Helsinki secrets

By Israel Shamir

Shamir at his best, full of wit and brio and as astute as ever in his political judgments.

Like an orange hurricane, President Trump made a stormy visit to the Old World. Usually American presidents’ visits to Europe present photo opportunities and vows of eternal love and friendship. Not this time. Since the Mongol invasion, not many visitors from outside shook Europe like he did. The US President has finally emerged from the cage built by his political adversaries, and begun to say things his voters wanted to hear.

However, his wonderful daring statements were quickly undermined and disowned by his ministers and advisers, creating the feeling that Trump speaks only for himself, while the US administration, his own appointees say the opposite. And then he also repudiated his own statements, saying he was misunderstood.

The American president increasingly resembles the hero of The Prince and The Pauper, the poor boy who accidentally became a king – and began to behave in a non-royal way: showing mercy and caring for people. His own staff disregards his commands. Trump says what people like to hear, but his administration sticks to the original course.

During the first part of his trip he acted a rebel in Wodehouse World with its feeble men and formidable women. Indeed the West is ruled by formidable aunts and elder sisters. Aunt Angela in Germany, Aunt Theresa in England, Aunt Brigitte in France. Only Aunt Hillary is missing to complete the puzzle and establish the rule of Aunties over their hen-pecked nephews.

(Hillary’s defeat didn’t derail the Aunties’ program of emasculation: #MeToo campaign goes on unabated. Men are afraid to flirt with girls. Henry (The Superman) Cavill admitted as much in an interview, saying that flirting with somebody would be like “casting myself into the fires of hell”, as a person in the public eye. “I think a woman should be wooed and chased”, he said, but it could lead to jail. He was immediately attacked for this heresy: “If Henry Cavill doesn’t want to be called a rapist then all he has to do is… not rape anyone”, implausibly they claimed. And he apologised profusely.)

Trump’s trip had been accompanied by mass protest demos. Normally I am all in favour of a good anti-American demo, but in this case, the protesters were extreme feminists and supporters of unlimited immigration. That’s people who like the Aunties, and hate Uncles. They do not mind conflict with Russia and even consider Trump as a “Russian agent”. They dislike that he does not obey Aunties.

In the second part of the tour, Trump had met with the formidable Mr Putin, a real man. Now that we have learned from our reliable sources what had happened in the palatial halls of Helsinki (excepting face-to-face private talk with Putin) we can describe Trump’s Pilgrim’s Progress and share our knowledge and conclusions with you.

In short, President Trump made the right sounds and called for right solutions, but he has been unable to insist on any. If he were a free man of his own mind, this trip would transform the world. The way things are, it will remain a sign of his honourable intentions, for everything he said has been overturned and denied by his aides.

In Brussels, Trump attacked Frau Merkel. How does she dare to buy Russian gas, if Germany faces a Russian threat? Why does it accept immigrants and refugees who undermine the European way of life? Saying that, he sided with “the populists”, the Italians, Hungarians and Austrians, whose top politicians are male and friendly to Trump and Putin.

The Brussels meeting almost came to an undoing of NATO. Trump hinted that the US would leave NATO unless they pay. They have to pay more, much more, if they want to have American protection.

Could he mean it? NATO is an instrument of American control over Europe, and Washington keeps dozens of bases in Europe, in particular – in Germany. Germany has remained under American occupation since 1945. This would seem good for America, but the occupied and controlled Western European states are tied to the Clinton camp, to Democrats and liberals. They do not accept Trump as their rightful sovereign. And Europe does not pay for its occupation, so it is costly. Of course, it is a great honour to occupy and control the great powers of the past, England, France, the Netherlands, Spain. But it costs a lot of money for America. Likewise, in 1990 Russia discovered that it is expensive to control surly East Germany, independent Poland, sunny Georgia, tricky Armenia, populous Uzbekistan and the rainy Baltic States.

There is no certainty that the countries of Europe will agree to pay and submit to Trump’s demands. In Germany, there are growing voices demanding the Yankees be sent home, that is, to ask the American soldiers to leave Germany. It would be good if NATO were to disintegrate and disappear, like the Warsaw Treaty Organization disappeared. Trump has repeatedly said that he wants to return the American soldiers home. Perhaps we shall witness Pax Americana without American troops in Europe, like England fictitiously claimed to belong to the Roman Empire, though Roman legions had left, and Rome lost all interest in foggy Albion.

In England, Trump confronted Mrs May. She reminded him of his school mistress, and Donald does not like school mistresses. The soft Brexit, which she intends to conclude, is a complete bummer, not a Brexit, he said. Under the proposed treaty, all prerogatives remain in Brussels. So, there can be no trade agreement between the United States and Britain. America will negotiate directly with Brussels. And in general, it would be better if May transferred Downing Street 10 to her former Foreign Secretary, a hard-line Brexit supporter, the red-headed Bojo (as the Brits call Boris Johnson, who had just resigned, resenting the proposed plan for soft Brexit).

The European Union is an American design, too. Why, then, does the US President want to undermine it by removing the UK, his own Trojan Horse? Apparently, it means that the globalist forces have entered a state of direct confrontation with America.

This first part of Trump’s tour had been followed by the Kremlin with satisfaction. The Kremlin also believes that NATO has become obsolete, and that Brexit is the right step. Russia instinctively disapproves of mass migration, just like Trump.

Trump’s meeting with President Putin had been postponed for a year; both men were eager to meet. Trump wanted to meet another strong man, a powerful chieftain who can assist him in building a new world, instead of the one created under Obama, by media and Supreme Court Judges. President Putin wanted to solve bilateral issues and to ease American pressure upon Russia.

Their problems were very different. The main problems of Trump were Mme Clinton and Barack Obama, and the whole army of their obstinate followers who didn’t recognise Trump’s legitimacy. Putin couldn’t do much for him, with all his sympathy.

Putin’s problem is the hybrid warfare carried out by the United States against Russia. Despite accusations you hear in your media (alleged Russian ads in the Facebook and Twitter influencing voters), American pressure on Russia is very real and very painful. American officials try to wreck every international deal Russia attempts to clinch. It is not only, or even mainly about weapons. If a country A wants to sell Russians, say, bananas, the US ambassador will come to A’s king, or his minister, and will expressly forbid him to sell bananas to godless Russians. Otherwise, do not expect the US aid, or do not count on US favours in your disputes with your neighbours, or the US won’t buy your production, or US banks will take another long and jaundiced view at your financial transactions. You witnessed the scene, when the crazed Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN, threatened sovereign nations with severe punishment for voting against the US desires, so you have an idea of American delicacy and caution while pushing their will through.

Russians are in a very uncomfortable seat. All their neighbours are subject to American pressure to annoy Russia, be it Georgia (once they even attacked Russia militarily being led by American and Israeli advisers) or the Ukraine (Americans arranged a coup d’état and installed extremely hostile to Russia government in Kiev). American military bases surround Russia and NATO troops drew closer and closer to its centres. American military budget of 600 billion dollars dwarfs the Russian one, while the armaments’ race can undermine Russian finances. If Russia were a woman, she would scream: stop it!

Perhaps our colleague Mr Andrei Martyanov is right and the US can’t destroy Russia militarily; perhaps Immanuel Wallerstein is correct and American power is in decline; but meanwhile the US is perfectly able to make life hard and difficult for any state. It made life unbearably hard for North Korea, extremely hard for Iran. Russia is not doing half as good as she could do without ceaseless American meddling.

President Putin would like Trump to relent. There is no reason for this incessant picking on Russia; it is not Communist anymore; it is much smaller and less populous than the former USSR; it wants to live in peace as a member of the family of nations, not as a great alternative. The anti-Russian offensive began in earnest in the days of previous US presidents, namely Obama and Clinton; so it would make sense for Trump to stop it.

Problem is, President Trump is also actively engaged in war against Russia. Just a few days ago he pressured the German Chancellor to give up on the North Stream-2, to stop buying Russian gas. His advisers demanded that Turkey desist from buying a Russian antimissile system. The US Air Force bombed Russian troops in Syria.

Still Putin made a good try. He proposed to hold a referendum in the Donbas area of Eastern Ukraine which is presently independent though lacking international recognition. The people of Donbas had their own referendum in 2014, and voted for independence; Kiev regime and its Western sponsors denied its validity as it was done under Russian army’s protection, they claimed. Now Putin proposed a re-run under international auspices.

Trump ostensibly agreed, he said it was a good idea, and he asked for the opinion of John Bolton, his national security advisor; Bolton confirmed it was a good idea. This was in Helsinki; however, since then the idea had been rejected by the Americans, as the Kiev regime balked at it. The regime knows well that the people of Eastern Ukraine aren’t likely to opt for their tender mercies, and Trump administration won’t push Kiev to agree to secession, or to abide by the Minsk agreements and let them re-join federal Ukraine as an autonomous unit. So this haemorrhaging wound at the western border of Russia will bleed on.

As for Syria, Putin told Trump that he agreed upon the arrangements with Mr Netanyahu to keep Iranians and their militias at some 80 km away from the disengagement (1974) lines at the Golan Heights. (Iranians are now going through a difficult stretch and they accepted this solution without a murmur.) This was acceptable to Trump, and both presidents stressed that they value Israeli security highly.

(They have differing reasons for it. Putin wants Syria to remain in peace under his protégé and ally President Bashar Assad, and for this, he needs some security arrangements with pugnacious Israel. Putin is aware of Jewish state’s ability to pull strings and he doesn’t want to antagonise it. Putin also wants Trump to be happy, and Israel is a point of huge importance for the US President, much more than for Putin.

Trump sacrifices at the altar of Israel to propitiate the Jews he is fighting in the US. Trump fights everything American Jews stand for, against all they achieved recently. He wants to have them back in the cash flow cubicle, the ‘short guys that wear yarmulkes every day’, counting his notes. They want much, much more: they wish to dominate and rule America their own way. Trump is ready to give all he can to Israel, so the American Jews will be less eager to fight him.

This ploy had been tried by the German National-Socialists in 1930s, who gave the Zionist-Socialists the most profitable Ha’avara deal to offset and overcome hostility of American Jews. It failed then, it is likely to fail again, but not before the Zionists will get all they dream of.)

For North Korea, Putin lauded Trump’s move and said he will keep playing a supportive role to American efforts.

For the bogus “Russian interference in the US elections”, Putin proposed to establish a bilateral expert group for cyber security. Let experts deal with experts, and sort out the claims, he said. Trump agreed with the idea, though his advisers were quick to repudiate it upon their return to Washington.

Putin also proposed to allow cross-examinations on the reciprocity basis: the US investigators will travel to Russia and interrogate Russian officials indicted by Mueller’s team; while Russian investigators will travel to the US and interrogate Ambassador McFaul for his participation in Browder affair. Trump had been impressed by the generous offer; but as he returned to Washington, McFaul (falsely) claimed Trump intends to send him to the Gulag, and Trump’s advisers promptly repudiated the proposal.

Putin did not intend to arrest and detain McFaul, just to question him; likewise, he wouldn’t permit Mueller investigators to carry Russian intelligence officers to a Guantanamo of their choice, just to ask them questions. The Browder Affair grows bigger as time goes: though the rascal was not the biggest of Russian assets’ looters, he was the most outspoken and keen on hanging on the stolen goods. The US advisers from top-league universities implanted in the Yeltsin administration in 1990s had stolen more; they also facilitated creation of the mighty oligarchs of that time. However, Browder had more tenacity and he judiciously invested a lion share of his ill-gotten profits in bribes aiming to suborn the US administration and turn it onto relentless pursuit of Russia. Ambassador McFaul fronted for him and covered his misdeeds; while McFaul tried to interfere in Russian electoral process following the precedent established in 1996.

Thus at Helsinki, a pattern had been established, I was told by a witness. Putin would make a proposal, Trump would tentatively agree and promptly deny and repudiate on return to Washington.

From the beginning to the end, the US media was highly hostile to Trump and to his mission in Europe. They eagerly followed anti-Trump demos and exaggerated his every blunder. Google obediently trailed at the top Twitter messages of the ex-CIA boss calling Trump ‘a traitor’. All prominent Western newspapers spoke of Trump’s ‘treason’.

Perhaps they would be able to convince some Republicans to follow their trend, but the defeat of Rep. Mark Sanford in South Carolina primaries following Trump’s angry Twitter had brought them to their senses. A Republican leader stated the case well: “Obviously there are going to be those who are going to criticise him but they’re going to criticise him for anything that he says. This committee stands strong, stands behind him and wants to support him. We’re interested not only in the 2018 elections, we’re interested in the 2020 elections as well.”

The result of violent Trump-is-a-traitor campaign was surprising: 80% of Trump voters approved of his Helsinki shtick, notwithstanding the vehement accusations. American media had lost its silver touch. President may continue to build his power structure, and perhaps one day his word will be worth something.

Bottom line: Trump dared, and survived.

Sourced from the UNZ REVIEW via TRUTHSEEKER

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  1. This is a weird, posing President, but in trying to have good relations with Russia he is doing what I want, and I think most Americans and Europeans want.

    It is the Neocon clique in America that is stirring up trouble. They are mainly Jews, backed up by the Jewish-controlled media. Why? why does the Jewish establishment hate Russia?

    The idea that a few articles on Facebook affected the election is nonsense, and most people can see that.

    Regarding the Ukraine, why have the media never pointed out that there was a coup d’etat there that rsulted in Jews being set up in the most poweful positions.; this in a country where there are hardly any Jews.

    a secret recording surfaced on YouTube. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was overheard actively plotting a coup d’etat with the U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, Jeffrey Pyatt.

    She used the “F” word, which got all the publicity, but few seemed to notice that she was trying to name, or actually choose, the new interim President of the Ukraine. His name, Arseniy Yatsenuk.

    Three weeks later, Victoria got her wish; the pro-Russian government of Yanucovych collapsed and Yatsenuk was in place. Shortly thereafter, an election was held in which Petro Poroshenko became President.

    Ukraine Jewish Leaders

    Kolomosky, Govenor of Donetsk Province

    Yatsenyuk, Prime Minister

    Poroshenko, President

    And Victoria Nuland (Nudelman), assistant US Secretary of State, wife of Robert Kagan, a leading Neocon, co-author of PNAC, (Project for a New American Century)

    These people want war with Russia. They are all Jews, and they want America to fight another war for Israel

    1. JK

      You are incorrect, and your post segues nicely to what I have to say about the neocons in my attempt at helping to clear up our confusion

      To say the “entire” jewish establishment is misleading. The Khazarians morphed into the Bolsheviks and then into the Neocons. This ASPECT of the jewish establishment hates Russia stemming back to when the ancient Rus defeated them 1,000 years ago (talk about holding a grudge!). This aspect is used by the ELITE aspect of jewry to do the dirty work which in their madness requires the tormenting of Russia, most famously done when the rabid mad-dog Bolshies killed the Czar and his family and then took over, and well, we’re all too familiar with THAT ensuing genocide!

      This represents a classic example of the top-to-bottom workings of their “establishment”. When the elites call off the mad dogs after the dirty deeds are done, they are put back in their kennels to save for a rainy day. It is primarily these jews that Stalin systematically destroyed because at that point their agitation that produced the 1917 Revolution was no LONGER required. Now, fast forward to the present day and I suspect the same will soon happen to the neocons whose dirty deeds are rapidly becoming unnecessary

      Onward Forward for the “Great Work of the Ages”

    2. @ John Kirby
      @ Brownhawk

      The jewish hatred of Russia goes all the way back to the 538 AD Justinian Code that properly oppressed the jews so that they would have an exceptionally hard time taking down the Byzantine Empire. The Vatican joined the jews in their hatred of the Byzantine Empire with the Great Schism of 1049 AD where the Roman Catholic Church was ejected from the Catholic Orthodox Church, now known as the Orthodox Christian Church, as the Roman Church strayed from 1,000 year old established doctrine. When the Ottoman Turks defeated the Byzantine Empire in 1453 in Constantinople, the center of Orthodox Christianity relocated to Russia.

      The jews do not forgive or forget. The jewish Russian Revolution of 1917 was to eliminate the seat of the Orthodox Christian Church. The jews thought that they had been successful until the USSR fell and the Russian Orthodox Church sprang back to life from being under ground for 70 years. Then came the Orthodox Christian Putin, that made Russia great again, MRGA. The jews are not happy.

      End of exceptionally brief history of why the jews hate Russia, revenge and Jesus.

      Now you have the Christian Trump (Make America Great Again, MAGA) meeting secretly with the Christian Putin twice. The jews are seriously not happy and for good reason as time will reveal.

      1. “…the jews are not happy….”


        We all do it, so please don’t think I’m singling you out, but the problem with understanding the “Jewish problem” is in our inability to make distinctions which has made the whole narrative of understanding circular

        Here’s an example of distinction to use:

        Rank and file Jews: the shock troops*
        Elite Jews: GENERAL of the troops

        But what makes the distinction is that the GENERAL is a SACRIFICER who answers to HIS superior, what I’ve been terming “Esoteric Jew”.

        *And sometimes they don’t know that’s what they ARE

      2. I’m sure there’s a more appropriate thread to post the following, but I hope this will do (my hope is that admin. considers turning it into an article, although I do understand that that would probably require the prompting of a lengthy discourse on the commentariat)

        An understanding of how the command structure of the Jew hierarchy operates as driven by a proper reading of the Protocols could be seen as offering circumstantial “proof” of the operation through a mental exercise of a branch of philosophy known as “Intuitionism”, whose time has come in lifting the esoteric veils.

        To demonstrate:

        Rank and File Jews: the “shock troops”
        Elite Jews: “General” of the troops that SACRIFICES them

        A classic example of this involves the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, two of the troops who probably didn’t know to call themselves that. As I stated, the proper reading of the mysteriously-named “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” sees their operation at work in answering WHY were these two JEWS executed? Simply put, the Elites needed a sacrificial GOAT

        Scapegoat: [scape*; intended as translation of Hebrew “azazel” (probably the name of a demon) as if “ez ozel”, goat that departs – Leviticus 16:8 (Authorized Version).

        *Scapegoat: An ancient Hebrew custom called for the high priest of Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of Atonement, to take TWO goats, one to be sacrificed to the Lord, the other to carry the sins of the people away into the desert. After the Lord’s goat had been sacrificed, the priest confessed the sins of the people over the head of the live goat, which was then released “to Azazel”. Modern commentators have usually interpreted Azazel as the name of a demon living in the desert, but the name was interpreted by ancient Biblical translators as referring to the goat itself, and hence being a form of the Hebrew phrase, ez ozel, which means “goat that departs”. In the Greek translation of the passage referring to Azazel’s goat, the goat became tragos apopompaios, “goat sent out”, and in the Latin Vulgate the animal became caper emmisarius, “emissary goat”. Perpetuating the tradition, William Tyndale in his 1530 English translation of the Pentateuch rendered the Latin as scapegoat, that is, “escape goat”. Although the goal for Azazel did in fact escape sacrifice, he bore the heavy burden of the people’s sins. It is for this reason that we call anyone who bears the blame for others’ transgressions or mistakes a scapegoat.

        The Rosenbergs were executed on June 19, 1953 in the Georgian calender. The equivalent in the Hebrew calender is 18 Tammuz, which is overlapped from 17 Tammuz – the Hebrew month of the “Sin of the Golden Calf”. On that specific date it was the calf that was offered in sacrifice, but the correlation doesn’t end there. The date of their conviction was March 29, 1953 (Palm Sunday of that year), the Hebrew equivalent being 28 Nisan – YomShoah, which is now observed as Holocaust Remembrance Day. Do we detect a trend here? A sacrificial act such as this COULD even extend to an entire nation (Is-ra-el**. But my guess is that the Elites would probably consider that only as a last resort.

        In furthering the understanding of how the command structure operates, consider the Israeli “Samson Option” as being an illusive “Sword of Damocles”, posed as being the threat of nuclear annihilation hanging over the heads of all Mankind; a specter, and that Russia and the U.S. in particular being in possession of massive stockpiles of these armaments is a myth, around which essentially all geo-political activity pivots.

        Yet saying this isn’t to suggest that nuclear weapons don’t exist at all, only that starting with Hiroshima and Nagasaki their usage is primarily intended to show the world their devastating power for the purpose of effecting the aforementioned “pivot”. The Elite element of Jewry is responsible for this, but in their view the Khazarian outpost known as Israel cannot be trusted with possessing them because of concern over rogue elements spoiling the greater global agenda. I suspect that Netanyahu is one of the rank and file who knows this, and he being a “reasonable” Khazarian affords him the Israeli Premiership, and this secret is guarded at all costs, needless to say. This protects them.

        Israel’s founding wasn’t for the purpose of expanding jewish power through the infamous “Greater Israel” plan. This is really a feint of sorts, in keeping with the position of the Elites controlling the rank and file. The TRUE aim is for Russia to finally realize what has been (((their))) Ottoman dream all along!

        To further confuse matters, this doesn’t imply that Putin is in on the scheme as one who knows all there is to know. He’s being played along with everyone ELSE. The Putin-led removal of certain elements of the Jewish oligarchy is the modern-day equivalent of Stalin’s purge in the 1930’s, and I fully expect the purge to extend to the American neocons. This Khazarian/Bolshevik/Neocon “attack dog” faction of jewry will no longer be required.

        These actions were/are not, COULD not be independent of their respective positions on the global chessboard that were already in place at the time of the placement of men such as Putin, Stalin, POTUS, etc. There is really no such thing as a “power vacuum” seen in this context. A more precise term would be “power continuum” that all major national leaders can’t HELP but enter into, all of whom are “between a rock and a hard place jousting at history’s windmills”

        In my view however, it’s not ALL bad news. In Russia today there IS a Christian resurgence going on, which although not fully embodying the principles of Christ due to judaic lies imposed upon them, it nonetheless signifies planting the seeds of a spiritual awakening that will ameliorate a NWO for however long it lasts (not long – time is flyin by) before dissipating altogether

        ** Is = “Isis”, the goddess behind a veil of secrecy

        Ra = the sun god worshipped by all those false idolaters hiding behind the veil, and making so much trouble in the

        El = Corresponding to a comprehensive semitic aspect of the idolatry, of which the protocolians are so masteful at

  2. Dammit, I wish I were full of wit and brio and astuteness instead of vit, brutality and crudeness.
    But we play the cards, eh. Or not.

    The M$M Fifth Column (poorly) disguised as the mythical Fourth Estate has never had to bear the likes of Trump. Their initial expert as well as humorously fun and easy smackdown and their ongoing daily squealing like the stuck pigs they are, speaks for itself.
    Literal tears, wailing and teeth gnashing! Oh my!

    CNN/(cia), the most humiliated name in Fake News! How do they even pay the light bill when a gardening show re-run beats them in the ratings? I know! I know! The Presstitutes do it the old fashioned way; they earn it.

    P.S. I’m always left wondering when that CNN sign is gonna go . . . Boom!

    1. The M$M Fifth Column (poorly) disguised as the mythical Fourth Estate has never had to bear the likes of Trump….. keeping them in the money $$$… making them wealthy!!

      Their cries are loud, especially the NY Times:
      “Please don’t throw me in Trump’s brier patch(full of $$)!!” 🙂

      1. Pat, yes indeed it must really hurt so good!
        The fakers have many neuroses and psychoses,
        and entertain them all.

    2. @ HP

      “I’m always left wondering when that CNN sign is gonna go . . . Boom!”

      Answer: When the rest of the jewish mainstream media goes boom. Until then, CNN has AT&T as a sugar daddy owner and all the advertisers are making serious donations between brethren via advertising fees to CNN that has, as you point out, no significant audience.

  3. There’s a pattern

    “Russians [Germans] are in a very uncomfortable [HOT] seat.
    If Russia [Germany] were a woman, she would scream: STOP IT!“

    As did GERMANIA. Lots of peace offers – but ALL were ignored.
    [and Putin tries his best as did Hitler]

    “Russia [Germany] is not doing half as good as she could do without ceaseless American [Jewish Zionist] meddling.“

    “There is no reason for this incessant picking on Russia [on Germany]; it is not Communist [National Socialist] anymore; it is much smaller and less populous than the former USSR [German Reich]; it wants to live in peace as a member of the family of nations, not as a great alternative . . . “

    The Ukraine conflict [the Polish conflict back then – and an engineered Russian Threat then and now?] – “So this haemorrhaging wound at the western [eastern] border of Russia [of Germany] will bleed on. . .“

    “Trump is ready to give all he can to Israel, so the American Jews will be less eager to fight him.“
    [((( They ))) want to destroy Germany completely all over again – with “Angie“ (rather a witch than an angel) in place who is more than eager to do anything it takes]

    “This ploy had been tried by the German National-Socialists in 1930s, who gave the Zionist-Socialists the most profitable Ha’avara deal to offset and overcome hostility of American Jews [who had declared HOLY WAR on Germany in 1933] It failed then, it is likely to fail again, but not before the Zionists will get all they dream of.“

    “Bottom line: Trump dared, and survived.“
    For how long? The point is: Will America survive?

    A pattern has been established indeed – a very long time ago.
    It repeats itself – just like an old broken ‘Schallplatte’ endlessly going round and round – or some fixed programming (artificial intelligence?) – NOT very smart but smart enough in its simlicity to dupe, confuse and defeat all the opponents? It has worked out for ((( them ))) very well – so far.

    What will be DIFFERENT NOW?
    There comes a breaking point. A turning point – and the boomerang will return to sender.
    Natural law will have its turn.

  4. More secrets UNCOVERED … REALLY?

    More FAKE news – ((( They ) desperately NEED the “evil Nazis” to blame them for EVERYthing – past and future – “they never surrendered”, “they won the war” , “they escaped to Argentina – to Antarctica” . Why not to the moon? THINK BIG (The Donald)

    The best of men were killed – they might have had the potential to do really great things – even to uncover the secrets of the past and to go to the stars – but they are gone –
    Why are their killers not even satisfed with that “accomplishment”?
    They have nothing else to show (but genocide)

    They are not even capable of taking responsibility for their own SHIT
    What a bunch of XXX

    1. Hi Freya,
      Yes, the best of men were killed, in their millions, at the behest of the Jewish Power Lobby. What could have been achieved had these young men not been led to be slaughtered in terrible conditions? What a tragedy for western civilisation. Read the book by Gerard Menuhin. There was Jewish pressure to wage war on Germany until it was destroyed.

      Millions of young men were sent out TO KILL EACH OTHER in two world wars, and at the same time the Jewish Bolshevik coup d’etat turned Russia into a gigantic totalitarian killing machine, where 60 million died at he hands of the jewish government (Solzhenitsyn), either executed or sent to die of disease and cold in the Siberian camps. Never let it be forgotten that out of 384 Commissars over 300 were Jews

      The crimes of the Jews have been ignored as they plead victimhood in the holocaust, the official story of which is so full of holes as not to be credible. Yet they use it demand special privilege and power. They control most aspects of modern society and will destroy anybody who mentions the fact.

      My own view is that the best weapon against Jewish Power is free speech…..THE TRUTH.

  5. ” the personification of the devil as a symbol of all evils assumes the living body of the parasite jew.”
    adolf hitler
    ” the big parasite jew rots every nation it worms into.” – ezra pounds

    ” jews are responsible for all problems in the world.” – col. jerry boykin

    ” the jews are responsible for all wars in the world.” mel gibson

    ADMIN: You need to supply links for all these quotes, because I am not sure they are all genuine. In fact, the authenticity of the first two quotes are denied if you make a google search for them. What you get for the first Hitler quote is this:

    No results found for ” the personification of the devil as a symbol of all evils assumes the living body of the parasite jew.” adolf hitler ” the personification of the devil as a symbol of all evils assumes the living body of the parasite jew.” adolf hitler ” the personification of the devil as a symbol of all evils assumes the living body of the parasite jew.” adolf hitler.

    The only source for the quote, alas, appears to be an unknown poster on the Darkmoon site (!!!) who calls himself by the suspiciously Jewish name “Jude Jewy”. We should not have allowed this apparently bogus quote to be quoted on our site. Bad monitoring, I guess. In future we will allow no such dubious antisemitic quotes to be posted on our site unless they come with proper links.

    Results for the personification of the devil as a symbol of all evils assumes the living body of the parasite jew. adolf hitler the personification of the devil as a symbol of all evils assumes the living body of the parasite jew. adolf hitler the personification of the devil as a symbol of all evils assumes the living body of the parasite jew. adolf hitler (without quotes):

    Search Results
    Web results

    Nuclear deal: Netanyahu accuses Iran of cheating on agreement ……/nuclear-deal-netanyahu-accuses-iran-of-cheating-on-agr…

    1 May 2018 – Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Iran of continuing to hide and expand its nuclear …… “the personification of the devil as a symbol of all evils assumes the living body of the jew.” – Adolf Hitler.

    “the parasite jews rot every nation they worm into.” ….. I’m with Hitler and Arch! Jews are just bad bastards.

    I guess you mean well, but there’s no point churning out these extreme antisemitic quotes unless you can prove that they are 100 percent genuine.


    1. Please read the above post by “Donald Swamp” in which we have questioned the sloppy habit of posting extreme antisemitc quotes that in many cases turn out to be FAKE QUOTES. All such controversial quotes should in future be properly sourced with LINKS from reliable and respected sources.

      1. So when have Jews ever been circumspect in their application of bogus, over-the-top, yet highly effective, quotes and lies against Hitler, the Nadzees and other goyim?

        Look at how Jews constantly misquote Hitler and Goebbels in the most horrendous manner. How (((they))) twisted the quote about the “big lie,” attributing it to the Nadzees, when in fact Hitler clearly points the accusing finger at the Jew for the “big lie’s” creation. How are the goyim ever going to win following rules Jews apply, but never follow?

        Remember this quote from Elie Wiesel? “In literature, Rebbe, certain things are true though they didn’t happen, while others are not, even if they did.”

        My rule of thumb is if a quote exposes and discredits the Jews and their true nature, then by all, means – go for it! Follow the leader, to wit: In literature, Rebbe, certain quotes are true, but should never be used, while others are not, and should be used without mercy.

    2. “antisemetic” quotes?
      why are you employing this phoney construct here as if it’s a reality!
      IE, that everyone but the jew has a darkspot in their hearts,
      that renders them incapableof not hating jews, they can’t help it,they were born like that,
      and “extreme” antisemitism even!
      you do surprise me

      1. @ teejay

        No, you surprise me!

        You think it’s OK to publish BOGUS antisemitic quotes on this website, do you? Quotes like “All Jews should be ruthlessly exterminated, preferably in gas ovens”. And then attribute such a bogus quote to Donald Trump or Hitler, making out that Trump or Hitler said it when they didn’t?!? 🙂

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but you apparently think Admin is being being needlessly fussy to insist on RELIABLE LINKS for all such controversial quotes. Are you for real? What is your IQ?

        Admin it totally right to insist that all quotes should be authentic quotes. There is no room on this website for fake quotes.

    3. @ Admin Toby

      Uncle :

      Since when is your monitoring “bad”, as in “remiss” ? You’re ALWAYS A VERY ATTENTIVE AND VERY DUTIFUL CLASS MONITOR for your “Catholic” Mother “SUPERIOR” and Our 😊 highly esteemed skool principal, when I send you a post. How come NONE of my posts get by you?

      TOBY: This one was posted.
      Because it was short, polite, and relatively sane.

      1. TROJ,
        You need tequila and a warm, soft, sexy señorita to help you escape the padded walls. Just call “Tío” Donaldo. Ill hook you up my Jewish brother. 🙂

    4. Donald Swamp,
      Go f… yourself. Im also Donaldo……….never “leeched” off anyone my entire life. Im a trucker and work hard for my dinero as did my Jewish grandfather. If he were still alive, he would be 97 yrs old. He died a millionaire. So please just stop your ridículos, unwarranted anti-Semitism please. Many Jews are very descent people. Please Toby, allow my post.

  6. Trump is not against all third world invasion into the US. He is allowing Hundreds if not thousands of Islamic’s from sub-Sahara Africa and the middle East to be seeded across the US into middle American towns under the UN Refugee resettlement program. These so-called UN refugees are sub-human with IQ’s ranging from minus 60 to 75.
    Many if not all are coming in unvetted who are petri dishes of every decease known and unknown to modern medical science. Of course anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that this invasion of subhumans into America and Western Europe is part of the plan to take down White Civilization which will give rise for the psychopath to take control. If you think we are in deep shit now just wait till the inhuman spiritual heir of Mao takes control of the West.

  7. I think we are at a turning point. There are many Jews like Israel Shamir, good men who can see the damage that the Jewish/Zionist oligarchy has done, and the growing revolt against it. The danger is that the revolt may get violent.

  8. Not from HELSINKI… and no real SECRET… just no attention in popular media circles, since ‘Put-On’ needing US help to build his military does NOT fit the fake news narratives:


    Lockheed Martin Air Traffic Management (LMATM) today announced the opening of a representative office in Moscow to address a broad spectrum of civil aviation infrastructure needs in Russia and other CIS states. As an initial step, the company also proposed the deployment of new technology to provide air traffic control for major segments of Russian airspace currently uncontrolled by radar.

    Speaking at a press conference in Moscow, LMATM President Don Antonucci said, “We look forward to establishing technology partnerships with Russia and neighboring countries to improve the CIS region’s aviation infrastructure. These improvements can open airspace, generate revenues via overflight and landing fees and thus contribute to economic development and progress in the region.”

    As one of several planned initiatives, Lockheed Martin is proposing that its advanced system for non-radar controlled airspace management be deployed at two to four centers in northern Russia. These installations would provide control for the first time in areas currently unserved by radar and modernize cross-polar air traffic management for flights from North America, saving time and fuel costs for airlines and increasing overflight revenues for Russia.

    “The system we are proposing to deploy is similar to one recently selected by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration for installation at the three FAA centers that control over half of the world’s oceanic airspace,” said Antonucci. “It relies on advanced satellite position reporting and data communications to improve situational awareness. The system also includes a conflict probe that allows airplanes to fly closer together and select optimal routes, which improves efficiencies in using the airspace. It is ideally suited for handling significant traffic loads in non-radar controlled airspace, such as northern Russia and the polar region.”

    1. That part of the GAME was 2001.

      Pulling the GAME forward to 2018….. Who better to KNOW the ‘Put-On’ Prezzy’s capabilities than the ones who have been making many of them for the ‘”Chauncey Gardner” act-alike Prezzy in Russia since 2001?

      See just last month’s DEBT ploy, honoring the wishes and needs of the US Federal Reserve, which HAS TO HAVE MORE DEBT.

      One day we could hear, “DEBT… a good thing. NOT a bad thing!!” 🙂

      Lockheed Martin Awarded $929 Million Contract For Hypersonic Weapon To Counter Russia, China


      The Pentagon’s $928 million hypersonic weapons program is now shrouded in secrecy

      The Pentagon and Lockheed Martin have shared limited details about their efforts in developing hypersonic weapons.

      A U.S. Air Force spokesman said the service will not be making any announcements in the near future regarding its work on hypersonics.

      1. Pat,
        I very much admire your attention to detail. Ive been reading your posts for 2 years. All excellent. Now I just cant help but to impulsively pop the question. If you were POTUS (youd definitely get my vote) , how would you, in a nutshell, manage the US state of domestic and foreign affairs? Please tell us and G_d bless.

      2. Don –

        Thanks for the kudos and question.

        I detail information to expose corruption as I find it. I have fun doing it. I have always enjoyed the reactions. 🙂

        A POTUS is required to pay attention to detail to further corruption. I would not fit there, and would never be in the running. Not me.

        One thing to know is that in the US and most other sectors… the Prezzy is a titular head of the system. He is nothing more than a heavy breathing dartboard used to take the brunt of criticism. His job is to absorb the sharp points meant for the ones in control. The London bankers…. who give him the script. JFK disobeyed and suffered the wrath. So did McKinley and Lincoln and others.

        Here is an example of how things are passed down in US Govt through banking agents:

        CFR Gen Jones’s Address.
        (link taken down 7 years ago)

        Remarks by National Security Adviser Jones at 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy
        Published February 8, 2009

        General James L. Jones
        U.S. National Security Adviser Jones gave these remarks at the 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof on February 8, 2009.

        “Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday. Congratulations. As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through Generaal Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today. (Sandy likely had to be frisked for smuggled document in his underwear 🙂 )

        “I think my role today is a little bit different than you might expect. Following the speech of the Vice President and the presence of our distinguished members from the U.S. House of Representatives, I thought that I would spend my time talking to you about how taking the President’s guidance and the Vice President’s comments yesterday, I would spend a few moments trying to discuss how the U.S. National Security Council intends to reorganize itself in order to be supportive. For decades, this conference in Munich has provided a truly exceptional forum for the kind of open dialogue and candid discussions that can only take place among close friends and allies. The Vice President’s attendance and his speech yesterday should send I think a very strong and sincere signal about the seriousness of our purpose when it comes to listening, engaging and building stronger partnerships with all of our friends and allies because the President feels that the transatlantic alliance is a cornerstone to our collective security.

        “As many of you know, I have been here coming to this conference since 1980 and I have been privileged to work and know many of you here. I would like to salute my military colleagues with whom I have not only a deep friendship but shared many of the issues that we are discussing in a positive way today. And I am delighted to be back in an altered state, so to speak.”


        Worth repeating….
        **”I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through Generaal Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today.”

        There is too much more to place here. But, you see…. I could not operate like that. No way. They never know when their lives will be shortened by their cohorts…. partners in criminal businesses. The ‘Company’ will see to it.

  9. How, I wonder, can Trump be serious about having good relations with Russia, while he is, at the same time, threatening Iran with annihilation? I find it hard to believe that Putin would have given him the green light to start yet another war for Greater Israel. Do Trump and his neocon advisors think that the Russians will stand down in Iran as they did when the US mercenary military bombed the crap out of Christian Serbia, or when it totally destroyed both Iraq and Libya? Russia is so heavily invested in the area (they saved Syria and Assad – for the time being, anyway) that Putin would have no choice but to defend it, wouldn’t he? If he didn’t, Putin could wind up hanging upside down from a lamp post like Mussolini. How far is the international Jewish cabal willing to go in their quest for world domination?

    1. Folly

      Separate the cabal players! The neocon shock troop element of “international jewry” are being called off and put back in their kennels like the good little slavishly slobbering dogs they are….wait for it

    2. “How, I wonder, can Trump be serious about having good relations with Russia, while he is, at the same time, threatening Iran with annihilation?”

      No worries…. it is a GAME!! 🙂

      The “art o the deal” – his deal – is to speak in opposites in the same day. He did it to May on his latest trip. He ‘crawfishes’ all the time.

      His FOUR “BIGGLY” major bankruptcies are evidence of his “YUGE” building up and tearing down for $$$!! ON PURPOSE!!!

      He leaves people scattered in his wake!!

      He likes bankruptcies and DEBT!!! “A good thing!!”

      Donald Trump: I ‘Love’ Debt, I’m The ‘King’ Of Debt

      1. Donald Drumpf IS the jewish merchant of confusion and division, the perfect tool of the jews. And the stupid Goyim keep analyzing him….

  10. Some readers may conclude that I am merely Pat’s poodle in writing the following. I assure you I am not. It simply represents an area of agreement between us regarding his assessment of the subject…..squaaaaaawk!

    Shamir writes:

    “Apparently it means that the globalist forces have entered a state of direct confrontation with America.”

    What’s apparent to me is that the “direct confrontation” is the easing of America out of it’s roles in Europe and the ME and paving the way for the Russian bear. The Russians may not be interested in “foggy albion” to match the eventual Roman disinterest way back in the day, but they are VERY interested in the rest of Europe and…wait for it…their [ which is really (((their))) ] long-standing Ottoman dream finally being realized!

    But keep in mind that the formation of a NWO is being ameliorated by this spiritual undercurrent I’ve been writing about, with a strong pull of it occurring in Russia

  11. Summer war.
    “US” trail left behind IS attacks, information to follow, see sweida/alTanf.

  12. @Sardonicus
    no not at all!
    of course i don’t want to….. whatever it was again you asked me did I want to happen!
    authenticity or not, was not the point of my post,
    I was a bit confused as to the use of “antisemite” here,
    and by the admin validating it,
    it seemed to me,
    that’s all.
    unless it’s meant ironically or something… I did wonder,
    the wrong end of a stick maybe on my dumb part?
    but I certainly wasn’t advocating wrecking the site!
    one of the very best to be found on the worldwide web in my humble opinion!
    as I said above I did wonder, so thank you for the reply
    I think you misunderstood me,
    no offence at all was intended in my post.

    1. That’s OK, Teejay. You meant well. But I diasagree with your basic assumption that this site is overtly antisemitic or couldn’t care less if most people think it is antisemitic. It cares very much about its reputation. It wants to be fair to the Jews, not be unfair to them.

      What can be gained by being unfair to the Jews? By deliberately telling lies about them? By allowing bogus antisemitic quotes to be posted? Nothing whatever. A site that allows such lies and fake quotes to be posted in its comments section would lose all credibility.

      Surely you can see that?

      1. @ Sardonicus

        “What can be gained by being unfair to the Jews?”

        Answer: Everything!!! Being unfair to the jews is why the Christian Byzantine Empire lasted 1,200 years.

        I do get your point, but you left the door so wide open I had to enter. 🙂

      2. @Sardonicus
        I wasn’t assuming anything,
        I was merely wondering aloud as it were, why the epithet “antisemitic” was being employed here,
        as anyone having anything to say about jewish misdemeanours crimes or lies,
        is by default an “antisemite”,
        “extreme” or otherwise
        their phoney default position,their bogus label certainly not mine,
        and not, I would have thought, the position of the admin here,
        hence my surprise
        as for “deliberately telling lies about them”
        it would be hard to think such lies up! as they have covered in reality,
        most of any thing one could imagine anyway!

  13. Hi Sardonicus,
    If resisting and exposing Jewish crimes and power is antisemitic then I am antisemitic. There are many decent Jews and many are not happy about Israel, but I still find they will defend it, and would help Mossad if required. I don’t know what percentage of Jews who would prepared to be such “Sayanim”, but I would think it is high. The main problem with Jews for us gentiles is not so much gentile antisemitism as Jewish pro-semitism. It is a powerful and self-serving form of tribal loyalty.

    When I was young I disliked antisemitic talk, usually from my elders. As I grew older and experienced Jewish behaviour, especially in the USA, it has shocked me. I have experienced some awful behaviour, especially from young male Jews. Sometimes they seem to be taunting gentiles into a position where they can use the great smear of “Antismitism”. If Jews behave badly they cannot blame antisemitism for any response.

    The Jewish theory that antisemitism is some sort of genetic trait in gentiles is absurd.

    1. @ John Kirby

      I agree with everything you say, John. And I like the way you say it. Clearly, succinctly, and always very well-informed and interesting.
      The point I was making with Teejay was that this site feels the need to be fair to the Jews by making sure that fake antisemitic quotes about them are not posted here. Otherwise the site would lose its credibility.

  14. The terms “antisemitic”, “antisemitism”, “holocaust denial” are bogus.
    Most of world Jewry are not even semites.
    Palestinians are Semites. Israel’s Arab neighbours are Semites.
    Jews (Israelis) are of mixed-race ethnicity; they are not the descendants of the biblical Hebrews. They are imposters. Identity thieves.
    Those who call themselves ((( Jews ))) are the worst liars, antisemites, racists, haters, genociders and hypocrites imaginable. They are of the Synagogue of Satan (Talmudists).
    Jesus was not a Jew (a term not in use at the time); he opposed the Talmudic scribes and pharasees.

  15. jk – Why? why does the Jewish establishment hate Russia?
    they don’t… they love russia, as long as it is the external threat they need to keep the flows of money coming… they’re worried sick djt just might screw that up for them…

    hp – CNN/(cia), the most humiliated name in Fake News! How do they even pay the light bill when a gardening show re-run beats them in the ratings.
    they don’t have to pay the bills. the bills are paid by the black cia budget, because cnn is a cia network…

    freya – “they never surrendered”, “they won the war” , “they escaped to Argentina – to Antarctica” . Why not to the moon? THINK BIG (The Donald)
    doesn’t mean it isn’t true.. the nazis were the party of 1% that controlled germany, not the german people.. lots of them went to the americas on the ratline after ww2… antarctica would make a nice hq, once you get everything underground.. people don’t just go there and come back, like florida… the moon? they were already there when jfk made his speech about it, though he probably didn’t know it… it’s not that far away, ten trips around the earth…

    toejam – the fact is that the greedy us corporate machine will cease to function as a green printing press and (the threat is) the usa will drastically decline as a superpower if lots of cheap, non-union labor isn’t brought into the country.. first they took the factories over there, now they’re bringing the workers over here.. dems want it because immigrants 9 out of 10 will join their party… is trump in on it, or can he only be expected to do so much?

    1. “antarctica would make a nice hq, once you get everything underground..” (barkingdeer)

      If they would have had the time . . . and the resources . . . IF – but they did not have all that.
      They were great explorers, scientists – but no demigods.
      And the war destroyed all the high hopes and endeavours that might have existed. Germany got totally plundered (patents! the scientific knowledge of a nation) and destroyed.

      Wasn’t the APOLLO programm, the “moonlanding” a hoax, too? Kubric confessed to it before his death. It was an AshkeNASA Hellywood production.

      Have a nice day altogether! The first bird catches the worm.

  16. pat – One day we could hear, “DEBT… a good thing. NOT a bad thing!!” 🙂
    welcome to the through-the-looking-glass world of queer banking bro… trillions paid out to ‘rescue’ totally crooked banks by the obama thieves, where corporate scallywags filched it all… banks don’t actually even have the money they lend… it’s a giant scam… and someday soon you might be charged for putting you money into banks…

    sardon – most of the fake antisemitic quotes made hare about jews are probably made by zionist jewish trolls… without antisemitism (see how hard they flog it) they have not the same excuse for their jewish state, now officially exclusive…

    freya- jesus? probably fake news, no proof he ever existed either…

  17. freya – it may have been that there was a portion of the german security state machine working in antarctica on schwabenland, as they call it, during the time when hitler and the nazi party were in power in germany… some say the nazi version of the swastika (reversed) represents the star rotation viewed from the south pole… but after the war the top dogs of the german nazi state and many from the regular military, like phil schnieder’s father, a u boat captain, so i hear, and ss general reinhard gehlen, were absorbed into the fdr, truman, eisenhower jewish bolshevik deep security state, AKA the federal government, in the usa… lots of them went into the cia, fbi, etc.. scientists, werner von braun, big rocket man… that’s who, the types, built the vast underground complex under the usa, north america, and every other country…
    “The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer, in another part of the world, a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress”. submarine admiral donitz
    the made for tv moon landing movie the public saw in 1969 was a hoax, yes… we’re big on hoaxes… chances are the real deal was already done… it was a huge money-sucker… there’s usually one presentation for the public and one set of real stuff going on in the background.. the public know next to nothing about the real circumstances…
    i want two worms…

    1. This site is goin nowhere. No replies to my LONG and thoughtful post tells me as much. And here I thought I was bringin out all the big guns that would kick start things and what? ……………..crickets. This commentariat obviously needs some spicing up compared to the “good old days” and the fact that that didn’t do it is telling. Where are all the original thinkers out there? Am I being too judgmental for reasons that I’m not seeing?

      1. B-Hawk –

        Stop complaining! Just give some facts.

        Nobody commented on these “BIGGLY” stunning, “YUGE” factual remarks of mine above… from CFR 2009…. SO WHAT??!!

        Remarks by National Security Adviser Jones at 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy
        Published February 8, 2009


        General James L. Jones
        U.S. National Security Adviser Jones gave these remarks at the 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof on February 8, 2009.

        “Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday. Congratulations. As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through Generaal Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today. (Sandy likely had to be frisked for smuggled document in his underwear for Clinton!! 🙂 )

        Worth repeating… about Banking Agent Kissinger aka… code name Bor.

        **”I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through Generaal Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today.”


        Charlotte Iserbyt

        November 27, 2002

        Nothing much shocks this writer anymore. The misnamed Patriot Act, the Orwellian Office of Homeland Security, Bush’s alliance with ex-KGB Putin, the trampling on our God-given rights through UN treaties, the United Nations Lifelong Education Plan referred to by the National Alliance of Business as Kindergarten-Age 80.

        To make a long story short, “Col. Goleniewski had access to 1500 pages of documents related to this mysterious murder, which included a list of the names and code names and short data on the principal agents of ODRA. (p 79)

        “Under the code name of “Bor” and described as an agent of ODRA was U.S. Sergeant (and later Captain) Kissinger, counterintelligence interrogator of the U.S. Army and instructor at the Military Intelligence School in Oberammergau. (p 80)

        “The information concerning Henry Kissinger could be verified and confirmed by independent sources as there was no doubt he was in touch with Communist intelligence during his military service in Germany. Since his phenomenal rise to power in the United States government, Kissinger has been accompanied during his visits behind the Iron Curtain by staff officers of intelligence or counterintelligence of the KGB, which raises the question as to whether he is still in the service of the KGB. (p 81)

        “The accuracy of information supplied by Aleksei (Col. Goleniewski) was attested to during the Senate Internal Security hearings entitled “State Department Security.” The committee’s chief counsel questioned a witness (John Norpel, Jr.) who had been with the FBI and State Department Security. He was asked, ‘Do you know of any information ever furnished to the U.S. Government by Goleniewski which turned out to be untrue or inaccurate?’ The witness answered, ‘I do not. No sir,’ and also testified that the considerable information supplied by Col. Goleniewski had been checked out and proved to be true in every case.” (p 82)

        The following info is in addition to the above information regarding President Bush’s bizarre appointment to the Commission to Investigate 9/11.

      3. Pat

        Facts? You want facts? People can’t HANDLE the facts! Presenting them in their evidentiary form is YOUR job. Mine is to take them, AND what I consider to be mine but that are unsubstantiated and craft them as MY presentation.

        P.S. I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that Kissinger and GHWB (Schiff) were teammates of Bormann. Now if only the facts would come out on THAT (:>}

      4. Poetic license, brutha. The person whose pseudonym titles this site has a PhD in English literature, and I’m mindful of that. I like to think at least SOME of my stuff is appreciated around here

        Imagination is a GOOD thing

  18. Well – Brownhawk – seriously – the “Jewish scapegoat thing” is kind of boring – YAAAAWN
    We have the “Jewish question” because ((( they ))) will NEVER EVER take responsibility for their own wrongdoings. They ALWAYS blame their victims (scapegoats). “Victimhood” IS their identity. That makes “anti-semitism” essential and a necessity to them. They want to “redeem” themselves through the blood of their genocided victims. That’s central to their revolting “religion”.

    It simply does not work that way.

    1. Well Freya, for starters you missed the gist of the whole thing. You must have got bored and stopped reading it be before seeing how the Rosenberg scapegoat part was intended to set up the rest of it by pointing out that the Rosenberg execution was an action of jew on Jew crime. That in itself isn’t telling, knowing how sacrificing “their own” is nothing new. But the post is meant to indicate how this kind of subterfuge in general extends to places our thinking doesn’t allow us to go, as evidenced by what I’m postulating all down the line in the post’s content.

      People just aren’t getting it

    2. My reply to Freya never posted. WTF?

      In short, Freya, your boredom must have made you stop reading because you obviously didn’t get it if you think my post was only about scapegoats and victimhood
      That part was meant to set up the rest of the post by indicating that Jew on Jew crime shows the kind of subterfuge they’re capable of as it extends to what the balance of the post is saying.

      People’s thinking doesn’t allow them to go there in seeing my postulation. It’s too bad.

      1. Freya, if you think the post was only about scapegoats and victimhood then your boredom must have made you stop reading. That part was meant to set up the rest of it by indicating that Jew on Jew crime represents how the kind of subterfuge they’re capable of extends to what the remaining content of the post is saying

        People’s thinking doesn’t allow them to go there, which is unfortunate

        1. @ Brownhawk

          You could try posting your email address correctly.
          Then you wouldn’t have these problems of your own making.

      2. Freya

        Your boredom must have made you stop reading if you think the post was only about scapegoats and victimhood of the jews in general, That part was meant to set up the rest of it by showing that jew on jew crime represents the kind of subterfuge they’re capable of in extending to what the balance of the post was saying

        People’s thinking doesn’t allow them to go there, apparently, which is unfortunate.

        And still………………………..crickets

      3. Sounds like admin could use a vacation
        THREE exclamation marks? Really?

        Maybe it’s time fer some more Monty Python! (:>}

  19. Freya, if you think the post was only about scapegoats and victimhood then your boredom must have made you stop reading. That part was meant to set up the rest of it by showing that Jew on Jew crime represents how the kind of subterfuge they’re capable of extends to what the remaining content of the post is saying

    People’s thinking doesn’t allow them to go there, which is unfortunate

  20. in the next paradigm competition will no longer be the normal method, government will be in the hands of the people and world leaders will no longer conference in secret… nothing to fight about, nothing to hide…

    1. What are you talking about (barkingdeer, brownhawk) ?

      Competition IS the normal paradigm in a world that wants to develop and improve itself

      “Elite” Leeches DO NOT compete, they HATE competition – they don’t seek improvement.
      They are suckers, not creators and builders. In a world of suckers on the one side and only slaves on the other, government won’t be “in the hands of the people” . The world’s most greedy and violent leeches will always be the ones on the top, as always conspiring in secret.

      A hell of a world. The world of the “globalists”, international communists. Plain nepotism.

      1. The jews want monopolies for THEMSELVES and hypocrically, not meant, are propagating free markets for the Goyim. That’s the way the jews act, always talking in dialectics, judaism and christianity, liberalism and communism, freespeech and antihatelaws etc.They sell you what is convenient for them not for us. They act like criminals, who before committing the crime, are already thinking about having an alibi, a way out. These ideas/religions serve the jews as businessmodel and brainwashmodel.I keep repeating there are more jews in the world than the jews want you to know, as you read the comments of some posters on this site.

      2. Freya
        You seem to be hearing only what you hear, and it’s affecting your discernment. Getting triggered by certain buzzwords will do that I suppose

        Readin is a skill same as writin (:>)

  21. Brownhawk
    you’ve blown your cover – right?
    IF you were for REAL you would enlighten us . . .
    but instead . . .

    1. Freya

      That IS what I’m doing in a manner of speaking, but like I said, what I’m enlightening ABOUT can’t be substantiated in a conventional way of “proving it” which puts it in the camp of “guesswork” – therein lies the rub

      What I did with that post reflects what I said to Pat a short while ago. Taking the evidentiary AND circumstantial information and crafting THAT into a perfectly plausible overview of what we’re dealing with here

      A few days ago I was in an exchange with lobro over at the “Ugly Truth” site (on the thread of an article on July 24 – the 4th posting for that day if anyone is interested). Knowing how he thinks, I suggested using a facet of philosophy called “intuitionism” in emphasizing how that can be employed when trying to get a proper read on the mysteriously-titled “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” by really honing in on it’s language. This I would recommend to everybody.

  22. Brownhawk
    my “intuitionism” tells me what or who IS fake . . .

    and still you are not producing any of your “mysterious insights”

    we here supposedly have not been capable of arriving at

    So? Tell us about your ‘proper read’ of the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’

    1. First of all, determination of what is or isn’t fake through intuition can’t be relied upon to be infallible. You of course meant it MAY determine it. But I already indicated that the protocolian authorship is not human. HOW I know this involves that which I can’t verify. You tell ME how I could do that.

      In fairness, I was not being reasonable when saying what people aren’t capable of arriving at. I have an advantage which enables me to align what most people would be skeptical about with the language of the protocols. Therefore, a proper read can only stem from a premise of its nonhuman authorship

      What can I tell you, except to point out that my insights are gleaned from an indigenous understanding whose information is virtually impossible to adequately impart

      1. “What can I tell you, except to point out that my insights are gleaned from an indigenous understanding whose information is virtually impossible to adequately impart” (Brownhawk)

        “indigenous” – to whom?
        The evasive intruders?

        They usually don’t impart anything. They are spooks. Rather boring.

  23. Russia Is Not Rejecting The U.S. Dollar, as many have claimed over the last few years.
    I have claimed that ‘Put-On’ needs USD…. “BIGGLY”!

    ‘Put-On’ is prezzy of a busted gas station masquerading as a country. 🙂

    He will get bushels of $$$ from the pow-wow at Camp David.

    Putin: Russia Is Not Rejecting The U.S. Dollar, Just Being Cautious

    OAN Newsroom
    Fri. July 27, 2018

    Russian President Vladimir Putin denies reports the Kremlin is trying to rid itself of American currency. This comes after the Treasury Department recorded Russia as having fewer holdings in U.S. cash.

    Putin said Russia is simply taking precautions because of sanctions, and what he calls ‘unlawful restrictions.’

    Those sanctions date back to 2014, over Crimea’s Annexation and Ukraine.

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