Kaminski: How the deck is stacked


What will you say when they come for you?

“A man may be personally ever so well off, and yet if his country be ruined, he must be ruined with it.” — Pericles (Thucydides), 423 BC

‘A system that does not believe in truth
must be overthrown by people who do’

Otherwise we’re all just narcissistic robots of use to no one and no thing while killing other people for profit. Failure to repair this swindlers’ system has created a species enslaved by attractions that amuse and addict them but simultaneously conceal from them the frauds behind the social extortion within which they live their entire lives, which eventually turn bitter from the pointlessness of their inevitably misplaced efforts.

How do you deal with a government that declares the truth is no defense? You overthrow it, or concede that you are a powerless slave.

Assuming any judge at any time in history can be impartial and immune to the political realities of his time remains a shot in the dark very much dependent on many variables. You may assume to your advantage that your judge is the product of the system that has arrested you, and determined to enforce the will of his employers regardless of what the evidence might prove.

This totalitarian tendency is frighteningly evident in all the countries of Western Europe where courts have ruled, in Alice in Wonderland fashion, that the truth is no defense. Sylvia Stolz is the famous German lawyer who has been jailed repeatedly for simply trying to defend her clients. Judges whose minds are mutilated by this enduring Jewish conspiracy refuse to listen to common sense and hard evidence because their bureaucratic careers depend on them ignoring all the evidence and simply suppressing the truth.

Law abiding citizens nowadays get charged not so much with material crimes like murder but more likely with violations of government restrictions meant to regulate a potentially unruly populace by either curtailing or regulating some of their popular freedoms. Too many of these regulations over time have resulted in freedom being reduced to the condition of a human in an iron lung, unable to breathe without permission from the state.

Your judge is corrupt, your state is criminal, and your odds of being found innocent by conventional means are minimal.

So when that day comes, and you are hauled before a judge for committing some spurious illegality such as Holocaust denial or 9/11 truth, here is some advice about what to say.

Same reason for every problem

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25 thoughts to “Kaminski: How the deck is stacked”

    1. @ John Kirby,
      Reckoning? I don’t see any reckoning coming any time soon. Every time I even say the word JEW to anybody, they think I’m being an asshole and the conversation only goes downhill from there. The average person knows nothing about the Jews other than believing they are the worlds worst tormented victims.

      1. Ken, your description seems fully congruent with my experience uttering the sound \ ˈjü \, a word dating back ONLY to the 13th Century according to the on-line Merriam-Webster Dictionary. From atheistic liberals who donate (!) both to Planned Butcherhood [sic] and to the Southern Poverty Law Center (still!) to New Agers who appear to age gracefully in an otherwise sickened, dying culture, no further discourse ensues upon the sounding of the “J” word. No wonder PCR has his “presstitutes”, Brandon Smith his “global elites”, Professor Chossudovsky his “US villainy”, nary a mention of either Israel or “Jews” for those who value the platforms they constructed and onto which they hold for dear life, beset by those who criticize for not naming names, dodging those who wait with bated breath for enunciation of JEW.

      2. Hi Ken,
        I have noticed a change over the last few years. In 2008, when the taxpayers bailed out the banks a local building worker said to me “We have been screwed again by the Kikes”. He was right. The taxpayers bailed out these shits, who then continued to pay themselves huge salaries and bonuses. They should have ALL been allowed to go bankrupt and the government could have picked them up for pennies, and kept them going in administration.

    2. I don’t know about a day of reckoning, John Kirby, but resentment is definitely growing. However it remains unfocused without a charismatic leader, like Putin was for Russia. Many poor deplorable whites still think that Trump, with his own weird brand of semi- charisma, will lead us from the abyss, but in this they are sadly mistaken. The good news for those of us who root for a revolution is the prospect that the democrats, who have now been taken wholly over by anti-family, white-male-hating, radical Cultural Marxists, will win back Congress in November, thus prompting impeachment proceedings, and a cratering of the stock market like in 2008, with the attendant big jump in unemployment. If that scenario unfolds, and the gun-toting deplorables still remain parked on their couches shouting impotently as they watch the latest weekly football carnage, then truly all is lost. Reform cannot save us. As George Bush said in a different context: This sucker is going down!

      1. Folly –

        Trump is good for displaying bravado and fortitude, and that seems to scare big jewry. That’s about all he’s good for, but that COULD be enough to kindle the fortitude of real “leaders”. At least we have a president who doesn’t seem like a friggin’ pansie! Aside from that, Kaminski is spot-on about our guns. The damn commie Jew bastards want to take them, and we MUST be stalwart in our defense, even unto death! (Although JB Campbell may seem a bit extreme, he is RIGHT about opposing police tyranny, too.)
        Ultimately, this whole country is soon going to require a bloodbath to nurture the Tree of Liberty, as Thomas Jefferson said so many years ago. Learning how to live includes learning how to die (or giving the other poor dumb bastard a lesson in it).

    3. Matthew 13 :39-43….in the eternal ovens of truth

      THINK !!!

      try to find a “PROSELYTE” to Talmudic Judaism in the first five books of the Bible

      JUST ONE !!!

      the really really good news is no one on earth HAS to be a “JEW”.

  1. Kaminski writes: “These claims are the product of the classically depraved Jewish imagination … for the pain they have inflicted UPON THEMSELVES for two thousand years.” Also, “self serving lies that make raping children legal that they must cover up by extraordinary means.” Whatever do you mean, John?

    Are you, perhaps, thinking of the peculiar rite of male genital mutilation – commanded from the clouds to delusional 99 year-old Abram by a sick, sadistic god, who demanded that henceforth all Jewish boys be circumcised until the end of time. Circumcision, after all, is the conspiracy that binds them together, no matter where in the diaspora they live. Indeed, with notable exceptions, it is the last ancient, barbaric ritual that even atheistic Jews are afraid to give up. Some prominent rabbis opine that, without circumcision, the Hebrew religion, as well as Zionist Israel, will die out. If so, that would be reason enough to pray for its quick demise.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve3C0YmstDc&index=4&list=RDZEqnvUmAkTQ
    Beautiful world
    Destroyers – ALIENS (are they even human?) who think “it feels good being evil“ (Avatar) are a catastrophe to the world – right? They’ve declared war on humanity.
    In 1933 Zionists declared HOLY WAR on Germany in the name of world Jewry.
    They declared an INTERNATIONAL BOYCOTT on German goods which was a horrible disaster for a country totally dependant on trade for survival. In the nineteen thirties and fourties Jewish Zionists made plans on how to genocide the German people (Hooton Plan, Nizer Plan, Kaufman Plan (“Germany Must Perish“), Morgenthau Plan)! The JEWISH PLANS TO GENOCIDE THE GERMAN PEOPLE were not kept secret! Jews have always openly written and boasted about their genocidal intentions. GENOCIDE is central to the Jewish “religion“. Their “religious festivals“ are about successful genocide (Pass Over, Hanukkah, Purim) For over a hundred years we experience the most hateful anti-German propaganda by Jewish owned media inciting hatred and persecution worldwide towards the German people (Satanic Babylonian Talmud: “The best of the goyim must be killed!“)
    What did the Germans do to the Jews? Or rather: What did the Jews do to the Germans?
    In 1933 German Jews were made enemies of the state by international Zionists who declared Holy War on Germany. And what did Jewish people expect to happen? What DID happen? (Havaara Agreement 1933 to arrange for the migration to Palestine, the Nürnberger Laws came later which very much pleased the Jewish rabbis who opposed Jewish assimilation into German society!)
    Don’t Jews ever expect any dire consequences to their destructive actions and behavior? Didn’t they think that they should have left Germany as quickly as possible for their own safety? Just remember: Zionist Jews had openly declared war on Germany as early as 1933 and that the German people should be genocided was openly discussed! Zionist Jews had betrayed Germany as early as 1916/17 (the Rothschild-Balfour Deal between the international Zionists and the British establishment → 1917 America entered the war → WWI, Germany was overpowered and lost → 1919 Verdict of Versailles).
    NO OUTCRY worldwide – at Jewish monstrosities! There could have been PEACE in Europe as early as 1916 if the German emperor’s peace proposals weren’t ignored by the British government! But the Rothschild-Zionists wanted American “intervention“ in Europe, World War I (and II) to get Palestine to create a Jewish “homeland“ (mafia hub and safe haven) there. And the British establishment wanted the destruction of their German competitor (destroying competition – how mean is that as a reason for war? Hard to believe)
    It makes you wonder how controlled the media already were pre-World War I, and how crooked the world has ever been under the surface. And it has never been different. Nowadays no “German“ police, no “state prosecutor“ takes action against leftist “Antifa“-terrorists who openly carry signs saying: “Bomber Harris, do it again! Germany must perish!“
    No doubt at all – Holocaust and genocide happened in WWII (as in Bolshevic Russia – Stalinist Soviet Union – Japan); the German victims who were burnt alive (“holocaust”) in fire bombed cities were civilians, women, children, the old and sick, the wounded. Dresden had lots of hospitals, and hundreds of thousands of refugees from the east. And hundreds of thousands died in Dresden alone, and millions in all of the other fire bombed cities. Who has ever counted their exact number? Where are the monuments remembering the dead? They died in the worst war ever fought against defenceless civilian populations. The Zionist Jews have carried through their genocidal plans – and they are still doing it: Genocide by forced upon mass immigration into Europe, heavily propagandized miscegenation. Zionist Jews brag about their leading role.
    1945: Six million out of 15 million refugees did not make it to the west from the eastern parts of Germany. That’s what Konrad Adenauer (first chancellor after the war) wrote:“Six million did not make it to the west. They perished!“ (Yes – Adenauer wrote about 6 million. Germans! He didn’t know anything about a “Six million Jewish Holocaust“ others didn’t either. Nobody knew.
    [In] General Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe (New York: Doubleday [Country Life Press], 1948), Winston Churchill’s The Second World War (London: Cassell, 6 vols., 1948-1954), and the Mémoires de guerre of General de Gaulle (Paris: Plon, 3 vols., 1954-1959). …. no mention either of “gas chambers,” a “genocide” of the Jews, or of “six million” Jewish victims of the war. (Paul Rassinier, French revisionist) The Hollywood propaganda blaming a six million Jewish holocaust on the Germans started later in the sixties.
    The establishment of a “homeland” along with the 6,000,000 kabbalistic figure was a Zionist dream since the 1800s. Many periodicals of the day starting with the 1800s touted the six-million figure.

    1. Well said Freya I could not agree with you more, Its a pity the rest of the world doesn’t see worid war 2 that way.
      Do you agree with the following statements:
      – Israel and Mossad were behind the 9/11 attacks
      – Jews own something like 95% of the media corporations in America
      – Germany did not bring a genocide against the Jews it was the Jews who brought a genocide against the Germans
      – We have not been told the truth about the Holocaust
      – America, Britain, israel and Saudia Arabia are the ‘axis of evil’ because of the 3 million Iraqi deaths since 1991.

      I have recently got fired from my job for saying the above statements. That’s how far we have come as a society where our freedom of speech has gone. The truth will never be told to the people until those who own the media are removed and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

      (ADMIN: A good first comment. But it’s a pity you haven’t learned the important lesson of keeping your mouth shut with strangers at work, resulting in your dismissal. You must be extremely young and immature to think you can convert the world to your viewpoint by blabbing indiscriminately to strangers).

  3. The truth only sets one free if one has the corresponding power to effect change. Otherwise the truth can cause a lot of stomach ulcers. Definition of a pessimist – an optimist with experience.

    1. Definition of a Red Piller – A former Blue Piller who has opened his Eyes, left the Matrix, and has learned the Truth. Definition of a Black Piller – A disillusioned former Red Piller who has learned that nothing can be done about it.

  4. “What will you say… when they come for you?”

    They already came for me. GOT ME!! I’m “ALL IN” now!

    I live on their deeded lands. I am here & I now use their debt notes!

    And they forced me into the system. I had to pay Social Security when I joined the US Navy in 1966!

    I take their National Socialist Security benefits & Medicare.

    I’m “ALL IN”… the system!! 🙂

    1. (((They))) were already HERE when I was BORN (1950), which means I…came to (((THEM)))!

      Straight from the womb, born and bred on Uncle Sam’s plantation

    2. “I take their National Socialist Security benefits & Medicare.” (Pat)
      You need not take them – in fact you shouldn’t – if you think social security is something bad (“National Socialist”) per se. To take care for those in need is actually Christian (humanitarian). You can’t have open borders and social security for every invader marching in – That can’t work.THAT’S the Jewish Zionist Communist recipe for destruction (forced upon white Christian nations only – turning their strength into weakness by distorting the Christian belief).
      Jared Kushner – Anti-Christ?
      Yeah! “Santa“ (SATAN whose number is 666) IS COMING TO TOWN. . . (transformation of Christmas into a Satanic feast) Satanists are always mimicking the real thing – Drumpf-TRUMP The Donald (FIRST trumpet?) – Jared Kushner as “recluse John the baptist“ paving the way for the “Mossiah“ (Chabad Lubawitcher rabbis are proclaiming “IS HERE“)? And What about Jewess Kate Middleton wearing the same dress as the one in Rosemary’s baby which was a movie about giving birth to the Anti-Christ in the 70s. It makes one think for sure. What is the symbolism? The British Jewish royals claim to be the descendants of king David, don’t they? However, “Jews“ are IMPOSTERS, they are not the descendants of the ancient Israelites of the Bible. They worship themselves as “gods“. GREED & INSANITY Incorporated. Jesus called them the Synagogue of Satan.
      Jesus was NOT a “Jew“. The term was not used at the time. The Christian belief is NOT about “Jew worship“ (Satanism) It’s the opposite of Satanism – the spirituality Jesus taught about. That’s why ((( Jews ))) hate Christians that much.
      When ((( they ))) re-build that Temple in Jerusalem, they’re not gonna burn just any animal, but “human animals“ That’s how Talmudic Satanists consider all non-Jews – supposed to be sacrificed to their twisted Moloch-God. Babylonian traditions: ((( Satanists ))) believe to get more Satanical power in sacrificing humans than just any animal like a lamb or cattle. . . Sacrificing humans – children in particular – has always been their drug. ((( Jews ))) are not the smartest but the most devious, DEMONIC creatures on earth.
      The Plan to Destroy the Temple Mount
      What can we expect? Some false flag operation: A missile (“by accident“, source “unknown“) or man-made earthquake (as sign “of god“) to blow up the Temple Mount?

      1. Freya

        There’s nothing national about a social “security” system of payments when you’re being paid with funny money created out of thin air by the INTERNATIONAL Jewry behind the HIJACKING of the nation which began in earnest with Lincoln’s declaration of martial law in 1861, and like the infamous Patriot Act 140 years later has never been abrogated.

        But the funny $$ is rapidly becoming the only game in town. What’s a poor boy to do?

      2. Freya –

        My use of “National Socialist Security benefits & Medicare” was a allusion to Germany’s socialism… the National Socialist German Workers Party(NAZI) from which the financial arrangement was taken by FDR as the model for me here.

        I paid in by force. So I welcome the payments due.

        B-Hawk –

        The funny $$ (not just USD) is already the only game in the werld.

      3. Yeah, Pat. I suppose when I said that I was thinking about the big picture squeeze going on. Especially regarding the UN agenda-21 Trojan horse.

        Speaking of which, I’ve heard that some communities are wising up and saying, “not in my backyard!”. Which may be so, but the tricky bastards always seem to have a countermeasure up their sleeves.

        Beam me up Scotty! 😁

  5. This one is THE BEST kaminski opinion piece in the whole history of kaminski opinion pieces…. This is THE BEST kaminski opinion piece ever…

  6. “The deck is stacked” for ‘Put-On’ to take control of Syria, and the flow of gas & oil through there, with London Bankers’ permission & backing.

    Sep 23, 2018
    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Turkey and Russia will jointly determine which radical groups should leave the territory of demilitarized zone in Syria’s Idlib province, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an article released on Sunday.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Erdogan met in the Russian resort city of Sochi and signed an agreement on setting up a 9-12 mile demilitarized zone in Idlib along the contact line of the armed opposition and the government forces by October 15.

    All heavy weaponry operated by rebel groups must be pulled out of the demilitarized zone by October 10, the agreement stipulates.

    “During negotiations on Idlib in Sochi we decided to establish a demilitarized zone between the territories controlled by the opposition and regime. The opposition will remain on the territories which it occupies. We will ensure that radical groups, designated by [Turkey] together with Russia, will not be able to operate in the region,” Erdogan wrote in his article for Russia’s Kommersant newspaper.


  7. The Enemy needs to be educated in reality as codified in the Laws of Thermodynamics, e.g.: If a speeding bullet (First Law) shatters your sternum, you will experience entropy (Second Law) and rather quickly come to perfect equilibrium with terra firma (Zeroth Law.)

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