Germany and France ‘insult’ America by broaching idea of separate ‘European army’

By Finian Cunningham
Information Clearing House

LD: Angela Merkel (Germany) and Emmanuel Macron (France) have succeeded in angering Donald Trump by suggesting it’s time Europe got its own army, thereby dispensing with the need for the US and NATO which have managed so far to keep Europe safe from all external enemies since WWII. Trump has rightly taken the position that Merkel and Macron have made an “insulting” suggestion, though the article below sees it differently. Macron’s comment that Europe needs its own army if only to defend itself one day from a hostile America can only, in my view, be described as insolent and provocative. This is almost like a wife telling her husband, “I need a bodyguard to protect myself from you — that is, in case you turn nasty!” [LD]

Macron and Merkel ‘insult’ Donald Trump
by suggesting America could become a ‘future enemy’,
thus making a separate European army a necessity.

November 14, 2018 “Information Clearing House” –   The testy slap-down by US President Donald Trump to the idea of a European army was telling. Any notion of the Europeans stepping away from American “protection” would be anathema to Washington.

That’s because American power is not about “protecting” Europe. That’s just the vainglorious, propaganda mythology. In reality, it’s all about Washington maintaining a lucrative protection racket in Europe, imperial control over supposed “allies”, and militarily targeting Russia as the main objective.The idea for a European army was floated again last week by French President Emmanuel Macron. Macron has been particularly keen on the European Union forming its own military, independent from the US.

Speaking on a tour of World War I battlefields in northern France, Macron said: “We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America.”

In response, Trump immediately took Macron to task, saying his remarks were “insulting”. In a subsequent meeting in Paris for WWI commemorations, the French leader appeared to backtrack under pressure, trying to assure his American counterpart that a European army would be “complementary” to the US-led NATO alliance.

Still, the proposal of Europe going its own way from the US has not been abandoned. This week, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told German business publication Handelsblatt that Europe must “stand up to the Trump administration” and not be afraid to assert its own power as an “empire”.

“Everybody knows it takes guts to stand in the way of Donald Trump’s administration,” said Le Maire in an interview. “The people of Europe have had enough of the babble from Brussels. They want to see action.”

Echoing Macron’s comments last week, the senior French cabinet minister said that Europe must become a “peaceful empire” in order to stand up to China and the US.

Le Maire also challenged Germany to back the French plans for creating an independent force — “political, financial and military” — from Washington. “We have talked about it for a long time. Now it’s time for decisions.”

These are certainly pushy words from the French leadership. But the idea of Europe taking on a more assertive, independent international role from the US has also been growing among Germany’s political class in recent years. The residual shame over Nazi Germany’s horrors seems to be gradually fading as Berlin strives for more global influence.

There are several factors in why the EU seems to be becoming more estranged from its erstwhile transatlantic partnership with the US. Under the Trump administration, tensions have intensified over his barracking about NATO expenditures; his browbeating over perceived “unfair” European trading practices; the threat of sanctions on Iran hitting EU multi-billion euro investments with Tehran; and the walking away from the Paris Climate Accord.

In this quarrelsome context, the notion of Europe forming its own military security organization takes on even greater appeal. France’s Macron seems especially ambitious to rejuvenate European and French global standing. Having its own continental army augments that ambition.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has welcomed the proposal. Moscow views such a development as moving towards a more multipolar world and away from the unipolar would-be dominance of the US.

At a glance, one would think too that Washington might also endorse European defences being independently bolstered. After all, for years American politicians have been bitterly complaining that Europe is a “freeloader” on US military protection. Trump has taken the grievance to new heights, aggressively badgering European nations to stump up more spending on their military to “share the burden” more evenly with the US.

There is a conceited American myth that Washington is the “chivalrous protector” of Europe, as portrayed in countless Hollywood movies, such as Spielberg’s ‘Saving Private Ryan’.

Since 1945, tens of thousands of US troops stationed in bases all over Europe are said to be there out of noble duty to defend allies, so goes the myth.

Such a conceited narrative is then used by Trump to castigate Europeans to spend more on defences and “share the burden”. However, notice how the American tune suddenly shifts if the Europeans actually begin to propose setting up their own defences. If the issue were all about “sharing” costs of defence more equitably, then logically Washington should welcome the move towards a European army.

But that is not the real issue. Washington would never accept Europe becoming independent in terms of military power, because military power through NATO is how the American ruling class exert their hegemonic control over Europe.

Recall that NATO was set up in 1949 in the aftermath of the Second World War with the expressed objective to, “Keep the Russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down”. Note that while the civilian post of secretary general of NATO can be held by Europeans, the military organization is invariably commanded by an American armed forces general.

NATO is America’s “protection racket” in Europe. It has grown to a  29-member bloc which has expanded over recent years all the way to Russia’s borders. This US-led military matrix sprawling over Europe gives Washington huge leverage over European policy and a vital projection of force at Moscow.Moreover, European members of NATO are obliged to spend their military budgets largely on American weapons, including Patriot missiles and fighter jets. European nations are lined up to buy hundreds of the latest-generation and wildly overpriced American F-35 warplanes.

If Europe somehow created its own army to satisfy the vanity of politicians like Napoleonic Macron then Washington stands to lose tremendous strategic control over Europe and the latter’s relations with Russia. It also stands to lose trillions of dollars flowing to the Pentagon’s military-industrial complex that props up American capitalism.

Washington for all its rhetoric about “protecting allies” and “burden sharing” is not going to let that happen. European fanciful talk about setting up its own army would be viewed by US imperialism as an intolerable act of insolence. But the tensions over the issue do show one instructive thing: US relations with Europe are not the partnership. It’s all about domination.


22 thoughts to “Germany and France ‘insult’ America by broaching idea of separate ‘European army’”

  1. The european army will be used against the european people not against amerika or Russia.
    The army will be a mixture of European peoples and how lucky are we these days of arabic origin.
    In the meantime the jews, our lords, can make more money with this new industry. So the reason for a European army is a lie of our jewish masters as they always do.

    1. I am not a fan of the EU but to rely on the USA is to rely on Israel.

      Any open and intelligent discussion of 911 and its aftermath has been suppressed by the media.

      We will know things are changing when somebody on TV has the courage to ask how a high quality steel-framed building like WTC7 could crumble into its own footprint at freefall speed.

  2. Cooperation between ethnic Europeans and Russia is the best answer. Self-determination, secure borders, and mutual respect among nations are the keys to peace.

  3. Ironically enough there is a precedent for a European army but it’s not exactly the precedent the Europeans want to be reminded of despite it’s well deserved reputation as one of the fiercest fighting forces of all time.
    The Waffen SS.

    1. Right you are, hp

      The intent was for them to be protectors of the realm. The “realm” in this context to mean Western Civilization, to be protected from the scourge presently overrunning the world

      That the SS started as the personal bodyguard for “der fuhrer” was a practical necessity given the particular (and dire) circumstances of Europe after the 1918 “stab in the back”.

      Think of it all as a seed that needs proper cultivation for it to “Germ(a)nate” and fulfill it’s potential – that being national socialism in order to save Europe from itself. It had to start somewhere, and that “somewhere” came in the person of Adolph Hitler

      What only APPEARS as being statist with the rise of the 3rd Reich was intended to be temporary, given the emergency situation Europe found itself in after 1918. Had Germany prevailed, any appearance of statism would have dissipated.

      P.S. nothing new here for those of us who know the score

      1. Otto Skorzeny, the body guard of Hitler, went to work for the jews, the Mossad, after the war. Even he lost his ideals. You can never know it with people. Many change of hearts. Don’t forget all the scientists who went to work for the usa after war. It is easy to be idealistic when you are winning. Who can you trust in this world? Don’t ever trust in the common people. They betray you for a nickel. Luckily we can always trust our enemies. They never have a change of heart. They can not and will not.

      2. Mike! Otto Skorzeny did not work for Mossad. That is a BS story. After WW2 he spent most of his life in Franco’s Spain. He did do some work for the Argentine government and also for the South African. BTW, he was a friend of our family. You are probably referring to that BS about him being blackmailed by Mossad about them getting Weisenthal off his back. Well Skorzeny was put on trial after the war and acquited.

  4. America go home is the new chant of Germany and France. United they can defend themselves by sharing French nuke bombs. They have no need for expensive American made armaments when Russian/Chinese weapons sell at one third the price and are better. A unified Germany and France will become a mighty military force. It would be best for America if Arabs flooded Western Europe making a New Arabia. No more traitorous Germany and France.

    1. @ (((Melvin)))
      this is what i understood from your great comment :
      “Jews go home is the new chant all over the world; problem is … Rats got no home, except sewers. If humans unite they can defend themselves by sharing French nuke bombs and throw them at the fake, murderous entity currently known as “the ones who claim their shit dont stink”i.e. “israel”… … They have no need for expensive American made armaments when Russian Jew weapons sell at one third the price and are better except when Israel hides behind them and Syria shoots them down.. A unified Germany and France culinary union will create a new kind of french fries with sausages. WHAT WE JEWS WANT IS FOR Arabs to flood Western Europe making a New Arabia leaving space for our greater Israel little project, as announced by prophet Moises when he overdosed on mushrooms one rainy night in the middle of the Negev…. No more traitorous Germany and France. Kill each other again, that´s what we Jews really really want…My sister is available for free sex to refugees as i suggested in an earlier post, but jew women dont shave under their armpits so carry some Gillete air freshener just in case”

  5. It would be GOOD for European countries to reawaken their nationalism by participating in their own defense! Somehow compelled to enter a war against Hitler we should never have entered, in the first place, we have had to assume supervision of our own presence, there.
    It has been a thankless endeavor, and we should feel well-rid of it if it happens.

  6. The article is nonsense and incomplete, and thus used for confusion and deflection, as we all know who is ruling France and Germany. They are the usual suspects, the French jews, who hide that they are jews and the German Jews who hide to the population that they are jews. The jews are fortunate that the common people are too stupid to want to know who their rulers are.

    ADMIN: Excellent point. We agree with you that the article is unsatisfactory and only adds to the “confusion and deflection”, but the author is not allowed to point his finger directly at the Jews on a site like Information Clearing House.

  7. Success at social climbing uplifts Jew to power and wealth. Many Blacks are best at basketball and track.Many Asians are best at gymnastics and math. Many Jews are best at leadership and being open to new experiences.Blocking blacks, Asians, and Jews from expressing their racial endowments is wrong. Letting the cream rise to the top must be accepted without malice.

  8. The Germans and the French will not have to worry about an army as they keep letting illegal unlimited immigration into their countries and soon will cease to be Germany or France and the same thing is happening here in America aka NATIONAL SUICIDE !

  9. yes, macron will need an army to save, not france from america, but to save france for the globalists’ european union, just in case trump survives as president and actually rallies the usa against it…
    i’m pretty sure trump would prefer a FREXIT to go along with the BREXIT, while macron is nothing more than a brussels stooge selling france out, along with germany, sweden, all the rest of white europe, to the jews’ multiculturalist discombobulation miscegenation plot..
    macron’s a wise little prick… the first thing he says is – rather than admit the pressure from trump to fund nato now, he’d raise an eu army and make the usa out to be the enemy.. his statements disparaging patriotism and nationalism are straight off the jews’ plot… like there should be no nations because nationalism is a threat to the jews… how’s that? the jews don’t belong to any nations… they’re infiltrators and saboteurs….
    and the way macron foams on about the traditional threats, we see no vision there…
    pat – rubio talks smart… anybody ever heard him say the j-word? i doubt it, definitely not on fox news…

    1. Bark –

      Rubio is smart. He was (S)elected for a second term in the Senate, which means he has jew approval. He has never disparaged jews…. but has supported them…. fully. Two terms gives it away.

  10. The part that is overlooked is that President Trump is not pro NATO and said things suggesting it’s not needed, but those carrying the narrative blew up at him for suggesting such things. And NATO is not needed if it’s a threat to peace in Europe, as it is. In addition to insulting the USA, Macron insulted Russia also, it’s just that Russia is insulted every minute of every day and the US is rarely insulted, although it regularly insults others.

    NATO should be cut down to 1/10 it’s size, all NATO troops should be removed from the Russian border and most from the former Warsaw Pact countries. Germany, France, the UK and Russia should expand trade and Macron and others should stop insulting Russia. They have a right to defend their interests like every other country and if NATO didn’t have troops in Eastern Europe and wasn’t building missile systems pointed at Russia, while the Jewish media is constantly demonizing the country, Russia probably would not interfere in former Soviet republics stoking hatred, such as Jewish Poroshenko’s Ukraine.

  11. THE INACCEPTABLE must never be accepted,
    THE INTOLERABLE must never be tolerated.

    What the ALL LIES and their ((( Jewish Zionist masters ))) did and what they keep doing – They keep Germany & all of the “EU“ occupied and enslaved; NATO’s purpose: to keep the Americans above (that is: the Jews! using the enslaved American “Goylem“), the Russians out and the Germans down“. The war has never ended. There is no peace treaty since 1918. Jews and their lackeys (“shabbos goys“) should clean up their act and stop expecting that their crimes should never be criticized.

    We are talking about the most heinous criminals (the creme de la creme at the top & behind the scenes) who call criticizing their crimes “a crime punishable by law“. Unlawful “Law“ which punishes the innocent and allows the criminals to go free. They invent so called “hate crimes“ in order to get a free pass to go on committing their crimes. The propaganda machine of world Jewry, an international crime syndicate uses (among others) the term “anti-Semitism“ to silence criticism. The term “anti-Semitic” is nothing but a smear word, a misnomer. Most Jews are Khazars, Ashkenazi Jews of Asian-Mongol-Turkish and not of Semitic origin

    (BTW – Jesus was NOT a Jew. He was a Judahite, a true Israelite, descendant of the tribe of Judah. That’s NOT identical with the term “Jew/ish“)

    Misnomers, weaponized words such as “anti-Semitism“, “neo/nazi“, “hate speech“, “racist“, “racism“ etc which can’t stand scrutiny are being used to smear patriots and nationalists who want to defend their homelands, families, culture, heritage. Zionist Hate propaganda used to suppress criticism of Jewish Crimes & Power. Who is behind mass immigration into white countries? Zionist Jews are bragging about their leading role!

    “Transformation“, “diversity“, “multiculturalism“ are code words for WHITE GENOCIDE! Anybody who dares criticize the worst criminals and the worst crimes against humanity is deemed “a criminal“ in order to silence everybody who speaks the truth, and to take away all God given rights and to turn us all into slaves, sub-human beings. That’s what Jewish rabbis teach in their unholy books, the Babylonian Talmud:“Every Jew is a god, every Goy is a slave, an animal in human form, created for the sole purpose to serve the Jews“. Enslavement & Genocide are their goals. They invent “hate speech laws“ to criminalize, silence and destroy all their critics. They falsify reality by inversion, everything is turned upside down. The worst criminals, the falsifiers of reality pose as an epitome of morality, i.e. the Jewess Angela Merkel poses for a “saintly angel“ while genociding the German people by opening the gates for multi-million, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural mass immigration. The borders of white countries are open and millions of young men from the Middle East, Africa and Asia are flooding into the European countries with a free pass to do whatever they want. This is something that Jews have planned for the white countries for a very long time. In the end our cities are supposed to turn into Lagos or Calcutta type slums that can no longer resist the tyranny of the Jewish overlords (who in their hubris see themselves as “gods“, “spiritual elite“, “light onto the world“)

    Upright people are being criminalized, treated as if they were the ones – the worst of criminals to be thrown into prison. Asking the most basic questions, asking for answers re the “Six million Holocaust“, asking for evidence is deemed “a crime“, “incitement to hatred“ and “holocaust denial“. An inverted reality: The truth is no defence. Self defence is not allowed. Evidence is not required. Truth is called hatred. Truth tellers are called “haters“ and are treated as criminals by those who hate the truth, the worst criminals on earth themselves.

    You may not say that? It’s deemed “anti-semitic“?
    We are deemed “anti-Semitic” , even though our motivation is the quest for objective truth in history? And once again: What does “anti-Semitic” mean? It’s an empty term without any true meaning. Nobody “hates Jews“ for just being Jews; it’s about criticism of the worst unimaginable crimes committed by Jews – criminals & crimes which must be exposed and stopped!

    SEARCHING FOR TRUTH & TELLING THE TRUTH is not “anti-semitic“.

    The Jewish “Pope Francis“ – liar & deceiver serving the Satanic Jew World Order: “Christians can’t be anti-semites“ What is he saying? That Christians are not allowed to speak the truth? That they must be “politically correct“ liars? In that case Jesus Christ must have been the worst “anti-Semite“. He loves the truth and calls them haters of truth the “Children of their father, the Devil. The Synagogue of Satan“. That’s why haters of truth, worshippers and servants of Evil have crucified him and persecuted his followers ever since.

    “Anti-Semitism“ is a canard used to stifle and silence any and all criticism of Jewish crimes. Today’s “Jews” are neither Semites nor descendants of the ancient Israelites who lived in Palestine/Canaan thousands of years ago. These Jews are Talmudic Satanists or atheists (or whatever). If only those counterfeit Christians aka “Christian Zionists“ (a contradiction in itself) would educate themselves as to these truths, they might stop their mindless support of Zionist Talmudic Jews (“Luciferians“), the worst terrorists and war mongers on earth – always hiding behind others, always using others. The worst threat to world peace.

    The obvious question is: What kind of historical truth needs criminal sanctions to protect it? The Holocaust story would not need criminal sanctions to protect it if it was historically accurate and truly “self-evident“. Shulamit Aloni, former Israeli minister, admits that the “Holocaust” and the “antisemite” accusation are “tricks“ used to manipulate into silence and self-censorship those who criticize Jewish crimes. When asked, “Of course! It’s a trick!” she says. For the U.S., she says, they use “anti-semite“, for European nations they use “holocaust“ (and “anti-semite“). If that doesn’t shut everyone up, they use in Europe imprisonment for questioning the “self-evident facts of the Six Million Holocaust“.

    WE MUST TALK ABOUT THE TRUE MEANING OF THE PROPAGANDA TERMS, we mustn’t use them ourselves but point out their true meaning. “Diversity“, “transformation“, “multiculturalism“ are code words for WHITE GENOCIDE!
    THERE IS A WAR GOING ON under Jewish leadership against ethnic-Europeans to genocide us, nothing less. First step is psychological warfare by the Zio-media using Cultural Marxism. The next step is to flood ethnic-European nations with young Muslim males, incompatible and unsympathetic aliens, massively build up their numbers (by family re-union), after which point, the third step, they will be armed to slaughter us. Divide & Conquer, destroy, then take and control the spoils.

    What all Whites need to do is stand together against this and say “NO MORE!”
    Our collective passivity has led to GENOCIDE & TOTALITARIAN CONTROL against us. Just study the Jewish Bolshevik Communist Revolution against Christian Russia to see where we are heading, 66+ million Russians were slaughtered from 1918 to 1958 (Solzhenitsyn/Russian archives) and there was no end yet, and this time the human slaughter will even be on a global scale.

    Which part of the following do we not understand?
    1) Jewish Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev states that he wants ALL WHITE PEOPLE GENOCIDED. I guess if you are Jewish it’s “not hate speech“ and “okay for Jews“ to push this genocidal, anti-White agenda . . .
    2) American/Israeli Jewess Barbara Lerner-Spectre, causing the extinction of ethnic-Europeans in Sweden, says “we Jews“ are behind the Muslim invasion of Europe because it is too white and a white Europe cannot be allowed. Listen to her here:
    In her own words: “I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. JEWS are going to be AT THE CENTRE of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our LEADING ROLE. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive” (No multiculturalism for Israel of course!)
    3) Chief Rabbi of Moscow and Europe Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt admits Jews and Muslims are working together to destroy the ethnic-European Christian civilization:
    “Muslims are Jews’ natural allies in Europe“ – “Clash of Civilizations“ (Jewish agenda) Goldschmidt (Goldsmith) calls the Jewish-Muslim war on the white race and Christianity “religious expression“. . . Under cover of “religion“ Jews want to commit their multiple genocides (using weaponized masses of Muslims, Blacks, Asians to do their dirty work), unspeakably heinous crimes against the White race and civilization – and they want to go unpunished, not even critizised . . .

    (“Letting the cream rise to the top must be accepted without malice“ – M.Polatnick)

  12. Oh,
    What can the matter be !!
    Are France & Germany afraid ?/
    Of what ??
    Is it possible that France & Germany are concerned that if they are not totally cooperative with the US (& their controller Israel) that they could one day find themselves on the receiving end like Syria, Iraq, etc., ??
    The US & their (Pal Joey) need not worry, France & Germany could not raise an army to scare off the boogie man let alone defend their nations.

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