In Defense of Free Speech and Alison Chabloz



I have received numerous death threats . . . ignored by the police.”

Why does the law regard speech that offends the Jews as a crime? It doesn’t regard speech that offends white gentiles as criminal. What makes the Jews so “special”? Why is there a legal double standard?

Well, there is an old saying: “If you wish to know who rules over you, first find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

If Stalin is your ruler and you criticize him, you will soon be picked up by the secret police for torture, execution, or internal exile to a gulag in Siberia.

If the Jews are your rulers and you give them offense, you will soon be treated as Alison Chabloz is being treated.

Before being charged as presently, Alison Chabloz was being harassed by Jews for her opinions on history as expressed by her music. They sent malicious notes through the mail to scare her away from her art and to discourage her from using her freedom of speech. Ms. Chabloz didn’t know who was sending her these creepy notes, so she asked the police to investigate.

The Jews, using their corrupt influence, turned the investigation on its head, resulting in Ms. Chabloz being criminally charged for composing and for singing her song (((Survivors))), which draws attention to three Jews who have been proved to have lied about their experiences with the so-called Holocaust in Germany during the 1940s.

Americans may find it hard to believe, but in many parts of Europe the truth is not a defense against allegations of hate speech. If you truthfully assert that a Jew is lying about the Holocaust, then you, not the Jew, will be charged with hate speech and put on trial — and yes, found guilty.

Your guilt is decided before they even put you on trial. It is a foregone conclusion. The trial is a farce, and everyone knows it.

It doesn’t matter that you can prove that what you said was true.

The truth is no longer a defense. The operative question now is: are you causing offense to a particular Jew? Or to Jews in general? If Jews are complaining about you, that alone decides your guilt. You must not offend the Jew. That is anathema. That is the Eleventh Commandment.

Criticizing Israel or organized Jewry in general is seen as anti-Semitism. It may lead to a second Holocaust. It is the Ultimate Crime. In comparison, pedophilia and cannibalism pale into insignificance.

I’ll say it again in different words: the judges are corrupted, the trials are rigged, there is no justice whatsoever, and the outcome is a foregone conclusion. You will be put in prison for telling the truth.

Indeed, the Jews can commit crimes first, as they did in Alison Chabloz’s case, but it will not matter. Their crimes will be papered over, swept under the rug, and the only charges that will be made by the police will be against you, apparently for failing to REVERE the Jews sufficiently.

It’s a losing game.

As I said above:


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  1. A brilliant first comment, David, turned into a most acceptable feature article. Neat, concise, and pertinent to our present position. Alison is to face trial in four days time, on 7 March, and we wish her good luck.

    If she’s put in prison, it will be a sad day for British justice and a sign that the Brits have lost control of their country. An alien race, hitherto immigrant carpetbaggers from Russia and Eastern Europe, will have taken Britain over.

    Well, they have done that already in Germany to be sure, which is why Monika Schaefer now languishes in a German prison.

    And it looks like they have taken over America too.

    The big question now, which I would like readers to tackle if they wish is this: is Donald Trump a Zionist agent, working for the Jews and in league with Netanyahu and his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner? or is Trump a secret adversary of the Jews, as some Trump supporters keep telling us?

    Is Trump FOR the Jews or AGAINST them?

    1. Let the Jews speak for themselves. Here’s one point of view:

      There are many interpretations of the election of Donald Trump: the resurgence of a frightening old-new form of white racist nationalism that feels perilously like native-born fascism; a rebellion of working-class Americans against PC-obsessed elites; a Russian plot to install a Kremlin stooge in the White House; a revelation of the hollowness and corruption of both major political parties; a patriarchal backlash against female equality; a win for the Twitter trolls; a symptom of the collapse of the mainstream American press; a freakish eruption from the works of HP Lovecraft. Members of Tablet’s editorial collective hold each of these viewpoints, with some of us defending all of them at the same time.

      ADL and SPLC are defining “hate speech” for Google, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. There is ample evidence that “Kill Whitey” is not considered hate speech by ADL / SPLC, but “It’s OK to be white” is a vile, xenophobic statement of white supremacy. It isn’t “coming soon to the USA” It’s already here.

      1. And there are several interpretations of the jews’ interpretation of the election of Trump as expressed by that statement, IMO.

        In my view, almost nothing that the collective says can be taken at face value; an hermeneutical analysis is generally required.

        Anyway, to the extent that statement itself is not a ruse, it seems jews feel the way they do (and apparently hate Trump “supporters” accordingly) because of what the Trump voters THOUGHT they were voting for, not because of what Trump supporters unfortunately ended up with. It was the *intent* to defy the jews (by voting for someone who would/could plausibly obstruct the evil agenda) that irritates them, IMO.

      2. Let me see if I’ve got this. The Jews are saying one thing, but meaning another, not because of who they think Trump is, but because of who they think Trump voters thought he might be. Interesting theory…

        However, if it’s true that no candidate gets to run in a Federal election without at least some support from the Tribe, Adelson $ for instance, and Adelson is in fact a NuttyYahoo supporter, then the *intent* motive seems to lack a target in power who might be impacted.

      3. “Let me see if I’ve got this. The Jews are saying one thing, but meaning another…”

        Well that in itself is normal behavior for them, right? We need to get rid of guns for “for the children”; we need to attack Iraq because of Saddam’s WMD, etc., etc., etc.

        “…not because of who they think Trump is, but because of who they think Trump voters thought he might be. Interesting theory…”

        Think of a child sex sting that the cops are always using to entrap pedophiles. When the adult “perpetrator” finally attempts to meet the “14 year old minor” that he or she has been corresponding with, that’s when the perpetrator discovers that the “14 year old minor” is actually a cop. Even though there was no minor involved, the “perpetrator” is revealed to be a pedophile and is prosecuted for it.

        “However, if it’s true that no candidate gets to run in a Federal election without at least some support from the Tribe, Adelson $ for instance, and Adelson is in fact a NuttyYahoo supporter, then the *intent* motive seems to lack a target in power who might be impacted.”

        If I understand you correctly, I would say this is where the “4D chess theory” and similar theories come into the picture. When I voted for Trump, I realized that he was involved with Jews, yes, but because of his non-career-politician background, his apparent wealth, his repeated criticism of Obama’s imperial adventures, and his other disingenuous rhetoric, etc., I took a chance that he would not willingly destroy America (along with himself, his family, his assets, etc.) for the sake of the Satanic agenda.

        IOW, it was plausible at the time that his position was: “Hey Jews, I love you, and you know I love you, but if we don’t change course a little bit we’re ‘toast’, and I don’t love you enough to flirt with planetary extinction.”

        Of course those theories have now been proven completely wrong as Trump has taken off the mask and enthusiastically leads us to despotism, economic ruin, nuclear war, etc., as if he were “Obama on steroids”.

        But the jews, whose ultimate goal is spiritual in nature, namely, to seek out any manifestation of “goodness” anywhere and replace it with corruption and depravity (i.e. fulfillment of Isaiah 14:13,14, whether they consciously realize it or not), nevertheless bemoan the fact that there are still so many people that oppose them and their agenda that they had to resort to the Trump deception to maintain power.

      4. @Harold

        I’m glad to see you made it back to Darkmoon. I always enjoy reading your comments. though I may not always agree with them.

        On the subject of Jews saying one thing but meaning another: “Jews follow a different notion of truth.”

        “For us, (Poles)” Zielinski said. “the truth corresponds to facts. For the Jew, truth means something that conforms to his understanding of what’s beneficial. If a Jew is religious, then truth means something God wants.”

        Zielinski added that for non-religious Jews, “the truth is subjective or whatever serves Israel’s interests.” In support of his view Zielinski cited the Haggadah — a text read by Jews at the Passover Seder, which contains the story of the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. “Often these stories have nothing to do with facts.”

        Yossi Gurvitz, in a video titled “When Israel is Mighty”, makes it clear that dissimulation, dissembling and deceit are typical of the Jewish approach to truth only until “Israel is (or feels) mighty”. Then they will openly say what they mean. For example:

        “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” – Menachem Begin

        Not much equivocation or hidden meaning there!

        There are some Jews – Atzmon, Finklestein, and Gerard Menuhin, for instance – who speak or write very much against the interests of Zionists, Jews, or Israel. Similarly, Tablet magazine’s editorial board undoubtedly have somewhat different opinions about Trump, as noted in the article linked above. If, this week, they are worried that Trump may not be “good for Israel”, I see no reason to doubt that such is how the editorial board of Tablet magazine really thinks / feels, though it surely does not mean that 100% of Israelis or Jews would agree, and it may not even represent how the editorial board of Tablet magazine will think / feel next week. That said, it would be extremely naive to disregard several thousand years worth of experience with Jews who regard any resistance to “tikkun olam” or violation of the Noahide Laws as deserving of the death penalty. It would also be foolish to ignore the fact that every major Jewish holiday is a celebration of some event during which Jews slaughtered large numbers of gentiles. So if a Jewish person says or writes – a la Noel Ignatiev – that “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity” I see no reason to think he’s actually saying something else. To quote another Jew: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”.

      5. @ Carnaptious

        “I’m glad to see you made it back to Darkmoon. I always enjoy reading your comments.”

        Well thanks for the kind words.

        “though I may not always agree with them.”

        Shame on you…(only kidding).

        “Similarly, Tablet magazine’s editorial board undoubtedly have somewhat different opinions about Trump, as noted in the article linked above.”

        There may be some ambiguity there which leaves room for speculation, but strictly speaking, they’re not actually talking about “Trump” himself are they? As I see it they’re interpreting the “election” of Trump, in which case they’re apparently referring to the people who elected Trump. It may seem like this is nitpicking, but Trump’s serious betrayals give rise to an important distinction, IMO. On the other hand, if it’s a ruse, then perhaps they’re disingenuously implying that Trump is everything that he demonstrably isn’t.

        After all, the things they mention seem like something that might have been “reasonable” for a jew to kvetch about…18 months ago or so, but still? For example, David Duke apparently supported Trump during the campaign, so the fact that Trump was elected instead of Hillary Clinton means the country is going “White Racist Nationalist”? (Even though Trump’s pollsters say Sanders would’ve beat Trump). And “a Russian plot to install a Kremlin stooge in the White House”? Seriously? That they could say something like this after almost 14 months of Trump relentlessly bitch-slapping Russia, to the point of Putin openly threatening nuclear war…gives me pause.

        Thus my earlier qualifying statement “to the extent that statement itself is not a ruse” – by which I was referring to the relevant part of what I perceive to be an ongoing psyop – whereby jews bash Trump onymously (as jews), but support and defend him to the ends of the earth, anonymously.

        Anyway, I agree in general with your views about statements made by jews (e.g., they’re more candid when they’re feeling invulnerable, etc.), as deep as you went into the subject, but as I see it, there is sometimes a “spiritual subtext” to the things they say and do which often goes unnoticed/underappreciated, and of course the layers of deception can be confusing. Sometimes I think the study of jewspeak should be a separate, special branch of epistemology.

      6. @Carnaptious
        “There are some Jews – Atzmon, Finklestein, and Gerard Menuhin, for instance – who speak or write very much against the interests of Zionists, Jews, or Israel.”
        It’s how they control the discourse. Finklestein is a big believer in the “extermination program”, in the “gas chambers” etc. Atzmon is just an attention whore who has only just recently stepped into the 911 arena, claiming it’s not his area of ‘expertise’. Yeah right Mr ‘my family are leading Mossad and IDF operators’ Atzmon.

        Have you got a website Carnaptious, you have a lot of interesting links and things to say?

      7. @Jimbo,

        Thank you for your kind thoughts. 🙂 I do have a website, and accounts on Twitter and Gab, all under the name “One Eyed Fat Cat”. All are very recent creations, and the website is still very much “under construction.” This month, March, I have an out of town guest, numerous medical appointments, and a couple of classes on my schedule. Unfortunately, all of these things require an 80 mile round trip drive to attend to, which leaves me with even less time to work on the website or post original stuff. My Twitter / Gab accounts are up and running. The website will get a link from here when I get a little further along with construction. When “CARNAPTIOUS” turns blue, the link will be active.

        Sorry I missed your comment until today. As Lobro has noted, once a comment falls off the bottom of the “RECENT COMMENTS” sidebar list it’s not likely that people will find it except by accident.

    2. Most Jews hate Trump’s demeanor. He acts “too white” for their comfort. Whether or not he is pro-zionist or anti-zionist probably is not a thought upon which he ponders much. His domestic policies have, thus far, been too common sensical to make him an enemy of traditional America. Jew knows the longer this continues, the more tenuous will be his grip on America’s throat. Jew is frightened by the prospect.
      Meanwhile, Mr. Jew is fixing his sights on South Africa, where the nigra government has just voted for the uncompensated seizure of white-owned land (72% of SA). A bloodbath there will continue, and Mr.Jew will end-up controlling the resources there because the jigs haven’t a clue as to how. MSM will air nothing about it, because we know (((who))) runs MSM. (The same ones who constantly demean Mr. Trump.)

    3. Is Trump FOR the Jews or AGAINST them?

      It’s hard to tell, but for me your question begs another.
      If Trump overtly said or did something against jewery how many days would he remain in office?

    4. @Sister Monica
      Hi, you said;
      “…Brits have lost control of their country…”
      In the article it mentions in a phrase how to find out who is doing the controlling and attributes the words to Voltaire. After a quick search it appears questionable the origin of the quote. What do you reckon SM?

      “The statement “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” is often attributed to Voltaire, the French Enlightenment writer, historian and philosopher. In fact, it is something said by Strom in his program, “All America Must Know the Terror That is Upon Us” (1993): “To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?” The misattributed quotation continues to spread across the Internet.”

      “There are lots of quotations that are attributed to Voltaire that aren’t actually by him, and that’s one of them,” he said. “Voltaire has been copied and imitated and pastiched ever since he produced his first writings …
      If you put Voltaire’s name to it, it certainly has much more authority than if it was just your own quotation.”

  2. I would be careful of this Alison Chabloz. Her name sounds suspect and she looks vaguely Jewish. The Jews are notorious for this sort of thing. Setting up a fall guy, play acting both sides, etc.

    Some male Jews in porn, for example, will dress up with confederate shirts and then gang bang a negro girl. True, it’s all there for you to see. I’m not sure if the Jews are trying to be subversive and funny (it’s not) or if they are genuinely trying to act the part so people watching it will blame white men.

    Nevertheless, I agree with the overall point that anybody who brings light to the holocaust, or the Jewish lies, exaggeration, and extortion regarding these events, is silenced by the Jews and their enablers.

    White Americans, for their part, have no clue on any of this. They have their pizza, cheetos, video games, and negro sports ball to watch. They’re happy, and the powers that be know not to rock the boat too much. Just keep them showing up to work and being patriotic, etc. Keep the immigrants pouring in, blame the Mexicans and Asians. Then they’ll never notice those Jews and their trillions and trillions of dollars.

    1. Chabloz is as French-Swiss name, not Jewish. Some people have become over-suspicious, seeing “Jewish agents” everywhere.

    2. @ dolph

      I would be careful of this Alison Chabloz. Her name sounds suspect and she looks vaguely Jewish.

      I doubt Alison Chabloz is Jewish for three reasons.

      (1) No Jews I know, not one, would poke fun at the Holocaust. Holocaust denial, as you must know, is not something Jews do. Moreover, Alison is not only ready to go to prison for her free speech, but has suffered genuine hardship as a result of her defiance of Big Jewry, including the loss of her job and employment prospects as well as increasing persecution at the hands of individual Jews.

      (2) Your argument that she “looks” Jewish is weak. Many non-Jews look Jewish (like my own brother) and many Jews don’t look Jewish at all (like Kirk Douglas and Paul Newman).

      (3) “Chabloz” is not the name Alison was born with but the name of her husband! She decided to keep his name when she divorced him. 🙂

      1. Hi Sardonicus,
        Many people who consider themselves Jews are not Jews genetically. If you see those slim, blonde Jewish ladies in NYC it is because Jewish men have married slim, blonde gentile girls.

        You don’t have to consider Kahzar conversions to Judaism in the 7th century. It is those North European beauties that have infiltrated the Jewish Gene pool in the 20th century.

    3. The Jews and their agendas are “in our face ” every day. Watched a music video recently . The music was fair but the promotion of White race-mixing with negros (miscegenation) was obvious. Google “The Revisionists- I wish I knew you when I was young. ” Always some Zio agenda shoved down our throats.

      1. Irish Savant has an excellent meme that covers the lot: Music, Video, Internet.

        It is:

        The Electronic Jew

        So all, don’t dither about defining what you mean by jew collated and promoted Satanic material distributed by several channels. Just call it Electronic Jew

      2. Flan –

        The ‘Electronic jew’ can NOW take ‘Electronic kol nidre’ online worldwide….
        “YUGE” attendance is “YUGE” $$$$.!!
        They can use credit cards… 🙂


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      3. Flan –

        Farewell Ireland.!!!
        Ireland’s Prime Minister to Bring in One-Million Migrants.

        Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s first ethnic Indian government minister, is preparing to bring one-million immigrants to the Emerald Isle! Ireland’s present population is 4.8 million.

        The immigrants likely will be Muslims from Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

        They will be granted citizenship and subsidized by welfare.

        —They also will be entitled to family reunification (chain migration), which will destroy the culture and the country.—

    4. @Dolph
      “Some male Jews in porn, for example, will dress up with confederate shirts and then gang bang a negro girl. True, it’s all there for you to see.”
      You forgot the disclaimer that… “all opinions are researched and submitted purely in the pursuit of truth” 🙂

  3. Jews and homosexuals lead the ” protected class ” that is now an accepted discourse running through British injustice(sic) , whitey need not apply.
    As for Allison, good luck, and thank you for your bravery.

  4. Trump, who knows, as some political type eluded to recently, his ( trump) views are based on the last person he spoke to, and considering the last person he speaks to usually is his daughter the devoted wife of a committed Zionist, that committed Zionist himself, or a myriad of other Zionists that loiter around the white house/state dept, one holds little hope, ones only hope is that he bears a grunge due to ((them)) pulling the rug from under his failed casino venture.

  5. This statement shows that Trump is NOT for law-abiding whites in the US.!!! He is doing bidding of jews.!!

    “Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

    Trump Endorses Gun Confiscation without Due Process

    President Donald Trump shocked guns-rights advocates by saying that, when people are thought to be mentally unstable, guns should be taken early, without a court order because that takes too long:
    “Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

    Judge Napolitano explains that judges are on-call and must be available in two and a half hours in extreme mental-illness cases, so court action and due-process would NOT be a serious obstacle to public safety.

    1. Full disclosure: I voted for NOBODY for POTUS 2016 (Thanks, Wavy Gravy!)

      So many quotes, so little space: It is easier to fool people than convince people they’ve been fooled. Hope is one’s last gasp before one drowns in one’s own stew. If voting made a difference, (((they))) would outlaw it.

      Given a choice between chocolate and vanilla (! recall that one, anyone?), and having made a choice, then (1) asked WHY one chose chocolate (say, Tweedle Demon) or, if so, then vanilla (say, Tweedle Duh), and (2) directed NOT to elucidate, explain, or otherwise state “considerations” concerning one’s choosing one or the other, what did one, or what would one answer? ((((W.E.))) would smile at the memory, wherever he hangs out nowadays, up to no good, certainly). Why? indeed! What considerations have fallen by the wayside?

      I submit to you that following “national politics” in the onion-like, incorporated USoA — extend to Canada, U.K., and throughout the world save for a few residual holdouts — is a waste of your GOD-given time and talents. Best to find the Way out. There is an supremely ironic post on Zero Hedge of “Faith” being lost, surely apocryphal! A child raised completely outside the “system” — no birth certificate, no record of her existence in the system — now wants in! Anna Von Reitz to the rescue!

      1. I haven’t voted for President since 1988 – Ron Paul, Libertarian Party.

        I don’t want to encourage the fraud.

  6. We no longer have any police force in any western lands anymore. They have all effectively been turned into Shomrim, the jewish police force. If they persecute you for crimes like this, then you will know if you have a shomrim force or not.

    1. Morningstar!
      “We no longer have any police force in any western lands anymore.” You are absolutely correct. The British editor of Breitbart in a recent interview stated that London is now the acid attack capital of the world, couple that with the horrific rise in knife and machete attacks and you have the UK descending into a latter day Rwanda. The machete, BTW, was the weapon of genocide used by the Hutus on the Tutsis! He even went on to call London a shithole. Unfortunately most of the major cities in the west are now shitholes.
      Where I live there are so many smug Brits looking down on the US for all their gun deaths. Speaking as an ex-cop, I’ve seen my fair share death from both guns and machetes (they’re called pangas in Southern Africa) give me a nice clean death from a gunshot wound.
      You realise of course, that police nowadays are too “busy” chasing vicious hate speakers and gaoling anti-semites to give a toss about Joe and Jane Public being able to walk the streets in safety! When I entered the police college back in 1969 the first objective of the police, we were told, was the prevention of crime. You accomplish that by having cops walk a beat, not by suppressing so called hate speech. People should have the right to express their prejudices no matter how crude or unpleasant!

  7. Check out this photo of shake n’ bake “celebrity” Emma Gonzalez (Parkland HS shooting)

    Holocaust class? Every day? No wonder US students graduate with no skills in reading, writing or arithmetic. Too busy learning about the “truth that never happened, and the things that happened that aren’t true”.

  8. Can somebody enlighten me? If Ms Chabloz is British, how come she is on trial in Germany for singing her songs?

    NOTHING has been said in the British media about her, and the Foreign Office loooks after foreigners.

    1. I think the Holocaust is a phony piece of Jewish victimhood.

      Can I go to jail for writing that in England, and if I go to Germany can they arrest me?

    2. Wrong lady John, its Monica who’s Canadian that’s being persecuted in Germany, Allison is being persecuted in Britain, as for the ” British press ” to twist an old famous quote , Well they wouldn’t say that would they.

    3. @ John Kirby

      Can somebody enlighten me? If Ms Chabloz is British, how come she is on trial in Germany for singing her songs?

      You’re getting a bit confused, John: you are mixing up two separate women, both accused of Holocaust denial!

      Alison Chabloz, a British political dissident and singer-songwriter, will go on trial this coming Wednesday in a British court for her YouTube song (((Survivors))), which satirizes the Holocaust.

      Monika Schaefer, a Canadian citizen, is in prison right now in Germany for producing a YouTube video called, Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust. She made the mistake of taking a trip to Germany as a tourist from Canada and the Germans arrested her for an alleged “crime” she didn’t even commit on German soil. This is what is so outrageous about the Monika Schaefer case.

      I don’t blame you for getting mixed up between these two parallel cases occurring at the same time: one in Britain, one in Germany, both women accused of the Holocaust denial for producing YouTube videos that have angered the Jews.

      All I would say to Alison Chabloz, the British dissident, is this: “Alison, don’t go to Germany on holiday whatever you do! — or they’ll clap you in irons and throw you into the same prison cell with Monica Schaefer!” 🙂

      1. Sister Monika is quite right in everything she says about Alison Chabloz and Monika Schaffer. But Sister, you forgot to note that both are cultivated, charming women of wit and verve, and both are musicians with a goodly dash of primadonna glamour.

      2. Hi sister Monica,

        Many thanks for clearing that up.

        It seems scarcely possible that a British court should be convened to try this lady. This is a show trial.

        George Orwell, where are you now? You warned us.

        1. @ John Kirby

          It seems scarcely possible that a British court should be convened to try this lady. This is a show trial.

          Correct! You’ve hit the nail on the head, John. Alison will face British justice in a magistrate’s court on Wednesday. That’s the day after tomorrow.

          If the magistrate lets her completely off the hook, I’d be surprised. She won’t get prison, but I fear she will receive some kind of punishment that will curtail her internet activities and force her to keep silent in future. In short, the Arthur Topham treatment. Metaphorically. Arthur’s tongue has been cut off; he can no longer speak his mind as a critic of Big Jewry. I fear the same will happen to Alison.

          If Alison gets off lightly, I will rejoice for her sake. And I will then begin to respect British justice again. Otherwise, I see nothing before us but a further descent into an Orwellian police state presided over by Jews.

      3. Correction – she satirises proven LIARS about the “holocaust”. Not the “holocaust” itself.

        ADMIN: Agreed, but she is also skeptical of the traditional Holocaust narrative and describes herself as a “Holocaust revisionist”, along with Faurisson, Zundel etc.

  9. AAIPAC is holding its annual conference in Washington today, don’t expect any Timothy Mcveigh type to free the nation, Americans, it seems have grown accustomed to bending over, a sickening display of Zionist bribery and blackmail coupled with sub-JU-gated population,
    Democracy has been corrupted beyond repair, another Way must be found.

    AAIPAC, Anti American.

  10. ‘Why does the law regard speech that offends the Jews as a crime? It doesn’t regard speech that offends white gentiles as criminal. What makes the Jews so “special”? Why is there a legal double standard?’

    Mr Sims, it is just not true that the legal double standard to which you refer exists. There are the insane ‘holocaust denial’ laws in Germany and France, and in six other European countries, in which truth is not a defence. I.e., if you have denied the holocaust, or somehow ‘minimised’ it, and are hauled before a court, you cannot argue in your defence that what you said is true, for that would be irrelevant, and it would even harm your case, for you would be seen to be denying the holocaust even more. All that is relevant is that there is a law that forbids the doing/sayng of what you did. That law applies to Jew and Gentile alike. So what if only Gentiles are ever charged under that law? Ahem: How can such a weighted-against-the-majority law stand?

    There is a law in Australia that is every bit as vicious, if not more so. That is the ‘offence’ law that was brought down against leading revisionist Dr Fredrick Toben. Truth is not a defence here, either; it suffices that someone is offended by what you say, albeit true. This law also applies equally to Jew and Gentile; it just so happens that only Jews tend to feel offended. But we could remedy that.

    The ‘offence’ law exists in all British jurisdictions too. But, fortunately, it does not carry any sort of ‘truth is not a defence’ condition. Truth is a defence, thanks to the absence here of a ‘holocaust denial’ law. And a person can feel as offended as he/she likes by what another person says. There is no crime there. A crime arises only if the accused person is deemed to have said or done something that is ‘grossly offensive’.

    The rotten part of this is that the measure of what is merely ‘offensive’ or ‘grossly offensive’ is the opinion of the notional ‘reasonable man’, and what that reasonable man would opine is decided by the judge, unless the case is in a higher court than the Magistrates’ Court, where there can be a jury. (Whether the Magistrates’ Court judge is indeed a good proxy for the ‘reasonable man’, or just another bought man/woman, is a matter of chance.)

    Our own lovely Alison Chabloz was charged under this law via a nasty legal route that involved a private prosecution because the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) declined to charge her. That private prosecution was then brought into the public sector court because the CPS and the Director of Public Prosecutions changed their minds about not charging Alison. Neat or what?

    Again, this law applies to Jew and Gentile alike. It has no precedent. And Alison’s case will not make a precedent, for it is in the lowest-level court: a Magistrates’ Court. The judge’s decision in Alison’s case will nonetheless be a first of its kind. If Alison is discharged, as she will be, the Jews will have lost nothing, for that will not make a binding precedent: they can keep on using this law to harass people. But it would do their cause good if she were convicted, for they would then have a judicial decision to cite, and subsequent judges will have a judicial reasoning to consider, albeit a non-binding one. So they are OK either way, and bugger the heavy thousands of public money that this vexatious case gobbles.

    And so what if Alison suffered a level of brutalising at the hands of law enforcement (made possible by the stringent bail conditions imposed on her by the judge who had had to recuse herself) that would frizz your hair? That’ll teach her. (Or so they think. But I can already hear their stuck-pig squeals, for they will not find themselves unassailable by the law.)

    1. Hope you’re right that the law will be applied equally, though I could easily cite numerous examples in which that has not been the case when “protected minorities” – basically anyone except white people, particularly males – are involved. In the politically correct world of today “equality” is being redefined:

      Because here’s the thing: Treating everyone exactly the same actually is not fair. What equal treatment does do is erase our differences and promote privilege. Source

      Alison Chabloz is a “cis white female”, only slightly above white males in the new SJW social hierarchy. Jews, on the other hand, are the most privileged of “protected minorities” because “holocaust, anti-Semitism”.

  11. The FA ( football association ) chief in the UK has been forced to apologize after suggesting the star of david is a religious/political symbol, all such symbols are banned under FA rule “4”, but the gentlemen in question made the mistake of including the star in a sentence that also included other ban symbols such as the hammer and sickle swastika or pictures of Robert Mugabe.
    So and overview of this indecent is as follows,
    You may be speaking the truth ( as the FA gentleman was ) but should the Zionist claim offence, you had better be prepared to grovel.

  12. A little off topic, so I’ll keep it brief.

    Headline: Schumer and Dems outdo Trump at AIPAC– there’s no peace because ‘Palestinians don’t believe in Torah’

    That orgy of elite devotion to Israel that is the AIPAC policy conference has featured one prominent Democrat after another seeking to outflank the Trump administration in their expressions of love for Israel.

    Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer took the prize by slinging mud at Palestinians and Arabs as the reason there is no end to the conflict. Schumer said the problem is that the Palestinians don’t believe in the Jewish Torah…

    Reading this ode to the odious is not recommended for those who have had breakfast. It’s a gag / vomit reflex inducing piece in which the political class fall over each other kowtowing to the most vile, racist, supremacist people on earth.

    Shorter Schumer: There would be peace in the world if everyone just did as the Jews want.

  13. Update from the trial. Weird format because it’s the “mobile” version for Twitter.

    Chabloz told her, ‘It’s my right to express those views.’

    Ms Robinson (prosecutor) said: ‘This is not an unqualified right – one cannot send material or matter on the internet which is grossly offensive.’

    Chabloz retorted, ‘But it depends for whom doesn’t it, because there are plenty of parodies of Christian music that say Jesus was gay or that he must have been born by a donkey.

    Chabloz: It is concerning that where I live, my people I love, my race, that we will become an ethnic minority.’

    Ms Robinson told her, ‘The views you have expressed are anti-Semitic and racist.

    ‘You said of the white race, “It breaks my heart to see that disappearing.”

    ‘That is nothing more than racism.’

    At which point there was loud booing from the public gallery and Chabloz’s barrister, Adrian Davies, rose to speak.

    Nothing more than racism to say “It breaks my heart to see that (the white race) disappearing.” 🤔
    Would it also be racism to say “It breaks my heart to see the jewish race disappearing.”?
    Think we know the answer to that.

    The obviously biased article ends with holohoax “facts”.

    Here’s another article in a more normal format with some of the same coverage, some different.

    Comments are overwhelmingly against Alison Chabloz

    Comment: What is MOST shocking is this nutter has followers
    Downvotes 377 Upvotes 3079

    Comment: This is beyond disgusting – how do people like her form such sick beliefs?
    Downvotes 363 Upvotes 2104

    Things do not look good for Alison.

    1. I would not put much trust in those upvotes.
      Having seen first hand how the British court system works I know that Alison’s best hope resided in how good ( expensive ) her legal team was, there is no comment , she can make , even glaringly obvious contradictions in how the law is not being applied evenly, that will counter the constant barrage put forward by legal minds, 90% of which is designed to distort and confuse proceedings, what happens in court is not about truth and justice, its about conviction or acquittal, the best she can do is make a point that may lead to grounds for an appeal.
      The best we can do is counter those up voting.

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