Hail, the Conquering Hero Comes


As Trump flies into Britain like an emperor visiting one of his badly run colonies, Theresa May blinks and trembles in her boots.  

A scare story published yesterday in Britain’s bestselling newspaper The Sun was dismissed later on by Donald Trump as “fake news”. This bore the sensational headline: “MAY HAS WRECKED BREXIT . . . US DEAL IS OFF!” 

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Note however that everything Trump is reported to have said in that exclusive interview with the Sun was actually recorded. The president was in no way misquoted. Whatever he said, moreover, was a reflection  of the truth as seen by the 17.4 million Brits, myself included, who had voted for Brexit and now feel cruelly betrayed by the most two-faced and treacherous prime minister since Tony Blair. For sheer double-crossing duplicity, Theresa May wins the shame prize. 

Trump said that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who had resigned in a huff after seeing Brexit betrayed, would make a “great Prime Minister”. Anything wrong with that? No, it was just Trump’s cheeky way of saying that Boris (pictured here) would make a far better prime minister than the traitor Theresa May who has just stabbed the British public in the back with a Florentine stiletto, à la Lucrezia Borgia, after assuring them she was about to lead them into the Promised Land — outside Europe.

Her oft-repeated mantra  “BREXIT MEANS BREXIT” now rings hollow in the ears of 17.4 millions Brits who voted for a clean break from Europe. It belongs in the same category of Orwellian doublespeak slogans like “WAR IS PEACE”,  “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY”, and “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH”. Madam May has turned out to be a hypocrite of the first order, it would seem, and Donald Trump has had the imperial chutzpah to out her as the hypocrite she is, without actually calling her a hypocrite to her face.

Brilliant! Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant! . . . Well, not quite. There’s still hope of rescue from this dire situation, provided the Brits can unite behind a great leader of principle, lurking in the shadows and awaiting his Palm Sunday moment. I refer to the inimitable Jacob Rees-Mogg — the only man in Britain who could slay the Dragon Lady masquerading right now as a prime minister.

The Brits voted for a clean Brexit, not an unclean one. They voted to leave Europe, not to half leave it.

Here are the people speaking. They do not mince their words. Listen carefully. Each is a different voice, all adding up to a caterwauling chorus of complaint:

—  “Not only has the Chequers agreement betrayed the electorate. It also shows that the Government has lied over the past two years.”

—  “The agreement that came from Chequers manifestly fails to implement the referendum result. It has all the hallmarks of a deceitful politician.”

—  “We are being double-crossed and ignored by the traitors on the Tory party. So much for the will of the people. Democracy is dead in this country.”

—  “I used to admire Mrs May, with her poise, style and strength of character…. I now realise she has misled the people for the past two years. That is unforgivable.”

—  “After hiding behind the settee throughout the UK referendum campaign and then crawling into the Premiership, Theresa May has finally revealed herself as the Quisling for our times.

—  “I don’t think I’ve ever felt so betrayed. We won the referendum, but never have we felt more like losers.”

—  These are frightening times. The Chequers proposal has made it likely we will become a vassal state to the EU. Mrs May and the Remainers are laughing at democracy and enjoying every moment. The electorate count for nothing in their eyes.

—  “Theresa May has let us all down and I will never trust her again. If she is not replaced fast, the consequences could be dire.”

Sourced from The Daily Mail, Your Anger over Brexit Betrayal, 12 July 2018, pp. 24-25

Voices wailing in the wilderness … shrieking from the rooftops. So sad. These misguided wretches actually believe that voting makes a difference. That we in the West live under model democracies. If only they knew! We are little better off than Uzbekistan where they boil people alive on the slightest pretext.

—   §   —

President Trump has now come to the rescue of the Brexiters. His brutally honest comments have severely damaged Theresa May. The two-faced lady is still licking her wounds and wondering how to deal with this smug orange-haired emperor from overseas.

The Emperor has accused EU leaders of destroying European  culture and identity by allowing in millions of unwanted migrants. He has said that former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson would make “a great Prime Minister”, thereby implying that Theresa May makes a lousy one.  He insists on maintaining friendly relations with Vladimir Putin instead of slagging him off at every opportunity. He has embarrassed the hell out of European leaders for not spending enough money on the defence of Europe, insisting that they double and even triple their current parsimonious contributions.

Above all, Trump has proved a thorn in the flesh to Theresa May by telling her in no uncertain terms that she has failed to take his imperial advice on Brexit, that she has betrayed the British people by giving them the opposite of what they voted for at the referendum, and that she has shown scant respect for democracy.

Migration is “killing Europe”, Trump said. Was he lying? Of course not! He was spot on. He has started to crack down on mass immigration in America and naturally wonders what is making Theresa May so complacent about its viral effects in the UK.  Is May so incredibly dense, like Germany’s deranged Chancellor Angela Merkel, that she remains unaware of the fact that Europe’s borders need to be protected — if necessary by gunboats — from foreign invaders masquerading as “refugees”?

“I told May how to do Brexit but she didn’t listen to me!” Trump complains. If May had listened to him, she would now have a trade deal with America that would have been second to none. Free trade —no tariffs! By clinging to the EU’s skirts, May has chosen to go slogging on as a vassal state of Europe.

Trump was indeed brutally honest. Hardly a diplomat. More like an enfant terrible nonchalently speaking his mind to a tedious subordinate. Trump tells us archly that Mrs May does not bore him, the very disclaimer itself suggesting that she probably does. This is the lady who is so humourless that, when asked what the naughtiest thing she had ever done in her life was, replied woodenly: “Running through fields of wheat as a child — the farmers weren’t too pleased.”

It’s a wonder how such a saintly lady, a vicar’s daughter forsooth, can suddenly morph into a female version of Judas Iscariot.

Truly, you can’t make this up.

—   §   —

Here is what a former critic of Trump has to say about him now:

“Bashing Trump is certainly fashionable. But there’s a narrow-mindedness and bigotry to the attacks that is both unintelligent and unattractive.

Is there another side to the story?

Because of the snobbery and bias of much of the British media who look down their noses at Trump because he’s a businessman not a policy wonk, because he likes McDonald’s not haute cuisine — and because he speaks in plain English instead of the highfalutin’ bureaucratic claptrap you normally get from politicians, I suspect most people in the UK get a uniformly negative presentation of the Trump presidency.

Back in 2016 I thought Donald Trump would make a better president than Hillary Clinton for three main reasons.

FIRST, Trump promised to get the economy moving, to reverse the decades-long slump in jobs and incomes that was the result of the elitist policies pursued by Democrats and Republicans. Trump promised to slash red tape and cut taxes.

He has delivered spectacularly: A massive reduction in regulations and a dramatic tax reform have led to a transformation in business confidence and investment.

That translated into the first significant pay rises for ordinary Americans for decades, and historic falls in unemployment — including the lowest unemployment rates ever recorded for black Americans.

The SECOND big argument for Trump was his pledge to control immigration. The elitists focused on his harsh rhetoric. But working Americans understood what none of the establishment politicians was prepared to admit: That uncontrolled immigration meant an uncontrolled flow of cheap, imported labour that undermined wage rates.

Again, Trump has delivered. Immigration enforcement has been stepped up and the overall numbers are down. Trump wants to go further but needs Congress to get its act together.

The THIRD key promise was to “Drain The Swamp”. By this he meant taking on the system of cronyism and corruption in Washington DC that puts the real power in the hands of big business, wealthy donors, shadowy lobbyists and faceless bureaucrats in the “Deep State”.

Here too there has been progress. There is more to do but the Trump administration has implemented the toughest ever clampdown on federal government employees leaving their jobs to lobby from the private sector.

And the biggest change of all might turn out to be Trump’s assault on the unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats of the Deep State — not just by cutting regulations but by appointing judges at every level who are committed to reining in the power of the bureaucracy.

All this go-ahead drive and energy is such a contrast with Theresa May’s lacklustre and uninspiring drift.

Whether you love or loathe Donald Trump — and remember, in America he has the second highest own-party approval ratings of any president since World War Two — everyone in Britain should hope that Theresa May picks up some of his positive, pro-enterprise exuberance.

— Steve Hilton in The Sun, 13 July 2018

Enough from me. I have said many bad things about Trump in the past, some of them possibly true. Who hasn’t? But I will say this. Perceptions change, and new events give rise to new thoughts. Trump’s visit to Britain has done his image a great deal of good, especially in the eyes of his fellow Americans who like to see their statesmen behave presidentially, with aplomb and panache, with pomp and circumstance.

“I am a very stable genius.” — Donald Trump

Trump now begins to look — dare I say it? — like the parody of a great president! Napoleon has nothing on this guy. If he isn’t the genuine article, he is at the very least a consummate actor.

VIDEO  :  3.42 mins

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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      1. If it’s an opinion, a viewpoint, it is not a particularly original one. It has been expressed on this website a countless number of times. If it’s a fact, however, it needs to be proved. It needs hard evidence. Throwaway one-liners like yours, I’m afraid, don’t quite cut the mustard.

      2. How’s this for a one-liner: What exactly was Brexit to BEGIN with, and that has now been “betrayed”, hmmm?

        out of a frying pan and into a fire
        out of a fire and into a pan

        Either way you’re cooked. The magna carta only sublimated what is STILL a hold of the Crown/City of London over its “subjects”. (and I don’t mean just the Brits)

        The sun (as in “worship of”) never DID set on the British Empire

        Just ask ol’ Tom Paine (:>)

      3. Trump can pose all he wants to, he’s a TRILLION times better to have for a president than Hellary. He poses, this is true, he also gets things done in between posing . He would get alot more done, get alot more good things done, but there’s too many Americans who are not loyal to the USA and too brainwashed by Hollywood and the MSM and Academia. He’s under seige in many ways, and all because he has some common-sense patriotic ideas. All presidents pose. Trump is not the first president to pose. Trump poses, he gets criticized. All the other presidents also posed — and posed ALOT — no one ever criticized them for posing. At least he doesn’t cry on cue, like Obama did. If he would only do something about that hair of his, we would have The Perfect President! 🙂 I LERV Trump! At least we finally have a beautiful First Lady — who’s a real woman, a REAL female, unlike Michelle/Michael.

        If you ask me, First Grandma Bush was a drag queen also — Or, if George Washington had been a drag queen he would have looked just like Grandma Bush, lol. How do you like them thar 🍎s, Pat?

      4. Dear Sister Monica,

        It’s neither fact nor opinion; it’s one of the standard ‘insights’ available for picking off the rack.

        And I have a confession: I have been telling friends that you are Monika Schaefer. In fact, I thought this since Lasha’s first news of Monika’s arrest. The odd thing is that nobody corrected me. So I have to go cap in hand to all. The only lucky thing in this is that I am sure my mistake insults neither of you: two intelligent, sensitive, kindly, wonderfully amusing women.

        One of my favourite exchanges with you includes your saying that it is time for Theresa (Je suis Juif) May to be ‘kicked into the long grass’. Well, I think we’ve got there! Now all we need is Rees Mogg as PM.

        Lots of love,

        1. My dear, you are a breath of fresh air. Sincerity and love of truth are the hallmarks of your character. God bless you and always guide you on life’s stony path.

      5. Troj –

        You “luv” Trump. Even though he has nominated Kavanaugh to SCOTUS. Kavanaugh has ruled against personal liberty as a federal judge.

        Kavanaugh ruled that national security ‘trumps’ 🙂 the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, allowing the billions – even trillions – of pieces of data on YOU and others collected by private companies, stored in Utah, is OK!!

        In Klayman v. Obama, Kavanaugh asserted the “government’s metadata program is entirely consistent with the Fourth Amendment.”

        He argued the Fourth Amendment does not bar all searches and seizures, only ones that can be deemed “unreasonable (*by him) .”

        “The government’s metadata collection program readily qualifies as reasonable under the Supreme Court’s case law,” he wrote, adding that the Bill of Rights allows governmental searches “without individualized suspicion when the government demonstrates a sufficient ‘special need.’”

        Stalin would have praised Kavanaugh, ruling for his country and against the people.

        Trump praises Kavanaugh today. I’ll stand aside while YOU “luv” Trump!! 🙂

      6. Pat

        Kavanaugh’s interpretation of this particular facet of the Bill of Rights is downright revolting, as in “revolt”, as in what early Americans THOUGHT was what they were doing. It WAS, and as you know I think HAVING a Bill of Rights was better than NOT having one in that it DID instill a certain sense of freedom, notwithstanding the fact that its coming in doctrine form opened up to their true spirit not being seen by judges typical of these times like this newly appointed one is.

        Thanks for bringing it to our attention (:>)

      7. A school of thought has it that this planet has been out of the kali yuga since around the time of the Magna Carta, and that we’ve been experiencing its residual effects for 800 years of rubbing sleep from slowly waking eyes, to put it in a certain perspective of time in understanding how this “Great Cycle” works.

        The Magna Carta signified a sublimation of what essentially is tyrannical rule, in the sense of individual sovereignty being compromised. While being an improvement over the ways of Feudalism, it still amounted to putting perfume on a “haves and have-nots” pig.

        When the American Revolution rolled around 560 years later, this resulted in dispensing with the spurious “Divine Rights of Kings” coined by the English King James in the early 17th century. This in turn brought about the American Bill of Rights, which at least has kept the wolf from crashing down freedom’s door completely. Nonetheless, the perfume was now put on a pig wearing an inconspicuous crown.

        Yet the yugic timing may be such that it indicates the “residue” being all but completely dissipated, which would signal an end of the devil’s reign here, but not before the kali dragon swishes it’s inflicting tail on the way outta Dodge.

        So whither the swish
        What be its type
        A whale or a fish
        A lash or a swipe?

        The time will tell
        a final tale
        of devil’s hell
        and angel’s hail

  1. Trump can pose all he wants to, he’s a TRILLION times better to have for a president than Hellary. He poses, this is true, he also gets things done in between posing . He would get alot more done, get alot more good things done, but there’s too many Americans who are not loyal to the USA and too brainwashed by Hollywood and the MSM and Academia. He’s under seige in many ways, and all because he has some common-sense patriotic ideas. All presidents pose. Trump is not the first president to pose. Trump poses, he gets criticized. All the other presidents also posed — and posed ALOT — no one ever criticized them for posing. At least he doesn’t cry on cue, like Obama did. If he would only do something about that hair of his, we would have The Perfect President! 🙂 I LERV Trump! At least we finally have a beautiful First Lady — who’s a real woman, a REAL female, unlike Michelle/Michael.

    If you ask me, First Grandma Bush was a drag queen also — Or, if George Washington had been a drag queen he would have looked just like Grandma Bush, lol. How do you like them thar 🍎s, Pat?

    Uncle, is this post going to get CENSORED because I’m making fun of Grandma? Boss and handler of Emerick, alias Darkmoon’s “Monte”, THE GODFATHER of The Family, “The Wizard of Oz”, ordered Jones to BAN me. Why? Because The Wizard of Oz doesn’t like me because I always rip Grandma apart and plus I’m not TOO fond of the joo’s RED joo cow either. ¿ That really annoys you, right, makes you angry, right? 😠

    1. I like YOUR wild-ass opinions. I have a few, myself. 🙂

      This is closer to the facts than many of my claims:

      The faithful roar, “I know he is a bankrupting SNAKE… but he is MY BANKRUPTING SNAKE!!” 🙂 🙂


      (Too much anecdotal material which cannot be trusted. How do we know that “Donaldo Colina”, a self-confessed Jew, is not making up these endless stories, most of which are off-topic and in very poor taste? Personal anecdotes of an alleged Mexican trucker — all unverifiable, probably fictional, and oozing with sleazy sexual content — are not what this site is looking for. This is a site for serious political commenters, not for raconteurs with a Casanova complex.)

      — Admin Toby

      1. Whatever Toby.
        Youre a liar. My post didnt mention sex…not once. Anyway…..no arguing. No time. No reason. Nothing gained. Nothing lost. No more posts from myself anyway. Time to move on. 🙂

        1. OK, Donaldo. Off you go! — and better luck next time you try and trivialize a serious political forum with anecdotal material of a sleazy sexual nature. True, your last (deleted) post didn’t mention sex at all, but your overall output is heavy on sexual content — roughly 80% of your output I’d day. All very interesting, Donaldo, but dismally OFF-TOPIC, no?

          Sorry, but this is not a porn site catering for the needs of degenerate Jews.

          Good-bye! 🙂

  2. Ultimately, the City of London gets what the City of London wants,
    whether through lefty riots, right wing bluster, or media manipulation.

    First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

    1. “He (Donald Trump) has embarrassed the hell out of European leaders for not spending enough money on the defence of Europe, insisting that they double and even triple their current parsimonious contributions.”

      …. and by doing so he even managed to make the ((( Deep State ))) and minions REALLY HAPPY . . .

      The EU-NATO member states are about to be indebted and robbed blind by an insatiable military-industrial complex JUST THE SAME as the United States are – which is not a good thing. Highly lucrative weapons contracts and profits (step ONE), and step TWO would be more wars – and not less?

      “Expose The Jew and Eliminate Jew Influence”
      and we will have no wars – the best thing ever!

      Mr President, TAKE THE TROOPS HOME! & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! (by peaceful means) and use the labour force to build up your country again . . . all the dilapidated infrastructure. Build up new enterprises – and allow Europeans to do the same. We all want to live in peace. The Russia of today is no threat for our security. We need not triple our military budgets.

  3. BETRAYED AGAIN. The British people have been betrayed at the behest of big business and finance bosses by a government that lacks both brains and balls.

    The fallout from this could be very, very serious.

      1. Hi Bob in DC,
        Point taken, but to be fair to the average British voter they could not have forseen our government going against a national referendum result. It is all wrapped up in legalese but Mrs May has sold out Britain to the Europhile elites.

        It isn’t over yet. There could electoral hell to pay for all the major political parties. Anything could happen, from political turmoil up to outright revolution.

        To make it clear I love Europe but hate the ruling EU, and 17.4million Brits voted with me.

        Watch this space

        1. POSTED BY ADMIN ON BEHALF OF “BALDER”, a talented Danish intellectual:

          I rarely bother friends and allies with thoughts of my own, but this is one such exception.

          The following thoughts emerged after watching a video by Frame Games Radio, who supposedly is an anonymous high profile Jewish New York Lawyer, who has chosen to take the side of the beleaguered White Folks. Frame Game has produced a great number of very well documented videos, meticulously exploring and exposing the mechanics of various aspects of the NWO agenda. He is a regular guest on live streams such as “The Public Space” hosted by Jean Francois Gariépy commonly known as “JF” or “JFG”. Frame Games seems to make a lot of sense. I leave it up to you to judge if he is or is not what he seems to be, and if, or if not he is telling the entire story.

          The aforementioned video: youtube.com/watch?v=4hn5shXYY4g

          JFG live streams “The Public Space”: youtube.com/channel/UCuoFIyMX7PmlwwdmpXfyeNA

          Thoughts, June 2018

          It comes to mind that this whole anti White racism agenda, and its various expressions, as can be seen from the examples shown in this latest Frame Games video, is so grotesque and overblown, that it seems as if there is another yet unnoticed agenda underneath it.

          Nobody in his or her right mind can believe that all these extreme expressions of anti White racism will be able to continue infinitely, even if only for practical reasons (like who is going to run the necessary key functions that keep societies going).

          The upcoming natural reaction seems easy to envision and has already begun. It is also known that the manipulative forces behind all these various psyops and mind control schemes tend to use the action, reaction, solution model. Could it be that what “they” are really trying to accomplish, is to install and legitimize extreme authoritarian regimes, by consent and popular demand of “Right Wing Nationalists”?

          After the serious attack on Western civilization / White people and white nations, not least by the influx of millions of non white “migrants” and aided by the extreme anti white propaganda, the only logical solution for White People will be to demand extreme authoritarian governments, strong enough to want to deport or in various other ways counter the massive influx of these weaponized “migrants” and curtail their procreation by various means.

          In this way White People will be easily tricked into voting the NWO authoritarians into power, now in the disguise of “Nationalism”.

          We will be seduced into accepting that total surveillance and state control is the only way we can reverse the damage done by the migrant influx.

          We need to seriously think about how we can avoid falling into this trap.

          We must resolve and try to reverse the damage done, but we will have to do this without empowering the same NWO authoritarians, who are behind these crises in the first place.

          Perhaps decentralizing power structures, and not falling for the temptation of big government and closely knit international alliances could be part of the solution.

          So far my thoughts, which probably are neither new, nor very original.



          My website activity has almost come to a halt during the last few years, and I only include this info to give some kind of background for my person, and to show that I am not some newly born nationalist falling out of the sky. balder.org was first registered in 2002. I am not a member of any party or organization, but I like the term “Alt Right” in its broad sense as in “Alternative” to the existing powers in control predating its current political connotations by several decades, and I also sympathize broadly with “Identitarian Ideas”.

          E-mail: [email protected]

          Feel free to spread this e mail if you think this makes sense . . .

      2. Balder,

        I would like to start by saying thank you for your website. I’ve read many interesting articles over the years and I’ve learned much. Your website is truly a source for information about the insidious activity of Jews. In my eyes, it’s vital for people who wish to understand what’s really going on in this world, especially through the manipulation and control of political activity.

        And of course, as usual you are right in all that you state. The people are being predictively programmed into accepting an incredibly authoritarian government, a bastard lovechild of the Stasi of Germany and the NKVD of Russia. It’s how it all happens. They create a nightmare scenario and offer up the devil you know and the devil you don’t. The people automatically support the former. They make life so bad that that which you frowned upon you accept over that which you despise.

        Sadly, the western civilization, most of it anyway, is ‘contaminated’ as the Russians would say. They have succeeded. 60+ years of heavy indoctrination, increasing with every generation has destroyed the very fabric of western society into becoming the decadent, depraved, degenerate swamp that it now is today.

        There’s no going back to what it was.
        It is a globalists state. There is no longer any uniquity between the people and the countries they live in. 60 years is all it took to destroy thousands of years of culture and race.

    1. It will be serious, John Kirby: We do not even begin to know how things will pan out. But certainly, the Money Power will not take kindly to a successful Brexit. The only light I see is Trump’s offer of tariff-free trade.

      What do you think of this: A view has long been touring the nationalist circuit to the effect that Johnson and Davies are not puppets of the Money Power, nor is Rees Mogg, nor are a few influential others. Ergo, there is a nationalist revival in the offing. (I pray this is true.)

      1. Hi Sophie,
        Yes, anything is possible. Successive British governments have been either stupid and out-of-touch-with-the-people or controlled by some sort of malign influence. I think the former is most likely, as William of Ockham would have it.

        I don’t think the government realizes how deep the resistance goes. I would not get involved in violence but would certainly be prepared to be hauled of to jail for protesting, outside the House of Commons.

    2. I am going stop using the term “EUrophile elites”. I have noticed that the majority of anti-brexit europhiles have public sector jobs.Based on personal contacts I would say at least 90% of them depend on the state for a living, either dirctly or indirectly.

      So from now on I will use the phrase “EUrophile parasites”.

  4. Trump’s obvious style – seen by all – is that he crashes into buildings at the scene, knocks them down, then rebuilds them into what he wants them to be. That’s his ART of HIS deals.

    He did just that with May…. as he did with NATO… and numerous others over his lifetime… including Cabinet Members and Department Leaders and Military. Toss his bankruptcies into that mix.

    It’s JUST…. Trump being Trump!!

    He will do that Monday with ‘Put-On’ then. 🙂

  5. When you look at some of the bad, stupid and arrogant decisions taken by British governments over the years, against the wishes of the people it is amazing that there has not been a full scale revolution. I give you a few:-


    Some of these names will not mean anything to non-Brits but to us it is a catalog of disasters, where powerful minorities have had there way.

    The British people, by nature, are not revolutionaries, but now their clearly referendum-expressed wishes are being ignored what else is left? I would join any protest marches in London, and I am 80.

    I hope to see at least a massive electoral backlasH. I will not vote for any politician who has supported this blatant betrayal, this latest in a long line of betrayals



    1. John Kirby,

      You missed out Jewess, Edwina Curry’s Salmonella scare, back in 1988 that almost destroyed the egg industry, due to her ignorantly speaking out about most eggs being contaminated.
      There are most certainly more screw ups.
      Here’s another – the Race Relations Act of 1965 which destroyed any fight back of the indigenous to stop immigration into their lands, resulting in break up of community, jobs going to immigrants and civil unrest at being forced to take in immigrants, who were not of their culture or people.

      1. Hi Timetobehonest,
        Agreed, there are probably other cases. Since the posting I remembered that man-made-global-warming is the most economically damaging mistake, and it is not just in Britain:-

        David Deming is a geophysicist and associate professor of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oklahoma:-

        For ninety percent of the last million years, the normal state of the Earth’s climate has been an ice age. Ice ages last about 100,000 years, and are punctuated by short periods of warm climate, or interglacials. The last ice age started about 114,000 years ago. It began instantaneously. For a hundred-thousand years, temperatures fell and sheets of ice a mile thick grew to envelop much of North America, Europe and Asia. The ice age ended nearly as abruptly as it began. Between about 12,000 and 10,000 years ago, the temperature in Greenland rose more than 50 °F.

  6. If you think Trump’s past business connections to Russian figures are troubling, you probably ought to be livid about how former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s has decided to become the chief lobbyist for ‘Put-On’ in Europe! 🙂

    Germany’s ex-Chancellor – Gerhard Fritz Kurt Schröder – is pushing Germany and Europe to help ‘Put-On’ get rich!

    He pushes Gazprom energy and pipeline to Europe.


    “I have to say, I think it’s very sad when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia where we’re supposed to be guarding against Russia,” Trump said at a breakfast with NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg. “We’re supposed to protect you against Russia but they’re paying billions of dollars to Russia and I think that’s very inappropriate . . . Germany, as far as I’m concerned, is captive to Russia.”

    On Monday – in ‘Trump-Fashion’ – he will claim that ‘Put-On’ is good for Germany and Europe, because he is supplying them with so much good energy. Something like, “Russia is really a good energy source!” 🙂

    1. Pat,
      Trump is wrong to say that “Germany… is captive to Russia.” Ever since the end of WWII, West Germany has been occupied by the US Empire (now the whole country is), while the Empire is under ever-tightening Jewish control. Therefore Germany is also Israel’s lackey, still paying the billions to Jews in ‘holahoax’ reparations.

      Since it doesn’t have enough of its own, I’d like to know where Germany would get the energy it needs to run its economy, if not from Russia. The Empire has no way to supply them at any kind of reasonable cost. The Germans would be so much better off if they finally kicked the US occupiers out and formed an alliance with Russia. That would lead to the death of NATO and the world would be much safer as well.

      1. Folly –

        I believe he is correct in saying, “Germany is a captive of Russia.” ‘Put-On’ supplies all the energy to Germany. He just did not go far enough and – CORRECTLY – claim, “Russia is a captive of the US!!” 🙂

    1. I laugh when I see Trump’s ‘faggy-acting’ gesture with his thumb touching his index finger tip… pulling his elbows into his sides like a ‘sweetie-pie’ when he emphasizes a point!!

      It was caught in the shadow drawing there, too. Not manly. 🙂

  7. i love people who say …
    “MMM i still dont know about PRESIDENT TRUMP yet, i think he may be the one that really really puts an end to the Jew dominance in America”
    but when you check back 4 YEARS in the archives and look for that same person´s posts you will find …
    “MMM i still dont know about PRESIDENT OBAMA yet, i think he may be the one that really really puts an end to the Jew dominance in America”
    and when you go back 8 years….(same poster)
    “MMM i still dont know about PRESIDENT BUSH yet, i think he may be the one that really really puts an end to the Jew dominance in America”
    and 16 years ago …
    “MMM i still dont know about PRESIDENT CLINTON yet, i think he may be the one that really really puts an end to the jew dominance in america”
    PEOPLE! when you get older you are supposed to get wiser NOT cheaper like an onion.. (arabic proverb).
    (People savings thieve Trump (at his casinos) moved the American embassy to Jerusalem! no one has ever even thought of doing that, thats the ultimate zionist twick and on top of it he threatened countries that wouldnt do it with all kinds of sanctions.
    the funny part:
    No one paid attention to him except THREE OR FOUR poor corrupt countries (Gatemala Honduras and Paraguay.) that are so corrupt and masochist that did it after getting called “shit hole” countries!
    he is Buddies with Zionist Giuliani, Zionist D amato Zionist Cuomo therefore, we hate him
    Here is Gay Giuliani :
    Former New York mayor and Trump associate Rudy Giuliani took part in the Globes’ Capital Market Conference’ in Tel Aviv Tuesday.

    ….Prior to the conference, Giuliani stated that US President Donald Trump is the “best friend Israel has ever had.”

    “I used to think that only Presidents Reagan and Bush Jr. were good for Israel, Obama was not a good friend and Clinton was fine, but Trump makes decisions that no one before him had the courage to accept. America decided by law to order the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem, and that never happened, and all Trump’s predecessors made promises and did not commit them,” Giuliani added..

  8. Trump , as , has no winning qualities : His business dealings (Rothschild ‘s habits ) are foremost in the forefront of his Dip ( shit ) lomatic dealings . Does he have any Human qualities , that denotes he is genuinely sincere? no NEVER .

    HIS MEETING WITH KING YUMMY FU UN , was set up by ” beloved son in law ( IVANKA ) with a business man from Sing a along , SINGAPORE . Other wise a total failure.
    Today , Trump announced that a new ” POLL ” , found he was the Greatest President ever . I could say , in the u.s.a. < BUTT Is it your fault that immigrants made the USA famous ? BUSINESS , aka MONEY MAKING AND POWER , just like TRUMP ..

    PUTTING HIMSELF AHEAD OF GW BUSH , ( Uncle is right on Barbie Bush ,# 41’s wife , former ) Grandma she wasn’t . Melania fails the Human trait . She may be pretty ( bad ) , but not sexy . Manequins show ” smiley faces ” better than she does , . Stiff as a board , and abroad she fails with her” runway ” showings . I am better than him and all of you . ( BE GREAT ) , means what ? Be the best you can be , or better than ” me “.

  9. Whew! the stench of cabbage tainted with “Goy” blood is horrible! One gets the SAME smell when approaching too closely to D.C.

    “Thanks to the terrible power of our international banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, Since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest, The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100 million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars and the end is not yet.”
    Rabbi Reichorn 1869


    Is it my imagination or is the entire west w/o testicles or backbones?

  10. boris? yeah, maybe. unless boris’ huff is just another act, whereas if he gets the chair from theresa he won’t do brexit either… my daddy used to say it all the time – if these people don’t do what they say they’re going to do there needs to be a way to kick them out immediately, and not have to wait until the next election… the brexit delay is just another example of the state deflecting the will of the people… kinda like the 3 strikes initiative passed by the voters in california decades ago; ruined by the people in power…
    theresa may 2-faced? do we know the half of it? ed chiarini’s stuff is pretty well scrubbed off now i guess… but i did find this –
    does theresa may have no personality because she’s not a real person? she’s probably an actor. crisis actors at the shooting scenes. this kind for political positions…
    trump is the quintessential filthy rich , crass and crude, ugly american president, without the cigar… he gets things done, in spite of the retard media… he doesn’t care for political correctness and the people love him… that all looks good… but he’s still got his 9-11 nyc chamber of commerce joo handlers… at first he left him standing on the sidelines, but with rudi giuliani, a major cia/mossad intel 9-11 architect, now as his personal lawyer – it’s pretty hard to buy the ‘drain the swamp’ thing… 9-1 was the plot that sent america down the deep state totalitarian rex 84 police state tubes, where now hick cops rob people on the highways with impunity but stand by quietly for antifa rioters… as long as that caper remains uncovered the usa will continue to decline as a free country…

  11. I see the Saxon now learns to hate. Good. Good. All is proceeding according to plan.
    The Zion pigs cannot stop. Like a robots they are programmed to keep going.
    All the way into the wall. At top flank speed with no brake.
    May is a Zion pig. So is her replacement. So is her opposition.
    A controlled demolition.

    Democracy is not a stable or rational government.
    Nature has a hierarchy.
    The low doesn’t command the strong.
    It merely envies it and hates its betters.

    Its a shame this was even necessary.
    People seem intransigent to change.
    Even better seems bad to those willing to WALLOW IN MISERY.
    Trauma has a way of making people more flexible.
    Plastic to be remolded.
    Democracy is the delusion of the untermensch.
    Democracy is the fire that burns away the fringes.

    IT MUST.

  12. How about Judas Rod Rosenstein stabbing Mr. Trump in the back by indicting 12 Russians for campaign meddling on the eve of the president’s summit with Putin? He even admitted that it did not affect the election, so why make such a spurious announcement on the Friday before the summit? Obviously he is trying to poison the well with such a naked political ploy. I wonder what ‘invisible hand’ put him up to it?

    Many in the Jew owned media are now saying that the summit should be cancelled as a result. Michael Savage, on his Friday radio show, asked if Rosenstein (whom he compared to traitors Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) was trying to start WWIII. What goes unsaid is that the US Death Machine NEEDS the Cold War in order to sells its advanced weaponry to the world. It has nothing else of value to sell. Thus Trump even agreeing to talk to Putin sends them into irrational paroxysms of impending doom.

    1. @ FollyOfWar

      Be careful listening to Savage. In addition to being jewish, he misdirects as they always do with just enough truth hide it.

      QAnon said that the Deep State would attempt to torpedo the Putin/Trump meeting to no avail.

      It appears that big revelations are due shortly after Helsinki.

      The Deep State outlet, New York Times, is now calling for the DOJ to declassify documents to clear up the congressional hearings. Apparently, the NYT does not know that Trump can and will now do it since they have asked. Never deprive your enemy of a knife to cut their own throat. Rosenstein will get axed as a result. According to QAnon, when Rosenstein gets axed, the attack on the Deep State will commence full scale.

      Since Trump has pardoned the folks involved with the Bundy Ranch Standoff that was caused by the Uranium One deal, I would not be surprised to see Putin provide all the evidence to Trump required to prosecute Killery and crew for treason. Mueller was involved in the coverup so he will get prosecuted as well. The Deep State fears Putin and Trump cooperating.

      Things are about to get really interesting in the very near term. Buy popcorn for the show as QAnon suggests.

      I doubt that the US Death Machine merchants are happy with Trump with peace breaking out in Korea, Afghanistan, and Syria. With the coming import tariffs, Americans are going to be manufacturing a lot more than just weapons.

  13. Wait a minute! – Wait – a – minute! Is it possible? Could it be?

    ‘Under the Trump administration, North has again been busily blazing “the path to dictatorship” [ . . .] With North at the helm of the NRA, Trump now has one of his avid supporters leading an army of -gun-toting wingnuts’ – Joel Bleifuss from “In These Times”

    Is it possible Trump is the Hitler Jews longed for, but never had? “Vermasseln and schlamassel! Iff only, iff only.” Hitler double-crossed the Jews. He took their money and used it against them. While Jews never forgave him for that, he was exactly the kind of dictator (((they))) wanted under their control. (((They))) already had Stalin. A true pact between the two would have created more or less unified, totalitarian control across the entire European continent, at least had the two actually conspired, as Rothschild money men thought would be the case.Gosh darn those goyim! You never know what to expect, that is why (((we))) must kill them all.

    Two iron-fisted dictator proxies controlling 1/3 of the most important real estate in the world – at least at that time. Jews really love Hitler, or at least their concept of Hitler; that is why you find (((them))) routinely dressing up like their favorite Nadzee guy. Wait a minute! – Wait – a – minute! TWO IRON-FISTED DICTATORS!? What about two dictators controlling the globe? Hmmm? Like mebbe Gog and Magog?

    Biblical Beasties

    FIRST BEAST. The “First Beast” was like a LION and had Eagle’s Wings, and as the Prophet watched it, he saw it lifted up from the earth, and made to stand upon its feet as a Man, and a Man’s orange hair was given to it, which is why he was mistaken for a lion in my hallucination. – Dan. 7:4. 0

    The “Second Beast” was like to a BEAR, and it raised up itself up on one elbow and said, “Tie me kangaroo down jack, tie me kangaroo down! Don’t go foolin’ around Jack, just tie me kangaroo down.” And said bear’s name did begin with P and end with N with vowels in between we could not understand in our hallucination. – Dan. 7:5.

    “When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the Earth—Gog and Magog—and to gather them for battle. In number they are like the sand on the seashore.”

    I smell Jews!

    “Lieutenant! Lieutenant, Fishbein!”

    “What is it Sgt Goy? What’s the problem?”

    “We’re surrounded”

    “Yeah, I know. We got ’em right where we want ‘em.”

    You know Jews can’t seem to get enough of Hitler. Like another crappy sequel to a second rate, Hollywood thriller, (((they))) have reanimated Der Führer in the form of Donald Trump, a new Goy Golem, doncha’ see? Isn’t it obvious Trump IS the Hitler Jews had planned but never had? Remember that rabbi saying Hitler was “the messiah come” when Hitler came to power in 1933? Heeeees baaaaack. So when Jews scream and kvetch about Trump being the new Hitler, they ain’t just whistling “Ride of the Valkyries.”

  14. Ah well; I thought Boris was the trojan (Mossad’s “useful idiot” and yes that is a direct quote) and that Ms May would actually deliver on Brexit. But then I can still picture her with that Je Suis Juif sign, looking like a right charlie 😉 Geez, maybe they’re all actors? I’ll admit it, I got suckered in by May’s mantra, “Brexit means Brexit”.

    I’m afraid it looks like the only genuine voting result since Hellenistic times is about to be discarded in a fug of sophistry and double-talk.

  15. arch – there was a pact between stalin and hitler, both central bankster stooges… after the bolsheviks got rid of the czar and got the rothschild bank in russia, right abut the time they got their income tax going in the usa, then they had only one main impediment. that was white europe, the german, and polish people, and the german military machine… hitler did his job on that; he ordered the german army off on a dead end mission into russia, leaving the west gate wide open for the americans… worth repeating –
    “Thanks to the terrible power of our international banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, Since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest, The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100 million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars and the end is not yet.”
    Rabbi Reichorn 1869

    1. Oh pay no mind to the Jews and their overblown egos. They erroneously say they are gawds are Earth. They are merely pawns. Tools. Useful idiots for just awhile. A petty parasite that cannot succeed on their own. Just a puppet for their Master.
      The Three World Wars are a necessary component. It just looks like a bloodbath to you. To you the Tsar dying may seem tragic, but its really not. The Royals were too easy to bribe. After a couple of generations of easy living, they are profligate swine. And poofs as well. Look at the “British Royal Family”. Kate’s a Jew. Her children are too. According to the matriarchal line. The “Queen” has tainted blood. Rothschild’s doing.
      Its for the Best really. In the long run. There is no “glory” in War. These petty and in-bred tyrants made a bloodbath of Europe for their Jewish moneylenders. The World Wars will clear this rubbish. The Emperors weren’t perfect, but there was no direct succession. They were to PROVE they could lead. Being a child of a King requires just birth. Its a BAD WAY to JUDGE a MAN’S WORTH…

    2. Read it again –

      A true pact between the two would have created more or less unified, totalitarian control across the entire European continent, at least had the two actually conspired, as Rothschild money men thought would be the case.

      I am aware of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. However, the pact was sham for both sides and never a true alliance. For Hitler, the pact served to provide Germany breathing room to prepare for war with the communist. Stalin wanted the appearance of cooperation until he could mount his devastating operation “icebreaker,” where he planned to sweep into Germany and its Rumanian oilfields, depriving Germany of much needed oil reserves. This would have effectively brought Germany to its knees, ending the war. The Americans tried this again with their bombing campaign against Germany’s Polesti oilfields.

      Stalin had quite bit of work to do prior to “Icebreaker” and events were moving quickly. Five layers of defensive fortifications and obstructions had to be cleared before Soviet troops could move across the border. A complex attack campaign had to be planned as well, with massive staging of troops along the border. The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was signed August 23, 1939. The war with Britain began the next month and Stalin’s plan for his “Icebreaker”attack was Spring of 1941.

      From guess where,

      Suvorov challenges the view that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime attacked an unsuspecting USSR on June 22, 1941 with a much superior and better prepared force. Instead, Suvorov argues that the Soviet Union was poised to invade Nazi-controlled territories in July 1941.

      Suvorov claims that, just as Stalin eliminated his political enemies by pitting them against one another, so too was the plan when he gave Hitler the support to attack Poland, knowing that the act would trigger a war between Germany and the United Kingdom and its allies. The principal argument is based on an analysis of Soviet military investments, diplomatic maneuvers, Politburo speeches and other data. Suvorov suggests that Stalin perceived the outcome of World War II as a loss. Suvorov mentions the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact along with its secret auxiliary protocol, existence of both were constantly denied by the Kremlin authorities until 24 December 1989 during Mikhail Gorbachev leadership.

      Of course many “experts” have been trotted out to show a vast number of technical reasons why Stalin’s plan to attack Germany would have been “impossible,”, but the fact remains this is the only possibility that would explain why Hitler chose to attack Russia in late June, almost to the day of Napoleon’s previous attack that began 24 June 1812, just two months before the onset of the Russian winter.

      Hitler was no fool. No doubt, he would have been familiar with Napoleon’s snowy defeat. The German attack opened up a second front as well, a huge strategic mistake with German forces effectively sweeping Europe. Outside the need for a preemptive strike, there would have been no reason for Hitler to weaken his victorious forces to repeat Napoleon’s mistake.

      Operation Barbarossa, Hitler’s attack on Russia, comes down to this: Either Hitler was the “carpet-chewing “madman” Jews claim him to be

      ~ or ~

      The Soviets presented a pressing threat sufficient to the point of Hitler dividing his forces to attack Russia at the worst time of year, as proven by Emperor Napoleon’s attack in the previous century. And wouldn’t you know it, Hitler’s attack on Russia had the very same outcome.

      Now how could Der Führer have missed that?

      1. He missed it because of the Abwehr sabotage and the traitor Bormann, of which I’ve written extensively and won’t repeat here

        Sure, you can call it an opinion if you like. I suppose that’s the only way people who don’t have my sources would HAVE to view it

        (I’ve written about the sources, also) (:>)

      2. “Due to his anti-Slav bias and traitors within, e.g. Adm. Wilhelm Canaris (per Andrei Fursov) and many birthed by Operation Hummingbird (Long Knives), Adolf Hitler was successfully profiled to accept bogus military intelligence about Russian strength and intentions. This was augmented by his stated goal to attain Lebensraum for Germany, with obvious disregard for Russia’s previous peaceful acceptance of German immigrants.”

        “Jews know that an alliance between Germany and Russia will be their doom, and that cajoling Adolf Hitler into attacking Russia was their greatest ever anti-Aryan operation.”


        First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

      3. Brownhawk, I missed the connection to the Abwehr sabotage and the traitor Bormann, of which you’ve written extensively. Please, briefly sum it up again will you? The above post from Bob, intimates the Soviets had the forces available written about in Victor Suvorov’s book “Iceberaker” but Hitler was fooled into believing otherwise and there was some advantage in attacking Russia just before winter’s opening.

        The fact remains, the monumental mistake of opening a second front in the flower of advancing victory is textbook stuff from Strategy 101. History has more than enough examples to prove this out and Hitler was a student of history. I can understand Hitler’s action due to the imperative of preventing an attack. I have trouble with the idea Hitler would have been fooled to the point of attacking for some greedy land grab scheme.

        Besides, Germany was an avowed enemy of communism. Why would they form an alliance?

      4. Arch
        Hitler was certainly a student of history. He was also a student of the superb military machine at his disposal

        I’ll be back later with a longer post per your request

      5. Hi Bob in DC,
        I have always wondered why Hitler attacked Russia. In fact until his invasion of the remainder (non-Sudeten) of Czechoslovakia he was not taking any serious risk. He had brought most of the German speaking people into the reich. Then, like Napoleon, he started to invade other countries and led Germany to destruction, and Russia was the main reason for that destruction. It was such an obvious high risk project that no rational person would have considered it.

        It could be that all dictators do this, but I have often thought that there was something else going on.

      6. Arch
        For the record, it wasn’t until shortly after coming upon darkmoon that I learned of 2 sources indicating the treachery which I’ve concluded effectively lost the war for Germany. One was a close friend whose grandfather was in the Abwehr, and who gave her (my friend’s) father the basic scuttlebutt about the Zionist spies within it’s ranks, and that Bormann was among them. As Hitler’s “shadow” it was HE who made sure der fuhrer received the faulty Intel the Zios WANTED him to hear. Hitler trusted the guy completely. This included the false report that a Soviet attack was imminent when it wasn’t. I suspect Stalin and his Intel WERE caught by surprise. (((They))) like to keep everybody hoppin.

        The other source was my father, who through his Masonic affiliation was privy to OSS knowledge of British MI6 machinations regarding the German Enigma military codes. He related that the codes weren’t broken by the would-be code breakers at MI6 facilities in Bletchley Park outside London, but that they were merely handed over by Zionist spies who had infiltrated the Abwehr. This was passed along to the Russians AFTER the German attack in June, 1941.

        I’ve often contended that Hitler’s confidence in the Wehrmach’s ability to overpower everything in it’s path was well-founded, and that it was only Intelligence sabotage that stopped them from a dramatic altering of history.

        And to think, had Germany won the war there would been NO “Jewish Homeland” in Palestine. Hitler coulda had his pick as to where in the world to create a new Pale. Throw the whole lot of ’em somewhere – the Zios, the “Zinos’, and all the non-elite “little” Jews into a new version of “The Lord of the Flies” 😁

      7. Who can enlighten me?

        When accessing Prof. Kevin MacDonalds website, suddenly a screen appears with a message “you appear to reside in this or that country, please enter your personal details in order to agree to our terms of service” and only then one can proceed further. Is this an Occidental Observer precaution, or is this a government trap in order to get ones particulars? I now don’t touch his website until I am sure what I am letting myself in for.

        As I understand it:

        Mussolini’s grandeur attacked Greece and burned his fingers. Then Hitler had to come to the rescue, thus postponing the invasion of the Soviet-Union by months (in the better season!) and wasting crtitical resources which were meant for the Soviet-Union.

        By giving the Baltic states to Stalin, Hitler bought time to strenghten the Wehrmacht. He knew Stalin would eventually go for his/Germany’s throat. Germany sat in the same position we sat with in Angola. Huge build-up of arms on our border. So what must we/Hitler have done? So one strikes preemptively before you get swallowed. Communists don’t stand stil and are the nice neighbours next doors. They want to invade and spread their religion and swallow you.

        Germany was by no means prepared for a world war. It started off like South Africa before the Bush War (demobilized WWII British army). A demobilized WWI army , in Germany’s case, by the Versailles harsh conditions. They were only strong enough for a limited regional war. All in David Irvings books. One can write him, he will confirm. More on it on vho.org.

        Unfortunately I did not document the links. Somewhere on the web someone scanned old newspapers from Germany back then, where the build-up of the Soviet army was discussed in many articles over a long period of time. Highly interesting contents. Germany was amazed how big the Soviet Union mobilized and was very alarmed by this. Germany did not want a two front war. It was forced upon Germany. Before the war Germany spent a lot of energy keeping the country communist free (the Freikorps, very interesting history that) and Polish aggression (culminating in the battle of Annaberg). Wikipedia is no reliable source, but still, just for starters:


        The other reasons (Abwehr, treason, sabotage, the snobistic Junkers etc.) all played a role as well. It is complicated sequence of events well worth studying and highly interesting, if one is interested in these kinds of things.

        If Donald Trump manages to turn things around, he will be a man I have greatly underestimated.

    3. B’deer

      “Stooge” is the wrong word, the use of which is drawn from erroneous conclusions. It implies that Hitler knew he was being used by the Zios in being on board with their agenda. While he WAS being used, he WASN’T being compliant to their wishes. He was DUPED.

      A dupe, not a stooge

  16. its people of brittain who have decided to walk away from agenda of ellites by voting brexit…
    nether zionist puppet trumpet nor chabbad lubavich putin has anything to do woth it…

    dont attribute false claims by supporing zionists ellites…that suits your conspiracy theorist saviour agenda

    its people of brittain who shoulf take credit for what have they done …neither puton nor trumpet

  17. This is a GREAT article. One of the best by Lasha.

    The MOST important point she made in the whole article has been overlooked in the comments so far:

    “Voices wailing in the wilderness … shrieking from the rooftops. So sad. These misguided wretches actually believe that voting makes a difference.”

    More to the point:
    “These misguided wretches actually believe that voting makes a difference.”

    The fact that votes are held with secret ballots and voting machines, negates the ability to effect changes by the people. Those who believe otherwise are dreaming. Not being realistic. They display the very greatest cognitive dissonance!!

    Nothing can change for the better unless this is stressed every day…. until it sinks in…. and public and open voting is established.

    1. I second that motion, especially as it requires little more than “two thumbs up”. I have ranted and raved about “Tweedle Demon” (latest incarnation, the evil Mrs. Clinton) and “Tweedle Duh” (The Donald) since well before November 2016. I voted for NOBODY, and thank to this day Wavy Gravy for the insight. Why does it take so many people so much time to catch up? If voting made any difference….[please fill in the rest of this assertion, left for the students among us].

  18. The immigration problem into the White Nations of this earth are the result of the international NWO Jewish plan to destroy the cohesiveness of the cultural and class of the white race. The turning to brown of the entire white race is the endgame. The only “whites” will be the Jews who will have totally usurped the white race. They never were of the white race but thru intermarrying with the whites can pretended to be white. Jews were either Spanish, Portuguese or Turkish. https://nationalpost.com/news/world/ashkenazi-jews-as-well-as-the-yiddish-language-came-from-four-villages-in-northeastern-turkey-study

    The fight that is happening in America and the UK and possibly Germany is nothing more than the war of the two Jewish NWO factions. The Rockefellers versus the Rothschilds are each pushing for their own plan of management of who will control the final NWO empire and the process by which that occurs. Either way it is a Jewish plot of the highest conspiracy players on this earth. One side makes money in times of peace and the other side makes money in times of war. The players shown to the public are just puppet people and not the real decision makers of their side in the fight.

  19. it’s difficult for most people to get past the fact that entire nations can be deceived by their leadership, even though it’s obvious that any old fuehrer has enough monopoly on power to drive any country out of business, the same way plenty of corporate owners have driven lots of good corporations into ruin for their own gain.
    as lately more have caught on to the workings of the zionist faction, the fact of jewish media supremacy in american, british, french, german, etc. politics the natural tendency is to resurrect the one who has the image of being the jews’ greatest enemy. it’s very likely a mistake, at least, and it should be pointed out that nobody more than the jews themselves want to preserve hitler’s image as it is, because that is the basis of their holohoax, when in fact it was germany and the german people, and white russians, who suffered death in many millions, both in contrived combat and civilian slaughter… if there were no six million jew gassed in ww2, and there weren’t, and in fact there were very few jews burned in the firebombings of german cities, because they had all been removed to transfer camps, which were not bombed, then as it turns out the fuehrer never was the jews’ worst enemy… in fact his policies forced jews out of their homes in europe and set the path for the population of israel, in total cooperation with the 1% zionist faction. and clearly, not nearly as many among us would hesitate much at speculation upon an obama or a hillary being so duplicitous. and after all, the negation of national borders and immigrant invasions of white countries are clearly deliberate anti-sovereign policies of national sabotage… it happens…
    if possible, with the awakening the myths of history will be exposed and rejected on the path to the next paradigm. try to remember – most of what you’ve been taught is lies…

  20. The Democrat Party’s liberal activist core has been energized ever since the election of Donald Trump as president.

    NOW – thanks to criminal illegal aliens… the “Conquering Hero” in California will be a criminal:

    In rebuke of Dianne Feinstein, Kevin de León wins endorsement of California Democrats in Senate race

    California Democratic Party leaders took a step to the left Saturday night, endorsing liberal state lawmaker Kevin de León for Senate in a stinging rebuke of Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

    Dave Hodges tells the story of the thug in 2 minutes:

  21. people and/or posters on this website don’t want to understand that there is, unfortunately, no battle between the Goyim and the jews. There is just a battle between two jewish factions in the world going on of which faction will decide the ultimate policy of the jewish world order we are now living in. There is the fascist zio jewish faction of the jew Drumpf and the global/communist jewish faction of former Obama and Clinton/the liberals. It is because Drumpf has a fascistic zio background that he attracts like a pied piper the ‘white “Goyim masses in the jewsa. But the stupid ‘white “Goyim masses don’t understand that they are just tools/soldiers/masses for the fascist zio jewish faction of Drumpf. Even David Duke thinks that Drumpf is the white savior. So it is not that strange that Drumpf is seeking warm contacts with Putin because Putin also has a fascistic zio worldview as Drumpf, jews first credo of both zio’s, as Putin is also a jew hiding this fact for the real Russians, the russian Goyim. This jewish battle is coordinated by the o so silent peaceful headquarter in Tel Aviv. It is a shame there is no battle between the Goyim and the jews. We could make the world a better place to live in.

  22. You know, from everything I see – radioactive chemtrails, streaking a hazy sky, blotting out the sun. 5G radiation grids, bombarding the body with mega-high powered RF energy. “GMO”, poisonous Frankenfoods invading ones body – I think we have been fucked seven ways from Shabbat, see you in sheol. Jews don’t miss a trick now, do they?

    1. @AS [16-7-18]: For me, it came to Mind a few years ago that I had stumbled upon an on-going, long-standing, pervasive, perfidious, multi-fronted War Against Humanity. Among the 12 Spokes of Anger I initially identified, I listed many if not all that you did: chemtrails; radiation from Fukushima and more traditional sources (cf. Bob Nichols, VeteransToday); vaccines and other gifts from Big Pharma, to wreck Mind, body, and our human genetic heritage of survival of the fittest; EMF and EMR, most recently 5G radiation grids; food processed to reduce or eliminate biochemical and nutritional value, more recently “GMOs” and worse; what I call “Kultural Marxi$m”, a highly weaponized form and template for the legacy of Eddie Bernays; TV, movies, MSM, etc., etc.

      Since that time, wrestling with issues of “cause and effect’ — silly scientist I pretend to be — I have struggled with the “Jewish question”, the “Jewish problem”. Correlation does not necessarily imply causation, so the dogma goes. Statistics, like Science itself, can prove nothing BY THEORY, BY DESIGN! Yet, irony knowing no bounds, a couple of Harvard University statisticians with ostensibly Jewish names (Rubin and Rosenbaum) “proved” up the following: “Causation necessarily implies correlation.”

      Turns out, mathematical, statistical analyses to determine which is which proves very simple. For validity, one does require reliable data adequate to the task. One can then ask a simple question, “But for the ‘Jews’, would [such and such] have likely happened anyway?” For example, despite certain ethnic| religious | racial | political | genetic claims to the contrary, humanity has yet to reach the perfection of GOD. Hence, failings, misbehavior, crime, debasement, and all the seven deadly sins revealed to us might just as well happen with folks other than “Jews”. Left to our own devices, might not we too fall on our knees before the Golden Calf? Might we not too reinvent the Talmud within the putative Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, as Michael Hoffman has described?

      Else, we seek to gaze through diaphanous veils, a rent or two providing a child’s eye view through which to peer. Who indeed is that masked man? Who operates the levers? Who purloins gold coins and replaces them with paper? How long, how long, has this been going on?!

      I strive to have more answers than questions before I pass on myself. Best I can do right now. GOD bless you all.

  23. I wish Trump would go on and do something else for you old biddies to squawk about! 😀

  24. So I guess Darkmoon was co-opted when it disappeared a while back. I don’t seem to recall any pro-puppet material, for one, never mind the overemphasis of the ‘white genocide’ narrative (which is just more Hegelian Dialectic, btw).

    Funny, too, the people who must either be blind or willfully delusional saying that there is no connexion between the Tribe and the current Puppet President.

    1. Rob –

      You obviously missed the hundreds of long ones like this one:

      June 26, 2017 at 8:12 pm
      i have on several occasions brought up the following THEORY (currently non-falsifiable, absent any of the above listed refuting events).
      Namely, trump, being very bright but in a lifelong tight spot, learned many of the fundamentals of the kabbalah arts and is dissembling as a village fool or a court clown while sabotaging the detested power structure, sort of like the roman emperor claudius in his day, surviving his murderous nephew caligula.



      “Everybody knows”(trumpism) the Tribe put in the Puppet Prezzy and ‘Put-On’…. meeting in Helsinki today to plan and build casinos in Sochi, Crimea, Vladivostok, N Korea and Syria…. with jew Adelson. All get rich $$$!!! 🙂

      [President Vladimir Putin is strongly against gambling, but has allowed the creation of special gambling zones in regions in need of an economic boost.] HA!!! 🙂

      1. Hi Pat,
        Trump really is a weirdo, but his defining characteristic is vanity, in fact narcissm. He is always posing, and it it so obvious as to be embarrassing to any normal observer. He reminds me of Mussolini, but as Mussolini famously made the trains run on time so some of Trumps actions are good.

        I would say that his efforts to form a better relationship with Russia is a good point. The Russians do not want war. They want peace and prosperity. They are no longer the nation led by a government that wants to spread communism. Also Russia is not a rich country and could not afford a major war.

  25. The “no to racism” crowd are a sickening bunch of hypocritical liars. Trump has been preaching peace and good relations with foreign countries (excepting for Iran) from the moment he announced his candidacy. Even with his posture towards Iran, no other politician comes close to Trump in bettering foreign relations, but the deep state and Jewish media (which has the full support of the supposedly “anti-racism” crowd) keeps pushing Trump into attacking Assad’s Syria and other Israeli foes. This reminds me of the lead up to WW II according to what I’ve read.

    The war mongers (Jews) scream anti-Semitism and racism as they preach war and racism themselves. They are well funded and organized. I would like to see massive protests against the (((anti-racism))) crowd, calling them out for their war mongering, racism and hatred.

  26. mud – that’s about right… but trump will still make america great again if he can.. in which case we might get bigger crumbs…. and he’s so much more fun to watch, whereas if it was hillary we might all have drank battery acid by now. look at the guys’s juice… pretty amazing man; maybe macdonalds and 15 diet cokes a day is the formula… he only sleeps a few hours a day. look at him dragging all those beltway media hacks back and forth across the planet form one big parlay to the next…. he’s sucking them all along in his wake the same way he did a couple of presidential candidates… it’s having an effect too, ON THE JEW MACHINE… he’s got chuckie shumer freaked out. listen to that maggot’s lameass bullshit now… go with hillary chuckie…
    pat – now that diane fienstien is going out of the picture with her own party, all her ilk are nervous.. first joe crowley in new york looooooses to the spoiled rich brat socialist. now her. they’re all gonna be next… of course the russians MUST be hacking our election system, if chuckie and a lot of his jew buddies can’t get reelected.. that has to be it… well yes, it has been hacked. but not by the russians. not the real russians anyway….
    peter – the left clinton news network media is mostly intel actors, like the clintons, shilling for the bolshevik deep state pentagon bankster complex… fox news is covering the other flank, with some overlap on both… both utterly disingenuous as genuine journalists… they absolutely will not speak the ameliorative jargon of peace and progress… trump and putin are working out the iran problem together… that will take a little more time… the swamp is obviously totally freaked out at this last putin meeting… makes you think, don’t it make you wonder?

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