His Master’s Voice: Or how an Obedient Dog goes to War

by The Saker

This is really pathetic, but it is no less dangerous.  First, there was the order given from Above: 

ISRAELI OFFCIALS: “The U.S. must strike in Syria” because “Assad is the angel of death, and the world would be better without him”

Then there was the summoned servant’s immediate reply:

DONALD TRUMP: “Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price” .

The most amazing thing is not that the subservient slave reacted like the subservient slave that he is.  The most amazing thing is that the pretext used in this announced false flag was announced by Nikki Haley at the UNSC on March 12th, almost one month ago!  That, and the fact that Trump probably did not realize that he was told to threaten only Syria and not Russia and Iran.  Although, who knows, maybe the rabidly psychopathic Neocons who now run the White House actually did tell him to bark up Russia and Iran too, I would not put that past them.

There is, of course, the slim chance that just has Trump did absolutely nothing to “Rocket Man” (even though Trump had a “bigger red button”!) he might not do anything to “Animal Assad” either, but frankly I would not recommend placing much faith in that kind of self-restraint.  Why?  Because the AngloZionists are absolutely desperate to prove that they are still relevant, manly and, of course “indispensable”.

Question: how do you really piss off a narcissist?

Answer: ignore him.

Now look at this photo again:

And just imagine how Trump feels about it:

Displeased? Worried? Mad angry?

Here we have all the elements of a perfect storm. 

Trump has a HUGE need to show how manly and tough he is (his wall is a disaster, he wants to send in 4000 troops to protect it), he might be interrogated by Mueller very soon, there is the annoying issue of “Stormy Daniels” still constantly re-heated by the media, and now that certified nutcase McCain is blaming *Trump* for the (completely fake) chemical attack in Syria. 

By any measure, TRUMP LOOKS LIKE A PATHETIC CLOWN  and that is not something he can tolerate much longer, especially not when his Israeli Masters are clearly giving him an “out”: STRIKE AT SYRIA and , even better, AT THE RUSSIANS IN SYRIA. (Emphasis added) 

Will the fact that this was all announced by Nikki Haley three weeks ago change anything?

Of course not!

A Ziomedia willing to report the Skripal nonsense with a straight face will also do *exactly* as it is told in this case: they will take it all very seriously, they will even praise Trump, just a little, and they will blame “Animal Assad” and Putin for it all.

After all, if the Russians could use “Novichok and buckwheat” in the UK, why would they not use chemical weapons in Syria?  And, no, the fact that neither the Russians nor the Syrians actually have any chemical weapons (both were fully disarmed and certified as such) makes absolutely no difference!  After all, the Russians never declared their stocks of buckwheat to the OPCW…

The big unknown is what will the Russians do?

As I explained elsewhere, they are in a bind: sinking USN ships or striking USAF bases in the Middle-East would be an act of war, just shoot down some cruise missiles (or render them inoperable by EW means) would be interpreted as a sign of weakness and invite further US escalation.  And yet, again, Moscow is warning of “dire consequences“.

So yes, tonight, yet again, we are headed for war, a war in which Israel will use the USA as its “attack pit-bull” in pursuit of its narrow regional interests (topple Assad, trigger a war with Iran) and thereby put all of mankind at risk.

As Israel Shahak put it so brilliantly: this is a case of “think locally, act globally”.

And the once proud West now silently obeys his Master’s voice.


The Saker

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    Full marks to this site for its extraordinary tolerance, even for views in opposition to Lasha Darkmoon’s own basic values. Even comments rudely attacking Admin and LD have been posted here occasionally, something I have never met with on any other website.

    Quite remarkable.

  3. For Donald Trump’s subservience to his Zionist masters, this article by the Saker offers yet more proof.

    Defending Trump now becomes an exercise in folly and self-delusional idiocy.

    Not content with slavishly following the dictates of his Jewish minders among the neocons, puppet president Trump is now trying to find a pretext for starting WWIII in Syria at the behest of his Jewish masters in Israel and the US.

    Expect the worst from this Zionist controlled puppet.

  4. “Russia suddenly puts troops on full combat alert”

    PCR refers to a last war.

    If Pat is right about ‘Put-on’ and the scripted nature of the show, there will few a few nukes lobbed (Pat wrong 🙂 and then headlong into Tribe Global Government on the back of “never again’ sentiments.

    It will be worth observing this to see Pat simultaneously right and wrong 🙂

    1. Flan –

      “It will be worth observing this to see Pat simultaneously right and wrong 🙂 ”

      HA!!! We shall see.(no nukes = no worries here)

      You might not be aware…

      As for right & wrong..Lobro has held that unique self-proclaimed distinction for years!! 🙂

    2. flan, pat cannot be wrong for a simple reason.
      the only way he can be proven wrong is if we all get wiped out by pat’s non-existent nukes and who will be left to point out to him just how wrong he was?

      like me making an immortality bet, what are you going to do if i lose, sue me?

  5. “Angel Of Death”…. wasn’t that the sobriquet given to Mengele? They must have tired of the “Hitler” meme…

  6. “The big unknown is what will the Russians do?”

    The thing is, the impending aggression against Syria is only one part of a bigger and more sinister picture.

    With missile launchers, troops, etc., practically at Russia’s borders; with the fuzing on U.S. SLBMs having been upgraded to take out hard targets; with Russia already under economic, diplomatic, political and propaganda attack; with tensions unprecedentedly high – now comes Orange Clown, finally taking off the mask by attacking Syria – dispelling any hope for peace by showing the world once and for all beyond a doubt that he’s a bloodthirsty, Satanic, demon-possessed psychopath (i.e., Obama on steroids), whose whole campaign was a calculated fraud from the beginning. What’s Russia supposed to do at this point? Wait for the evil Orange Clown to launch a first strike against Russia?

  7. So many commenters are like Pavlov’s dog, seeing another lame false-flag gas attack to spark the mere automaton “orange clown” to do the lame-o’s bidding to a tee.

    Where is the nuanced thinking in this?

    1. “Where is the nuanced thinking in this?”

      Please feel free to jump in with some “nuanced thinking”.

      1. I was hoping you would do that for a change. I’ve presented the kind of nuanced thinking on this topic for YEARS

      2. For a change? Anyone familiar with my comments here over the last year or so knows that I’ve made many detailed comments presenting the results of lots of “nuanced thinking” on the subject of Trump, Biblical prophecy, foreign policy, etc.

      3. I know you have Harold, no disrespect intended. You know me, I like to go out on limbs and sometimes shoot from the hip!

        What I’m really saying is that it’s just too damn easy to fall for the idea that Trump is in essence what Hilary the witch would have SURELY been in going along with the zios every step of the way. “We came, we saw we killed him” being as telling as it gets for where her sympathies lie

        You also know my take that even politicians who are truly seeking peace, as I believe Trump and Putin are, are hamstrung by the long series of events throughout history whose machinations are ALWAYS centered around wars and rumors of wars which culminate in whatever particular “between a rock and a hard place” situation they inherit.

        People tend to forget the simple fact that at heart Trump is a businessman who just wants to do BUSINESS.

        But not the business of war.

  8. Any real war will carry-over into Israhell. Boundaries are not invulnerable against armies and artillary. No “nukes” inhibits Amerijews’ willingness to do battle, should Iran and Russia be engaged. There are no “big red buttons”! Should Uncle Sam be so stupid as to attack Syria, the “Valley of Bones” prophecy may surely follow…

  9. OK OK, i’ll bite…again (just when I thought I was out, they PULL me back in!)

    Trump knows there was a false-flag ALLEGED gas attack and that Assad was not responsible for what probably didn’t happen ANYWAY. Putin knows the same thing, and both know that the other knows

    Your turn….

    1. What a POTUS says, and what he does are entirely different things. Look at the last time this sort of thing happened last year. A complimentary retaliation, if you wanna call it that. And then what?

      Virtual crickets…..

  10. anyway, i see that there were some stealth pokes and remarks aimed my way, in line with how defending trump now becomes an exercise in folly and self-delusional idiocy.

    having seen the extent of my self-delusional idiocy, i will forgo exercising the folly, however temporarily and join the ranks of my betters, my moral and intellectual superiors, specifically given that this camp has received a powerful new voice of reason, decency and truth
    Will We Stop Trump Before It’s Too Late?.
    thus i yield the floor to madam madeleine albright, writing in the world-renowned paper of record, a few sound bites to see just how aligned she is with saker and others.
    first, an obvious parallel to previous criminals against humanity and a hint on how to proceed with donald trump

    On April 28, 1945 — 73 years ago — Italians hung the corpse of their former dictator Benito Mussolini upside down next to a gas station in Milan. Two days later, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his bunker beneath the streets of war-ravaged Berlin.

    look at what trump has wrought, goes madam’s cri d’ceur

    Warning signs include the relentless grab for more authority by governing parties in Hungary, the Philippines, Poland and Turkey — all United States allies. The raw anger that feeds fascism is evident across the Atlantic in the growth of nativist movements opposed to the idea of a united Europe, including in Germany, where the right-wing Alternative für Deutschland has emerged as the principal opposition party. The danger of despotism is on display in the Russia of Vladimir Putin — invader of Ukraine, meddler in foreign democracies, accused political assassin, brazen liar and proud son of the K.G.B. Putin has just been re-elected to a new six-year term, while in Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, a ruthless ideologue, is poised to triumph in sham balloting next month. In China, Xi Jinping has persuaded a docile National People’s Congress to lift the constitutional limit on his tenure in power.

    Continue reading the main story
    Recent Comments
    M.L.Johnson 1 day ago

    And if Trump proves to be effective in slowing or even stopping NK’s or Iran’s nuke program, or perhaps succeeds in Israeli/Palestinian…
    lizzygirl168 1 day ago

    Donald Trump’s narcissistic personality puts us at great risk. the denigration of millions of Americans can backfire with a narcissist. He…
    HMG0313 1 day ago

    When Fascism comes to America’s shores it will be draped in the American Flag and carrying a cross.I fear that history is on the brink of…

    Around the Mediterranean, the once bright promise of the Arab Spring has been betrayed by autocratic leaders, such as Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt (also just re-elected), who use security to justify the jailing of reporters and political opponents. Thanks to allies in Moscow and Tehran, the tyrant Bashar al-Assad retains his stranglehold over much of Syria.

    worth seeing the comments that make it clear that we belong to an unstoppable majority
    A masterful, clear, concise statement of the current threat.

    As sobering as this piece is, the fact that we haven’t heard anything like this from elected leaders in either of the political parities

    She makes it quite clear that Trump and Trumpism themselves are fascistic, in almost every important way. Trump is an authoritarian personality, loudly and consistently hostile to the constitutional order. His followers more and more clearly are devotees of a cult of personality, and they too more and more clearly are loyal to Trump before the constitutional order.

    (yep, i shamefacedly agree that i too,was blind but now, i see, a-ma-zing ma-de-leine)

    shall we stop here, in awe of the galactic reach of madam’s awsome intellect?
    for she has obviously seen right through trump, the orange cockroach can scurry back and forth and scuttle laterally but there is no evading her platform shoe that has stomped much bigger game in its day.

    and once our wits recovered, we shall stand shoulder to shoulder with our august allies and protectors, well, the prodigal midget by name of lobro will stand on those shoulders and flip a minuscule bird at evil trump, the dog of the tyrants – death to evil trump, once he is hung upside down at the new york times square, the world can decompress, the masses yearning to breathe free will rejoice.

    nobody can stop this juggernaut, i sense it in my bones, saker, albright, nyt, huffpost, the lesser lights, including lobro, the dimmest of all but at least he has seen some light, just a pinprick, open society – yes, open, transparent, nothing hidden once the despot is toppled, the suddenly released bright beam piercing the universe.

    right troj, do you agree or disagree, been quiet lately.

    so you can see, i am fully converted, add my voice to the “I H8 TRUMP” (and all the above-listed dictators who hate our freedoms – sic semper tyrannis) choir.

    1. Lobro, I couldn’t have said it better! (lol)
      Especially because proof of something which never happened is really really hard to come by..

      Personally I believe Trump has prevented “WW3” at least 7 times, so far. Some folks say at least 10 times, but who’s really counting..

    2. @ Lobro

      After reading your excellent post, I’m now convinced that the jews and the jewish controlled media have been telling the truth all along. I’m now convinced that I should have voted for the satanic baby eating opposition instead of that awful guy that has 40 or so ministers come in to the oval office occasionally and pray together. Oh no! My keyboard just puked on me. AI must be real and has developed a conscience.

      @ HP

      Yes, we have been programed to overlook obvious. If Trump, Putin, or Zi wanted WWIII, it would have already been in progress. Since they are not warring, but avoiding war, the probability is that they are working together in direct opposition to the jewish globalist that want war. If they are working together, they must have a common enemy. It couldn’t possibly be the global jewish banking system.

      China has systematically been working against the jewish bankers for the past 25 years. Russia has been doing the same for the past 15 years or so. China holds the key to elimination of the US petrodollar that will free the USA. A tri-polar world of finance is in the making in the near future. The EU may have to deal with only crumbs which may be deserving since their component countries have harbored the jewish banking system for 500 years.

      1. Ung –

        China is an enemy of freedom!! There is NO control like Xi’s control.

        Forget Mao… Now that Xi made himself president for life… the ‘real’ Xi shows his COMMUNIST CONTROL fangs.

        Xi has the techno-abilities that Mao could only wish and dream that he had.

        China’s New Tool for Social Control: A Credit Rating for Everything

        China’s government is building what it calls a “social credit system” to track individual behavior and assign ratings to citizens.

        Beijing wants to give every citizen a score based on behavior such as spending habits, turnstile violations and filial piety, which can blacklist citizens from loans, jobs, air travel.


        China to ban people with ‘bad social credit’ from trains, planes

        SHANGHAI – China said it will begin applying its so-called social credit system to flights and trains and stop people who have committed misdeeds from taking such transport for up to a year.

        People who would be put on the restricted lists included those found to have committed acts like spreading false information about terrorism and causing trouble on flights, as well as those who used expired tickets or smoked on trains, according to two statements issued on the National Development and Reform Commission’s website on Friday.

        Those found to have committed financial wrongdoings, such as employers who failed to pay social insurance or people who have failed to pay fines, would also face these restrictions, said the statements which were dated March 2.

        It added that the rules would come into effect on May 1. (MAY DAY = COMMUNIST DAY!!)

        The move is in line with President’s Xi Jinping’s plan to construct a social credit system based on the principle of “once untrustworthy, always restricted,” said one of the notices which was signed by eight ministries, including the country’s aviation regulator and the Supreme People’s Court.


      2. What Pat is saying reflects the common denominator of statist control of money, essentially no different than ANY government exhibiting external control over the citizenry

        This is the simple bottom line. When that article in the U.S. Constitution stating that only the congress in (properly) representing the American people has the power to issue money was abrogated with the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, the pandora’s box of pharisee bankers was opened, and this external control has insinuated itself everywhere on the planet!

      3. Pat, yep, it’s gonna be . . .
        Froooom Xiiiiiiii tooooo shiiiiiniiiiing Xiiiiiiiiiii,
        here on in..

  11. Events appear to be converging. Specifically;

    – Skripal Novichok poisoning case is unraveling for the UK Government as fast as a kitten unravels a ball of wool; Teresa May and Boris Johnson are heading deep into political suicide territory,

    – The Syrian chemical weapons repeated saga has been used so often now, that if chemical weapons really are used nobody would even believe it; the US is painting itself into such an outlandish corner of delusion that it has lost all sense of rest of world’s credulity,

    – Netanyahu has lost all capacity to control his fate in the corruption charges that he is facing, that his only avenue of escaping a long prison sentence is an act of God war.

    All the major players, May, Johnson, Trump (read USA Deep State), Netanyahu (read Israeli Mafia), are in deep trouble. They need an out. What is happening in Syria, is no longer about Syria. It is about, buffoons, clowns, corruption and incompetence, that is now becoming more and more visible for the whole world to see. These monsters have at their hands the powers of the CIA, MI6, Mossad and supporting militaries, to ignite a real war all so they can protect themselves for protecting their true identities, that being, monstrous dragoons. That is, they are prepared to unleash great suffering on much of the world, just to keep masquerading their evil and chronically inept and corrupt work in government.

    What is truly tragic, apart of all the death and destruction going on in the Middle East, is that these evil monsters are still in government, and even though there are more and more voices calling every day for more disclosure and due process, still there are millions of people whom still support these monsters. If a war does begin, how blameless will the populations of the Anglo-Zionist world and its supporters (largely the left leaning European hordes) can claim to be? The obvious answer is, they can’t.

    Is this how the next war is going to start? That the monstrous governments of the Anglo-Zionist world will commit to a war all because, these little monsters can’t get everyone else in the world to play ball the way they want?

    How is that if you are person living in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Israel, that you are prepared to go to war (whether or not you are personally prepared or not, is immaterial, for your Government is deciding for you, like it or not), all because these evil leaders of yours, have been caught in lies, treachery and acts of incompetence, and need a good massacre of innocents, just to protect their evil ways? Whether or not you heed your Governments advice, if not its determination, you are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. Do you understand what that will mean after the war? Think about that while the US sends another fleet of ships off the coast of Syria.

    The problem, readers, is that it is not just the corrupt evil governments of the Anglo-Zionist world that the rest of the world needs to fear, it is all those parasitic acolytes that support this evil, with their feigned displays of righteousness and indignation before and especially after war. Why are so many people so pathetically immorally corrupt!

    Trump, May, Netanyahu are only individuals, but they front for millions. If war comes, yes, Trump, May and Netanyahu, and the other leaders of the rest of the parasitic gang (Australia, New Zealand, Canada and what ever other sycophant European nations) will need to be hung for Crimes Against Humanity, but what of those evil supporters in their homelands?

    The next war, will be unlike all the other wars in history. Not because of its potential to inflict great suffering and total devastation. No, no, nothing like that. The next war, will have something unique, something that no other war in the history of Mankind had before. What is this “something” that this next war will have that no other had before it? THE TRUTH. You see, unlike all other wars before, the truth was always the first thing to be killed. We now know that World War I, was a needless war, think about it, if the truth was told that a Duke was shot be an angry Serb, the governments knew this at the time but it was kept quiet, do you really think there would have been a World War I? Or if the American people were told the truth about Vietnam, would there have been a Vietnam? The truth is always the first causality in war. But not this time! The world knows enough about what is going on in the Middle East to know that the right side is, it is the anti-Anglo-Zionist side. This war, if it comes, will not have truth as a causality. This time, the people will have enough facts and knowledge about what is going on, to determine the just side of the war. It is clear that the Anglo-Zionist side is on the evil side, and Russia/Syria/Iran are on the right side. This is one war, where the people supporting the Anglo-Zionist side will for the first time in history, will not have the ability to claim ignorance; thank you, Internet.

    If war is initiated by the Anglo-Zionist axis of evil, for the first time in history, the people of those nations indulging in war, will have no excuse but to also accept total unmitigated culpability for the crimes their militaries inflict on the rest of the world. For the first time in history, there will be enough proof to attribute to the people of these evil nations, for their utter lack of disregard to Human Society. For the first time, entire nations will justly be held in account for the evil they knew they were doing in their entirety, and not just by their leaders. The excuse, “I didn’t know”, can never be used again; for in this world today, you can never “not know”, but, only to “not care.”

    For all wars now to come, the TRUTH will win. Governments will try to lie and deceive, but they have truly lost control of the truth, and so they will also lose the war. No more will Truth be a casualty of war.

    Are you listening Anglo-Zionist world? For your days, are truly numbered.

    1. “This time, the people will have enough facts and knowledge about what is going on, to determine the just side of the war. It is clear that the Anglo-Zionist side is on the evil side, and Russia/Syria/Iran are on the right side. This is one war, where the people supporting the Anglo-Zionist side will for the first time in history, will not have the ability to claim ignorance; thank you, Internet.”

      Good point. I’ve tried talking to people, locally, about what’s going on (and how it relates to Biblical prophecy), but they don’t want to hear anything about it (in fact some people get rather irritated).

      So here I am, pacing the floor, beside myself with grief, anger, fear, etc., while everyone else seems to be going about their daily lives like it’s just another day. I feel like William Shatner’s character, Robert Wilson, in the Twilight Zone episode “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.”

  12. Trump a narcissist, how will be take it when a uss ship named Donald , gets sent to the bottom of the Med,
    The Donald ( sitting DUCK ) cook, is a cruise missile war ship sitting conveniently of the coast of Syria, easily within range of a land to sea rocket attack, with just short of 400 souls aboard that should provide enough flag covered ( empty ) coffins to get the US public ” right behind this WAR “.

    1. I wonder what it would be like to be on a U.S. ship, knowing that you’re about to become a participant in an illegal, immoral, unconstitutional war of aggression, and also knowing that this time, not only might you not be going home, but your actions might result in a nuclear war which will destroy your country and kill your family back home as well.

      1. Hello Harold, I wonder what it like on this particular ship, knowing , as they must, that there are being offered as a sacrifice.

      2. P.S.,
        It’s not that it’s likely Russia will sink the Donald, much less controversial, and more strategic US targets inland would serve Resistance Axis aims better, At tanf , Deir Az Zor , the Russians could simply provide air defense, and let the Resistance peoples protection units , clear these areas of Anti Assad forces. Including any US forces on the ground.
        The Russians may chose to punish the other Zionist proxys, France UK, or my hope , the Zionist entity itself,
        Cut of the head, as it where.
        It does look however like the uss Donald, is being offered
        Up by uncaring Washington chiefs.

      3. Harold –

        “I wonder what it would be like…”

        Serving on Polaris and Poseidon submarines in the Nam skirmish for 7+ years.. with the nuke scenario preached to us every waking moment… I can tell you exactly what is is like.

        Here is the mindset:

        We knew(fooled into believing) that if we ever launched missiles for any reason, the procedure would be to… “bend over, grab you ankles, and kiss your ass goodbye!!” That was our non-stop theme. We added, “The first thing ya know… it’s the last thing ya know.!!” 🙂

      4. We knew(fooled into believing) that if we ever launched missiles for any reason, the procedure would be to… “bend over, grab you ankles, and kiss your ass goodbye!!” That was our non-stop theme. We added, “The first thing ya know… it’s the last thing ya know.!!”

        The very nature of nuclear power and weapons requires a high degree of intelligence and aggressiveness, this is why advanced weapon systems are overwhelmingly manned by intelligent, white males. Of course the grunt ranks can still be filled by personnel with the intelligence level of a rock.

        This presents the Jew with his greatest military conundrum, i.e. how to staff advanced weapons with people smart enough to operate them, but too stupid to understand what they are doing. This was the very fear portrayed in Dr. Strangelove, where an ostensibly crazed general wakes up to the reality of what the Judaeocommunists are doing.

        One incomplete answer is the military’s “need to know” compartmentalization; another is to screen the ranks for desirable psychopaths, as portrayed in the movie The War Lover. But there is a far better answer – A.I. robots, the ultimate answer to the “human problem.” With AI, nuclear weapon systems like submarines will be able to stay on station for years as opposed to months and they will never hesitate on the order to fire.

        What’s more, the modern weapon system has far outstripped the capacity for the human organism to withstand the full rigors of its capabilities, viz jet fighter and submarine. Thanks to the technical developments created by the Jews’ twentieth century wars, the modern unrestricted battlefield is virtually 100% fatal, not only for combatants, but civilian populations as well. This time you’ll never know.

        This is Tkkun Olam at its very worst – Thanks Jews!

  13. I think if I were Vladimir Putin, I would make a public announcement that upon the event of the first U.S./NATO bomb or missile striking Syria, every nuke in the Russian arsenal will be unleashed against NATO nations and Israel. Trump tower will be in the upper atmosphere along with Washington, London, Tel-Aviv, etc. That’s where this is headed anyway, so why not draw the line in the sand here and now?

  14. More interesting ( for me ) than Trumps blustering is the Russian response to the Zionist entities attack on the T4 air base, the Russians are not happy.
    A US led attack on Syria could ( fingers crossed ) lead to the Zionist entity bearing the brunt,
    The Zionist killed 8 IRANIAN Guardians in the T4 attack, the Resistance has been building up to a possible MAY 15 (nakba day ) explosion of hostility with the Zionist, things could happen much sooner.

  15. Note to the moderator, just after pasting this post, the page reloaded and reset the comment box.

    (((They))) are murdering the planet and you don’t even know it. While Trump marches the world towards WWIII, as I knew he would, there is a less visible, all-out attack on humanity. Nuclear war is but one of the manifold problems facing the planet. As for the Brit’s poisoning scenario, this comment addresses the race of planetary poisoners.

    This posting begins a series of comments I will do on the poisoning of America that began in the late forties and continues to this day, more than seventy years after it was conceived. This poisoning is ongoing, with radioactive toxins being sprayed into the atmosphere, the oceans being polluted with radioactive and other toxic waste and now with the development of GMO foods becoming widespread among the population.

    I begin with a script excerpt from the 1949 (((Hollywood))) thriller D.O.A., along with a two brief excerpts from the (((Hollywood))) movie V for Vendetta. The following excerpts outline the Jew’s plans for not only systemically poisoning humans, but the entire planet as well.


    You must steel yourself for a shock, Mr. Bigelow.

    Well go on, doctor! What is it you’re trying to tell me?

    Our tests reveal a presence in your body of a luminous toxic matter.

    What is that exactly?

    A poison that attacks the vital organs.


    We have no alternative but to tell you this. Your system has already absorbed
    sufficient toxin to prove fatal. I wish there was something that we could do.

    What do you mean ‘wish’, you mean there’s nothing? – There’s nothing anyone can do.

    This is one of the few poisons of its type for which there is no antidote.

    Well, this is fantastic! This is the most ridiculous thing . . .

    You don’t have very long.

    What do you mean?

    A day. Possibly a week. Two weeks at the outside. It’s hard to say exactly.

    Do you realize what you’re saying? Well, you’re telling me that I’m dead. You think you can explain my life away in just a few words? Why I don’t even know who you are. Why should I believe you?

    You must calm yourself, Mr. Bigelow. We want to offer you every assistance that . . .

    Assistance? Who wants your assistance? Who wants anything from you? You’re nothing but a couple of phoneys. Why, I think you’re crazy! That’s it! You’re crazy, the both of you! You’re crazy! Where’s the doctor?

    (Bigelow runs to another hospital get a second opinion, where he has a confrontation with the staff)

    You can’t come in here!

    Come on, tell me where’s. . .

    Get outta . . .

    What’s the trouble here? What’s the matter with you?

    Doctor, I want you to examine me for a luminous poison.

    Come right in here. – Yeah. You’ve got it all right. Your system has already absorbed it.

    Are you sure, doctor? Are you absolutely certain? Couldn’t there be some mistake?

    There it is. (holds up a vial) The toxin (iridium) is actually luminous in the dark. (turns out the light to reveal a glowing test tube) No. There’s no doubt about it Bigelow.

    I don’t feel sick. My stomach is just a little bit upset. Maybe it’s not as bad as you think doctor.

    That’s characteristic. With a heavy jolt you’ll go suddenly in a matter of hours. But, if the stuff was taken in a lesser degree, you last a while, and then . . .

    And then?

    Give it to me straight, doctor!

    Well, a number of things are involved.

    The systemic condition of the individual.

    The amount consumed, exertion.


    You won’t feel too badly for a while. Then it will happen suddenly. A day, two days, a week at the most.

    A day? Two days?

    There’s nothing that can be done now. Would it have been caught in time, your stomach could have been washed out. But you’ve had it in you for some time now.

    Then this is no accident. Somebody knew how to handle that stuff. That wax is tasteless and odourless.

    [. . .]

    My brother was in a jam. A pretty bad jam. He was arrested two days ago. He sold some iridium to a dealer by the name of Majak. It’s a very rare metal, very costly. Anyway, the iridium turned out to be stolen.

    [. . .]

    Call the morgue. Johnson, you go to the Allison Hotel, find Paula Gibson. Don’t tell her anything. I’ll break it to her.

    How shall I make out the report on him, Captain?

    Better make it ‘Dead on Arrival’.


    “Iridium” is identified in D.O.A. as the “luminous” poisoning agent. Radioactive iridium isotopes are used in radiation therapy. Yet this script was written before 1949, years before the murderous effects of the atomic bomb on Japan were revealed to the American public. What’s more, the American government’s testing of radioactive toxins on the public was not only top secret, but still in the future.

    By 1948, only eight nuclear tests had been carried out and out of these eight, only one, the first bomb test, “Trinity,” was carried out inside the continental US. The rest were carried out in the Pacific, under a heavy umbrella of secrecy. It would take three more years before America’s continental nuclear bomb testing program began in earnest and even then, it would take many more years before the damaging effects of radiation exposure would be revealed to the
    American public.

    While the “radium girls” of the early to mid twentieth century were known, the story was heavily suppressed and the effects of radium were roundly denied by companies producing radium paint. What’s more, the symptoms produced by exposure to radium were much different from the surreptitious poisoning scenario portrayed in the movie.

    The insidious poisoning symptoms portrayed in the movie were not known in the public realm until more than a decade after the movie was produced and although the luminescent properties of radioactive materials was known, the movie never mentions Iridium’s radioactive properties.

    Note also the script’s reference to “luminescent poison” properties as being tasteless and odorless along with the expense of the material. Also, the plot involves a latency period of a few weeks for the poisoning death of the movie’s main character Bigelow. (See Hamilton’s three main points concerning the use of radioactive toxins below.)

    So how is it that, absent some form of inside information about the government’s planned testing and use of radioactive weapons, (((Hollywood))) executives and scriptwriters might have speculated on the use of radioactive agents as viable toxins for murdering humans before such agents were considered for such use?

    One might consider this mere coincidence, but then one might also consider a (((Hollywood))) movie mogul, with no political experience, appointment to becoming one of LBJ’s top advisers to be mere coincidence as well.

    D.O.A. can be seen in its entirety on YouTube as it is in the public domain.


    Delia Surridge: [V gives her a rose] Am I going to die?

    V: You’re already dead. [shows her hypodermic needle] I killed you 10 minutes ago.

    [. . .]

    Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it. ― V for Vendetta


    The following are quotes from the 2018 book Behind the Fog by Lisa Martino-Taylor

    Hamilton advocated for use of weaponized radiation “against the civilian population of large cities” to cause consternation, apprehension and fear; to render large areas uninhabitable; and if enough cities were targeted, to destabilize entire national economies.

    [. . .]

    Hamilton argued for offensive weapons to “be employed against personnel, both civilian and military, or they may be used to impair, if not destroy, the use of agricultural areas . . . injury can arise from several different mechanisms, namely inhalation, ingestion, and external irradiation . . . and even rather trivial amounts can produce lethal effects. (Hamilton 1946b)

    [. . .]

    The young Berkeley physician argued that the Army Chemical Corps was the perfect entity to “undertake” and “supervise” such a program along with collaborations from other military agencies, adding that, such studies must be made by means of large-scale experimentation.

    [ . . .]

    Following Hamilton’s recommendations, but representing narrow, military-industrial interests, a joint AEC/National Military Establishment (NME) Radiological Weapons panel vigorously pushed for field-testing. The panel noted, “the use of tracer quantities within the limits of Continental United States feasible and should be permitted” (Hinds 1949). The extraordinary recommendations to engage in field studies with radioactive material officially opened up the United States as one vast site for testing radiological weapons.

    [. . .]

    Hamilton also headed R W studies in 1947 for “compounds of uranium which will localize in organs other than the liver and spleen” (Hamilton 1946a). Soon thereafter a lengthy proposal, related to radioactive fission products to be developed as radiological weapons, arrived on Army Colonel K.D. Nichols’ desk, where Dr. Joseph Hamilton secretly but unambiguously mapped out an argument for continued expansion of R W capabilities. His reasoning was based on three arguments:

    “One the quantity of radioactive poison required to produce lethal effects can be measured in the range of micrograms, while in the case of chemical agents, there is usually required tens to hundreds of milligrams to produce comparable biological damage; Two: It is impossible to detect the presence of radioactive poisons without the aid of suitable electrical devices . . . radioactive poisons cannot be detected by touch smell, taste . . . Three: the biological damage produced by such radiation has a high degree of latency in that, even with lethal dosages, the full effects may not appear for intervals from days to the order of several months.” (Hamilton 1946)

    [. . .]

    (Robert J) Oppenheimer was onboard with the radiological weapons experiment efforts, stating to his colleague Enrico Fermi, “I think that we should not attempt a plan unless we can poison food sufficient to kill half a million men, since there is not [sic] doubt that the actual number affected will, because of non-uniform distribution, be much smaller than this.” Oppenheimer was discussing radiological weapons via ingestion – by widespread food sabotage, extending Hamilton’s plan to develop R W (radiation weapons) through radioactive smoke.

    Note these “top secret experiments” were conducted concurrently with the more visible, and therefore less secret, nuclear bomb tests that distributed radioactive particulates over the entire planet for more than fifty years.

    Fast forward to today’s GMO foods.

    Of late, have you noticed any problems in your lower intestines, a general feeling of distress and discomfort in the lower abdomen, or acute pain that brings about a desperate feeling for the need to evacuate the bowels, yet you seem constipated? Do you note the lack of diarrhea that typically indicates the ingestion of a poisonous substance? Does it pass after a few, seemingly normal, bowel movements?

    These are indications of ingesting GMO foods in quantities sufficient to bring on these symptoms. The fact that these food-based poisons are not expelled in violent diarrhea and vomiting attacks, as would be typical of other poisonings, means they remain in the bowels for extended periods to continue poisoning the body.

    Perhaps you have noticed the unusually voluminous and intense coloring of the spring blossoming? This classic reaction of certain plants to radiation exposure is an indication that radioactive materials are being used in Chemtrail spray. Radioactive Thorium is one of the substances identified in a Hugh’s patent for aerial spraying.

    Note how many past (((Hollywood))) science fiction horror movies portray out of control growth of plants and insects. Cancer is the result of abnormal cell growth, which is why the cancer rates among humans has grown at a rate comparable to the nuclear testing programs carried out around the world. There is only one safe place where exposure to these deadly atmospheric toxins can be avoided – underground.

    Many of the “Bigelows” in this world are already dead, (((they))) began murdering them over seventy years ago and the Bigelows didn’t even know it.

    More to come . . .

    1. Arch, some of the early sci-fi writers were incredibly far thinking. Especially considering the applied sciences of their times.

      Radium Age Sci-fi (1904-33)

      Not to mention Kryptonite..

  16. Mr Trump promised to end these foreign wars, but it looks as though Syria may be start of WW3.

    OFF TOPIC. Did anybody test the Skirpals for Botulism? The organism, Clostridium Botulinum is spore bearing, and those spores can live outside the body.

  17. Arch Stanton April 10, 2018 at 5:44 pm

    Thank you! You touch on a couple of the 12 spokes of our contemporary Wheel of Samsara — radioactivity from several or more sources (nuclear weapons, Fukushima, and, as Bob Nichols [VT] notes, releases and venting from nuclear power plants) and GMOs. High time we add the (1) chemclouding — multi-purpose in nature, heavy metals along with other slow-kill payloads, some no doubt biological weaponry (e.g., nanoparticulates, Morgellons-causing elements); (2) vaccines (note the “mandatory vaccination” movement); (3) food additives (aspartame, who knows what evil lurks in processed foods?!); (4) what I prefer to call Kultural Marxi$m (also multi-faceted, multi-purpose); and (5) FRACKING (deliberate destabilization of the earth’s crust [cf. Dutchsinse aka Michael Janitch]). And on and on.

    Thus we have begun to define systematically the on-going, pervasive, merciless War Against Humanity. Be great to settle on 12 major spokes! Working on it! For instance, toss in AI; EMF | EMR (5G anyone??), total surveillance. This is not for the timid, the faint of heart. Perhaps the ultimate step — ETs, good and bad! 🙂

  18. God bless Assad and Syria and Putin and Russia for defending Syria against the satanic Zionists who rule the U.S. and ISRAEL and BRITAIN.

    Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God.

  19. b52s loaded. ready for syrian targets.

    bolton, haley, brennan, msnbc and cnn crews, that bald, ugly liar and the greasy fbi turd will be dropped through the bombing doors.

    pence will lead the way singing ‘nearer my small, incomplete god to thee”.

    splot, splot, splot and more splots

    sometimes blessings come in strange ways.

    will head to the nearest pub for maybe a last round. just heard kristol will do his duty and perform a swan dive-belly flop. lotsa grease comin’.

  20. “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.” r. dawkins on the jew god.

    from a warped, diseased god comes a diseased people.

  21. Despite or because of Trumps appearance of ” BI Polar disorder ” basically he is a fruit cake or is choosing to give the impression that he is a fruit cake, it now seems certain that the US military will do the Zionist entities fighting by attacking Syria within hours , should Russia respond it will attempt to close Syrian air space to all but Syrian/Russian/IRANIAN? Forces, then should the Zionist entity be lured into the fray, by say a rocket attack on the entity emanating from Syria, then the Zionist entity could quickly find itself in direct conflict with Russia .
    So possible time line is US attacks Syria, Russia defends, someone😉 attacks the Zionist, the Zionist attacks Syria, Russia attacks the Zionist entity.

  22. Although still better than any of the alternatives he ran against, President Trump has turned out to be a big disappointment in foreign policy in particular. He has pretty much turned his back on everything he said he wanted to do as president and even turns his back on what he said a week earlier.

    He just said two weeks ago that the US would now leave Syria. All the Jews and their terrorist allies in Syria have to do is carry out a chemical attack (or just fabricate a story) and blame it on the Syrian gov’t and Trump claims to accept it as fact and then threatens war.

    The Jews stranglehold on the western media is almost total and a majority of Americans accept all the lies as the truth, despite the significant number of people that now doubt much of what the mainstream media says.

    It is hard to tell how many people are now aware of what liars the mainstream media are, but I think many, if not a majority still buy the lies the MSM produces. And pointing out that Jews are responsible for most of the lies that clearly benefit Israel falls on deaf ears and is called anti-semitic. Many highly educated and otherwise intelligent people have no idea what the truth is and accept the lies from the media.

    1. In retrospect, don’t you think it’s possible that Trump was the candidate that was supposed to win?

      1. Harold –

        Of course he was supposed to win. They just didn’t tell us!!

        They already know who will win the next one and the one in 2024. I wrote that all along… for years. Presidents of most countries have been (S)elected for many decades. EVM touch screens guarantee it. 🙂

      2. Not in my opinion. In my opinion, whatever candidate wins, even if he’s opposed to most of what the Jews want can be bullied and threatened into bowing to their will. But I thought Trump might put up a better fight than he has.

        If, or when enough people become aware of the power of the Jews, that discussing the Jewish Question can no longer be crushed by the Jews, there will be an outpouring of so many articles, books, videos and films that people will be outraged at how the Jews pushed out all the Anglo-Saxons that once dominated the American establishment and replaced all of them with Jews. Then, when someone Tweets a photo of Jewish president of CNN Jeff Zucker (founded by the southern conservative Ted Turner) and his staff of 100 or so high ranking Jews that took over the company, crying “anti-semitism” won’t be able to overcome the anger at bigoted Jews that only higher their own. And people will soon find out the Jews have done that in virtually all the most important organizations in the US. And then they’ll find out they have done the same thing throughout the all the countries of the west.

      3. Peter –

        Ted Turner IS a southerner… from Georgia… aka “Mouth Of The South” 🙂 … BUT he and his wife – Jane Fonda – are “YUGE” Sustainable Development GLOBALISTS. He is the LARGEST private land owner in the US. He is a ‘neo-con’ at best..!!!

        Ted turner is NO ‘conservative’ except when it comes to saving the wildlife…. not humans, with numerous foundations such as Turner Foundation and the United Nations Foundation.. all pushing UN Agenda 21.

        Teddy’s boyz say so:

        “It is through his numerous foundations, including the United Nations Foundation, Turner Foundation, Nuclear Threat Initiative and Turner Endangered Species Fund, that Turner has advanced his conservation and philanthropic efforts. Among Turner’s various and considerable contributions, such as his historic $1 billion gift to the United Nations, he has given over $374 million to programs for improving air and water quality, developing a sustainable energy future to protect our climate, safeguarding environmental health and protecting wildlife and habitats to maintain biodiversity.”


    1. Many of the missiles have been successfully intercepted; apparently some of the targets were vacated already. Still, wave after wave incoming, including many decoys…

      All according to commentators on…several websites 😛

    2. Short, sharp shock? Tis finished…another symbolic salvo? If even one Syrian is killed then Trump is a murderer.

      US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Saturday’s strikes on multiple targets were “harder” than those in 2017, but insisted no additional launches were planned. Washington also revealed that Moscow was warned in advance.

      1. Russian bias is OK with me. No apology needed.

        They are ALL hooked together at the TOP of the heap..

        Trump carried over his NBC game/reality(sic) show… into oval office. Firing folks by the dozens!! 🙂

    3. The Russian military operating in Syria was not notified about the American targets in advance, General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters following the attacks.

      RT contradicting itself now. If the Russians were not warned then Russia might forcefully respond. Or rather, sources in the US are providing contradictory information 😛

    4. OK, found multiple live streams at Daily Stormer.


      Fuck this.

      I hope Russia nukes New York.

      No single individual on the planet believes this gas hoax and it is obvious that Trump is being held hostage by Jews. We saw this entire thing happen, with the raids on his offices, these new sex charges, all of the pressure being put on him, and all of the incoming potential threats.

      The Jews wanted this war, and now they’ve got it.

      Russia isn’t playing a game and they really should just nuke us and get it over with.

      That isn’t even hyperbole.

  23. Puny ‘Put-On’ shrinks…

    Vladimir Putin’s Russia roars but its economy can’t sustain a superpower – by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (Australian Financial Review – April 12, 2018)
    April 12, 2018 in Europe Mining, International Media Resource Articles


    Russia’s GDP was smaller than that of Texas even before the latest and most lethal sanctions imposed by Washington. It has diminished further to Benelux proportions after the rouble’s 10 per cent crash this week, the steepest fall since the late ’90s.

    Upon this slender economic base, Vladimir Putin’s Russia is – POSING – as a world-class superpower, the new master of the Middle East, insisting on its “droit de regard” over the old Tsarist realms as if by natural right. What is extraordinary is that anybody should believe in such posturing.

    The harsher truth is that Mr Putin squandered the windfall wealth of the commodity supercycle and hollowed out what remained of the Soviet industrial base, leaving Russia’s Potemkin economy in a cul de sac.

    He has succeeded (so far) in propping up his ally in Syria but this tells us little about the global balance of power. The Kremlin likes to dismiss Western sanctions as a flea bite. Not any longer. “The measures are turning into a tool of real economic war,” said Russian premier Dmitry Medvedev.

    The US Treasury document announcing sanctions to punish “worldwide malign activity” is a comic read, but it is also mortal threat to the Putin oligarchy. It alleges that Oleg Deripaska, aluminium king and head of Rusal, “ordered the murder of a businessman”.

  24. (Puny ‘Put-On’) Russia warns of ‘consequences’ to Western strikes in Syria. HA!!!

    “Russia warns” today almost as much as Khrushchev did 60 years ago … but…NO shoe banging!! ‘Put-On’ keeps his $2000 shoes on… 🙂

    “Russia warns” as scripted by the same bankers controlling Trump!! 🙂

    Rothschild’s news goads ‘Put-On’ … gives him his directions in public… the World’s STAGE for the World’s PLAY:

    Russia’s foreign ministry said Saturday that Western strikes on Syria came as the country had “a chance of a peaceful future,” and warned of “consequences” following the launch of US-led strikes against Bashar Assad’s regime in retaliation for a suspected chemical attack.

    “Again, we are being threatened,” Russia’s ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, said in a statement.

    “We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences. All responsibility for them rests with Washington, London and Paris.”

    “Insulting the president of Russia is unacceptable and inadmissible,” added the envoy, after US President Donald Trump directly called out his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin over his support for the Assad regime.


    1. I hope you’re wrong, Pat; I expect you’re right 😛

      Logic and precedent dictate, respectfully, that nukes are fake and Putin is controlled opposition.

      But I still hope that Syria will be saved and Putin is the real deal. Hopium springs eternal and I need an aspirin for my cognitive dissonance.

      Btw this is the only place were I can honestly express my doubts and hopes. Luckily this is my last post ever on these subjects 😉

      1. Flo –

        Don’t fret….

        It is all for show to give control of Syria to Puny ‘Put-On’ and an even weaker Russia. Russia will have been given much of ME in 50 years…. just as they have been given a military naval base there. Russia is partners with Israel.

        BUT…. Puny ‘Put-On’ runs away.. HA!!! 🙂

        Dramatic satellite images have emerged showing Russian warships departing a key naval base in Syria amid fears of possible US airstrikes.

        The images appear to show at least 11 navy vessels leaving the Tartus military port on the Syrian coast.

        “COWERING to US”..!!


        Flo.. you’ll never leave for good.. Too much fun to be had.
        Addicted.. to fun… 🙂

      2. HUH?? “Russia is partners with Israel”..??!!

        YESS!! RT wrote it:

        Netanyahu invites Russia to develop Israel’s gas fields

        Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow. They discussed economic cooperation including energy ties.

        “Our doors are open for every company from any country that has vast experience in the development of gas fields, including Russia, of course,” said Netanyahu at a joint news conference, adding that there are NO legislative barriers stopping Russian companies working in Israel.


      3. And “controlled opposition” needs to be seen in a context where that which would oppose cannot get out from under the control

        How about a new term – “inexorably steered”

      4. There is an argument to be made for “inexorably steered”. I have family members who argue vociferously that Trump is a…crypto-Resistance Fighter. They follow religiously the Q-Anon phenomenon and naysayers are ignored forever, as the Japanese might say.

        So “inexorably steered” works for me in arguments!

  25. just as i suspected: trump, in collusion with putin, engineers another laundromat drama, “57 TOMAHAWKS ON TARGET!!! ON SALE AT TARGET, 100% PLASTIC, SAFE FOR TODDLERS, BUY THEM CHEAP TODAY!!!

    The Syrian Arab Army has stunned the world with its successful defense of Damascus, assets, and military installations in the early hours of April 14th, 2018. The attacks by the US and UK consisted of over a hundred missiles, were carried out without UN Security Council approval and are illegal in international law. This confirms once again the status of the two Atlanticist regimes as criminal offenders of the highest order. The failure of the US attack may have any number of explanations, ranging from ineptitude, inability to project, a well maintained and upgraded Syrian army,

    what could that possibly mean, c’mon, kabuki experts.
    since i am just a delusional idiot, as certified at the head of the thread.

    1. at a deeper, highly significant level, this represents a deadly message to JEW, since in order for this to “fail” so spectacularly, france and the uk had to be in on the deal.

    2. So we’re supposed to believe the ancient S-125 (1961)
      and S-200 (1967) anti-aircraft defenses shot down 70% of 21st century cutting edge ECM laden cruise missiles incoming!
      Yeah, that’s the ticket..

    3. @ Lobro

      what could that possibly mean, c’mon, kabuki experts.
      since i am just a delusional idiot, as certified at the head of the thread.

      I guess you are referring to this comment of mine which is, as you say, “at the head of the thread”:

      “Defending Trump now becomes an exercise in folly and self-delusional idiocy”.

      I am sorry if my comment gave you offense, but I was not referring to you specifically. I had no idea you were a Trump supporter and I can honestly say I don’t recollect reading any of your posts before, being relatively new here.

      My comment was directed at Trump supporters in general, not only on this site but on other sites where Trump is defended far more vigorously than on the Darkmoon site. In any case, rest assured that your pro-Trump views are perfectly acceptable to me and you are entitled to express your views here —just as I am entitled to express my views to the contrary.

      So I repeat what I said above: “Defending Trump now becomes an exercise in folly and self-delusional idiocy”. I also repeat that I was NOT referring to you specifically when I made the above comment, as I have never even heard of you or recollect reading any of your previous comments. You and your ideas are completely unknown to me.

      1. ok.

        for your record, i am and have been known since the very beginning, a year and a half ago, as an unwavering trump supporter and as such, in a tiny though pretty vocal minority here, having taken some serious heat for this and another stand i took.

        there is even a label stuck on it: “lobro’s theory” or something of the sort.
        and the more time runs by, the more i am convinced that my initial hunch was correct due to the additional evidence of the old-time geopolitical and diplomatic game in progress, something that has been absent from the yankee scene for so long that it is missing from the living memory (kennedys had a short-lived 😉 crack at it and didn’t end too good, nor nixon’s weak attempt), i guess we need to go down to 19th century for other examples.

        but the donald got the moves and you and everybody would be well advised to pay attention to karl rove’s famous statement, slightly reworked (for the destroyers of the empire: putin, trump, assad, orban, dutarte, xi, khamenei and others joining the anti-judaic empire fight)

        (…) when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.

        because in geopolitics, as in chess, almost the first rule is that what you see is NOT what you get.
        but this idea seems to be sadly beyond the reach of so many whose instrumentation panel has been tampered with through cultural marxism, they bitch and complain and then trot in the pointed direction.

        so nothing personal emma, i have neither the temperament nor the patience for in-house squabbles and will try to avoid them as long as i can.
        the issues of today are too large for, ahem, urinating contests.

    4. On the other hand, no amount of resolve can change the fact that Tomahawk cruise missiles are obsolete, and some of the Russian air-defense systems that Syria has, such as Pantsir, were designed to shoot them down.

  26. @ Lobro

    I understand what you are saying and thank you for your courtesy. I am not a fanatical Trump hater but am willing to adopt a neutral position or even become pro-Trump if things should pan out differently.

    It’s just that I am impressed by the Saker’s opinions and knowledge. I also value the general outlook of Paul Craig Roberts. Neither of these individuals can be described as Trump loyalists like yourself.

    So in adopting an extreme pro-Trump stance, you are in effect pouring scorn on the views of the Saker and Paul Craig Roberts and saying that you are more politically clued up than them. Isn’t that so? You are also, in effect, expressing contempt for the opinions of Harold Smith whose views on Trump are diametrically opposite to your own. As are the opinions of the popular poster called Pat. Correct?

    Basically, I don’t mind you saying that you are a smarter cookie than I am. You probably are! But don’t you think it’s a bit “arrogant” to claim that you are a smarter cookie than the Saker and Paul Craig Roberts?

    1. emma, to clarify.
      first, i think that i am entitled to my opinion no matter what and moreso if i have physical data, records, documents and other evidence to back it up.
      my arriving at different conclusions than harold smith, the saker and pc roberts does NOT mean that i am insulting them, merely that i am betting on a different horse and if i am not using their money, i have the right to place my bet however i want.
      is that clear?
      let’s say you were in a casino placing a bet on craps or roulette, would someone have the right to be insulted because you dared lay your money on a different number, would they be mortally offended?
      because this is what i gather from your language.
      harold smith has his opinions and i have mine, we agree and quite strongly on the principle of sparing animals’ lives and sticking with vegetarian diet.
      what if lasha darkmoon is a carnivore, are we expressing contempt for her on account of this difference in philosophy or nutritional preferences, you like cats, i like dogs, are we at war on that account?

      as for the cookies, why do you insist that it is impossible for me to be smarter than either the saker or pcr, who among us do you know in person – i am pretty sure i never met you.
      and yes, since you insist, i don’t have the highest regard for either one’s analytical acumen in broad terms, although the saker is very good in military matters, better and better informed than me.

      let’s pursue this a bit further, just so we are done and done with this type of “discussion” which i find rather tiresome but it is endlessly repeated in these pages.

      here is a counterexample.
      • garry kasparov is one of the greatest chess players of all times.
      • he is also a traitor to russia, spent the last 20-odd years in service of globalist jews, rapacious oligarchs, a media darling hobnobbing with the manhattan 5th avenue jew cream while roundly badmouthing putin, russia, the church, in unholy league with the femen and pussy riot.

      if i disagree with him, am i saying i am a smarter cookie than garry kasparov?
      according to your formula, the answer is yes.
      in which case, let me ask you, do you agree with garry kasparov’s political and social views, with his antichristian, pro-judaic morals?
      just curious.

      in summary: enough.
      either i have the freedom of thought and speech or i don’t – or is my only freedom the one of bending the knee to a “smarter cookie”.

      like jews are the smartest cookies, aren’t they, average iq of 180 or something, plus they are chosen, what right do we have to insult them by debating anything at all?
      and here we are daring to question holocaust, you can surely understand their moral outrage at our presumption, at our arrogance to challenge their superiority, their “smartness-cookiness”.
      so you see, emma, where your line of thinking runs.
      and you are not alone, i have seen this exact method or argument right here and maybe at other sites, where i was attacked very directly, gallons of vitriol, by appealing to “higher” authority as the sole arbiter of settling differences of opinion: “my authority beats your authority, sold more books, cut more movie deals, held higher position in government, judiciary, academia, media, therefore i am right, you wrong, you have no voting rights”.

      as for me being “arrogant”, maybe i am even worse, maybe i am in fact, arrogant, no quotes necessary.
      but i am willing to step up to the plate and duke it out with anyone and i mean, anyone in the world, the whole world if necessary, if i believe i got the facts and the logic on my side.

      otherwise, all the sporting events, all the horse races would be predetermined by the prior ranking on paper, no need to actually walk the walk.
      what a wonderful world would it be, no?
      just pull out the slide rule and the oddsmakers numbers and it is over, new york yankees win the world championship from now into eternity, and they also win every war ever conceived, because they spent the most on armaments, their war movies won the most oscars.

      1. @ Lobro

        You take an enormous amount of time to say what you could have said in 3-4 crisp sentences! 🙂

        You are saying you are smarter than Paul Craig Roberts and the Saker because you see things (“facts”) that neither the Saker nor PC Roberts have sufficient insight to see. Which makes me wonder why you cannot write brilliant articles like the Saker and PC Roberts and get them published in the Unz Review and numerous other prestigious outlets. Why are you wasting your enormous talents in the comments section of relatively obscure anti-Semitic websites like this? Here they are read by a handful of nerdish individuals (if at all) and then totally forgotten in a day or two.

        I don’t wish to seem offensive, Lobro, but where is your “fan club”? i.e. compared to the fan club of PC Roberts and the Saker? I challenge you to write an article called “IN DEFENSE OF DONALD TRUMP” and get it published in the Unz Review or the Occidental Observer.

        If you are so brilliantly perceptive and full of political savvy, as you keep reminding us, surly you can get a pro-Trump article published on the Unz Review or the Occidental Observer? I believe the Occidental Observer is actually sympathetic to Donald Trump, so you ought to have no problem getting a full-length article defending Donald Trump published there.

        I find it quite amusing that you should not only consider yourself the literary equal of PC Roberts and the Saker but, wonder of wonders (!), their intellectual superior! Wow, it must be so nice for you to live in a silver bubble of such easy self-assurance! 🙂

        Anyway, good luck and best wishes! … and I hope you achieve fame one day, the fame and recognition you obviously deserve.

      2. No need to be so much on the defensive, Lobro. I am not at loggerheads with you or dissing you in any way. I am just expressing my amazement that an obscure commenter on an obscure site should think himself a smarter cookie than PCRoberts and the Saker. Let’s face it, it’s nor every day one meets a person who thinks so highly of himself as you do.

        If your arguments are so persuasive, how come they haven’t convinced Harold Smith? Do you think Harold is stupid for not buying your arguments?

        I find that hard to believe. Harold seems to have a pretty sharp mind to me. And he writes very well, too. As do PC Roberts and the Saker.

      3. no need for sarcasm, emma.
        short enough for you?

        btw, what makes you think i crave mass approval and adulation, be it unz review, occ-observer or whatever, where only the history’s unparalleled geniuses tread, the delphic olympians who have never, ever been caught making wrong calls?

        or shall we review what they’ve been saying over the past 12 months.
        oh no, that would be insulting, arrogant, preposterous, quod licet jovi …

        i am perfectly happy not commenting and have gone for periods of silence in the past.
        if i haven’t converted an emma to my view, i will just chalk it up to my life’s single greatest tragedy, c’est la vie.

        oh boy, here we go again, just noticed:

        my amazement that an obscure commenter on an obscure site should think himself a smarter cookie than PCRoberts and the Saker.

        so, you have stated a number of times that the circulation translates directly into perspicacity of the author, viz, quantity equals quality, my being an obscure commenter on an obscure site is guarantee of my debility prominently displayed on a site fit only for the basket weavers.

        however, neither the saker nor pcroberts, despite their unquestioned genius are able to make it to the pantheon of superhuman achievement, the new york times or the washington post.
        so i guess, they still have room for improvement, don’t you think?

        or maybe i am wrong, being a dumb hick, because unz review and the occidental observer have a wider circulation than nyt and wapo, which definitely proves higher quality in your worldview (more=better, or mo betta).

        can we please get back on topic instead of trying your best to demean me by all means possible?
        while remaining friendly and non-confrontational, of course.

        additional “btw”: if you don’t read my excessively long-wrong comments, i do hereby solemnly promise not to snitch on you to the thought police, so feel free to abstain.

      4. If your arguments are so persuasive

        are you in marketing business by the way?
        because i am not.
        maybe this is the crux of misunderstanding, your focus is on persuasion, mine is on the truth.

        whether or not i can persuade you and the rest of the smart cookies or even the average cookies is irrelevant to me.
        i just want to be RIGHT.

        and i am pessimistic about the odds of you understanding this distinction.

        lemme try this angle:
        you religious any?
        if so, the bible story of the prophet who in a middle of some royal bacchanalia saw and interpreted the writing on the wall:
        mene, mene, tekel, upharzin
        and foretold doom for the revelers.

        tell me, what was his publishing platform, how many thousands of awestruck admirers said this guy is almost on par with the saker and pcr and deserves better exposure, maybe even the unz review or great god in heaven, one can only dream … the occidental observer?
        no, an impossible dream, i must sit down due to vertigo … no, for now i must content myself with delusional idiocy, peddle my wares to bored housewives …

      5. @ Lobro

        My sincere apologies for getting you worked up into such a state of anger when all I was trying to say was that, despite your claims to preeminent genius (which I am prepared to admit you might very well possess), I think you are wrong to regard PC Roberts and the Saker as your intellectual inferiors. Don’t you think they would raise their eyebrows in astonishment if they heard that an unknown commenter on an obscure anti-semitic website, with no impressive articles to his name, should sneer at them and say:

        “You sad little dunces, Saker and PC Roberts, if only you knew how the great genius Lobro was ten times smarter than you! He sees things you idiots have failed to see, being gifted with very rare intellectual insights and extraordinary political acumen!” 🙂

        Yes, I think these gifted writers would be more amused than put out by your extraordinary overestimation of your abilities! This is meant to be a compliment by the way. I do so admire men who think highly of themselves and who avoid falling into the trap of false modesty.

        Do you mind if go on admiring the Saker and PC Roberts? And Harold Smith? Or am I forced to hate and despise them just to avoid giving you offense?

        Please let me know if I am entitled to an opinion of my own? Or does everyone who drops into this website forced to bow the knee to you and pay tribute to your self-vaunted genius? 🙂

      6. dear emma,

        please do go on maintaining and cultivating a shining take on the saker and the pcroberts, imo, both your and their existence would be sorely diminished by an abrupt switch to my personality cult, in fact, ALL of us, yours truly included would suffer by such an uncalled for act, just as the saker and pcr fully deserve an admirer of your stature, i do not, i am forced to admit.

        not having emma think highly of me is, well, how shall i put it … oddly appropriate and reassuring.

        so staying on our separate and by no means parallel but rather diverging tracks is a win-win.

        believe me that your sticking with the saker and company does not give me offense in the least, in fact the reverse would be worrisome, i’d be thrown into heavy self-doubt, like what am i doing wrong …
        in short, and you like it short, right? don’t worry, be happy, everything is as it should be.

        plus you pad your karma with some loyalty – wonderful!
        and i get to promote some of my basic values to a wider audience and philosophical premises under the hopeless guise of elucidating these points to emma – wonderful!

        (any time you are bothered by my ideas and values, feel free to point out how far off the beaten track they are, i will be grateful for the opportunity to climb onto the saker’s discarded soap box)

  27. Among the many pejoratives to be said about the jew is SNEAKY,and people need to realize there are “DEEZ JOOZ” populating Israel, and then there are “DOZE JOOZ” that USE Israel as were “DEEZ JOOZ” used in 30’s – 40’s Europe. There IS a certain distinction to be made.

    This I believe is what Kissinger was alluding to when he somewhat let the cat out of the bag with his statement of Israel being no more in 10 years (less now). As a high-up insider, what he may very well know is that the long-term plan by “DOZE JOOZ” since before WW1 was eventually create a nation called Israel that would take 2 world wars to accomplish, with 2 superpowers to emerge standing at the end of both.

    Now consider that the last 70 years of developing “Greater Israel” represents the manipulation of DOZE JOOZ, primarily by playing the U.S. and Russia off each other in a game of “pseudo chicken”


    To ultimately foment another big war, this one centered in the ME, but one that may have been amended to NOT feature a direct confrontation between Russia and the U.S. which would escalate and become unmanageable, but one that instead will result in Israel’s destruction after a war of relative containment.


    To plant the idea that Israel went down as a martyred nation in keeping with some watered-down version of A. Pike’s statement of a 3rd world war that will put the kibosh on all war for good, with the formation off an international consensus in which the infamous “one-world govt.” with a universal currency will be created with some sort of a quadrant set-up

    “never to go to war with one another again”

    Yet all of this doesn’t imply that various world leaders are necessarily in on it, per se, more like it will just COME to that via the bankster-led
    “steering committee” which has been the case since Jump. St. National leaders will simply come to the conclusion that this will be the best to be hoped for. Cut yer losses and preserve what you can. Lucky us. After all, most of these major politicians are statists at heart, and masons to boot, and the pharisee bankers that play them know it

    US Israel symbiosis
    A marriage brokered in hell
    product of mass psychosis
    its union a deep drafting well
    partners of gross criminality
    their pastor a man in disguise
    in service to twisted reality
    to end with her sudden demise

  28. ‘Put-On’ doesn’t have far to walk to NM Rothschild&Sons in Moscow to get his marching orders.

    It is only 4 blocks from Kremlin grounds to :

    4, bld. 2, Romanov lane 125009 Moscow Russia (Bianka Romanov) 🙂


  29. LOL: Trump just gave the Jews a “Chinese Hand Job”.

    Luke Ford, an orthodox Jew, explains what just happened with Trump’s missile launch and calls it the “Chinese Hand Job”.


    What the Chinese culturally value and normatively call “saving face”, Luke Ford, in typical Jew fashion, denigrates and reduces it into a dirty sex joke about a Chinese girl’s dilemma to be either on her back or on her knees and how she chose to give the guy ‘a tug’ instead and saved her life, if not her “face”.

    1. Before my eyes were completely opened, I recall sitting down to watch a British documentary about “Jewish Humour”, anticipating the snappy one-liners I loved on Western film and television (I was aware of Jewish…over-representation in that field).

      I sat through one soulless dirty joke after another. And all these nice old ladies and men uttering these foul, unfunny stories! A real eye-opener on the Righteous Way. Never fully trusted the narrative after that.

      1. Oh, and I do know at least 1 or 2 very funny dirty jokes. I’m not a prude. But that documentary was more like lifting a bin lid, smelling the stink and proudly proclaiming it as Culture.

        On second thoughts, I now think the whole point of the documentary was the usual “let us f**k ’em up” chutzpah. They knew exactly what reaction they’d get from the goy audience — confusion and de-sensitization.

        And that confusion and de-sensitization is what they’ve sown with their total control of culture-making in the West.

  30. I think I know what happened with Orange Clown’s strike on Syria.

    At first Orange Clown was all gung ho about laying waste to Syria. Then somebody must’ve told him something like: Hey Orange Clown, did you know that Russia has cruise missiles that the U.S. Navy cannot defend against? Did you know that Russia therefore has the ability to sink all your ships (and shoot down your bombers)?

    And that was the point where the evil clown started backing down.

    And then Vladimir Putin, apparently feeling sorry for the evil clown, offered the petulant man-child a face-saving way out.

    Thus Orange Clown gets to look like a heroic war criminal, Syria only has to endure a moderate amount of damage, and Orange Clown’s military toys survive to wreak havoc another day.

  31. Trump met with his masters…. March 27!! 🙂 🙂

    A delegation of rabbis from the Lubavitch-Chabad movement visit President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on March 27, 2018. (Official White House photo)

    (JTA) — President Donald Trump issued a proclamation in honor of Education and Sharing Day, marking the anniversary of the birth of the last Lubavitcher rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

    Trump met Monday in the Oval Office with a delegation of rabbis from the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.


  32. @Lobro whenever on this thread

    I REPEAT my invitation to you personally, should you ever find yourself in Northern Kalifornication, nearer to the Sierra Nevada foothills than the “Left Coast”, the latter within the ACLU-verified 100 mile Constitution-less Zone (so-called, the entire continent remains “constitutionless” until natives, including American nationals [cf. Anna Von Reitz et al.] WakeTheFU), namely, you have a place to stay and a honest-to-goodness farm-to-table, non-GMO, meal or two awaiting you!!

    Same holds for each and all denizens of Darkmoon.me.

    You can find me or — no doubt — NSA, CIA, DHS, the local sheriff’s office, etc., can give you directions!

    Blessings to all,


    PS Emma (of VT?), I’d welcome your company, too!

    1. Alan, deeply indebted to your generosity of spirit.
      Your offer of hospitality would be the ONLY reason for me heading that way, though in my younger and more affluent days I used to fly to Vegas maybe once a fortnight for an extended weekend.
      Now the prospect of lively conversation, homemade organically grown food in exchange for some physical labor on the farm hugely outweighs the false rewards of the gaming tables.

      B-hawk: there are similarities between the 2 EK’s but the differences prevail.
      The true Ellie was unique in the majestic sweep of haughty grandeur, especially when gifting contempt and I know, having been on the receiving end at least once and guffawed in hearty appreciation of the craft.
      I know that she was thoroughly detested for her ways, as was TROJ for his, but dammit, I have a weakness for originality, even of the wrong kind.
      And I wonder whether I hit upon something important here.


      Conformity is invariably perceived as right and correct and the broad swathes, seeing their reflection, are quick to label the paragons of conformity as geniuses.
      This is one of the tragic outcomes of universal semi-literacy in that it produced the most dead-ass unproductive century since the Bronze Age, 7 billion of totally useless lumps buzzing inside a socially networked, texting biomass.

      Ok, enough.
      For those (captain Hook can count them on the finger of one hand) who may have understood my exhortations about the beauty of Trump’s game, here is Mike King’s take he published today (in case I am accused of plagiarism).
      His short description of the comments landing in his inbox immediately after the Tomahawk salvos is amusing.

      Well, if anything, it confirms how advanced Jews are in the ability to understand his tactics, so rereading that NYT article by the Grand Dame of Evil, Madeline Albright should be a required task for anyone trying to grasp the underlying principles.

  33. Many Zionist are unhappy, Lindsey Graham ” Syria strikes major step backwards ” , the entity press full of missed opportunity type statements, the Resistance are taking the strikes in their stride, and aim to put the Zionist under increasingly intense pressure over the next few months ( and beyond ) my personal feeling is the Zionist entity will suffer a collective nervous breakdown around June July and make a huge mistake, that’s if their nerve holds that long, but some of my thinking may be wishful.

  34. Robert Fisk has been to the site of the alleged gas
    attack, read his report in the independent online newspaper.

    1. Russian Defense Ministry got there first…


      The witnesses stated it was smoke inhalation, i.e. someone bombed a residential building and presumably had their agents waiting with cameras in the hospital so that he/she could yell “Chemical” then “Action!”. Simple Zionist trick — totally devious.

      I don’t trust Fisk one bit; and this witness talking about sand and wind blowing into a basement sounds like misdirection. I believe the Russian source over Fisk anytime. I think Fisk is a spook who is always denigrating the Syrian government in his articles.

      Still, I think it is good that Fisk is challenging the mainstream narrative — I am just warning people to be careful where Fisk is involved. What if he suddenly retracts his article stating that the witness was a fake? This would blackwash the Russian evidence.

      1. Hello FLOPOT, I don’t trust anyone, not even myself, so I won’t be trusting Fisk who i don’t know from Adam, I will however suggest relevant reading material to fellow Darkmooners, like you, G D BLESS.
        PS thanks for the link.

        Join The Resistance.

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