I Saw a Jolly Hunter (Poem and Video)


LD:  This short comic verse poem, with its constant repetition of the word “jolly”,  is an affectionate satire on the diction of the English upper classes.  The video that follows it therefore strikes a perfect note, since it is recited by a woman with a plummy English accent who sounds just like the headmistress of a posh private school for uppercrust girls in a novel by P.G. Wodehouse.

I saw a jolly hunter 
With a jolly gun 
Walking in the country 
In the jolly sun. 
In the jolly meadow 
Sat a jolly hare. 
Saw the jolly hunter. 
Took jolly care. 
Hunter jolly eager— 
Sight of jolly prey. 
Forgot gun pointing 
Wrong jolly way. 
Jolly hunter jolly head 
Over heels gone. 
Jolly old safety catch 
Not jolly on. 
Bang went the jolly gun. 
Hunter jolly dead. 
Jolly hare got clean away. 
Jolly good, I said.

VIDEO  :  36 seconds

8 thoughts to “I Saw a Jolly Hunter (Poem and Video)”

  1. Was it indeed a Hare (from the old English word for ‘gray’) or perhaps it was a wascally wabbit?
    At any rate, I am not amused. I find the reciter of the poem sounds rather posh and certainly hebetudinous.
    And I am irritated at the implication by the author of the poem (and the posh reciter) that a life of a jolly Hare (or rabbit) is somewhat more precious than that of an equally jolly nimrod. Unless Gray lives matter (more than others).
    Here in east Texas we often hunt rabbits, and seldom shoot ourselves or others (by accident, anyway). Except for Dick Cheney, and he don’t count nohow, being an idiot and member of the Deeply Sedated.
    Now, get out of my yard y’all, before I send a load of rocksalt your direction.
    Jolly Hare Indeed!

    1. @ S.W.

      You taught me a new word: “hebetudinous”.
      Wow, you have a jolly good vocabulary! 🙂

    2. @ S.W. “Unless Gray lives matter (more than others).”
      Those in fleshly confines best take care of their OWN graying matter, guns optional.
      BTW, barring a nasty lobotomy, your “gray matter” will most likely live for as long as you do!

  2. Yes, a most amusing poem! 🙂

    This is what life’s about,
    Don’t you jolly know!
    Laughed my jolly guts out.
    Jolly good show!

  3. ya all are hilarious!

    thanks to all.

    here at darkmoon, every now and then there are always new words that are unknown to me, I hope Mr. Webster is not under the guise of (((J***))).

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