25 thoughts to “In the Bleak Midwinter: A Christmas Carol”

  1. Felix Navidad, Lasha! Thank you and Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

    Since etiquette is often a mystery to me, I’m not sure if it is appropriate to offer another simple sweet Noel, but being it’s Christmas I shall go ahead and do so.
    My favorite.

    1. Pat, the dancing stops but the music plays on..
      Hope you’re feeling alright to start the new year.

  2. I love Christina Rossetti, her style, she was of italian origin. Remember me, is one of her many beautiful poems.

  3. Oh for goodness sake, what is all this obsequious adulation for a mere poet? These things called poems are as easy to write as heating a can of tomato soup — observe and learn.

    Twas the middle of the winter when
    chilly-willy wafts burn fingers
    to the bone.

    That time before the Spring but
    definitely after Autumn
    (And you don’t want to be caught outside
    without your phone).

    So all this stuff falls all over the place;
    like what Joyce said about the dead, he did,
    though what he mean’t remains

    So to recap what I’m sayin’ about the cold and the snow:
    it’s frickin’ freezin’ when you’re sleighin’
    and you don’t know where to go.

    See? Easy. Let me know if you want a second verse and I’ll send you a link to my Patreon page 😉 There may be a delay in my reply because I accidentally cut off my thumb when opening a can of Heinz soup, just there now. I immediately tweeted the incident and updated by Facebook status to “Thumbthings wrong?”. But be assured I will write a second verse if I get enough shekels.

    1. Wow, Flopot, I had no idea you were such an accomplished poet!
      How do you do it? I am green with envy…

      1. I think Lasha featured this Christmas song before for Christmas. Is it the only Christmas song around? Or, is Lasha the “great” poetress suffering from lack of imagination? There’s other Christmas songs, you don’t have to feature the *yawn* same Christmas song every year, sayin’.

      2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Oh it’s nothing. No really, the poem is nothing 😉 .
        Oh alright then, here is another verse…only kidding, phew.

  4. taidettiin iljalle maksaa mukava summa 🙂 Ei sanakaa juutalaisista tai vapaamuurareista tai rahajärjestelmästä??? Kova ukko ei siinä mitään kovempi ku ykskään urheilija tässä maassa!! Mutta nyt pitäis tehä markku uuspaavalniemet ihan tosissaan!!!

    Ja miksi korostaa tota M kirjainta :)!!! Teki todennäkösesti soinit!! kenenkään agentti ei voinut olla koska oikeasti kärsi paljon!! Oli miten oli iljalle voimia ja hoida jutkut vittuun tästä maasta ja euroopasta!! Venejältä ei onnistu, on hallinnu venäjää jo iät ja ajat!!


    Suomalainen ihminen yhteiskuntaa hoitamassa = katastrofi

    Puhun katastrofista, joka tuhoaa Suomen ja Suomen kansan absoluuttisella varmuudella. Katastrofin syy on suomalainen ihminen itse.

    Katastrofi on automaattinen seuraus siitä, ettei suomalainen ihminen ymmärrä yhteiskuntamme toiminnan selkärankaa, raha- ja pankkijärjestelmäämme. Raha- ja pankkijärjestelmämme ei ole osa yhteiskuntaamme vaan yksityinen kansainvälinen rikoshanke, jolle Suomen kansa on antanut maassamme monopoliaseman. Tuossa rikoshankkeessa raha on korollista velkaa noille (juutalaisten johtamille) kansainvälisille rikollisille. Raha tulee liikenteeseen vain velkana, ottamalla sitä lainaksi pankeista. Kaikki liikenteessä oleva raha on pankista lainattua. Jos kaikki maksaisivat pankkivelkansa yhtaikaa pois, mihinkään ei jäisi rahaa. Rahaa on liikenteessä velkojen nimellisarvon verran, mutta koska pankeille on maksettava takaisin tuon nimellisarvon lisäksi korot, yhteiskunnassa on koko ajan takaisin pankeille maksettavaa enemmän kuin rahaa on olemassakaan. Tämä pakottaa yhteiskunnan jatkuvaan lisälainaamiseen. Aina jonkun jossakin on pakko ottaa lisää velkaa selvitäkseen entisistä veloista. Yhteiskuntaan syntyy eksponentiaalisesti syvenevä velkakierre ja velkaorjuus, ja lopulta yhteiskunta tuhoutuu.


    Mitä luulette laitettiinko ilja ruotuun?????? Kova ukko ei siinä mitään!! Kesti kauemminki moni muu!! Varmaa näki minkälainen paska kansa tämä on pääosin 🙂

    1. FFJC –

      Debt is a commodity traded like any other commodity on many levels!

      I agree… with this part:

      Finnish man in social care = disaster

      I am talking about a catastrophe that destroys the people of Finland and Finland with absolute certainty. The cause of the disaster is the Finnish man himself.

      The disaster is an automatic consequence of the fact that a Finnish person does not understand the backbone of our society, our monetary and banking system.

      Our monetary and banking system is not part of our society, but a private international crime project, for which the Finnish people have given a monopoly in our country.

      In that criminal project, money is interest-bearing debt to those (Jew-led) international criminals. Money comes into the traffic only as a debt, borrowed from the banks. All the money in the traffic is borrowed from the bank.

      If everyone paid off their debts at the same time, there would be no money left. Money in traffic is the nominal value of debts, but since banks have to repay interest in addition to that nominal value, society has to pay back more to the banks than there is money. This forces the society to continue to lend more.

      Anyone somewhere is forced to take on more debt to cope with former debts. In society, the exponentially deepening of the debt spirits and debt collection, and eventually society is destroyed.

    2. It will have to do, Wiggins, as us prisoners here in Spamblinka gulag in SIBERIA are never allowed out of the slave labor work camp so us prisoners/slaves NEVER get to go to any live Trans-SIBERIAN orchestra concerts. We’re worked especially hard on Christmas [ and on Easter ]. uncle is an obstructionist so I’m in Spamblinka for being a NON-jew TRUTH TELLER [ Most likely uncle went to the same school for website administrators as Incogman and puck bunny ]. Anyway, thank you for sharing a beautiful and uplifting Christmas hymn. There’s NOTHING beautiful or in any way inspiring in this gulag toxic toby sent me to.

    1. The woman is either mentally disturbed or else she is a Jewish troll. Not necessarily female, either. This could be a guy with a beard posting from Tel Aviv. For a start, her English is too good for someone who claims to be German.

    2. MB –

      Yeah…. I could see him squatting in a cheap narrow cubicle in Haifa or Tel Aviv, eating a ham sandwich he smuggled in his briefcase. 🙂

  5. i’m sure the intentions are good, but i have to say no thanks on the christmas carol…
    those of us who are not part of christmas suffer monumentally throughout the whole ‘holiday season’, constantly bombarded with christmas music on the one hand and the utterly disgusting commercial media sales press on the other.. then here comes the movies about the torture murder of the state victim, the lamb of god-the-state, led to the bloody sacrifice, whipped, beaten, thorned, stabbed and nailed… and we’ll be treated to a few shots of the big ceremonial procession going on inside the walls, with all the vatican witch doctors decked out in their silken finery, carrying their symbols high.. it’s beyond tiresome… but it goes by in time, like everything else…
    if i have any choice, and i do, i’ll take my solstice without the bloodshead… you can keep all that baloney…
    people tell me ‘merry christmas’, and i wish them back a ‘wholesome solstice’…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      i’m sure the intentions are good, but i have to say no thanks on the christmas carol… it’s beyond tiresome…Blah …blah … blah … blah … blah

      You want a pat on the back for intolerance?

      Ever thought of keeping your mouth shut out of consideration for the feelings of others?

      You remind me of a carnivore who gets an orgasm every time he sneers at a vegan.

      1. Question the historical existence of Jesus if you so choose, Bark. But know this:

        When you are truly hearing a beautiful carol like “Oh Holy Night” (my favorite), it touches your ❤️. That’s all you need to understand the true meaning of Christmas

        Hearing is seeing

  6. mb – ” Ever thought of keeping your mouth shut out of consideration for the feelings of others?”
    that’s the whole point, miss-understanding…
    all kinds of people who push christmas for whatever their reasons care not a whit for the feelings of everybody else who doesn’t appreciate it, as they run roughshod over them every solstice with their jive everywhere…
    i’m keeping my mouth shut for a week, every time i feel like yelling at somebody to stop it…
    nothing to be done about the commercial media, they can say what they want, and they do, for profit…
    but i say thank god we live in a country at least founded with separation of church and state…
    for your information, i hold vegans and vegetarians in the highest esteem… to quote the said celebrity “as you have done for the least of them, so have you done for me”… i wish i could be so enlightened as to detach any and all cruelties and exploitations perpetrated on the animals by not consuming their bodies or using those products…
    i wonder where you’re at on that?

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