Judge Brett Kavanaugh Wins Crucial Vote in Supreme Court Nomination

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Susan Collins Announces She Will Vote to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

As Senator Sue Collins casts the decisive vote for Trump nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, she receives a volley of abuse from Hollywood celebrities, including death threats.  “In all my years of public service, I’ve never seen a debate as ugly as this one,’’ Senator Collins said in a statement. “These attempts to pressure me are not going to be a factor in my decision.’’

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), the crucial outstanding vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, delivered an extended defense of his record on the Senate floor Friday afternoon as she announced her intention to vote for his confirmation.

Collins criticized Democrats and far-left activists for their behavior during the confirmation, saying that the process was reduced to a “gutter” affair and hit “rock bottom.”

“Certain fundamental principles about due process, the presumption of innocence, and fairness do bear on my thinking and I cannot abandon them,” Collins said while addressing the central matter of the last several weeks: Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a high school party in 1982.

While Collins called Ford’s testimony “sincere” and “compelling,” she could not disregard the complete lack of corroboration — denials of any memory by every witness who Ford claimed was present at the party, plus Kavanaugh’s own “forceful denial.”

Collins stressed that the confirmation process was not a trial and did not require proof beyond a reasonable doubt to disqualify Kavanaugh. Instea,d she only demanded Ford’s accusations be “more likely than not” true. Collins did not find Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh to meet even this standard.

Furthermore, she tore into allegations from Julie Swetnick — represented by Resistance TV lawyer Michael Avenatti — that Kavanaugh had drugged and facilitated the gang raping of several women. She called these claims “outlandish” and “a stark reminder of why the presumption of innocence is so ingrained in the American consciousness.”

Collins began her eagerly anticipated floor statement began shortly after 3 p.m. to the sounds of shouting and chants from anti-Kavanaugh protesters, like so many of the proceedings over the months-long confirmation process. She launched promptly into an attack on the forces arrayed against Kavanaugh, lamenting their hysterical behavior compared to the five other “solemn” Supreme Court confirmations in which she participated.

The moderate Maine senator expressed her outrage at organizations that forcefully opposed Kavanaugh before even copy-and-pasting his name into their material and Democrats who announced their intention to end Kavanaugh’s nomination before hearing a word of testimony.

Collins then, in stark contrast to the weeks of controversy over uncorroborated accusations about Kavanaugh’s behavior as a teenager, dug for over 20 minutes into Kavanaugh’s 12-year record as a federal judge and his judicial philosophy as gleaned from extensive Senate Judiciary Committee testimony and her own meetings with the nominee.

On privacy, healthcare, executive power, and his ability to fairly judge the president who nominated him, Donald Trump, Collins one-by-one addressed Kavanaugh’s opponents’ concerns. On the centrally important issue of abortion, the pro-choice Collins gave a lengthy refutation of the notion Kavanaugh would overturn Roe v. Wade.

She pointed not only to Kavanaugh’s record and explanations of his philosophy on the Roeprecedent but abortion proponents’ long history of exaggerating the threat to Roe from Republican nominees in general, pointing to signs from David Souter’s 1990 confirmation process that read “Stop Souter or Women Will Die.”

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LD: Meanwhile we learn that Dr Christine Blasey Ford and other women who have smeared Judge Kavanaugh with bizarre rape allegations, all have close ties to Donald Trump’s arch-enemy George Soros. Are they on Soros’s payroll?

Feel free to join the dots . . . 

So now we know! They say politics is a dirty business, but it doesn’t get any dirtier than this. [LD]

23 thoughts to “Judge Brett Kavanaugh Wins Crucial Vote in Supreme Court Nomination”

  1. Terms like Left wing, Right wing, Liberal, Conservative. They all reflect a “divide and conquer” methodology used to effectually dupe the whole world.

    Even many people who consider themselves savvy* in the ways of Jewish mysticism may have overlooked something that best exemplifies the old adage of “a picture is worth a thousand words (more like MILLIONS) – Take another look @ Kavanaugh’s right hand while taking what is in actuality the high Masonic swearing-in oath @ the Senate hearings. Note the two middle fingers joined in separation from the other two. This is one of the hand signs of Baphomet, signalling the ongoing workings of what we are all deep in the midst of currently on this planet – the “Great Work”; what of course we commonly refer to here as the JWO

    Oh what a web we weave….

    *Even ol’ Brownhawk was temporarily fooled by the emotionalism brought on be the female siren call luring me into the jagged rocks while listening to Blasey-Ford’s Oscar-winning performance

    We’re ALL caught in the spidery web €:+(

    1. just to be clear, Technically, that hand signal wasn’t perfect. A perfect sign would have the 2 middle fingers pressing tight into each other. But considering the fact that millions of viewers were tuned into the “Cirque du Soleil”, wouldn’t wanna make it too blatantly obvious, doncha know

      1. We can all safety assume that supreme court Judge kavanaugh will be representing the right wing of Zionism.

      2. hp
        Campbell played for Texas U. Hook ’em horns! Kavanaugh’s not foolish enough to be THAT unsubtle. Not in a setting like the U.S. Senate (not in front of millions of tv viewers anyway)

        It’s all a big high (un) holy Masonic psychofest. Gotta fulfill all those Biblical heresies, er I mean “prophecies”, doncha know ∆😎

    2. The politically correct crowd, denying the “Presumption of Innocence” has all been good for Trump. The more these people scream and shout the more likely ordinary people will vote against them.

      Senator Chuck Schumer criticised Judge Kavanagh for losing his temper in the hearings. My experience has always been that angry people are telling the truth, and revealing their true feelings, so in this case I believe Judge Kavanagh.

  2. Soros fought the Trump, and the Trump won!

    Not sure if this particular battle qualifies as another
    “they said it couldn’t be done” moment, but it’s sure darn close as evidenced by the Left’s extreme angst and hatred.

    Fingers crossed their neurotic and psychotic legions don’t try to burn down the house!

  3. ok so soros is a triple, multi, super zionist
    when kavanah is a soft, light jew lover who like the rest of the others, has
    a soft spot for
    who cares?
    what matters is that
    in the distance,
    a howling cry is heard,
    it is the scream of a hungry child….
    solve that instead.

  4. ms. collins played it right to put herself in the conspicuous position… now everybody knows who she is…
    she had no reason to say she believed ms. ford’s bs testimony though, other than holding to the sisterhood…
    and she did fail, as have they all, to state that in the future no more of these baseless accusations will be heard, not without a complaint having been filed at the time the supposed incident occurred…
    i see a LOT of resemblance between ford and soros… same jaw and cheekbones. like noses.. like hair parted… their expressions look a little too close to me… can we have a dna test please? get the dna detectives for democracy on that… it usually is a bloodline thing with these people…
    senator collins and others were quick to keep diane feinstein safe from any accusations on the way she perpetrated this dirty fiasco… it showed how great is their first concern of guarding their own collective moat.. plus feinstein is big in the untouchable jewish deep state, her husband is a big warmonger profiteer… and she herself made her bones a long time ago with the murder of george moscone and harvey milk, then the suiciding of dan white, the said killer, all right in the wake of the big jim jones cia mind control massacre… she stinks so bad…
    trump, kavanaugh – the first question on any f them should be whether or not they’re masons, and whether they hold their allegiance to that oath higher than the one they take to their office……
    of course if they kowtow to the jews you can probably know it..
    is susan collins a ‘pink serpent’? how about ms. ford?
    this was a pretty sordid episode, but actually LD it does get dirtier… many a high state official has been murdered and millions of soldiers and civilians have been killed in wars arranged by deep state conspirators…

    1. B’deer

      Nothing is higher than the allegiance to the oath they take. The office wouldn’t exist WITHOUT it!

      Brownhawk know the score
      Him not fooled no more 😎

  5. Thats not Christine Ford with Soros;


    Its Lyudmylo Kozlovsko

    Please DO share the hell out of it to show what a bullshitter Trooper212 is.

  6. We have one thing guaranteed with the ascension of Mr. Kanavaugh to the SCOTUS.

    (You might ask what seem today incurious questions, namely, (1) WHICH SCOTUS? and WHICH “United States” [apparently, there are several in contention, most inoperative, in receivership or bankruptcy]; and (2) WHICH OATH OF OFFICE? If they get you asking the wrong questions….Anna Von Reitz et al. have taken the higher ground in that domain, in my opinion.)

    In the meantime, and in mean times do we live — even meaner shall they be! — you can bet your bottom dollar the Supreme Court (whichever!) will not be dealing with the murder of Vincent Foster any time soon.

  7. The Democrat attack on Kavanaugh was just a smear to get him to withdraw himself from the appointment. It is what the jews do to get what they want. How do you know its the jews? Note in the short video that the jewish media is in on the smear scheme.

    The Wrap Up Smear – a 36-second video

    Now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed and on the court, the narrative by the jewish media will be booga booga Russia in hopes of deflecting the narrative away from disclosures of what the Deep State criminals have been up to recently. In addition to treasonous Deep State characters in the FBI and DOJ, the disclosures will implicate Hillary Clinton, Obama, upper levels of the Democrat Party as well as UK and Aussie intel organizations. There may even be revelations about how the Deep State was selling the USA out to China and Russia. Charges for these exposures probably will not be made until after 1/1/2019 so that the military can prosecute and execute them without never ending appeals.

    The revelations about the Satanic murdering pedophiles won’t happen until after the 11/6/2018 elections. Those will not be just within the USA, but globally.

    A lot of jews are going to be going down in the activities above.

    Fun times ahead as evil gets a serious ass kicking.

    1. Satanic murdering pedophiles have nothing to worry about… they even kidnapped the head of Interpol last week!! 🙂

      Missing Interpol chief was ‘taken away for questioning by Communist Party “discipline authorities”’ after travelling from France to China last week.

      French police launch search after wife of Meng Hongwei reported him missing…
      She hasn’t heard from Meng, 64, since he left Lyon home for China last month…
      Was elected Interpol chief in November 2016 and term is due to run until 2020…
      He is senior Communist Party official in China and held several high-powered roles in Government…


      1. Ung

        Like you my faith directs me in seeing that an Awakening is going on. But this implies that the dark forces are ratcheting up the ways of cognitive dissonance in countering the controlled opposition that would see things CLEARLY. l’ll eat the popcorn, but I won’t drink the cool-aid that you, lobro, UT Mark Glenn, et al are serving

        Consider that even WITHOUT the truth of 9/11 being revealed, the failure of all these politicians to repeal the freedom-killer Patriot Act is all the evidence needed to see that a true state of Freedom isn’t something that’s even in their RADAR, and Kavanaugh was instrumental in crafting the (psuedo) legal framework for it’s ENACTMENT!

        How exactly are we to reconcile this FACT?

  8. “On the centrally important issue of abortion, the pro-choice Collins gave a lengthy refutation of the notion Kavanaugh would overturn Roe v. Wade”
    Thank god. The infanticide can continue…

  9. How that this opening part of the circus show is over we can look forward to the left wing of Zionism crying foul all the way to the mid term elections, that’s the hoped for prize they really had from the start,

  10. I can’t wait for Trump to replace RB Ginsberg. If she dies while Trump remains POTUS, that should REALLY be interesting!

    1. If Ginsberg dies, it won’t be known until someone tries to wake her up during session or at an event and she doesn’t respond. Of course, that still might be the case since she drinks way too much and could just be in a drunken stupor.

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