How the Angels fell to earth



Today’s America is like a plane that has already been shot down but hasn’t yet hit the ground.

This is a very old story. And it’s too long to tell in any single episode, so we’ll just start with the tail end, and we can catch up on the earlier history later, if we need to, or if we can figure it out at all . . . or if we’re still around to do it.

What we can figure out now is that for the last 400 years the world has been dominated by a single sinister group, a willingly antisocial collection of bloodsucking parasites that has wormed its way into the arteries of society and put a noose around the heart of humanity.

Conniving with the rich Jews of Holland in the 1640s, the traitor Oliver Cromwell managed to get King Charles I executed on cleverly fabricated charges. This perfidy led to the readmission of Jews into England, from where they had been banned for almost 400 years before that.

The reason for the ban? What over the centuries has become their signature formula — child murder, blood drinking and loan sharking.

So, 400 years LATER — today! — the world’s headlines speak openly of today’s curdled billionaires raping and murdering children, and drinking their blood in depraved Jewish rituals, which are called fashionable by Jewish media. It is almost a footnote to this that Jewish control of the international money supply has bankrupted almost every country on Earth and ruined the lives of millions of people for hundreds of years with their incomparable aptitude for swindling.

Where oh where is the righteous King who could banish them as Edward I did in 1290 and bring us 400 years of peace?

Blood drinking and bankruptcy

When the connection dawns on you, it’s creepy.

The sickness that has polluted political reality today with all this talk about Pizzagate and Pedogate blooddrinking by the very rich to somehow boost their vitality connects back to the original reason the Jews were kicked out of England in 1290 — for drinking the blood of 12-year-old Hugh of Lincoln and other children they kidnapped, tortured and killed in a horrific Jewish ritual.

In the basements of palaces in Europe and on well-guarded islands in the Caribbean, the exact same thing is going on today. But just as this serious topic has always been covered up about the 800,000 children who go missing in America every year, the Internet is a Jewish entity that has reproduced history in a way that benefits themselves and no one else. The recent restrictions on freedom of speech on Amazon, Google and Facebook are irrefutable evidence of this Orwellian fact.

So you can’t really find out about Hugh of Lincoln on the Internet because the story has been sanitized and now they describe how Jews were unfairly blamed and executed  because of — you guessed it! — anti-Semitism. Jews have aways twisted media to suit themselves. This is why most histories have been falsified. And it’s how they have managed to take over the world.

This longstanding coverup brings us back to the way big Jewish media have ridiculed reports about Hillary Clinton and the Podesta brothers — not to mention several ex-presidents and maybe a soon-to-be-ex-president  — for their involvement in not only sex with children, but far worse. Media moguls used the label “fake news” to deflect attention from the real target of the phrase, which is themselves.

We pray that the rumors of Hillary Clinton and her deranged lover Huma Amedin murdering a child on video that was supposedly posted on the Dark Web are false. But it is an interesting commentary on the careers of both women that many people would automatically think the story was true.

Hillary’s lover, the former wife of perv Congressman Anthony Weiner, is now in jail for ‘sexting’ an underage girl. It appears Mrs. Clinton will never be indicted for her numerous and blatant crimes because she is one of the political untouchables protected by the Jews, like Obama and Bill Clinton.

And like Donald Trump, true friend of Israel, preparing to destroy Iran. And with that, the world.

How the slide started

I brought up Oliver Cromwell because that’s where the Jews began to consolidate their control of the world with the creation of the Bank of England in 1694. By 1815 Nathan Rothschild commandeered the entire stock market in England with a rigged bet on the Battle of Waterloo. By 1847 two Rothschilds were playfully choosing opposite sides for the U.S. Civil War, and that very next year, there was both a revolution and the establishment of a B’nai B’rith chapter in every country on Earth.

That was also the year the Rothschilds paid Karl Marx to write Das Kapital, and murderous Jewish Communism was unleashed upon the world.

In 1868, our Constitution was subverted and America was turned into a private corporation. In 1886 our bought-off Supreme Court gave corporations the same rights as individual people. In 1913 the Jewish powers that be created the income tax, the direct election of senators (foreign influenced), and the Federal Reserve, which has robbed every American ever since.

You think you know the history of the 20th century, right? Without Jews there would have been no World Wars, no economic depressions, and probably far fewer diseases, all of which were concocted by the rich Jews who controlled our presidents and our medical professionals, among many others.

Asian nomads infamous killers

The uncountable savages who poured out of Central Asia for almost two centuries mastered the art of destroying cities and nations and moving on to their next conquest. Attila the Hun almost reached Paris in 450 AD, and the name of Genghis Khan, though he lived 1500 years ago, remains the very definition of unbridled savagery.

Since Ashkenazi Jews emerged from this complex of history as the saboteurs  of every country they infiltrate, these are the real progenitors of the Israeli monster that now plunders the world through bribery, blackmail and murder. Like the Asian nomads they truly are, they are unable to build anything. As they have done with both the Internet and Facebook, they can only steal and mimic as they rob, murder and sabotage societies for fun and profit.

These bloodsucking parasites are just like the waves of Asian nomads who surged westward for centuries plundering everything in their path. They never built anything of their own. They just stole what others had, murdered the original occupants, and changed the names of all the places, just like the Israelis did in Palestine much more recently.

They don’t build anything of their own. They just take what others have built and call it their own as they strive to erase every iota of the past, and fabricate their own twisted history on the ruins of civilization.

One of our Supreme Court justices — Jewish, of course — wants to legalize pedophilia. The general run of gentiles, still, after a century of brainwashing, still has no clue that they’re being exterminated.

America’s social cancer has metastasized and the human species is on life support after being sabotaged by their own leaders and poisoned by their own healers and scientists, all of whom were either Jewish or controlled by Jews.

The Jews have turned Europe into a sewer because they want the whole world to be that way, in disarray and destroying itself, which they can control by their parsimonious distribution of money

The poison destroying civilization

They are the poison that is destroying civilization. Or as Ernest Becker once wrote, because he dies, man blames his mother for his life. This leads to the Jewish hatred of everything that lives, of everything that is natural.

They resent that they have to die, and they’re going to punish everyone else for their pain.

The unadorned human history is stupid and ugly, but not looking at it just makes it worse.

America today is like a plane that has already been shot down but hasn’t yet hit the ground.

Even though our churches are both corrupt and compromised, we have no answer to any of this except faith.

We are all personally responsible for any action any human ever makes. This way we would never need any government.

So we shouldn’t be thinking about left and right, conservative and liberal, Protestant or Catholic about any issue. There is only one political division we should be focused on. In their hearts, all bankers are Jewish. And it’s the bankers who feel the need to exterminate a large number of us against the rest of us who are merely trying to survive, and with luck and hard work, be happy.


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  1. The angels didn’t fall to Earth. Only one did and he, and his, were cast out from Heaven. I can’t even read after the headline. Read your Bible, if you please. Trust Jesus.

    1. It sounds like you don’t understand the Bible. And you probably don’t. Not many folks do because they are poisoned with false doctrine from judeo-christianity wolves.

  2. Or as Ernest Becker once wrote, because he dies, man blames his mother for his life.This leads to the Jewish hatred of everything that lives, of everything that is natural.

    Anyone who has spent time around Jewish mothers and Jewesses in general, will understand why Jews murder women. After all, look at how Jewish men portray their mothers as incessant nags and guilt mongers – at least when they’re not dressing like them. Of course (((they))) usually displace their venom onto easier targets, like innocent shiksas.

    One of the main beefs among the Jewesses is that Jewish men prefer goyim white meat over Jewish pork. And no wonder, a Jew can murder a shiksa and still be right with YHVH!

    1. Have you seen pictures of Scarlett Johansson before the nose job? I have. She looks like an imp. Try to google it up.

    2. Jews can never be right with YHVH. They are not Israelites but Edomites/Canaanite/Rephaim descendants. They usurped the position as YHVH’s chosen but they are not. White adamic man is the creation of YHVH only. White adamic man has forgotten who he is as the Bible tells us he will forget for a time. All others are miscegenated and not creations of YHVH. “But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.” — Matthew 15:13. The trees in the garden were family trees: the tree of life was the race of YHVH and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was the races (for lack of a better word) generated by the fallen angels. Eve was seduced by the serpent (fallen angel) and Cain is the product of that wicked union. The Kenites in the Bible were the descendants of Cain who intermarried with the Canaanites. Esau, the progenitor of the Jews, hated his birthright and married Canaanite and Ishmaelite wives outside the adamic race and therefore lost his inheritance. That’s why the birthright went to Jacob whose downline became the chosen. YHVH hates Esau see Malachi 1 and Romans 9. Obadiah is the prophecy of when YHVH destroys every last Edomite/Canaanite/Rephaim jew.

  3. Sorry John, ( not really ) but you lost me , due to the codswallop Cromwell story, this myth has been debunked, a myth created by early 20th century jewish immigrants to the UK.

      1. I think that happened after Cromwell — but the place was flooded with cryptos during Cromwell’s time.

    1. @ Harry – You did not make yourself clear. What exactly was “debunked” ? The “myth” of Jews-Cromwell alliance or the “myth” that the Jews-Cromwell alliance is a myth ?

  4. Both Cromwell and Napoleon detested and flung out the “Jew”. History has been twisted. By the defiler and the insane. Everything is backwards. Is it a lie or a mental defect? Is it cunning or just insanity?
    Good is bad. Wrong is right. Black is white. Trust me on this. The crown has been corrupted for awhile. Henry the 8th could have been a Great English King. He didn’t become a whoremonger and drunkard all by himself. Those massive debts he had, came from somewhere.
    The corrupters of the innocent. The defilers of the pure. The haters of beauty and spreaders of disease, decadence and ugliness. Tikkum Olam is a diseased tick from Central Asia bleeding out mankind and living on the fat lazy ass of the wicked.

  5. My Jewish grandfather, long deseased, loved to drink fine Jamaican rum. Childrens blood……nah……

    1. @ Donaldo Colina – I believe you. But you made a mistake of equating your grandfather with the occult groups within Judaism. Your grandfather could have been metaphorically miles away from them. That does not mean there is no organised evil elite within the Jew tribe, the elite which literally worships Satan and his excrement/mammon.

  6. He lived into his early 90’s and was powerfully built on his deathbed. He didnt need child blood transfusions. He was a great man.

  7. This is a description of the system of personal debt obligation with the FIRST USE of PRIVATE PROPERTY as COLLATERAL. It goes back to the 12th century, at least…. hundreds of years before Cromwell.

    This is where Pharisee-style USURY was brought to European Banking in London:

    “The Common Law Mortgage and the Conditional Bond – Penn Law”(Dec, 1943)

    (Page 194 – Summary)

    “The conditional conveyance by way of security had been in use by the Jews for a long time prior to their settlement in England, and was used by them in England in their transactions with Christians. The technical device by which the conditional conveyance was effected was, in every detail, identical with the classical English mortgage in its original form, namely, two separate instruments were used and a third party was employed as a depositary. A device similar in conception and design to the conditional conveyance was used by the Jews during the middle ages in England and elsewhere for the purpose of effecting conditional obligations. This device was in every respect identical with the common law conditional bond in the earlier stage of its development.

    “Both of these devices were developed by the Jews for the purpose of evading a certain rule of Hebrew law which is similar to the rule against penalties in English law.

    “The Jews introduced the business of money-lending on a large scale in England, and with it the means by which this business was carried on. When Englishmen learned the business of money-lending from the Jew they adopted his methods and devices, outstanding examples of which are the conditional conveyance by way of security and the conditional bond…. which have survived to OUR OWN DAY.”

    1. “Circa 1100, money lending was the occupation par excellence of the Jews in England, France, and Germany, and one of the main professions of the Jews in Spain, Italy, and other locations in Europe.

      “Their prominence grew in the following centuries and extended to banking and finance.

      “The prominent international banking dynasty of the Rothschilds founded in the second half of the eighteenth century by the German banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild can be viewed as the heir of the Jewish money lenders extending credit in hundreds of villages and urban centers in medieval Europe.”

      —Religious Norms, Human Capital, and Money Lending in Jewish European History Maristella Botticini (Università Bocconi and CEPR) and Zvi Eckstein (Bank of Israel, Tel Aviv University, and CEPR)—


  8. “The Jews have turned Europe into a sewer because they want the whole world to be that way, in disarray and destroying itself, which they can control by their parsimonious distribution of money…They are the poison that is destroying civilization.”

    In accordance with the deal it made with Satan, that’s apparently how the beast (first beast of Rev 13) operates; i.e., the beast attempts to rise to the top of the world (in the physical realm) by bringing everybody else down.

    And then, when everyone and everything has been corrupted/perverted; when truth has been replaced with lies; when order has been replaced with chaos; light replaced with darkness; health and life replaced with sickness and death; etc., Satan’s kingdom on earth will be realized.

    “(13) For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I WILL EXALT MY THRONE ABOVE THE STARS OF GOD: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:” (Isaiah 14:13).

    1. The stars of God are the true children of Israel, the white adamic man of the seed of Abraham. Adam and Eve are NOT the original parents for all bipedal humanoids on earth only for human adamic man.

  9. “So you can’t really find out about Hugh of Lincoln on the Internet because the story has been sanitized and now they describe how Jews were unfairly blamed and executed because of — you guessed it! — anti-Semitism.”

    Yes, I just read Wikipedia’s article saying exactly that. Of course, Wikipedia also has a very lengthy article saying Jews had nothing to do with Communism and it’s an “anti-semitic” lie to say that they did. Wikipedia writes this despite the fact that many, many people said Jews played the leading role in communism, people including Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Josef Goebbels, Alexander Solzhenitsyn (whose own wife was Jewish) and current Russian President Vladimir Putin, who can be seen on Youtube making a speech a few years ago in which he says 80 to 85% of the Russian government was Jewish. The audacity of Jews to outright lie and deny their role in communism, despite the overwhelming proof to the contrary should be noted as a reason for expelling them from countries if that time ever comes again.

    The following is an excellent article on Saint Simon of Trent on The Occidental Observer. I think the Darkmoon website may have an article on Saint Simon based on this article. Saint Simon was a child that lived in northern Italy that is said to have been murdered by German Jews centuries ago. Of course the Jews also claim this is an “anti-semitic lie”. This article is based on a book written by the Italian Jew Ariel Toaff, known as one of the leading experts on Jewish history, His father or grandfather was the leading Rabbi in Italy. In his book, Toaff says the story of Saint Simon is true. The evidence points to these German Jews murdering Saint Simon. It’s a great article and I have to read it again, which I may do later today. You can also read in the article how Jews deal with Toaff, one of their own, and his book.

  10. Great article with lots of memorable lines full of wisdom. I particularly liked this one:

    “America today is like a plane that has already been shot down but hasn’t yet hit the ground.”

    It’s almost as good and memorable as this one by Ezra Pound:

    “America is the syphilitic rabbi who bites and sucks the blood from your baby’s penis.”


  11. in overall agreement with kaminski but cannot help to point out a glaring logical inconsistency:


    if trump was truly as a jewish-controlled entity and even a child sacrificer as portrayed, he would NOT be soon-to-be-ex-president but would on the contrary be assured of the unmolested double term.
    Just like clinton, gw bush and obama, 24 years of smooth sailing for the cult members, unobstructed and in fact, protected by the media.
    Why this blindingly obvious truth is anything but, to so many, is quite beyond me.

    as for the story of the little hugh of lincoln, immediately preceding the expulsion of the satan’s seed from england, it is quite accessible in ariel toaff’s opus, Blood Passover
    herewith a quote, even though imo, a better researched event was the sacrifice of william of norwich in 1144, also available in the same text (everyone should download and read it, well worth the time spent)

    The body of an eight-year old child, Hugh, in the bottom of a well owned by Copino, a local Jew, at Lincoln in the summer of 1255. The judge, John of Lexington, hastened to establish precise analogies with the Norwich murder a century before. The victim had been abducted by Jews, tortured and crucified, exactly as in little William’s case. In those days, the great affluence of foreign Jews into the city of Norwich, of modest size, seemed to confirm that something big was in the works, and that the link with Hugh’s disappearance and killing was something more than a mere working hypothesis. The marriage of Rabbi Benedict (Berechyah)’s daughter, held there at the time, did not appear to deserve serious consideration by anyone wishing to demonstrate any other theory. But it was necessary to call upon the principal defendant, Copino, who, rather than respond to the accusations, was to confirm them.
    The Jew, under torture, “sang” quickly, according to the pre-established script, confessing that the Jews of the Kingdom were accustomed to crucify cruelly a Christian child in contempt of the passion of Christ every year.
    This year, it was the city of Lincoln’s turn to be selected as the theatre of the sacred and macabre ceremony, and the child Hugh was simply the victim of bad luck in becoming the innocent martyr of Jewish depravity.

    i will open a fresh post dealing with the case of william of norwich, just quoting from toaff’s invaluable work.

    1. @Lobro

      “…The Jew, under torture, “sang” quickly, according to the pre-established script, confessing that the Jews of the Kingdom were accustomed to crucify cruelly a Christian child in contempt of the passion of Christ every year…”

      And you are so naive as to believe in the veracity of confessions under torture ? When people are tortured they will “confess” anything to stop the torture.

      It is striking that those alleged crimes of the Jews parallel the beliefs and superstitions of the time. It is the same with the accusations of Jewish “desecration of the host”.

      I am prepared to believe in the wickedness of many Jews, but there exists also a whole folklore about their wickedness, especially in medieval Europe.

      1. i am not going to get into the subject because it is lengthy, however, well researched and described by ariel toaff, so i suggest that if interested to look it up at source.

        suffice it to say that the church investigators were bound by canon to ensure that the suspects had ample time to retract such initial confessions and their ultimate statements to the tribunal made of their own free will.

        Moreover, the inquisitors were not present at the initial interrogation involving coercive force, whose purpose seemed to have been to establish the early track for further investigation.
        Moreover, despite the soothing noises made at public about the invalidity of confessions obtained under duress, the professionals in business, whether mi6, cia,mossad, sas and so on, won’t hesitate to use torture (cia runs them off-site in renditioning outposts).
        If it was as ineffective as you state, it would have been abandoned many centuries ago, but the implication is obvious that it works rather well, and it may be operationally justified not for the purpose of extracting a confession as for obtaining crucially important information in a hurry.

        so, the distinction needs to be made between the various end uses of torture, whether for confession, urgently needed information unknown to interrogators or punishment, of which the first one is totally illegitimate, second at least somewhat justified and the third questionable – in this case, we are talking about the second case.

        READ TOAFF, i am not going to go on and on about something that is perfectly accessible to anyone, besides i am no interrogation specialist, least of all in the field of intimidation and torture.

      2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        I am prepared to believe in the wickedness of many Jews, but there exists also a whole folklore about their wickedness, especially in medieval Europe.

        Are you claiming that Jewish Ritual Murder is nothing more than an “anti-Semitic canard”?

        I am reminded of this quotation cited in my essay which appeared at Darkmoon almost 2 years ago: “The Demonization of China by the Usual Suspects”

        “… Jewish Radhanite merchants had been trading with China since at least the 8th century, according to Islamic sources: “They transport from the West eunuchs, female slaves, boys, brocade, castor, marten and other furs, and swords…. On their return from China they carry back musk, aloes, camphor and cinnamon….”

        Some say that even the famous “Judge Bao”, revered by Chinese, was of Jewish merchant descent, and held several important posts as a financial administrator before being appointed as a kind of Supreme Judge. He introduced the first “Beheading Machines” to carry out his favourite method of execution, which ties in with the Noahide Laws, and even persuaded the Imperial Royal Family to let him behead their beloved Prince Consort for financial irregularities.

        The early Protestant missionaries to China were attacked by locals who accused them of stealing and eating Chinese babies in cannibal rituals. The baffled missionaries did not realize that the Jews had already been established there for centuries, and they were unaware of Central European legends regarding the Jewish Ritual Murders of Children.” — Barbara W

        It appears that the “folklore” about Jewish wickedness wasn’t really a folklore, nor was it confined to only medieval Europe.

      3. @ JFC

        I think Franklin Ryckaert is making a good point that we all have to accept: namely, that confessions obtained under torture are worthless.

        We all know this. It is beyond dispute.

        If Jews “sang” under torture — to use Lobro’s phrase — and confessed to the ritual murder of children and the drinking of their blood, it follows that those particular confessions were worthless — given that people will confess to anything if subjected to the excruciating pain of torture.

        This is what Ryckaert probably means by the “folklore” of Jewish wickedness. He is not excusing Jewish wickedness. He is saying that evidence of Jewish wickedness is worthless if it is obtained under torture.

      4. sard, i did NOT say

        The Jew, under torture, “sang” quickly

        and if i did NOT say it, it cannot be MY phrase.
        This becomes quickly apparent by reading my original post, which included this phrase in a quote directly copied from ariel toaff’s book.

        moreover, it is not right to narrowly focus, as franklin did, on a single phrase and hammer it to death without paying attention to the wider context, as i suggested.


        he provides plenty of highly informed, unabridged, referenced context, as i already mentioned, unwilling to regurgitate the already well stated material.

        also, i said that there might be **exceptional** circumstances under which torture is justified and even mandated.
        One example might be when the FBI apprehended the “dancing israelis” on september 11, 2001, in the wake of the destruction of the twin towers and explosives laden vans at the entrance to underground tunnels at the lincoln bridge (and elsewhere) leading from newark to manhattan under the hudson river.
        i wouldn’t have hesitated to torture them with all required brutality to extract vital information of potentially life saving import as well as to establish their and their taskmasters’ connection with the event – at the very least, it would have established the innocence of saddam hussein (and likely, bin laden) and saved well over a million of iraqi and afghan lives and the needlessly destroyed nations in service of the yinon plan.
        Let me repeat, i would have tortured them without a qualm of compunction, until the “Jews sang quickly” like canaries.

        instead of that, what happened?
        the power-jews like wolfowitz, dershowitz and dozens of others quickly interfered to obtain the joyful hora dancers’ release and 1st class flight back to tel aviv.
        And the plan of middle east genocide and disembowelment proceeded apace.

        i guess that in the absence of hard data, the notion of jew involvement and culpability is folklore, the lore of the common, dumb folk who don’t know any better and whose instincts are unschooled and untrustworthy – yeah right.

        it just so happens that my gut instinct aligns with theirs, on the adage that where there is smoke, there is fire, where there is evil, there is jew.

      5. sard, franklin,

        because i have a weak spot for fact-based debates and feeling somewhat tainted by the “torture” brush, i felt motivated to try and obtain a more accurate estimate of the post-911 dead, which could have been saved and alive today had the fbi felt equally motivated to put the jews to thumbscrews in order to obtain a frank narrative regarding the jewish culpability, instead of sloughing it off on the wholly innocent saddam and osama.

        so here is one (just iraq):

        General Tommy Franks, the man in charge of the initial invasion, bluntly told reporters, “We don’t do body counts.” One survey found that most Americans thought Iraqi deaths were in the tens of thousands.

        But our calculations, using the best information available, show a catastrophic estimate of 2.4 million Iraqi deaths since the 2003 invasion.

        so, how would you follow up on my readiness to have tortured those 5 dancing israelis in order to obtain a true narrative as well as the initial confession, knowing that even in the case of a jew judge throwing this evidence out at trial, its contents would have been leaked to the wider public and put jews and israel on the back foot sufficiently to prevent this ritual-not folkloric slaughter of the 2.4m (plus) innocents?

        yes (go ahead, haul them off to the star chamber) or no (presumed innocent and let the “due process” (massive coverup and whitewash) take its course)?

      6. Oh, really? Torture is quite effective. I could make you tell me EVERYTHING YOU KNOW AND MORE after just about 15 minutes using sharp things you have at your house.
        You WANT people to believe it is ineffective. Mossad, the CIA, the KGB and many others have used it to quite GOOD EFFECT.
        You may fear it will be used on you. That is why you and yours CLAIM ITS INEFEECTIVE.

      7. If you were told under torture to name 10 other people who were your collaborators in crime, what would you do if you were innocent and had no collaborators in crime? You would do exactly what others before you had done under torture. You would confess to crimes you had never committed, just to get the torture to stop, and you would name 10 other innocent people as your collaborators in crime.

        This happened repeatedly in the “show trials” set up by Stalin in the 1930s. It also happened in Mao Tse-tung’s China.

        Torture doesn’t work on the innocent. It is totally useless and counterproductive since it leads to FALSE CONFESSIONS. Other innocent people are then arrested and tortured, and they too will confess to imaginary crimes — just to get the torture to stop.

      8. @ Franklin Ryckaert : “And you are so naive as to believe in the veracity of confessions under torture ? When people are tortured they will “confess” anything to stop the torture.”
        But that means that there was no “Holocaust” because the nazis who confessed to perpetrating the “Holocaust” were tortured.

  12. p195 of toaff’s blood passover

    On the eve of Passover, 1144, the mutilated body of William, a child of twelve years, was found in Thorpe’s Wood, on the edge of Norwich, England. No witness came forward to cast light on the savage crime. The child’s uncle, a cleric by the name of Godwin Sturt, publicly accused the Jews of the crime in a diocesan synod held a few weeks after the discovery of the body. The body of the victim of Thorpe Wood, where it had been initially buried, was taken to the cemetery of the monks shortly afterwards, near the cathedral, and became the source of miracles.
    A few years later, between 1150 and 1155, Thomas of Monmouth, prior of the cathedral of Norwich, reconstituted, with plentiful details and testimonies, the various phases of the crime, [allegedly] perpetrated by local Jews, and prepared a detailed and extensive hagiographic report of the event. These were the origins of what is considered by many to have been the first documented case of ritual murder in the Middle Ages, while, for others, it is the source of the myth of the “blood libel” accusation. The latter consider Thomas to have been the inventor and propagator of the stereotype of ritual crucifixion, soon to be rapidly disseminated, not only in England, but in France and the German territories as well, fed by in the information relating to the now famous tale of the martyrdom of William of Norwich by the Jews in the days of Passover.
    William was an apprentice tanner in Norwich and came from an adjacent village. Among the shop’s clients were a few local Jews, who are thought to have chosen him as the victim of a ritual sacrifice to be performed during the days of the Christian Easter. On the Monday following Palm Sunday, 1144, during the reign of King Stephen, a man claiming to be the cook for the arch deacon of Norwich presented himself in the village of William, asking his mother Elviva for permission to take William with him to work as an apprentice. The woman’s suspicions and hesitation were soon won over thanks to a considerable sum of money. The following day, little William was already traveling the streets of Norwich in the company of the self-proclaimed cook, directly to the dwelling of his aunt Leviva, Godwin Sturt’s wife, who became informed of the apprenticeship undertaken by the child and his new patron. But the latter individual awakened numerous suspicions in the aunt, Leviva, who asked a young girl to follow them and determine their destination. The shadowing, as discreet as it was effective, took the child to the threshold of the dwelling of Eleazar, one of the heads of the community of Norwich, where the cook had little William enter the house with the necessary prudence and circumspection.
    At this point, Thomas of Monmouth allowed another key witness to speak, one who had been strategically placed inside the Jew’s house.
    This was Eleazar’s Christian servant, who, the following morning, had by chance, witnessed, with horror – through the crack of a door left inadvertently open – the cruel ceremony of the child’s crucifixion and atrocious martyrdom, with the participation, carried out with religious zeal, of local Jews, “in contempt of the passion of our Lord”. Thomas kept the date of the crucial event clearly in mind. It was the Wednesday following Palm Sunday, 22 March of the year 1144.
    To throw off suspicion, the Jews decided to transport the body from the opposite side of the city to Thorpe’s Wood, which extended to within a short distance from the last house. During the trip on horseback with the cumbersome sack, however, despite their efforts at caution, they crossed the path of a respected and wealthy merchant of the locality on his way to church, accompanied by a servant; the merchant had no difficulty realizing the significance of what was taking place before his eyes. He is said to have remembered, years later, on his death bed, and to have confessed to a priest, who then became one of the diligent and indefatigable Thomas’s valued sources of information. Young William’s body was finally hidden by the Jews among the bushes of Thorpe.
    The scene now became the inevitable scene of miraculous happenings. Beams of celestial light illuminated the boy’s resting place late at night, causing townspeople to discover the body, which was then buried where it was found . A few days afterwards, the cleric, Godwin Sturt, who, informed of the murder, requested, and was granted, permission to have the body exhumed. He then recognized his nephew William as the tragic victim. A short time afterwards, during a diocesan synod, Godwin got up to accuse the Jews of the crime. Thomas of Monmouth agreed with him and accused them of the horrible ritual of crucifixion of a Christian boy as the principal event of a Passover ceremony intended to mock the passion of Jesus Christ, a sort of crude and bloody Passover counter-ritual.
    The outcome of the matter turned out to be anything but a foregone conclusion, particularly in comparison with the numerous similar cases occurring over the following years, in which the Jews, considered responsible for the horrible wickedness, met a cruel fate. In this case, the Jews of Norwich, invited to present themselves before the archbishop to respond to the accusations, requested and obtained the protection of the King and his agents. Protected by the walls of the sheriff’s castle, in which they found refuge, they waited for the storm to pass, as in fact it did. In the meantime, little William’s body was taken from the ditch in Thorpe’s Wood to a magnificent tomb usually reserved for monks, in a sheltered spot behind the Cathedral, and began, as anticipated, to work miracles, as only a martyr worthy of being proclaimed a saint possibly could.
    The most disturbing of the testimonies gathered by Thomas of Monmouth for his file on the murder of little William was that of a converted Jew, Theobald of Cambridge, who had become a monk hearing the story of the miracles reported at the tomb of the victim of Norwich. The convert revealed that the Jews believed that, TO BRING REDEMPTION CLOSER, AND WITH IT, THEIR RETURN TO THE PROMISED LAND, THEY SACRIFICED A CHRISTIAN CHILD EVERY YEAR “IN CONTEMPT OF CHRIST”. To carry out this providential plan, the representatives of the Jewish communities, headed by their local rabbis, were said to meet every year in council in Narbonne, in the south of France, to draw lots as to the name of the locality where the ritual crucifixion was to occur from time to time. In 1144, the choice fell by lot to the city of Norwich, and the entire Jewish community was said to have adhered to that choice

    this is the true meaning of why the Purim jew-fest is called “the festival of the lots” to this day, a month before easter, when jew mothers distribute wooden spintops with jew characters, called dreidels, to gentile kids in primary schools (my son used to get it every spring and each time i threw it in the garbage, before i even knew its occult, sinister significance – all to say that jews are well aware of and follow the gruesome practice to this day).

    and yet, despite the veracity of these events, many of the ignorant today go to great lengths to assert how christianity was jew’s precious invention and is maintained for the purpose of serving jew’s interests, regardless of the inescapable truth of jew’s diabolical malice toward Christ and christianity and his sworn effort to obliterate it at all cost.

    another reason why i rail incessantly against the goyim’s addiction to neverending cognitive dissonance – WAKE UP!!! and start using common sense before it is too late – stop the junkie habit of shark-jumping, acknowledge the contradictions and deal with them honestly.

  13. Financial discipline inhibits bankers’ harm. Neither goy nor jew is exempt.. Wake up! Accept responsibility!

    1. Great point Gilb,
      In a perverse way, Jewish bankers cant be blamed. Has anyone ever put a gun to a Goys head and made him sign above the dotted line? No. Credit cards are sent to Donaldos house every week. I just throw them away. Dont need them.

  14. Darkmooners……..please. Regarding ritual torture and murder, do Jews have a monopoly on it? Google “Mark Kilroy.” In 1989, this American college student took Spring break in México. He never returned. The Constanzo drug cartel abducted him while in a drunken state. What followed was torture, sodomy and boiling his brain. People….not a single Jew involved.

    1. @ Donaldo Colina

      I don’t think anyone was suggesting for a moment that the only people who practice torture are Jewish, as your comment implies. The torturers at Abu Ghraib were non-Jewish Americans, but it is well known that Israeli advisors were always at hand to give “advice” on the best torture techniques and how to apply them.

      1. Sard,
        Cant argue. Your right. The Goy who follow Jew are more disgusting than Jew himself. At least Jew is smart.

  15. “In their hearts, all bankers are jewish”

    Yes.They’ve been “jewified”. See my reply to Ungenius in the previous article to know what is required to throw off their yoke.

    1. Brownhawk –

      Whenever I go into a town, city, or urban areas, I see many people of ALL ethnicities driving financed autos they really can’t afford, or residing in houses which are beyond their means. They drive-thru fast food joints, and pay with credit cards or i-phones. Most women don’t even know how to plant a kitchen garden or can green beans – much less cook. People are lazy and spoiled. It’s very difficult for me to lay the blame on bankers – Jew or otherwise. 😐

      1. Gil

        Bankers don’t give a shit about how financially disciplined we are. You would let the snake keep slitherin when what’s needed is to cut off it’s goddamned head?!

        Onerous and punitive banking practices constitute the brass tacks of our railing against this jew-inspired scourge. Even those of us who wisely show all the financial discipline and self-sufficiency possible are STILL unable to get around the stark reality that if push comes to shove and your finances can’t keep pace with the collateralizing power of the banks, they WILL force you off of what SHOULD be regarded as YOUR PROPERTY!

        The only thing that will “inhibit” the bankers is to force THEM out by eliminating their criminal activity and marching them to the gallows if OUR push comes to shove. That, or we go out blastin’!

        Keep yer head low and yer powder dry


      2. B-Hawk –

        “…they(bankers) WILL force you off of what SHOULD be regarded as YOUR PROPERTY!”

        SCOTUS ruled on that and proved you 100% CORRECT in “Kelo”!

        Suzette Kelo had to move her old home.. a historic landmark!!

        Justice Sandra O’Connor resigned from SCOTUS because of the outrageous injustice favoring Pfizer.

        Susette Kelo, et al. v. City of New London, Connecticut, et al:

        Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005) was a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States involving the use of eminent domain to transfer land from one private owner to another private owner to further economic development. In a 5–4 decision, the Court held that the general benefits a community enjoyed from economic growth qualified private redevelopment plans as a permissible “public use” under the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

        The case arose in the context of condemnation by the city of New London, Connecticut, of privately owned real property, so that it could be used as part of a “comprehensive redevelopment plan.” However, the private developer was unable to obtain financing and abandoned the redevelopment project, leaving the land as an undeveloped empty lot.

        Nothing was ever built by Pfizer. No jobs were created. The land is a rubbish dump today!!

        NO people own any land in America. The Crown does….
        ….and treaties prove it!!

  16. Amen, John.
    I’ve been saying it for decades.
    The fount of ALL jewish power is usury. Their predominance in central banking and money lending is the source of all of their power. Media… law… politics… it all stems from their communal control of the issuance of currency. We must, above all else, focus on THIS issue… for it is of the gravest importance to all humanity.

  17. just to make clear, i do not wish to flog a dead horse nor nitpick but the subject is of some importance because given our group’s common interest, it will arise again and it is worth pursuing it to a greater granularity – TORTURE – is it worth it and under what circumstances?
    Doom made a good point.
    (“YOU” refers to the dark powers, who also happen to be torture experts and foremost practitioners)

    You WANT people to believe it is ineffective. Mossad, the CIA, the KGB and many others have used it to quite GOOD EFFECT.
    You may fear it will be used on you. That is why you and yours CLAIM ITS INEFEECTIVE.

    as morally abhorrent as it is, to protest too loudly veers into the “turn the other cheek” category of muddle-headed thinking, precisely where jew wants us to be at all times, or the “success of peaceful resistance” meme so dear to kumbaya evangelists who gormlessly torpedo the message of christ.

    the point i am making is that torture is a tool, just like say, a dentist’s drill, if used for fixing teeth rather than digging into nerves, it can be very useful.
    Thus, when the urgency of obtaining operationally useful information is of paramount importance, say a kid has been abducted and one suspect is caught with likely knowledge of the victim’s whereabouts, to proceed with the stately pace of due process, miranda bill of rights, arraignment, appointing a lawyer, preparing a prosecutorial case, pretrial hearings, psychiatric assessments, etc, etc, is nothing short of criminal idiocy, maybe worse than the original crime because it fertilizes the soil for further such crimes.
    Or when, as in the case of 5 dancing talmudists, just the knowledge that if one faces painful interrogation while the other 4 may spill the corroborative information free of charge, is likely enough to produce an “eagerly singing and not just dancing, jew“, especially given their proverbial cowardice and intolerance of discomfort.

    And this is what i suspect motivated the singing jew of norwich that ariel toaff referred to, because he knew that other culprits were likely to spill the beans just as eagerly, it made him that much more cooperative.

    Also, though i believe i mentioned it already, the interrogation protocol went as follows:
    at the initial stage, the inquisitor was absent, there was a lower level municipal interrogator, the torturer would show the prisoner the “instruments of passion” (the word ‘passion’ is very interesting on its own) in order to encourage easy and quick singing and when all failed, the work would proceed incrementally.
    Once done, if the initial talk resulted in admission of guilt (independent of whatever operational data were given), the prisoner was interviewed by the inquisitor who insisted on a free and unforced statement and an offer of retraction.

    however, if the condemnatory evidence was at odds with retraction, back to the star chamber and so the prisoner was in an unenviable loop until one or the other broke down, either the evidence was proved to be deficient or he finally confessed for good.

    but the judicial process is of no interest to me, i want actionable information in order to save lives – 2.4 million in iraq alone and for this i am perfectly ready to face the judgment of God without appealing to higher authority for coverup (“i was only following orders” – nah, i did it on my own).

    ok, i said all that was cooking inside my brain on the subject, so yes, thanks franklin for having spurred me down this track of thought.

    (additionally, the use of the word “folkloric” – i suspect that oftentimes, the folklore contains more truth than the academic discourse because it is the low level caste, the folks, who are the easiest and the most common prey of the jew, and in their lack of sophistication and obfuscation, the most directly truthful)

  18. You people are all missing the point.
    Toaff pointed out that the “confessions”, given “under torture” — if you prefer to think so, although the confessions had to be confirmed in the absence of any possibility of repeated mistreatment — contain many passages in a dialect of Hebrew which Italian Jews could not understand, and which were mistaken for gibberish or “Satanic language” by scholars for 500 years, including the repeated phrase “This is the blood of a Christian child”; thus, these passages could not have been suggested or interpolated by the Italian interrogators or judges of the time.

  19. Toaff provides a complete transcription of the passages, once, in the garbled spelling of the Italian interrogators, and again, in correct Hebrew. It’s not that different.

    Of course, dialects never are, but you still can’t understand them.

    I take it as established that Jewish ritual murder is now a “proven fact”, at least in this one case.
    How often these crimes actually occur, is anybody’s guess.

    I think that if there were not such a huge trade in counterfeit “blood products”, these crimes would have been committed far more often than they were.

    Instead, most Jews bought a few bits of ground up paint pigment and used that, in most cases.
    Jews are always swindling each other; why is that so hard to believe?

    Julius Streicher, at Nuremberg, maintained that Jewish ritual murder was a reality, but very rare, practised by small sects only. It now appears that he was 100% right.

    1. “…Julius Streicher, at Nuremberg, maintained that Jewish ritual murder was a reality, but very rare, practised by small sects only. It now appears that he was 100% right…”

      That is my idea also. If it is true, then only practiced rarely by small Jewish sects only. But what does that say about “the” Jews in general ? Very little, just like the rare phenomenon of the “black mass” says very little about “the” Christians in general :

      1. Quote wiki and (usually ) receive abuse, quite brave of you FR.
        Two suggest that the behavior of a few ( of any group) implicates the group as a whole is a nonsense, it we applied this logic across the board, we would all be in a better place.
        Hence may attempt to bring your (FR) comment back to the top of the Darkmoon list.

      2. It proves that the “anti-Semites” were right, like it or not.
        It may be rare, but it is a reality.

      3. @ franklin, do you imply that the christians (in general) are the ones who “celebrate”black masses.
        I learnt something new today.

    2. @Notalmudplease

      I meant to say that the actions of a very small subset of a group say very little about the actions of the group at large and that that is true as much for Jews as it is for Christians.

      1. OK, for 2000 years, they are accused of these things, but oh, no, it’s all “anti-Semitic lies”.

        Then it turns out to be ABSOLUTELY TRUE in at least ONE CASE, and it makes “NO DIFFERENCE”…
        because “WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT ALL JEWS”?

        So what percentage would be required, then, according to you, to prove something about “ALL JEWS”?

        This is a philosophical problem related to Aristotelian logic.

  20. What does it say about ALL JEWS that the author of this brilliantly competent and beautifully written and researched book, with hundreds of footnotes in 8 or 10 languages, had to withdraw it within ONE WEEK of publication because of terrorist threats by JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS CLAIMING TO REPRESENT ALL JEWS? (In particular, the ADL).

    How many Jews repudiate the ADL? How many Jews say it does not represent them? Not many.

    In Israel, they didn’t care; but in Rome, he was in real danger of getting murdered. Visiting his father (the Grand Rabbi of Rome) was like a military expedition. What does THIS tell us about “ALL JEWS?”

  21. “This is a philosophical problem related to Aristotelian logic…”
    I could explain what I mean, but it would be bore. Is anyone interested?

      1. Let’s see, now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted? Oh, yes…

        [Scholastics = school of philosophy associated with the Catholic Church]

        Inverting the principle of exceptio provat regulam, Franklin Rickaerts insists, against all logic, that no matter how much knowledge we possess on any given subject – 75,000 files, thousands of exact footnotes and references, hundreds of volumes of supporting evidentiary material – it must all be disregarded and ignored if there is anything we don’t know. After all, there MIGHT be an exception someplace! Then he says, “What does this tell us about ALL JEWS?”

        Let me paraphrase this objection (it is too irrational and illogical to be called an “argument”):

        “It doesn’t MATTER (meaning: I don’t CARE) that you sold more cars than anyone else in the state, Nigel, what about all the cars you DIDN’T sell? What does this tell us about ALL CARS?”

        Note that this is a very effeminate thing to say: it is the sort of thing malevolent harpies say every day of the week for the sole purpose of humiliating and infuriating them (invariably with great success). It is very difficult to imagine a man talking like this:

        “It doesn’t MATTER that you solved 5 murder cases, Constable, what about all the murder cases you DIDN’T solve? What does this tell us about ALL MURDER CASES?”

        Or: “It doesn’t MATTER that you can identify and classify 500 species of Amazonian beetles, Professor, what about all the beetles you CAN’T identify? What does this tell us about ALL beetles?”

        Would you work for a boss like that?

        Note that the first question is merely contemptuous, while the second is practically meaningless. Why would anyone ask the question? What kind of information would be considered to constitute an answer? Why would anyone ask about ALL CARS? Or ALL JEWS?

        First, nobody can tell you ANYTHING about ALL JEWS, because nobody can decide what a JEW is! There are about 5 different definitions.

        Second, if we are interested in a problem, we are interested in things that cause that problem! We are not interested in things that do NOT cause that problem. If I am interested in the problem of “why dogs bite people”, I am interested in dogs that bite people! I am NOT interested in dogs that do NOT bite people (except for purposes of comparison). Why would I be interested in ALL DOGS?

        Third, any answer relating to ALL JEWS or whatever would probably be so abstract as to be practically useless, and would be impossible to prove.

        This whole objection (which I have seen before) appears to have been inspired by those exercises in Aristotelian logic that one used to see in philosophy manuals prepared by Scholastics for use in Catholic secondary schools.

        For example: “Socrates is a man; All men are mortal; therefore, all men are mortal.”

        The Scholastics believed, first, that “from two particular premises no conclusion follows”. A “particular premise” is any proposition beginning with the word “some”.

        Second, they believed that without a “universal premise” nothing can be asserted or said to be known. A “universal premise” is any proposition beginning with the word “all”.

        They also believed that it was very easy to discover or devise “universal premises”. In reality, in human affairs, demonstrably valid non-biological, non-physical universal premises are almost non-existent.

        We know that “Socrates is mortal” because it is a biological reality inherent in all living things. For example, an amoeba reproduces by cell division; the individual does not grow old and “die” like other organisms. But is an amoeba “immortal”? No, because it can be killed very easily: it can be killed by lack of moisture, lack of nutriment, by toxins or excessive heat; it can be devoured by whatever one-celled organisms eat amoebas, etc.

        Classical logic makes no provision for statistical generalizations, the law of averages or probability, NOTHING. There is just “SOME”, and “ALL”.

        Thus, in modern jargon, “Socrates is a man; 99.9999 percent of all men are believed to be mortal” proves NOTHING. “99.9999 percent” is a “particular proposition”; you can have thousands of these, and the Scholastics will tell you that they prove NOTHING because you don’t have a universal premise! Obviously, nobody believes this and nobody thinks this way.

        Thus, the knowledge that you possess is irrelevant, and the demand for information about all members of a certain class (“What does this tell us about ALL JEWS?”) amounts to a demand for a “universal premise” – straight out of an old Aristotelian exercise book!

        It is time to call a halt and state that it is UNTRUE that “from two particular premises no conclusion follows”; it is UNTRUE that nothing can be proven or stated as fact without a “universal premise”; and it is UNTRUE that universal premises can be picked up just anywhere one looks, like twigs or sticks.

        There is NO LOGICAL REASON to disregard the knowledge we have just because of the existence of knowledge we don’t have. There is NO DISCERNIBLE REASON to demand knowledge about every member of classes that we are not interested in.

        I have a great deal more to say if anyone is interested.

  22. I’m still reading this article – but if I don’t tell you this now I will forget.
    Please have look at this article – & know that the establishment does not have our backs.
    Bravely, our self appointed Lords & Masters & their false sense of security, move forward, into the unknown.
    They would have us in a cashless society if the could.
    Imagine no access to money at all … for a day … 3 days … 6 days a couple of weeks.

    WOLF STREET – Globalized Digital Bank Robbers Feast on Latin America by Don Quijones.

  23. Rickaerts says something which is quite true if you turn it around, but it is not true in the way he meant it; it is a two-edged sword that cuts two ways.

    He says, “the actions of a very small subset of a group say very little about the actions of the group at large”.

    Ah, but which is the “very small subset”? Is it the Jews who commit crimes, or is it the Jews who don’t?

    Does he mean the “very small subset” of Jewish ritual murderers, purveyors of counterfeit blood products, usurers at 40%, coprophiliacs, urolagniacs, menstruophobes, incest addicts, child rapists, child murderers, slavers, pimps, pornographers, con artists, genocide artists, bloodsuckers, extortioners, and purveryors of filth generally — the practitioners of what I have called “a form of atavistic, tribal, sadistic homosexual paedophile vampirism disguised as religion”?

    Is that a “very small subset”?

    Or does he mean the “subset” of Jews who do NOT do these things?

    In the latter case, I would rather tend to agree: the “decent Jews”, those who do not appear to share the personality defects and faults of the majority, “say very little”, in Rickaerts’ words — about the actions of the group at large”. Is that a fair remark?

  24. Excuse me, 1 error: “for the sole purpose of humiliating and infuriating MEN” (not “them”).

    Some background:
    In Aristotle’s PRIOR ANALYTICS, he analyzes the parts of speech, sentence structure, subject and predicate, etc., very complicated, very boring, but he introduces the idea that if subject and predicate are inverted, then the sentence can no longer be universal.

    In the POSTERIOR ANALYTICS, he shows that every sentence, whether positive or negative, true or false, can be shown to imply a number of other sentences, by inversion and other manipulations. To me, this is his great achievement in logic – God’s last gift to police interrogators and court cross-examiners.

    One of his actual examples (in the odd English of one of his translators), is “Every man is a horse”. This is of course, false, but it simultaneously implies that at least some horses are not men, or, rather, that some horses are men, which is false, and that at least some horses are not, which is true.

    It should be noted that all these inversions and manipulations are part and parcel of the original sentence, simply because they are different ways of saying the same thing.

    If that is so, why I can’t reach the same conclusion by inverting a “PARTICULAR premise”, such as “SOME men are horses”? After all, the conclusion will be the same: that “some horses are men”, which is false, and that “some horses are not”, which is true.

    Similarly, if I say, “some roses are red; some violets are blue”, to the Scholastics, and probably Aristotle as well, no conclusion could be said to follow.

    But in fact, TWO conclusions follow by simple inversion: one is, that “Some red objects are roses”, and the other is, that “Some blue objects are violets”. These are legitimate, even important, conclusions; they are just not a syllogism, i.e., there is no “universal premise”!

    To sum up: the Scholastics take a proposition such as “the Negro robbery rate” [in reality, aggravated assault followed or accompanied by strong arm robbery] “is 8 times the white robbery rate”, and assert that “no conclusion follows”, because that is a “particular premise”!

    Nobody believes this, and nobody thinks this way.

    The way most people actually think is, if the Negro robbery rate is 8 times the white robbery rate, then, if you get robbed, the odds are 7 to 1 that your attacker(s) will be black (1 in 8 = 7 to 1); followed by another conclusion, namely, that blacks are dangerous, and anytime they approach you, you are in danger. It is not true that “no conclusion follows”. Nobody needs a “universal premise” stating that “ALL NEGROES ARE ROBBERS” and nobody would make that claim.

    Similarly, if Negroes commit 95% of all violent crime in the big cities, then the odds are roughly 19 to 1 (1 in 20 = 19 to 1) that if you are the victim of violent crime in a big city, your attacker(s) will be black. Nobody is interested in ALL NEGROES.

    Finally, if I am interested in somebody like Art Tatum,
    I am interested in Art Tatum. I do not want him lumped together with BLM thugs in some “universal premise”. And if I AM interested in BLM thugs, then I am not interested in Art Tatum.

  25. It occurs to me that to imply that statistical averages are irrelevant in particular cases because they “tell us nothing” about “all members” of the group, or any “particular member” of the group, is precisely equivalent — logically and mathematically — to implying that they are irrelevant in a card game simply because you do not know the next card in the deck — and thus, that there is “no reason” for you not to make all sorts of stupid bets which you are bound to lose! This is the way card sharpers talk to people who are reluctant to gamble.

    In any form of gaming, there are certain things you just don’t do, simply to minimize your chances of loss. For example, in poker, you never draw to an inside straight (for example, ace, deuce, four, five – you need a three). Why not? Because there are only 4 cards in the deck that will make your hand, as against 43 that will not. You are taking a 43 to 4 chance, but you can never win 10 times your bet: there will never be 10 people in the pot. You might win 2 or 3 times your bet. It’s a losing proposition. You are actually far better off — depending on who you’re playing against and how they’re betting — to bluff a little, draw 2 or 3 cards, and pretend to have three of a kind. But come on, you MIGHT be lucky!

    Famous fake Aristotelian, pathological liar, hysteric, benzedrine addict and author of trash fiction Ayn Rand — (these aren’t ad hominem arguments, they are statements of fact) — once said, “Even if there were proof that Negroes, on average, are less intelligent than whites – and there isn’t any” – she actually had the chutzpah to say this – “it would still tell you nothing about any PARTICULAR Negro”.

    Surely this is a textbook example of the inability and/or refusal of Jews to be logical or truthful.
    In fact, Jews understand statistical averages very well; that’s why they control gambling, banking, loan-sharking and insurance.

    It is NOT TRUE that statistical averages tell you NOTHING about any particular member of the group. But the answer takes the form of a statistical probability. For example, since 25% of all Negroes are retarded, this means that in dealing with Negroes, a quarter of all those you deal with will be retards; surely this tells us something.

    It’s too bad the Greeks never developed a general theory of gaming, i.e., a system of logic based on statistical probabilities. (The Romans were great gamblers; loaded dice have been found in Roman ruins.)

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