Kavanaugh Gang-Rapes Collide in Satanic Ritual

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College Boys in KKK Robes Chant “Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!”
LD: This hilarious article is a must read. If you’re not a misogynist already, it will make you one! Dr Christine Ford’s contribution to history is that she will have singlehandedly managed to convince millions of intelligent men that all women are potential rattlesnakes. Well done, Christine!    

Rape fantasist extraordinary

Oh God. Oh God. Is there no surcease? I know, silly question. Squalling protesters: Half of the country seems fifteen years younger than its chronological age. Staged ire. Sordid passion of the herd. Hysteria. Irrationality. Weird accusations. Savage feminists. As per custom, it is all about how horrible men are.

One of the sillier sillinesses of feminists regarding us men, of whom they seem to know little, is that we hate women, scorn them, want to abuse and hurt them and, most especially, gang-rape them. See, men view rape casually. It’s just something to do in a moment of boredom. Like scratching, or wondering where we left our keys. It’s because of our misogyny. The Sisterhood seems to love misogyny, pray for misogyny, invent misogyny because without it life would be bleak and devoid of meaning.

What is wrong with these baffled ditz-rabbits? Men hate women? By and large, our mothers have been women. Yes, check it out. Also our wives and girlfriends, grandmothers, granddaughters, daughters and–this will astonish the more ardent among feminists–even many of our friends. And, often, our collies.

As for regarding rape causally: If some dirtball raped any woman close to me, I would favor subjecting him to a sex change with a propane torch, knee-capping him as a mobility-reduction measure, giving him a beating of the sort popular with dentists who want Porsches, and putting him in Leavenworth for thirty years. Sensitive readers will suggest that I am a psycho for proposing such effective and extremely meritorious measures. Admittedly they run counter to the trade winds of American jurisprudence. But a great many men will quietly say, “Right on, Fred.”

But: Rape is a crime. The standard is guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. As well as I can see, the Kavanaugh charges do not even meet the civil standard of preponderance of the evidence, since there seems to be little evidence to preponder. The accuser doesn’t remember when it was, or where it was, or just who was there, and those she thinks were there don’t remember the party.

It would be uncharitable of me to note that she sure did pop up at a politically convenient time. So I won’t note it, as I am very charitable. Anyway, such is the nobility of our democracy that no one would make phony rape charges to derail a judgeship. In Guatemala, yes, but not in America. Heaven forfend.

Since I am actually in a mood for noting things, I will note that any girl in my high school class–King George High, class of 1964–could accuse me of raping her at a party, and do it with similar evidence: none. Equally with Kavanaugh, I would have no way to defend myself. How could I prove what I hadn’t done at a party nobody remembered after 55 years? This would be no defense against the presumption of guilt. Girls I dated would report that I had no such inclinations. Surviving teachers would remember–well, perhaps imperfect behavior, but nothing lubricious. This would prove nothing.

However, this first accusation against Kavanaugh has the virtue that it could have happened, since there is no proof that it didn’t happen. The same could be said of course of the charge that I raped whoever some girl might say that I had. Ah, but now we come to the gang-rape business. We have:

“Swetnick, who attended High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, swore under oath that she attended at least 10 parties where she says she witnessed Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, and others “cause girls to become inebriated and disoriented so they could then be ‘gang raped’ in a side room or bedroom by a ‘train’ of numerous boys.” She added that she has a “firm recollection of seeing boys lined up outside rooms at many of these parties waiting for their ‘turn’ with a girl inside the room,”

First, “cause girls to become inebriated and disoriented.” This displays a common theme among feminists, painting girls as helpless, easily manipulated victims, having no will of their own. Is this not truly insulting to girls? “He didn’t tell me beer had alcohol in it and I didn’t know boys were interested in sex, I thought it was just us girls….”

But, just as the problem with the first story is no witness, the problem with the gang rape is too many witnesses. “At least ten parties….” Since it is unlikely that a girl would come back to be gang-raped a second time, this implies at least ten victims. While it is true that a rape victim often will not come forward because of embarrassment, it is curious that not one of the violated multitude said anything, even though everyone at the party would have seen the line-up. None of the other girls at the party said anything either, even though this was a frequent occurrence. Is it not odd that the author of this story, seeing long lines of boys engaging in rape, at party after party after party, saw no particular reason for reporting it? That the many other girls witnessing this also said nothing? This is a song sounding mightily of fabrication. Which must be obvious to senators who, though morally challenged, are not stupid.

With this many victims, perpetrators, and witnesses, it is impossible that the FBI will not find proof. If Kavanaugh, and other boys, did it, they belong in jail. Bill Cosby went to the slam for proven rape committed many years ago So can Kavanaugh. But if they did not, perjury charges against the accusers would be salutary, or at the very least civil actions for libel. Given the immense hardship and often irremediable consequence of being falsely accused, the penalty for false charges should also be harsh.

False accusations of rape are not uncommon. A few gain national attention. Most do not. A few: Tawana Brawley, a black woman, was gang-raped by four white (of course) men, except that she wasn’t. Next there is the Duke Lacrosse case. Then at Rolling Stone a feminist writer and a magazine not greatly given to fact checking published the story of rape at the University of Virginia, also discredited. It cost them a libel settlement. And so on.

Again, if the accused men and boys had been guilty, long prison terms would have been a good idea. But they weren’t. The presumption of guilt for men and innocence for women is convenient for those who want to prevent confirmation of a judge but do not reflect reality. People, assuredly to include women, use what power they have to get what they want.

The editor of a major paper once told me that he never allowed a woman into his office unless the door was open and a third person present. Why? If a disgruntled reporter says, “He groped me,” it will go viral. (Joyful headline in competing paper: “Editor of Daily Blatt allegedly….”) Months of furor will ensue. He will have large legal bills. The suspicion arising from that “allegedly” will never die. The paper’s board may well decide that regardless of guilt he is having too serious an affect on the advertisers. He will be permitted to resign, never to get a similar job. The Daily Blatt will settle as quietly as possible for a quarter million.

Meanwhile, the Kavanaugh carnival is up and running. Now, Lord save us, we have USA Today trying to nail Kavanaugh for…yes…pedophilia. The evidence? Ain’t none. None needed. Hey, we’re talking the American media.

Nuff said. I predict the soon headline: “Berkeley psychotherapist recounts seeing Brett Kavanaugh leading the entire Marine Division in gang-raping thirteen-year-old autistic orphans.”


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  1. Hi, everybody

    “However, this first accusation against Kavanaugh has the virtue that it could have happened, since there is no proof that it didn’t happen.” LOL!
    I read “The 1001 Arabian nights” but never encountered a tale similar to Swetnick’s.
    If men don’t stop this wave of misandry they’d be soon accused of and punished for gang-rape in…previous lives.

  2. The new legal principle in the age of feminism : You are guilty until proven innocent. And if it is impossible to prove your innocence, then you are guilty.

    It seems we have entered a new age of witch hunts, but now the witches are hunting the men, instead of the men hunting the witches. Now that is “emancipation” !

    1. “It seems we have entered a new age of witch hunts, but now the witches are hunting the men, instead of the men hunting the witches.”

      Beautifully put, Franklin. I couldn’t agree more. But I’m hoping things will change. The pendulum usually swings back when it can go no further. History is cyclical. Things simply cannot go on getting worse and worse ad infinitum. You know what they say: the darkest moment comes before dawn.

      1. To : dark m00n “g😇ddess” :

        ¿How come? you’re not in church contemplating on the Joyous, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries today, today being the Feast Day of your ALL-TIME FAVORITE Catholic Saint, Saint Therese de Lisieux, “The Little Flower of Jesus”. I didn’t send in alot of comments today, out of respect to you. I hate to bother you when you get into one of your “Catholic” moods and far-be-it from me to interrupt you when you’re meditating on The Mysteries of Catholicism and praying to your ALL-TIME FAVORITE Catholic Saint.

  3. Kavanaugh certainly has (((enemies))). The usual suspects are irrational and illogical. The red army rapists certainly “lined up” and sexually asaulted German women but that was a war zone. Its not in the nature of white American youth, even the most deliquent, to “line up” and commit rape. (Negroes and Middle-Easterners are a different story as they exhibit very little sexual restraint.) Moreso, “lining up” certainly wouldnt have happened at a party with so many witnesses. Total fantasy. All of it. None of it makes sense. Doesnt have to. You believe it because (((they))) tell you to. Youre all just sheeple-Goys. Inferior in everyway. Thats how (((they))) view you. 🙂

  4. Not that he cares, but Soros wasted his money on this one. The amoral thugs don’t care either, because they were already PAiD the filthy lucre of their ill-gotten gain 😎

    1. B-Hawk –

      You should know better!! 🙂

      Soros never wastes his money. He makes money on his investments in all MAJOR news media in the world:

      Over 30 Major News Organizations Linked to George Soros

      When liberal investor George Soros gave $1.8 million to National Public Radio, it became part of the firestorm of controversy that jeopardized NPR’s federal funding. But that gift only hints at the widespread influence the controversial billionaire has on the mainstream media. Soros, who spent $27 million trying to defeat President Bush in 2004, has ties to more than 30 mainstream news outlets – including The New York Times, Washington Post, the Associated Press, NBC and ABC.

      Prominent journalists like ABC’s Christiane Amanpour and former Washington Post editor and now Vice President Len Downie serve on boards of operations that take Soros cash. This despite the Society of Professional Journalist’s ethical code stating: “avoid all conflicts real or perceived.”

      Media Research Centers Business & Media Institute has been looking into George Soros and his influence on the media.

      The investigative reporting start-up ProPublica is a prime example. ProPublica, which recently won its second Pulitzer Prize, initially was given millions of dollars from the Sandler Foundation to “strengthen the progressive infrastructure” – “progressive” the code for very liberal. In 2010, it also received a two-year contribution of $125,000 each year from the Open Society Foundations. In case you wonder where that money comes from, the OSF website is http://www.soros.org. It is a network of more than 30 international foundations, mostly funded by Soros, who has contributed more than $8 billion to those efforts.

      One more thing: a 14-person Journalism Advisory Board, stacked with CNN’s David Gergen and representatives from top newspapers, a former publisher of The Wall Street Journal and the editor-in-chief of Simon & Schuster. Several are working journalists, including:

      Jill Abramson, a managing editor of The New York Times;
      Martin D. Baron, the editor of The Boston Globe;
      David Boardman, the executive editor of the Seattle Times;
      Kerry Smith, the senior vice president for editorial quality of ABC News;
      Cynthia A. Tucker, the editor of the editorial page of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
      Alberto Ibargüen, the former publisher of The Miami Herald, is on the board of directors. He’s also president and CEO of journalism’s prestigious John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

      ProPublica is new and prominent, but it’s far from the only Soros-funded organization that is stacked with members of the supposedly neutral press. The Center for Public Integrity is another great example. Its board of directors is filled with working journalists like Amanpour from ABC, right along side blatant liberal media types like Arianna Huffington, of the Huffington Post and now AOL.

      Like ProPublica, the CPI board is a veritable Who’s Who of journalism and top media organizations, including:

      Christiane Amanpour – Anchor of ABC’s Sunday morning political affairs program, ‘This Week with Christiane Amanpour.’
      Arianna Huffington – Co-founder of the popular left-wing website named after her, The Huffington Post, a nationally syndicated columnist.
      Paula Madison – Executive vice president and chief diversity officer for NBC Universal, who leads NBC Universal’s corporate diversity initiatives, spanning all broadcast television, cable, digital, and film properties.
      Matt Thompson – Editorial product manager at National Public Radio and an adjunct faculty member at the prominent Poynter Institute.

      The well-known Center for Investigative Reporting follows the same template – important journalists on the board and a liberal editorial agenda. Both the board of directors and the advisory board contain journalists from major news outlets. The board features:

      Phil Bronstein (President), San Francisco Chronicle;
      David Boardman, The Seattle Times;
      Len Downie, former Executive Editor of the Washington Post, now VP;
      George Osterkamp, CBS News producer.
      The Advisory Board features prominent liberal journalists like Bill Moyers, Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker, former ’60 Minutes’ host Mike Wallace, and representatives of both PBS and NPR.


      1. Your a mine of information Pat, please keep it up. Is there a mirror image, say , funded by Sheldon, or do the left leaning Zionist run all the media.

    2. B-Hawk –

      I did not mention the obvious…..
      When the media makes money from all the ads and viewers of the circuses like this one… Soros makes money. He likely made back his spending 1000 times over!! 🙂

      Harry… Thanks! the cabal runs all MAJOR media + Internet!!

      1. OK, but again, and you alluded to it yerself in another post. Why was the circus deemed necessary, if Kavanaugh on the bench would SEEM* to better suit their purposes better than if he weren’t?

        * key word?

        P.S. I liked when Nap cited “the” being a key word penned by little Jimmy Madison 4 feet 8 inches?!

      2. No WONDER little Jimmy had a lust for power. Even Napoleon wasn’t THAT short!……it’s complex 😁

      3. B-Hawk –

        “Why was the circus deemed necessary….”

        I REPEAT!!! Mucho $$$$… For media!!!

        NO war now… volcanoes and forest fires burnt out… Nobody on moon or mars… SO this is needed to grab eyeballs… to sell ads. Needed… more watchers globally!!

        Nobody is the wiser… Not even ‘Redskins’ with 8 senses!! 🙂

      4. Pat,

        How is Soros making money off all his donations. Is it not just that, donations for his ideological blitz so he can impress his will on the world? Further, I think you take out the human element too much by saying everything is scripted and act like it’s game, set, match already. I’m more of the opinion that the jew and their cohorts are the creators of our current worldviews, myths, and beliefs; they crafted them and now everyone is playing out their lives from that place, like Frankenstein’s monster, and that people can get out of control of the original schemers. Of course, I’m sure there are paid actors, but I think a lot of these commentators/politicians are just bat-shit crazy and naturally creating more and more division between the left and right in this country.

        Another question I have is how will the GOP respond to an increasingly belligerent left. Will it get to a point where even these bought-out cowards will have to start actually doing something because otherwise they couldn’t fetch any voters, as the common man sees more and more how overreaching the left is becoming and won’t stand for nonaction? If they continue the pattern of doing nothing of substance, what do you think the future holds (for both scenarios, actually)?

  5. If this charade isn’t a blatant manifestation of the Left’s
    X-rated collective psychosis, I’ll eat Trump’s hat.
    With extra Bernays sauce..

    1. The “left’s” collective psychosis, hp?

      I hope the sauce aids in the digestion of the hat!

    1. Yes John, thee is a Stature of Limitations. However, just as the butt hurt, snowflakes of the Jubba the Hutt Soros commie brigades are out to topple limitations, so are memorials for Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson among other Southern heroes slated as “Statues for elimination”.

    2. John –

      Mostly missed in this “YUGE” faked circus is that sexual assault is a state crime. I believe this crime was supposedly in Virginia….. and has NO such limitations.

      Many states do not have a statute of limitation in place for some forms of rape or all rape offenses. These states include Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.


  6. Commenters active on TOO, as well, for much the same bait. Here paraphrased, someone posted Pynchon’s third precept of paranoia: If you can get people asking the wrong questions, you do not have to worry about the answers [Gravity’s Rainbow, cf. Miles Mathis essay on Pynchon]. To repeat a message I posted on TOO: If you are not asking about Kavanaugh’s role in the cover-up of the murder of Vincent Foster, you are asking the wrong questions. Advice: Seek out David Martin’s site — dcdave.com — and dig into the essays he’s published RE Kavanaugh and Vincent Foster. All this sex stuff is udder BS, forgive my pigeon French. Disinfo, misdirection — shame on ye all!

    1. Good point, AD

      It could be said…

      You can drain a swamp
      and disperse it’s creatures
      but what remains
      is still it’s features

      The more things change….

      1. But I don’t think Kavanaugh is a paid actor. Just another swamp creature that certain fellow creatures want to eat

        Think about it. He’s an Ivy leaguer, fer cryin’ out loud 😎

  7. Do we really know that all the more crazy claims are coming from the anti Kavanaugh camp, a well tested tactic is to tag on a few unbelievable stories to a more “credible” one to make the more (credible) less so.
    ” credible ” Trump messed up big with that.

  8. AD – “Commenters active on TOO, as well, for much the same bait. Here paraphrased, someone posted Pynchon’s third precept of paranoia: If you can get people asking the wrong questions, you do not have to worry about the answers [Gravity’s Rainbow, cf. Miles Mathis essay on Pynchon].”
    maybe so, but eventually you will have to worry about the flimsiness of your power seat… it won’t be a real chair and you won’t be a real chairman… sooner or later you’ll get the angry mob of proles coming up the driveway with the torches and pitchforks…

  9. See, men view rape casually. It’s just something to do in a moment of boredom. Like scratching, or wondering where we left our keys. It’s because of our misogyny. The Sisterhood seems to love misogyny, pray for misogyny, invent misogyny because without it life would be bleak and devoid of meaning.”

    Hmmmm. Why does this This sounds familiar?

    Wait! I know –

    See, white men view antisemitism casually. It’s just something they do because of a genetic predisposition, Like scratching, or wondering where we left our guns, it’s because of our innate, genetic heritage. Jews seem to love antisemitism, pray for antisemitism, invent antisemitism, because without it life would be bleak and devoid, not only of meaning, but their income as well. Without antisemitism, Jews would be unable to hammer the white race with the terrible guilt that has allowed them to extort the white man’s inheritance and birthright.

    Jews are stupid. They cannot even invent a new game of guilt.

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      Quoting Fred Reed, the author of this article:

      See, men view rape casually. It’s just something to do in a moment of boredom. Like scratching, or wondering where we left our keys. It’s because of our misogyny. The Sisterhood seems to love misogyny, pray for misogyny, invent misogyny because without it life would be bleak and devoid of meaning.”

      Unless I’m mistaken, the above comment annoys you and you have taken it seriously as something the author believes. If so, you are wrong. Because he author is exercising IRONY. Or sarcasm.

      Your irony detection faculty has, I believe, failed you on this particular occasion. The author is poking fun at conventional attitudes and you have mistaken him for promoting the conventional attitudes he is ridiculing.

      Here are the two sentences in which he is being highly ironical:

      See, men view rape casually. It’s just something to do in a moment of boredom. Like scratching, or wondering where we left our keys. It’s because of our misogyny.

  10. I’m starting to hate her, and she does have an ugly face. But there is a 1 in 10,000 chance that she is not lying, in which case I would be in the wrong. It’s the Jews again. They’ve given this idiot a stage to perform for the world with their power in the media.

  11. Under normal circumstances I would not support anyone so closely aligned with the evil Bushes. When Mr. K had his turn to vent at the hearing, he did brag that he went all over the world with W. Many who follow these things more closely think that Mr. T made a big mistake in nominating K because he was a long time Bush lawyer, thus making him part of the Swamp. But these are not normal circumstances and these are not normal times. As one who thinks that the USA has sunk beyond repair, part of me hopes that K will go down in flames, if only to hasten the inevitable upcoming civil war. But, then, I don’t want to give these #metoo harpies any undeserved victory. So I’ve got to root for the White Guy, though I do think he talked about his love of beer a little too much.

    1. Sanguinity, a kissing cousin of Apathy, would not seem to befit you, Sir or Madam FOW. May I suggest you visit a site that deals specifically with Mr. Kavanaugh’s role in the cover-up of the murder of Vincent Foster? [The link, helpfully supplied by David Martin [dcdave.com] was published by David in the comment section of an UNZ REVIEW post, also actively engaging this topic.]


      Welcome to our website about the murder of Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel under President Clinton. Brett Kavanaugh was in charge of the Foster death investigation and led the cover-up inside the Office of the Independent Counsel. A federal court ordered Independent Counsel Ken Starr to include evidence, found in government records, of an FBI cover-up, to the final Report.

  12. pretty good article fred reed… witty…
    but, you ‘forgot’ to mention the jooooos’ angle…
    you remember the jooooos, right?
    when you’re talking about some big state deal like this, if you don’t consider the jews’ angle, you haven’t addressed the subject..
    anybody otherwise is just taking up space, protecting the real culprits, the joooooos…

  13. Having written a book about the life of Jesus that took thirty years of research, readers will understand this is not a subject I take lightly. (click on my avatar for the first four chapters) While I have a copy of this movie and thought it inspirational and touching, the more I study Christianity the more appalled I am at its largely hidden history. Here is perhaps a more accurate picture of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux – http://www.badnewsaboutchristianity.com/gfj_sadomasochism.htm (Her account is close to the bottom of the page)

    Reading Catherine Nixey’s book “The Darkening Age” has been a true eye-opener into Christianity’s history. The destruction wrought upon other religions by phony, arrogant, “Christian” monks is so sickening I had to put the book down. – https://historyforatheists.com/2017/11/review-catherine-nixey-the-darkening-age/

    Take a look at Christianity’s literal horror – http://www.badnewsaboutchristianity.com/gfk_necrophilia.htm

    I always thought of Christianity as a relatively benign faith, punctuated by a few terrible historical events like the Crusades and Inquisition. Thanks to Cesar Tort, (https://chechar.wordpress.com/2018/10/03/the-nature-of-evil) I have come to realize throughout its entire history, Christianity is every bit the destructive horror religion as its hag mother Judaism, especially in its destructive intent.

    As I once had to come to grips with the Hallowedhoax myth, I have now had to come to grips with the Christian myths, a process that began many years ago in my Lutheran catechism class. Everything I once thought I knew about these Jewish inspired tales of horror has been proven wrong. From its beginning, Christianity was imbued with the bloody, murderously psychopathic, Jewish mentality and why not considering its creator Saul/Paul was a Temple authority that tortured and murdered Jesus’ followers.

    As humble esoteric master and enlightened teacher, Jesus would have never accepted, let alone claimed, the inflated titles assigned him by later Christians. He would have never claimed title to self-aggrandizing titles like the divinity, “messiah” (a title that, by Jewish definition, could not apply to Jesus) or “king.” In fact, it was Jews that mockingly labeled him “king.”

    I have long maintained Jesus would have had nothing to do with Saul/Paul and his new religion that made him god. Saul/Paul was an opportunistic Jew that saw a power vacuum developing with the fall of the Temple. He put down his old religion, Judaism, and created a new religion that made Jesus the new god with the same power and glory as the old Temple god YHVH, with Saul Paul as high priest. Jesus would have been appalled at his name being used in this manner.

    Jesus attacked the Temple and its bloody sacrificial system with the best of intention, to deliver his people from the onerous, economic grip of the Jews’ Temple, their first central bank. I have no doubt, had Jesus understood the future horror Saul/Paul would bring forth in his name, he never would have said a word, probably going Tibet to live out his life in a cave. After all, who might imagine Jesus endorsing the self-mortification of a beautiful fifteen year old girl? Knowing the man as I do, I can say most assuredly he would not.

    1. “badnewsaboutchristianity” sounds like pretty bad times, but then again the late Stephen Mitford Goodson wrote

      “Stephen throws an interesting light on the quality of life of commoners in late Medieval Europe in which in many aspects their quality of life was superior to the quality of life for most in our modern societies. In the 14th and 15th centuries, European commoners worked less than 14 weeks per year. If we were to judge happiness and the quality of life only by the number of electrical appliances we would not be able to understand the real meaning of happiness. In many instances the so-called “Dark Ages” of Europe looked much brighter than our own times. Much of the spectacular church architecture seen in the magnificent cathedrals of Europe were a direct expression of popular joy and the abundance of free time that people could donate to building these architectural masterpieces. Their quest for spiritual transcendence is testified to by these soaring cathedrals, the greatest achievements in architecture in history.”


      Now which version must I as an intelligent layman believe?

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