as simple as that.

As I explained in a recent article:

There are two types of genocide: hard genocide and soft genocide. We are all familiar with hard genocide. This is an attempt to get rid of an entire ethnic group by violent means. By mass murder. The most notable example of a “hard genocide” in history, according to politically correct Jewish sources, is the mass murder or “Holocaust” of six million Jews in WWII by the Hitler regime.

“Soft genocide” is entirely different. This involves getting rid of an entire race by slow and subtle means, whereby the victims of the genocide are either too stupid to notice their own gradual demise, like sheep being led to the slaughterhouse, or by making the victim population too impotent and comatose to do anything to stop their own bit-by-bit annihilation.

White genocide basically consists in breeding the White race out of existence by promoting multiculturalism and mass immigration from the Third World into our White homelands. Inevitably, over the course of time, this would lead to the mongrelization of Whites through interbreeding with the darker races of Africa, Asia and the Islamic people of the Middle East. An added bonus would be a marked decline in the general IQ of the neo-European mongrel race, a race of dark-skinned Untermenschen such as cheerfully envisaged by the founder of the pan-European Union, Count Coudenhove-Kalergi:

“Der Mensch der fernen Zukunft wird Mischling sein. Die heutigen Rassen und Kasten werden der zunehmen-den Überwindung von Raum, Zeit und Vorurteil zum Opfer fallen. Die eurasisch-negroide Zukunftsrasse, äußerlich der altägyptischen ähnlich, wird die Vielfalt der Völker durch eine Vielfalt der Persönlichkeiten ersetzen.”

“The man of the far future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and castes will fall victim to the increasing overcoming of space, time, and prejudice.  The Eurasian-Negroid future race, outwardly similar to the ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”

(See here)

—   §   —

PETRUS GERMANICUS:  In addition to Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, who was half Austrian and half Japanese, two American Jews promoted a “soft” genocide against the Germans during WWII, each with their own plan. They were Theodore Kaufman and the Harvard University professor Ernest Hooton.

LD:  A few words about Kaufman. Theodore Newman Kaufman, an American Jew born in Manhattan in 1910, published the book Germany Must Perish in 1941. This controversial book, widely praised in America but packed with the most virulent “hate speech”, called for the genocide of ethnic Germans through mass sterilization.

“I believe that the Jews have a mission in life,” the 31-year-old Jewish advocate of soft genocide opined. “They must see to it that the nations of the world get together in one vast federation. Slowly but surely the world will develop into a paradise. We will have perpetual peace (Tikkun olam or “the repairing of the world” ). And the Jews will do the most to bring about this confederation, because they have the most to gain.

But how can you get peace if Germany exists? Let us sterilize all Germans…”

— Theodore Kaufman in an interview with The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, 26th September 1941.

PETRUS GERMANICUS:  Historian Mark Weber wrote: “Kaufman’s fervent proposal for the systematic sterilization of the entire German population was given respectful attention in the American press, including reviews in a number of newspapers. A review in the weekly Time magazine, March 24, 1941, called Kaufman’s plan a “sensational idea.”


PETRUS GERMANICUS:  Germany’s propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, seized with delight on the book. “This Jew [Kaufman] has done a disservice to the enemy,” Goebbels privately commented. “If he had composed the book at my behest he couldn’t have done a better job.”

At his direction the German press played up Kaufman’s call for genocide.

A front page article about the book in the Berlin daily Der Angriff, July 23, 1941, appeared under headlines that called it a “Diabolical Plan for the Extermination of the German People” and a work of “Old Testament Hatred.” Extracts also appeared, for example, in the nationally-circulated weekly paper Das Reich, August 3, 1941.

A plan similar to Kaufman’s was issued during the war years by a prominent American anthropologist. In an article headlined “Breed War Strain Out of Germans” in the New York daily newspaper P.M., January 4, 1943, Ernest Hooton laid out an “outbreeding” plan that would “destroy German nationalism and aggressive ideology while retaining and perpetuating desirable German biological and sociological capacities.” (See also Benjamin Colby, ‘‘Twas a Famous Victory, 1974, p. 131.)

The Harvard University professor’s proposal called for genetically transforming the German nation by encouraging mating of German women with non-German men, who would be brought into the country in large numbers, and of German men, forcibly held outside of Germany, with non-German women. Ten to twelve million German men would be assigned to forced labor under Allied supervision in countries outside of Germany to rebuild their economies.

“The objects of this measure,” wrote Dr. Hooton, “include reduction of the birthrate of ‘pure’ Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals.”

This plan, Hooton estimated, would require at least 20 years to be implemented. “During this period,” he went on, “encourage also the immigration and settlement in the German states of non-German nationals, especially males.”

Mark Weber adds: “In the decades since the end of World War II, something of the spirit of the genocidal Kaufman and Hooton plans seems manifest in Germany’s population and immigration policies. Since the nation’s defeat in 1945, the German birth rate has fallen to below the replacement level, millions of racially and culturally alien migrants have been welcomed as settlers in Germany, the number of children of mixed ethnicity has sharply increased, and the ethnic-cultural character of much of the country has been drastically altered, especially in the larger cities.”

I am not aware of any “NAZI” publicly proposing something anything near as sinister as what these two Jews proposed. We know what the allies claim the Germans proposed secretly. I only learned of these two men in the last ten or eleven years. There could also be Russians, English or Frenchmen who proposed some kind of genocide that we are simply unaware of. If they can cover up Kaufman and Hooton for so long, there might be others. Of course, if a “Nazi” had suggested such a thing, everyone in the world would know his name at once. It would be taught everywhere to children of nursery age.

On a personal note, my German uncle (a veteran) spent three years as a slave laborer in France after the war where he and others were treated awfully according to my aunt and mother. I never asked for details. Also, I have two cousins who are half Arab from when my father’s brother (a different uncle) married a Moroccan woman in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. I never thought anything about it until I learned of Hooton’s plan.

LD: A final quote from me about the new Germany. Then a few last words in summary, together with a video offering hope.

“Anybody who has been keeping an eye on the demographics of Germany today will know that Hooton’s plan is all but fully realised.

In present day Germany, around 1 in 5 people are either of foreign nationality or they have a migrant background. It was reported in 2016, that one in three people under the age of 18 in Germany have foreign roots; a figure which jumps up to 36% if we look at under 5s. This is a huge difference compared to Germany’s demographics prior to World War 2 when there were very few ethnic minorities in the country…. immigration has been readily encouraged over the last few decades and new records are consistently being broken regarding the number of new arrivals.

Immigration surely plays a huge factor in “The Great Replacement”, but we also shouldn’t downplay the fact that Muslim families from North Africa and Asia have many more children than European families do. The current fertility rate in Germany is around 1.5, which is well below the recommended fertility rate of 2.1 which is required for a Western population to stay the same size.

Looking at the above figures, one may argue that Hooton was triumphant in his bid to “breed the war strains” out of Germans as the ethnic make-up of Germany, not unlike many other European countries, is in the process of being watered down as the days roll by.

But what about miscegenation? Is this, as was once encouraged by Hooton, also encouraged in present day Germany?

In actual fact, it’s encouraged across the continent.

The writing is on the wall. The old Germany of our Christian ancestors is now in the process of being destroyed. So is the old Europe that gave us the finest art and music, literature and philosophy, that the world has ever known.

Goodbye, Gothic cathedrals! Goodbye, Mozart and Beethoven! Goodbye, Carmina Burana!

Goodbye, the holy hymns of Easter Sunday and the sacred sound of the church bells on Christmas morning.

Goodbye, my precious Europe!

—   §   —

LD (afterword) :  My sincere apologies to Peter for expanding his original comment into a full-length  article whose sad conclusion — the inevitable death of the old Europe — he may not approve of and in fact strongly disagree with. Hope springs eternal, as they say.  In order to end on a more upbeat note and offer encouragement to the optimists among us, here is a video that offers us a glimpse of light amid the darkness.

Yes, maybe it’s not too late . . .

VIDEO  :  4.47 mins

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  1. I hope to still be around over the next few years. They will be very interesting, The native people of Europe are waking up to the fact that the ruling elites have betrayed them. An electoral revolution is coming, and all our ruling MINORITIES will be thrown out of power. Too many in the public sector in Britain now do not have the interests or wishes of the majority, the native britons, in mind. The minorities now have far too much power. It is all about to change.

    Watch this space

      1. Sent in by a respected correspondent as an email:

        Today is:
        Thursday, July 5th, 2018

        DAY 183 of Monika Schaefer’s loss of freedom
        Day 61 of Ursula Haverbeck’s loss of freedom
        Day 56 of Gerd Ittner’s loss of freedom
        Day 55 of Jez Turner’s loss of freedom


        — Write to Monika at the following address:

        Monika Schaefer
        JVA Stadelheim
        Schwarzenbergstr. 14
        81549 München

        — Write to Ursula at the following address:

        JVA Bielefeld-Brackwede
        z. Hd. Ursula Haverbeck
        Umlostraße 100
        33649 Bielefeld

        — Write to Gerd at the following address:

        Gerd Ittner
        JVA Nürnberg
        Mannertstraße 6
        90429 Nürnberg

        — Write to Jez Turner at the following address:

        Jez Bedford-Turner A5544EE,
        wing E3-02,
        HMP Wandsworth,
        PO Box 757, Heathfield Road,
        Wandsworth, London SW18 3HU.

    1. An “electoral revolution” when the ballot box is already stuffed with ‘new voters’?

      America is in a guerrilla war which followed our dramatic defeat over 50 years ago by the anti-White legislation passed back then. It is propaganda warfare, for now.
      First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

      1. Exposing the jew is not enough! We have heard that hundrrds of time. The jews should get out of /leave the keypositions. That’s what counts. Of course not all jews are mishaving badly.

      2. NTP — Note: “Eliminate Jew Influence”
        The Jew will not willingly “…get out of /leave the key positions.”

        If there are ‘good Jews’ as you surmise, let them ‘move out’ their evil ones.
        [Rhetorical, of course. There are no ‘good Jews’.]

      3. How are you going to fight the evil when most of your own love it and are part of it?

        1. Fair enough, sir. We are all complicit in this evil and secretly condone it, blackhearted hypocrites that we all are. But something intrigues me. What give you such an air of superior virtue as you lecture us on our deficiencies? Is it your impressive Indian name? Are we to conclude that you are some kind of oriental sage, scattering your pearls of wisdom on us lesser mortals from your mountain hermitage in the higher Himalayas?

          I await your answer with bated breath, dear Babaji. 🙂

      4. NB: “How are you going to fight the evil when most of your own love it and are part of it?”

        As always, a few resist effectively — and occasionally succeed.

    2. The “ruling elite” and their supporters are the ones that tried to change history and now try to change the cultural and religious Europe on behalf of those that like to Mingle into European society unnoticed. Especially, when that little “state” in the ME failed.

  2. It is never too late to take action. Repatriation of non-Europeans is possible, and necessary. Call it racism? that’s OK, because races do differ. Anybody who denies that has not been out on the streets of European cities lately.

      1. THIS IS A LIE. People say about plenty of Brown people in cities. For sure many thousands of Brown immigrants in the country. „Zero” is a false claim. Disinfo.

        One must remember about a civil war in Ukraine. Ukraine escape from the country to Russia and Poland. In Poland there are probably 1-2 millions of Ukrainians expelled from their country by their ZOG. They are used as slave labour force.

        Ukrainians should nor be a problem but they were subjected to brainwashing, many of them believe in the Banderite neo-Nazi ideology. Many neo-Nazi war criminals migrated to Poland. Russia reported similar attempts but Russian administration is aware of the danger and sent them back. These criminals may be activated some time in the future agains domestic population.

        This neo-Nazi ideology had been created and is currently supported by the Synagogue of Satan:

  3. Excellent article, Peter and Lasha. Salvation for the Caucasian race is coming from the East. It appears Russia is becoming a haven for white Christians all over the world. Go to youtube and one can see a plethora of videos of Germans, Americans and Brits moving to Russia. Remember the Volga Germans! There’s even one of a group of Afrikaners possibly 50,000 exploring the possibility of moving to Russia. The clever Russians are even giving away free land. So all is not lost for the Caucasian races. I’m already late into my 7th decade, but if I was a young man I’d definitely go east.
    I believe the Russians are preparing their country to go autarchic in a type of Russian National Socialism. Last month they dumped half of their US treasury bills and bought physical gold. The Fed is of course manipulating the gold price to keep it low, which suits the Russians.
    BTW, this was the real reason National Socialist Germany had to be destroyed. Hitler used a barter system for trade, told the banks of International Jewry to Foxtrot Oscar. When he came to power there were 6 million unemployed in Germany, by 1938 Germany had a labour shortage. In the US and Britain, meanwhile there were millions of unemployed. Autarchy is the key to national economic freedom, not globalised, plutocratic, shyster capitalism.

    1. Felix

      To me your post represents a necessary “equal time”, so to speak, to counter Pat’s “Put-on” related posts (also necessary, imv, for the sake of forming a juxtaposition)

      In the interest of what I’ve referred to as certain politicians being between the proverbial “rock and a hard place”, and perhaps with the existence of a spiritual undercurrent at work here, your info paints a picture of hope for the world….after however much dust settles

      1. Thanks Brownhawk.
        Yes, we are witnessing massive political, economic and religious changes. The religious being the most important. If one reads the Bhagavad Gita, the song of God, Krishna promises that whenever there is a rise in irreligion and materialism in the world, his spirit will arise to punish the miscreants and re-establish the Dharma. Nothing is forever, to believe this current, corrupt system we have will continue indefinitely is moronic in the extreme. I know stupid, irreligious types may scoff but be patient,

      2. B-Hawk –

        I use “Put-On” to provoke cynicism and thought not posed in mainstreams, as you called it – a “juxtaposition” is correct! 🙂


        Felix –

        I agree. Religions will ALWAYS prevail. They are inventions of people.

        They are – PERPETUAL – corporations and have their own history in Law… Ecclesiastical Law. That is the jew way for controlling masses. Marx knew that. “Opiate for masses.”

        Corporations are fictions. Some are created by statutes. Others are not.

        To fully understand the fictional concept of a “religious corporation” takes decades of study of ECCLESIASTICAL corporations and corporations SOLE. Neither of them require statutory permission or charter for their formation.

        As an example, the Queen is a corporation SOLE. The Crown is a fiction and has duality of state and person. That corporate fiction is discontinues without a successor, That’s why they hurry and scurry to name a possible successor.

        The TORAH documents the basis of the ECCLESIASTICAL corporation and corporation SOLE of Judaism.

        The Torah is necessary as a book of common LAW of ‘succession’ for the establishment of Judaism as an ECCLESIASTICAL corporation SOLE without statutes.

        • The history of Judaism begins with Abraham, who came to believe in one Supreme Being,
        • his son Isaac,
        • Isaac’s son Jacob, later called Israel,
        • and Jacob’s 12 sons who founded the twelve tribes of Israel

        That is their claim, not mine. They claim it in almost every speech, “Rights conveyed and handed down from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob..!!”


        Some research from Law dictionaries I gleaned over the years may help somewhat:

        The concept of corporation SOLE originated as a means for orderly transfer of ECCLESIASTICAL property, serving to keep the title within the denomination or religious society.

        In order to keep the religious property from being treated as the estate of the vicar of the church, the property was titled to the office of the corporation SOLE. In the case of the Roman Catholic Church, ecclesiastical property is usually titled to the diocesan BISHOP, who serves in the office of the corporation SOLE.

        Within most constitutional monarchies, notably the Commonwealth realms, the Crown is a NON-STATUTORY CORPORATION SOLE. Although the office and office-holder, conceptually speaking, retain dual capacities in that they may act both in a corporate capacity (as monarch) and in an individual capacity (as a private person), they are inseparably fused in law, which is to say that there is no legal distinction between the office of the crown/sovereign and the individual person who holds it.

        The Crown can enter into contracts and possess property, and it is in this way that the Crown (state) legally acts as a person.

        Conceptually speaking, the person of the monarch (office holder) may hold properties personally, distinct from property he or she possesses corporately, and may act as monarch separate from their personal acts. For example, Elizabeth II as a person has several corporations SOLE, such as Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen of Canada, Queen of Australia, SUPREME GOVERNOR OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, an ecclesiastical corporation SOLE, etc. which are all distinct corporations sole, and at the same time she may also act as a natural person in a private capacity separate and apart from her role filling these various offices (corporations). This functions in the same way as the office of Prime Minister for example, which may have use of certain properties and privileges, such as an official residence and decision-making powers, however these assets do not belong to the office-holder in a private capacity and thus remain with the office once the office holder leaves, and at the same time the office holder may own property such as a house or a car in a private non-office related capacity.

    2. I wonder how ethnic Russians feel about their homeland being inundated by nonRussian Europeans. The reality is that they identify with their own kind and I suspect that most Russians do not want nonRussians in large numbers immigrating to Russia. That these newcomers are of European blood is irrelevant.

      1. Wyandotte,
        Don’t forget Russians have welcomed non-Russians in there country from the time of Catherine the Great, e.g. the Volga Germans. So long as they learn Russian and assimilate. Ditto Australia, up until 1972 European immigration was encouraged and white Europeans assimilated very easily. Something which hasn’t happened very well in the US. What about the hodge-podge of races making up the United States? A recent survey has shown that 31% of Americans believe a Civil War is coming. Very possible indeed. I’ve travelled through the States and many Southerners I spoke to, remember the genocidal Northern War of Aggression which unfortunately resulted in the defeat of the CSA. Things would have been much better for the American people, if the South had won. Who knows, perhaps the South will rise again? One can only hope!

      2. “I wonder how ethnic Russians feel about their homeland being inundated by nonRussian Europeans. The reality is that they identify with their own kind and I suspect that most Russians do not want nonRussians in large numbers immigrating to Russia. That these newcomers are of European blood is irrelevant.”

        Felix is right. The evidence is this linguistic map of Ukraine prepared in Kiev ~10 years ago:

        There are Greeks and Bulgarians in Novorussia, they were invited by Nicholas I (first half of 19th century). There were plenty of Germans in Novorussia but they were expelled during WW2. The last initiative to invite Boers from South Africa to Stavropol is an element of very old tradition.

        Westerners do not understand Russian attitude towards immigration. Russians have no tradition to hate Muslims. This guy explains nationalistic point of view:

        He believes that Russians should unite with Muslims in the fight against the West. Leading Muslim political leader is Kadyrov, he is good at destroying Wahhabism in the Russian Federation. Wahhabism wants a war with Orthodox Christians, but this concept is simply a Western idea, „divide and conquer” again.

        You have probably head of a famous clown in Russian politics, Vladimir Zhirinovsky. This Jew lived and studied in Kazakhstan, he speaks six languages including Arabic and Farsi (and no English :-). These people have far more sophisticated understanding of Islam than their Western counterparts.

      3. The Romanov family since Catherine the Great is of pure German blood. German blood + Russian culture. Russians are welcoming but you must follow the rules. There are Russian Koreans, Russian Jews (loyal to Russia), Russian Greeks, etc. There were even Russian Germans, they ruled in Petersburg (eg: Sergei Lavrov is of Armenian/Georgian ancestry, no Slavic blood.

        Please study the ongoing case of organized immigration of Boers from South Africa to Stavropol region. In case of doubts ask Russell Bentley:

    3. @ Felix

      Excellent article, Peter and Lasha. Salvation for the Caucasian race is coming from the East. It appears Russia is becoming a haven for white Christians all over the world.

      Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head. This is an exceptionally fine comment. I had no idea Russia was offering free land and hope to indigenous Europeans under threat of extinction by the out-of-control immigration policies of Angela Merkel and her Jew-controlled buddies in the EU — i.e., the “United States of Europe”.

      Let’s hope President Trump takes a leaf out of Putin’s book and cracks down hard on illegal immigrants in America. If he does that, however, he will be regarded by his enemies as “Putin’s puppet.” He faces a difficult balancing act, does Trump.

      Surrounded by Jews in his administration, surrounded by Jews in his own nuclear family, surrounded by Jews in the media and big government, it’s hard to see how Trump is going to pull the rug away from under the feet of the Jews at some unspecified time in the future. The question of whether Trump is a Zionist puppet has NOT been settled in the negative IMO, despite the ranting and raving of certain brain-damaged Trump-loving loonies who keep telling us that America’s New Messiah has orange hair! 🙂

      Why move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem if he was secretly against the Jews? Why breathe not a word of protest about the genocidal ill-treatment of the Palestinians if he was not afraid to stand up to Netanyahu and the powerful Jewish lobbies in the US like AIPAC?

      Trump is an unknown quantity. He certainly should NOT be given a clean bill of health. Not yet, anyway. For a man to be a true hero, he first needs to do something positively heroic. Can you think of a single thing Trump has done that can be described as “heroic”?

      If so, I’m waiting to hear from you.

      1. Let’s hope President Trump takes a leaf out of Putin’s book and cracks down hard on illegal immigrants in America. If he does that, however, he will be regarded by his enemies as “Putin’s puppet.” He faces a difficult balancing act, does Trump.


        Some of us dream big,
        Some of us dream small,
        Some of us dream dreams,
        That can never happen at all.

        – Arch

  4. Some remarks :

    1) For all European and European-derived countries stopping all non-European immigration, whether “illegal” or “legal” (biologically the effect is the same) is not enough. Repatriation of the non-European population, which has a higher birth rate than the European one with its sub-replacement birthrate, is absolutely necessary, but it is exactly this measure that is most difficult to sell. Most “nationalist” parties in Europe propose a stop to non-European immigration (or not even that, but only its reduction), while the non-European population already in the country is only required to “integrate”. Of course on the long run that is not enough.

    2) There is no indication that Earnest Albert Hooton was Jewish. In fact he once even proposed “to solve the Jewish problem” by mass intermarriage of Jews with Gentiles :

    “Earnest Albert Hooton, professor of Anthropology, Curator of Somatology, and member of the faculty of the Peabody Museum, suggested in Collier’s magazine today that assimilation of the Jewish minorities by intermarriage is the only solution of the “Jewish problem.”

    He declared that persecution of the Jews is the chief cause for the high average intelligence of the Jewish people and the frequency with which they produce geniuses and added:

    “There is enough ability concentrated in the few millions of Jews to raise the general average considerably if it were decimated by intermixture. I do not know that they would be willing to do it, but, if they did, they would confer a great genetic boon upon mankind and at the same time would solve their own problem.”

    Source : Earnest A. Hooton Offers Cure for “Jewish Problem”.…/earnest-a-hooton-offers-cure-for/

    3) Hooton’s plan for Germany hardly envisioned what we call today “White Genocide”. At most he proposed German men to be settled in other European countries and marry local women, and other European men to settle in Germany and marry German women.

    4) The ethnic situation in Germany is not as dire as suggested in this article. Here are the facts :

    ” The United Nations Population Fund lists Germany as host to the second-highest number of international migrants worldwide, behind the United States.[13] More than 16,000,000 people are descended from immigrants (first and second generation, including mixed heritage and ethnic German repatriates and their descendants). 96.1% of those reside in western Germany and Berlin.[14] About 7,000,000 of them are foreign residents, which is defined as those not having German citizenship. The largest ethnic group of non-German origin are the Turkish. Since the 1960s, West and later reunified Germany has been attracting immigrants primarily from Southern and Eastern Europe as well as Turkey, many of whom (or their children) over time acquired German citizenship. While most of these immigrants arrived as guest workers, Germany has also been a prime destination for refugees who have applied for asylum in Germany, in part because the German constitution long had a clause guaranteeing political asylum as a human right, but restrictions over the years have since limited the scope.”

    Of the 82 million Germans 81,3% are ethnic Germans, 11,8% are of other European descent, 4,9% are from North Africa and the Middle East, 1,4% Other Asians, 0,5% Other Africans, 0,5% from the Americas, 1% Other. The biggest non-European groups are : 1,429,580 Turks, 253,485 Afghans, 227,195 Iraqis, 124,150 Chinese. Source : Wikipedia, Demographics of Germany,

    These data stem from the period before Merkel accepted more than one million “refugees” in Germany, but this made her so unpopular that such an act is not likely to be repeated.

    5) Keep in mind that of the 16 million foreigners in Germany 7 million have no German citizenship, so they could be easily be repatriated by a nationalist government. 62% of foreigners in Germany are of European descent. The situation in Germany is not hopeless and could be remedied by a resolute nationalist government.

      1. As Franklin Ryckaert points out above, there is no indication that Hooton was Jewish. Neither LD nor Petrus Germanicus (“Peter”) state that Hooton was Jewish in the article above. They both go out of their way to state the opposite: that Hooton was a non-Jewish Harvard academic. A typical WASP. You muddy the waters by making these unproven suggestions of Jewishness.

      2. Sardonicus — You muddy THINKING by not noting the difference between “Jew” and “Jew-thinker”.
        But that’s OK: “It’s to be expected.”

      3. Bob in DC — If you had been more precise in your language, there would have been no ambiguity or confusion. You are guilty of sloppy writing.

        But that’s OK. “It’s to be expected.” 🙂

      4. Sardonicus — You smudge well …lol.
        BTW, which came first, the WASP, or the Jew?
        [Don’t get bit …lol.]

        Seriously, a comment I throw around now is:

        Problem ONE — the Jew — is Enemy TWO.
        Enemy ONE is our Race Traitor Elite,
        Collaborators through the years WITH the Jew.

      5. In any case, Franklin Ryckaert’s response to your comment proves conclusively that Hooton was not even a “Jew thinker”, as you falsely claim.

        How can Hooton be “thinking” like a typical Jew if, as Ryckaert points out: “In fact he [Hooton] once even proposed to ‘solve the Jewish problem’ by mass intermarriage of Jews with Gentiles.”

        So what typical Jew advocates Jewish genocide by assimilation with gentiles?

        Care to explain?

      6. Sardonicus — Per the Hooten wiki page, the man obviously agrees significantly with Franz Boas.

        [P.S. Where did FR respond to my comment?]

        [BTW: Inter-marriage is a two-way street. A tactic often used by Jews.]

      7. @Bob in DC

        “…Inter-marriage is a two-way street. A tactic often used by Jews…”

        Only when it is about gaining access to the ruling elite of a country. That is intermarriage on a very small scale. But Jews would never advocate for their own total disappearance into assimilation. In fact that is their greatest nightmare.

      8. FR: The “greatest nightmare” of the Jew is goyim awakening, and to be outed — by name — as JEW.
        First Thing First : Expose The JEW : Eliminate JEW Influence

  5. We’re seeing a resurgent interest in “right-wing” affiliations, here, in my American state. Whether it is due to an instinctual feeling that more radical assertions are needed to combat the genocide – or whether Whites are awakening to the dangers and just realize the necessity, I don’t know. However, some organizations (e.g., KKK) are experiencing increased interest in their message, which is, mainly, aligned with the warnings cited in this fine article. It seems that many are realizing they must “do something”, or endure the onslaught of communism.

      1. Hardly. Jews are still walking the planet as are we. One must, and will, be eliminated. Things will not change for the better until they are gone. Should we be the losers, life will sink into an unbearable, dystopian nightmare; and as Jews “ride like an effendi” over the stupid mud races, the death rate for the remaining populations will be off the charts.

    1. Hi Amerikagulag,
      Yes, Patton was right. Hitler led a fine race into a terrible situation. He was good for Germany up to his invasion of Czechslovakia, then on to disasters. Something seems to happen to these dictators. Napoleon did the same sort of thing.

      The German people have been subjugated twice by the victors. I hope to see them get off their knees and tell the Jews what we all know to be the truth, that the holocaust was a gigantic lie, used to allow the foundation of the real fascist state of Israel, and to gain power for the Jews in their host countries.

      Instead of building holocaust memorials Germany should erect a statue to Patton, who was probably done in by/for the Jews.

      …. and memorials to the German women who were savaged by the Russian troops.

  6. @ Bob in DC

    Where did FR respond to my comment?

    Ryckaert responded to your comment here:

    July 8, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    . . . but he posted his comment in the wrong place. Just ABOVE your original comment suggesting Hooton was a “Jew thinker” instead of AFTER your comment.

    Read from after item (2):

    OK, no more idiot comments from you please!

    I’n sick of dealing with dopey halfwits who skip other people’s comments and write careless and sloppy English that causes needless confusion for the reader. You just couldn’t care less, you lazy-brained lout!

    Goodbye, sir. I’ve wasted enough time on you. 🙂

  7. “This is a huge difference compared to Germany’s demographics prior to World War 2 when there were very few ethnic minorities in the country…. ”

    Or so they claim …

    They were called “réfugiés”. In 1648 Brandenburg had to be repopulated(!) after the Thirty Year War, so Huguenots without means were invited. Their transportation was well organized, there were concentration( = welcome) camps in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Hamburg. Those “réfugiés” were given privileges, money to get started, tax exemption, land, free construction material, the right to keep their religion, language and culture, and so on. In 1700 every fifth inhabitant of Berlin was a “réfugié”. Indigenous Berliners were not amused.
    Same story as today, except for the free construction material. These days the “refugees” are given fully furnished houses and apartments.

    In case you are wondering what German Huguenots looked like, here are plenty of pictures:
    Noses never lie, do they?

    In the early nineteen-twenties Berlin was the center for the first wave of Russian emigrants. 360.000 Russians in Berlin which was almost 10 % of Berlin’s population. These people became the think tank of German social democracy.

    In case you are wondering what these Russians might have looked like, we need to consult another article:
    Since the 1880ies Germany had been a “natural” place of refuge for persecuted Ostjuden (Eastern Jews).

    Then there were the Ruhr Poles:
    After 1890 Germany became the second largest immigration country in the world (second only to the United States).
    One descendant of those Ruhr Poles is Sigmar Gabriel who also happens to be on the board of the Jewish Voice from Germany:
    (His German wikipage does NOT mention his Ruhr Polish origins.)

    Going back further in history. Meet the Old Prussians:
    Unfortunately we don’t know much about them, because the Teutonic Order had decided to replace them: “Prussians were baptised at the Archbishopric of Magdeburg, while Germans and Dutch settlers colonized the lands of the native Prussians; Poles and Lithuanians also settled in southern and eastern Prussia, respectively. Significant pockets of Old Prussians were left in a matrix of Germans throughout Prussia and in what is now the Kaliningrad Oblast. Their language eventually became extinct as a separate ethnic group.”

    Submission and Christianization:
    Assimilation and extinction:

    History keeps repeating itself over and over and has been doing so for a very long time:
    ” It is reasonable to assume that the spread of Christianity in any Roman province was preceded and accompanied by the existence there of Jews. The presence of Christians in Cologne in the 2nd century would therefore argue for the settlement of Jews in the city at that early date.”

    Greetings from Berlin

    1. I Like your comment and yes I think that christianity has always been ruled by a jewish elite working together with the jews, rabbis. It’s not my intention to offend christianity or christ but more I read and know I have come to the conclusion that christianity and judaism were always working together at the top. more of a diffused contact than they the jews want us the Goyim to know. That’s why the jews have always survived the socalled ‘ persecutions’ by the Goyim. Again It’s not my intention to offend but I think there is some secret the jews have always hidden for us the Goyim to rule over us. That could explain the reason for the great amount of jewish christians recognizable by their jewish surnames. And these jewish christians protect the jews obvious and act as spies for the jews.

      1. Someone somewhere once called it the witch Judaism and her two ugly step-children Christianity and Islam. Someone else wrote Christianity and Islam are just Judaism for the goyim (think Noahide Laws). I think Jews have been using both religions to conquer, destroy and subvert other nations and peoples. This way they can blame others for their dirty deeds. Just try to educate people here in Germany about the true nature of Judaism; the vast majority simply won’t believe you, because there are no Jewish rapists, terrorists and so on (at least not in the news ^^), while there are plenty of Muslim ones. So of course, Muslims must be the bad guys, not Jews.
        These people just can’t grasp the concept of crypto Jews and what this really means. Much less that Jews usually play both sides, meaning there aren’t just crypto Jews with a lot of influence in the Church, but also in Islam. Even the royal family in Saudi Arabia has crypto Jewish (= Dönmeh) origins, so their country should really be called Yehudi Barbaria.

        Just look at the Vatican, their Egyptian obelisks and all sorts of other weird symbols and rituals. Doesn’t look very Christian to me …

        As for the “persecutions”: I suspect that’s just another one of their 180 degrees lies. While there might have been some real persecutions, I think they just use it as an excuse to invade other countries. This way they can leave behind their crypto Jews in key positions, fooling their former host nations into believing they are gone. And start afresh in the next country. Persecution and “extermination” are also a convenient way to hide their true numbers
        Plus, they might even sacrifice some “self hating Jews”, meaning decent Jews who really assimilated and don’t appreciate their tribes Mafia methods.
        With family like this, who needs enemies?
        “The “King Messiah” did not deny the Holocaust. He justified it.”

        By the way, there aren’t just Jewish Christians and Dönmeh (crypto Jews in the Muslim world), Wikipedia even has an article on Hellenistic Judaism:
        “Hellenistic Judaism was a form of Judaism in the ancient world that combined Jewish religious tradition with elements of Greek culture. Until the fall of the Roman Empire and the Muslim conquests of the Eastern Mediterranean, the main centers of Hellenistic Judaism were Alexandria (Egypt) and Antioch (now Southern Turkey), the two main Greek urban settlements of the Middle East and North Africa area, both founded at the end of the 4th century BCE in the wake of the conquests of Alexander the Great.”

      2. I typically refer to them as “Horrid Hag Judaism and her two hideously ugly daughters she hates” does that count? Islam and Christianity cannot be step daughters as both were born from Judaism’s bowels.

  8. One of the big drivers of the mass migration program, corporate and religious, is their archaic axiom – that it’s unfortunate if population levels decline.
    In advanced countries with higher Intelligence quotients, like the whites of Europe and America , birth rates are declining naturally.
    Where the world we live in is generally less desperate and predatory, offspring are handed a much better deal on arrival.
    Like the rest of us, the fewer of them there are – the more special they will be..
    Greatly reduced population levels are what’s happening toward an ecologically secure biosphere, which is the only way humanity survives the next 100 years…
    All the misguided Abraham ic religions in fact seek themselves as collectivist utopia, using their Noa hide or sharia laws as the state control rulebook.
    Judaism has rightly been called ‘law religionized’.
    Fundamentalist gangster state Islam has been taking over other people’s countries by the dozens for the last few hundred years..
    Those who own and operate the world manipulate fundamentalist politics for their own greater control purposes..
    It isn’t that all those former non Muslim countries just didn’t pay attention.
    They were replaced on purpose with religio-political corporate control systems more ready for collectivist supervision.
    Not that they couldn’t have saved themselves, if they had known when to put it all on the line. .
    The ‘sin’ element, which is another anachronism, will be epitomi c in the increasing surveillance methodology of state suppression. ..
    The popes and the imams won’t mind.
    They’ll all get along OK with the pernicious X-War technocrats and the ruthless Nuevo globa-cops…

  9. @ LD – You have nothing to apologize for. Thanks for writing a very good article. I agree. Things don’t look good and too often I’m optimistic when I shouldn’t be. Also, I only read once that Ernest Hooton was Jewish and I don’t remember where it was, so it’s entirely possible I was wrong about that. Thanks for correcting me.

    Just stop dividing mentally, verbally etc. Europe into “Western” and “Eastern.” Reach out to and unite with those whom you brand as “East Europeans”, such as the Poles.
    The main reason of the present downfall of Europe is the contempt from and hostility of those who regard themselves as “Western Europeans” towards those whom they regard as “Eastern Europeans.” Stop isolating yourselves from “East Europeans.” Unite with them as your brothers and sisters. You will thus form together a power which will be able to liberate and revive Europe in no time.
    First step: stop using the vague and misleading terms – in fact hate propaganda terms – “Western Europe,” “Eastern Europe”, “Western European”, “Eastern European” and the like. Don’t you see WHO conditions you to use them habitually? Don’t you see that your resulting attitude is the main reason of the deadly division and weakening of yourselves and the whole Europe? From now on just use the term “Europe” for the whole continent and “Europeans” for all its indigenous inhabitants. And try persistently, no matter what, to form the alliance. Use the motto “We are all Europeans.”

    1. “Just stop dividing mentally, verbally etc. Europe into “Western” and “Eastern.” Reach out to and unite with those whom you brand as “East Europeans”, such as the Poles.”

      Well – I am skeptical. The sad truth is that Western culture is far more destroyed by cultural Marxism and consumerism although the East is dynamically following Western footsteps. Anyway – nothing impressive.

      Personally I don’t find Western culture attractive. Westerners may suffer from superiority complex but this is their problem, simply a result of Jewish influence.
      Paradox, but I believe that Russian civilisation is superior to the Western one for one simple reason. Starikov explains:

      I know that this division West-East is result of „Divide and Conquer” tactics. But there is a REAL difference in the culture.

      This REAL DIFFERENCE does not have to follow East-West pattern. One should remember that there is huge differencce in the worldview between Russian people and Russian elites. Russian elites are West-oriented since Peter the Great (I believe that the Saker was trying to explain that). Russian people – in general – lost their faith in the Western civilisation. Sodomy as „sexual orientation” is one step to far for sure.

      Probably Western commons are to large extent similar to Russian commons and Russian elites are similar to Western elites (i mean mainly German, French, Greek, Spanish, Italian people). This may be the real division. Russian people were not destroyed by Jewish social enginnering as much as commons in the West. For this reason the voice of Russian commons is stronger.

      Please consider this concept.

  11. The ethnic situation in Germany is not as dire as suggested in this article.

    According to DATA presented by Black Pigeon, indigenous fighting age men in Germany will be outnumbered by immigrant fighting aged men by the end of this year.

    This is the statistic that counts.

    Felix is right to point out that regrouping of modern Anglo-Saxon values outside of conquered Europe is the only option remaining, unless that is, you and your descendants wish to fight a horrific Yugoslavian type civil war.

    Believing in an awakening of the social media zombiefied masses are the dreams of boiling frogs. Any thought or freedom related action that might flicker is now monitored. Technological control mechanisms and Orwellian laws mean that you can be arrested for internet/social media calculated pre-crime in under 1 second no matter where you are, except for very remote locations.

    Highly cultured and highly intelligent, anti-racist Enoch Powell laid it out 50 years ago in his “Rivers of Blood” speech. No significant reaction in 50 years means it is way too late for peaceful resolution.


      “Highly cultured and highly intelligent, anti-racist Enoch Powell laid it out 50 years ago in his “Rivers of Blood” speech. No significant reaction in 50 years means it is way too late for peaceful resolution.”

      I wrote about this in the last article and ironically, Enoch Powell’s horror was in letting some 50,000 immigrants each year, a mere tenth of those coming in today and some.

      People are waiting for a saviour in the world of politics and that’s the last place to look, due to the simple fact that unless you kiss, Jewish arse you don’t last long as a politician. The recent suspensions and expulsions within the Labour party epitomize this. And considering that the Jews are behind the mass immigration in Europe, then politics is helping bringing about Europe’s destruction, not stopping it.

      The only way that people are going to stop globalism is to physically fight against it, causing civil unrest, arming themselves and ultimately breaking every law there is.
      This, of course, is not going to happen. People have families, jobs, mortgages to pay and therefore, anything which risks any of these is completely avoided, at all costs. Ironically though, they will find out that when they become a minority, their families, jobs and thus mortgages will be at risk, when they’re sacked for immigrants to take their place in the workforce, thus unable to pay their mortgage.
      People only act on something when it DIRECTLY affects them. Mass immigration hasn’t yet and sadly, when it does, they’ll be vastly outnumbered, as the immigrants they’ll be fighting against will be continually topped up due to absolutely no immigration control whatsoever.

  12. Excellent article. Informed and aware, the readers of this site.
    Thanks for the ‘rescue’ ^5.

  13. “Genociding Germany”… for sure!


    German Government Covers Up Decapitation of Baby by Nigerian Migrant!!

    Authorities in Germany tried to cover-up the brutal murder of a German woman and a 1-year-old baby girl in Hamburg by an illegal immigrant from Niger by raiding the apartment of the man who posted a video of the incident online.

    On April 12, 33-year-old Mourtala Madou stabbed his German ex-girlfriend, identified as Sandra P., and their one-year-old baby daughter, Miriam, at a Hamburg subway station. The woman’s 3-year-old son was also a witness to the carnage.

    A gospel singer named Daniel J. who arrived at the subway moments after the attack and filmed the bloody scene on his phone witnessed that the baby had been almost or completely decapitated.

  14. @ Sunny, it is my personal conviction that christianity was invented by the jews to brainwash the european people/Goyim beginning from the Roman empire. Christianity should/could be considered as judaism-light adapted for the European Goyim carried out by apostle ‘ paul’ with kind permission of the elders of jerusalem in the past. It has always been a jewish project from then till now. Many popes were jewish and cardinals and priests. Christianity and judaism two jewish factions both ruled at the the top by jews.
    That’s is the reason why judaism still exists. The jews are and were always protected by jewish christians. As christianity was invented by the jews so was islam by the jews. Mohamed had many jewish contacts before he became the ‘ profet’. It’s a scam by the jews to control the arabs. I hope I don’t have offended christians the ones who are not jewish and want to do the right thing in their life. But this is my opinion after my personal reading, research. We are screwed by the jews from the roman empire on till now. For the record my family was always roman catholic as I was till some years ago. When I woke up I realisef Christianity was a brilliant scheme invented by the jews. Again this is my personal conviction. I hate seeing Germany and Europe being destroyed by the jews and their brothers the jewish christians who use muslims as a tool.

  15. Germany has been targeted and blamed by London for centuries:

    Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War

    “…. the official, canonized history of the origins of the First World War, so they tell us, is one long, unmitigated lie from start to finish. Even more to the conspiratorial point is the authors’ thesis that – and to paraphrase a later Churchill who figures prominently in this earlier story – never were so many murdered, so needlessly, for the ambitions and profit of so few.

    “In demolishing the many shibboleths surrounding the origins of the ‘Great War’ (including ‘German responsibility’, ‘British peace efforts‘, ‘Belgian neutrality’ and the ‘inevitability’ of the war), Docherty and Macgregor point the finger at what they argue is the real source of the conflict: a more or less secret cabal of British imperialists whose entire political existence for a decade and a half was dedicated to the fashioning of a European war in aid of destroying the British Empire’s newly emerging commercial, industrial and military competitor, Germany.

    “In short, far from “sleepwalking into a global tragedy, the unsuspecting world”, Docherty and Macgregor contend, “was ambushed by a secret cabal of warmongers” originating not in Berlin, but “in London”.”

    1. Pat,
      Good post! You’re “Op die Kop”, as they say in Afrikaans. Hitting the nail on the head!

  16. It is simply astonishing that the Jews, the minority of the earth have captured this planet for their sinister agendas! How is it that the white populations are practically powerless to push them out? I know the Jews have the money and the corporate power to control nations but there has to be a solution because we are MANY. Is it laziness and the white man thinking that someone else will do it? Is it ignorance? Is it incompetence? Is it self doubt? What?
    Read that putrid book “Germany Must Perish” by the scum Theodore Kauffman. Then realize that everything he says and every action he puts onto Germans is a lie. It is simply a book of non stop ranting and hatred with the most vile proposals for what should happen to Germany. In actuality it is the Jews themselves who are guilty of all the actions, thoughts and deeds projected falsely onto the Germans. Simply twist the entire book around and everywhere the term German is mentioned, substitute the word Jew. Then you will be able to read the book as simply a list of vile and putrid actions that only the Jew could do.

    1. PHYLLIS22,

      “How is it that the white populations are practically powerless to push them out?……..Is it laziness and the white man thinking that someone else will do it? Is it ignorance? Is it incompetence? Is it self doubt? What?”

      The communists (Jews) found out that 5 years of indoctrination had far more effect on a population than 50 years of heavy warfare. Now think about the fact that Jews, especially those who fled Hitler, from the Frankfurt School and attained top positions in colleges and universities throughout the US. The indoctrination started in those universities in the 30’s. Then those brainwashed students, became the next generation of teachers and professors in schools, colleges, universities and of course, politics. This is how it all unfolded. How do you think the 60’s happened? The summer of love? Free sex, decadence, the civil rights movements, the black panthers….the list goes on and on…. all of it courtesy of Jewish indoctrination and Jewish brainwashing.

      All they had to do was really take control of two institutions in any country they moved into, in order to completely control them. They are, of course the main sources of information and education available to the public – the main stream media and academia. And they did so with incredible precision. They then took over politics, the Catholic church, the film industry to the point that anyone who mentioned Jews in any negative light was instantly lambasted an anti semite. They had created a situation where the natives happily defended their own assassins from those who clearly saw them for what they were, a cancer upon any society they inhabit.

      The Nobel Prize, Universities, Hollywood, the media, Academia……all are Jew dominated. They own all the TV and Radio stations. Pretty much all the music and sport’s industry too. Printing, publishing as well. The Jew realized that in order to completely subdue the populace, all they had to do was control their establishments and then start the stream of lies and of course, the promotion of Jews as being not only the most persecuted, but those, above all else who needed to be protected.
      It is impossible to have any conversation with another, within today’s society, about Jews, in any negative light. They have been programmed, throughout their lives to instantly attack anyone who should criticize the poor descendants of the holocaust. They are too stupid to see how incredibly ignorant and oblivious to the danger, those whom they protect have planned for them and their people.

      They have taken control of the very psyche of the non Jew.
      In fact, there is a wasp called the Ampulex Compressa or the Jewelled Cockroach Wasp. It turns its prey into a zombie, completely under its control, before dragging it underground and laying an egg upon it. This hatches and feeds off of the cockroach, which dies and the wasp flies off to continue its species’ survival. If there were ever any creature on the earth that the Jew epitomizes, it’s this wasp.

    2. @ Phyllis22

      “It is simply astonishing that the Jews, the minority of the earth have captured this planet for their sinister agendas! How is it that the white populations are practically powerless to push them out? I know the Jews have the money and the corporate power to control nations but there has to be a solution because we are MANY. Is it laziness and the white man thinking that someone else will do it? Is it ignorance? Is it incompetence? Is it self doubt? What?”

      Russians say (scientists working in the past for general Konstantin Petrov) that JUDAISM IS SIMPLY A POLITICAL PROGRAM.

      This claim is reasonable. Example: please read Isaiah 60-61 ( – isn’t it about Pax Judaica?

      Judaism is a political program, the goal is to conquer the world through commerce/money (Deut 15:6: For the LORD thy God blesseth thee, as he promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee). This is what the British and American Empire were doing.

      I am afraid we are always underestimating the number of Jews. There are plenty of crypto-Jews and even more Goyim serfs. The number of Jews is limited, but they control key aspects in every society. What TIMETOBEHONEST says had been designed millenia ago by Jewish god. (The Covenant, Exodus 19,
      3 And Moses went up unto God, and the LORD called unto him out of the mountain, saying, Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob, and tell the children of Israel;
      4 Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself.
      5 Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:
      6 And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.

      Jews are “a kingdom of priests” in every society. They run every society. One does not need many “priests” to control the population. Money+mass-media+education+injustice system+administration in general, etc.

      1. I have said for years that the numbers for the Jewish people in the U.S. or the world is highly underestimated. Since the U.S. strictly relies on the census and the fact that the Jews have lied for decades that came to this country and hid the fact that they were Jewish in many cases, we are looking at skewed numbers.

    3. @Phyllis22 – I understand your sentiment. They are rich, powerful and smart. But don’t underestimate Europeans/Whites. They are rich and smart too, and as you say, there are a lot more of us. I think Professor Kevin MacDonald maybe has contributed most towards understanding the Jews.

      They have managed to eventually dominate every country they settle in, from Germany, to Russia, England, the US and virtually every other European country and now much of South America too. One difference between them and Europeans/Whites I think is Jews are more ethnocentric. Jews call it “racist” or “anti-semitic” when whites behave like they do. Jews are close to each other and always seeking to advance their group. Today whites don’t bother, or another way of saying it is they don’t dare any more. It’s considered “racist” for whites to try to fight for their own interests. In the USA, maybe the last time two powerful whites tried to fight for white interests was when the very wealthy Henry Ford and the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh opposed WW II and correctly identified Jews as being a major influence pushing for the war. Today the “Ford Foundation” wouldn’t dare do something like that and is largely irrelevant. The same can be said for the wealthy Koch family and the super wealthy Bill Gates and many other whites who either aren’t concerned about advancing white interests, or know what would happen if they tried. The top ten donors to both the Democratic and Republican parties are almost all Jews, and die hard racist Jews like Sheldon Adelson and Haim Sabin, who put Israel above everything else. Sabin is actually an Israeli citizen, but our Jew media says nothing about this, instead claiming that Russia is trying to influence American elections.

      Germany, like many countries before them going back centuries, thought the best solution was for Jews to leave their country. They began encouraging this by legislating Jews out of German life, which made life more difficult for Jews. Eventually, most (with some exceptions for Jews considered loyal Germans, such as veterans) were forbidden to hold government posts, were kept out of universities and were forbidden to marry Germans. Eventually, the Germans and Zionists made an agreement, where Jews that moved to Palestine could keep their money by purchasing German goods. But as the war approached and then started, Jews voices around the world became louder and more threatening and then eventually German Jews were incarcerated as enemies of the state. Eventually, as the war progressed, the barbarism by both sides increased. I now believe WW II was mainly a war between Germans and Jews and I believe Jews are largely responsible for the war becoming a world war and for making it the most barbarous war in history.

      I believe Germany’s initial solution was sensible. To peacefully remove Jews from German life and relocate them somewhere else. The Jews reaction (despite cooperation by some Zionists) was to call for an all out war on Germany, and they began this immediately upon Hitler’s election as Germany’s new chancellor. I believe that is still the best (or only) solution, for Jews to move out of others countries and today Israel will accept them all. This idea has support from top thinkers such as Greg Johnson who runs

      Professor Kevin Macdonald has identified people from the middle east as being the most ethnocentric in the world. This includes both Jews and Muslims. Where whites are much more open to outsiders, Jews and Muslims are much more dedicated to their own group. After two thousand years of Jews having trouble in hundreds of countries, this would seem obvious. But of course, it’s not. We’re told antisemitism is a mental disease, not a reaction to anything Jews have done.

      Within two months of Hitler being elected chancellor, Jews called for Germany’s destruction. This rally was held in New York and was attended by top politicians. Listen to Rabbi Steven Wise’s words.

      Around the same time Jews began an international boycott of Germany, they would soon assassinate several German politicians, their leader Chaim Weizman (first president of Israel) publicly proclaimed that every Jew in the world would fight Germany (helping Germany to make its decision to put its Jews into concentration camps) and then Jews like American Theodore Kaufman called for the genocide of Germans and eventually the Soviet Ilya Ehrenburg called for the raping of German women and killing of every German in the Russian soldier’s sights.

      1. @ Peter

        Well said, Peter! This is one of the best summaries of the German-Jewish conflict I have ever read on this site. Am I to take it that White Nationalists like Greg Johnson have no qualms of conscience about dumping the West’s unwanted Jews in Israel, thinking that Israel is the obvious place for them?

        Two questions:

        (1) Isn’t this rather unfair to the Palestinians? Or are Whites like Greg Johnson indifferent to the sufferings of the Palestinians because they are essentially racist (not “racialist”) and look down on people with brown skins? and presumably lower IQs?

        (2) If Israel were to serve as a refuge or magnet for the West’s unwanted Jews, this would inevitably lead to the need for more Lebensraum for Jews , i.e., a Greater Israel and the consequent theft and plunder of more Arab land.

        I get a feeling there are White Nationalists out there (like Greg Johnson perhaps?) who don’t give a damn for the Palestinians. They would be quite happy to see 15 millions Jews all dumped there, into an ever-expanding Israel.

        Do you personally condone the conquest of more Palestinian land just to get the Jews out of America and Europe and into a Greater Israel? Just asking. This is not a hostile question. I am a strong supporter of the Palestinians, and I know damn well that the last thing my Palestinian friends want is boatloads of Euro-American Ashkenazi Jews landing up in the West Bank as new settlers.

      2. @Sardonicus – I heard Greg Johnson say that the best solution is for Jews to be removed from white countries. He didn’t mention Israel or say where they should be put.

        No, I don’t condone the theft of Palestinian land. You’re correct. It’s a dilemma. Where can they be deported to without making things even worse for the Palestinians?

      3. Many thanks, Peter. Your comments are among the most well-informed I have read on this site. The article you penned with LD was also much appreciated. One of the best on the mechanics of White genocide with particular emphasis on Germany.

        BTW, what do you think of the conspiracy theory that Angela Merkel is Jewish? True or false?

      4. @Sardonicus – Thanks.

        I haven’t heard that. One side of her family is apparently Polish and according to something I read recently, her grandfather (I think) was against Germany in WW I. I suspect she doesn’t consider herself anti-German, but this is what can happens when you have outsiders in your country. She doesn’t feel fully German and isn’t as concerned about its survival. Of course, she was also exposed to all the propaganda that other Germans heard that are full blooded Germans that also aren’t opposed to Germany’s destruction.

      5. Peter, One thing never mentioned is the fact that the White man plays by a different set of rules than the Jew. Jews lie, steal, cheat, pretend, usurp, and kill for their agendas. The White man has a conscience, is more honest and forthright and straight up in going against the Jews. That can’t work. It is an unlevel playing field with the advantage going to the Jew. Unless and until the White man plays dirty and on the same level as the Jew, they cannot ever win. You have to fight fire with fire and the White man generally is good at that having a background of humane and truthful actions instead of lying and inhumane actions as the Jew has been taught in all of their history. The Christian White man being the worst in having been indoctrinated in the “love conquers all” or “turn the other cheek” or “do good to those that hate you” kind of nonsense. A sure fire way to lose against the Jew indoctrination of “dashing babies heads against the stones” and “take the women for yourselves” and “the world will bow to you” Torah and Talmudic teachings.

      6. To “PETER.”
        You seem to be convinced the cause of Frau Merkel’s bringing Third World “refugees” into Germany is her alleged Polish genes.
        If you really believe so, how would you explain the fact Frau Markel has been trying to force the Polish government to accept crowds of such people into Poland?
        The Polish government has been refusing to do this since its coming to power in 2015.
        Other German politicians, including Herr Gabriel, also have been criticizing Poland harshly.
        And so has the German-ruled EU. Accusing the Poles of breaking European law and moral standards, of being un-European. Threatening them with economic sanctions and booting out of the EU.
        Germany’s media people – most of them “full blooded Germans,” it seems – have been smear-campaigning against Poland in the same vein. And so have part of the German public, haven’t they?
        Does it follow they’re all of Polish origin?
        How about the vast majority of the Polish people who support their government’s refusal? Not Polish?

    I recently read comments regading the “doubts” some posters expressed on the apllication of the word “Genocide” on whats happening in Palestine:
    as a Palestinian i inmediately felt compelled to do some research in order to clarify things a bit knowing that it is very difficult to convince someone who is totally brainwashed of the opposite.
    Here is what Zionist run (or possibly owned, even) Wikipedia writes about the word:
    “Genocide is intentional action to destroy a people (usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group) in whole or in part. ”
    Here is Thesaurus:
    “the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group”
    here is a jew on genocide in Palestine (lol)
    “It seems that even the most horrendous crimes, such as the genocide in Gaza, are treated as disparate events, unconnected to anything that happened in the past and not associated with any ideology or system … But there is a clear pattern [of genocide].”
    – Israeli historian Ilan Pappé
    (please dont go calling mr pappe a “self hating Jew”)
    Genocide then isnt exactly (it doesnt have to be) a hutu on tutsi type of event. Notice the word “Systematic” in there…its key in the elaboration of such action.
    now here is a list of the names of villages destroyed in Palestine in just one (out of 14) district in 1948, ERASED so that the jews could have their stupid state. The land to which they alledgedly came back to. As native americans could do the same to many american cities (after only 300 years instead of 2000.
    (As a non European i agree that the influx of foreigners to europe could also be considered a genocide, but where are the dead europeans?
    meaning that genocide does not necesarily mean the slaughter of a people but the threat that certain events (in this case the mass exodus) pose on a society that has worked very hard to build its existence and has its own problems).
    Abu Shusha, Abu Zurayq, al-Butaymat, al-Ghubayya al-Fawqa, al-Ghubayya al-Tahta, Al-Jalama, al-Kafrayn, al-Mansi, Al-Mazar, al-Rihaniyya, al-Sarafand, al-Sindiyana, al-Tira, Arab al-Fuqara, Arab al-Nufay’at, Arab Zahrat al-Dumayr, Atlit, Ayn Ghazal, Balad al-Sheikh, Barrat Qisarya, Burayka, Qisarya, Daliyat al-Rawha’, Ayn Hawd, Hawsha, Ijzim
    Jaba’, Kabara, Kafr Lam, Khirbat Al-Burj, Khirbat Al-Dumun, Khirbat Al-Kasayir, Khirbat Al-Manara, Khirbat Al-Mansura, Khirbat al-Sarkas, Khirbat al-Sawamir, Khirbat al-Shuna
    Khirbat Lid, Khirbat Qumbaza, Khirbat Sa’sa’, Khubbayza, Naghnaghiya, Qamun, Qannir
    Qira, Sabbarin, Tantura, Tiberias, Umm ash Shauf, Umm az-Zinat, Wa’arat al-Sarris
    Wadi Ara, Yajur….
    thats just one district,
    is this not a systematic Genocide?

  18. Mohammed from SA said (July 9, 2018): REPRINT FOR THOSE WHO WANT THEIR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO.

    Its quite hypocritical to see so may westerners, most of whom it seems are white, who are not happy to see the influx of dark skinned refugees from poorer countries. you guys are upset about this but i dont see you making as big a fuss about the fact that all colonial powers have “agreements”in place which see billions of dollars worth of precious metals & minerals & other resources flowing into your countries from Africa etc.

    you want the riches of other countries which help to make your countries prosperous but u dont want the people of the lands where it comes from in your lands?

    you can give all the reasons/excuses/justifications but u cannot deny that this is unfair.
    you all know what tactics your governments employ to secure what belongs to their nations. they use your militaries & even mercenaries to ensure that they can get whatever they want for free or very cheap- they dictate the prices.
    they turn these countries into hell-holes and then use the banks, IMF,BIS etc to give them loans to develop infrastructure when they know they have installed corrupt puppet regimes who will eat up the money & this ensures that these countries remain forever indebted to the Zionist imperialists.

    to say that these countries arent colonies anymore & have been given their independence is a joke- they are independent only on paper.

    yes, i agree that theres a lot of problems created for ordinary westerners who havent really done anything wrong but what about all the ordinary Africans & other poor peoples who also havent done anything to deserve living in hell-holes?

    if u had to be born in such lands, wouldnt you also look for greener pastures because u know theres no hope of bringing stability & prosperity to your country despite its abundant natural & mineral resources…because its precisely due to the presence of these resources that the west is raping & looting your lands?

    then theres the issue of birth rates- what is stopping you whites from having more children?
    you enjoy a much higher standard of living than the rest of the world & can very easily afford to have more kids but due your selfishness & desire to “enjoy life”, u dont have kids or have just one. then u point at these poor nations with high birth rates- these people may be poor but they arent selfish & if your govts & militaries left them alone, they would have no need to become refugees in your lands.

    you are ensuring the decline of the white population due to YOUR OWN actions. it seems most of you would rather have pets instead of children- theyre much lower maintenance & have much shorter lives. they allow u to to live selfishly while giving u the opportunity to experience a sort of parenthood.

    i know that the Zionists want to use these foreigners to make a mess of white nations but it also a FACT that without these people, many white nations will not have a big enough workforce in the next few generations.

    and that line about “culture, heritage, tradition, which includes language, dress, customs, art, cuisine, and more”
    you expect these people to come to your lands & just give up their own culture & traditions?
    actually, in most of the wealthier white nations, theres no real culture…its just homos. lesbians, pedos, feminists, single mums & lots of drugs & alcoholism.

    many whites STILL support Zionists & Israel unconditionally despite the fact that its ultimately these parasites who are behind all this mayhem.

    i could say much more but whats needed is for the comments from whites to be balanced, fair & unbiased.

  19. Mohammed from SA said (July 9, 2018):

    Its quite hypocritical to see so may westerners, most of whom it seems are white, who are not happy to see the influx of dark skinned refugees from poorer countries. you guys are upset about this but i dont see you making as big a fuss about the fact that all colonial powers have “agreements”in place which see billions of dollars worth of precious metals & minerals & other resources flowing into your countries from Africa etc.

    you want the riches of other countries which help to make your countries prosperous but u dont want the people of the lands where it comes from in your lands?

    1. Western ellites control from Universities banks entertainment health care to internet ..all information media…

      These movements like pegida are controled oppositions only..

      Except Hungary and Poland few other small European nation’s…

      Most of the European countries are under the immigration agenda…
      Once a country goes under Karl Marx Cultural degradation agenda…it will never raise back..
      It’s the plain truth…

      Even if you are poor nation without wealth also can survive and protect your Culture and l

      But being immoral nation you cannot survive.
      Most of the European states are immoral…..pretty hard to survive terms of religion you can call it anti christianity or dajal

  20. Pretty base of them to use this poor girls picture for their article. I bet they did it without her permission. Makes me not take them too seriously.

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