GERMAN VICTIMS: What the Allied Victors did to Germany after WWII (2 short videos)

Video 1 shows in grim detail what the Allies did to Germany after WWII.
Video 2 shows the German army awaiting its doom
in the days leading up to its destruction.

VIDEO 1  :  5.44 mins

Just before the storm broke that destroyed a great nation in 1945 with the devastation of Berlin by the victorious Allies— followed by the mass rape of two million German women—the German people seemed to sense that the storm was coming. They waited patiently, with resignation in their eyes, for the terrors that were soon to be unleashed.  Here is a short silent footage documentary from the archives that is well worth watching. It shows the flower of the German army in the months leading up to the final destruction of Germany. It is as if all these brave men knew their days were numbered; that they, their wives and their children were soon to be swept away by a whirlwind of psychopathic violence and reduced to dust and ashes. [LD]   

VIDEO 2  :  4.52 mins

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  1. It is hard to watch how the Germans get so brutally destroyed and blamed for things they were forced into by England/Zionists and Secret – even today – and what the Frankfurt School did to the mind of the young, creating self destructive ideologs (wich are ready to murder on command eventually following Soros evil command) which are beyond any notion of any kind of “loving humanity” (haha) or cherishing humanity, because: ONE CAN NOT LOVE WHEN ONE HATES ONE SELF.

    I was never myself a nationalist in any way but I am into safety and respect towards ethnicity, spiritual quests and longing plus the protection languages and cultures. And, I am into boundaries of safety… which is a must for thriving individuals.

    There is a movie out there called “Hidden Figures” which portraits Afro-American sexy ladies and their math skills at the NASA Space program. While this story could be true (I don’t know), what interests me is how Operation Paperclip and Werner von Braun had anything to do with the developments of the Program and the sexy ladies? I have not seen the movie yet as I despise primitive Hollywoodism. Does anybody know more?

    It appears that the Bellcurve IQ experiment was flawed in many ways as in any race – there are extremely smart people and the average people overlap a lot. Smart asses developed to many weapons anyway and hence IQ is overrated when it comes to perverse anti-life inventions. While I don’t think that we are all the same, I think we all are different, which is inspiring, Nobody is ever the same. Diversity is the law of nature and equality will never be.

    I wonder, what problems people encounter in society if they even mention (not race) but ethnicity and IQ (the IQ-test maybe flawed too)… Anyway, people do best in their own environments – often being streetwise there and … just there. I wonder, if anybody wrote realistic articles about what happened at NASA. I think a documentary would be interesting. Hollywood movies do not reflect reality, see Spielbergs Shoah (he elaborated on a lot of crab playing emotions high which is primitive and invasive). Anyway, the movie has good reviews but before I see it I want to see a realistic documentary and true evidence. However, I wish the sexy Afro-American ladies well with their math and their own African-Space-Program.

    Yes, the German suffering is so heartbreaking. I myself had, even these days, some really questionable experiences being from Germany in the US. I am sure my life would have been different here, if I would not have had attached the mentally retarded labels if History. The good thing is “I became my own best friend” look out or my own wellness first before I serve others. I am surprised, how many progressive people blindly believe the NASA story… or any story from the MSM. I mean is it really likely that NASA (they stole the enemy the Nazi scientists) was ahead of their time hiring Afro-American people at all? I can’t easily believe that as during the times of segregation there was so much oppression, suppression and repression agains Afro-Americans? What is going on here.

    Anyway… I wish all people well, and ALL includes Germans as they are humans too — but I do no not believe that Germans will be remembered in future except for the Holocaust worship, projection of peoples own darkness as the religion of the future which is dark with the NWO agendas …

    For the US, I often wonder, are white man really that privileged? If they would they would not allow their own demise, or? Why are so many homeless street people (except for the SOUTH) white males? Why are they working most dangerous jobs? Why are many while males paid so little that they cannot feed a family alone? I mean only few white males are enjoying privilege? I don’t think that caucasian have a chance to survive the coming global migration act as the migrants come with their hatred towards colonization and project anything which goes wrong on the white male? Also, they unite with the other white males against an imaginary white male (against those who still want to live and protect their family). It’s primitive. I wanted humanity to be beyond such an absolute degraded and mentally backward level. We really do have problems such as “lack of food, shelter, medical care, education, meaningful work environmental degradation, animal rights, etc.)

    Germany is supposed to be flooded with 200m. Humans – 3 x as many as there are now and it appears overpopulated. The environment is terrible. They are already killing animals HALAL in the side streets.

    The suffering which will be coming appears satanistic and not humanistic. A humanistic solution would start with stopping wars and selling of weapons and then stop the drug trade and create humble ways of making a living of all (service towards creation and the planet) included. Migration into a degraded German social welfare shopping mall will never help in the long run – except it would serve those who want to write history their way.

    I think the murder of the white male really started with the murder of the German prisoners after the war, especially the Rheinwiesenlager.

    Very perverse this world indeed. Sorry I don’t feel very positive right now.

  2. Choyung
    November 13, 2018 at 5:43 pm
    “It appears that the Bellcurve IQ experiment was flawed in many ways as in any race – there are extremely smart people and the average people overlap a lot. Smart asses developed to many weapons anyway and hence IQ is overrated when it comes to perverse anti-life inventions.”

    Albert Speer was interviewed by Playboy magazine all way back in the 1980s. Looking at the whole situation in retrospect, that was certainly an eye-opening interview IMO because Albert Speer didn’t seem like he was such a bad guy !! I mean, wasn’t this fellow supposed to be an “Evil Nazi” and wasn’t he tried at Nuremberg for allegedly committing war crimes ?? Bear in mind that just about everybody back in those pre-internet days was of one unanimous opinion on the subject & so if you dared to express even the slightest amount of sympathy for the Germans you would have been accused of being a “Nazi” yourself. It was a totally different world back in those days, but at least I had enough foresight to jot down the following quotation from that long-forgotten interview with Hitler’s Armaments Minister :

    “There is no necessary correlation between intelligence and decency.” ~ Albert Speer (circa mid-1980s).

    It may still be possible to obtain a reproduction of that Playboy interview by purchasing the following book from Amazon ……

    1. I read Speer’s book way back then. I think the same things could be said about most Germans as you said about Speer. For the ones that were “bad”, there were equally bad on the allied side. But murdering 50,000 civilians in a bombing raid here, 30,000 in a few hours there, and with this happening all over Germany, that will make the victims become “bad” and retaliate. And once you realize the central role Jews played in provoking the war, in direct contradiction to their posturing as uninvolved, innocent bystanders, you will realize why they were arrested and held as enemies of the state and sometimes may have suffered from retaliation against themselves. Once the war became an orgy of murder, which the allies under Jewish propaganda made it, that made it the brutal war it became. In addition to the fact that it was France and Great Britain that declared war on Germany (and not the other way around) and the US also attacked Germany (not the other way around), and for the second time within 25 years, and how this has been lied about ever since the war, and then you become aware of the allied policy of massively attacking civilians in bombing raids (which Churchill initiated) while Germany was only attacking military targets until finally provoked into attacking civilians too, you may start to see the allied culpability for making it a world war and the most brutal war in history.

      And ever since then, the propagandistic liars have doubled down, no matter how many times their portrait of Hitler and others as evil maniacs is shown to be false and they are exposed for the liars they are. And this happens over and over again. Here is another example (from David Irving’s website).

      “Easily astonished. “Astonishing” photo of Adolf Hitler smiling and hugging (Jewish) girl up for sale – Hugging: that was before Judea “declared war” on Germany. Now see what the U.K.’s judæophile press makes of it!”

      and more.

      1. Always making money those jews and brainwashing the common people and they love their “‘trauma”of the second world war, “their” PTSS.

  3. The history we have been fed over the past 75 years has been nothing more than Zionist propaganda. The truth will set us, and the Germans, free, if it ever gets out from under Jewish control.

    I am sure that in the future there will be historians and journalists who will seek the truth without fear of a Jewish backlash.. Meanwhile read “Tell the truth and shame the devil”, by Gerard Menuhin.

    1. The books wiil all disappear, memoryhole.
      I noticed that is not on the internet anymore. Are there any posters who know about this?

  4. It is very difficult for an American to realize some of his ancestors were probably involved in these injustices to the Germans after the war. Our “heroes” were somebody else’s nightmares and villains. My wife’s grandfather was with Patton since they chased Pancho Villa around Mexico. They also hunted (chased) foxes together, fought Germans together, and I think they must have simply become addicted to the challenge. They were men of their time – as were all the famous warrior characters of most times – German, American, and otherwise. Bad things that happened were evolutionary to the horrors of war, but there WERE some who recognized those things as opportunity for nefarious activities. Unfortunately, the descendants of those bastards are still manipulating. The increasing, pervasive suffering will be our “Tribulation”.

  5. I just want to mention a nice place “high up in the mountains” where people can go listen to a continuous livestream of music, with quotes from great men of the past. It’s really nice for a repose, for those who feel
    despair and need refreshment of spirit. It is on You Tube .
    I come here regularly to your website because I enjoy reading the many eloquent comments (with the odd exceptions lately) I have been coming here for past 3 years or so. Life is lonely for many and reading comments of awake people is comfort from isolation. My thanks to Lasha . I wish she would tell us how she manages to cope with double life. I find it very difficult to keep my mouth zipped all the time. From young family I mean.. I come from German background. My mother emigrated from Germany to follow her beloved to whom she was engaged, he was a refugee from Latvia, living in Germany. His entire family had gone there to escape the communists. Eventually they all emigrated to southern hemisphere, and she followed. I recall in my growing up years their dismay at how Germans were portrayed on TV- always in a mocking way. Then of course the endless war propaganda films. I didn’t understand it then but a feeling of cultural shame was insidiously transferred to me.
    At one point , like Monika Schaefer, I also confronted my mother. And I recall her response, that she knew nothing
    My mother was in her 20’s when she left Germany to follow my father. At that time she worked in a medical laboratory, a Typhus laboratory, and the medical specialist under whom she worked, was very sorry to see her leave , because she was so good at her work. My mother passed away 3 years ago. I had just woken up to Truth. I felt so sad to hear her comment one day “I don’t know why Hitler wanted war”..She had been brainwashed by years of TV by then. I did try to tell her the Truth, but I don’t think she could absorb it …She had cancer and died from the treatment 5 months later.. My mother often talked about a beloved uncle who never returned from the war, even though it had ended. Now I know he must have died in Eisenhauer’s death camp. I’m so glad she never knew..

    1. Melancholy, I spent some time at The Mountain Refuge today and will go back often. Thank you!
      And yes, the evil monster murdered 1.7 million in his death fields that very few people have any idea about it. All those brave Germans were simply erased from history and “never returned from the war”. And when you try to tell people about it, they don’t believe you. It’s like the opposite of the holohoax.

  6. The Thought Police have censored the second video. I’m in Lithuania and I’ve watched it about 6 times since this article was published. I watched it this morning. No more. Now YouTube gives the message:

    Video unavailable
    This content is not available on this country domain.

  7. We are fed a false history, that lies by omission

    Never a mention of the role of Jews and their Power.

    The Media and the Historians should be ashamed of themselves

      1. We have no plans to close the site down, John,
        though we’ve had to fend off a few serious attacks recently.
        (Most of our problems stem from lack of technical support).

        BTW, your comment was held up because of a typo in your email address.

    1. More than “wrong”… it is “removed”… GONE!!

      “Blog has been removed”
      “Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.”

      This is an example of (((Google & Facebook))) control of web contents.

  8. I always wonder what treatment towards Arabs was during Hitler times; there is a picture of Him meeting Sheikh al Husseini in Germany and by the way they both sit, looking at each other almost smiling, feeling confortable – I can even notice Hitler is leaning towards the Sheikh as if trying to have himself understood, as if explaining himself and the German people – while the sheikh sits straight in a dignified manner.
    I was surprised to find two quotes, one from each that i find somewhat exciting and maybe even suspicious:
    Sheikh al Husseini:
    “Arabs, rise as one man and fight for your sacred rights. (so far so good, thats legal, not inciting to hate) fight the jews whereever you find them (hmmm notice how at that time the so called state of israel had not been aborted yet) …
    This pleases God (he wouldnt have said God, but Allah) history and religion,
    God is with you…..”
    the second quote is from Hitler:
    The only religion i respect is Islam, the only prophet i admire is the prophet Muhammad”

  9. Have a look at what this “great nation” did to the capital of Poland after six years of brutal occupation. Actually, during 1939-1941 (till Barbarossa) it was occupation of two socialist’s friends acting together in common goal: Germany lead & financed by jews and completely jewish USSR. Before WW2 there were 35 million of Polish citizens in Poland. Just after WW2 remained only 20 million, so ca. 15 million perished, including less than one million of jews living in Poland at that time, called contemptuously by their western brothers “Ostjuden”:

  10. Everything you say is fake history. Breslau (what you call Wroclaw), Stettin, Danzig, all those German cities were built by Germans in the days before countries existed. The fact some Slavs may have had a settlement with a few people living there doesn’t make it a city and it didn’t make it Polish. The Germans built all of what is western Poland today, which was stolen from Germany to weaken them. Your settlements were roughly the equivalent of the settlements the American Indians had, but it was Europeans that built the cities in the USA. This is the ridiculous history of idiots, people like those that write for Wikipedia. Almost every German city, founded and built over centuries by Germans has a comment on the site that a Slavic settlement was once there to justify the theft of these German cities. The same can be said for every spot on earth. There was always some other group that lived there previously. Germans also settled Konigsberg, Memel and Riga, far to the east of Poland.

    Your jealousy and overblown perception of yourselves, thanks in part to the British and others coaxing you on led to the war. You proposed to France three times that Germany should be invaded in the 1930’s, like others, you stole parts of Germany that the thieves at Versailles didn’t give to you and you idiots made a map of the new Poland with Berlin as a Polish city. You murdered ethnic Germans and thought you could treat a world power like dirt when they tried to negotiate a peaceful solution, and now you repeat the lies about overblown atrocities that the Jews and others have pushed since before the war already.

  11. It was the Germans that opened an investigation into the murder of 15 to 20,000 Poles at Katyn. They invited enemy countries to send delegations to watch and assist in investigating that atrocity during the war. That is how honest people determine what happened, not like the Jews and their allies, making up outrageous figures and repeating them over and over without any evidence. Switzerland and other neutrals sent delegations, while Germany’s enemies refused and lied and blamed the Germans for that crime too until the Soviets finally admitted in 1990 they lied, and that in fact a Soviet Jew ordered the massacre carried out by Soviets. More of your lies at Auschwitz, which had a sign saying “NAZIS” murdered four million people there, and after forty five years you took the lie down and replaced it with a new sign saying 1.5 million were murdered, which many know is just another lie, just as the figures you cite in your post.

  12. @Peter
    You, German tribes of different lands united by Bismarck only in 1871 in Frankfurt (Frankobród)), are poor people. You don’t understand that you represent the Byzantine culture hacked by jewish Sanhedrin and have been under jewish occupation long before Martin Luter times with his bloody protestant’s revolution against catholic church inspired by jews helping him to translate their Hebraic Bible into German (actually the Bible is an Aramaic Targum and a conglomerate of different stories from different cultures, like flood, etc. ) However Luter finally understood what was going on and at the end of his life wrote the famous brochure “Jews and their lies”.

    Actually, you have been under jewish occupation till today, haven’t you? Who owns your mainstream press? Who owns your economy? Who decides about your emigrant policy? About your culture, education and propaganda? You have absurd of 3 (three!) genders in Germany now and “marriage” of pederasts. Who is in command of your military bases and drones bombing Africa and Near East? You are not free people and never have been because there is no freedom in your souls; you have always obeyed to the state without reservation, even if it was openly jewish state as during so called Weimarer Republik or Adolf Hitler 3 Reich. Even fall of the Berlin Wall you don’t owe to yourselves but to the Polish Solidarity.

    Peter, you are almost right regarding Katyn genocide on the Polish nobility, officers, professors, intelligentsia executed in 1940 by the soviet jews (Stalin, Beria, Kaganovitch), however “almost” makes difference. Germans told the world half-truth about Katyn in April 1943 to receive world support after game changer of the Battle of Stalingrad, when it was clear that Germany will fall soon, war is lost. Few months later was Teheran, and even before Casablanca. Germans never mentioned that soviet (jewish) USSR was their ally since 1922 and the treaty of Rapallo. Most of the German heavy military weapon, tanks, planes, cannons and so on were built on the territory of bolshevic USSR…

    Regarding Polish Policy of Marshal Józef Piłsudski to attack Hitler before it is to late, it was a very wise project, unfortunately never introduced. It would save millions of victims of WW2 Jews didn’t allow it and Marshal Piłsudski was killed (poisoned) in 1935

    As regards the lies of four million people killed in Auschwitz (we were taught by “żydokomuna” that 6 million jews died there), these aren’t Polish lies but jewish. All Poles know that jews didn’t die in Auschwitz at all, which was a German concentration camp for Poles, other Slavs and finally 27 nations but no jews. Jews had been murdered in Brzezinka, 4 kilometers away from Auschwitz.

    1. Joe,

      It was precisely your aggressive attitude towards Germany that contributed so much to making WW II happen. Hitler tried very hard to make peace with Poland but the idiots in your country won out over the wise Polish ambassador to the US, Jerzy Potocki who reported back to Warsaw on his observations of the American political scene:

      “The pressure of the Jews on President Roosevelt and on the State Department is becoming ever more powerful… The Jews are right now the leaders in creating a war psychosis which would plunge the entire world into war and bring about general catastrophe. This mood is becoming more and more apparent. In their definition of democratic states, the Jews have also created real chaos; they have mixed together the idea of democracy and communism, and have above all raised the banner of burning hatred against Nazism.
      This hatred has become a frenzy. It is propagated everywhere and by every means: in theaters, in the cinema, and in the press. The Germans are portrayed as a nation living under the arrogance of Hitler which wants to conquer the whole world and drown all of humanity in an ocean of blood. In conversations with Jewish press representatives, I have repeatedly come up against the inexorable and convinced view that war is inevitable. This international Jewry exploits every means of propaganda to oppose any tendency towards any kind of consolidation and understanding between nations. In this way, the conviction is growing steadily but surely in public opinion here that the Germans and their satellites, in the form of fascism, are enemies who must be subdued by the ‘democratic world.’”

      This demonstrates you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      1. Everything is a lie – there are lies, where we don’t expect it – there are also lies, where we will never know…

        Everything is great theater of ‘Them’ – to deceit us – to slave us – to hold us down.

        They had also transgender for a very long time, nowadays, the satanic worshipping is everywhere.
        Look at the film ‘Metropolis’, transvestigation, FTM, MTF, and so on….the world is contaminated with evil.

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