Iran Nuclear Deal: Why has Trump withdrawn US from it and why does it matter?

Text sourced from The Independent


US President Donald Trump has fulfilled an election campaign promise to pull out of the landmark 2015 nuclear deal agreed between Iran and world powers, an agreement former Secretary of State John Kerry said “made the world a safer place”.

“When I make promises I keep them.”
—  Donald Trump 

Like building a wall across the Mexican border?  🙂

Mr Trump said the Obama-era legislation would be scrapped on Tuesday, calling the deal “decaying and rotten”.

The US will “not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail” or allow “a regime that chants “Death to America” to gain nuclear weapons, he said from the White House in a long-expected announcement.

The administration intends to reinstate severe sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

What is the Iran nuclear deal?

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was a two-year-long diplomatic initiative from Iran and a group of countries known as the P5+1 – the members of the United Nations Security Council (the US, UK, France, China, Russia) along with Germany.

The deal, reached in Vienna in July 2015 and later ratified by the UN, lifted crippling international sanctions in place on Iran in return for curbs on the country’s nuclear programme. It ensured that Tehran would abandon any attempts at creating a nuclear arsenal and ended 12 years of deadlock over the issue.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) monitors have consistently verified that Iran is complying with the terms of the deal. 

Why has Trump withdrawn from it? 

Mr Trump said that he believes the Iran nuclear agreement to be a bad deal long before he ran for office. Critics admit it is only a medium-term plan and it also does not address Iran’s non-nuclear weapons and missile programmes.

The president’s foreign policy has so far been marked by a significant ratcheting of tensions with Iran, driven by his administration’s noted friendliness towards Israel, which opposes the deal, and the appointment of Iran hawks to prominent positions in his administration.

The deal is also noted as former President Barack Obama’s greatest foreign policy achievement. In his first year in office Mr Trump has moved to dismantle several Obama-era laws and policies.

So what happens next?

Mr Trump must decide which sanctions he wishes to re-impose on the Islamic Republic. Different baskets include penalties on Iran’s central bank, intended to hit Iranian oil exports, and more than 400 different companies, individuals and business sectors.

If the US were to scrap all the current waivers in one go, it would put the US in immediate violation of the deal’s terms, which say sanctions remain lifted as long as Iran is complying with its terms.

Iran is heavily invested in saving the deal, but has threatened that if sanctions are reinstated it could restart its nuclear programme.

How did everyone else react to the news of Trump’d decision?

In Iran, although President Hassan Rouhani called for restraint, some members of parliament burned American flags and chanted “Death to America”. Mr Rouhani says Iran remains committed to the deal.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, as well as French President Emmanuel Macron, made trips to the US in the days leading up to the US’ certification deadline in a bid to save the deal, to no avail.

The EU issued a statement on Tuesday night rebuking Mr Trump’s decision, telling the US president he does not have the power to unilaterally scrap the international agreement.

By way of contrast, Israel – a key US ally which opposed the Iran deal – was delighted with the decision. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised his US counterpart for having the “courage” to withdraw from the deal.

“Israel has opposed the nuclear deal from the start because we said that rather than blocking Iran’s path to a bomb, the deal actually paves Iran’s path to an actual arsenal of nuclear bombs and this within a few years time,” Netanyahu said.


“What luck for Israel — to have another Zionist puppet in the White House!”   🙂 


“It’s all KABUKI, y’know, it’s all 4D CHESS!
One day I’m gonna wipe out them Jews like Stalin — just give me time!”  🙂


“Yep, Donald and I are in cahoots!
One day we’re gonna NUKE Israel — when we get nuclear weapons!!!”  🙂

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    1. Hmm . . . I thought the satirical pictures and captions said it all! Though some diehard Trump supporters will no doubt glower ferociously and wax indignant at seeing their hero held up to well-deserved mockery! 🙂

      Long live the NEW STALIN! — doing his best at the same time to copy the Emperor Claudius! — and play the part of a “clown” in order to keep his cojones in a dangerous Jew-infested world! 🙂

      How many more Americans will be duped into fighting and dying for Israel, thanks to this Orange Clown and his Zionist handlers?

  2. Donald – “make Israel great again” – Trump has kept his promise to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran. Even the key members of the EU, otherwise obedient slaves of the US, don’t agree with that. Only Israel, and especially paranoid Netanyahu, is pleased with it. Sanctions will cripple Iran’s economy, but not lead to regime change as is hoped in Tel Aviv. A war with Iran can only be justified if proofs of Iran’s nuclear weapons program can be shown. Recently Netanyahu made a horrible job of that. The world will not be fooled for another time with the same lies. There will be more attacks by Israel on Iranian troops and installations in Syria, but an all-out war with Iran seems not likely, unless Trump is completely mad (or completely controlled by mad Jews). Trump showed wisdom in his treatment of North Korea, after first threatening with war. Let us hope this will be a similar case.

    1. “Trump showed wisdom in his treatment of North Korea, after first threatening with war. Let us hope this will be a similar case.”

      Wisdom? If the ignorant orange savage had an ounce of “wisdom” he’d seek out the nearest bridge and jump off of it.

      I think it’s too early to wax optimistic about North Korea, but to the extent war is avoided there (at least in the near term) it is most likely because the ignorant orange savage and his handlers want to concentrate their evil on the Mideast.

  3. There will be more attacks by Israel on Iranian troops and installations in Syria, but an all-out war with Iran seems not likely, unless Trump is completely mad (or completely controlled by mad Jews). Trump showed wisdom in his treatment of North Korea, after first threatening with war. Let us hope this will be a similar case.

    I hope you’re right about this. Time will tell. But if Trump showed “wisdom” in his treatment of North Korea, how can he be the “New Stalin”, as one of our distinguished commenters here would have us believe?

    According to this fascinating theory of “kabuki” or 4D-chess, no matter what Trump does, he’s doing the right thing! Even when he spits in your face and cuts off your b***s, he’s exonerated in advance because he’s playing a subtle game, y’know, he’s being fiendishly clever and trying to “make America great again” while seeming, on the surface, to be doing the opposite! 🙂

    When Trump moves left, according to the kabuki theory, he’s actually moving right! When he seems to be catering to Netanyahu and the Jews and sucking up to them shamelessly, he’s in fact doing the opposite! — and getting ready, in true Machiavellian fashion, to pull the rug away from under the Jews’ feet! 🙂

    The Trump idolaters can never lose. Because they move the goalposts whenever it suits them. Everything bad Trump does is justified by arguing it’s all part of an elaborate plan to give the Jews their comeuppance — ONE DAY! 🙂

    1. Well said, Sardonicus! You speak truth as usual, though what you say will earn you the undying hatred and enmity of the Trump worshippers on this site.

      Check this out — another distinguished writer, Paul Craig Roberts, despised and hated by the Trump cultists for having the guts to express the thoughts of millions:

      “We can now dismiss all hope that Trump’s campaign promises to pull out of Syria, normalize relations with Russia and stop the offshoring of American jobs will ever become US policies. By dishonoring the US government’s word and pulling out of the Iran nuclear non-proliferation agreement, an agreement signed by the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, China, and Iran, President Trump has revealed that his regime is totally in the hands of the Zionist warmongers.”

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  4. Yawn

    Same old tired comments by writers not doing much thinking outside the box

    There’s a game of 4-D chess being played all right. The question remains as to the players and the played

  5. forgive me for seeing patterns in commentary immediately on the heels of such articles … a brand new poster deriding a dm veteran for his views, emma kirby trying on suit jacket with padded shoulders.

    well, there are some other extremely low-iq writers out there who don’t follow the what-you-see-is-what-you-get script, e.g.:
    Why Cry? It’s Great News That Trump Pulled Out Of The Iran Deal!

    The fear and fury that have gripped the Alt-Media Community since Trump’s announcement yesterday that he was pulling out of the Iran deal are totally misplaced and triggered by a lack of understanding over what the most likely consequences of this move will be.
    written by one andrew korybko of course, … what could korbyko be but an utter moron?

    just like 150 million stalin-worshiping russians, just about every one having lost someone to the red terror, are totally unaware of their own history and for some inexplicable reason prefer stalin to trotsky.
    Those russians, the world’s prime imbeciles, failing to understand that had the likes of trotsky, zinoviev, kamenov, uritsky, radek, parvus, steklov and sverdlov prevailed in post-lenin power struggle instead of stalin, the history of russia would have been a bed of roses by comparison.

    ah well, the idiots abound, like mike king, whose article on ursula haverbeck and monika schaeffer was just published here yesterday, look at what he has to say:
    first he mockingly quotes our priceless paper of record

    NY Times: Trump Vandalizes the Iran Deal Trump’s

    NY Times: Termination of Iran Deal is a Risky Bet

    NY Times: Iranians Fear Deeper Crisis as Trump Ends Nuclear Deal

    i mean, who in his right mind could gainsay such distinguished minds as pc roberts and the august editorial board of the new york times?

    A review:

    • Trump “attacks” Syria in 2017 then, weeks later, cuts off funding to the CIA’s “moderate rebels” just as Putin is bombing the crap out of them.
    • Trump threatens to nuke North Korea. Now, he will be meeting with Lil’ Kim in June!
    • Trump declares “trade war” against China. Then, China removes some of its trade barriers (as Xi and Trump had surely already agreed upon during Trump’s visit to China).
    • Trump goes along with Congress’s sanctions on Russia (which he cannot stop, anyway) and bashes Putin. He then announces that he wants to meet with Putin soon.

    Now, about that “Iran Deal” ™ that Trump just tore up and threw in the garbage. — The mere fact that so many scum-of-earth operatives of The New World Order are clearly in a state of panic over the withdrawal brings to mind the old adage, based on a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

    Emanuele Maricon (deliberate typo) from France was sent to Washington to plead with Trump to stay in the deal. The Frumpy Frau of Germany arrived the following week with a similar plea; and just days ago, UK’s head hag Theresa May dispatched her Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson to beg Trump as well. Indeed, all of the head honchos of the evil EUSSR are condemning Trump’s withdrawal.

    Here on the domestic front, the very same Globalists who blew up the Middle East and, just years ago, were actually contemplating an attack on Iran, are all singing from the same song book in condemnation of Trump’s termination of the deal. Sulzberger’s Slimes, The Washington Compost, Mr. & Mr. Obongo, Killary Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden et al.

    Could it be the true purpose of the “Iran Deal” ™ was to set up Iran for a future “violation” that would have given the expected-to-be-President Killary Clinton the pretext to finally attack Iran? If you think about it, Iran can no longer be falsely accused of “cheating” now because it was the US that pulled out of the deal, not Iran. Is Trump really serving Satanyahoo? Or did he just defuse another dangerous tripwire by killing a deal that had ulterior motives all along? Does it not seem strange that China and Russia — who would surely be drawn into World War 3 if Trump attacked Iran — seem rather passive in response to Trump’s withdrawal from a deal which they — along with Iran, the EU, France, Germany and the UK were all party to?

    with sinecere apologies for daring to think with my own, low-iq head instead of going for a comfortable ride with distinguished pc roberts and other professional thinkers of equal distinction and commensurate pay grade.

    1. He’s up to at least a dozen “they said it couldn’t be done” moments by now. (still counting)

      Hopefully he’ll reach 13 by the time WW23 starts..

    2. This is the strongest argument I have read explaining the behaviour of the European ZOGs over the Iran deal. Well, it appeals to my limited grasp of logic anyhow.

      Time to set some personal triggers for Trump (my own way to tackle heavy personal cognitive dissonance in this matter)…

      If the following remain true, then Trump is true as-well…

      1. No new wars for Zion (this is still the case in spite of all the missile strikes and hot air)

      2. No Syrian partition, which is the same as my trigger for Russia, I think; and no Jewish-controlled Central bank imposed on a united Syria (Syria is not partitioned; it is occupied, yes, but the Resistance is winning the war)


      Bah, I cannot think of a third trigger. I know — it is rather bizarre but here tis: no Third Temple announced under Trump’s Presidency. I keep expecting Al-Asqa to be blown by Jews in a false flag that is used to kick-start the rebuilding (it is currently the case that the 3rd Temple has not been announced 😉 )

      Lobro’s posts were a blinder — I’m gonna show those arguments to a Q-Anoner I know. She’ll be blasted away by ’em. I admit I’m stumped by the political posturing over the Iran deal — Lobro’s points are very logical on that matter.*

      Hopium resurgent.

      *The Iran deal was designed as a trap (see Which Path to Persia document, i.e. they told us exactly what they were planning to do, just like New Pearl Harbor)

    3. @ Lobro

      forgive me for seeing patterns in commentary immediately on the heels of such articles … a brand new poster deriding a dm veteran for his views, emma kirby trying on suit jacket with padded shoulders.

      Listen to me carefully, you nasty little man.

      I am now a silent reader, thanks to your cowardly ad hominem attacks on me in the past. I haven’t posted a comment here for several weeks, if not months.

      If you are suggesting that I am still posting here under another name, with “suit jacket and shoulder pads”, will you be kind enough to tell me what other user name I am now supposed to be using? Will you also explain to me why I should need to take another name to attack you with when I have my OWN name which I am perfectly happy to use and am using right now?

      Admin would certainly know if I was posting under different names, something which I understand is strictly forbidden here, so I am prepared to let Admin tell you that you are barking up the wrong tree and making cowardly attacks on me without the slightest evidence that I have done anything wrong.

      If you continue to attack me without evidence, on unsubstantiated hunches that I am posting here under different names, I shall request Admin to put you on permanent monitoring, or better still, to give you the boot. If I dislike you intensely, which I do, it is because I regard you as a paranoid pipsqueak inflated with your own ridiculous self-importance.

      Get a life, Lobro, and face facts. You are not only a total nonentity but an insufferable bore!

      1. emma,
        now YOU listen carefully for change.

        i do not start online fights, smearing posters personally, it was YOU who started it, referring to me as an “idiot”.

        i do not need to make my presence in the world registered through gratuitous character assassination like YOU obviously feel obliged to in order to assert your existence, since dealing with facts, logic and analysis is obviously not your long suit, you do what you have a particular talent for.

        i have simply made note of the fact that your ideological and intellectual brethren make a habit out of showing up instantly after an article is posted, quite often for the first time ever under a given name and make snide remarks about somebody’s person and NOT topic, drooling venomous spittle out of sheer malice.
        This is precisely how you announced yourself here and this other new commenter made his entrance in precisely the same manner as i have duly noted.

        And yes, i also despise you and your cheap and malicious sort intensely, so when another such poster shows up out of nowhere, i sense close kinship of some sort and will continue to suspect this in future.

        i don’t care whether you remain silent though silence suits you as much as you are quite incapable of maintaining it, jabbing and poking people who you don’t know and who have done you no harm sure seems like your life’s joy.

        as for having me banned from the site, go right ahead, been there, done that, under practically identical circumstances, after uncalled for personal attacks by your species.

        i am sure your contribution to the ongoing debates is precious beyond count, certainly more than mine, so i would understand the swap, in with emma, out with lobro.

        go for it.

      2. @ Lobro

        as for having me banned from the site, go right ahead, been there, done that, under practically identical circumstances, after uncalled for personal attacks by your species.

        i am sure your contribution to the ongoing debates is precious beyond count, certainly more than mine, so i would understand the swap, in with emma, out with lobro.

        go for it.

        OK, I will “go for it” tomorrow. I never called you an “idiot” and therefore your latest attack on me is unjustified. I will prove it tomorrow. And if you are not removed from this website by the scruff of your cowardly neck, there is no justice here.

        You are a nasty little bully as well as a coward, Lobro, as all bullies are who like to pick on women.

        It’s not a question of “in with Emma, out with Lobro.” I intend to remain a silent reader. As for you, let’s see how much longer you are allowed to run amok on this website.

      3. He will continue to run amok on this website as long as he is allowed to hide under Lasha Darkmoon’s skirts. Without her protection he wouldn’t last here a minute. She has known him for several years and feels the need to turn a blind eye to his constant misbehavior, like a besotted mother with a spoilt child — an attention-seeking brat who needs a good thrashing and sent to bed without his supper! 🙂

      4. @ Lobro


        LOBRO: “I do not start online fights, smearing posters personally, it was YOU who started it, referring to me as an “idiot”.”

        False! And I will prove it. Understand this, you obnoxious little bully: your recent sneering reference to me, alleging falsely that I was posting here under a male name (“Emma Kirby trying on suit jacket with shoulder pads”) was totally UNJUSTIFIED, since I have made no comment on this for SIX WEEKS!!!— and Admin will confirm that!

        Yes, I did clash swords with you in that previous episode SIX WEEKS AGO, but it was you — yes, YOU! — who started off the attack by accusing me falsely of calling you an “idiot” when I wasn’t even aware of your existence at the time. You even admitted, you nasty little coward who picks on women, that I did NOT call you an idiot! … and you actually offered me an apology for GETTING IT WRONG!!!

        You appear to suffer from memory loss, Lobro, the first sign of Alzheimers. I would seriously suggest that you get yourself checked out for dementia. Most of your posts are woolly and incoherent, as has been noted repeatedly, giving clear signs of cognitive impairment.

        Here is the thread on which we exchanged the following words. If you read this and tell me yet again that I called you an “IDIOT” , you will confirm my initial diagnosis that you are now in the early stages of dementia.

        Emma Kirby says:
        April 10, 2018 at 10:22 am

        For Donald Trump’s subservience to his Zionist masters, this article by the Saker offers yet more proof.

        Defending Trump now becomes an exercise in folly and self-delusional idiocy.

        Not content with slavishly following the dictates of his Jewish minders among the neocons, puppet president Trump is now trying to find a pretext for starting WWIII in Syria at the behest of his Jewish masters in Israel and the US.

        Expect the worst from this Zionist controlled puppet.

        Your response to this initial comment of mine in which I had made NO PERSONAL REFERENCE TO YOU AS AN “IDIOT”:

        lobro says:
        April 10, 2018 at 2:44 pm

        i see that there were some stealth pokes and remarks aimed my way, in line with how defending trump now becomes an exercise in folly and self-delusional idiocy.

        having seen the extent of my self-delusional idiocy, i will forgo exercising the folly, however temporarily and join the ranks of my betters, my moral and intellectual superiors… blah blah blah blah blah …

        The stupid comment above in which you yourself CALL YOURSELF AN IDIOT (!!!) is then followed by this equally fatuous repetition of YOUR OWN ALLEGED IDIOCY:

        lobro says:
        April 14, 2018 at 1:36 pm



        what could that possibly mean, c’mon, kabuki experts.

        since i am just a delusional idiot, as certified at the head of the thread.

        You really have it bad Lobro, don’t you, calling yourself an idiot repeatedly (!!!) and then falsely accusing others of calling you an idiot!)

        Here is my polite response to your out-of-control disgusting misbehavior. Read it and blush with shame, if you are capable of blushing, you incorrigibly bully:

        Emma Kirby says:
        April 14, 2018 at 3:06 pm Edit

        @ Lobro SAYS: “LACK OF AMERICAN RESOLVE. what could that possibly mean, c’mon, kabuki experts. since i am just a delusional idiot, as certified at the head of the thread.”

        I guess you are referring to this comment of mine which is, as you say, “at the head of the thread”:

        “Defending Trump now becomes an exercise in folly and self-delusional idiocy”.

        I am sorry if my comment gave you offense, but I was not referring to you specifically. I had no idea you were a Trump supporter and I can honestly say I don’t recollect reading any of your posts before, being relatively new here.

        My comment was directed at Trump supporters in general, not only on this site but on other sites where Trump is defended far more vigorously than on the Darkmoon site. In any case, rest assured that your pro-Trump views are perfectly acceptable to me and you are entitled to express your views here —just as I am entitled to express my views to the contrary.

        So I repeat what I said above: “Defending Trump now becomes an exercise in folly and self-delusional idiocy”. I also repeat that I was NOT referring to you specifically when I made the above comment, as I have never even heard of you or recollect reading any of your previous comments. You and your ideas are completely unknown to me.

        In your response to the above comment, Lobro, you offered me a grudging apology, while at the same making lame excuses for yourself for getting it wrong. You said:

        lobro says:
        April 14, 2018 at 3:31 pm


        for your record, i am and have been known since the very beginning, a year and a half ago, as an unwavering trump supporter and as such, in a tiny though pretty vocal minority here, having taken some serious heat for this and another stand i took.

        so nothing personal emma, i have neither the temperament nor the patience for in-house squabbles and will try to avoid them as long as i can.

        You presumably understand what “OK” means, Lobro? It is an admission that you GOT IT WRONG, i.e., that I did NOT call you an “idiot” for the simple reason I’d never heard of you at the time or knew who you were.

        Coward, bully, evil f***ing liar, I hope you ROT IN HELL!

      5. @ Admin

        I won’t appeal to you for justice because I suspect I will get none from you… but maybe Lasha Darkmoon will finally step in and take action against this hateful bully.

        1. This distasteful and off-topic dialogue is now at an end. Any further attempts to attack and intimidate innocent posters will result in the immediate removal of the bully.

  6. Why has Trump withdrawn US from it and why does it matter?

    As he has shown since he became a public figure and later, on his TV show, The Apprentice, he needs CHAOS to be in total control. He thrives on it!! Since assuming his VERY FIRST political office, his tactics have been filled with even more CHAOS.

    CHAOS is ‘The Way of Donald Trump’. Period.

    To answer the title’s two questions, without emotion and fear of “MUSHROOMS”… 🙂

    1-Withdrawal from the flimsy Obama agreement with Iran, not a treaty, will allow even more money to be made on the black markets for those who know that way. Trump knows that way. ‘Put-On’ knows that way. They both are mob bosses on a global scale. And Trump IS very, very greedy. He wants that cash!!

    He said so:

    2-And that CHAOTIC action – matters – most to the bankers who also thrive on CHAOS and VOLATILITY. There are no buying and selling opportunities in stagnant, flat, non-volatile markets.

    Follow the $$$$$$$$!! 🙂

  7. Hmm, well I’d love to join the fray, but I’m off to go fishing for my supper, swinish eater of flesh that I am. Wish me luck, or not. I’m planning to spend some time away from the computer(s), enjoying the remarkable beauty of this little part of an astonishingly beautiful world before it gets incinerated by mad men and Jews (or is that redundant?).

    1. Carn –

      You could go to a Trade Fair in Syria.. 🙂

      Syria’s Reconstruction Gold Rush

      General Director of the Exhibition Fares al-Kartally told AFP that the regime wanted THE FAIR… “to signal the start of reconstruction.”

      “Syria, official newspapers declared, is now “open for business.”

      The prospect of lucrative reconstruction deals has triggered a deluge of interest from governments and firms looking to profit from Syria’s devastation.

      The regime’s closest allies, Russia (‘Put-On’ winks and smiles) and Iran, have been the MOST prominent beneficiaries of the Syria reconstruction GOLD RUSH, with China not far behind.


      You could get rich!! Like ‘Put-On’ and Trump will. 🙂

      “The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.” ~ Baron Nathan Rothschild

      Always a lot of money to be made when there’s nowhere to go but up.

  8. another distinguished voice against quitting the jcpoa deal:
    Soros-Financed Group Warns Trump of ‘Consequences’ for Bolting Iran Deal

    TEL AVIV — A George Soros-financed organization that was previously identified by the Obama White House as central in helping to market the Iran nuclear deal to the news media has warned Donald Trump that he will “own the consequences” of bolting the international nuclear accord.

    The Ploughshares Fund, with which former secretary of state John Kerry has been closely associated, sent out the following tweet on Monday warning Trump about “consequences” “if and when he violates the international agreement.”

    The Fund, however, did not mention that Iran is already accused of violating the agreement by signing the deal under false pretenses. During an address last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled a cache of secret files he says were obtained from inside a hidden Iranian site and clearly demonstrate that Tehran maintained a secret nuclear weapons program despite declarations to the contrary.

    Netanyahu explained that the structure of the U.S.-led international nuclear agreement was in part based on deceptive Iranian descriptions of its previous nuclear work. He said Iran’s failure to disclose its secret program while misleading the world shows the nuclear deal is “based on lies based on Iranian deception.”

    hmm, anyone see the bait+switch that was scuttled by trump’s “unilaterally canceling” the deal?
    Because what the JEW has planned all along was coming to pass, namely, accuse iran of cheating on their part of the deal, followed by an all-out assault by NATO vassals, just like they accused assad of numerous attacks using war gasses or saddam’s wmd’s providing the pretext for their destruction before putin’s russia could halt it.

    but if there is no deal, thanks to trump, then there can be no cheating on the deal and that pretext is gone.
    So now, israel is freaking out in frustrated, unrequitted thirst for persian burnt offerings, the hamantaschen gone stale.

    what is simple to some is 18.3-D chess to others.

  9. now this, though not particularly related to the thread, is of general significance, i.e., related to everything.
    by the pricking of my thumbs

    National Security Letters (NSL) are a tool that allows the DOJ to bypass the formality of subpoenas, applications for warrants with affidavits in support, and instead simply send a letter to an individual, business or any entity they so choose to demand that records or documents of any kind must be produced and provided to the sender.

    The letter also informs the recipient that if the recipient reveals to anyone that the letter was received or what it requires to be produced, then the recipient has committed a federal felony and will be prosecuted.

    It is a rather dramatic event to receive such a letter and realize that this simple letter could have such profound power and consequences.

    the highlighted sentence is the triple-distilled Talmud.
    (… anyone (even a Jewish man) who reveals this Talmudic teaching about non-Jews deserves death, since revealing it makes Gentiles wrathful and causes the repression of Judaism.)
    To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize mention

  10. Lobro, Soros wanted the deal kept, nuttyyahoo wanted it scrapped, remind me, which of these Zionists is playing 4D chess again.
    Ps. I share your disdain of those who jump on the wagon and criticize the messenger , (even if they don’t name them) and this goes for all cases , and for all sides, darkmoon SHOULD be a site where folk can express a view .
    Signed , a probably low IQ ( never did any test ) individual.

    1. harry, here is my take on this dilemma.
      i refer to rowan berkeley at niqnaq, this fits in with the idea of bibi being a CFR pawn

      “Netanyahu was spotted at MIT in 1973 and the grooming began there when he was in his early twenties. After graduating, he received a high paying job at Boston Consulting. His boss was Ira Magaziner (CFR). But he quit the job in 1979, returned to Israel, starting selling furniture at the Rim company, then organized an anti-terror convention. Inexplicably, the CFR sent a team of their biggest guns including George Bush Sr, Richard Perle and George Shultz to this unknown 27 year old’s get-together. Once the convention was over, Netanyahu returned to work selling home furniture for three years until 1982, when Washington Ambassador Moshe Arens invited him to be his deputy. He claimed the choice was indirectly made by those who came to his convention and “were impressed with his performance.” That means Bush and Shultz pressed Arens to bring Bibi to Washington. From there, they pushed his career higher. In 1985, Shultz chaired another anti-terror convention in Washington supposedly organized by Netanyahu. By the time Bibi was UN Ambassador, Schultz visited him every time he was in New York, and that was often.”

      but quite apart from this (barry chamish, a quite interesting and unusual jew in that he was honest and unapologetically open about what he was and stood for, just like meir kahane, the founder of jdl, another aggressive, yet direct-not-sneaky jew, assassinated by mossad as was likely the fate of chamish in 2016), i am thinking along the following lines:
      netanyahu is in hot water back in israel, investigated for whatever malfeasance and graft, so he needs trump’s and putin’s support to show that he has their ear – which is why he has been shuttling to kremlin these past couple of years almost on a monthly basis.

      so that putin and trump are playing him like a bass on a fishhook, feeding him soundbites to make him sound strong and connected and thus a smokescreen for the real action, which ALWAYS ends up damaging the jew’s interests – read again Mike King’s summary of results in my previous quote.

      this is how the game must be played, as established by the cultural marxism’s massive damage inflicted on the goy brain, whereby only the words matter, the facts on the ground don’t because they are too hard to read, no matter how obvious.

      the JEW establishment will talk democracy, color revolutions, arab spring and the result is bloody mayhem, social fragmentation and decay, infrastructural collapse.

      trump & putin talk aggressive action against jew’s state enemies, north korea, syria, iran, as per jew’s demands and end up with detante between 2 koreas, guaranteed survival of assad in strong, unified syria, destruction of isis – and similarly unified iran, free of onerous jcpoa restrictions, can openly pursue atomic r+d under protection of russia, turkey ready to jump nato ship, iraq bailed out of the u.s. hegemony, a solid axis for the silk road and the pipelines that israel was hoping to control through yinon plan.


      therefore, i say that netanyahu, for all his blether and bluster is a total paper tiger, what he just did by yapping against iran was to have fired a large calibre bullet through jew foot.
      Because he had to, had no choice when the putin/trump tag team rattled his chain.

      btw, thanks for understanding the difference between the message and the messenger, ignoring the former and going after the latter is cheap and unworthy, i always rail against it.

      i am no character assassin, only respond when provoked beyond endurance but i hate it, it detracts from discussion and brings darkmoon’s tone to a common level.

  11. The ascendant Biff Tannen character in “Back to the Future II” was inspired by Donald Trump:

    “Of course, in the movie, Biff uses the profits from his 27-story casino (the Trump Plaza Hotel, completed in 1984, is 37 floors, by the way) to help shake up the Republican Party, before eventually assuming political power himself, helping transform Hill Valley, California, into a lawless, dystopian wasteland, where hooliganism reigns, dissent is quashed, and wherein Biff encourages every citizen to call him “America’s greatest living folk hero.”

    1. If jews have some kind of peculiar affectation to “warn” us about what they’re going to do (or to taunt us, post factum, about what they did), and if jews run Hollywood, then it’s reasonable to posit that they would use the entertainment industry they control to “telegraph” their intentions by way of occult references to future events within their movies and/or TV shows.

      Here’s a video excerpt from “Family Guy” which seems eerily prescient of the “Boston Marathon bombing”:

      Is this just a coincidence?

      And here’s the relevant part of “Back to the Future II” which seems to predict the false-flag attack of 09/11/2001:

      So are the jews telling us that their agent Donald Trump is going to do to America what their fictional character Biff Tannen did to “Hill Valley” California (in the dystopian 1985 version of the place)?

  12. As I have claimed before.. Just like Trump… ‘Put-On’ is ALL IN with Israel!!

    ‘Put-On’ folded like pup-tent..!! 🙂

    Too much gas and oil at stake to be an antagonist. ‘Put-On’ FEARS the loss.

    After Putin meet, PM indicates Moscow won’t curtail Israeli strikes in Syria

    After spending nearly an entire day with Russian president, Netanyahu says he reiterated Jerusalem’s ‘right and duty’ to do WHATEVER it takes to ensure Israel’s safety.

    Keep them contracts going, buddy!! 🙂

      1. Yeah, Gil –

        As the dust settles…. and from a COMMERCIAL point of view… The VOLUNTEER DEMOLITION of the ‘old infrastructure’ by other countries… has been THE best thing to happen to Syria in decades. Assad got $Billions of work done with minimal expense. Hats off to US, Russia, Israel and Iran.

        Trumps missiles actually landed exactly where Assad needed them to land, with pinpoint accuracy. A Trump-’Put-On’-Adelson Group LLC Casino & Hotel Complex may sprout there SOON… NEAR the airport. How convenient!! 🙂

        In February, the Khallouf Trading Company announced the reopening of its manufacturing plant in Hama, in partnership with the Chinese Dongfeng Motor Company, and the launching of two new vehicles, a sedan and an SUV.

        The Damascus International Fair session opened 17 August and continues through 26 August”.


        Damascus trade fair achieves “unexpected success”: Syrian official

        Iran, Russia and China are among 23 nations to directly participate in the Trade Fair, which attracted over 2.2 million visitors during JUST the last 10 days.

        When the war is over, Syria is expected to be the main attraction of foreign companies, and governments, particularly those interested in the reconstruction process.

        DAMASCUS, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) — The Damascus International Fair has succeeded beyond expectations, said Fares Kartali, director of the General Establishment for Exhibitions and International Markets, local media reported Sunday.

        Many contracts have been signed during the ten-day fair between local and foreign companies in the event that wrapped up on Saturday, Kartali said.

        Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his allies are using the nation’s first INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR in five years to claim victory over countries that have sought to topple him since civil war erupted in 2011.

        The flags of 23 nations participating directly, and 20 others represented by companies, lined the entrance to the exhibition in the capital Damascus, ahead of its inauguration by Prime Minister Imad Khamis.

        Iran and Russia — which have stood by Assad throughout the conflict — as well as China top the list of attendees. State-run news agency SANA said firms from France, Germany and the U.K. would be represented through agents.


        Tomorrow – May 12, 2018 – Techno Build Exhibition 2018 kicks off in Damascus!!


        **Anyone need reservations for a booth inside, or tent outside, at this year’s Reconstruction Trade Fair in Damascus??

        John Deere might be there, Gil.!! 🙂

  13. Aside from the price of oil going up, I really don’t give a damn what Trump and Netanyahu have up their sleeves. Maybe a good old-fashioned hot war will RID us of Israhell, forever! Whatever happens, I can’t imagine a war will be good for any country concerned – especially Israhell.


    We got the REAL answer – by actions, NOT words – one hour ago:
    Trump gets a REWARD for dumping Iran deal!! 🙂

    Trump says, “I like Sheldon a lot!” (No kidding!!)

    Sheldon Adelson Cuts $30M Check To GOP-Aligned Super PAC

    Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson donated $30 million to a GOP-aligned Super PAC after a personal appeal by Paul Ryan – with some help.

  15. jew angst is the best indicator of truth as it concerns them, owing to minimal fear threshold (perpetual shakes of naked-ass, existential fear rules the jew cradle to grave), oversized, highly sensitive earlobes always pressed to the ground for the footstep echoes, so what’s the better, more reliable statement of relevant facts than israel’s army analysis of their own security status, meant for jews?
    Who’s Most Endangered By Trump’s Iran Deal Exit? Israel, Say Its Army Chiefs
    (J.J. Goldberg, Jewish Forward)

    For all that, Netanyahu probably emerges as the biggest winner from Trump’s decision. For years he’s been a lonely voice on the world stage, warning against Iranian nukes as a threat to world peace and to Israel’s very survival. Once the talks got going, though, he moved his own goalposts from preventing a bomb to a none-too-subtle push toward regime change. At a time when Netanyahu is plagued by corruption probes and a tense coalition, Trump’s timing couldn’t be sweeter. Indeed, quick polls conducted after the Trump announcement show Netanyahu scoring higher in a theoretical election than he has in his nine years in office.

    And yet, paradoxically, the biggest loser in Trump’s announcement is probably the security of Israel itself in the face of its Iranian foe. That’s the near-unanimous view of Israel’s top military leadership.

    listening in on jew-to-jew communication, not meant for goy understanding, is a boon to clarifying the issues, because jew saves his lying for goyim consumption exclusively, thus the unique term in hebrew dictionary, “hasbara”, no equivalent anywhere in the world.

  16. @Lobro

    Hasbara literally means “explaining” in Hebrew. It is used for our term “propaganda”.

    Those Israeli former Chiefs of Staff fear that the canceling of the nuclear deal with Iran might induce it to develop nuclear arms in the near future and thus form a real threat to Israel. This shows a healthy realism on the part of those Israeli military men in two ways. Firstly, they assume that Iran really has stopped developing nuclear arms and that the nuclear deal with its inspections would keep it that way. Secondly, they fear that the constant threatening with war against Iran by the US and Israel might induce it to develop nuclear arms, thus they would rather discourage such threatening.

    Netanyahu on the other hand is paranoid and not realistic.
    He still thinks that Iran might develop nuclear arms by stealth, for which there are absolutely no indications (other than he himself fabricates). Therefore Netanyahu hopes that the US will attack Iran to destroy its nuclear facilities. Such a war however would be a disaster for Israel itself. Iran’s missiles and Hizbollah’s rockets would devastate Israel. Its Iron Dome system is only for 20% effective.

    So the opinion of Israel’s former Chiefs of Staff doesn’t confirm your “Trump’s 3D Chess” theory, it only indicates their realism as opposed to Netanyahu’s delusion. Hopefully in Israel realism will prevail.

  17. Let’s see, orange clown continues to expand the illegal U.S. military “footprint” in Syria; he surrounds himself with anti-Iran extremists; he backs out of the “JCPOA” deal; he makes threats against Iran and makes it publicly known that he seeks to destabilize and overthrow the Iranian government; and then he demands that Iran continue to abide by the terms of the agreement?

    But in reality he’s secretly coordinating with Vladimir Putin to implement some kind of incomprehensibly complicated scheme to defeat the jews?

    1. Harold –

      The way I see it, their possible collusion may lead to Persian annihilation of Occupied Palestine. (i.e., maybe Vlad and Trump might just LET IT HAPPEN).
      (Of course, I believe Israhell is just blowin’ smoke about their “Samson Option”.)

  18. Probably should have posted this here.

    Israel Attacks Syria, Hitting Dozens of Targets

    Links to several source articles from AW.c

    Israeli officials are also claiming to have hit virtually all of Iran’s “infrastructure” inside Syria.

    Russia reported that Syria intercepted half of the Israeli missiles. Israel is saying they also attacked and destroyed five Syrian anti-aircraft batteries during the attack because they batteries fired on Israeli warplanes invading Syrian airspace.

    Though Israel’s attacks and escalations have been seen primarily as aiming to pick a fight with Iran, the more immediate danger is that Russia will at some point decide that enough is enough, and deny Israel access to Syrian airspace.

    “the more immediate danger is that Russia will at some point … deny Israel access to Syrian airspace.”

    WTF 🤔

  19. off-topic but so tragicomic that it must be reported:
    We’re Not Joking: Kerry’s School Lacrosse Captain Was Robert Mueller
    some of the deep swamp critters fished out:

    “The contrast with Trump’s childhood is stark — although it is the difference not between wealth and poverty, but between the son of a scrappy self-made man from Queens and the son of an establishment insider,” the Daily Mail pointed out.

    The Episcopal boarding school has been described by Vanity Fair as “the Eton of America’s upper crust” for “the conservative old Wasp families of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia — the plutocracy that has been running the country for generations.”

    The list of St. Paul’s alumni is long enough to have its own Wikipedia page. On it are numerous former members of Congress, including Kerry; newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst (he didn’t graduate, though — the rapscallion); “Doonesbury” cartoonist Garry Trudeau; Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox; former New York City Mayor John Lindsay; and heirs Cornelius Vanderbilt III and John Jacob Astor IV.

    One photo says so much about the swamp that words cannot. The photo may represent just a small part of the constellation of interconnected bureaucrats which has run Washington since time immemorial, but Kerry and Mueller both wield an unbelievable amount of power. And now one of them is trying to stop President Trump’s ditching of the Iran deal, while the other is leading an investigation into unproven allegations that Trump colluded with Russia.

    How can individuals with these kind of lifelong relationships be impartial? How can they be trusted to act in our interests when many of them have never even known a world outside of their own?

    That’s why America voted to drain the swamp in 2016. The swamp, alas, is a living, breathing thing — and it’s fighting back in a major way.

    just so you don’t think that trump can deal with it at a flourish of a pen, though so many of alt-righters think just that.
    Basically the government levels wielding any power to get things done are permeated with these critters and have been for many generations, interlocked with jews in shameful union.
    Anything an outsider wants to get done, must go through these labyrynthine channels of the deep state power, not like trump can call up couple of cops and tell them do this or that.
    Which is why Putin’s job was infinitely easier, even Stalin’s, they could count on the solid strata of homeboy patriots to get the oars in the water.
    Trump is practically alone, one man against the US government.
    Which is why partnership with Putin, Xi, Dutarte, even Assad and Li’l Kim is his only option in the war against the JEW.
    the brotherhood of goyim rebels, basically, which is what i consider myself to be, ditching the contaminated boundaries of national identities until the spectre is ground underfoot, forever drained of venom and lifeforce.

    1. Lobro –

      ‘Put-On’ has an easier job because he is NOT part of the Government of the Russian Federation. He IS Head of State… and he was appointed by Yeltsen. He can dismiss the government of Russia.

      The President has the right to decide independently to dismiss the government. The Constitution does not stipulate the grounds for making such a decision. This means that the President can decide this matter himself.

      The government can hand in its own resignation. The President has the power to accept or reject this resignation. If the President rejects the government’s resignation, the government continues its work. (taken down because it has been sent around for years)

      State Duma member, Fedorov quotes:

      Fedorov is not welcome at the Russian political talk shows, and he rarely can be seen on Russian TV at all. But he does not hide his information and his views; everyone who wants to get them, can do so by visiting his site:

      Here is a random sample of his assertions. On these and many other insights he elaborates extensively:

      Russia has been a US colony since 1991.Russia lost its sovereignty as a result of the defeat in the 40-year cold war with the United States of America. This is the most important secret in Russia, closed by censorship and propaganda in the media.

      The Constitution of the Russian Federation was written by the Americans. The US State Department officially admitted that the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of key laws of our country, was written by American advisers in 1993.

      1. fedorov is quite correct, pat.
        Putin is battling his own semi-deep state, injected by reaganomics & reaganpolitics, the horde of disease bearing rats of torah, still entrenched in key ministries related to economy and as the oligarchic rapists of the russian resources.
        He cannot dislodge them outright without triggering an immediate, open warfare with nato, so he digs at them bit by bit.

        this is why the traitorous jew medvedev, part of the assassin team that got gaddafi, is still in the 2nd spot, albeit more and more as just a figurehead – same as for exmple jared kushner, anyone remember how often he was referred by trump detractors as “President Kushner, giving orders to Trump”?

        Somehow, this meme was given a quiet burial,while the new ones emerge daily, just as useless and misleading, just as enthusiastically adopted by the twitterati.

        i guess that in these days of lgbt, beta men, the winter soldiers don’t abound.

    2. ‘Put-On’ and Merkel to make plans to meet in Sochi, May 18, to see who gets which contracts to rebuild Syria: 🙂

      Telephone conversation with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

      Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel at the German side’s initiative.
      May 11, 2018 12:20

      The two leaders discussed the situation created by the United States’ unilateral withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Iran’s nuclear programme. They pointed out the importance of the JCPOA for international and regional security.

      They exchanged opinions on the internal Ukrainian crisis, in particular the establishment of a UN mission to protect OSCE observes, and agreed to stimulate efforts within the Normandy format. Angela Merkel updated Vladimir Putin on the results of her trilateral meeting with President of France Emmanuel Macron and President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko held in Aachen on May 10.

      The two leaders also discussed the situation in Syria and preparations for Angela Merkel’s working visit to Sochi scheduled for May 18.

      1. i don’t dispute the facts you listed, pat, only point out that they can be subjected to quite a different interpretation, leading to entirely different conclusion.

        you are a smart guy, in deference to which i will let you take a shot at it.

        will you publicize the alt-conclusion? 😉

  20. Lobro –

    “will you publicize the alt-conclusion?”

    Sure! I’m “BIGGLY” glad to help you, as always. 🙂

    Here’s how it goes….
    Merkel wants to continue as Gazprom’s #1 customer in the world… and wants a break on prices. She will display her ‘art of a deal’ in Sochi, with or without running water there. 🙂

    Germany – Biggest foreign buyer of Russian gas – Reports Gazprom

    Natural gas has been exported to Germany since 1973. Verbundnetz Gas was the first company to receive supplies.

    Today, Germany is the biggest buyer of Russian gas in the world, while German companies implement numerous projects – JOINTLY – with Gazprom Group.

    Gazprom cooperates with German companies along the entire value chain, from gas production in Russia to gas deliveries to end consumers in Germany. The cooperation also covers sports, social and cultural projects

    Germany helps ‘Put-On’ produce gas IN RUSSIA!! 🙂

  21. pat, i believe you dissimulate by omission.

    because the underlying dynamics may well be what i postulated years ago:
    putin, raised as star material in kgb schools and merkel equally by way of stasi (the “frumpy frau” is anything but stupid, how many women do you know with doctorate in quantum chemistry), are playing the game of deep concealment until the time is ripe and proper signals exchanged for the lethal lunge for power.
    From the earliest history, germany and russia were meant to be the closest and the most natural allies, the core of the aryan race and this is precisely why the iscariotic species has concentrated all its guile and energy on dismembering the putative union.

    The very same game that i believe trump, just as naturally intelligent, is playing.
    So there is a barely discernible movement, so gradual as to be almost tectonic, toward the common goal of uniting in order to throw off the heavy shackles of rothschild-led satanic bondage that has had the world under spell since renaissance, the guelphs and the venetian black nobility of usury overthrowing the ghibelline nobility of the sword.
    This trio is turning jew’s own tactics against him, viz, “by way of deception you shall wage war” (on the goyim), so now the other side of the blade does the cutting.
    because he is neither blind nor stupid,

    And so in the Libyan fable it is told,

    That once an eagle, stricken with a dart,

    Said, when he saw the fashion of the shaft,

    “With our own feathers, not by others’ hands,

    Are we now stricken”.

    he did not rise to the present dizzying prominence through blind stupidity.
    Which, btw, in equal measure led to our shameful debasement and shows hardly a sign of recovery.
    Which, btw, informs ALL of my posts and for which, btw i have been drawing flak and derision so consistently and have no doubt will continue to draw well into the future until the truth becomes inescapable – one way or another.

    by way of an apt metaphor for how the stealth triumvirate functions in word as opposed to deed, consider a rattlesnake, with the noisemaker shaking in the tail to distract attention from that immobile head, calculating the optimal timing and striking distance.

    so this is the full alt-story, pat and something tells me that you know it full well but for reasons unknown prefer not to acknowledge it.
    Maybe the loss of faith in Christ – just idle speculation with 15% probability of being correct, advance apologies for veering off on a tangent, my ineradicable syndrome.

    1. Lobro –

      You wrote:
      “pat, i believe you dissimulate by omission.”

      That could easily be so by your standards.

      And I believe YOU “dissimulate by omission” in every comment where YOU “BIGGLY” criticize jews and “BIGGLY” praise ‘Put-On’. BOTH WAYS??? 🙂

      This is YOUR “omission” ….

      “Vladimir Putin Praises Chabad”

      “I would like to extend my holiday greetings to you and to all of Russian Jewry. I wish you a happy Chanukah and all of the very best, along with your family and all of the Jews in Russia. I must say that there are very positive developments in Russia.”

      “I would like to extend my holiday greetings to you and to all of Russian Jewry. I wish you a happy Chanukah and all of the very best, along with your family and all of the Jews in Russia. I must say that there are very positive developments in Russia. New Synagogues and Jewish Centers are opening up, and I am thankful to you for that. I hope that our joint efforts will continue to thrive and progress.”

      These were the wishes of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar at a private audience that was granted in honor of Chanukah at the Kremlin office in Moscow.

      Later, the president told Rabbi Lazar: “There have been many nations who have come and gone. But the Jewish nation continues to exist, generation after generation for thousands of years. I am sure, that this is only because of their strict adherence to the Torah and its commandments. They pass on these traditions throughout the generations no matter what the circumstances.”

      “Once again, I’d like to thank you for the development of Jewish communities, and lots of Jewish activities for all ages and in all areas, here in our country of Russia,” continued the president.

      The meeting, which was held in honor of Chanukah, was also attended by the president of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia, Rabbi Alexander Boroda.

      The first part of the meeting was open to the Russian media, which covered and reported it in a most sympathetic and dignified manner. During the meeting, a few more topics came up regarding continuing the development of Jewish institutions all over Russia, including the return of many historical buildings, which had been synagogues and Jewish schools in the past. The president was highly supportive of all these initiatives and requests.

      As the meeting finally ended, the words we say when lighting the Chanukah candles “in those days, in these times” seemed to echo even louder.


      “Shirley”… YOU must know that ‘Put-On’ “BIGGLY” luvs President Kushner!!! 🙂

  22. Blessed are the excuse-makers, for they shall see deliberate failure.

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