22 thoughts to “Germany now kidnapping and imprisoning foreign ‘Holcaust deniers’ without proper trial”

  1. This will continue, globally, until all agree that truth is whatever the courts claim it is.


    Monika and Alfred Schaefer were hauled into a staged kangaroo court to show what happens for disobeying any order to be silent.

    John Kaminski wrote, yesterday:

    Recite the Jews’ version of history or face gag orders and/or jail time!!

    The thing to keep in mind is that people are being put in jail for telling the truth. That makes the idea that you are living in a free country a willful delusion from which no competent decisions about anything may be made.

    You are no longer allowed to tell a story that is not approved by the Jews, especially if it involves holy Holocaust defamation. Like a spreading stain of darkness slowly asphyxiating the minds of everyone on Earth, the monstrous judicial invention that “truth is no defense” has unleashed the worst possible future upon our lemming-like human species.

    People are being snatched off the streets for daring to analyze their country’s provably criminal history. A woman lampooning a well-known ethnic group is ordered to stay off the Internet for a year. And anyone who dares speak critically about Jews in public, after first having their character assassinated by a huffy Jewish spokesperson, is likely to be arrested by a very real thought police.


    1. It’s all about whatever the jewish courts claim it is! The jewsa and the european countries all have jewish judges pretending/acting to the outside being american judges, german judges, belgian judges etc. All these jewish judges acting as the Sanhedrin and enforcing only verdicts which are beneficial for the jewish status quo, Kalergi, etc. We have a big, big jewish problem. Of course not all jews are behaving badly.

  2. Here goes. Next time I am in Germany should I expect to be arrested? :-

    TOO MANY HOLES in the official Holocaust story.

    Why would the Nazis transport Jews all the way to Auschwitz in Poland to kill them when they could have killed them at home and saved precious transport costs?. Why use expensive and irritant cyanide gas (Zyklon) when a badly ventilated stove would produce carbon monoxide that kills quickly and painlessly ? Why were there 4.3 million survivors claiming compensation from Germany? why did the Red cross only give 272,000 as the total number of deaths in ALL the camps? The Red Cross had access to the camps. Wouldn’t they have known if Jews were being gassed? Why was there a hospital, a pharmacy, a theatre, an orchestra, a choir, a library and a swimming pool at Auschwitz, in a death camp? Why were there no signs on wartime aerial photographs of the trainloads of coke that would have been required to incinerate millions of bodies? Why weren’t thousands of tons of ashes and bones ever found? The piles of bodies show emaciation typical of starvation and disease; something that would not occur if people were being gassed on arrival. It was Typhus, dysentery and starvation that killed these people, because by 1944 allied bombing had destroyed the infrastructure of Germany. When there are so many inconsistencies in a scenario we SHOULD be skeptical.

    The Germans need to repudiate the post-war lies..

    1. John –

      All history is manufactured. The holo-hoax is just one example.

      Dresden – a real holocaust – was destroyed to hide written archives there.

      I came to the conclusion years ago… that much of history, as we know it, was written backwards from the present day of the rulers writers…. and events fraudulently filled in as needed. The titular rulers were paid-off to cover their tracks. This is told here:


    2. @ John Kirby

      Well said, John! Beautifully put. This is the whole of Holocaust revisionism in a nutshell.

    3. DOUBLE STANDARDS. The holocaust has been pounded into us for 70 years, but there is never a mention of the reign of terror conducted by the mainly Jewish Bolsheviks against the Russia people; 60 million dead (Solzhenitsyn). The five men who executed Tsar Nicholas II, his wife and young family were all Jews. If people knew about this it would stop the holier-than-thou-and-don’t-you-dare-criticize-us Jewish attitude. We are only allowed to say nice things about Jews.
      In 1980, during a radio interview in France, the French revisionist Robert Faurisson was asked to summarize his lifetime’s research on the Holocaust in a single sentence. He did so in 60 memorable French words which have been translated:-
      “The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews constitute one and the same historical lie, which made possible a gigantic financial-political fraud, the principal beneficiaries of which are the State of Israel and international Zionism, and whose principal victims are the German people — but not their leaders — and the entire Palestinian people.”
      “Believe me, I came into Auschwitz in a much worse condition than I actually left it.”— Kitty Hart-Moxon, Jewish Holocaust Survivor.
      June 1998 testimony, USC Shoah Foundation, Visual History Archive.

      The story of the Holocaust was the main reason for the creation of Israel and the rise of Jewish Power, and we all, (but mostly the Palestinians), now have to live with the consequences of ethnocentric, racial supremacist and militaristic Jews subjugating the Palestinians and stealing their country, bit by bit.

  3. In a case of slander, it does not matter whether the accusation be true. But Holocaust revisionism is by no means slanderous. It is clearly a pursuit of truth done by scholars of integrity. In fact the first Holocaust revisionist was a French geologist named Rassinier who had been put in a concentration camp by the Nazis during the occupation years because of his leftist activities. After the war the claim was made that Jews had been exterminated in the camp where he had been imprisoned, and he denied this on the grounds that he would have known about this had it been true. Rassinier wrote the first Holocaust revisionism book.

    I have studied Holocaust revisionism to some length and my opinion is that the Holocaust is complete fabrication, and I am sure about this.

    What is going on is the Jews have taken the stand that it makes no difference whether the Holocaust actually happened, regarding the moral responsibility of White people to assume the guilt for the attempted murder of the Jewish people. Thus, to deny that the Holocaust happened is to deny this guilt. In other words this guilt is a requirement for White people, and facts are irrelevant.

  4. The endless criticism by the hypocritical allies under Jew control that repeatedly showed films of the “Nazi” book burnings of authors such as the scientific fraud and pervert Sigmund Freud obviously were never based upon any belief that censorship was undemocratic or immoral, but rather that censoring Jews is immoral. Censoring Germans and others is fine according to these despicable liars.

    They have to handle “holocaust denial” this way. So many lies, so much complete absence of any evidence to back the story, and the endless chime by the Jews that “nothing has ever been documented so well”. As more and more people become aware of this contradiction, the story will fall apart and Jewish power wil be weakened by it. The days of them demanding meetings with, and bossing around leaders of countries to empower themselves and Israel may come to an end, and support for their murderous Israel may be threatened too. This, combined with he rise of European and American nationalism may really be a risk to the Jews stature and power in the world. Lets hope that happens.

  5. Germany is ruled by jewish ‘ germans’.
    That is the reason for the decline of great Germany. I am sure the jews also destroyed the great roman empire being ‘ bankers’ and money changers. They don’t tell you that at school. Nor do you find that in the books as it is and were always jews who falsified facts and wrote the books.

      1. Alan Donelson
        You can download ALL of Eustace Mullins books from gen.lib.rus.ec It’s called Library Genesis. If the evil tyrants that rule your country block it, use TOR or a VPN proxy unblocker. I know access to the site is blocked in that “bastion of freedom” the UK and the other baboon colonies of Europe.

  6. It is that there are people still alive, who know the truth about World War Two.
    It is that there is documented evidence still in circulation that can prove the guilt of prominent individuals.
    WWII & aristocrat & wealthy families & even royals were eradicated & replaces with imposters.
    Anything of value that was not nailed down was stoles & shipped offshore to Western nations.
    There is evidence everywhere – & in our freer society many deviant pretender fear not only exposure & prosecution – but revenge.
    For this to be happening the deception goes right to the top.
    Is anyone at the top of the food chain in the EU really who they say they are ???
    Probably not.

  7. The Russian Revolution of 1917 involved the collapse of an empire under Tsar Nicholas II & the rise of Marxian socialism under Lenin & his Bolsheviks.
    The Royals were killed.
    What if the same thing happened during WWII ??
    What if this was the goal of WWII.
    Only that they did not want to change the system – but the players ??

  8. Cashed up EU Professionals are discreetly making their way out of the European Union – looking for a new homeland.
    The EU has been deliberately saturated with dangerous people – this is desinately no accident.
    In deliberately orchestrated Chaos many evil deeds are done.
    His Excellency Proudly Captain Dreadful Bibi Netanyahu
    The President of the America Donald Trump
    Are deliberately rattling the cage of Russia
    Lebanon is next on the Pentagon list of “war with 7 countries in 5 years”
    Next on that list is war with IRAN.
    How many more millions of refugees will flow on into the EU.
    And Sweden & Denmark have grenades rolling around in the streets.
    There will soon be an exodus from all over the EU – to the US – Australia – New Zealand – some countries with in the Asia Pacific Region.
    Europe is no longer a safe place to live.

  9. My theory: TPTB in Germany, a branch of a planetary tree — a cosmic weed, some say — merely wish to put to the test, perhaps only to probe and measure, the camaraderie, commitment, dedication, fortitude, and POWER of those who might give a tinker’s dam about the fate of Alfred and Monika Schaefer. How be we doing thus far, folks?
    I have a great many Canadians as “in-laws”, some as friends and correspondents — not a single one has done more than shrug at the news of Monika’s imprisonment in Germany! Other friends and colleagues, “citizens” all of US, Inc., do not even shrug — all but a few say that’s what Monika gets coming to her for her offense, her crime, denying the “obvious”.
    Sometimes I feel like the motherless child I have become. Mother, who passed at 92 years, left when she felt her three children — at last! — could stand on their own two feet. Dear Mother, I do not know how I can bear this sorrow!

      1. No accidents in the Universe! the epitaph on a stone should anyone think to mark the “resting place” of ashes once my vibrant body, if only that of a “Sick Aging Phenotype” (see Sullivan and Baker’s The Barbell Prescription, which Dr. Wife foisted on me and insists I take!). My father also said something like that to me, before he died of inadvertent alcohol and barbiturate poisoning. I had just completed a poem in a series I’ve entitled “Kultural Marxi$m Po$turing”. Here, sans graphic image, is the poem:

        Yes, you found me, finally, on my stairway to Heaven,
        fairly and squarely bought after squirrely negotiation.
        Yes, you may pass, and you shan’t get far away from me,
        you simply have nowhere else to go for procreation.
        As my Father loved to say, Smile! Things could be worse!
        When I managed to force a grimace, in spite of my Self,
        He proceeded to show me how much worse It could be.
        Here and now, I do unto others as others did to me.

        The sadness, the impotent anger — mind recoils, heart stirs, blood boils.

        I have nothing more to contribute to this thread, I think.

    1. Alan. Your theory sucks. You disappoint me greatly when you state crap like “I have a great many Canadians as “in-laws”, some as friends and correspondents — not a single one has done more than shrug at the news of Monika’s imprisonment in Germany!” I’m one of your “correspondents” and I find it insulting to hear a yank ragging on like you are when I think of the countless hours that I and other Canadians have put into assisting Monika and Alfred and doing our damnedest to get them released.

      More to the point. What have YOU been doing? I certainly haven’t seen any examples of your efforts to date.

      1. Arthur, I feel pained — and privileged! — that you should so address my comment.

        I put forth my theory in good faith and welcome constructive criticism. “Your theory sucks” does not qualify. Not unlike “false flag events”, “trial balloons”, and other socio-political probes of the populace — responses, reactions, and blow-back easily measured and quickly assessed today through the internet! — the obviously selective prosecution of the Schaefers seems to me so unreasonable per se as to suggest ulterior or extrajudicial motives, ends that offer far greater value, for example, testing the mettle of like-minded Germans, Canadians, and others.

        To repeat my theory: TPTB in Germany, a branch of a planetary tree — a cosmic weed, some say — merely wish to put to the test, perhaps only to probe and measure, the camaraderie, commitment, dedication, fortitude, and POWER of those who might give a tinker’s dam about the fate of Alfred and Monika Schaefer. As far as MY personal actions, I have informed all within reach of my word and encouraged those with sympathy for the cause to do what each can. As I did when you, Arthur, faced trial in Canada. I donated to your legal fund.

        The fact remains, Canadians appear to have done diddly squat for Monika to date. That’s my observation through the MSM, alt-media (looking forward to your return, Arthur!), and numerous acquaintances. I lived and worked in Canada 1981-1989. I know whereof I speak, though I know very little compared to you.

  10. I am waiting for the glorious day when all of us collectively shout, ‘ENOUGH!’ and begin the nasty work presenting rope therapy to the Jews. All throughout history when people discovered where their precious children were disappearing to that they kicked the Kike out of the land. Unfortunately each time the jude was passed onto another group to solve the Jewish Question. Now we can no longer foist that parasite on others. It is our job to finally answer that infernal question and answer it with vehemence and vengeance. Vengeance is mine sayeth Our Father. We, His Sons on Earth are the ones to do the job. Jesus of Nazareth showed you what to do. Point your finger at the Kike and call him out. Call him a Son of Satan and Child of the Devil. Their Sin A Gog is the sin a Gog of Satan! The only Divine Intervention we should expect is the one we, the Divine Sons of God will effect for that is how God works. He works through his sons. There is no other way. WE ARE AT WAR with principalities NOT OF THIS WORLD. The Jew is an alien infestation which is not human. Amen.

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