Henry Kissinger — ‘It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews.’

By Mary Kakatos
The Daily Mail
via The Truthseeker

“It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews,” Henry Kissinger tells author Michael Wolff, explaining there was a growing rift in the White House between former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and Jared and Ivanka Trump.

“It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews.” Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger has said it’s an all-out war in the White House of President Donald Trump. ‘It is a war between the Jews and the non-Jews,’ Kissinger, the former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser to presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, told Michael Wolff for his book ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’.

It appears that the remark was an attempt to characterize the clash between former Trump chief adviser Steve Bannon on one side, and Jewish Trump family members Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump on the other.

According to Wolff, Trump seemingly pushed Kushner into a role as ‘Israel’s great protector’, a role he was not familiar with playing so Bannon began pushing back to grab the ‘stronger-on-Israel’ label. (Pictured left to right:  Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon, January 2017)

‘For Trump, giving Israel to Kushner was not only a test, it was a Jewish test: the president was singling him out for being Jewish, rewarding him for being Jewish, saddling him with an impossible hurdle for being Jewish – and, too, defaulting to the stereotyping belief in the negotiating powers of Jews,’ Wolff wrote.

However, Bannon did not like this and intended to grab the ‘stronger-on-Israel’ label, which was embraced by Trump. The Breitbart editor seemed determined to make Kushner appear weak and inadequate, according to Wolff.

LD : Reader, please note. This is not a clash between a Jew and a goy in the ordinary sense, with the goy trying to defend the interests of the goyim against increasing Jewish encroachments. It is far more bizarre.
Here we see Bannon, the shabbos goy, trying to make out that the Jew, Jared Kushner, is not Zionist enough! Bannon is seen here as more extreme in his Zionism than Kushner, whose Zionism is represented as weak and insipid in comparison. Bannon is basically saying to Kushner, “I am more Jewish than you are, because I love Israel more than you do!”
In the same way, the Christian Zionists in America would appear to be far more fervent in their Zionism than the average Israeli. Getting one’s head around this psychological phenomenon in not easy, where the non-Jew competes with the Jew to see “who can be more Jewish.”  [LD]

In turn, Kushner brought on former president of Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn and pushed for him to be the president’s top economic adviser. Bannon’s choice had been CNBC’s conservative anchor and commentator Larry Kudlow. For Trump, the clout of having a former Goldman Sachs head was more impressive than even a television personality.

Cohn started to describe a soon-to-be White House that would be business focused and committed to advancing center-right to moderate positions. In this new configuration, Bannon would be marginalized.

Jonathan Sarna, a professor of Jewish history at Brandeis University, told Forward that Kissinger maybe saw the battle of a Jewish-inflected moderate wing and a culturally non-Jewish hard core. ‘Jewish Republicans have been different from the kind of paleo-conservative Republicans, and that battle goes back a long way,’ Sarna said. ‘What none of us know is whether the neoconservatives will come back to the Republican party if there’s a different man at the top.’

The two sides continued to remain at odds until Bannon exited in  August 2017.

‘Bannon regarded Kushner and Cohn (and Ivanka) as occupying an alternative reality that had little bearing on the real Trump revolution,’ Wolff wrote. ‘Kushner and Cohn saw Bannon as not just destructive but self-destructive, and they were confident he would destroy himself before he destroyed them.’

Sourced  from  The  Daily  Mail  via  The  Truthseeker

62 thoughts to “Henry Kissinger — ‘It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews.’”

  1. Anyone who wishes to download this book, “Fire and Fury”, by Michael Wolff may do so from gen.lib.rus.ec It’s free, no sense in paying for it. Prima facie, it seems Bannon regards China as the main enemy. This is all in accord with the Jewish PNAC, their murder plan for most of humanity. For those who remain sceptical that the ultimate plan of Jewry is the mass murder of most of humanity and enslavement of the remainder, need look no further than their bestial treatment of anyone at their mercy, e.g. the Russians under Communism, the Palestinians and so on. To believe otherwise is to live in a fool’s paradise. The truth of the matter is that things are going to get much worse.

    1. Felix –

      I have an honest question for you, or anyone else who might have an educated guess (seriously): Do you think there is truly an underlying fear amongst Jews that a large portion of influential Chinese still hold a grudge against International Jewry on account of their opium commerce? Are many Chinese even, still, cognizant of the history?
      I’ve always heard that China “has a long memory”, but do not know enough Chinese to obtain a fair consensus. (The ones with whom I am acquainted are very likable gentlemen, and always polite – and seem only concerned with immediate business.)

      1. Gilbert,
        Most Chinese I know are clanish and all business. Family is first and foremost. Ask a Chinaman his opinion of Jews and youll just get a confused stare. Start talking about business and dinero and his eyes will light up. These Chinese have had a rough history and are intelligent. Their main goal in life is to prosper.

    2. Felix,

      Glad to see you posting here again after the Christmas/New Year holidays. As usual, this is a first class comment. It saddens me to think that your instincts could be correct on this point — “The truth of the matter is that things are going to get much worse.”

      That’s what we all dread, Felix. Things are bad enough as they are. How much worse can they get? Civil war and White genocide in Europe? Civil war in America and blood in the streets like in the Bolshevik Revolution?

      So tell me, who is America’s new Stalin? Surely not Donald Trump? Personally, I don’t think so. There is someone else waiting in the wings right now in America, an Antichrist who will not necessarily be Jewish, who will spill the blood of many millions just as Stalin and his Jewish cohorts did in the Soviet Union between 1917 and 1953.

      I say this in the absolute conviction that it is no longer possible to entertain the absurd conspiracy theory that Jews form the very apex of evil and that all of us non-Jews are their saintly slave victims.

      “Just open your eyes and look around you. For sheer depravity and decadent evil, the goyim stand shoulder to shoulder with the Jews, equal in their capacity to scatter the Devil’s tares.”

      — Lasha Darkmoon, in a recent private email to me

      1. I have zero respect for princess Ivanka Trump. No real Christian would convert to Orthodox Jewry for the sake of their spouse, would they? And to add insult to injury she had her two sons penises mutilated at a Jewish brit milah. I wonder if the Mohel performed a metitzah b’peh?

      2. Hi Sardonicus,
        Things getting worse! Possibly a super depression, the Jews unleash some “flu” virus similar to the Spanish flu after WWI, riots, martial law, concentration camps. Perhaps the odd “natural disaster” or two. As cohesive and civilized societies much of the world is crumbling. Yes, we’re going from bad to worse to worst!

      3. @ Felix

        As cohesive and civilized societies much of the world is crumbling. Yes, we’re going from bad to worse to worst!

        Ye Gods! — Where to hide? 🙂

        The other day I met an old lady from England who told me that she had three sons. Two had settled in America and one in New Zealand. She seldom saw them. But when she did, she noticed how different they were. Her American sons jangled her nerves and made her very upset by their neurotic “modern attittudes”, she said, but her New Zealand son was “like a rock of the ages” in comparison: a wise, quiet, hardworking man of the soil who owned a little farm far out in the country, with a lovely wife and three happy apple-faced children.

        I told her that many rich men, including Jews, were now seeking out boltholes in New Zealand which they had come to view as the new Shangri-La. The Land of Refuge. The ultimate sanctuary from the looming nuclear holocaust about to convulse the world.


        “I’m too old to emigrate to New Zealand,” she sighed. “My life is finished. When you’re old, you might as well die anywhere.”

      4. @ Sard

        “I say this in the absolute conviction that it is no longer possible to entertain the absurd conspiracy theory that Jews form the very apex of evil and that all of us non-Jews are their saintly slave victims.”

        No doubt “evil” people come in all different flavors, but it’s a little more nuanced than that, IMO. As I see it, just like almost everything else in this world, there are different types and different degrees of evil. I think you need to define “evil” and consider a few other relevant things before coming to a general conclusion like that.

      5. Fine comments . Israel is the true Anti – Christ state . Any and ALL Gentiles who perform heinous acts in the past are Jewish puppets. Oliver Cromwell, Churchill ,( in two wars plus ) ,Stalin ( till Cold War Declaration by ” Water Closet ” Churchills Parliment nickname ) , Wilson ,FDR , LBJ ,Bush 2 and other actors in between. Jews have absolutely taken International / Domestic Banking. Nothing ,or nobody can rise without them .

      6. @ Harold Smith

        No doubt “evil” people come in all different flavors, but it’s a little more nuanced than that … I think you need to define “evil” and consider a few other relevant things before coming to a general conclusion like that.

        Possibly you are right, Harold. I cannot pretend to be an authority on evil, having studied it only in others. I invite you to expand on your comment because I think I know what you are going to suggest: that the Jews are evil in some unique way, either genetic or atavistic in the sense that they belong to a different human species like the Neanderthals, or even that they are the Devil’s own “children of darkness”.

        If this is the line you are going to take, then you will at once be dismissed as a crazy anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist. When discussing these matters, I think you will agree that it is best to stick to observable facts and empirical evidence. It is not wise to cast the Jews in the role of Neanderthals or Lizards a la David Icke, or, going one step beyond that, to start demonizing them by quoting the Book of Revelation which you tend to keep doing.

        How can it advance your thesis by resorting to quotes from the Bible? No one will believe you apart from other fans of the Book of Revelation. You need to come down to earth and discuss evil from the viewpoint of a rational skeptic, not a wild-eyed Bible thumper! 🙂

        Please don’t mistake my comment as disrespectful to you personally. I happen to think your comments are among the best on this website and I have always had high praise for your beautifully written articles, but I do think you need to prove that the Jews are more uniquely evil than the goyim by coming up with more substantial evidence for your claim, without reference to the Book of Revelation or implausible, airy-fairy theories about Neanderthal man and human lizards a la David Icke! 🙂

        Anyway, feel free to expound your views and I will listen with interest. I am ready to receive wisdom from you if you have wisdom to offer. Concerning evil, I have very little first-hand experience. On the whole, I confess, I have never done anything monstrously evil in my life, though I have sinned in many small ways and have a long, long way to go…..

      7. “I invite you to expand on your comment because I think I know what you are going to suggest: that the Jews are evil in some unique way, either genetic or atavistic in the sense that they belong to a different human species like the Neanderthals, or even that they are the Devil’s own ‘children of darkness’.

        “If this is the line you are going to take…”

        Actually the line I was going to take would depend on what you meant by “evil” in your above statement; so let’s start the discussion with your definition.

        “…then you will at once be dismissed as a crazy anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.”

        I would wear that label as a badge of honor, and I would be in some good company. Frankly I’d be disappointed (if not insulted) if nobody treated me and my ideas with contempt.

        “When discussing these matters, I think you will agree that it is best to stick to observable facts and empirical evidence.”

        The thing is, if “observable facts and empirical evidence” are to ultimately be useful, we have to interpret them, right? At some point we have to apply reasoning and come to a conclusion; an inherently subjective process often leading to disagreement.

        For example, we may agree that we both saw an apple fall off a tree. But if the question arises as to why
        the apple appeared to fall straight down rather than at some arbitrary angle, and you happen to be a flat-earth theorist who doesn’t acknowledge the existence of the force of gravity, then we are going to disagree at some point. And I’m not going to waste time arguing – what I perceive to be absurdities – with someone whose world view differs substantially from mine.

        “It is not wise to cast the Jews in the role of Neanderthals or Lizards a la David Icke, or, going one step beyond that, to start demonizing them by quoting the Book of Revelation which you tend to keep doing.”

        It’s not a matter of being “wise” or not; I merely “cast” them as I see them cast themselves; very simple.

        “How can it advance your thesis by resorting to quotes from the Bible? No one will believe you apart from other fans of the Book of Revelation. No one will believe you apart from other fans of the Book of Revelation.”

        I didn’t write the Book of Revelation, nor did I create the situation it purports to describe. But there it is, and here I am, so I might as well analyze it and point out that there is a unique way to interpret some of the prophecy therein which appears to fit the historical facts. Some people are interested in that subject matter and some people aren’t. If you’re not, then please feel free to ignore it.

        “You need to come down to earth and discuss evil from the viewpoint of a rational skeptic, not a wild-eyed Bible thumper!”

        LOL! Come down to “earth”? What is “earth”? Let’s think about that for a minute. It’s a doomed planet – upon which we are all prisoners, born here without our consent – hurling aimlessly through space, with bloodthirsty, nuclear-armed madmen in positions of worldly power, who seem determined to enslave all of humanity or destroy all life on the planet trying. Please point out where you see the “rationality”.

      8. Harold,

        Re the Book of Revelation

        I have enjoyed reading your comment immensely and thank you for being so polite and non-combative. Let me say that I myself draw immense inspiration from the Book of Revelation, but part of my pleasure in this mysterious text derives from the fact that it is full of things I don’t understand. To me it is a poetical rather than a philosophical masterpiece.

        My attitude to this book, that obviously means so much to you, is the same I would have in the presence of a Spiritual Master or a Beautiful Mystery Woman. The last thing I want is to analyse and pry out the secrets of the Spiritual Master or the Beautiful Mystery Woman. So it is with the Book of Revelation. I want it to remain a “closed book” to me forever. I wish it to remain above and beyond my understanding. In this we differ. You wish to understand the book, to fathom its secrets. I don’t. I prefer to remain in the dark about its meanings.

        I think you will find that whatever meanings you find in the Book of Revelation, someone else will come up with a different interpretation. What is the Seventh Seal? What is the Whore of Babylon? What is the Second Death? What is the River of the Water of Life? What is the Tree of Life? What is the Lake of Fire and Gog and Magog? Whatever they are, Harold, I get more satisfaction from not knowing precisely what they signify, for with too much knowledge comes evaporation of awe.

      9. What is Evil?

        You asked for my definition of Evil. A rather tall order! I can only say this. I doubt if you are evil. And I doubt if I am evil. Was Eichmann “evil” when Hannah Arendt spoke of “the banality of evil”? I’m not sure if Arendt had a clue what she was talking about. There is nothing “banal” about evil. She thinks concentration camp guards who kill Jews by day in gas ovens and then go home in the evening and play with their children and hug their wives are “evil” in some routine and banal way. The implication here is that their souls are dead in some way, that their “evil” consists in a paralysed conscience. A spiritual numbness.

        Let me give you a case of evil. A 10-year-old boy and his friend (same age) kidnap a 2-year-old boy from a shopping mall. The toddler’s name is James Bulger. They lure him to a quiet place and stone him to death, torturing him first. For no reason. Just for fun. Because they are bored. Because they take pleasure in cruelty for cruelty’s sake.

        Imagine that little child was your own son. How would you feel?

        Here we are in the presence of Evil. It is allied to psychopathy, to cruelty, to mental sickness. Evil is rooted in psychosis. I think one of the defining characteristics of evil is cruelty and the infliction of pain on others, deriving pleasure from the pain so inflicted. Torturing animals, torturing children, violently raping and killing women like serial killers do, like Ted Bundy. All this is evil.

        Hannah Arendt has to be pretty limited in her understanding to describe all the above as “banal”.

        When Winston Smith was subjected to the “rat torture” in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, that was when he found himself in the presence of Evil.

        Let’s see if we agree on one point: I think only human beings are capable of evil. I don’t think animals that kill other animals or humans can be described as “evil”. Nor do I think an artificially intelligent robot with a high IQ can be described as “evil” if it decides to destroy 1000 human beings; it is just making a rational decision, like a mathematical calculation.

        What do you think? Does one need to be human to be evil? Or can a savage bull terrier pet that mauls a baby to death in the back garden be described as “evil”? I think not.

      10. How long have I been writing about the nature of “evil”?

        Ultimately, “evil” is a STATE of Existence – this temporal one we currently inhabit, wherein evil ACTS are made possible

        Here’s my aforementioned “doozy” to Anthony Clifton….

        To say that Beings were “taken against their will” in characterizing a departure from a state of ethereal timelessness to this temporal reality needs clarifying as it pertains to the actions of “free will”.

        In a nutshell, existence in a temporal state INFERS that said actions are not made freely in the TRUEST sense of being free. Having made this clarification, a more concise wording would be “…Beings taken FROM an ‘ethe-reality’ and INTO a ‘tempo-reality’. Done surreptitiously, with none being the wiser…..

        From “Spider’s Betrayal”

        “In an original setting of Innocence, where there was no need for a safeguard of eternal vigilance, was exacted a method of duplicity whereby Man became PREY, lured into an invisible illusion and paralyzed with the sting of a numbing intoxication. For this to occur, an agency of malevolence had to ‘get it’s hands on’ the beings of Man by ‘siphoning’ off Divine light through a ‘spider’s tunnel’, and sending it to the obscurity of an odd assimilation. It would prove to be a seamless effort. Call it the original trespass.

        With no sense of the entanglement that awaited, and once in the trap, an opiate of amnesia would mar their dreams for countless eons, marooned in the quarantine of a strange land.

        The Divine light had become a beacon.”

  2. If there really is a war between jews and NON jews in the White House, then our First Lady Melania is totally toast, because I think she’s the only NON jew in the White House, lol.

    Our White leaders, if you can them “leaders”, our Freemason sufi-jew qabalah zion-worshipping calvinist british-israel loving tarbooshe head White “leaders” sold us down the river a long time ago and now the jews totally own and control Washington, so NO, there’s no war between jews and NON jews. The war is an intra-mural war between the jews. Kissinger has to know that. I don’t know why he said what he said. Is he ever going to kick-the-bucket?

  3. If this is the case, kudos to the makeover artists who worked on this person going by the name “Kellyanne Conway”. I got the impression that without extensive cosmetic surgery “she” would look like the cryptmaster!

    Or it could be that she is a recipient of age-regression technology, or maybe she’s simply a reptillian entity infused with human genetics and who could actually be hundreds of years old

    No joke………like what Hamlet said to Horatio (:>)

  4. The Zionists are in total control of the U.S. government and this was proven by their attack on the WTC on 911 and they got away with it and everyone in the U.S. gov knows that Israel and the U.S. deep state did it and are afraid to do anything about it, America is enslaved by Zionists.

    Zionists are Satanists.

    1. Please read Brice Taylors book, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES, and Cathy Obriens book, THE TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA, for a look at what the Satanist Henry Kissinger and the Satanist Zionists are up to, both books can be had on amazon.com.

  5. Want to learn more about Trump and what he’s really all about? Better off listening to what Sheikh Imram Hosein has to say about Trump than listening to what Wolff has to say about Trump. One learns more from Hosein.

    Hosein is HONEST, Wolff is a mixed-race black jew on the payroll of The Deep State — NO HONESTY with that kind of mix.

    Wolff : Where was he when Obama and Holder were running weapons to the Mexican drug lords? “Operation Fast and Furious”. Where was he when Obama and Hillary were helping start-up ISIS in order to destroy Syria? Where was he when Hillary-Obama were destroying Libya?

    I will look for a Sheikh Imram Hosein video about what he thinks about Trump. If I find one, I will let Darkmoon know, I’ll send in a link to the video.

  6. If the so-called Christian wing of the Trump Admin thinks that the Jewish wing is “not Zionist enough,” then what hope do we have as long as Trump is in office? Or any Republican president for that matter, as the whole party is owned by Jews and Christians United for Israel lock, stock, and barrel? I’ve always suspected that your average Jew thought that these Christian Zionist dispensationalists were complete crackpots. And they are just Netanyahu’s Useful Idiots.

    1. This phenomenon of Gentile adherents to Israel in the Jew loving Gentile v Jews , was even made against Kissinger during the 1973 6 Day War . Zio Christians pulled this on him . Plus the stupid who thought he was ” a Nazi ” because he was to them ” a German” , and not a Jew . In the 2002 Republican Senate Primary , Irish Catholic Gingrich Adelson protige Pat Toomey charged his Orthodox Jew opponent was somehow ,” not pro Israel enough “. Specter pulled that election off , but by 2010 ,the rabid Neoconservative / Fundamentalist wing had made him look too ” Liberal ” , and he was driven from the GOP itself . Stiff Tommey the International Banker sneaked in. The Jews play this well. Their Left / Right system was made for this. They force competition between those seeking their support ,enduring the maximum . Pro Jew v Super Jew . The stakes getting higher ,and higher . The bidding going through the roof . Bannon v Kushner is such a method .

  7. Gilbert,
    Yes, to your question, the Chinese are a very proud race, have a very long memory and deeply resent the unequal treaties imposed upon them during the 19th Century, when they were forced to accept opium by gunboat diplomacy. Remember the Chinese don’t call their country China. They call it The Middle Kingdom, or Jung Gwok in Cantonese. I have many Chinese and Taiwanese colleagues and they are proud of their country and like yourself, as an American regarding the US, want to see it become powerful and influential, but through peaceful means.
    I once asked a Chinese friend what he thought of Mao’s butchery? He replied that Mao was an evil bastard, but he was their evil bastard and when he took over in 1949, “The Chinese People stood up” and ended the country’s humiliation.
    The current leader Xi comes from Sian, the terminus for the Silk Road, which is why he is pushing it so much. BTW, I’ve just had an English friend travel through Central Asia and she told the entire area is booming contrary to reports I read in the Jewish MSM, like the Economist and Guardian.
    As Napoleon is reported to have said, “China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she awakes, she will shake the world”.
    I strongly adjure all Westerners, not to allow their countries to become a catspaw for International Jewry by waging a war on their behalf against China. Remember the World Wars fought on behalf of Jewry, which destroyed Western civilization. All the old human decencies destroyed and regardless of what “modern” people think, life was much better in the old days. Of course to a young ignorant person I’m an old fart for remembering the good things. No doubt they’ll trot out the ravings of some moronic pundit to gainsay me. However, look at the hideous term used by the Khmer Rouge, “memory sickness”. This was when they referred to older people recalling the good times in the past. This is the real reason for the Jews stealing the minds of the young and denigrating older people as not modern. Like it or not Gilbert, but you and I both suffer from “Memory Sickness”, which is why when the Jew has total control we’re going to be topped.

    1. Felix,

      I doubt if I will read a better comment than this if I live to be 90! How come you are so wise in the ways of the world, knowing things that so few other people have even heard of? I too have been accused of “memory sickness”, with the difference that I have fewer memories to forget! 🙂

      1. “Memory sickness” is an existential malady of the highest degree, Sister

        an “opiate of amnesia” in which we’ve forgotten our Truth

    2. They probably hold a grudge about the opium commerce, but they’re too smart to make their grudge obvious. They gain more advantages over the West by not making their grudge obvious.

    3. Thanks for your insight, Felix. I wondered, because there is SO MUCH Chinese business going on, here, in America, that it almost seems they are working in competition with (((whomever))) is working to acquire the whole of this country. As I write, I am at the house of my ex-wife, attending her convalescence from a surgery. Several very expensive gifts have arrived from her Chinese associates which indicate a strong relationship with them, here.

    4. Felix,
      ‘life was much better in the old days.’
      When the path is downward, of course every previous part is better than the next [with brief pauses].

      ‘we’re going from bad to worse to worst!’
      The sooner we kick the bottom, the sooner we can bounce upwards. It is important to have a big picture in order to define when the bad started, rather than being nostalgic about a little bit better days of each previous generation – the [short] memory that Khmer Rouge wished to kill in order to speed up the process of dehumanization. One sincere Jewish Leader already gave us a big picture:

      “You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. – Marcus Eli Ravage, The Century Magazine, January 1928, Volume 115, Number 3, pages 346-350

  8. Why do we take that devious crook Kissinger’s statement at face value ” a war between Jews and non-Jews”?

    Bannon also works for the Jews. Breitbart was Jewish and Breitbart News was a Jew operation.

    Breitbart was conceived in Israel.


    I don’t see this as a “war” since both sides are Jewish.

    More like a war between Trump’s close family and an outsider.

    Maybe Trump is right, maybe Bannon’s role was greatly exaggerated by the media, in order to smear Trump in a game of guilt by association (Trump-Bannon)

    The Media have tried guilt by association with Trump on a daily basis. Maybe Bannon was just one of the staff, not the “evil genius” behind Trump that the media made him out to be.

    Just like with Spicer, when the Bannon tune sang by the media ad-nauseam – Trump cut loose ends and started fresh. He fired Spicer, he fired Bannon – to clean his image.

    What I want to know is what Kissinger’s game is? Why is the motive behind what he is saying.

    I am starting to learn now, that with Jews, there is always an agenda behind the lie. THey are great liars, and they always lie.

    Bannon and Breitbart also work for Jews, so how is this a war?

    To me it looks like it was a struggle for power between a staffer and Trump’s close family. Obviously, family won.

    What is Kissinger on about? It is a dig at Trump.

    He is basically saying: you thought Trump was defending the interests of white men? Well, it was a battle between jews and white men, and Trump chose the Jews. So there, white guys, do you still believe in Trump?

    I think this is his message — to show White Trump voters that Trump betrayed them.

    Jews play this twisted game of digs. For instance, I saw a Jew write that Andrew Anglin is a Jew. This is just to make Anglin look bad in the eyes of his white nazi followers. It is just a dig.

    Similarly, Kissinger wants Trump to look bad in the eyes of his white voters. Look at him, guys. He chose the Jews.
    It was a war between whites and Jews, and Trump chose the Jews. Stop supporting Trump, white people!

  9. Breitbart News Network: Born In The USA, Conceived In Israel “A lot of people don’t realize this but Breitbart News Network really got its start in Jerusalem.”

    As noted by a couple of people, Kissinger’s remark that “It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews” mis-states what is in fact a competition to see who can grovel most obsequiously to their masters in Tel Aviv / Jerusalem. It’s a “More Jew than You” war and, as noted by TROJ, Kissinger must certainly know this – or he’s becoming senile, which is one possibility.

    Another possibility is that Kissinger meant it’s a war between the mostly Jewish Neocons, pro-war and pro-Israel, and the Bannon (gentile) led right which is pro-Israel but anti-war.

    Kevin MacDonald‏ @TOOEdit

    “Bannon represented the antiwar strain in U.S. nationalist thinking. Note Bannon’s angry reference to neoconservative influence, also reported by Wolff. Bannon tells Ailes that it’s hard to find Republican advisers who are not pro-war.” Source: Twitter account of Kevin MacDonald

    Now a little dot connecting. In December 2017, it was revealed that Israel and the US had agreed, secretly, on plans to destabilize Iran. Turkish news media reported recently that the unrest in Iran was incited by US / CIA provocateurs (nothing surprising there). The USG, while claiming to have beaten ISIS, refuses to withdraw US troops from Syria, and persuaded Iraq’s PM Abadi to disarm Iraqi Shi’ite militias. Israel’s recent attempts to balkanize the Middle East by destroying Syria and creating Kurdistan – which could conveniently be populated with 200,000 Israeli-Kurds trained to take up government positions – were foiled by Russia. Israeli plans to have KSA destabilize Lebanon also went awry when Saad Hariri’s bizarre resignation failed to ignite a situation which Israel’s government could respond to by “righteously” invading Lebanon to “stop the slaughter”. Today, Global Research reprinted an article from 2006 that ties all these threads together. It is quite long, but worth the time. Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East” I’m sure the title’s apparent resemblance to the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and their “Clean Break” document is purely coincidental. 😉

    1. Speaking of destabilizing Iran, here’s a pretty unusual bit of news. Perhaps not what is to be expected, ergo very interesting..

      “Some of the current leaders live detached from the problems and concerns of the people, and do not know anything about the reality of society,” they reported him [Ahmadinejad] saying.

  10. On the subject of war between the Jews and non-Jews, an interesting article appeared at Paul Craig Robert’s website over the weekend: Are Whites Being Setup For Genocide?

    PCR’s penultimate paragraph shows PCR needs to do a little more study on this one.

    It seems paradoxical that Identity Politics is led by white/liberal/progressive/leftists advocating their own marginalization. However, as it is a correct conclusion from Identity Politics that white DNA is an abomination, white adherents of the ideology can logically see their demise as a benefit to humanity.

    Those “white/liberal/progressive/leftists” who advocate for white genocide are usually quick to point out “I’m not white, I’m Jewish”.


    1. Well, I just read, today, that Oprah Winfrey is being coaxed by the libtards to run for President next election. I wonder how she might set the posture of America – and international diplomacy – in line with all your approvals??? Will “the Jews” approve?? Will Harold Smith approve?? Nothing would surprise me. 😒

      1. She gets all the right check marks from libs: Woman, black, very well known, and has solid liberal LGBTIAQQXYZ123 credentials.

      2. Carn –

        You left out the most “BIGGLY” important ingredient… to make a “YUGE” impression on libs….

        She, like Trump, has $$$$BILLIONS.. 🙂

      3. A campaign to make sure there are no white celebrities and that white culture is never portrayed positively has the same intent as tearing down statues of white heroes. The political endgame is not hard to imagine. Displacement from the culture is followed by displacement from our nations. Cultural elimination paves the way for physical elimination.
        Source: The End of White Celebrity

        Oafrah’s visceral hatred of “a whole generation … that just has to die” would make her an ideal presidential candidate to forward (((their))) agenda.

      4. Carn –

        “Oafrah’s visceral hatred of “a whole generation … that just has to die” would make her an ideal presidential candidate to forward (((their))) agenda.”

        That elimination can be accomplished through total control of healthcare plans….. which are being kept secret ever since Trump got (S)elected.

  11. The thought of two opposing Zionist factions at ” war ” is delightful, of course it’s not war as we, or the long suffering victims of Zionism would know it, it’s more like Rugelach at ten Paces, no Zionist will lose its life or even its freedom in this spat, the most one can hope for is a bitter taste left in the collective mouth of the Zionist.

    In more uplifting news, China today, a government spokesman declared China’s support for Pakistan, another nail in Zionist US hegemony.

  12. I love how the Jews just double down on censorship, and everything they did that got Trump elected.

    Now they arrested a wonderful sensitive old woman who apologized to her mother in a youtube video.

    It was one thing to arrest Ernst Zundel and paint him as a vile racist.

    But now they arrest older nice likeable ladies like Alison Chabloz and Monika Schaefer for singing songs and playing violin.

    See how that works out for them. It is bound to wake up more people.

    And the beautiful thing is that Jews have to always brag, they cannot shut up about it. When they censor a person, they have to write about it in all their newspapers.

  13. I was reading about this book – The Camp of Saints. Maybe darkmoon can discuss it in an article.


    Some of the coincidences are uncanny.

    ” force the Queen of the United Kingdom to have her son marry a Pakistani woman, ”

    Harry and Meghan – and it was voluntary, not forced.

    Even the author with his wild sci-fi imagination could not picture how the reality turned out. Right now people are jailed in Germany for criticizing Muslims, on Merkel’s orders.

  14. Regarding Bannon apparently viewing China as an enemy:

    “China, the world’s biggest and most established Technocracy, has all but achieved a totally cashless state by implementing digital e-payment systems via smart phones. Coupled with ubiquitous camera surveillance and identification, ”

    China will soon have its thumb on an electronic gulag from which there is no escape, relief or appeal.


    It seems certain that Tribe members are applauding China greatly. The UK is the Tribe’s Tavistock psychologically controlled gulag experiment and China is the Tribe’s technologically controlled experiment with almost 100% of goals achieved.

    All those Chinese family businesses will look up one day to find production and distribution under corporate/state control and they themselves inhabiting an Agenda 2100 shoe-box apartment in a pack and stack city with nothing but virtual and drug activities available.

    In the very near future, truth tellers such as Alison Chabloz and Monika Schaefer will automatically have their freedom removed and lives ruined electronically.

    Dystopia is very near.

    1. Flan,
      China still has a way to go! Only 79% of Chinese actually have bank accounts. Ditto for India. One must look to the Scandanavian countries, they propose going cashless in the next couple of years. Even the “free” USA confiscates cash from anyone unfortunate enough to get caught with large amounts.
      My wife goes to China now and again on business and it’s cash down the line. As mentioned in the article it’s only the big cities that use apps for trading.

      1. Felix

        I’ll look the other way, thank you very much. Going cashless should be anathema to anyone claiming to live in a “free” society. Scandanavia and others have ALREADY succumbed to the enemy. Is this really so difficult to understand?

        Cash is king, baby. But the true “sovereignty” of it is certainly not in the form of Fed notes that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on

  15. Off Topic but perhaps stuff for an article here on Lasha Darkmoon’s website, keeping in mind that it will also be published on The Truth Seeker :


    An article on the Israeli news site Israel National News called for the nuclear destruction of Iran (as a punishment for threatening Israel) and Germany (as a punishment for the Holocaust).

    Jews are used to consider their existential enemies as “descendants of Amalek”, a tribe they were obliged by YHWH to exterminate for attacking them during the Exodus*) :

    As for Iran :

    “…Among those descended from the band (i.e. the Amalekites), the author writes, are Iranian leaders Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and current President Hassan Rouhani…”

    “…We must make it clear to the Iranians that Israel will wipe out their nuclear program and Tehran and Isfahan as well…”

    As for Germany :

    “…When the Messiah comes, Ben-Eliyahu wrote, Israel will reverse the Final Solution. “Twenty, thirty atomic bombs on Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Dortmund and so on to assure the job gets done. And the land will be quiet for a thousand years,” he wrote…”

    The article appeared on Israel National News, but was retracted. The Times of Israel however copied it. In case they too retract it, here is another link :


    This offers a unique glimpse of the Jewish mentality of paranoia and revengefulness.

    *) For information on Amalek as a symbol of the eternal enemy of the Jews, see :
    Wikipedia, Amalek : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amalek

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Thanks for offering this sensational news, Franklin. We were about to publish it when LD discovered by chance that the article had already been published on April 4, 2015 — almost three years ago! 🙂

      You remember Ariadna Theokopoulos who used to post comments on this site and then moved over to the Occidental Observer? She is one of the authors of this identical article:

      Posted on April 4, 2015 by Richard Edmondson

      1. @ Sister Monica

        Sorry to have bothered you with “old” news. National Vanguard where I read this, published it as if it was “new” news. Looking back at the article on this site, I now remember it. I have even commented on it myself.

        So this story is 3 years old, but the mentality behind it (extreme Jewish paranoia and revengefulness) it is at least 3000 years old…

        1. Franklin,

          I agree with what you say, but don’t you think National Vanguard is acting irresponsibly by digging up this old story and passing it off as new? It’s possible that National Vanguard, however, is innocent of any deception because someone else could have duped them into thinking the story was new. So I’m not condemning National Vanguard. I’m only relieved we didn’t publish the story here or we would have been blamed for hoaxing the public.

      2. @Harry

        “…If the Holocaust was a hoax, why would they seek revenge..?”

        Good question. First of all keep in mind that the idea of the Holocaust is universally accepted by all who have not made a special critical study of the subject and that is the absolute majority not only of Gentiles but also of Jews. So most Jews don’t know any better. Those who do know better still hate Germans (and by extension all Whites) because they resisted Jewish dominance and even locked all Jews up in concentration camps. “Judea declared war on Germany”*) shortly after the Nazis came to power and started reforms that would threaten Jewish hegemony. Add to this the fact that the Nazis thought in racial terms and you can understand that now the Jewish leadership has decided to neutralize Whites as a race. With Whites gone, they hope, nothing will stand in their way to global hegemony.
        *) See : The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany, here : https://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/english/archives/…/jdecwar.html

  16. We have been taught a heavily censored version of history that has allowed the Jews to portray themselves as victims and to gain enormous power as a consequence.

    Now they are overplaying their hand, and the result will be a great upheaval.

  17. I have to say I was shocked at first by Trump’s decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem–making Israel’s grab for possession of Jerusalem all the more legit. Then the U.N. sob story with our UN ambassador doing something…gosh what was it…forgot. Why? It’s all so forgettable because it just goes on and on. Then I thought about the UN that is supposedly in charge of this endless (100 year war?). Aren’t these UN resolutions that are being broken? But what does the UN do about it other than cry loudly. Then I thought… hmm it’s been nearly 70 years of carnage and the UN has done nothing and plans to do nothing. What about the stolen water, what about the occupation, what about all these tiny violations that happen every day with mission creep as it goes on inch by inch, day by day. First rule of politics: follow the money. The UN needs money for all its creepy globalist things like its “Global Warming” agenda of wealth transfer, etc. They are not going to enforce a resolution that will upset the flow of money.

    It really is up to the typical Western Jewish couple like Ivanka and Jarred to decide. If they suddenly for some reason stopped caring the whole colossal illusion of paradise in the desert would vanish. First of all it is an illusion. And it’s true that at Passover every year they say, “Next year in Jerusalem” but those are words like so many other ritual words that up until the 17th Century didn’t seem to mean too much.

    I have a doctor in Beverly Hills who knows a lot of very wealthy Jewish people. She is Jewish, too, and yet she couldn’t stand Israel the last time she went. Everyone she knows has a house there she goes on, just in case they need to escape somewhere. But where do they live? They live elsewhere and there are so many of these empty houses lining empty streets… in a very crowded country where those who really live there can’t find housing. There are a few of them, young Zionists, who remain–those very earnest young couples with three children who also live elsewhere but care deeply, care enough to voice an opinion, put their money where their mouths are… etc. They have that dream of a Holy Land but they aren’t going to live there, and they probably hope their children don’t either. Maybe one day they’ll have a house there that can add to the many empty get away in case of a hitler options.

    It all seems so ethereal, so tenuous… like an old, old woman who lives day to day, a candle in the wind.

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